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Joe’s AAA Review & Results (5/6/19)

Joe Dinan brings you up to date on all things AAA with his review and results for the past week!



Joe Dinan brings you up to date on all things AAA with his review and results for the past week!

AAA Live on Twitch 5/3

Big Mami and Nino Hamburguesa vs Lady Maravilla and Arez

Maravilla tries to manipulate Nino but Mami attacks her from behind. Mami clears out Arez but Maravilla attacks her from behind. Nino is like a deer in the headlights with Maravilla. Nino shoulder bumps Arez and he repels off Nino. Nino hits a leg drop on Arez. Maravilla tries to manipulate him again but Big Mami snaps him out of it. Arez goes to do an asai moonsault but Nino pulls him off of the apron. Big Mami is on the outside with him when Maravilla does a moonsault to the outside. Maravilla and Arez perform a double team move on Nino. Mami then tries to attack Maravilla. Mami gets Maravilla and Arez down in the corner and Nino hits a running senton in the corner. Nino tries to help Maravilla up but Mami pushes him down. She does a gory espcial on Maravilla followed by a leg drop. Her and Nino argue. Mami goes to the top to do a move but postures. Nino gets low blowed and then Maravilla pins Nino. Mami doesn’t know what happened. Lady Maravilla pins Nino Hamburguesa after a low blow.

Winners: Lady Maravilla and Arez

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Maximo, Mamba, and Keyra (Myzteziz Jr) vs Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr, and Tito Santana

Our first replacement. A lot of posturing to begin this match but finally Mamba and Carta Brava engage. But not really because the rest of Poder del Norte stomp out Mamba. Myzteziz comes in and tries to use his speed to his advantage. Maximo enters and gets offense in on Mocho Cota. Santana and Mamba go back and forth and the exchange ends with Mamba kissing him to the ground and Norte enters and stomps Mamba out. Maximo gets worked over and smashed with a chair. It’s Poder del Norte so DQs don’t exist. Come backs are made with Myzteziz and Mamba. Myzteziz gets a pinning combo. Maximo kisses Mocho then school boys him all for a two count. Mamba hits a drop kick on Santana but Brava breaks up the pin with a chair. Myzteziz gets Brava into a head scissors for the Fujiwara arm bar but Cota hits him with a chair. Cota hits a Spanish fly on Myzteziz and Brava and Santana hit spears on Mamba and Maximo, all for two counts. Mamba launches Myzteziz into Cota and Santana for a double drop kick. Then Myzteziz hits a middle rope dive. Maximo goes for a middle rope dive but Santana pushes Myzteziz in front of him and he gets hit. In the ring Mamba gets worked over. Mamba gets hit with a corner attack then a frog splash by Cota for the win. Mocho Cota Jr pins Mamba with a frog splash.

Hijo del Vikingo comes out post match and then he and Myzteziz hit big dives on Poder del Norte. Then they pose in the ring.

Winners: Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr, and Tito Santana

Faby Apache, Drago, and Golden Magic vs Monster Clown, Chik Tormenta, and Keyra

Okay Keyra who was booked before but not in the match was the surprise here. Hijo del Tirantes refereeing his third straight match. Drago starts out with Monster Clown but once Monster gets the advantage, Magic hits a hurricanrana to the outside followed by a dive by Magic. Drago then hits a dive. Tormenta and Keyra try to team on Faby but she works around it. Tirantes is involved so he’s going to be especially heel towards Faby and her team. Magic gets hit with a double drop kick by Tormenta and Keyra. Faby gets worked over next. Faby hits a super kick and then Drago and Magic hit back breakers on Keyra and Tormenta. Then do double team offense to take out Monster Clown. Magic goes for a rolling standing moonsault on Keyra but she moves. Keyra goes for a crossbody but Magic catches her. Tormenta catches Magic’s leg and hits a Pentagon driver on him. Drago gets Tormenta and Keyra to the outside and hits a dive onto both of them. In the ring Monster Clown hits a power bomb on Magic but Faby pulls out the ref. Magic then hits a double stomp in the corner on Monster. Magic does a jump up moonsault but Clown gets the feet up. Monster Clown gets him in a crucifix position and just flips Magic for the pin. Monster Clown pins Golden Magic with a crucifix flip.

Faby argues with the ref after. Yeah they’re building towards something with those two. She grabs the mic and challenges him to a match.

