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Joe Dinan’s CMLL Review & Results (4/29/2019)

What happened in CMLL? See it here!



CMLL Coverage

What happened in CMLL? See it here courtesy of Joe Dinan!

Arena Puebla

El Asturiano and Astro vs Espiritu Maligno and Fuerza Chicana

Sonic and Maligno lock up to start and eventually it leads into some grappling. Chicana and Asturiano come in next and they grapple as well. Astro gets Maligno down and hits a springboard splash for 3. Asturiano hits a springboard head butt on Fuerza for the fall. First Fall: Asturiano pins Fuerza Chicana with a springboard head butt.

Asturiano and Chicana go back and forth to start this round but Asturiano gets the leg up and sends Chicana to the outside and poses. Maligno comes in and helps out to even the odds. Fuerza gets Asturiano in a half crab for the submission. Astro is hung in the corner and Maligno hits a drop kick and then gets Astro in an absurd looking submission for the fall. Second Fall: Maligno submits Astro with a stretch submission.

Asturiano gets worked over some to begin this round. Astro tries to help but he gets beat on in response. Maligno misses an attack and hits his partner. Asturiano then gets Maligno in a submission that Chicana breaks up. Asturiano catches Maligno in a face plant like move into a submission but Chicana breaks it up. Astro misses a splash and Fuerza Chicana submits him with a surfboard stretch. Third Fall: Fuerza Chicana submits Astro with a surfboard stretch.

Winners: Espiritu Maligno and Fuerza Chicana

Magnus and Rey Samuray vs Tyson La Bestia and Toro Bill Jr

Samuray and Tyson start the match out and they go back and forth with some interesting offense. Toro Bill and Magnus are in next and they grapple some. Tyson hip tosses Samuray on the ramp. Magnus slams Tyson and from the ramp Samuray hits a springboard 450. Magnus hits a back stabber on Toro Bill for the fall. First Fall: Magnus pins Toro Bill with a back stabber.

Samuray starts out hot taking on both guys to start the round. Samuray hits an asai moonsault into an arm drag on Toro Bill. Tyson works over Magnus in the ring. Bill hits a flapjack on Samuray. Bill then hits a pop up power bomb on Samuray for the pin. Tyson hits a suplex on Magnus then a arm lock. Second Fall: Tyson la Bestia submits Magnus with an arm lock.

Samuray gets taken out early to start the round and then Magnus gets teamed up on. Magnus fights back hitting a super kick on Tyson and a back breaker on Toro. Magnus gets Tyson in a roll up for the pin. Third Fall: Magnus pins Tyson with a roll up.

Winners: Magnus and Rey Samuray

(Match Relampago) Marcela vs Metalica

Metalica attacks Marcela from the crowd as Marcela waits for her on the ramp. They get back in the ring and Metalica continues to work over Marcela. Marcela counters and hits knees to the gut. Marcela hits a running senton flip off of the apron on Metalica. Marcela hits knees from the middle rope for a two count. Marcela goes back to the top but Metalica catches her for a suplex. Then she hits a tiger pile driver for the win. Metalica pins Marcela with a tiger pile driver.

Metalica challenges her for her belt, Marcela accepts.

Winner: Metalica

Titan, Guerrero Maya, and Stigma vs Shocker, Rey Bucanero, and Templario

Maya and Bucanero start out together and lock up. They fight for a bit and start to grapple. Templario entered with Stigma and they went back and forth briefly before Titan and Shocker entered staring each other down chest to chest. Everyone then just jumps in and exchanges offense. Titan hits a hurricanrana into a pin on Shocker but Templario kicks him to tip him over so Shocker pins him. First Fall: Shocker pins Titan with a pinning combo.

Bucanero works over Titan on the ramp way. Titan and his pals continue to get worked over as the round continues. Templario and Bucanero walk away thinking Shocker had Titan under control but Titan rolled into a pin and Bucanero couldn’t stop it in time. Second Fall: Titan pins Shocker with a pinning combo.

There’s some brawling in the stands to start. Titan enters the ring and takes out all three of them and then poses, collecting momentum. Stigma hits a big arm drag on Templario and then Stigma, Titan, and Maya all hit dives through the middle rope. They then hit another one. Templario hits I guess a lung blower on Stigma. It didn’t look like that but I hope he was trying to. He pins him with that while Shocker submits Titan and Bucanero rolls up Maya. The ref wasn’t paying attention to them though. Third Fall: Templario pins Stigma with a lung blower.

Winners: Shocker, Rey Bucanero, and Templario

(Hair vs Hair) King Jaguar vs Police Man

They run at each other during the introductions and start fighting. Police Man hits an arm drag off of the top rope and then hits a senton for the pin. First Fall: Police Man pins King Jaguar with a senton splash.

There’s not a lot of heat on this match at all so let’s see as it goes on if they can draw the people in. Police Man continues to work on Jaguar to begin this round. Jaguar finally hits a back breaker to balance things out. Jaguar gets pulled out by Police Man’s second and then Police Man goes for a dive but Jaguar moves. Jaguar hits a spine buster and then gets a stretch submission for the fall. Second Fall: Jaguar submits Police Man with a stretch submission.

Police Man yet again works over Jaguar to begin the round. After some fighting for position, Jaguar hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Police Man slams Jaguar and then goes for a clearly illegal pin with his feet on the ropes and the ref just looks at him. Jaguar kicks Police Man in the groin but then acts like he was kicked their too while the refs back was turned. The ref despite having no evidence decides Jaguar wins. Well then. Third Fall: King Jaguar wins via trickery.

Winner: king Jaguar

Caristico, Sanson, and Cuatrero vs Volador Jr, Mephisto, and Ephesto

They’re doing the technico rudos mix up thing again. The match evolves into chaos really quick with everyone exchanging spots. Finally some of the chaos dies down a bit and Volador works on Caristico. Cuatrero enters but he gets teamed on a bit. Ephesto gets thrown on Sanson for the pin. Mephisto hits a face buster on Cuatrero for the fall. First Fall: Mephisto pins Cuatrero with a face buster.

Cuatrero gets worked on to start this round. Sanson gets taken out and then they move onto Caristico. Caristico makes a come back by hitting a middle rope dive on Volador. Cuatrero rolls up Mephisto and Sanson submits Ephesto with a cloverleaf. Second Fall: Sanson submits Ephesto with a cloverleaf.

There’s a lot of posturing to begin this round. Caristico gets launched into Ephesto and hits a hurricanrana. Caristico gets Volador to the outside and then feigns a dive. Volador hits a triple team power bomb on Sanson for a pin. Then Cuatrero submits Mephisto with an inverted bear hug. Caristico tries to get Volador in the Fujiwara arm bar set up but Ephesto removes his mask and Volador rolls up Caristico. Ref didn’t see that he had no mask I guess. Third Fall: Volador rolls up Caristico.

Seems like they’re setting up a match with Volador and Caristico.

Winners: Volador Jr, Mephisto, and Ephesto

Arena Mexico Tuesday

Fantasy and Angelito vs Mercurio and Pequeno Olimpico

Fantasy starts with Olimpico start off with some grappling. Angelito comes in with Mercurio and they go back and forth. Angelito tricks Mercurio to fall out of the ring. Olimpico comes in and hits a face buster on Angelito. Fantasy gets monkey flipped into a super kick by Mercurio then Olimpico german suplexes him and Mercurio steals the pin. Olimpico pins Angelito with a sit out power bomb. First Fall: Olimpico pins Angelito with a sit out power bomb.

Fantasy gets worked on to start this round. Angelito then gets worked over and double teamed next. Angelito hits a hurricanrana on Olimpico to make a come back. Fantasy hits a spanish fly on Olimpico for the pin and Angelito pins Mercurio with a neck breaker. Second Fall: Angelito pins Mercurio with a neck breaker.

Fantasy starts hot to begin this round. Mercurio hits a buckle bomb on Angelito then a drop kick in the corner. Fantasy hits a face buster on Mercurio and Olimpico breaks up the pin. Olimpico holds up Angelito and Mercurio hits a guillotine leg drop for the pin. They both slam Fantasy and Mercurio hits a leg drop and Olimpico a senton splash for the win. Third Fall: Olimpico pins Fantasy with a senton splash.

Winners; Mercurio and Pequeno Olimpico

Magia Blanca, Pegasso, and Star Jr vs Nitro, Sangre Azteca, and Metalico

Blanca and Azteca start out with some grappling. After a long bout of grappling Star comes in with Metalico and they go to the ground and fight. Pegasso comes in with Nitro and hits a few moves. There’s some chaos and Azteca pushes Magia off of the top rope and double stomps him to the inner thigh. Metalico submits Pegasso with a leg lock. First Fall: Metalico submits Pegasso with a leg lock.

Pegasso gets worked over to begin this round. Magia gets worked over next. Star gets hits with corner offense. There’s no end of attacks to the inner thigh in this match. Star runs up the ropes and hits a tornado dive on Nitro and makes a come back. Pegasso and Magia hit back breakers on Metalico and Azteca then get them in victory rolls. Second Fall: Pegasso and Magia pin Metalico and Azteca with victory rolls.

Nitro beats up Star to begin this round. Pegasso and Metalico fight each other. Pegasso and Magia get pulled to the outside by Azteca and Metalico all while Star Jr hits a head scissors into a pinning combo. Third Fall: Star Jr pins Nitro with a pinning combo.

