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Joe Dinan’s CMLL Review & Results (4/29/2019)

What happened in CMLL? See it here!



CMLL Coverage

What happened in CMLL? See it here courtesy of Joe Dinan!

Arena Puebla

El Asturiano and Astro vs Espiritu Maligno and Fuerza Chicana

Sonic and Maligno lock up to start and eventually it leads into some grappling. Chicana and Asturiano come in next and they grapple as well. Astro gets Maligno down and hits a springboard splash for 3. Asturiano hits a springboard head butt on Fuerza for the fall. First Fall: Asturiano pins Fuerza Chicana with a springboard head butt.

Asturiano and Chicana go back and forth to start this round but Asturiano gets the leg up and sends Chicana to the outside and poses. Maligno comes in and helps out to even the odds. Fuerza gets Asturiano in a half crab for the submission. Astro is hung in the corner and Maligno hits a drop kick and then gets Astro in an absurd looking submission for the fall. Second Fall: Maligno submits Astro with a stretch submission.

Asturiano gets worked over some to begin this round. Astro tries to help but he gets beat on in response. Maligno misses an attack and hits his partner. Asturiano then gets Maligno in a submission that Chicana breaks up. Asturiano catches Maligno in a face plant like move into a submission but Chicana breaks it up. Astro misses a splash and Fuerza Chicana submits him with a surfboard stretch. Third Fall: Fuerza Chicana submits Astro with a surfboard stretch.

Winners: Espiritu Maligno and Fuerza Chicana

Magnus and Rey Samuray vs Tyson La Bestia and Toro Bill Jr

Samuray and Tyson start the match out and they go back and forth with some interesting offense. Toro Bill and Magnus are in next and they grapple some. Tyson hip tosses Samuray on the ramp. Magnus slams Tyson and from the ramp Samuray hits a springboard 450. Magnus hits a back stabber on Toro Bill for the fall. First Fall: Magnus pins Toro Bill with a back stabber.

Samuray starts out hot taking on both guys to start the round. Samuray hits an asai moonsault into an arm drag on Toro Bill. Tyson works over Magnus in the ring. Bill hits a flapjack on Samuray. Bill then hits a pop up power bomb on Samuray for the pin. Tyson hits a suplex on Magnus then a arm lock. Second Fall: Tyson la Bestia submits Magnus with an arm lock.

Samuray gets taken out early to start the round and then Magnus gets teamed up on. Magnus fights back hitting a super kick on Tyson and a back breaker on Toro. Magnus gets Tyson in a roll up for the pin. Third Fall: Magnus pins Tyson with a roll up.

Winners: Magnus and Rey Samuray

(Match Relampago) Marcela vs Metalica

Metalica attacks Marcela from the crowd as Marcela waits for her on the ramp. They get back in the ring and Metalica continues to work over Marcela. Marcela counters and hits knees to the gut. Marcela hits a running senton flip off of the apron on Metalica. Marcela hits knees from the middle rope for a two count. Marcela goes back to the top but Metalica catches her for a suplex. Then she hits a tiger pile driver for the win. Metalica pins Marcela with a tiger pile driver.

Metalica challenges her for her belt, Marcela accepts.

Winner: Metalica

Titan, Guerrero Maya, and Stigma vs Shocker, Rey Bucanero, and Templario

Maya and Bucanero start out together and lock up. They fight for a bit and start to grapple. Templario entered with Stigma and they went back and forth briefly before Titan and Shocker entered staring each other down chest to chest. Everyone then just jumps in and exchanges offense. Titan hits a hurricanrana into a pin on Shocker but Templario kicks him to tip him over so Shocker pins him. First Fall: Shocker pins Titan with a pinning combo.

Bucanero works over Titan on the ramp way. Titan and his pals continue to get worked over as the round continues. Templario and Bucanero walk away thinking Shocker had Titan under control but Titan rolled into a pin and Bucanero couldn’t stop it in time. Second Fall: Titan pins Shocker with a pinning combo.

There’s some brawling in the stands to start. Titan enters the ring and takes out all three of them and then poses, collecting momentum. Stigma hits a big arm drag on Templario and then Stigma, Titan, and Maya all hit dives through the middle rope. They then hit another one. Templario hits I guess a lung blower on Stigma. It didn’t look like that but I hope he was trying to. He pins him with that while Shocker submits Titan and Bucanero rolls up Maya. The ref wasn’t paying attention to them though. Third Fall: Templario pins Stigma with a lung blower.

Winners: Shocker, Rey Bucanero, and Templario

(Hair vs Hair) King Jaguar vs Police Man

They run at each other during the introductions and start fighting. Police Man hits an arm drag off of the top rope and then hits a senton for the pin. First Fall: Police Man pins King Jaguar with a senton splash.

There’s not a lot of heat on this match at all so let’s see as it goes on if they can draw the people in. Police Man continues to work on Jaguar to begin this round. Jaguar finally hits a back breaker to balance things out. Jaguar gets pulled out by Police Man’s second and then Police Man goes for a dive but Jaguar moves. Jaguar hits a spine buster and then gets a stretch submission for the fall. Second Fall: Jaguar submits Police Man with a stretch submission.

Police Man yet again works over Jaguar to begin the round. After some fighting for position, Jaguar hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Police Man slams Jaguar and then goes for a clearly illegal pin with his feet on the ropes and the ref just looks at him. Jaguar kicks Police Man in the groin but then acts like he was kicked their too while the refs back was turned. The ref despite having no evidence decides Jaguar wins. Well then. Third Fall: King Jaguar wins via trickery.

Winner: king Jaguar

Caristico, Sanson, and Cuatrero vs Volador Jr, Mephisto, and Ephesto

They’re doing the technico rudos mix up thing again. The match evolves into chaos really quick with everyone exchanging spots. Finally some of the chaos dies down a bit and Volador works on Caristico. Cuatrero enters but he gets teamed on a bit. Ephesto gets thrown on Sanson for the pin. Mephisto hits a face buster on Cuatrero for the fall. First Fall: Mephisto pins Cuatrero with a face buster.

Cuatrero gets worked on to start this round. Sanson gets taken out and then they move onto Caristico. Caristico makes a come back by hitting a middle rope dive on Volador. Cuatrero rolls up Mephisto and Sanson submits Ephesto with a cloverleaf. Second Fall: Sanson submits Ephesto with a cloverleaf.

There’s a lot of posturing to begin this round. Caristico gets launched into Ephesto and hits a hurricanrana. Caristico gets Volador to the outside and then feigns a dive. Volador hits a triple team power bomb on Sanson for a pin. Then Cuatrero submits Mephisto with an inverted bear hug. Caristico tries to get Volador in the Fujiwara arm bar set up but Ephesto removes his mask and Volador rolls up Caristico. Ref didn’t see that he had no mask I guess. Third Fall: Volador rolls up Caristico.

Seems like they’re setting up a match with Volador and Caristico.

Winners: Volador Jr, Mephisto, and Ephesto

Arena Mexico Tuesday

Fantasy and Angelito vs Mercurio and Pequeno Olimpico

Fantasy starts with Olimpico start off with some grappling. Angelito comes in with Mercurio and they go back and forth. Angelito tricks Mercurio to fall out of the ring. Olimpico comes in and hits a face buster on Angelito. Fantasy gets monkey flipped into a super kick by Mercurio then Olimpico german suplexes him and Mercurio steals the pin. Olimpico pins Angelito with a sit out power bomb. First Fall: Olimpico pins Angelito with a sit out power bomb.

Fantasy gets worked on to start this round. Angelito then gets worked over and double teamed next. Angelito hits a hurricanrana on Olimpico to make a come back. Fantasy hits a spanish fly on Olimpico for the pin and Angelito pins Mercurio with a neck breaker. Second Fall: Angelito pins Mercurio with a neck breaker.

Fantasy starts hot to begin this round. Mercurio hits a buckle bomb on Angelito then a drop kick in the corner. Fantasy hits a face buster on Mercurio and Olimpico breaks up the pin. Olimpico holds up Angelito and Mercurio hits a guillotine leg drop for the pin. They both slam Fantasy and Mercurio hits a leg drop and Olimpico a senton splash for the win. Third Fall: Olimpico pins Fantasy with a senton splash.

