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JKJ’s AEW Double Or Nothing Preview & Predictions

Picks for Double Or Nothing–what are yours?



JKJ and Thirteen|10 make their Chairshot debut with a special look at Saturday’s AEW Double Or Nothing event!

The Event that the whole world has been talking about is almost upon us, this weekend All Elite Wrestling debuts live across the world with AEW Double Or Nothing, a huge card has been built and I for one am so excited. Lets take a look at the matches and my personal predictions. Get involved on the social media by tweeting me @thirteen10app or following my Instagram @thirteen10apparel as I more than likely live tweet this coming weekend!!! Excited is an understatement…

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The Buy In Pre Show Kip Sabian vs Sammy Guevara
Casino Battle Royale

With huge implications now for the winner of the Battle Royale & The Winner of Jericho Vs Omega later in the night the Buy In has become a NOT to miss event. So the easiest thing for me to do is announce my pick for the winner of the Battle Royale and call it biased but I’m going with Perfect10n Shawn Spears! As for Kip vs Sammy this one is huge with very bright futures expected for both, expect an early contender for match of the night here but I’m going to book Sammy for the win, Kip will come out of this as a superstar either way.

Winner – Sammy Guevara
Casino Battle Royale – Shawn Spears

AAA World Tag Team Championship – The Young Bucks (c) vs Lucha Bros

Why not start with 2 of the guys that began this dream, this all began from YouTube videos being a craze and of course the tag team wrestling ability of Nick & Matt Jackson. This match was set up during the original AEW conference and oh boy oh boy was this the perfect way to build a debut PPV!! The 2 hottest teams in the world today will be looking at delivering a potentially awe inspiring 30 mins of unrelenting action. Don’t expect to be able to catch your breath for the duration of this but there must be a winner here and The Bucks are genuine guys who have no need to put them selves over here so I expect to see a standing ovation after this as the Lucha Dragons win the tag titles.

Winners – Lucha Bros

Best Friends vs Angelico & Jack Evans

First things first, Angelico is a star! He will likely treat this as his biggest moment to date and being across the ring from Trent Barretta will serve perfectly! i would watch the Best Friends story closely for a few months as the tag division will need depth so with that being said i’m going to put the Best Friends down for the W here but this is going to be an intriguing story as I think heel Chucky T is dying to break out soon. this will be fun from start to finish!

Winners – Best Friends

Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki, Emi Sakura vs Hikaru Shida, Riho, Ryo Mizunami

This is the match that I am most excited for. Why?! you ask? The answer is simple…. And please forgive my ignorance here, but because I know virtually nothing about these 6 female athletes and I am dying to see what they are all about so with that being said I have 6 new talents to learn about during the PPV and I cannot wait! surely this is what its all about? surely I am not alone?

Winners – Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki, Emi Sakura

SCU vs Strong Hearts

This is the worst town…..yeah you know the rest! we are in for some serious fun, hard hitting action with this. As previous I don’t know much about T-Hawk & Lindaman so my prediction will lean towards SCU here for that purpose only. I am very intrigued to to see Scorpio in the ring with CIMA and I believe this will be the first of many bouts between the two over the coming months!

Winners – SCU

Britt Baker vs Nayla Rose vs Kylie Rae

What is Brandi Rhodes umm to on the latest AEW road to double or nothing video, FaceTime each individual and announcing them as the favourite?! interesting stuff I must say! I feel something big is in the air here, maybe a late addition or a debut at the very end. I believe Bea Priestley is not expected until July…but…. yeah, anyways, We know what Britt Baker is all about, she is a star and Nayla is just awesome but my pick is the exciting Kylie Rae, look for a huge pop with this victory but potentially with an after match assault by someone…..

Winner – Kylie Rae

Cody Rhodes vs Dustin Rhodes

A very late addition to the card but perhaps the biggest! As fans who wanted this, we never got this over in WWE. Massive shame we say….its probably not a shame because now we get it and its going to be bigger than we ever imagined. this is going to be as brutal as they come because both have it in them and it suits their styles. Expect blood and raw true emotion throughout. Brandi will stand over her broken husband at the end of a battle which Cody will win. Both Men will shake hands with one having a fresh target very soon!

Winner – Cody

AEW Double Or Nothing Main Event: Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho

The winner of this will face the winner of the Buy In Casino Battle Royale for the title…but when? that doesn’t matter as we are in for a treat here, if these guys can replicate that epic from the Tokyo dome in 2018 then we have our sure fire match of the night. Jericho is a great heel and doesn’t need the win (remember he goes to NJPW Dominion to face Okada in 2 weeks). I’m picking Kenny to win this. Jericho can feud with anyone and sell PPVs with no issue. This will be back and forth for 40 minutes or so with Jericho set to debut his new finisher “Judas Effect” Kenny will win with the One Winged Angel. after the match he will address the crowd along with his Elite buddies thanking everyone until the lights go out and a bloodied Dustin returns attacking Omega along with some allies to set up a huge brawl to close a chaotic night thus further giving the viewers a so called cliff hanger!

What Will Hangman Page Do At AEW Double Or Nothing?

I am not sure what is in line for Hangman but I fully expect a match to be added and a win for him as he is lined up for a strong run early on!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading…what are your thoughts? Let me know and get in touch.


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