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Heather’s Review of St. Louis Anarchy: Hog Wild (5/24/19)



St Louis Anarchy

Heather Jeannine details her trip to St. Louis Anarchy’s Hog Wild from Memorial Day Weekend!

I should probably quickly explain how I review shows? I don’t do star ratings nor do I walk you through matches mainly because I find that dull and I’d rather highlight what I find interesting about a match than tell you what you should like. St. Louis Anarchy is wild live. Anyone who has the opportunity to make it Spaulding Hall for a show should. This show was no exception and was probably my favorite in three years I’ve been watching/attending their shows. This was the final show before Circus Maximus in July. To jump right into it:

Hog Wild took place on Friday, May 24, 2019 in Alton, IL.

Larry D defeated Jake Dirden

This match was announced ahead of time and was one I was looking forward to. If you’re unfamiliar with either of these guys, its time to get acquainted. Larry D is a long-time veteran of the scene and is having a resurgence. While Jake Dirden has quietly been making a name for himself since 2012 and had a pretty cool run within NWL. This match was meant to be an all-out fight and that’s what it was. Dirden hit Larry with everything he had and it just wasn’t enough to put away Larry who has his eye on the Gateway Heritage Title which has alluded him for some time.

After the match, it was announced that Mikey wouldn’t be competing due to injury and Jeremy Wyatt would instead being facing Larry D in the main event.

Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez defeated Jake Omen

Sharkbait is easily one of the fastest progressing people in pro wrestling today. He has an MMA background which he still actively competes in and is getting better with every pro-wrestling match that he has. Meanwhile, Jake Omen is another longtime vet and was debuting at Anarchy with this match. He claims he’s spent his time traveling to avoid “shit-holes like Saint Louis” (his words, not mines). This match was fun; it was easy and nothing seemed forced. Omen seemed a bit out of his element but it was still a good match with Sharkbait picking up the win.

Lil Hollywood Hills Everett Connors defeated Christian Rose

There’s a couple of important notes to make here. First, Everett Connors rode a bear to the ring. These bears are his best friend Raoul (who had had a paternity test during the pre-party and found out he wasn’t his child’s father [Y’all definitely want to go to these pre-parties]), Pooh Bear, and Pam the Panda. As the match was starting Rose gave Pam a boot to the face. I liked how much Rose overpowered Hills in this match. It was different than the usual back and forth that Rose gets in matches and Hills had to pull some dodgy moves to try and get the win. The bears got involved in the match too with Pam coming out and surprising everyone as a ref and costing Rose the match. All in all, this was the fun you expect from Hills with the aggression you expect out of Rose.

Jake Parnell defeated Aaron Williams

This was my first-time watching Aaron Williams live and I’ve got to say, I really liked him. Parnell is a great competitor and has proven he can have a good match with anyone but this was different. There was an evenness here that you don’t see too often in Parnell matches because he’s that good. Williams ha a quiet confidence to him which I really appreciated. Parnell picked up the win in what was a really solid match and let Williams know he is welcomed back at Anarchy anytime.

Arik Cannon defeated Darin Corbin

This match was a huge throwback to the early days of Anarchy. Neither of these guys has been at Anarchy since December of 2014. Cannon is the PBR sponsored wrestler while Corbin is the Savior, we all need. This was fun and lite. Both guys pulled out their best moves and seemed to have a blast. Cannon picked up the win and hopefully both will be back at Anarchy sooner rather than later.

So, intermission took place after this. Intermission is broken up by none other than Matt Kenway. Kenway is a frustrated kid who seems to get eclipsed at every show by the mainstays of Anarchy or the special attractions that are there. He calls out, well whoever, because he is the best and he wants to prove it. Out comes Buddy Shepherd, well actually, out comes Evan Gelistico dressed as Buddy and he attacks Kenway. Their feud has been running since Anarchy came back and Kenway attempted to send Buddy back to NWL. This sets up a July 19th Circus Maximus match where Matt Kenway will take on Evan Gelistico in a dog collar match.

Craig Mitchell defeated Big Beef

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know who Craig Mitchell is. This match was an all-out brawl. It was messy. It was chaotic. It was fun. It’s one those that to understand you really need to watch it. Big Beef is really coming along and has improved leaps and bounds since last year while Mitchell has quietly been making himself an undeniable talent. Mitchell picked up the win here in another fun match.