Winners; Mercurio and Pequeno Olimpico

Magia Blanca, Pegasso, and Star Jr vs Nitro, Sangre Azteca, and Metalico

Blanca and Azteca start out with some grappling. After a long bout of grappling Star comes in with Metalico and they go to the ground and fight. Pegasso comes in with Nitro and hits a few moves. There’s some chaos and Azteca pushes Magia off of the top rope and double stomps him to the inner thigh. Metalico submits Pegasso with a leg lock. First Fall: Metalico submits Pegasso with a leg lock.

Pegasso gets worked over to begin this round. Magia gets worked over next. Star gets hits with corner offense. There’s no end of attacks to the inner thigh in this match. Star runs up the ropes and hits a tornado dive on Nitro and makes a come back. Pegasso and Magia hit back breakers on Metalico and Azteca then get them in victory rolls. Second Fall: Pegasso and Magia pin Metalico and Azteca with victory rolls.

Nitro beats up Star to begin this round. Pegasso and Metalico fight each other. Pegasso and Magia get pulled to the outside by Azteca and Metalico all while Star Jr hits a head scissors into a pinning combo. Third Fall: Star Jr pins Nitro with a pinning combo.

Winners: Magia Blanca, Pegasso, and Star Jr

Flyer, Drone, and Fuego vs Polvora, Kawato San, and Universo 2000 Jr

Universo 2000 Jr and Drone start out in the match and they tie up and then get to the ground. Polvora and Fuego go back and forth and Fuego gets the advantage on it and then poses. Kawato and Flyer come in and they both are a little sloppy with some spots. Flyer ends up hitting an asai moonsault on Polvora. Fuego hits a springboard splash on Universo for the pin. Drone hits a lionsault on Kawato for the fall. First Fall: Drone pins Kawato with a lionsault.

There is some posturing to start this round. Drone gets some offense in on Universo. Drone dodges Universo’s attack and drop kicks him to the outside. Fuego hits a drop kick on Kawato to bring in Polvora. Fuego takes him out too and poses. Flyer and Universo bow up and eventually fight on the outside where Flyer gets jumped. The technicos are getting beat down on the outside. Polvora unties Fuego’s mask back in the ring. Polvora basically unmasked him but the ref is a potato. Polvora hits a big slam off of the top on Drone for the pin. Universo slams Flyer and Kawato hits a double foot stomp and Universo hits a leg drop. Second Fall: Universo pins Flyer after a leg drop.

Flyer is getting beat up on the ramp while Kawato works on Fuego near the ring. Eventually Fuego gets stomped out in the middle of the ring while his teammates were laid out. Drone does a dive off of the apron on Universo as he chases Fuego. Fuego arm drags Polvora and Kawato to the outside but Universo is back in to intercept him. He goes for a move but Flyer trips him. There’s a string of everyone misses moves. A big tower of doom spot is done. Drone goes to splash on Kawato but Kawato gets his feet up. Fuego out smarts Universo to the outside and hits a dive over the top rope. Kawato hits a shotgun drop kick on Drone and then he hits a dive over the top rope. Flyer goes for a springboard attack and gets drop kicked by Polvora. Polvora poses and then goes to pin Flyer but Flyer rolled him up for the win. That was a super fun match. Third Fall: Flyer rolls up Polvora for the win.

Winners: Flyer, Drone, and Fuego

(Match Relampago) Rey Cometa vs Templario

They start to engage and work quick and aggressively. They go back and forth and exchange transitions and holds. Cometa hits a hurricanrana to the outside and then goes for another off of the apron but Templario catches him and throws him into the barricade. Back in the ring Cometa hits a tornado dive. These guys are working a million miles per hour. Templario beats on Cometa and goes for a running attack but Cometa catches him for a back breaker. Templario just gets up and clotheslines him. Templario hits a flapjack and then a jump up drop kick off of the ropes. Templario hangs Cometa in the tree of woe. Cometa gets up as Templario goes for a spear. Cometa then does a moonsault over the turnbuckle to the outside. Very nice. He was about an inch from smashing his head on the turnbuckle post. Cometa goes for a springboard attack in the ring but Templario catches him in electric chair position then drops him down and hits a german suplex for a close two count. Templario hits a modified looking version of Ospreay’s storm breaker. Cometa kicks Templario on the top rope and poses but Templario punches him and goes for a gut wrench suplex but Cometa reverses it into a hurricanrana. He goes back to the top and hits a 450 on Templario for the win. Rey Cometa pins a 450 on Templario for the win.

Winner: Rey Cometa

Blue Panther, Kraneo, and El Audaz vs Sanson, Shocker, and Rey Bucanero

Sanson and Blue Panther start out and they fight for position and do some grappling. Blue Panther wants to take on Shocker. Bucanero enters after some posturing. Audaz enters to take him on. Audaz hits a hurricanrana to the outside then flips to the outside himself to face Bucanero, where he proceeded to hit another hurricanrana. Shocker strikes with Kraneo back in the ring. Kraneo dodges and hits a corner splash. Mije then hits a splash on Shocker. This causes Bucanero and Sanson to come in and beat up on Kraneo. Sanson hit a splash off of the top on Kraneo for a pin. Audaz gets held down and Shocker hits an elbow drop for the fall. First Fall: Shocker pins Audaz with an elbow drop.

Shocker suplexes Audaz on the ramp while Kraneo gets worked on in the ring. Bucanero hits a leg drop on Blue Panther. Sanson holds Audaz in place and Bucanero hits a whisper in the wind on Audaz. Kraneo then runs into everybody and then Audaz hits a splash over the top rope on Sanson. Kraneo hits hip attacks on Shocker and Bucanero for the fall. Second Fall: Kraneo pins Rey Bucanero with a hip attack in the corner.

Blue Panther and Bucanero stared down but Audaz and Sanson ended up going back and forth. Audaz runs around and dodges attacks and hits some big moves, then he poses. Sanson comes in with Kraneo and him and Shocker try to double Kraneo but they fail. Kraneo hits a leg drop on Bucanero. Blue Panther arm drags Sanson and gets him in an arm bar but he gets beat up. Bucanero body slams Kraneo and pins him. Blue Panther tried to break it up but Sanson rolled him up. Third Fall: Rey Bucanero pins Kraneo with a body slam.

Winners: Sanson, Shocker, and Rey Bucanero

Caristico, Rush, and Titan vs Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero

The match begins with some brawling. This shouldn’t be shocking given those involved. Caristico gets worked over in the ring by Los Guerrero’s. Gran and Euforia hit a double press slam off of the top rope on Titan. Rush comes in to beat up Ultimo but then he gets teamed on. They do the Los Guerrero’s triple team spot. They get all of them into a combined submission for the first fall. First Fall: Los Guerrero’s submit Rush, Caristico, and Titan with a triple submission.

Titan gets worked over to start the round. They do the Los Guerrero’s triple team attack on the barricade this time. Caristico hits a handspring elbow to make a come back. Titan then starts to get offense in on everyone. Rush comes in to work with Euforia and they trade offense. Rush runs the ropes with such intensity. Caristico leaps to the outside and hits a hurricanrana on Ultimo. Titan then rolls into a flying arm bar on Gran Guerrero. Euforia then submits Titan with a neck crank. Euforia then falls to the outside after Rush moves and hits an over the top rope dive. Inside the ring Caristico goes for the head scissors into the Fujiwara arm bar but Ultimo stops it, removes his mask, hides his face with his body and pins him without the ref seeing. Second Fall: Ultimo Guerrero pins Caristico after removing his mask.

Caristico isn’t happy with Ultimo. He’s asking for a one round match with Ultimo. The fans are throwing money in the ring during the promo. So they liked the match. It wasn’t bad, a little short. This was a great Tuesday show in my opinion. Ultimo asks some official in the crowd for one more round. They feign like they’re gonna start and then Ultimo runs out of the ring and laughs. Titan and Caristico pose.

Winners: Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero

Arena Mexico Friday

Super Astro Jr and Sonic vs Grako and El Coyote

Sonic and Grako start out in the match and they grapple and roll back and forth. Coyote and Super Astro enter next and they go back and forth. Super Astro and Coyote mess up a hurricanrana spot. Sonic and Grako re-enter and Sonic gets the leg up this time. Sonic eventually gets double teamed. Grako and Coyote submit Astro and Sonic in a double submission. Coyote had a camel clutch and Grako had a boston crab on Sonic in between his legs. First Fall: Grako and Coyote submit Sonic and Astro in a double submission.