Winners: Monster Clown, Chik Tormenta, and Keyra

Flamita and Hijo del Vikingo vs Chessman and Taurus

Billed as a six man tag involving Mascara and Myzteziz is now just a tag. Probably for the better. Chessman and Flamita go back and forth for the early portion of the round. Vikingo enters hitting a hurricanrana on Taurus. Vikingo and Flamita go for flip dives over the top. Taurus catches Vikingo and throws him into the ring post. Chessman was not so lucky to catch Flamita. Taurus press slams Vikingo on the announce table. Vikingo and Flamita continue to get worked on until they both hit strikes to make a come back. I’d like to point out Hijo del Tirantes is the ref again. Taurus launches Vikingo to the outside over the ring post and Vikingo is dead. No he’s not dead but he will be one day. Flamita does a moonsault to the outside on Taurus. Vikingo is in the ring somehow and does a 450 into a hurricanrana on Chessman. Taurus hit Chessman by accident and Vikingo is trying to strike with Taurus. Flamita tries to do a head scissors move on both guys but it gets messed up badly. Flamita hits a standing Spanish fly on Taurus but Chessman breaks up the pin. Chessman looks like he hits Ospreay’s storm breaker into an arm bar. Chessman goes for a tornado dive but misses and Flamita tries to pin him. Vikingo hits a shooting star press on Chessman but Taurus breaks up the pin. Chessman throws Vikingo in the air and Taurus catches him for a samoan drop. They get Chessman down and Vikingo runs up Flamita for a standing moonsault then Flamita does a standing shooting star press. Taurus is going for a super power bomb on Flamita but Vikingo leaps up for a super hurricanrana. Flamita then hits a tornillo dive onto Chessman on the outside. Taurus kicks out and hits a spear, then what the announcer called a Laredo driver. Taurus pins Hijo del Vikingo with a Laredo Driver.

Winners: Chessman and Taurus

Psycho Clown vs Rey Escorpion

This is a lumber jack match. All of the lumberjacks entrance music is Links 2 3 4 by Rammstein. I’m fine with that. It’s not that many people honestly. Five tecnicos and 5 rudos. Tirantes is the ref again. Apparently the English broadcast said he’s the only ref here. They have Vikingo’s poor ass out there as a lumberjack. Well the actual match begins with Psycho getting beat down by Rey. Clown gets back dropped to the outside and the rudos beat him up. Tecnicos try to save him. Clown hits a head scissors to make a come back and then he dumps Escorpion to the outside so now the tecnicos are beating on him. When the rudos arrived Clown hits a dive through the middle rope on Rey. Clown climbs a light fixture and does a dive on Escorpion. Clown and Escorpion go back and forth now. The ref is fast counting for Escorpion. Clown goes for a running attack but Maravilla grabs his leg. Mami then attacks Maravilla. Escorpion hits a hurricanrana off of the top for a close two count. Clown hits a power slam but Poder Del Norte enters to stomp him out. Myzteziz and Vikingo come in to help. Vikingo and Myzteziz both hit asai moonsaults. Escorpion hits a power bomb but Clown kicks out. Clown meets Escorpion on the top rope and hits a superplex for a two count. Tormenta knocks Clown off of the top rope and Faby comes in to take her out. Psycho Clown is beating up some of the lumber jacks now. Clown gets back in the ring and Rey Escorpion pins Psycho Clown with a package pile driver. I can’t believe my eyes. Rey Escorpion pins Psycho Clown with a package pile driver.

Naturally Escorpion stole Psycho’s mask after the match.

Winner: Rey Escorpion

Dr. Wagner and Pagano vs Blue Demon Jr and Texano Jr

Wagner poses during his entrance and Blue Demon waffles him with a chair. There’s conveniently a big piece of wood with a clown painting on it out there. Texano hits Pagano with a very long wooden stick. Wagner is bleeding already. Texano hits a chair with a chair into Pagano’s groin. Wagner and Demon are fighting within the crowd. Demon keeps jabbing Wagner with a chair. Texano hip tosses Pagano onto chairs. Pagano fights back and clotheslines Texano to the outside and then he hits a flip dive to the outside conveniently into the painted piece of clown wood. Wagner then rips Demon’s mask and hits him with a chair. He bites his head too. Now Demon is bleeding. Wagner hits a flip dive off of the apron onto Demon. Texano power bombs Pagano through a chair. Completely crushes the chair. Texano hits him with the bullrope. He also throws a ladder at Pagano. Tirantes takes the chair away from Wagner. Demon throws sand in Wagner’s eyes and hits a roll up. Blue Demon Jr pins Dr. Wagner Jr with a roll up.

Winners: Blue Demon Jr and Texano Jr

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AAA Live on Twitch 5/5

Keyra and Samoano vs Hijo Del Tirantes and Big Mami vs Faby Apache and Nino Hamburguesa

Konnan comes out during the introductions and basically clears up what the match actually is. Konnan is out here heeling it up. Faby starts out with Tirantes and there’s some posturing. Tirantes leaves the ring and taunts Faby. Keyra gets in and attacks Faby. Faby fights back and hits a back breaker. Tirantes taunts her again but tags in Big Mami. Nino gets tagged in and bumps into her and acts like he didn’t know he was tagged in with her in the ring. Nino and her fight back against others who enter the ring. Nino hits a head scissors on Keyra and Samoano. Mami and Nino talk in the ring then Tirantes attacks Nino from behind and he falls into Mami. The beat down is on. Samoano hit a sloppy elbow drop on Nino. Tirantes kicks Faby in her butt and then they all stomp her out. Nino hits clotheslines to make a come back. Mami splashes on Keyra and Samoano. Faby hits a hurricanrana on Tirantes to the outside and then she hits another on the outside. Hamburguesa then hit a flip dive through the middle rope. Mami hits a gory special to Keyra but Tirantes breaks up the pin. Faby attacks him. Nino climbs to the top rope and Maravilla comes out to distract him. Then big Mami gets thrown down and Keyra hit Mami with a moonsault for the win. Keyra pins Big Mami with a moonsault.