Winners: Magia Blanca, Pegasso, and Star Jr

Flyer, Drone, and Fuego vs Polvora, Kawato San, and Universo 2000 Jr

Universo 2000 Jr and Drone start out in the match and they tie up and then get to the ground. Polvora and Fuego go back and forth and Fuego gets the advantage on it and then poses. Kawato and Flyer come in and they both are a little sloppy with some spots. Flyer ends up hitting an asai moonsault on Polvora. Fuego hits a springboard splash on Universo for the pin. Drone hits a lionsault on Kawato for the fall. First Fall: Drone pins Kawato with a lionsault.

There is some posturing to start this round. Drone gets some offense in on Universo. Drone dodges Universo’s attack and drop kicks him to the outside. Fuego hits a drop kick on Kawato to bring in Polvora. Fuego takes him out too and poses. Flyer and Universo bow up and eventually fight on the outside where Flyer gets jumped. The technicos are getting beat down on the outside. Polvora unties Fuego’s mask back in the ring. Polvora basically unmasked him but the ref is a potato. Polvora hits a big slam off of the top on Drone for the pin. Universo slams Flyer and Kawato hits a double foot stomp and Universo hits a leg drop. Second Fall: Universo pins Flyer after a leg drop.

Flyer is getting beat up on the ramp while Kawato works on Fuego near the ring. Eventually Fuego gets stomped out in the middle of the ring while his teammates were laid out. Drone does a dive off of the apron on Universo as he chases Fuego. Fuego arm drags Polvora and Kawato to the outside but Universo is back in to intercept him. He goes for a move but Flyer trips him. There’s a string of everyone misses moves. A big tower of doom spot is done. Drone goes to splash on Kawato but Kawato gets his feet up. Fuego out smarts Universo to the outside and hits a dive over the top rope. Kawato hits a shotgun drop kick on Drone and then he hits a dive over the top rope. Flyer goes for a springboard attack and gets drop kicked by Polvora. Polvora poses and then goes to pin Flyer but Flyer rolled him up for the win. That was a super fun match. Third Fall: Flyer rolls up Polvora for the win.

Winners: Flyer, Drone, and Fuego

(Match Relampago) Rey Cometa vs Templario

They start to engage and work quick and aggressively. They go back and forth and exchange transitions and holds. Cometa hits a hurricanrana to the outside and then goes for another off of the apron but Templario catches him and throws him into the barricade. Back in the ring Cometa hits a tornado dive. These guys are working a million miles per hour. Templario beats on Cometa and goes for a running attack but Cometa catches him for a back breaker. Templario just gets up and clotheslines him. Templario hits a flapjack and then a jump up drop kick off of the ropes. Templario hangs Cometa in the tree of woe. Cometa gets up as Templario goes for a spear. Cometa then does a moonsault over the turnbuckle to the outside. Very nice. He was about an inch from smashing his head on the turnbuckle post. Cometa goes for a springboard attack in the ring but Templario catches him in electric chair position then drops him down and hits a german suplex for a close two count. Templario hits a modified looking version of Ospreay’s storm breaker. Cometa kicks Templario on the top rope and poses but Templario punches him and goes for a gut wrench suplex but Cometa reverses it into a hurricanrana. He goes back to the top and hits a 450 on Templario for the win. Rey Cometa pins a 450 on Templario for the win.

Winner: Rey Cometa

Blue Panther, Kraneo, and El Audaz vs Sanson, Shocker, and Rey Bucanero

Sanson and Blue Panther start out and they fight for position and do some grappling. Blue Panther wants to take on Shocker. Bucanero enters after some posturing. Audaz enters to take him on. Audaz hits a hurricanrana to the outside then flips to the outside himself to face Bucanero, where he proceeded to hit another hurricanrana. Shocker strikes with Kraneo back in the ring. Kraneo dodges and hits a corner splash. Mije then hits a splash on Shocker. This causes Bucanero and Sanson to come in and beat up on Kraneo. Sanson hit a splash off of the top on Kraneo for a pin. Audaz gets held down and Shocker hits an elbow drop for the fall. First Fall: Shocker pins Audaz with an elbow drop.

Shocker suplexes Audaz on the ramp while Kraneo gets worked on in the ring. Bucanero hits a leg drop on Blue Panther. Sanson holds Audaz in place and Bucanero hits a whisper in the wind on Audaz. Kraneo then runs into everybody and then Audaz hits a splash over the top rope on Sanson. Kraneo hits hip attacks on Shocker and Bucanero for the fall. Second Fall: Kraneo pins Rey Bucanero with a hip attack in the corner.

Blue Panther and Bucanero stared down but Audaz and Sanson ended up going back and forth. Audaz runs around and dodges attacks and hits some big moves, then he poses. Sanson comes in with Kraneo and him and Shocker try to double Kraneo but they fail. Kraneo hits a leg drop on Bucanero. Blue Panther arm drags Sanson and gets him in an arm bar but he gets beat up. Bucanero body slams Kraneo and pins him. Blue Panther tried to break it up but Sanson rolled him up. Third Fall: Rey Bucanero pins Kraneo with a body slam.

Winners: Sanson, Shocker, and Rey Bucanero

Caristico, Rush, and Titan vs Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero

The match begins with some brawling. This shouldn’t be shocking given those involved. Caristico gets worked over in the ring by Los Guerrero’s. Gran and Euforia hit a double press slam off of the top rope on Titan. Rush comes in to beat up Ultimo but then he gets teamed on. They do the Los Guerrero’s triple team spot. They get all of them into a combined submission for the first fall. First Fall: Los Guerrero’s submit Rush, Caristico, and Titan with a triple submission.

Titan gets worked over to start the round. They do the Los Guerrero’s triple team attack on the barricade this time. Caristico hits a handspring elbow to make a come back. Titan then starts to get offense in on everyone. Rush comes in to work with Euforia and they trade offense. Rush runs the ropes with such intensity. Caristico leaps to the outside and hits a hurricanrana on Ultimo. Titan then rolls into a flying arm bar on Gran Guerrero. Euforia then submits Titan with a neck crank. Euforia then falls to the outside after Rush moves and hits an over the top rope dive. Inside the ring Caristico goes for the head scissors into the Fujiwara arm bar but Ultimo stops it, removes his mask, hides his face with his body and pins him without the ref seeing. Second Fall: Ultimo Guerrero pins Caristico after removing his mask.

Caristico isn’t happy with Ultimo. He’s asking for a one round match with Ultimo. The fans are throwing money in the ring during the promo. So they liked the match. It wasn’t bad, a little short. This was a great Tuesday show in my opinion. Ultimo asks some official in the crowd for one more round. They feign like they’re gonna start and then Ultimo runs out of the ring and laughs. Titan and Caristico pose.

Winners: Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero

Arena Mexico Friday

Super Astro Jr and Sonic vs Grako and El Coyote

Sonic and Grako start out in the match and they grapple and roll back and forth. Coyote and Super Astro enter next and they go back and forth. Super Astro and Coyote mess up a hurricanrana spot. Sonic and Grako re-enter and Sonic gets the leg up this time. Sonic eventually gets double teamed. Grako and Coyote submit Astro and Sonic in a double submission. Coyote had a camel clutch and Grako had a boston crab on Sonic in between his legs. First Fall: Grako and Coyote submit Sonic and Astro in a double submission.

Grako beats on Super Astro on the outside of the ring. Coyote beats on Sonic in the ring. The announcer randomly howled and yelled Coyote. I would have cracked up as I did watching. Super Astro dodges a double team attack then does some things to trick out Grako and Coyote. Sonic enters the ring now and gets Coyote in a pinning combo and then Super Astro hits a springboard head butt on Grako for the pin. Second Fall: Super Astro pins Grako with a head butt.

Coyote and Super Astro bow up to start and then go back and forth with some offense. Super Astro hit a head scissors on Coyote to the outside. Sonic gets offense in on Coyote and hits an arm drag to the outside. Sonic hit an arm drag on Grako. Sonic hit an elaborate arm drag entering the ring from the ramp. He then poses and Coyote ended up attacking him from behind. Super Astro then drop kicked Coyote to the outside. Grako comes in and drops Super Astro but Astro then hits a hurricanrana into the ropes, then Sonic drop kicks Coyote into the ropes for a 619. Super Astro hits a splash for a close pin. Super Astro hit a victory roll move off of the top on Coyote but then Sonic missed a moonsault against Grako, then Grako broke up the victory roll pin. Grako then hit an elbow drop on Super Astro for the pin. Coyote hits a underhook suplex off of the top on Sonic for the win. Third Fall: Coyote pins Sonic with an underhook suplex.

Winners: Grako and El Coyote

Marcela, Tae Honma, and Kaho Kobayashi vs Amapola, La Comandante, and La Seductora

Marcela and Comandante start off going back and forth. They lock up and grapple for a bit. Seductora and Honma come in and they start to stand and grapple. Honma gets her to the outside and then hits a pose. Kaho comes in and uses her quickness to her advantage against Amapola. Kaho dodges a move and Amapola falls to the outside. Kaho dives off of the apron onto Amapola. Marcela hits a double foot stomp on Seductora and Honma gets Comandante with a victory roll. First Fall: Honma pins Comandante with a victory roll.