Grako beats on Super Astro on the outside of the ring. Coyote beats on Sonic in the ring. The announcer randomly howled and yelled Coyote. I would have cracked up as I did watching. Super Astro dodges a double team attack then does some things to trick out Grako and Coyote. Sonic enters the ring now and gets Coyote in a pinning combo and then Super Astro hits a springboard head butt on Grako for the pin. Second Fall: Super Astro pins Grako with a head butt.

Coyote and Super Astro bow up to start and then go back and forth with some offense. Super Astro hit a head scissors on Coyote to the outside. Sonic gets offense in on Coyote and hits an arm drag to the outside. Sonic hit an arm drag on Grako. Sonic hit an elaborate arm drag entering the ring from the ramp. He then poses and Coyote ended up attacking him from behind. Super Astro then drop kicked Coyote to the outside. Grako comes in and drops Super Astro but Astro then hits a hurricanrana into the ropes, then Sonic drop kicks Coyote into the ropes for a 619. Super Astro hits a splash for a close pin. Super Astro hit a victory roll move off of the top on Coyote but then Sonic missed a moonsault against Grako, then Grako broke up the victory roll pin. Grako then hit an elbow drop on Super Astro for the pin. Coyote hits a underhook suplex off of the top on Sonic for the win. Third Fall: Coyote pins Sonic with an underhook suplex.

Winners: Grako and El Coyote

Marcela, Tae Honma, and Kaho Kobayashi vs Amapola, La Comandante, and La Seductora

Marcela and Comandante start off going back and forth. They lock up and grapple for a bit. Seductora and Honma come in and they start to stand and grapple. Honma gets her to the outside and then hits a pose. Kaho comes in and uses her quickness to her advantage against Amapola. Kaho dodges a move and Amapola falls to the outside. Kaho dives off of the apron onto Amapola. Marcela hits a double foot stomp on Seductora and Honma gets Comandante with a victory roll. First Fall: Honma pins Comandante with a victory roll.

Kaho gets worked on to begin this round. She gets held in the ropes and Amapola drop kicks her off. Comandante does a big swing on Honma. Kaho pulls down Amapola by the hair and then hits a missile drop kick. Marcela hits a flip dive off of the apron on Seductora. Honma hits a dive off of the apron on Comandante. Amapola catches Kaho with a spear and then throws her by her hair. Amapola starts to argue with the ref. She got DQ’d because she didn’t answer the 5 count while she had Kaho in the ropes. Second Fall: Kaho Kobayashi wins via DQ 5 count.

After the match Amapola continues to beat on Kaho. I smell a singles match soon. Her teammates could have helped her from getting beat up a little.

Winners: Marcela, Tae Konma, and Kaho Kobayashi

Atlantis, Triton, and Atlantis Jr vs Mephisto, Luciferno, and Ephesto

Triton starts out with Mephisto and they tie up and try to take each other down. Atlantis Jr gets in with Luciferno and quickly into the exchange Ephesto interferes. Now Atlantis Jr wants him. Jr and Luciferno proceed to do some grappling after all of that. Atlantis gets in with Ephesto but quickly the sons of hell team up on him and take everyone else out. Luciferno and Mephisto slam Ephesto on Triton for a slingshot splash for the pin. Luciferno submits Atlantis Jr with a leg lock. First Fall: Luciferno submits Atlantis Jr with a leg lock.

There is brawling to begin this round. They continue to beat on them and Atlantis Jr gets kicked all the way into the crowd. Triton pins Mephisto as the camera turns though. Looked like a roll up. Second Fall: Triton pins Mephisto with a victory roll.

Atlantis Jr works out of being teamed on to begin this round. He hits hurricanrana’s and back breakers on them to fight them off. Atlantis Jr is pretty damn good. Triton hits an arm drag on Mephisto and then a hurricanrana on Ephesto and an arm drag on Luciferno. Atlantis wants Mephisto. Atlantis gets the advantage and monkey flips him. Triton hits a dive over the top rope onto Mephisto. In the ring Atlantis and Atlantis Jr defeat Ephesto and Luciferno with hurricanrana’s. Third Fall: Atlantis and Atlantis Jr pin Ephesto and Luciferno with hurricanrana’s.

Winners: Atlantis, Triton, and Atlantis Jr

(Match Relampago) El Valiente vs Hechicero

There’s a little posturing to start the match. Eventually they get to the ground and start to grapple. They grapple and exchange submissions for a few minutes. Hechicero hangs Valiente in the ropes then hits a cross body on him. He goes for it again but Valiente moves, hanging him in the ropes. Valiente runs up and hits an arm drag off of the apron. Valiente then hits a high velocity dive through the middle rope. Almost a missile like head butt. Back in the ring Hechicero hits a flap jack then a springboard drop kick. Hechicero does a lionsault to the outside on Valiente. Valiente was an excellent base. Hechicero puts him on the barricade and then axe handles him. Back in the ring Hechicero pulls his straps down. Hechicero hits a springboard clothesline for a close two count. Hechicero hits a run up knee then misses a corner attack. Valiente then runs up the ropes and moonsaults to the outside on Hechicero. Back in the ring Hechicero pulls Valiente down and hits a tornado flip into the ring. Hechicero goes to the top and Valiente arm drags him off. Valiente then gets Hechicero in a single leg Boston crab move. Valiente submits Hechicero with a modified boston crab.

Winner: El Valiente

Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and Soberano vs Mascara Ano 2000, Cuatrero, and Forastero

Cuatrero starts with Angel de Oro and they fight for position. Soberano is in next with Forastero and they tie up and roll to the ground. Forastero hits a big drop kick to kill Soberano’s momentum but Soberano fights back with a hurricanrana. Niebla Roja enters next with Mascara Ano 2000. Forastero and Cuatrero come in to help beat on Roja. They fight back and Roja and Oro take out Cuatrero and Forastero with stereo moonsaults to the outside and Soberano hits a tornillo dive on Mascara for the pin. First Fall: Soberano pins Mascara Ano 2000 with a tornillo splash.

Soberano is hot out of the gate getting offense in on everybody. Oro enters next and he gets a ton of offense in. Roja enters and he gets in offense as well. A clear pattern. Finally it catches up to them and Los Dinamitas beat on Roja to take him out. Mascara takes care of Oro while Soberano has to deal with the others. Cuatrero launches Forastero into Oro and Soberano for the pin. Second Fall: Cuatrero launches Forastero into Oro and Soberano for the pin.

Oro gets worked over to begin this round. Roja gets worked over next afterwards. They beat on Soberano after that. They dodge an attack and Ano gets chopped to the outside. Roja, Oro, and Soberano then hit quick dives through the middle rope. Oro super kicks Cuatrero then hits a lionsault for a two count. Oro fights back against Cuatrero but Forastero enters to change things. Forastero hits a side walk slam on Soberano for a two count. Soberano then hits a standing moonsault on Forastero but Mascara breaks up the count. Soberano jumps off Roja’s back and Mascara catches him and power bombs him on Roja. Mascara pins Roja but he kicks out. Oro kicks Cuatrero to the outside and then hits a cart wheel flip dive to the outside. Soberano hits a backwards flip dive tornillo to the outside. In the ring Mascara hits Roja with a groin shot behind the refs back and pins him. Third Fall: Mascara Ano 2000 pins Niebla Roja with a groin shot behind the refs back.

Winners: Mascara Ano 2000, Cuatrero, and Forastero

(Parejas Finals) Volador Jr and Ultimo Guerrero vs Cavernario and Titan

Cavernario and Volador start out going back and forth with transitions and moves. Ultimo enters with Titan and they roll around doing some grappling. The match evolves into some chaos. Ultimo slams Titan into the barricade and in the ring Volador hits a canadian destroyer on Cavernario for the pin while Ultimo submits Titan with a leg lock. First Fall: Ultimo Guerrero submits Titan with a leg lock. 

The round starts with both teams exchanging spots. Titan double drop kicks Ultimo and Volador. Cavernario and Titan then hit dives over the top rope. Back in the ring Titan gets Volador in a pinning combo and Cavernario hits Ultimo with a snap suplex for the fall. Second Fall: Cavernario pins Ultimo Guerrero with a snap suplex.