Winners: Keyra and Samoano

Maximo and Mamba vs Lady Maravilla and Chik Tormenta

Tirantes is out here to be the ref already. A lot of posturing to start and Mamba tries to kiss Tirantes. Maravilla and Maximo go back and forth with some moves. Maximo uses his experience to get the advantage. Mamba goes back and forth with Tormenta and Mamba wins that. Maravilla tries to attack Mamba but Mamba just strikes her. Mamba was gonna dive on Maravilla but she moved but got caught with Maximo diving off of the apron. Mamba gets the better of Tormenta then twerks in celebration. Maravilla tries to go at Maximo but he acts too good for her. So then she packs in offense he sells and the crowd actually gets behind her a little. Tormenta hits a double knee strike off of the top rope on Mamba finally. Maravilla hit a code breaker and Tormenta hit a german suplex. Mamba and Maximo then hit big moves on them then posture. Maravilla hits a shot gun drop kick on Maximo and then Mamba hit a power bomb on Maravilla but Tormenta breaks up the pin. Tormenta then does some impressive offense to Mamba. She rolls into a vertical suplex. Maximo then comes in and gets her out and then he hits a middle rope dive. In the ring Mamba gets Maravilla in a torture rack but Maravilla rolls up for a school boy but Mamba kicks out. Mamba then slams her and goes to the top rope but Maravilla meets him up there. She tries to go for a Spanish fly but Mamba falls off of the ropes. So Maravilla just hits a underhook face buster for the win. Lady Maravilla pins Mamba with an underhook face buster.

Big Mami comes out after and beats up Maravilla. They then all beat up on Tirantes.

Winners: Lady Maravilla and Chik Tormenta

Hijo Del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr, and Flamita vs Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr, and Tito Santana

Vikingo, Flamita, and Myzteziz Jr all dive off of the stage onto Poder del Norte to start. The tecnico team is beating on Cota Jr. They turn their attention to Santana. But Santana flips Flamita and Myzteziz to the outside and then Santana baseball slides Vikingo and sends him flying. Brava beats on Myzteziz. Now Poder Del Norte introduced a chair to the scenario and are in charge. Flamita hits a 619 on Brava and Vikingo did a big flip over the turnbuckle and Myzteziz hit a dive on Cota. Brava and Flamita fight and Brava hits a double stomp in the corner. Flamita and Brava fight and Flamita hits a Standing spanish fly. Vikingo then works over Cota and hits impressive moves. He hits a jump in spring board spear on Cota. Santana works over Myzteziz. Myzteziz hits a springboard tornillo. Flamita does a dive off of the apron where it looks like he kills himself. Vikingo then does a dive as well. In the ring Mocho Cota Jr hits a Spanish fly on Myzteziz for the win. Mocho Cota Jr pins Myzteziz Jr with a Spanish Fly.

Poder Del Norte beats on them after the match. La Parka comes out to save Myzteziz.

Winners: Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr, and Tito Santana

Arez, Monster Clown, and Taurus vs Drago, Golden Magic, and La Parka

Match starts with a brawl seeing Monster Clown beat up Parka. They beat up on Drago next and Monster Clown hits Magic with his belt. Monster Clown Karate chops Drago in the groin. No DQ, only Tirantes here. They’re back to beating up Parka. Parka dodges an attack and hits a sloppy drop kick arm drag. Then he Rock bottoms Arez. Golden Magic and Drago then hit big dives. Monster Clown and Parka are in the ring now Monster and Taurus argue a bit while Parka hits Arez with back breakers. Parka then hits a sloppy double team move on Monster and Taurus. Magic then comes in and uses his acrobatics against Monster Clown. He gets him t the outside then hits an asai hurricanrana on Monster Clown. I guess I’d call it that. Arez super kicks Taurus by accident. Arez hits an impressive northern lights suplex on Drago. In the middle of the pin Magic hit a 450. Monster breaks up the pin and La Parka hits Monster Clown with his belt. Parka clotheslines him to the outside. Drago hits a super hurricanrana on Taurus for a two count. Drago does a canadian destroyer on the apron to Arez. La Parka then hits a middle rope dive on Monster Clown. Magic drop kicks Arez on the apron and then goes to the top and hits a tornillo splash, Drago hits a big spinning DDT on Taurus. Taurus then hits a big spear on Drago. Taurus then hits a spinning Laredo Driver for the win. Taurus pins Drago with a Laredo Driver.

Winners: Arez, Monster Clown, and Taurus

Psycho Clown, Dr. Wagner Jr, and Pagano vs Rey Escorpion, Texano Jr, and Chessman