Kaho gets worked on to begin this round. She gets held in the ropes and Amapola drop kicks her off. Comandante does a big swing on Honma. Kaho pulls down Amapola by the hair and then hits a missile drop kick. Marcela hits a flip dive off of the apron on Seductora. Honma hits a dive off of the apron on Comandante. Amapola catches Kaho with a spear and then throws her by her hair. Amapola starts to argue with the ref. She got DQ’d because she didn’t answer the 5 count while she had Kaho in the ropes. Second Fall: Kaho Kobayashi wins via DQ 5 count.

After the match Amapola continues to beat on Kaho. I smell a singles match soon. Her teammates could have helped her from getting beat up a little.

Winners: Marcela, Tae Konma, and Kaho Kobayashi

Atlantis, Triton, and Atlantis Jr vs Mephisto, Luciferno, and Ephesto

Triton starts out with Mephisto and they tie up and try to take each other down. Atlantis Jr gets in with Luciferno and quickly into the exchange Ephesto interferes. Now Atlantis Jr wants him. Jr and Luciferno proceed to do some grappling after all of that. Atlantis gets in with Ephesto but quickly the sons of hell team up on him and take everyone else out. Luciferno and Mephisto slam Ephesto on Triton for a slingshot splash for the pin. Luciferno submits Atlantis Jr with a leg lock. First Fall: Luciferno submits Atlantis Jr with a leg lock.

There is brawling to begin this round. They continue to beat on them and Atlantis Jr gets kicked all the way into the crowd. Triton pins Mephisto as the camera turns though. Looked like a roll up. Second Fall: Triton pins Mephisto with a victory roll.

Atlantis Jr works out of being teamed on to begin this round. He hits hurricanrana’s and back breakers on them to fight them off. Atlantis Jr is pretty damn good. Triton hits an arm drag on Mephisto and then a hurricanrana on Ephesto and an arm drag on Luciferno. Atlantis wants Mephisto. Atlantis gets the advantage and monkey flips him. Triton hits a dive over the top rope onto Mephisto. In the ring Atlantis and Atlantis Jr defeat Ephesto and Luciferno with hurricanrana’s. Third Fall: Atlantis and Atlantis Jr pin Ephesto and Luciferno with hurricanrana’s.

Winners: Atlantis, Triton, and Atlantis Jr

(Match Relampago) El Valiente vs Hechicero

There’s a little posturing to start the match. Eventually they get to the ground and start to grapple. They grapple and exchange submissions for a few minutes. Hechicero hangs Valiente in the ropes then hits a cross body on him. He goes for it again but Valiente moves, hanging him in the ropes. Valiente runs up and hits an arm drag off of the apron. Valiente then hits a high velocity dive through the middle rope. Almost a missile like head butt. Back in the ring Hechicero hits a flap jack then a springboard drop kick. Hechicero does a lionsault to the outside on Valiente. Valiente was an excellent base. Hechicero puts him on the barricade and then axe handles him. Back in the ring Hechicero pulls his straps down. Hechicero hits a springboard clothesline for a close two count. Hechicero hits a run up knee then misses a corner attack. Valiente then runs up the ropes and moonsaults to the outside on Hechicero. Back in the ring Hechicero pulls Valiente down and hits a tornado flip into the ring. Hechicero goes to the top and Valiente arm drags him off. Valiente then gets Hechicero in a single leg Boston crab move. Valiente submits Hechicero with a modified boston crab.

Winner: El Valiente

Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and Soberano vs Mascara Ano 2000, Cuatrero, and Forastero

Cuatrero starts with Angel de Oro and they fight for position. Soberano is in next with Forastero and they tie up and roll to the ground. Forastero hits a big drop kick to kill Soberano’s momentum but Soberano fights back with a hurricanrana. Niebla Roja enters next with Mascara Ano 2000. Forastero and Cuatrero come in to help beat on Roja. They fight back and Roja and Oro take out Cuatrero and Forastero with stereo moonsaults to the outside and Soberano hits a tornillo dive on Mascara for the pin. First Fall: Soberano pins Mascara Ano 2000 with a tornillo splash.

Soberano is hot out of the gate getting offense in on everybody. Oro enters next and he gets a ton of offense in. Roja enters and he gets in offense as well. A clear pattern. Finally it catches up to them and Los Dinamitas beat on Roja to take him out. Mascara takes care of Oro while Soberano has to deal with the others. Cuatrero launches Forastero into Oro and Soberano for the pin. Second Fall: Cuatrero launches Forastero into Oro and Soberano for the pin.

Oro gets worked over to begin this round. Roja gets worked over next afterwards. They beat on Soberano after that. They dodge an attack and Ano gets chopped to the outside. Roja, Oro, and Soberano then hit quick dives through the middle rope. Oro super kicks Cuatrero then hits a lionsault for a two count. Oro fights back against Cuatrero but Forastero enters to change things. Forastero hits a side walk slam on Soberano for a two count. Soberano then hits a standing moonsault on Forastero but Mascara breaks up the count. Soberano jumps off Roja’s back and Mascara catches him and power bombs him on Roja. Mascara pins Roja but he kicks out. Oro kicks Cuatrero to the outside and then hits a cart wheel flip dive to the outside. Soberano hits a backwards flip dive tornillo to the outside. In the ring Mascara hits Roja with a groin shot behind the refs back and pins him. Third Fall: Mascara Ano 2000 pins Niebla Roja with a groin shot behind the refs back.

Winners: Mascara Ano 2000, Cuatrero, and Forastero

(Parejas Finals) Volador Jr and Ultimo Guerrero vs Cavernario and Titan

Cavernario and Volador start out going back and forth with transitions and moves. Ultimo enters with Titan and they roll around doing some grappling. The match evolves into some chaos. Ultimo slams Titan into the barricade and in the ring Volador hits a canadian destroyer on Cavernario for the pin while Ultimo submits Titan with a leg lock. First Fall: Ultimo Guerrero submits Titan with a leg lock. 

The round starts with both teams exchanging spots. Titan double drop kicks Ultimo and Volador. Cavernario and Titan then hit dives over the top rope. Back in the ring Titan gets Volador in a pinning combo and Cavernario hits Ultimo with a snap suplex for the fall. Second Fall: Cavernario pins Ultimo Guerrero with a snap suplex.

Titan and Cavernario work over Ultimo to start the round. Volador fights back and Cavernario and Titan get thrown to the outside. Volador hits a dive over the top rope on them. Ultimo Guerrero then goes to the top rope and hits a splash on to the pile. Volador and Ultimo work over Titan when they get back into the ring. Back in the ring they all keep beating on each other. Ultimo goes to the top rope and Titan runs up and Ultimo counters and hits a power bomb. Cavernario breaks up the pin then hits the slingshot splash on Volador but Volador kicks out. Volador hit a back stabber on Cavernario but Titan stopped the pin. All four are on the same turnbuckle. Volador leaps up and hurricanrana’s Cavernario. Then Ultimo hits a reverse suplex off of the top rope for a close two count. Titan catches Ultimo with a hurricanrana pinning combo but he kicks out. Cavernario then hits a canadian destroyer on Volador, whom also kicks out. A tower of doom spot gets done and Ultimo goes for pins but they both kick out. Cavernario dodged Ultimo Guerrero’s attack and it hit Volador. Cavernario drop kicks Ultimo to the outside. Volador is pissed and goes for a dive over the top rope on Ultimo his partner but Ultimo catches him and power bombs him on the floor. Titan then hits an asai moonsault on Ultimo. Cavernario then hits a dive through the middle rope on Volador. Titan chops Ultimo in the corner and then Ultimo runs out and clotheslines Titan. The announcers mention Kenta Kobashi. Imagine WWE acknowledging wrestling outside their world. Titan rolls into an arm bar on Ultimo Guerrero for the submission. Volador gets Titan to the top and hits a Spanish Fly eliminating Titan. Cavernario catches Volador in the lean back camel clutch for the win. Third Fall: Cavernario submits Volador Jr with a lean back camel clutch.

Winners: Cavernario and Titan

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (6/24/19)

Is the One and Only better than Phenomenal?



WWE Raw Cover image

It’s the Raw After Stomping Grounds!

Raw wants to kick ass and take names, too! The NEW United States Champion takes on some Phenomenal competition for the first time ever! Plus, Shane McMahon proves to be the Best Sore Loser in the World as he demands a handicap rematch with Roman Reigns!



  • 8 Man Tag Elimination Match: The Planet’s Tag Team Champions & The Revival VS The Usos & The New Day; win.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: R-Truth w/ Carmella VS Drake Maverick; Truth wins and retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.
  • 2v1 Handicap Match: Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre VS Roman Reigns; No Contest.
  • Tug of War: Bobby Lashley VS Braun Strowman; Strowman wins.
  • The Good Brothers VS The Viking Raiders; The Viking Raiders win.
  • Mojo Rawley VS Heath Slater; Slater wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: Heath Slater VS R-Truth; Truth wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: R-Truth VS Cedric Alexander; Alexander wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: Cedric Alexander VS EC3; EC3 wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: EC3 VS R-Truth w/ Carmella; Truth wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • Kofi Kingston VS Sami Zayn; Kingston wins.
  • Kofi Kingston VS Kevin Owens; Kingston wins.
  • Naomi VS Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross; Bliss wins.
  • Naomi & Natalya VS Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross; Bliss & Cross win.
  • Ricochet VS AJ Styles; Styles wins.