Titan and Cavernario work over Ultimo to start the round. Volador fights back and Cavernario and Titan get thrown to the outside. Volador hits a dive over the top rope on them. Ultimo Guerrero then goes to the top rope and hits a splash on to the pile. Volador and Ultimo work over Titan when they get back into the ring. Back in the ring they all keep beating on each other. Ultimo goes to the top rope and Titan runs up and Ultimo counters and hits a power bomb. Cavernario breaks up the pin then hits the slingshot splash on Volador but Volador kicks out. Volador hit a back stabber on Cavernario but Titan stopped the pin. All four are on the same turnbuckle. Volador leaps up and hurricanrana’s Cavernario. Then Ultimo hits a reverse suplex off of the top rope for a close two count. Titan catches Ultimo with a hurricanrana pinning combo but he kicks out. Cavernario then hits a canadian destroyer on Volador, whom also kicks out. A tower of doom spot gets done and Ultimo goes for pins but they both kick out. Cavernario dodged Ultimo Guerrero’s attack and it hit Volador. Cavernario drop kicks Ultimo to the outside. Volador is pissed and goes for a dive over the top rope on Ultimo his partner but Ultimo catches him and power bombs him on the floor. Titan then hits an asai moonsault on Ultimo. Cavernario then hits a dive through the middle rope on Volador. Titan chops Ultimo in the corner and then Ultimo runs out and clotheslines Titan. The announcers mention Kenta Kobashi. Imagine WWE acknowledging wrestling outside their world. Titan rolls into an arm bar on Ultimo Guerrero for the submission. Volador gets Titan to the top and hits a Spanish Fly eliminating Titan. Cavernario catches Volador in the lean back camel clutch for the win. Third Fall: Cavernario submits Volador Jr with a lean back camel clutch.

Winners: Cavernario and Titan

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (11/29/22)

Who makes the cut?



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Shawn Michaels announces the Iron Survivor Challengers!

Deadline approaches, and NXT prepares to innovate pro-wrestling once again! Who will be the five men and five women entering the inaugural Iron Survivor Challenge?


  • Roxanne Perez VS Indi Hartwell; Perez wins.
  • DIJAK VS Dante Chen; Dijak wins.
  • Duke Hudson w/ Chase U VS Grayson Waller; Waller wins.
  • Fallon Henley VS Kiana James; James wins.
  • Six Woman Tag: Toxic Attraction VS Kayden Carter, Katana Chance & Nikkita Lyons; No Contest.
  • Axiom VS Javier Bernal; Axiom wins.
  • JD McDonagh VS Julius Creed w/ Brutus Creed; wins.
  • Malik Blade VS Von Wagner; wins.


Roxanne Perez VS Indi Hartwell!

The Prodigy and the Impressive One have disagreed on how to handle business outside the ring and in the back, but now we’re going to see who gets it done in the ring! Will Roxie continue to be the Breakout Star of NXT? Or will #IndiWrestling impress HBK and become an Iron Survivor?

The bell rings and Roxie offers a handshake but Indi slaps it away. Roxie gets around to waistlock but Indi headlocks back. Indi wrenches, fans rally for “BOTH THESE GIRLS!” as Roxie handsprings and wrenches back. Roxie wristlocks but Indi wrenches back. Indi whips, Roxie ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl and again, for a RANA! Fans fire up as Roxie hurries up top. But Indi trips Roxie up! Indi fireman’s carries Roxie for an AIRPLANE SPIN! Fans fire up, Indi goes about ten rotations before a SNAKE EYES! Indi wobbles from being dizzy, but she finds Roxie. Roxie rolls her up, TWO!

Indi RAMS Roxie into a corner, brings her around and whips her back in. Indi runs in but Roxie dodges then hops on with a SLEEPER! Roxie thrashes but Indi endures to pry free and THROW Roxie down! But Roxie avoids the elbow drop! Roxie runs and wheelbarrows to arm-drag and cover! TWO! SHOTGUN knocks Indi down! Cover, TWO! Roxie clamps onto Indi with a chinlock and fans rally up. Indi endures as Roxie squeezes tight. Indi fights up, fans rally, and Indi reaches out to the ropes, and she HOTSHOTS Roxie! Roxie sputters but she BOOTS Indi away! Roxie goes up but Indi SHOVES her down! Roxie takes a tumble and fans fire up!

Indi wants a ring count and the ref starts it. Roxie stirs at 3 of 10 but clutches her arm. Roxie crawls over at 6, gets in at 7, but Indi grins and stomps Roxie down. Indi drags Roxie up, scoops and SLAMS her, then scoops and SLAMS her again! Then she drops the elbow! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Indi bumps Roxie off buckles. Indi brings Roxie around to bump off more buckles, then she puts her in the ropes to UPPERCUT and BOOT Roxie down! Fans rally and duel as Indi pushes Roxie to a cover, TWO! Indi is annoyed but she stalks Roxie to the other side. Roxie flounders up and Indi is on her with another scoop SLAM!

Indi looms over Roxie and pushes Roxie to a cover, TWO! Roxie sits up, throws body shots, but Indi CLUBS Roxie. Indi scoops again but Roxie slips off! Roxie waistlocks, Indi bucks but Roxie holds on! Roxie finishes the O’Conner but Indi sits on it! TWO!! Indi hurries but Roxie JAWBREAKERS back! Indi LARIATS Roxie down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Roxie hangs tough. Indi short arm LARIATS Roxie down, drags her up and short arm LARIATS again! Indi drags Roxie back up, scoops her, and hits a SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Indi clamps onto Roxie with a chinlock but fans rally up as Roxie endures.

Roxie fights up to her feet, but Indi brings her down to SMACK her off the mat! Roxie staggers up into a kick, KNEE SMASH and JAB! Roxie goes down, Indi covers her, TWO! Indi pushes Roxie around, talks trash, but fans rally up. Roxie pie faces back! Then ROCKS Indi, and again and again and wrenches, to a RUSSIAN LE- NO, Indi scoops! But Roxie arm-drags free! Roxie runs to UPPERCUT Indi down! Fans rally up and Roxie fires herself up. Roxie dodges Indi’s boot, and then another, to UPPERCUT! UPPERCUT! But Indi kicks low to whip! Roxie goes up and headscissors for DEADLY NIGHTSHADE!

Roxie rallies with big forearms! And a SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Fans fire up with Roxie as she runs in at the corner, UPPERCUT! Roxie rolls, comes back but Indi catches her! BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO!! Roxie is still in this and fans rally up behind her. Indi storms up but Roxie UPPERCUTS again! Roxie dumps Indi out, then builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp! Fans fire up as Roxie puts Indi in the ring and climbs the corner. Roxie CROSSBODIES, but Indi rolls through! But then Roxie cradles! TWO!! Indi escapes, and she BOOTS Roxie down! Indi waits for Roxie to stand, runs in, but Roxie KCIKS her first!!

Roxie SOBATS, tries to hop on but Indi’s so much taller. Roxie CLUBS Indi down, then hops on for POP ROX!! Cover, Roxie wins!!

Winner: Roxanne Perez, by pinfall

Roxie got it down, and proved you don’t have to bend the rules to get ahead! But is she going to make the cut? We see the WWE Hall of Famers gather backstage, will they choose the Prodigy to be an Iron Survivor Challenger?


Andre Chase reviews student papers.

Miguel should know better! There’s two B’s in Gobbledy and two O’s in Gooker! Dumbass… Google it! Thea Hail & Duke Hudson find him. Duke apologizes for the boot to the face last week. He booted the only man he’s ever looked up to in the face, with boots so big they could put out forest fires. And with pinpoint accuracy, as he could’ve hit Chase anywhere and got him in the chin. Yeah, Chase was there. But see, Kit Wilson moved, Duke couldn’t stop his momentum, and then he let the team, the school and Mr. Chase down! Chase deserves to be champion. But Duke has a list of signatures. It’s a petition for Chase to get into the Iron Survivor Challenge!