Clown and Escorpion rapid fire strikes to begin this. Wagner hits a dragon screw leg whip and goes to the outside to beat on Texano. Escorpion is beating on Psycho. Texano gets the upper hand on Wagner. Now Escorpion is beating on Wagner while Texano beats on Clown. Pagano goes for a plancha and Chessman just hits him with a chair. Psycho tries to get the fans pumped but Texano punches him out and Escorpion crushes him with a chair. The rudos beat down of the tecnicos continues for some time. Wagner makes a come back and dragon screw leg whips Rey Escorpion. He then hits a swinging DDT on Chessman. Then Pagano, Wagner, and Psycho all hit dives through the middle rope on Escorpion, Texano, and Chessman. All of them get in the ring and pose. Escorpion and Clown trade rapid fire strikes again. Psycho hits a hurricanrana then a head scissors on Escorpion before Chessman comes in to jump him. Psycho then hits a swinging DDT on Chessman. Texano goes to hit Psycho with the bullrope but he moves, hitting Chessman. Wagner comes in and goes wild on everyone. Pagano comes in and beats up Escorpion until Escorpion hits him with a clothesline. Pagano kicks Chessman to the outside then he hits a flip dive through the middle rope. Texano and Escorpion hit collider suplexes on Wagner and Clown for a close two. Clown and Wagner then get pinning combos just for two though. Wagner then does a flip dive off of the apron. Clown does a flip over the top rope onto Escorpion. Pagano goes for a moonsault with a chair but Chessman moves and beats up Pagano with a chair and pins him. Ok then. Chessman pins Pagano with chair shots.

They continue to beat on Wagner at the end. Clown and Wagner fight back and Taurus comes out and spears Psycho Clown. Parka, Myzteziz, and Vikingo come out to help. Poder del Norte come out through the crowd and now they’re changing the odds. Myzteziz’s mask gets stolen. Texano keeps whipping Parka. Clwon and Wagner are helping Pagano. Texano and Escorpion attack them now instead of Parka. Texano steals La Parka’s mask.

Winners: Rey Escorpion, Texano Jr, and Chessman

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AJ’s IMPACT Wrestling Results & Review 4/15/21

AJ fills in to cover his first Impact full show in a hot minute! How does he feel about the product? How is everything building towards Rebellion?



Oh… Were you guys expecting to see Andrew’s IMPACT? No no…  Much like Matt and Jeff, Matt showed he can work but they just liked Jeff more.

I’m kidding but, yes as Andrew has said in the last IMPACT review, I am taking over IMPACT duties for the foreseeable future. Jazz’s retirement speech along with a lot of other interesting things to come like Omega and Swann with a Press Conference and good amount of matches to come.

What will I think of IMPACT now that they have another “Phenomenal AJ” with them?


  • TJP vs Josh Alexander – Josh Alexander wins via Butterfly Piledriver – *** ¼
  • Crazzy Steve (w/ Decay)  vs Karl Anderson (w/ Doc Gallows) – Karl Anderson wins via Spinebuster – ** ¾
  • Pick Your Poison: Brian Myers vs Jake Something-  Myers wins via Roster Cut – **
  • Pick Your Poison: Matt Cardona vs Sami Callihan- Sami Callihan wins via Package Piledriver – ** ¾


TJP vs Josh Alexander

Both men showing more of the technical side of them instead of the X Division we are used to seeing throughout the years but the two are using a good amount of speed against each other, picking up in the later part of the match up. They go to different styles rapidly from technical, to agility, strength and striking too around the end.

Every time TJP goes for an Armbreaker or his signature Octopus, Josh scouts it and gets into an Ankle Lock. TJP also has the move caught and transitions into an STS. TJP goes for a Mamba Splash but it keeps getting countered into the Ankle Lock again. TJP yet again reverses it into an Arm Bar and Josh Alexander realizes that he has to win with something else and breaks the Armbreaker with a Powerbomb and hits a Double Underhook Piledriver to finish off TJP this matchup.

A short promo airs for “Let’s Get Wilde”, showing that Taylor Wilde is returning fairly soon to IMPACT Wrestling.

Crazzy Steve vs Karl Anderson

Karl Anderson gets the advantage very early on, sneak attacking and beating down Steve, even during the break. With every single dirty trick, Crazzy Steve can’t seem to get any form of offense until Karl’s hubris gets in his way. Steve actually getting some fast paced offense going until Gallows interferes enough times for the win.

Was a good match, making sure that the Bullet Club reigns supreme on two shows. That and usually a Pair of Aces is a good way to win as well.

We get to the Swing Plaza and some odds when it comes to the X Division Championship Match at Rebellion. Ace saying he’s the best more a less, TJP actually saying he’s got a good amount of wins against both of them and Josh… getting the math from his friend Little Petey Pump on his three-way chance at Rebellion.

Eddie cuts a promo against Violent By Design with Willie Mack in tow. After Eddie comes with a declaration of war, VBD comes down and tells Eddie that he just wants his beating and says he had nothing to do with beating up Tommy Dreamer at Hardcore Justice. Violent By Design comes to the ropes after Eddie says let’s fight as James Storm and Chris Sabin runs down to even up the odds and challenges them to an Eight Man Tag Team match up for Rebellion.

Before we get Jazz’s Retirement speech, Deanna Purazzo is walking to the ring with Su…san and catches Scott D’More. Scott tells her to not ruin her moment in the ring before cutting to commercial.

Jazz comes out for her retirement speech and says Deanna and Jordynn are the present and future of Women’s Wrestling. After Jazz gives her heart felt speech, Fire n Flava comes out to interrupt and tells them that they don’t care and good riddance until… per Scott D’More and since Jazz never said I’m retired… WE HAVE A TAG TEAM MATCH!

For it being Impromptu, it was still a great feel good moment. Jazz got to go out on top with a Falcon Arrow variant and now official retires after her match. Everyone comes out from the locker room to give their support and love for Jazz.