The Riegel Twins (Logan Riegel & Sterling Riegel) defeated Kicks N Shit (Chip Day & Logan James)

The Riegel Twins are another great acquisition from the NWL days. Kicks N Shit are fun tag team that were put together after feuding a bit; they’re coming together quite nicely for a team that isn’t together too often. This match was basically Day trying to kick people’s heads off and the Riegel’s outsmarting Kicks N Shit. It was fun and the Riegel’s picked up their second victory in Anarchy.

Gary Jay defeated Thomas Shire

I have a lot to say about this one. In fact, this review is delayed because I had to watch this back twice before I could decide what I wanted to say. It’s absolutely no secret that Gary Jay is one of the main men of Anarchy. Gary Jay is one of the main men of the Midwest if we’re being honest. Gary Jay goes to war in every single match he has. Don’t believe me? Watch him versus Nick Gage, Craig Mitchell, or even the ray of sunshine that is Kylie Rae. Thomas Shire is not a man that is loved in Anarchy. Spaulding Hall boos him before he ever even makes it out of the curtain. Thomas Shire is a star in the making.  I was hyped about this match going in. I’ve liked Shire since I saw him last July and ever since then, I’ve been impressed with each and every match he’s had. This was war. That isn’t meant to make you roll your eyes either. Within minutes of the match, a headbutt led to a crimson mask over Shire’s, well his body basically. To the point that Gary Jay was covered too. Leading into this match, Shire was confident that he was going to put out Gary. That Gary was a marked man and that all he had to do was pick the scraps. Unfortunately for Shire, Gary isn’t human and he was about to show any weakness. Everyone should be watching this match. Watch for the story. Watch for the gore. Watch for people beating the heck out of each other. Just watch it. The VOD doesn’t do the bloody mess any justice, it doesn’t do the atmosphere any justice, it doesn’t even do Shire nor Jay any justice but it shows you one hell of a match that I will never forget.

St. Louis Anarchy Gateway Heritage Championship-Jeremy Wyatt defeated Larry D

If you’ve never seen Jeremy Wyatt, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The man is hatred in living form. Larry D was pulling double duty here and gunning for that belt again. This belt is contested under ‘Pure wrestling rules’ and while I don’t understand those rules, Wyatt sure does as he continues to use them to his advantage. Larry used every trick he could muster but Wyatt is just smarter and trickier and continued his reign which he is trying to make last to 2000 days.

Top to bottom, this was a fun show and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see good wrestling. It’s already up on IW.TV and you can use the code STLANARCHY for 20 days free. Check it out, check out their prior shows, and prepare for July 19th!


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Cook’s Top 5: Royal Rumble Diesel Pushes

The Royal Rumble is right around the corner, and someone’s Diesel Push might be on the way! Steve Cook looks back at the Top 5, including Diesel himself!



Shayna Baszler WWE Royal Rumble 2020

The Royal Rumble is right around the corner, and someone’s Diesel Push might be on the way! Steve Cook looks back at the Top 5 such pushes, including the man himself, Diesel!

You guys might have heard about this. The Royal Rumble is coming up on January 31! Thirty men & thirty women will compete in battle royals to determine who will get a title shot at WrestleMania. The winners will certainly receive a boost in attention and esteem, but there are other ways to stand out in a Rumble match.

One way: Eliminate a bunch of people!

It’s known by us geeks as the Diesel push. One individual, typically a large one, runs over the competition in a short amount of time and helps get rid of some of the deadwood in the ring. An important part of any Royal Rumble.

Here are the top 5 recipients of the Diesel Push! (There are six listed)

5. Great Khali (2007)

Khali always got things done in short order. This is why it doesn’t surprise me that 7 eliminations in 3:45 is the craziest stat in Royal Rumble history. The man knew what his job was, and he didn’t waste any time. He was also self-aware enough to know that his stamina wasn’t the best, he had a good number at 28, so if he threw everybody out as quickly as possible, he had a pretty good chance.