Duke wants to take this to Mr. Michaels, because Chase deserves to be in the match! Chase says he appreciates that, but then Grayson Waller walks in and laughs> Chase sure ain’t street smart, is he? What? Well c’mon, Duke’s been playing Chase since day one! Duke is always about Duke. Duke is fired up and says he’s had enough of this. Waller says he’d have had it by now, too, if he had to spend a whole week getting signatures for someone who’d never be in a title match, let alone be champion. Thea explodes with anger! Duke holds her back, and Chase says HE will whoop Waller’s ass! No, Duke says HE will whoop Waller’s ass. Is the 21st Century Success Story about to have a Teachable Moment?



The man once known as T-Bar is back in NXT, and is simply known as “Dijak.” Will he dish out more #HardJustice to those he deems guilty? Or will Dante Chen prove that Dijak is no hero?

The bell rings and Dijak circles with Dante. They tie up, and Dijak chinbars Dante around to CLUB him down! Dijak then sits Dante up and choke grips! Dante tries to break free, he throws forearms, and he fires off more, but Dijak shoves him out of the ring! Dijak goes out after Dante, but Dante RAMS him into the apron! The ring count starts, fans rally for Dante, but Dijak catches him as he slides into the ring! Dante kicks at Dijak, then runs and builds speed, but runs into a choke grip! SIT-OUT CHOKE SLAM!! Not quite South of Heaven, but Dijak rains down hammer fists of justice! Dijak then hammerlocks, CLUBS Dante, and stands over him.

Dante crawls to a corner but Dijak stomps him down. Dijak drags Dante up but Dante throws body shots. Dijak knees low, whips Dante to a corner and ELBOWS him! And ELBOWS! And CLUBS! Dijak reels Dante in, TIME TO FLY! Dante writhes from that suplex toss, but then Dijak stomps him more. Dante manages to stand up and throw hands but Dijak CLUBS away with more forearms int he corner! Dijak hammerlocks and CLUBS Dante again, but Dante throws back elbows! Only for Dijakc to back suplex! Dante lands on his feet! Dante throws body shots, dodges a lariat and DOUBLE CHOPS! Dante runs, and BOOTS Dijak down!

Fans fire up with Dante, but then Dijak rises and BOOTS Dante back down!! Dijak drags Dante around and hammerlocks him again. “JUSTICE IS SERVED!” HAMMERLOCK SLEEPER!! Dante is a ragdoll, but Dijak hoists him up, FEAST YOUR EYES!! Cover, Dijak wins!

Winner: DIJAK, by pinfall

Dijak gets the mic to say, “That is an example of hard justice! Unrelenting annihilation! I want you to look into my eyes. The only thing that you’ll see is the infliction of suffering. This place, NXT, this is a place of refuge. But not for me, no. I didn’t come here to reinvent myself, to discover myself, no. I came here to eviscerate a soft society and any man who stands in my way. Wes Lee, Dante Chen, Apollo Crews, Bron Breakker, it makes zero difference to me! Every last one of you is nameless, faceless men that will be brought to justice! MY justice.” Hard justice or just sheer brutality, it all seems to be the same in Dijak’s mind. Who will be next to face his law of the jungle?


JD McDonagh walks into the Diamond Mine Dojo.

He told Ivy Nile that she’s been right about her boys biting off more than they can chew. They all know Julius & Brutus are no match for Veer & Sanga. Those two are medical anomalies. Oh, speak of the devil, in walk the Creed Brothers. They ask why JD is here and Ivy says she has no clue. JD is hurt! He and Ivy were just having a talk about how silly it is to take on Indus Sher. Oh, is that so? Well, they don’t care. They know how Ivy feels, she knows how they feel, and they’re not backing down. Indus Sher is ready, but the Creeds’ wrestling skill is unmatched. Julius & Brutus will win this fight fair & square.

JD tells Brutus, “there is no such thing as a fair fight with these guys, and your wrestling isn’t gonna help you, either. These guys, it’s a matter of bone density. You guys are fighters, right?” JD uses the punching dummy as an example. We all know it takes 500 kilos of pressure to crack a human skull, right? Well with Veer & Sanga, it probably takes two or three times that minimum. Brutus says JD isn’t listening. The Creeds have proven doubters wrong their entire lives. Well, that’s cute but JD isn’t a skeptic, he’s an expert. JD is just telling them they can’t do this. It’s impossible. “Impossible” isn’t in the Diamond Mine dictionary. This is all they have, but it’s all they need! So get out!

JD says okay, fine, no problem. Good talk, Ivy. JD leaves, but does he have a point about the impossible odds Julius & Brutus are facing?


HBK and the Hall of Famers begin the discussions.

Shawn Michaels thanks and welcomes Alundra Blayze, Molly Holly, Road Dogg Jesse James & X-Pac for being here. The Iron Survivor Challenge is making its debut, and with Deadline being the final NXT premium event of the year, HBK wants to find the five superstars in both the men’s and women’s divisions that have had the best 2022. And not just from a wins or losses perspective. Road Dogg is grateful to hear that, because he was just wondering why he and X-Pac were here. Speak for yourself, Dogg! But X-Pac does admit, for being the former 1-2-3 Kid, he’s not a numbers guy. He’s had his eye on a few, though.

And that’s what HBK wants! Everyone in NXT brings something different to the table, and that’s why they’re all here. Molly keeps forgetting so many superstars have only had a few years in the business. Alundra remembers being here over the Summer, and seeing where the talent is now, that’s crazy awesome. Again why HBK asked them all here. He wants them all to share their opinions on who should get in. And HBK opens it up to the Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge first. Road Dogg jumps in with the top of his list. The quality of the year, not the wins or losses. CARMELO HAYES! X-Pac had him, too!

Melo is a bit cocky for Molly, but she can’t argue with his resume. Alundra says Melo dresses like a star, acts like a star, and passes the “airport test.” X-Pac says Melo is a Heat Magnet for sure. Alundra teases that X-Pac would know what that’s like. HBK does, too. HBK has talked with Melo, but he can’t not have him in the match. Alundra nominates Tony D’Angelo, and X-Pac is all for The Don of NXT. Dogg says that’s a spicy-a meatball-a! Settle down now. But that big moment beating Ciampa and his rivalry with Santos, but also his health… He might be a couple weeks out. Timing is everything, so maybe it isn’t Tony’s time.

HBK knows Tony would jump on the chance, but this is a case of protecting the talent from themselves. Okay, then X-Pac brings up JD McDonagh. That guy can go. He may not be 6’5″ but you don’t need to be, as these Hall of Famers can attest. JD is on another level. Dogg gets creeped out but JD can go. Molly says that from Halloween Havoc and on, to borrow a phrase from Sheamus, it has been banger after banger for JD. And the Irish Ace really has proven himself. HBK knows JD is in the zone. yes, he’s creepy, but he’s a surgeon in the ring. He has a body part and goes after it. That’s old school and Alundra likes it.

Another guy that has the creepy is Gacy. Molly knows The Schism is gaining momentum, so that would be an interesting element. Dogg listening to Gacy makes him question his own philosophies. Gacy is a leader, especially with Ava Raine in the fold and a big win on Cameron Grimes. Alundra says Gacy knowing who he is, he has to go for the kill, and that’s what we need in this match. Dogg says another guy who is in that position is Von Wagner. Fans may not like him, but he is a force to be reckoned with. X-Pac doesn’t want too many big guys in this. Why not? Is he jealous of the height? So then, is Axiom one Pac’s guys? Yes! Dogg’s too! High-five!

But Axiom isn’t cleared. Did you see how that leg was bent? HBK says going back to Von, what fans have seen has made an impact. Molly says Von has developed, going from main event of the first 2.0 episode and then that match with Bron. But Von hasn’t won the big one, so give him a shot. HBK gets it, the scoreboard hasn’t caught up with the development. Dogg asks about Waller. Yeah, no, he gets the award for the worst. But that makes him perfect! He’ll get heat. And if you’re not a fan of yourself, no one else will be. Is he popular? No. Is he able to win this? Yes! HBK has them all write down their top five and that will be a pool vote. Who will be the top five for the men of NXT?


Duke Hudson w/ Chase U VS Grayson Waller!

Speaking of the not popular Grayson Waller, he might have stepped in it all over again upsetting Chase U’s new star student. Will Duke prove he truly bleeds red ‘n’ black in the white ‘n’ gold? Or will he suffer the Grayson Waller Effect?