Raw opens with Seth Freakin’ Rollins!

And he is still WWE Universal Champion, even after Baron Corbin’s clever ruse. The Lone Wolf tried using a Lady to get in between Rollins and his title, but it was thanks to The Man that things didn’t go their way. Rollins and Becky Lynch made sure Corbin and Lacey Evan got what they deserved, and the two stood tall to end Stomping Grounds. And he’s all smiles as fans chant “Burn It Down!” Rollins picks up a mic to talk about last night. “Last night at Stomping Grounds, right down the road at Tacoma, Baron Corbin thought he was going to take this title from me.” But here comes The Man! And still Raw Women’s Champion! Becky joins her beau in the ring to stand side-by-side with him.

Fans cheer but Rollins is a bit surprised. Rollins says Becky interrupted him. She did? She did. But before getting into this, Rollins gives Baron Corbin some credit. Sounds crazy, but he was smart to admit he couldn’t out wrestle or out fight him, so he got a ref Rollins couldn’t hurt and who would do anything she could to stick it to Rollins. But Corbin wasn’t smart enough to realize that he has “the best back-up on the planet.” It pays to be The Man’s Man. And when it came to last night, they proved why they’re both the champions of their divisions. Lacey lost but had to come out and tried to steal a title. But The Man came around to slap Lacey’s empty head off its shoulders. But here comes Baron Corbin himself now!

And Lacey attacks from behind!! Lacey is all over Becky but Becky turns it around! Rollins pulls Becky off Lacey but Becky gets mad at him! And then goes back to hitting Lacey! Corbin finally appears but Rollins is right on him, Slingblade! Becky stops stomping Lacey long enough for a Becksploder! Corbin’s plans fail again! The Man and her Man stand tall with their titles, but Corbin says fans SHOULD chant for Becky. She saved Rollins and that title! Rollins should just give Becky his boat, then fly home to put on an apron and make dinner for The Man, since she’s the real bread winner! Lacey agrees, Becky should get her girl on out of here before Lacey puts her hands on him again.

Corbin says Becky is the only reason he isn’t Universal Champion! And he chose Lacey because she’s the only real woman on Raw! He’d even take her in a mixed tag match against The Man and Rollins anytime, anywhere. Lacey agrees! That should be at Extreme Rules. Well if those two dopes are that desperate for getting their heads stomped and arms ripped off, fine. But on one condition: if Corbin and Lacey lose, that’s it! No more matches with either of them ever again! Corbin and Lacey talk it over, and accept. And then they raise it! Oh well their ideas seem to be working out so well. Rollins doesn’t even care what the challenge is, he accepts it! Well he should’ve cared, because BOTH titles are on the line! Will this unique mixed tag championship match be as extreme as it is historic?


8 Man Tag Elimination Match: The Planet’s Tag Team Champions & The Revival VS The Usos & The New Day!

Washington is still Daniel Bryan Country! The SmackDown and Raw Tag Team Champions combine forces to take on respective challengers as Jimmy & Jey join forces with Big E & Xavier Woods! Will Dash & Dawson help Bryan & Rowan restore the prestige to WWE’s tag team division? Or will they be no match for positivity and the penitentiary?

Raw returns as the #TopGuys make their entrance, followed by The New Day! Usos break it down: champions VS challengers! “The Little Rascals” and “Spongebob and Patrick” team up but they’ll get locked down! But in this elimination match, once one member of a duo is eliminated, so is his partner! Who will end up at a major disadvantage first?

Teams sort out and Bryan starts against Woods. Woods doesn’t mind that the fans cheer for Bryan, but then Scott Dawson tags in on his own. Dawson says it’s okay, he’ll get this done. He nudges Bryan but Bryan pushes back. Dawson and Woods tie up, and Dawson gets a headlock takeover. Woods gets up and powers Dawson. Tag to Big E and Big E runs Dawson over! Woods holds Dawson in place for Big E’s SPLASH, with a leg drop added! Cover, TWO! Big E keeps on Dawson and whips to scoop. But Dawson slips out and tags Rowan. Big E suplexes Dawson but gets run over by Rowan! Rowan hits Woods and then throws Big E with a sit-out urenage! The Usos come in but get sent out by Rowan alone! Big Red Splash FLOPS!

Fans rally and Bryan tags in, as does Woods. Woods dodges, slides, and mule kicks. Woods whips Bryan but Bryan goes up and over to then run and leaping lariat! Washington fires up as Bryan clotheslines Woods out. The Revival cheer Bryan, too, as he DIVES to hit- Dawson!? Woods got clear, but then he runs into Bryan’s forearm! Bryan climbs up fast, leaps, missile dropkick hits! Kip-up and fire up! Bryan aims at Woods, to give him Yes Kicks! He aims the buzzsaw but misses! Woods waistlocks but Bryan standing switches to roll up! TWO, and Dash uppercuts Bryan!? Woods rolls Bryan up, The New Day ELIMINATE The Planet’s Tag Team Champions! The Revival’s pettiness may have just cost them!

Dawson goes at Woods but Woods reverses the whip. Dash tags in and Dawson puts Woods out. Woods hits Dash back then kicks Dawson. Woods springboards, into a SHATTER MACHINE! The Revival ELIMINATE The New Day!! Things are evened up in a blink of an eye! Will the Usos be able to avenge the New Day after the break?

Raw returns as The Usos DOUBLE FLY! They take out both Dash & Dawson! They throw hands then put Dash in. Dawson runs but gets a double back drop! Fans rally for the Usos but Dash puts Jey on the apron. Jey kicks back then climbs up for a big crossbody! Cover, TWO! Dash flounders but blocks Jey’s kick, and ducks the dragon whip! Jimmy tags in and Jey reverses the whip, Samoan Drop neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Dash keeps The Revival alive, but Jimmy keeps moving. Jimmy climbs but Dash springs up. Jimmy jumps over and Dash hits Jey, only to gt a SUPERKICK! Then Jimmy pop, lock and uppercuts! He ducks the clothesline but leaps into Dash’s powerslam! Cover, TWO! Dash grows furious that Jimmy survives!

Fans rally up as Dash and Jimmy are on the apron. Dash throws hands and pulls off Jimmy’s shirt to CHOP him. Jimmy headbutts back! Jimmy gets in but his superkick is countered to an Electric Chair! Dawson tags in and climbs up top, Electric Chair Bulldog! Cover, TWO!! Dawson argues with the ref, but two is two. Dawson stomps Jimmy but fans rally up. Jimmy counter punches but Dawson shoves him away. Dawson blocks the kick but still gets the dragon whip! Jimmy climbs up but Dawson stops him with a forearm! Dawson climbs up but Jey tags in. Dawson punched Jey down and calls for Dash. Dash climbs the other corner, but Jey shoves Dash down! Jey climbs up on Dash, SUPERPLEX from Dawson to Jimmy, but Jey SPLASHES down! Cover, The Usos win!

Winners: The New Day & The Usos, Jey Uso pinning

The Usos win it for their team, but most importantly, this means they beat the Raw Tag Team Champions! Will Jimmy & Jey head to Extreme Rules with a championship match on the card?


Raw found Braun Strowman warming up for his Tug of War match.

The Monster Among Men has already proven he’s strong enough to flip a semi truck, but now he shows that he can tow one, too! That’s roughly 8 tons! Can Bobby Lashley stand against such strength?


Raw presents Miz TV!

The Most Must-See WWE Talk Show returns, and his guests are at the center of the most exciting title chase in recent history: The WWE 24/7 Championship! Yes, it is Carmella and R-Truth! The Fabulous Princess walks out with the now 7-time champion, but Miz assures him the interview is a pause on the 24/7 rules. In just a month, this WWE 24/7 Championship has led mobs of superstars all over the world, from a golf course, a tarmac, on an airplane over the Red Sea, and perhaps wildest of all, Drake Maverick’s wedding. Miz shares the YouTube footage from over the weekend, and poor Maverick having his special day ruined with a roll-up.

Back in the present, Miz is shocked! A wedding? Really? Really! This old gag returns after however long. And the fans support it? Yes! Truth thanks them! But he explains to Miz that the 48/7 European TV Championship “ain’t no joke, bruh!” Truth has been barely able to eat, drink or be merry, “if you know what I mean.” He can’t go shopping, he can’t go to picnics, without looking over his shoulder. Truth even has WWE Superstars showing up at his house! Dressing like police, “Sir! Please turn your music down! Your car is on fire!” Yeah right. Truth’s smarter than that. Carmella translates that while the wedding crashing was extreme, the title is that important to him. Wait, here comes Drake Maverick!

A dejected Rockstar Spud says winning that title was the biggest moment of his career, and his wedding was supposed to be the biggest moment of his life, and Truth ruined both of them! His new wife won’t talk to him or go on their honeymoon. And that means they haven’t… “consummated the marriage!” Fiber’s good for that. No, Truth, not constipated… Fans chant “Constipation!” Maverick talks man to man with Truth, asking for a rematch. No shenanigans, just a straight up match right here and now on Raw, to see if Maverick can win back the love of his back. Yeah, let him win his wife back. No, the title!!