After the break, Scott tells Fire n Flava that they have to face Jordynn and Jazz for the Tag Titles at Rebellion. They storm off upset but Jazz and Jordynn show up and Jazz says she appreciates it but, she is a woman of her word and will be retired but… she will get a substitute for Jordynn for the match.

Pick your Poison starts for Cardona and Myers as they pick each other’s opponent tonight. Myers is in the ring first and Cardona picks Jake Something.

Brian Myers vs Jake Something

Jake takes it to Myers really on, out powering and out muscling Myers before Myers powders out and runs away from Jake in order to bait him into a Roster Cut for the win.

After the match, Myers says that it’s hard to see with the eyepatch but it’s harder to see in the dark as Myers picks Sami Callihan to face Matt Cardona.

Matt Cardona vs Sami Callihan

Sami jumps Cardona early on before the bell and once we get started, Cardona hits a Rough Ry… Leg Lariat. He hit’s a leg lariat for the two count. Both men striking hard and beating each other down, in and outside of the ring, mistakes are what changes things from both men where Sami takes too much time and Cardona gets too angry and gets sloppy in his moves. No matter what, neither men can get an advantage until Cardona gets his adrenaline pumping, hitting Radio Silence to Sami but kicks out.

After some counters to take Matt Cardona’s cheap tactics by Sami Callihan to get the upper hand and the win, thumb in the eye of Cardona and into a Package Piledriver.

Aftermath: Sami tells Trey Miguel to come out and talk to him. Trey has a chip on his shoulder and tells Sami that he wants nothing to do with him. Sami tries to tell Trey that he is proud of Trey for taking the opportunity at Hardcore Justice because Sami was the one to take out Tommy Dreamer in the main event and that’s where Trey goes to attack Sami but you do not mess with a dangerous man, especially one that uses a chair to prove a point. Sami dismantles Trey with the chair but Trey keeps standing after the beatdown.

FinJuice has a promo against The Good Brothers saying that they are going to prove that they are the best and better than what the Good Brothers say they are.

The press conference begins and Kenny Omega is…. late it seems as the questions start for Rich Swann, if he can handle the challenge and answers the best way I could think. As they ask the questions about being Champion for both companies and their commitments that will happen and make sure there is a definitive winner, Kenny finally shows up and the questions for them begin. Don gets questioned about his loyalty to IMPACT and his devotion to Kenny Omega and if there will be a backlash for it and Callis gets sick of his only question as he praises Omega again so he can talk. Kenny Omega speaks on how he is used to this type of thing, big match, dress to impress and then starts to insult Rich Swann, saying he’s not on his level and he doesn’t belong on this platform.

He says this is the last time he will be cordial, that the next time he sees Rich is in the ring and goes to shake his hand… but paint brushes him instead as a fight closes out the show.

Final Thoughts:

Now… I do love IMPACT. I really do and enjoyed a lot of the moments in the night, from Cardona and Myers trying to outwit each other, the VBD vs IMPACT Soldiers to get a match at Rebellion all the way to Callihan and Trey’s confrontation. All of this will play out perfectly as the set up for Rebellion’s card on the 25th. Bound to see some great matches and this is my first time giving my opinions and thoughts on IMPACT on this platform and we might even get more as they added Trey vs Sami in a Last Man Standing Match, Jordynn Grace and a Mystery Partner against Fire n Flava along with Violent By Design against the IMPACT faithful.

All of that being said however, am I the only one that really and truly… not giving even a modicum of care about the Title vs Title Match for Rebellion? It’s going to be Kenny. All fingers point to Kenny. They even said there is going to be an All Elite Wrestling Referee there to make sure it’s a definite match. They are making it seem like Rich is just so insignificant on his own show that he is representing as their Undisputed World Champion. I know I usually don’t get on my soap box during reviews but I can say without a shadow of a doubt… I really don’t care about this match and I know I’m going to cover it in two Sundays. Try to impress me. Make me give a damn about this match IMPACT. You have a week.

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (4/15/21)

The Gallus boys are back!



Coverage NXT UK 2021

A huge grudge match headlines NXT UK!

After betraying the Bhangra Badboy during their NXT UK Tag Team title match, Kenny Williams will have to face Amir Jordan’s wrath!


  • Nathan Frazer VS Saxon Huxley; Frazer wins.
  • Emilia McKenzie VS Isla Dawn; Dawn wins.
  • Jack Starz w/ Piper Niven VS Ashton Smith; Starz wins.
  • Kenny Williams VS Amir Jordan; Williams wins.


Nathan Frazer VS Saxon Huxley!

The British Prodigy is building his legacy, but now he runs into the Divine Beast of the Astral Plane! Will Frazer add Huxley to his legend? Or will he learn to walk away when he sees Huxley coming?

The bell rings and Frazer circles with Huxley. Frazer gets around to a waistlock, Huxley throws him away! They go again, Frazer dodges the boot and keeps moving. Frazer dodges again, CHOPS, but Huxley just growls! Frazer headlocks, Huxley powers up to back drop but Frazer makes that a sunset flip! Huxley stays up, drags Frazer up and tosses him to the corner! Frazer dodges again to CHOP again! Frazer keeps avoiding Huxley’s hands and headlocks again. Huxley powers up again to back suplex, but Frazer lands on his feet! Huxley blocks the single leg to gut wrench, but Frazer slips free, springboards, but into Huxley’s arms! BIG scoop slam!