NXT returns and Chase U make their entrance. The bell rings and Duke circles with Waller. Fans rally and duel, but Waller dodges to mock the U and then say “SUCK IT!” Duke rushes in, misses, and Waller headlocks. Waller mocks Duke, but Duke powers out to run Waller over! Fans fire up, Duke headlocks and he does lunge steps to mock Waller! Waller pulls hair to get the headlock back, but fans rally for “Chase U! Chase U!” Duke powers out but Waller pulls hair to pull Duke back in! Waller dares Duke to do something shady, but Duke throws body shots instead. Duke powers out, scoops, but Waller slips out to pull hair!

Fans boo but Duke pulls hair back! Duke says Waller wanted it! Chase says no, no cheating! Duke stops, apologizes to Chase, but then Waller JABS Duke to a corner! Waller throws body shots, taunts Chase, then whips Duke corner to corner. Duke comes back to CLOBBER Waller! Fans fire up as Duke scoops Waller, for a SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Waller rolls away to the apron, Duke storms over, but Waller shoulders into Duke! Waller slingshots but Duke stays up to sit on Waller! But Chase tells him no, so Duke doesn’t hold ropes for the cover. TWO! Waller gets away, Duke apologizes to Chase again, but Waller CLOBBERS Duke from behind!

Waller JABS Duke into the corner, throws elbows, but Duke shoves him away. Fans chant “Let’s Go, Chase U! Waller Sucks!” Waller whips Duke corner to corner hard and Duke bounces off buckles. Waller stands Duke up and CHOKES him on the ropes! The ref counts, Waller lets off and he wears Duke’s headband as his own! Waller mocks Chase U while fans boo. Waller drops knees, throws the headband off, then drags Duke up to a cravat. Fans rally as Duke endures, Duke throws body shots. Waller throws KNEE after KNEE and down goes Duke! Waller goes up the corner, walks the rope and mocks Chase U again, but Duke avoids the elbow drop!

Fans rally, Waller CLUBS Duke but Duke fires up! And again! And again! Duke is Hulking out! “U!!” Duke ROCKS Waller, and again, and again! Waller staggers about, into a scoop SLAM! Duke runs in at the corner to clothesline! And OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Fans fire up as Duke JABS, JABS, JABS and flips, flops, flies… “U!!” BIONIC ELBOW! Waller falls out of the ring and Chase keeps Thea back. Duke storms out after Waller, runs in, but Waller moves! The boot almost hits Thea, but Duke stops himself! Everyone calms down, Waller rushes in but Duke ROCKS him with a right! Duke says he can stop at any time now!

Duke gets in, but Waller SLINGSHOT STUNNERS!! Cover, Waller wins!!

Winner: Grayson Waller, by pinfall

Fans boo but the 21st Century Success Story may have just proven he deserves to be an Iron Survivor. “I told you! You know I’m right.” Chase looks at Duke, but is Waller right about Duke’s true colors?


Backstage interview with Javier Bernal.

McKenzie says that most days, she loves her job. But right now… She’s here with Javier Bernal. Hey, McKenzie. It’s the holidays. Let’s put the past behind us. That’s fair. Javi says good, because he loves Christmas. So here’s what the NXT wants and needs. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now… BIG BODY TUESDAY~! That’s right! He has big body merch! Wow, really? Yes! Now, no one was going to bat for Big Body Javi to get TV time, but he stepped up to the plate and shows you can to! Introduction the Big Body Baseball Bat! Adam Judge slid into Javi’s DMs and asked him to endorse- Wait, does Javi mean Aaron Judge? Uh… Adam’s his middle name.

Anyway, here’s his next item. Big Body Javi is quite the sex symbol, he’s been told. By who? People… So when you can’t sleep with Big Body, sleep on Big Body with this Big Body Javi Body Pillow! So soft and handsome. Um, Big Body Pillows are trademarked. Uh, no, he knows everything about pillows. He’s been sleeping for five years. What? What? And finally… Men wanna be Javi, and women wanna be with Javi. Um, no… But here, smell like Javi with the BBC: Big Body Cologne. Spritz spritz. It smells like rotten eggs! McKenzie leaves before she barfs, but Javi says his BBC doesn’t smell that bad!

But in steps Axiom! Whoa, hey! What’s he doing here? Wondering what that smell is, for one. That’s the BBC, by Javi. Axiom is also here because he heard Javi’s been wanting to fight him. Javi says “Fight” is a strong, negative word. But even so, that doesn’t matter. Axiom isn’t cleared to compete, right? He is now. He just came from Medical. McKenzie says that’s great! Javi gets what he wants. Yeah, let’s make the match! Big Body Javi may have just stopped into something that smells worse than his cologne. Will the Undeniable Truth prove Javi’s not up to snuff?


Fallon Henley VS Kiana James!

Business is business, but this is personal as the Calculator has been insulting the Henley family every chance she can! And with Brooks Jensen tongue tied and googly eyed over Kiana, Josh Briggs brings him back to the back. Will the Cowgirl handle business all on her own? Or will Kiana make Fallon regret not taking that fat stack of cash she offered by taking the winner’s purse tonight?

The two stalk trash, Kiana pie faces, then the bel rings. The shoving starts, Fallon runs Kiana over, then tells her to get the hell up! Kiana stands, they tie up, and are in a deadlock. Fallon powers Kiana to the ropes, but Kiana turns it around. Fallon turns it back, the ref counts, they end up in a corner. The ref counts, Kiana pie faces, but Fallon pushes her back. The two tie up again as NXT goes picture in picture.

Kiana powers Fallon back but Fallon gets free to arm-drag Kiana down! Fallon grinds Kiana’s arm into the mat, but Kiana fights up. Fallon wrangles Kiana back down then grinds the arm again. Kiana fights up, puts Fallon in a corner, then bumps her off buckles. Fallon staggers, Kiana brings her around to bump off more buckles, then she brings Fallon to another corner. But Fallon bumps Kiana off buckles! And again! Fallon CHOPS Kiana, then snapmares her down to ghost pin! TWO! Kiana escapes but Fallon wrenches her arm to YANK it. And YANK it again! And then twist the wrist into a top wristlock!

Fallon brings Kiana down, wraps up the arm, but Kiana fights up again. Fallon knees low, snap suplexes, and Kiana flops out of the ring. Fans rally as Fallon storms over, but Kiana trips her up! Kiana drags Fallon out to CHOP! But Fallon turns things around to CHOP back! And CHOP again! Kiana is stinging but Fallon puts her in the ring. Fallon storms up but Kiana drop toeholds her down! Kiana clamps onto an arm now and grinds Fallon into the mat. Fallon endures, NXT returns to single picture, and Fallon fights to her feet. Kiana KNEES Fallon low, whips, but Fallon reverses to back elbow! Fallon runs, gets around and sits Kiana down for a CALF KICK!

Fans fire up and Fallon storms up on Kiana. Fallon whips but Kiana holds the ropes! Fallon DECKS Kiana, but Kiana goes to the apron. Kiana grabs Fallon’s arm to HOTSHOT it! Kiana drags Fallon up, CLUBS away on the arm, then brings Fallon over to SLAM the arm on the ropes! Fallon clutches the elbow but Kiana wrenches, hammerlocks, and RAMS Fallon into buckles! Kiana RAMS into Fallon, handsprings back and RAMS into her again! Kiana wraps the arm around ropes and pulls! The ref counts, Kiana KICKS the arm as she lets off. Kiana brings Fallon around, scoops and SLAMS her, then dusts herself off.

Kiana kicks Fallon, SLAMS the bad arm, then mocks her pain. Kiana SLAMS the bad arm again and Fallon screams in pain as she clutches the elbow. Fans rally for Fallon as Kiana kicks her around. Kiana drags Fallon up for an ARM CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Kiana is annoyed but she drags Fallon up by her hair. The ref reprimands but Kiana hooks Fallon’s arms up. Fallon endures the top wristlock, fans rally up, and Fallon fights up. Fallon throws body shots, ROCKS Kiana, but Kiana ROCKS Fallon! Fallon ROCKS Kiana, Kiana ROCKS Fallon! Fallon ROCKS Kiana, throws more hands, then runs, but DOUBLE FACEBUSTERS bring both women down!