Miz is getting information in his ear. If Truth accepts, then it is with a ban from ringside for anyone else. Fans want to see it! Truth accepts Hornswoggle’s challenge! Miz shouts for a ref, and we’ll get this after the break!


WWE 24/7 Championship: R-Truth w/ Carmella VS Drake Maverick!

Raw returns as the bell rings, and Maverick fires off on Truth! Truth shoves Maverick away and hits the Lie Detector! Truth wins!!

Winner: R-Truth, by pinfall; still WWE 24/7 Champion

Well that didn’t last long. Surely Maverick was still hungover from the reception. But now that the match is over, the floodgates open!! Truth doesn’t see it in time, and now he’s surrounded! He manages to knock down EC3 and a few others, then ducks Gran Metalik’s springboard dropkick! Truth kicks Metalik and throws him out onto his amigos! But No Way Jose slips in! Truth avoids the roll-up, but not the NEURALIZER! Cedric Alexander covers, but No Way Jose breaks it up!

Alexander and Jose brawl but the Lucha House Party piles on. Truth and Carmella retreat through the WWE Universe! Truth has the title now, but will he finish Raw with it?

As for Maverick, he stands up, but is clearly distraught. Charly Caruso gets in the ring to ask him about this tough week. Where does he go from here? (Other than just staying 205 Live GM) He can’t really bring the words out, so he simply takes his leave.


Lacey and Corbin talk backstage.

She wants to be Raw Women’s Champion, so he better- Yes, he knows. Rollins has been a thorn in Corbin’s side, too. Coribn will enjoy stomping Rollins out. They need to keep their heads in the game. Rollins is treated like he’s Superman, but Superman has his kryptonite. And for Rollins, it’s Becky. Take her out then they’ll both get the titles. And they might even be a power couple of their own.


2v1 Handicap Match: Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre VS Roman Reigns!

The Best in the World couldn’t screw The Big Dog out of a Stomping Grounds victory, so now he and the Scottish Terminator try again together! Can Roman again rise up and defy the odds? Or is this deck finally stacked enough to stop him?

Wait, Shane makes sure it is clear this is the kind of Handicap Match with no tagging! Now Roman really will have to overcome both Shane and McIntyre at the same time. He doesn’t seem to care as he makes his entrance, though. Roman uppercuts Shane the second he gets in the ring! The bell rings and McIntyre throws Roman in a corner! McIntyre clubs away on Roman and throws in big knees. Roman hits back with big hands of his own, until McIntyre shoves him away. Roman clotheslines McIntyre out but Shane comes back with body shots! But Roman backs Shane into a corner and rams his shoulder in! BIG uppercut! But McIntyre drags Roman out to throw him into barriers! And then more barriers! And then the steel steps!

Shane joins McIntyre on the outside to stomp Roman. McIntyre drags Roman to bounce him off the base steps! And then picks up the other steps while Shane holds Roman up. Shane feeds Roman to McIntyre’s step battering ram! McIntyre drags Roman into the ring and both he and Shane stalk Roman. Fans duel as McIntyre sits Roman up for Shane’s kick! Shane kicks Roman more then McIntyre stomps him. McIntyre drags Roman up, and Shane whips Roman into a CLAYMORE! But that’s not enough for Shane, he has McIntyre bring Roman up again. McIntyre whips Roman at Shane, for Shane’s SPEAR! Shane again steals Roman’s move, but Shane still won’t end it. He has McIntyre take aim again, for a second CLAYMORE!

And that’s still not enough! Shane climbs to a corner while McIntyre holds Roman, but a gong!? The lights go down, and then come back on, with The UNDERTAKER! He catches Shane, for a CHOKE SLAM! Taker boots McIntyre then fires off fast hands in the corner! Taker DECKS McIntyre, then clotheslines him out! Shane staggers up, but Taker clotheslines Shane out! The Deadman just saved Roman Reigns from Shane and McIntyre! Fans are thunderous as Taker slashes the throat, eyes rolled back. Taker strikes his famous pose and the dark light shines! Is Taker here to finally end The Best in the World?


Tug of War: Bobby Lashley VS Braun Strowman!

The Monster Among Men won an arm wrestling contest, which Lashley took very sorely. Then Strowman beat Lashley at Super Showdown, which Lashley also took sorely. But now the Rocky Mountain Machine wants to see just how strong Strowman truly is in this old school test! Lashley used a telephone pole for his training, and tore the rope apart! Will that happen to this rope here tonight? Or will one titan fall to the other before that happens?

Fans fire up as each man goes to their corner. They chant “Get These Hands!” as each man straps in. The ribbon is centered with the red line, and the bell rings! Lashley gets an early advantage, but Strowman holds tight. Strowman digs in so hard, the mat carpet is coming up! Strowman is mere inches from the red line, but he grins! Was he toying with Lashley!? Strowman reels Lashley all the way over!

Winner: Braun Strowman

But Lashly is again a sore loser as he goes after Strowman with clubbing hands and stomps! Lashley throws Strowman into a post! Then he grab the rope to pull Strowman back! The rope blinds Strowman as it goes across his eyes! Lashley finally lets go, and Strowman slumps out of the ring. But Lashley isn’t done, he goes out and runs around the corner, only for Strowman to BLAST him off his feet! Lashley gets up to blast Strowman into barriers! Lashley boasts like he won, but he still hasn’t beat Strowman in a match. Will he change that the next time these two meet?


Backstage interview with AJ Styles.

The Phenomenal One is cleared to compete, and he’s ready to go! But as great as rehab was, why is he after Ricochet so soon? Because sitting at home was killing him. But now there’s a new WWE United States Champion. The match Ricochet had with Samoa Joe was so incredible- Wait why is No Way Jose’s music playing? Styles sees Gallows and Anderson in the conga line!! They’re just partying, good brother. But what about preparing for the Viking Raiders?! Oh AJ, it ain’t nothing but a G&A Thing. They’ve talked about this!

No, he talked about this. They’re still at the top of their game. Like when they lost to the Usos? Come on! Where is the NJPW Gallows & Anderson? The Club!! Where are the former Raw Tag Team Champions? What happened? Well what happened to Styles!? Gallows calms Anderson, and vows they will take the fight to the Raiders.


The Good Brothers VS The Viking Raiders!

Both these teams held gold while in NJPW, but it seems only one team has held onto that mean streak that made them champions. Can Gallows and Anderson bring back the Doc and Machine Gun? Or will Erik & Ivar put them through a Viking Experience they’ll never forget?

Raw returns as Gallows and Anderson watch the Raiders make their entrance. The bell rings and Gallows goes right at Ivar! He kicks Ivar and throws body shots in the corner. Then a big uppercut! Gallows brings Ivar over and tags Anderson to mug Ivar. But Ivar kicks and clubs Anderson back, then tags in Erik. Ivar scoop slams Anderson, then Erik scoop slams Ivar onto Anderson! Erik stalks Anderson to a corner and whips him corner to corner. Anderson reverses but Erik goes up and over, only to get a BIG lariat! Anderson grits his teeth as he rains down rights on Erik! He lets up at the ref’s count but brings Erik over to tag Gallows. The Club whips Erik and Gallows kicks low. Anderson clubs Erik down for Gallows to drive elbows into. Gallows then clamps on a chinlock to thrash Erik around.

Styles watches backstage and likes what he sees from his boys. Erik powers up as fans rally, and he fights out of the hold. Erik shoves but Gallows YAKUZA Kicks! Then Gallows uppercuts Ivar! Tag to Anderson, fireman’s carry, Boot of Doom! Cover, TWO! Erik survives but Anderson scowls. Anderson rains down more hands, but stops to soak up the heat. They want Styles to see this. But Erik forearms Anderson down! Tag to Ivar and Ivar runs Anderson over! Ivar hits Gallows back, but misses in the corner, to still give Anderson a seated senton! Gallows runs in but Ivar cartwheels to clotheslines Gallows out! Ivar builds speed and Erik tags in, Ivar DIVES into Gallows! Erik has Anderson, THOR’S HAMMER! Cover, The Viking Raiders win!

Winners: The Viking Raiders, Erik pinning

And Styles is disappointed all over again. What will it take for The Club to get back on track?


Nikki Cross finds Alexa Bliss backstage.

The Goddess is clearly upset, and Nikki apologizes. Alexa isn’t mad at her, she just isn’t sure what they could do different. Nikki still takes the blame, so Alexa says they can just use that as motivation. Bayley is just that good at manipulating people. But there has to be a way to get a rematch. Yeah, they need a plan. But Alexa needs to be alone for that, so Nikki scoots away. Does Alexa already have that plan in motion?


Raw returns and Nikki ends up encountering Naomi and Natalya.

They aren’t sure how to say this, but Nikki being friends with Alexa Bliss, something is up. Alexa is not very trustworthy. Nikki sees the best in people, but they’ve seen the worst in Alexa. Yes, Nikki knows Alexa’s past but- Alexa comes by and asks what’s going on. Is Nikki betraying her with this “neon Bayley buddy”? That’s Ms. Neon to Alexa. Natty and Nikki try to keep the peace but Naomi says Nikki will just have to learn the hard way. As for Alexa, she’s gonna #FeelTheGlow the hard way. Will Naomi and Natty be able to shine some light on Alexa’s true colors?


