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DeMarco’s WWE Raw YouTube Viewership Report (5/27/19 edition)

Brock is Box Office on YouTube, too.

Greg DeMarco’s look at the WWE Raw YouTube viewership for the May 27th broadcast–where Brock delivers big time views!

As we all know, social media and other outlets have become a huge means of drawing in interaction and viewers for WWE. Most people will point to television ratings like they did during the Monday Night Wars in the late 1990’s, however that can be skewed with so many various means of watching today that do not include cable television. As such, YouTube has joined social media as a metric as important to WWE as television ratings (if not more). The weekly WWE Raw YouTube Performance Report is a look into that success metric.

As you’ve become accustomed to, here is this week’s WWE RAW YouTube Performance Report, compiled mid-day Wednesday (approximately 36 hours after Raw went off the air), for the 5/20/19 edition of WWE Raw:

  • Brock Lesnar’s Money In The Bank Realization – 4.825 million views
  • Shane McMahon vs. Lance Anoa’i – 1.012 million views
  • R-Truth 24/7 Championship “title defense” at the Memorial Day BBQ – 950k views
  • Kofi Kingston & Seth Rollins want Brock Lesnar’s decision – 804k views
  • Seth Rollins vs. Sami Zayn – 615k views
  • Sami Zayn Electric Chair segment – 612k views
  • Rey Mysterio to surrender the United States Championship – 581k views
  • Firefly Fun House introduces “The Fiend” – 471k views
  • Braun Strowman vs. The Miz vs. Baron Corbin vs. Bobby Lashley – 470k views
  • Becky Lynch & Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics – 261k views
  • Dolph Ziggler fights Xavier Woods – 256k views
  • Ricochet vs. Cesaro – 237k views
  • Shane McMahon promo against Roman Reigns – 234k views
  • The Revival show up at the BBQ – 232k views
  • Baron Corbin sucker punches an injured AJ Styles – 215k views
  • Dolph Ziggler promo on Kofi Kingston attacks – 184k views

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Greg DeMarco’s WWE Raw YouTube Ratings Analysis – The Numbers

  • 5/27 edition of Raw: 11.959 million total views across 16 videos
  • 5/20 edition of Raw: 10.600 million total views across 18 videos
    • +1.359 million views, 12% increase for this week over last week
  • 5/27 Top 5: 8.206 million views
  • 5/20 Top 5: 6.469 million views
    • +1.737 million views, 26% increase over last week
  • 5/27 average: 747k views
  • 5/20 average: 588k views
    • +158k views per video, 26% increase over last week

Greg DeMarco’s WWE Raw YouTube Ratings Analysis – The Meaning

For the second week in a row, we saw an increase in overall viewership. This week, we can attribute that fact almost exclusively to Brock Lesnar. Brock’s hilarious antics occupied two of the Top 5 spots this week, hitting 5.63 million views alone, which represents 47% of the total views. That’s thanks to a HUGE 4.825 million views for the video where he make a personal discovery–he has a year to cash in Money In The Bank. That’s one of 2019’s funniest moments so far, and it delivered one of the most watched YouTube videos (in the 36 hour turn around).

Speaking of the Top 5, that number was up nearly 27% thanks to Brock’s big hit, with the Top 5 going over 8 million views for the first time since I started following this data earlier this year.

An important thing to note is that we had 2 less videos this week, but the overall number increased by 12%. That led to a big jump in the per video average, 158k views and 26%. Again, that can be attributed almost solely to Brock Lesnar’s 4.825 million view performance, where he paintbrushes Paul Heyman with the Money In The Bank contract.

Two notes:

  • R-Truth as 24/7 Champion continues to deliver on YouTube, coming in at #3 with just under 1 million views
  • The Shane McMahon vs. Lance Anoa’i match, critically panned online, still garnered over a million views and was the second most watched video of the week.

My favorite video…Cesaro and Ricochet tearing it up once again!

What did the YouTube results for this week tell you?


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