Fans fire up behind Fallon while the ref checks her and Kiana. Fallon and Kiana stir, Kiana sits up first but Fallon goes to a corner. Kiana runs in but into an elbow! Fallon SOBATS, front kicks, but Kiana ducks the heel kick! Fallon ROCKS, ROCKS and LARIATS Kiana down! Fans fire up and Fallon runs into the corner for a back elbow! Fallon keeps moving but Kiana KICKS the bad arm! Fallon screams in pain again but Kiana drags her up. Scoop, but Fallon slips out to wrench and half nelson, BACKBREAKER, ripcord LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Kiana is still in this but Fallon keeps on her. Fireman’s carry, but Kiana fights off.

Kiana wrenches the bad arm but Fallon DECKS her with the other! Fallon runs, baseball slides and ROCKS Kiana again! Kiana checks her jaw, Fallon gets in and BOOTS her down! Kiana bails out, Fallon gives chase, but then Kiana grabs her bag. Kiana gets back in the ring, Fallon storms up on her. Kiana throws the bag, Fallon swats it, but Kiana kicks the legs out! And she POSTS Fallon, to drag her back out and 401K!! Cover, Kiana wins!

Winner: Kiana James, by pinfall

A calculated move wins it for Kiana in the end! For Kiana, nothing is personal, it’s just business. But will business be booming if Kiana gets into the Iron Survivor Challenge?


Malik Blade holds up the torn sweater vest.

Odyssey Jones and Edris Enofe are there with him. Jones knows that sweater vest meant something special to Malik, but he cannot let Von Wagner get in his head. Malik is a better man than Von will ever be! Edris agrees, but Malik says this wasn’t even his. It was… his dad’s… This was the last thing Malik had of his. And he gets what they’re saying, but he has so much anger inside. Edris says to use that. Use that anger on Von! That pent up rage! And go whoop Von! They have an hour before that match, so Malik needs to get into the Freak mode! Malik is in that mode! Von better be good at taking an ass whooping, because one’s coming for him tonight!

But he also wants to handle this himself. Malik says Von made this personal, so Malik has to handle this on his terms. Malik’s friends understand. Will “Malik Da Freak” go wild on Vicious Von?


HBK and the Hall of Famers continue the discussions.

Now we move on to the Women’s Division. Same concept as the men’s, so they need a top five. Alundra starts and says this may seem bias, but she’s pulling for Roxanne. They had a moment at Great American Bash, and talk about development. That rivalry with Cora Jade made Roxie into a real threat. X-Pac can’t believe Roxie is only 21. We can’t even talk about what X-Pac was doing at 21. Dogg says they can’t even mention what he was doing at 31, or even last night. Molly says she was 21, she was just starting! She can’t imagine being in this spot at that age. There is so much potential here.

HBK says that’s the thing about the NXT Women’s Division. They’re all hungry, but they’re also frustrated when it doesn’t happen fast enough. Everyone is so impressive just to start at the ground floor. Well here’s the top floor: Zoey Stark. Dogg says she’s such an impressive athlete, it befuddled her that she wasn’t here sooner. And the Iron Survivor Challenge is tailor made for her. Alundra wishes in her prime that she could’ve faced her. But Stark probably would’ve won. X-Pac is surprised “Hunter” hasn’t called and asked to bring Stark over to Raw or SmackDown. Stark is primetime ready. HBK says it is only a matter of time.

But in the end, the job of NXT is to prepare the talent for RawDown. Molly says the internet says Indi is ready for that call-up. Oh, well, if the internet says, it has to be true. But Dogg gets serious and says there is just something missing in Indi. Maybe she doesn’t believe in herself. The fans do, but the superstar has to believe first. X-Pac says fake it until you make it, but there’s no hiding in this match. And someone who doesn’t hide is Cora Jade. Cora’s gotten better faster than just about anyone else in the Women’s Division. Molly says Cora really stepped into her own. When Cora said she is only about Cora, Molly believed her.

Dogg says Cora is also young, but who didn’t think about only themselves at that age? At the same time, Cora is dangerous. Alundra says Cora doesn’t have a problem being that, either. Who throws a title belt in the trash? Well, besides Alundra. That said, what Cora is trying to say is, “This is who I am, take it or leave it.” Dogg leaves it to take Fallon Henley. Fallon and the boys make a good package. She is a dark horse in this. Pretty, tough, and someone you can have a beer with. X-Pac feels a toss up between her and Kiana James, but we just saw Kiana beat Fallon, so he’s giving the edge to Kiana.

Dogg says what Kiana does outside of the ring clearly helps her in the ring. When she walks into a room, she owns the room. She has “It.” HBK asks for any other names we haven’t talked about yet, and Molly brings in Alba Fyre. Alba is perhaps THE best on the roster, and if not for Isla Dawn, Alba would be the champion instead of a contender. Everything is great about her character and her style of throwing caution to the wind. Dogg had Fyre on his list, but scratched it off because she wants after Isla Dawn. Then after that, Fyre can refocus on the title. X-Pac says Dogg is scared Dawn will curse him. Damn right he is! She’s scary!

HBK thanks the panel for their input, but again, time to put down the top five on paper and we’ll figure this out. Time to make some big decisions!


Cora Jade shares a TikTok video.

She mocks “poor Wendy.” It’s just like high school, getting bullied~! She feels so bad. NOT. But will the punk rock mean girl find out what happens when bullies push it too far?


Six Woman Tag: Toxic Attraction VS Kayden Carter, Katana Chance & Nikkita Lyons!

Mandy Rose is still NXT Women’s Champion, but Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne want the tag titles back! Will Toxic Attraction prove they are the top of the NXT Women’s Division period? Or will KC Squared plus the Lioness equal a force too strong for Toxic Attraction to handle?

Wait, ZOEY STARK attacks Lyons during her entrance! She stomps away on Lyons’ leg, but then refs and KC Squared rush over! Stark lets off, having done damage. Fans sing, “Oh~ Zoey is Angry!” Did Zoey’s grudge just ruin Lyons’ chance at getting after the Toxic Goddess? Mandy and her girls mock Lyons, “What a loser!” Will the match be off? Or will KC Squared find a new third before the night is out?


Aoife Valkyrie speaks!

“As a child, I would always watch the sky, watching the birds as they left Ireland for a new place. For a new life. Now I have left my homeland, channeling the spirit of the Morrígan. And as my old feathers fall to the ground, new feathers emerge, stronger. Who you once knew has shapeshifted to a new form, and is ready for a new battleground. Prepare yourself for Lyra Valkyria!” The Black Bird of NXT UK has finally landed in the US, who will she target first?


Backstage interview with Elektra Lopez.

McKenzie asks La Madrina how she feels about Indi’s loss, given their history. Lopez is feeling good, but why is Indi her return? “Biggest impact, lowest amount of risk. Indi has this connection with the NXT Universe which I don’t understand, but it seems like a trend to be an Indi Hartwell fan. But I’m La Madrina, I don’t follow trends, I set them. Whatever it is, Indi is the heart of this division, so if I take out the heart, then it’s mine for the taking.” Lopez didn’t come back to NXT to make new friends, no. She came back to build an empire all her own. If Indi wants to bet on herself, go ahead. But do not bet against La Madrina, or you’ll go broke.


Axiom VS Javier Bernal!

The number one name on the Big Body Files is back! The leg is 100%, so will Axiom be right back on track? Or will Big Body Javi show some big brains and go after that very leg the Irish Ace injured?

The bell rings and Axiom circles with Javi. They tie up, Axiom waistlocks, spins and snapmares Javi to then chinlock. Javi moves around, fight sup, powers out, but Axiom goes up and arm-drags Javi, to then DROPKICK! Javi bails out but Axiom hobbles a bit. Maybe the leg isn’t truly 100%, and Javi rushes in to go right for it as NXT goes picture in picture.

Axiom boots Javi away, then sprawls to turn Javi’s takedown into a facelock! Axiom shifts to half nelson and cover, TWO! The two stare down as fans applaud. The two circle again, tie up, and Axiom headlocks for a takeover. Javi rolls Axiom to a cover, ONE, and Axiom rolls from headlock to wristlock. Javi endures as Axiom twists the wrist and grinds the arm. Javi fights up, wrenches and arm-drags but Axiom holds on to wrench the arm and twist the wrist! Javi fights up, wrenches and wristlocks again, but Axiom rolls, handsprings and wrenches back again! Axiom hammerlocks the arm and grinds Javi down.