Mojo Rawley VS Heath Slater!

We all know Heath’s got kids, and needs the money, but is taking on a shattered Mojo really the way to go about it?

But wait, the WWE 24/7 Champion returns! As does the horde of superstars chasing him! Truth gets in the ring, but now he’s a target of them as much as he others! Slater keeps out the mob but Mojo points out Kalisto. Truth sends Kalisto FLYING onto the group! And then Mojo goes after Truth! Truth dumps Mojo out but Slater hits a neckbreaker on Truth! Cover, SLATER WINS!!

Winner: Heath Slater, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

What a crazy turn of events! Slater’s got championship money coming tonight, baby! But wait, that means he’s the new target! EC3 drags him out, but Slater ducks to send EC3 into Mojo! #RunHeathRun! But wait, he ends up back in the ring as he fights of Eric Young and Titus O’Neil! Truth is waiting, LIE DETECTOR! Cover, Truth wins!!

Winner: R-Truth, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

Simply incredible! Raw has seen three WWE 24/7 Championship matches in one night!! Truth is now an 8-time champion, but the chase doesn’t stop! Cedric Alexander returns outta nowhere, to hit a LUMBAR CHECK! Cover, Alexander wins!!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

This is the busiest this title has been in its one month of existing! The Soul of 205 Live finally has a title on Raw, but now he has to run away with it! Alexander dodges Mojo but EC3 hits the Top One Percent! Cover, EC3 wins!!

Winner: EC3, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

Ethan Carter III finally gets himself a title! But then Carmella just steals the belt?! That’s not a valid title change! But then Truth rolls EC3 up! Truth wins again!!

Winner: R-Truth, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

NINE TIMES! Truth is a NINE TIME WWE 24/7 Champion! The chase is on again, will there be even more title changes before Raw is over?


Backstage interview with WWE United States Champion, Ricochet!

The One and Only has his first title in the WWE, and it’s still surreal to him. But Ricochet knows it is a feeling he doesn’t want to let go. He will do what he can to keep this title and this feeling. It may be cliche to say, but it did take the support of his family, friends and fans to get him here. But that was Stomping Grounds. Tonight, he faces a wrestler who he has admired his entire career in AJ Styles. Styles is a trailblazer for those who aren’t the biggest but they are the most determined. Ricochet will prove to Styles and himself that he is worthy of holding this title. Will the King of Flight fly higher than ever before here tonight?


Kofi Kingston VS Sami Zayn w/ Kevin Owens!

Kofimania lives on! And he did it by falling with style as he literally leaped over Dolph Ziggler to escape the cage. Charly interviews Kofi in the ring to congratulate him again on his victory. But before she can ask anything more, Sami Zayn interrupts! He and Kevin say the softball journalism is just wasting our time. Luckily, he and Kevin came prepared. Kevin has some real questions so “Not Renee” can just leave. Time for an impromptu edition of the Sami & Kevin show! Let’s see if Kofi can keep up.

Question 1: Why is Kofi here? 2: Who does Kofi think he is? 3: Why doesn’t he just get the hell out of here?! Kofi asks them something back. Does Kevin not see the giant zit that’s bleeding? Kofi can see it all the way from the ring. Sami asks why Kofi is such a “paper champion”? Why is it that Kofi’s identity as champion is “guy that gets help from his friends?” AKA Big E and Xavier Woods, who lost to Kevin and Sami! So why does Kofi use his friends? Hey, just because the best frenemies are always on and off, doesn’t mean everyone does that, too. Kofi, Xavier and Big E are brothers! This bond can’t be broken!

And not winning by himself? But didn’t he beat Kevin at MITB by himself? And Kofi beat Ziggler by himself in that cage match. And just like that, Kofi will beat “Sam Zayn” by himself. Wow. The arrogance. “I did it all by myself!” Classic delusions of grandeur by Sami’s estimation. Sami will give Kofi a reality check! It isn’t about ego, it’s about perseverance! The WWE Championship isn’t just about Kofi but about the fans. And to be honest, Kofi is getting tired of Sami talking. So Sami should just come and get another Trouble in Paradise courtesy of THE W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, Champion, BABYYYYYY~! Kofi is ready, but is Sami ready?

Raw returns with the bell and Kofi circles with Sami. Kevin cheers Sami on as he wristlocks Kofi. Kofi rolls and handsprings to wrench back. Kofi picks a leg and drops a splash! Cover, TWO! Sami gets to the ropes and apron. Kevin comes by to check on Sami as he gets back in. Fans rally for Kofi but Kevin tries to start a Sami chant. Kofi and Sami tie up and Kofi waistlocks to a headlock. Sami pulls hair but the ref reprimands him. Sami throws body shots and haymakers, but lets up at the ref’s count of 4. Kevin cheers but fans boo as Sami comes back for more. Sami CHOPS Kofi then bumps him off buckles. Fans rally for Kofi but Sami whips Kofi corner to corner. Sami runs in but Kofi elbows him away. Kofi slips out and kicks Sami away, then springboards for ax handles!

Kofi rallies with chops and a dropkick! He keeps moving to leaping lariat Sami down! Fans fire up as Kofi hits the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! Kofi makes sure Kevin is watching as he aims from the corner. Kevin warns Sami, and Sami ducks the Truoble to roll Kofi up! TWO, but Sami kicks Kofi back down. Kevin argues with the ref but Sami throws hands on Kofi. Sami whips Kofi corner to corner, but Kofi springboards to dropkick Sami down! Sami rolls to ropes again, but Kofi is on him with another whip. Kofi jumps but Sami bails out. Sami regroups with Kevin, but Kofi slides out. Sami dodges and hotshots Kofi down! Kevin gets cheap shots in! And then jogs away to get away with it. Sami goes out to fetch Kofi into the ring as Kevin applauds.

Sami stalks Kofi and rains down hands into Kofi’s head. He wraps Kofi in a chinlock but fans rally up. Kofi gets up and fights out but Sami punches him back. Sami whips and runs Kofi over with forearms! Sami toys with Kofi and brings him up for more hands. He whips Kofi but Kofi clotheslines Sami back! Fans rally up as Kofi slowly stands. KOfi counter punches Sami and backs him down. Kofi whips but Sami reverses to kick and punch Kofi back down. Saim runs but Kofi leaps on him! Kofi rains down furious rights! Then runs back in, but gets an exploder into buckles! Kevin shouts for Sami to cover and Sami does, TWO! Sami and Kevin grow frustrated but Sami keeps on Kofi in the corner.

Sami hoists Kofi up top but Kofi fights back! Kofi then adjusts and leaps, but Sami gets clear. Kofi lands on his feet but gets a Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO! Sami and Kevin are shocked that Kofi survives! But Sami aims and runs corner to corner, to get leaping double stomps! Fans rally up again and Kofi runs at Sami, but is put on the apron. Kofi punches back then springboards, into a BOOT! Cover, TWO! Kofi survives again and Sami grows frustrated. Sami drags Kofi up, waistlocks, but Kofi resists the lift. Kofi punches away on Sami, but Sami reels him in, Blue Thunder gets a sunset flip counter! Kofi wins!!

Winner: Kofi Kingston, by pinfall

Sami and Kevin are stunned! Kofi proves he can get it done on his own, but Kevin gets on the mic. If Kofi thinks he’s so great, then he needs to prove it more! Have a match with Kevin Owens, right here and now! Kofi considers it, and figures why not! Kofi goes back to the ring for another match! Is he going to complete the sweep after the break?


Kofi Kingston VS Kevin Owens w/ Sami Zayn!

Raw returns as Kofimania goes for a double header! The bell rings and Sami distracts! Kofi falls for it, and gets a SUPERKICK from Kevin! Kevin hurries up top, SWANTON onto knees! Kofi saves himself there and Kevin goes to the corner. Kofi and Kevin both stand, SUPERKICK! Kevin covers, TWO! Kevin grimaces as he drags Kofi up, and whips him, to a Pop-up, but Kofi slips out! Kofi sends Kevin out but Kevin drags Kofi out. Kevin kicks and prepares a bomb, but Kofi back drops Kevin down! Both men are down and crawling around while Sami lurks nearby. Kofi runs at Kevin but is sent into the barriers! Kevin runs at Kofi but gets an SOS to the ramp! Both men are down again but Kofi crawls to the ring.

Kofi gets in at 9, Kevin is down! The count hits 10, and Kofi wins!!

Winner: Kofi Kingston, by count-out

But Sami is right on Kofi! Kofi throws Sami out and Sami is with Kevin, as Kofi FLIES!! Kofi still has so much left despite all he’s been through, but is he going to hit a wall sooner or later?

But wait! Samoa Joe attacks Kofi on the stage!! Joe drags Kofi up to throw him into LED panels! And then swings him around to slam him back into them! Joe drags Kofi up for an urenage! Kofi writhes while Joe looms over him. Joe leaves and the referees bring But Joe attacks again! With the Coquina Clutch!! Kofi is out cold, and Joe finally leaves him alone. Is the Samoan Submission Machine going to be the one to end Kofi’s dream come true?


Raw announces a HUGE Extreme Rules PPV match!