Huxley runs and drops an elbow, only to miss! Frazer gets to a corner, Huxley huffs and puffs and catches Frazer again to RAM him into a corner! Frazer is stuck in the ropes, Huxley corner clotheslines from behind! Huxley drags Frazer out of the Tree of Woe just to STOMP him down! Frazer sputters, Huxley stomps him down more, then drags him up. Huxley runs with Frazer corner to corner and RAMS him into the buckles! Huxley drags Frazer while the BT Sports Studio boos, and he TOSSES Frazer! Huxley fires himself up, drags Frazer back up, and ROCKS him! Huxley puts Frazer in the corner, then TOSSES him again! But Frazer rolls to his feet and dropkicks Huxley’s leg out!

Frazer runs, but into a BOOT! Huxley drags Frazer around to dribble him off the mat! Huxley lets off to cover, TWO! Huxley drags Frazer up and scoops him, but Frazer escapes to dropkick! Huxley stays up, runs and drops the elbow! Huxley digs his knee in for the half camel clutch! Frazer endures, he moves around, and pries at the hold. Frazer slips out from under the knee, gets to his feet and throws body shots. Huxley CLUBS Frazer down, then STOMPS him for good measure! Huxley drags Frazer up by his hair, and CLUBS him with a crossface forearm! Frazer is in a daze as Huxley drags him back up. Huxley lifts, heads for a corner, but Frazer blocks with his feet!

Frazer fights with fists and pushes off the corner for a crossbody! Frazer tumbles off the cover and both men slowly rise. Frazer runs and RAMS Huxley! Huxley stays up, Frazer keeps trying, then he ducks and dodges to RAM Huxley out of the ring! BT Sports Studio fires up as Frazer grits his teeth. Frazer builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and both men crash into barriers! The ref checks on Huxley, he’s somehow still alright, but Frazer has the mad eyes now! Frazer hauls Huxley up but Huxley throws him into the ring. Huxley storms in, Frazer gets around his clothesline but Huxley blocks the suplex.

Huxley suplex Frazer, but Frazer slips out to duck and QUEBRADA, to the ELBOW DROP DDT! Frazer goes right up top, aims, leaps and missile dropkicks Huxley back down! Frazer returns to the top rope, FROG SPLASH!! Cover, Frazer wins!!

Winner: Nathan Frazer, by pinfall

That was definitely a big win for the young legend! Will Frazer only win bigger matches from here on?


NXT UK Media interviews Noam Dar and Sha Samuels.

How is Dar feeling after his loss at NXT UK Prelude? Sha asks, “How do you think he feels?!” It winds Sha up, gets on his nerves, that Dar works so hard every single day to make sure this brand is at the TOP of the WWE! And Tyler Bate and his “old man,” Trent Seven, just get handed things on a silver platter! Dar has Sha calm down, and says those boys play checkers, but he and Sha play chess. Dar has friends in high places, and he has guaranteed himself and Sha a tag team match with Moustache Mountain! Sha likes that, and Dar says they’ll see those dafties next week. EEEEAST!!


NXT UK presents an all new Supernova Sessions!

“Hello, hello, hello! Hear me now, live from the moon,” Dar welcomes us back to his show. Now they say two is better than one, and usually Dar is a one man team. But as we heard, Dar and Sha will team up to make tag team history as they knock Seven & Bate off the tag team mountain! Now, all the way from Scotland, it’s GALLUS! Wolfgang, Mark & Joe Coffey walk out and they take the couch. Dar tries to say that’s his seat but he can’t get Gallus to go to the chairs. Dar tries to sit on the arm, but Gallus tells him no, there’s chairs over there. Dar sighs as he has to sit in the “guest” section, and then tries to get comfy.

Dar says Gallus is looking fantastic and fresh! Where did they go on holiday? And more importantly, what gift did they bring back for him? Mark tells Dar it wasn’t a holiday. It was time to train and refocus. They worked in the morning, had a drink in the afternoon, and didn’t “break any rules.” Gallus is held to a higher standard than any team here, so they picked themselves up and got going again. Dar likes that. How is Wolfie feeling? Well he’s been away, focusing on controlling his temper, and not let anyone get under his skins. Well said. Is Joe okay, though? That wing alright? Joe’s been kinda quiet. Joe says he’s had time to reflect. The next thing he wants to do is another go on the pitch.

But out walks a surprise guest! Eddie Dennis is here! Dennis has a mic already and he throws their words at them: Gallus is “held to a higher standard,” but the only reason they had the NXT UK Tag Team Championships to lose to Pretty Deadly is because Joe got involved in their business! Dar says Dennis shouldn’t go there. Well, if Joe wants to go on a rampage, start with the one guy who he’s been avoiding since the start of this brand. Joe tells Dennis that if he wants a round, they can go next week! No, Dennis didn’t mean himself. It’s those lads. PRIMATE & T-BONE JUMP GALLUS! It’s a brawl between all six men, Dar staying far away!

Referees rush out to stop this, but that’s not that easy! Gallus chases off Dennis and his new pack of animals, Dar having fun while munching on breadsticks and sipping juice. Play the funky music! Gallus wants to be back on top, but is there a new trio of alpha males moving into their territory?