The downfall in Khali’s strategy? Undertaker was number 30. Tough break, kid. It probably looked really good to Khali when Miz pre-teaming with John Morrison came out at 29, and hopefully 30 would be somebody in that same category, but nah, it was Undertaker.

4. CM Punk (2011)

We all know that CM Punk’s push in WWE became bigger during 2011. We don’t know if that was originally intended or not, but things seemed to be picking up for him at the Rumble. At the time, Punk had taken control of The Nexus from Wade Barrett, so he had plenty of backup to support him during matches like thus one. Which he needed, since he drew #1. Fortunately, many of his Nexus minions also drew low numbers, so he was able to last thirty-five minutes and eliminate seven people.

The difference between this & most Diesel pushes: Punk was already a bit of a star at this point. He became a bigger one later in the year. The Rumble probably didn’t have much to do with it, but it didn’t hurt either.

3. Shayna Baszler & Bianca Belair (2020)

The 2020 Women’s Royal Rumble saw a pair of dominant women. Shayna Baszler was rewarded a little earlier. She got a Raw Women’s Championship match against Becky Lynch at WrestleMania. The less said other than that sentence, the better.

Bianca Belair eliminated the same number of women that Baszler did, which was eight if you’re scoring at home, or even if you’re alone. It took some time, but as I write this here & now, Belair is finally getting to show her skills on main roster TV. Completely outclassed Bayley on an obstacle course, proving to be a superior athlete. Doesn’t always translate to pro wrestling, but I won’t deny Bianca’s athletic ability.

Two Diesel pushes in one match is a bit much, but I see what they were going for here.

2. Roman Reigns (2014)

The Shield had been picking up momentum throughout 2013, and it seemed like they were on the verge of big things. Maybe a face turn, maybe the group splitting up, probably both because that’s usually what happens when members of a group start getting over. The 2014 Royal Rumble provided a good opportunity to make the Shield members into stars on their own. Seth Rollins entered second & lasted over forty-eight minutes. Dean Ambrose had a solid showing at over thirty-three minutes.

However, it was the Big Dog that stood out from the pack. Roman Reigns entered fifteenth and was the last person eliminated by the winner, Batista. Prior to that, he set a Royal Rumble record, eliminating twelve people. Including Rollins & Ambrose! The record lasted until the Greatest Royal Rumble match, where Braun Strowman eliminated thirteen people. There were fifty people in that match though, so it wasn’t quite as dominant.

Reigns’ performance was somewhat overshadowed by the lack of Daniel Bryan and the match ending up being CM Punk’s last, but it was still an important part of his push to the main event.

1. Diesel (1994)

It’s a tough call between the original recipient of the Diesel Push and the Big Dog. Why do we go with Diesel? For me, it’s where both men started from. Reigns was already seen as a viable future star in the eyes of many fans. We tend to forget it now since the fans turned on Reigns once he got the push, but the man got over pretty well with the smart fans as a Shield member, even with the other two members having more indy cred. You could tell Roman was going places.

Diesel? Well, he was tall and had good hair. He was barely even a wrestler though! Diesel came into the WWF as Shawn Michaels’ bodyguard, and spent most of his time prior to the 1994 Rumble backing up the Boy Toy. To be honest, most of us that had seen Diesel’s run in WCW as Vinnie Vegas were happier to see him in the bodyguard role than as a wrestler. He wasn’t seen as a future main eventer or world champion or anything like that, until the Rumble match.

After the Diesel push, Kevin Nash was ready to shine.

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Rob: Has Pro Wrestling Become Too Soft?

The Undertaker took the online wrestling community by storm with his comments on the current product, and Rob offers some perspective!



The Undertaker WWE WrestleMania Boneyard Match

The Undertaker took the online wrestling community by storm with his comments on the current product, and Rob offers some perspective!

So……the Undertaker had some things to say about how the kids today just aren’t doing it the way they did back in his day, and that it’s hurting the product.  In short he said it was harder to watch now because it was soft, and the guys weren’t real enough men – they spend too much time trying to look good and do things like play video games instead of packing heat.  Uhh………yeah………ok, Mr Callaway.