After the Undertaker returned to save Roman Reigns, they will team up to take on Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre! Will the Yard truly belong to The Deadman and the Big Dog? Or will the Best in the World and his Scottish Terminator find a way to stack the deck in their favor?


Naomi VS Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross!

The Goddess failed to bring the SmackDown Women’s Championship to Raw, but she still claims it is because Bayley is a bully and a liar. But Naomi and Natalya know Alexa is all that and more, it’s just a matter of getting Nikki to see that. Will this match do a lot to expose Alexa’s true intentions? Or will the wool still be pulled over the eyes of Crazy Cross?

The bell rings and Naomi SLAPS Alexa! Alexa swings but Naomi splits to dodge! Alexa runs into a kick and another slap! Naomi runs into a big lariat! Alexa scowls as she looms over Naomi. She goes to pick Naomi up but Naomi kip-ups! So Alexa throws Naomi down! Cover, ONE! Alexa grows annoyed, but she stands on Naomi’s hair. Naomi kicks Alexa away! Then kicks her legs out, to drop the splits leg drop! Cover, TWO! Alexa scrambles away and regroups with Nikki. But Naomi runs and baseball slides, to WRECK Nikki! That was not her intent but Alexa did dodge. Alexa gets back in and catches Naomi with the Bliss-DT! Cover, Alexa wins!

Winner: Alexa Bliss, by pinfall

The Goddess doesn’t seem that torn up about Nikki getting hit. But then she goes after Naomi more! She stomps Naomi down and tells Nikki to get hers in. Alexa keeps kicking Naomi then brings her up for Nikki. Nikki doesn’t understand, but she does shove Naomi and Alexa down. Here comes Natalya! The Queen of Harts runs off Alexa and Nikki to defend Naomi. Is this going to settle down after the break?


Naomi & Natalya VS Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross!

Raw returns and now it’s friends against friends! Nikki still doesn’t seem sure about this, but she starts against Naomi. Naomi dropkicks Nikki down then brings her over to the corner. Natty tags in and she rolls Nikki, ONE! Natty keeps on Nikki with a snap suplex, then another. Nikki gets up and avoids a third, then hops on for a thrashing sleeper hold! Natty throws Nikki off, then hits a discus lariat! Cover, TWO! Natty keeps on Nikki but Nikki headbutts back. Tag to Alexa and Alexa grabs Natty, only for Natty to power her all the way back! Natty rams knees in then tags in Naomi. Naomi puts on a full nelson and thrashes her about. Alexa endures but gets a Full Nelson bomb! Body scissor cradle, TWO!

Naomi keeps on Alexa with a facelock, then bulldogs her into buckles. Tag to Natty and Natty rebound sits Alexa down. Natty runs on Alexa but Nikki blocks her path. Alexa DECKS Natty with a right! Cover, TWO! Nikki rallies for Alexa while Alexa wraps Natty in a chinlock. Natty endures as fans rally up. Natty fights her way up and fights out of the hold, then scoops Alexa for a Michinoku Driver! Both women are down but Natty crawls to a cover, TWO! Nikki still roots Alexa on as Natty clubs away. Natty snap suplexes Alexa down then drags her up for another. Natty drags Alexa around and wants the sharpshooter, but Alexa powers out! Tag to Nikki! Nikki rallies on Natty with furious forearms! She throws Natty into Naomi! Then splashes on Natty in the corner, to a bulldog! Cover, TWO!

Nikki keeps moving, going to the ropes. She shoulders and slingshots in for a dropkick! Then she hurries up top, and leaps for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Nikki doesn’t slow down, she fires up more. She brings Natty to their corner and Alexa tags in. Natty fights back, but Alexa lets Nikki take care of Natty with The Purge! Alexa covers, Alexa and Nikki win!

Winners: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross, Bliss pinning

Nikki is still confused, but only because Alexa let her do all the work. Though, Alexa did do a lot of work against Naomi in their singles match. Are they going to work like this all the way to those WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships?


Ricochet VS AJ Styles!

Raw brings us this incredible first-time-anywhere match-up! And while it isn’t for the WWE United States Championship, surely a win would mean the Phenomenal One is back at the front of the line for the title he once held. But with how hard he fought to get here, will the One and Only only fight that much harder to be better than phenomenal?

The bell rings and Styles circles with Ricochet. They tie up as fans duel and Styles powers Ricochet to a corner. The ref calls for a break and Styles backs off. Styles and Ricochet circle again and tie up again. Ricochet wrenches and wristlocks, but Styles rolls and handsprings to reverse it. Ricochet works to do the same but Styles catches him to a headlock! Styles has Ricochet on the mat but Ricochet rolls to a cover, ONE! Ricochet rolls again and Styles lets go. Styles runs into an arm-drag, and then another! Styles stays back to avoid a third, and fans cheer the exchange.

But here come Anderson & Gallows down the ramp. Ricochet is wary of The Club being here in Styles corner now. He and Styles tie up again, and Ricochet headlocks. Styles powers out but Ricochet holds ropes. Ricochet has to worry about Anderson swiping at him, but Styles is just as surprised. This isn’t what he meant when he said they should take things more seriously. Styles can do this on his own! He even gets on the mic to tell them they’re not ruining this. He wants them to leave, and now. The Club backs off to leave Styles be. Raw goes to break, will Anderson & Gallows really honor Styles wishes?

Raw returns once again, and it really is just Styles and Ricochet now. They tie up again, and Ricochet waistlocks. Styles standing switches, but Ricochet does, too. Ricochet headlocks, and holds on as Styles tries to power out. Fans duel again as Styles gets back up. Styles throws forearms and back suplexes but Ricochet lands on his feet. Ricochet runs and rolls off Styles’ back, then handsprings to headscissor and dropkick Styles down! Cover, ONE! Ricochet keeps on Styles with haymakers in the corner. Ricochet wrenches and brings Styles to the mat. Styles gets up but Ricochet wrenches again, then tucks Styles in for a modified standing stretch. Ricochet makes it a cover, TWO!

Styles powers Ricochet to a corner! Ricochet forearms back but Styles CHOPS back! Ricochet throws another forearm but Styles rocks him with a right! Styles shakes it off while bringing Ricochet up for a CHOP! He whips but Ricochet rolls off his back again, only to get a PELE! Styles brings Ricochet up and bumps him off buckles. He rams his shoulder into Ricochet, then snapmares him for a swift kick to the back. Fans duel while Styles grimaces through a scratched and bloody face. Styles drags Ricochet up again but Ricochet blocks the suplex. Ricochet fights back with forearms, but runs into a back drop! Styles looms over Ricochet before bringing him up for a stiff forearm! Ricochet hits back and then dropkicks Styles down!

Styles bails out but Ricochet runs, to FLY! Direct hit but a bit double-edged! Ricochet gets up to get Styles back in the ring. Ricochet covers, ONE! Styles gets to a corner but Ricochet is on him with a snapmare. Ricochet runs and hits a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Ricochet grows frustrated but he keeps focus on Styles. Styles kicks Ricochet back and snap suplexes him into buckles! Cover, TWO! Ricochet is dazed but still in this. Styles keeps his cool as he stalks behind Ricochet. Styles clamps on a chinlock and bends Ricochet back in a pseudo Camel Clutch. Ricochet endures being bent and stretched and fans rally up behind him.

Ricochet stands and fights out with body shots and uppercuts. He backs Styles into a corner then whips, but Styles reverses. Styles runs in but into a boot! Ricochet runs, ducks and dropkick-flips! Styles back hands but Ricochet PELES Styles! Fans know “This is Awesome!” as both men slowly stand. Ricochet counter punches Styles, then throws forearms and CHOPS! He whips Styles but Styles reverses again, only to get a forearm! Ricochet keeps moving to huricanrana Styles! Styles goes to a corner and Ricochet runs in, shoulder tackle! Then springboard, flying clothesline! Standing shooting star! Cover, TWO!! Styles survives and Ricochet can’t believe it! Ricochet keeps his cool, though, and gets Styles up.

Styles blocks the suplex, so Ricochet throws hands. Styles escapes the suplex and returns to the corner. He elbows Ricochet back then hops up, but Ricochet gets under the moonsault! Only to run into a scoop, inverted DDT! Cover, TWO! Ricochet lives and Styles grows frustrated. Styles gets up and stalks Ricochet again. He brings Ricochet up but Ricochet counters to a jackknife cover, TWO! Ricochet boots but misses, and Styles fires off the Phenomenal Blitz! High stack cover, TWO!! Styles is still frustrated but still focused. He brings Ricochet up but Ricochet uppercuts him away! Ricochet baits Styles into a corner and gives him a back elbow. Ricochet CHOPS then suplexes, twisting neckbreaker! LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!!

Ricochet’s frustration starts to boil over as Styles survives. But he drags Styles to a drop zone and climbs up top. Ricochet aims, 630 but he has to bail out! Styles forearms Ricochet away, springboard to the PHENOMENAL FOREARM! Cover, Styles wins!

Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall

And the Phenomenal One beats the champion! Styles takes the belt, but helps Ricochet up. Styles shows Ricochet respect by raising his hand. But is this just the first time we’ll be seeing both men in the ring together? Will Extreme Rules have an even greater rematch?