Javi sits up, Axiom chinlocks, but Javi fights up. Axiom whips, Javi avoids the roundhouse and bails out. Javi no longer wants this match, but Axiom DIVES to take him out! Fans fire up and Axiom drags Javi back up. Axiom puts Javi in the ring, stalks him, then catches him in a headlock. Axiom grinds Javi down, Javi fights up, but Axiom wrenches the arm again. Axiom wrangles Javi with the wristlock, bends that hand back, then pushes on the arm. Javi endures, but Axiom stays on him as he fights back up. Javi spins, monkey flips, but Axiom holds onto the wrist! Axiom continues to twist the arm as NXT returns to single picture.

Axiom pulls the arm back but Jav endures. Fans rally, Javi fights up and ROCKS Axiom with haymakers! Javi whips, but Axiom rolls and comes back to springboard, but Javi kicks the rope! Axiom falls and fans boo as Javi drags Axiom to the corner. Javi SLAMS the bad leg into the post! Fans boo more, the ref reprimands, but Javi SLAMS the leg against post again! The ring count climbs but Javi slides in at 5 of 10. Javi kicks the bad leg out! Axiom is frustrated but Javi just kicks the leg again. And then dropkicks the leg out! Cover, ONE!! Fans chant “YOU STILL SUCK!” as Javi hits a leg DDT!

Javi drops elbows on the leg again and again, then pulls on the toehold. Axiom endures, fans rally up, but Javi drags Axiom up. Axiom ROCKS Javi in return! And again! Axiom reels Javi in but Javi scoops and SLAMS Axiom down! Javi drags Axiom up, puts him in the corner and pulls the leg against the ropes. The ref counts but Axiom throws haymakers back! And BOOTS Javi down! Fans rally up, Axiom reels Javi in, but Javi lifts Axiom up! Axiom sunset flips, TWO! Javi grabs at Axiom, but ends up in a TRIANGLE HOLD! Fans rally as Axiom throws elbows! Javi throws shots back, fights back up, and deadlifts Axiom for a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!!

Axiom survives and Javi can’t believe it! Javi ties up the legs into a FIGURE FOUR! Axiom endures, his shoulders are down, TWO as Axiom sits up. Axiom slaps at the legs, but he falls back again. TWO as Axiom sits back up! Fans rally as Axiom reaches, turns, and turns the hold over! Javi endures the pain now! Fans rally, Javi crawls, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Axiom and Javi are separated, and Javi storms up to DECK Axiom! Axiom stands to ROCK Javi! And CHOP, and ROCK, and whip, and DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Axiom fights through the pain to GAMANGIRI in the corner! Javi flops and Axiom goes up! Springboard, FLYING LARIAT!

Axiom fires up and fans fire up with him! Axiom goes to a corner, shakes the bad leg, and runs in to- MISS as Javi dodges! Javi rolls Axiom to his feet to DDT! Cover, TWO!! Axiom is still in this and Javi is losing his cool. Javi goes to the corner, climbs up, but Axiom GAMANGIRIS! Axiom climbs up after Javi, brings him up, and HALF HATCH SUPERPLEXES! Fans fire up again as Axiom aims, GOLDEN RATIO!! Cover, Axiom wins!

Winner: Axiom, by pinfall

Big Body Javi didn’t just get what he asked for, he got what he deserved! Now that Axiom is back in action, will he make the cut for the Iron Survivor Challenge?


Nikkita Lyons gets checked by the trainer.

Is her leg in any pain? No, she’s good now. Well, nothing alarming then, maybe just some bruising. She is cleared, and Lyons says the only one who needs to start worrying about her health is Zoey Stark! Lyons stands on the leg and says nothing will stop them from fighting Toxic Attraction. Well okay then! It sounds like the match is back on, but will “The Hunter” just go after Lyons again?


Backstage interview with Pretty Deadly.

McKenzie says she’s got the NXT Tag Team Champions here, and they wanna hear that again! The what? The NXT Tag Team Champions. Kit & Elton love hearing that. There has been a lot, and they mean a lot, of Iron Survivor and NXT Deadline talk, but there hasn’t been enough Pretty Deadly talk! As an example, the whole world has been fixated, nay! GLUED to watching the World Cup. World Cup and Pretty Deadly are pretty even, but they’re going to fix that next week. It’s CHRISTMAS TIME! And so Pretty Deadly wants to tell the NXT Universe a little story. A Christmas story, Pretty Deadly style! #YESBOY! But just what does a Pretty Deadly Christmas look like?


Apollo Crews speaks.

“Less than two weeks to go and NXT Deadline is my time. My vision is clear.” But then Bron sits with him at the diner. Bron orders some coffee, and figured Crews would be here. What’s good here? The breakfast of future champions. Oh, yeah? Hmm… Bron doesn’t see that on the menu. Oh, sorry. No more fish to catch? Bron asks if Crews thought Bron didn’t want this match. Crews wasn’t the only one namedropping. Bron is pretty sure Crews couldn’t see past Grayson Waller there for a second.

Crews says looking back, it was actually worth the wait. Now that Crews has been around “the infectious environment” at the Performance Center, he wants a part of it. Crews wants that title even more now than he did when he first walked back in. And that isn’t good for Bron. Bron’s coffee comes and Crews offers him sugar. Bron accepts, and tells Crews that Bron may be “new” still, but when Crews came back and told Bron they’d bump into each other down the road, Bron believed that. Bron knows Apollo Crews is back, so he has to get in the gym at 6:15 AM to make sure his body is in tip top shape.

Crews says that’s why he stays later and later and then still gets there earlier than anyone else. He knows that it will take one hell of a man to take the title from Bron. And Crews is the only one who can do that. Crews watched and studied all of Bron’s matches. Crews can tells the grind is getting to him. Bron says the one who puts the most pressure on Bron is Bron. Crews says in two weeks, that person will be Crews. Being in the ring with Von was the first time Bron didn’t have the strength advantage. Still had the speed. But now, against Crews, on December 10th, Born won’t have either.

But that’s just it! Crews is the perfect balance. But he’s sitting across from a guy with that same skill set. Well, then something has to give. That is something they can agree on. Bron will let Crews enjoy his meal. Bron points out Crews hasn’t finished his sentence. Crews says it’ll finish at Deadline. Has there ever been a time one of Crews’ “visions” hasn’t come true? Nope. Well, there’s a first time for everything. Bron heads out, but will he be the one to write the final word on this showdown?


JD McDonagh VS Julius Creed w/ Brutus Creed!

The Irish Ace says he was just trying to help point things out logically, but there’s always a bit of snark and derision in how JD operates. Will he “help” Julius see what he was talking about in this match? Or will the Diamond Mine prove logic has nothing to do with heart?


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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (11/29/22)

Newark gets Dark!



Will Newark APPRECIATE Garcia, Menard & Parker?

AEW moves on from Thanksgiving and prepares for December! Winter is Coming, but who will be primed for golden opportunities?


  • Hikaru Shida w/ Hagane Shinno VS Layla Luciano; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Hardy Party VS The Wingmen; win(s).
  • Six Man Tag: The Factory VS Justin Corino, Ryan Mooney & Steve Josifi; win(s).
  • Zack Clayton VS Chris Wylde; wins.
  • Angelico VS Hagane Shinno; wins.
  • Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana VS Tony Deppen; wins.
  • Emi Sakura w/ Baliyan Akki VS Tiara James; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Jericho Appreciation Society VS Tracy Williams, LSG and Jack Tomlinson; win(s).


Hikaru Shida bringing along Hagane Shinno (formerly known as Madoka) is interesting. More Japanese promotions seem to be willing to let talent work with AEW, and that of course helps AEW get recognition internationally, and helps those promotions get recognition in the USA. Shinno will definitely get a win off Angelico, but AEW’s already such a full roster, who knows if Shinno will see any TV time.

Good to see the Wingmen together again, even if it’s to lose to Hardy Party. But even the Trios Division needs its lower midcard, and that is where The Wingmen will be. Matt Hardy & Private Party might end up becoming The Firm’s Trios Championship contenders if they keep building up wins on AEW YouTube. They could give whoever comes out of the Best of 7 Series a great match, and we could see a lot of overbooked, “internal conflict” of whether Hardy Party is Face or Heel, same as we’re seeing with Death Triangle always resorting to the hammer.

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