Now look, we can talk about the ring work – I for one think that there are way too many matches that look more like a gymnastics floor routine than what’s supposed to be a fight, from the indies all the way up to the WWE.  If he wants to stick to that than I think he’s worth listening to.  But that’s not what he focused on.  No, he spoke about how guys used to carry guns and knives in their bags, and that guys ‘handled stuff’ back in the day, and weren’t so occupied with grooming or playing video games with each other.  And that the changed behavior over the last few years has made the overall wrestling product harder to enjoy.  Help me out here but I don’t see how playing video games with each other and paying more attention to how you look, smell, etc makes for a worse wrestling product.  The ring action, sure.  The promos, which I didn’t see mentioned in the quotes I saw, sure.  Whether or not you do your hair…..really?  Does he not remember the many male wrestlers of days gone by who were sold to women fans as good looking men they’d want to go home with?  The Von Erich boys, the Rock on Roll Express, Ravishing Rick Rude, the Fantastics, Magnum TA?  Does he not remember commentary damn near yelling out loud ‘HEY LADIES, AREN”T THESE DUDES HOT?’ when those guys and many others were in the ring?  Does he not remember guys like ‘Gorgeous’ Jimmy Garvin, who was a proverbial man’s man but also had his valet (his real life wife Precious) spraying his hair while he was cutting promos?

But I got another question:

What kind of locker room does he think should exist? 

One where guys are dropping dead before the age of 50 or are concussed into oblivion?  Or one where they can work longer and not look pathetic if they so chose, or move on early if they want?

One where guys like Darren Young and Jake Atlas have to stay in the closet or where they can be out and accepted, where a guy like Randy Orton with his own checkered history will come up to them and say ‘if anyone gives you any crap, let me know?’

One where guys mostly keep each other out of trouble by doing things like……playing video games together or one where they’re out closing down the bar every night, getting into it with the police, etc.?

One where the men engage in all kinds of trifling behavior towards the women on the roster or one where they get along well enough for there to be genuine friendships where people look out for each other and even form some lasting romantic relationships?

And lastly in regards to guys carrying knives and guns instead of video games, do you want a locker room where guys work things out in a more civilized manner or one like where Bruiser Brody was stabbed to death?

Now he’s not the only one who says this kind of stuff.  A lot of guys from his generation have offered similar sentiments and there are a lot of podcasters who pine for the days when things felt more real and what not.  Well if we’re gonna keep it 100 a lot of those gave off more gravitas and sounded more real because they were legit living hard, messed up lives.  Drug problems.  Alcoholism.  Multiple marriages and divorces.  Bad relationships with their children.  Broken homes and childhoods that they were still traumatized over.  Failed careers in other professions.  I don’t know about you but I think it’s a plus that more of the guys seem to be living and working in such a way that they’re able to avoid those things.  I’ll take hearing Kofi and Xavier talk about their kids on the New Day Pod than a bunch of stories about how they were out boozing and cheating on their spouses in between shows.  The latter can be romanticized by guys who tell good stories and all, but the reality is a lot more grim (for good reference take a look at the ESPN documentary on Ric Flair).

And this goes beyond pro wrestling.  A lot of those old guys in our lives who say the same kind of things have suffered the same fates as their counterparts in the wrestling business.  It’s not healthy, full stop.  Just because you can’t relate with the guys who aren’t living and playing like you did 10, 20 years ago doesn’t mean that they’re doing it wrong.  As for the guys being ‘too pretty’ now…’s a lot easier to get opportunities to do things outside of wrestling if you look good, are well groomed, etc.  Acting gigs, TV gigs, magazine covers….you think Xavier Woods would have gotten a hosting job on the relaunched G4 network if he looked and groomed himself like Abdullah the Butcher?  Do you honestly think New Day would be more popular if they looked and acted more like what you consider to be real men?  I don’t see it.  And in an entertainment industry where women have to look damn near perfect just to get an interview I don’t think that men choosing to look as good as they possibly can is a negative.  And let’s not pretend that any of New Day can’t put their ring work alongside any guys from any era.  The video games, the gear colors and everything else don’t mean a damn thing as far as their abilities go.

Look man, time stops for no one.  Things change, and in this case I think they’ve changed for the better.  That he can’t see a trail several miles long of broken families, broken bodies, and premature death behind the ‘right way’ that he speaks of is kinda sad.

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