My Thoughts:

Stomping Grounds surprised us with a lot of great stuff, and Raw follows up with some great action, too! Though, they do get the slightly disappointing part out of the way early in further recycling the rivalries of Rollins-Corbin and Becky-Lacey. Extreme Rules gives us a Mixed Tag match that should be pretty fun, and the creative part is that it’s for both the WWE Universal and Raw Women’s Championships. It sounds like it won’t be something more like a No Disqualifications match, because I’d love to see Becky and Rollins smack away on Lacey and Corbin side by side with kendo sticks. It’d make that match worth it since there’s no way Corbin and Lacey win those titles. And it probably keeps Lesnar from cashing in, too, since Becky would be there to back up Rollins.

I guess we’re still recycling Strowman VS Lashley, too. Their tug of war was a fun bit, but Strowman sure is sweeping Lashley in everything. I wonder if this means we see the return of a Bull Rope Match, and not the kind where they need to tag the corners. These two whipping each other with the rope, using the rope to “choke” each other, that might be what this feud needs to end decisively. And then one of these guys can start challenging for a title again, depending on who has what after Extreme Rules. Probably the Universal Championship to give Rollins some competition but also to be thrown in the mix with Lesnar and that MITB cash-in. Strowman and Lashley both daring Lesnar to try would be pretty good stuff to carry Raw to Summerslam.

Teaming up the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Champions was a pretty good match for tonight, after what we got before Stomping Grounds. I just wish it wasn’t the kind of elimination match where one member means the whole team. But given what else we got tonight, the time constraints were surely why, and perhaps for the greater good. With the Heels not working together well, I still hope this turns things into a story for all the titles. These four teams, and perhaps throw in the Viking Raiders and Heavy Machinery for a massive Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championship #WinnersTakeAll match would be great for Extreme Rules or Summerslam. How else are the Planet’s Tag Team Champions supposed to save the division?

I think the best thing Raw did tonight was the WWE 24/7 Championship stuff. I wish Maverick had put up more of a fight, but perhaps this prompts something big on 205 Live. Then the rest of the action was amazing, with the multiple title changes and Truth racking up the title reigns. It was incredibly creative for it to invade a scheduled match, I’m surprised they didn’t try that sooner. I don’t know if we even need anything more on SmackDown, this was great. The second best thing was Undertaker returning to Raw to go after Shane and McIntyre! It isn’t really clear why, but maybe it leads to something even better, like Taker VS Roman at Survivor Series for Taker’s 30th anniversary and actual last match. 

It’s pretty clear Raw still needs SmackDown to help since Kofi pulled double duty. It’s great build for his reign, but it’s just a shame Vince didn’t schedule a Raw-exclusive story here. Joe going after Kofi was pretty great, though, and I would love if Kofi VS Joe got to be the Extreme Rules match at Extreme Rules the PPV. In order for Kofi to establish himself, he needs someone as vicious as Joe to overcome. Though, it would be nice if there was a SmackDown superstar that could’ve done it. But at the same time, it’ll be like Alexa VS Bayley, teasing that Raw could end up owning both belts. Styles VS Ricochet was great, and Styles’ story with the Club is taking interesting turns. Ricochet VS Styles has to be the US Championship match, I just hope it’s Styles who turns instead of the Club turning on him.

My Score: 8.3/10

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More From Japan


NOAH is in a tiny transition between tournaments this week. Hisame brings us the updates in preparation for the Global Junior Tag League!




NOAH is in a tiny transition between tournaments this week. Hisame brings us the updates in preparation for the Global Junior Tag League!

In between “Global Junior Tag League” ending on the 13th June, and “Global Junior Tag League” starting on the 27th June, NOAH held a small interim tour of only three days. In the past these tours would have names like “Navigation with Spirits”, “Navigation to The Future” (or my personal favorite “Navigation on Stormy Seas”), but sadly LIDET have done away with these, and now all the interim tours are simply “NOAH The Spirit”.

It should be mentioned that all the tours have had excellent attendances with full houses each night, and this has given a tremendous morale boost to NOAH.

Yoshiki Inamura and his “rival” Kinya Okada faced off on the first night in Aizu, with the more experienced Inamura picking up the win. The rest of the tour was Inamura teaming with Kongoh, and Okada having matches with seniors like Daisuke Harada & Masao Inoue.

Junta Miyawaki faced his seniors (and lost to them) starting with Hi69 in Aizu on the 19th, Naomichi Marufuji on the 22nd and Atsushi Kotoge on the 23rd. Kotoge’s unanimated lack of expression and unusual calm demeanor is starting to scare people…

Miyawaki showed his first element of defiance, by refusing to shake hands with Marufuji. It’s rare for Miyawaki to act in this way towards his seniors (I can’t imagine this happening to Misawa had he asked Marufuji for one at that age and at that point in his career, then again 2001 was a very different world).

Hitoshi Kumano had his first singles match ever with Takashi Sugiura on the 22nd June in Nagano, and said that he was so happy about facing his hero, he couldn’t sleep. Nothing was going to mute this excitement, even the fact that he lost to him.

RATELS entered into their usual squabble about Global Junior League (this happens every year, with Tadasuke threatening to poison everyone last year, but this year he yelled out to whoever was listening, that he would win), with Daisuke Harada saying he was going to win in the backstage interview. 

Naturally, this did go down well with the others, with Tadasuke walking off over it, and then coming back to point and yell at Harada that it was HIS victory that would happen.

On the 22nd June, YO-HEY lost to Yoshinari Ogawa, and Tadasuke became irate and started yelling. Harada got into the ring to try and calm the situation, but this only made Tadasuke angrier and he left (still shouting), although he later apologized and said he was disappointed.

RATELS seemed to have patched up their differences by the 23rd, but again no one wanted to trust each other, and in their post match interview, when they went to do their handshake they all jumped back into a defensive pose with their fists raised. Even HAYATA (who is in Block B), and was smirking at the others arguing with each other, joined in.

Kaito Kiyomiya, Shuhei Taniguchi (and various other partners) faced Kongoh each night. The record stands with Kiyomiya having two victories over the group in three nights, the third was when Kenoh pinned Hi69 following the foostomp.

On the final night of tour, Kaito Kiyomiya spoke on the microphone, and hinted that he and Taniguchi may team up together to take the tag belts. One of his dreams was to hold both championships.

AXIZ and The Sugiura Army also had their last three pre-matches (although Sugiura took time out to take on Hitoshi Kumano), with a elbow brawl breaking out between Shiozaki and Sugiura on the last night. Katsuhiko Nakajima seemed to have quickly shed his politeness in asking for a title match, and was photographed in the usual grinning poses over a fallen opponent.



Aizu (19th June 2019)
Post match interviews

Nagano (22nd June 2019)
Post match interviews

Takaoka (23rd June 2019)


“COME AT ME YOU BASTARDS”: Kenoh’s column (June 2019)

Kenoh’s tri-weekly column was back to talk about the Misawa Memorial show, his rants against others, his shock at Atsushi Aoki’s death, and KENTA’S return to Japanese wrestling (albeit New Japan), or as he put it “that man has returned”.

Kenoh (who says he respects KENTA, despite his rant) says that he will make NOAH a place that KENTA will want to come home to, as well as making him regret that he ever chose New Japan over “his home”. Naturally, Kenoh wouldn’t be able to keep his ire at Marufuji supporting KENTA out of it, and said that Marufuji’s message of support to him was Marufuji saying “anything to be popular”.

Both Marufuji and KENTA responded to Kenoh in different ways.

In usual talkative style, Marufuji posted a picture of Kenoh’s article with graphics over it, with a message that didn’t really translate too well but basically saying there was nothing wrong with being supportive, and hinting at a secret (and for good measure he called him “Kenoh-kun”, which he knows will wind him up)

KENTA, in usual quiet style, made no comment, and simply posted a picture of the column to his Instagram story.


~ Go Shiozaki got stuck in his jacket
~ YO-HEY wouldn’t let HAYATA leave during the post match interview in Aizu
~ Hitoshi Kumano said he is aiming to have a body that does not lose to the heavyweights, but would cause havoc amongst the juniors
~ Takashi Sugiura photographed Masao Inoue at the urinal (again)
~ Yoshinari Ogawa held a training session for the roster at Takaoka, Toyama before the event started. He taught Kaito Kiyomiya and the new trainee.
~ IPW have mentioned that Daisuke Harada will be defending the IPW Junior Heavyweight title, but have said that NOAH will make the announcement.
~ Naomichi Marufuji’s search for a tag partner continues.
~ In Aizu, AXIS wore t-shirts with “AIZU” on them.
~ Hitoshi Kumano can be considered the unofficial third member of AXIZ.

Riki Choshu’s Power Hall (featuring Go Shiozaki and Yoshiki Inamura) will be broadcast live on the 26th June on Samurai at 6.30pm

The opening night of Global Junior League (Thursday 27th June 2019, Korakuen Hall) broadcast at Friday 5th July on Samurai.

“The long days of summer are just around the corner: the stories behind the famous photograph of June 2000”
Global Junior League: Mini interview with YO-HEY
Global Junior League: Mini interview with Minoru Tanaka
The Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial Ten Year Event, and “The Future of Noah”, presented by 22 year old Kaito Kiyomiya
“It’s been ten years since Mitsuharu Misawa died” ~ Keiji Mutoh’s memories

Newsletter by Hisame

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