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Driving With DeMarco WWE Raw


Driving With DeMarco #039: I Don’t Need Wrestling Newz To Know Triple H Is Frustrated

Triple H is frustrated? I didn’t need wrestling newz to tell me–he’s #2, and that’s always frustrating.

Greg DeMarco welcomes you in for the work commute on another edition of Driving With DeMarco! This morning, Greg shares perspective on Triple H being frustrated and why it’s a matter of common sense and a reminder to Always Use Your Head.

Triple H WWE Raw

Greg DeMarco invites you along his morning and afternoon commute twice each day (weekday) on Driving With DeMarco! Greg tackles an exciting topic in the world of professional wrestling in his unique solo style, usually in 15ish minutes. Plus Greg interacts with traffic, the GPS lady, and more!

Listen, engage, and enjoy…Driving With DeMarco!

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