NXT UK Media catches up with Sam Gardwell.

“Don’t accost me, journo, I’m busy.” But Gradwell can’t get in the door because it’s locked. Dave Mastiff gets it for him and Gradwell gets on his case. Mastiff tells him to shut up, then slams the door shut to lock it again! Gradwell is furious and shouts, “I’m the Thunderstorm! I’m the season! Come back, yogurt!!” Will Gradwell’s big mouth continue to get him on people’s bad sides?


Moustache Mountain “quiz” each other.

“I am…” “Trent Seven. And I am…” “Tyler Bate!” And together, they are Moustache Mountain! For the very first time in a year, and in BT Sports Studio Arena! It’s unbelievable, really. Bate is going after the Heritage Cup as a singles competitor, but until then, they’re back as a tag team against Dar & Sha! The Big Strong Boy & the Artful Dodger are back in the BT Sports Studio Arena, but will it be another big win?


Emilia McKenzie VS Isla Dawn!

With Meiko Satomura on her side, #SuplexMillie got a win over the not-so-good witch of Scotland. But now, they go 1v1 to see if Millie can repeat the performance! Will Dawn turn her fortunes around like a tarot card on the table?

The bell rings and Millie ties right up with Dawn. They go around on the ropes and corners, and Dawn pushes Millie in. The ref counts, Dawn CHOPS Millie! Millie kicks low, headlocks and grinds. Dawn powers up, pulls hair but can’t power out as Millie grinds tighter! The ref reprimands as Dawn pulls hair again. Dawn throws body shots, powers out, but Millie arm-drags Dawn down! And again! Dawn blocks the third but Millie wrenches through to hit a SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Cover, ONE!! Dawn gets up but Millie seethes as she waistlocks. Dawn scrambles and hotshots Millie in the ropes! Dawn dropkicks Millie down to the corner!

Dawn grins as she brings Millie up to bump her off buckles. The ref counts as Dawn KICKS away on Millie in the corner! Dawn lets off, brings Millie out and SNAP SAIDOS! Dawn looms over Millie, stomps her down, then sits her up. Millie hits back, Dawn clubs her, and gets the fisherman hook. Millie cradle counters, just like last week! TWO, but Millie kicks low! Millie whips, Dawn reverses and KNEES Millie against ropes! Millie gasps and sputters, Dawn drags her up to CLUB her down! Cover, TWO! Dawn drags Millie up and underhooks the arms. Millie resists, but Dawn shifts to a STANDING BUTTERFLY LOCK! Millie endures, fights, and breaks the grip!

Millie CLUBS Dawn on the back, throws big forearms, but Dawn shoves her away. Millie comes back to dropkick a leg out! Millie keeps moving to BASEMENT UPPERCUT! Dawn flounders to a corner, Millie runs in but Dawn dodges. Millie slips out and Dawn hits buckles. Millie ROCKS Dawn, then uses the corner for a HANDSPRING SPEAR! Cover, TWO!! Millie is beside herself but Dawn grabs at her. Millie shrugs Dawn off, clubs her on the back, then waistlocks. Dawn elbows free, bumps Millie off buckles, and then runs corner to corner to KNEE her! Fisherman to the PERFECT PLEX! Cover, TWO!! Millie survives and Dawn’s furious!

Dawn looms over Millie, drags her up and Millie shoulders into her! Millie pump handles for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO!! Dawn survives again and Millie is seething! Millie glares at Dawn, pushes her around, and waistlocks again. Dawn drops and victory rolls, TWO! Millie SHOTGUN dropkicks Dawn to a corner! Then Millie runs in to RAM Dawn! Millie fires off shoulders, fires off haymakers, but the ref backs her up. Millie spins around him, but Dawn ROUNDHOUSES Millie first! Millie staggers into Dawn’s HALF ‘N’ HALF! Bridging cover, Dawn wins!!

Winner: Isla Dawn, by pinfall

The SORCERESS of Scotland redeems herself! Will Dawn only get darker before she has her chance at the championship?


Jinny and Joseph Conners speak.

The Spoiled Princess tells “Dani Luna, sweetheart, I know what you’re capable of. You’re one of the strongest girls in this division, if not the strongest. But you walk around with your ugly, miserable looking face and you act like you don’t even want to be here. But in reality, you don’t deserve to be here. You’re a small fish in a big pond, who wears the same dirty outfit to the ring every time. And next week, when you step into the ring with the Fashionista, you’re just gonna end up another fashion victim.” Will Jinny show the punk rock powerhouse the pecking order of NXT UK?



After the brawl we saw earlier, Eddie Dennis VS Joey Coffey is happening next week! Will the Welsh Dragon dethrone the Iron King or be slain instead?


NXT UK shares footage from backstage last week.

After Aoife Valkyrie’s message to Meiko Satomura, the Final Boss finds her again. “I know what this means. I accept.” The black feather is returned to Aoife, and now the Best in the World will battle the winged warrior! Will Meiko be used as the updraft to raise Valkyrie to the next level?


Jack Starz w/ Piper Niven VS Ashton Smith!

Training with Piper Niven has unleashed the fire inside Starz! But will that fire be quickly put out by The Prestige?

The bell rings and Starz circles with Smith. They tie up, Starz goes for a leg but Smith blocks. Smith tosses Starz off but Starz gets back up to go again. Starz and Smith tie up, Smith turns Starz to waistlock but Starz reaches to headlock. Smith thrashes Starz around, but Starz pries free to roll and get the leg! Starz is after an ankle lock but Smith boots him away. Starz comes back, clinches and whips Smith but Smith runs him over! Starz gets to a corner to cool off, and comes back to circle with Smith. They tie up again, Smith has a cording hold and then wrenches to a wristlock. Starz fights up, rolls, handsprings and breaks free to dropkick! And dropkick again!

Smith stays up but Starz whips. Smith reverses and reels Starz in for a standing fireman’s carry takeover! Smith clamps onto the arm again, Starz endures and fights up. Piper coaches Starz but Smith wrenches again. Smith reels Starz in to RAM shoulders! Smith sits Starz up, brings him around, and wrenches again. Smith whips but Starz uses that to roll Smith up, TWO!! Starz runs back in but into a BIG knee from Smith! Smith drags Starz up, whips him to a corner hard, then CLOBBERS him on the rebound! Cover, TWO!! Starz survives and Piper coaches him up. Smith gets Starz up to CLUB him back down!

Starz writhes, Smith drags him back up, and Smith shoves Starz to ROCK him with a body shot! Starz falls to his knees, Smith waistlocks and dead lifts to a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Starz survives and Piper coaches him as BT Sports Studio rallies. Smith gets Starz up to EuroUpper! Smith scoops Starz to military press and SLAM him! Cover, TWO!! Starz survives again and Smith drags him up again. Starz throws heavy body shots, then EuroUppers of his own! Smith shoves, whips but Starz goes up and elbows back! Starz goes up again to leap, but into Smith’s arms! Smith pops Starz up to a suplex, but Starz fights free! Starz EuroUppers, but leaps into a catch!

Smith catapults Starz up and out of the ring! Starz crashes down and Piper looks concerned. Piper checks on Starz, coaches him up again as the ring count climbs. Smith dares Starz to get in, and Starz is in at 5 of 10! Smith brings Starz up to ROCK him with a EuroUpper! Smith stalks behind Starz at the ropes but Piper coaches him. Smith stands on Starz’s hand, brings him up and ROCKS him with another EuroUpper! Piper tells Starz to get that fire going, show that he isn’t just going to take this! Starz gives the EuroUppers back! Starz runs and rallies with big shoulder tackles and a BACK DROP! Starz reels Smith in, hooks al eg, but Smith fights the suplex off.

Smith turns Starz, back suplexes but Starz lands on his feet! Things speed up, Starz slips out of Blue Thunder to roll up DEEP! Starz wins!!!

Winner: Jack Starz, by pinfall

Smith is shocked, but three is three! Starz gets his very first singles win in NXT UK! Piper is so happy for him, and says she knew he could do it! Will Starz build on this momentum to be an even bigger star?


Kenny Williams VS Amir Jordan!

Two years ago, as this brand began, so did a friendship between these two young superstars. They trained together, struggled together, won and loss together, and supported each other when the other was injured. But as times got tough, something started to sour. When they disagreed on how to win, that was the last straw, and The Chancer cheated his tag partner out of the titles! A promise broken, a tag team broken, a friendship broken. But now, as these two face each other as enemies, will one of them be left broken in the ring?

The bell rings and Williams rushes Jordan but Jordan dodges to clothesline him first! Jordan rallies with more lariats, throws his scarf off and fires hands on Williams in a corner! The ref backs him off, Williams rushes Jordan again but Jordan punches him first! Jordan fires haymakers, whips Williams to ropes but Williams reverses, only for Jordan to CROSSBODY! Jordan rains down furious fists, but Williams gets away to the outside. Jordan chases him, but Williams baits him into a knee on the apron! Williams runs, Jordan dodges the dropkick to KICK Williams down! Jordan bumps Williams off apron, then CLUBS him around the way.

Jordan bumps Williams off apron again, but won’t let him get away yet! Williams knees back low and hard, and whips Jordan at steps. Jordan stops himself, then dodges as Williams rushes back in! Williams crashes into and over the steps! Jordan stomps Williams down, gets in the ring, and watches Williams on the outside. Williams gets in the ring, begs for mercy and says he’s hurt, but Jordan knows not to trust that! Williams swings on Jordan, Jordan blocks and LARIATS! BT Sports Studio fires up, Jordan runs in to SPLASH Williams in a corner! Jordan whips, Williams reverses but Jordan comes back to LEAPING LARIAT! Cover, TWO!

Williams bails out but Jordan pursues. Williams stays away, tries a sweep but Jordan kicks him back. Jordan WRECKS Williams with a dropkick! Jordan puts Williams back in, shoulders but into a KICK! Williams scowls as he climbs the corner just to KICK away on Jordan’s hand! Williams runs to WRECK Jordan with a dropkick in return! Jordan writhes, Williams paces about, and he goes out at 5 of 10 to get Jordan up. Jordan hits back, Williams CLUBS Jordan, then tears the tape away from the shoulders. Williams CLUBS Jordan more, then puts him in the ring. Cover, TWO! Williams CHOPS Jordan on the back, and brings him up to ROCK him!

Jordan ends up in a corner, Williams snapmares and scrapes Jordan’s face! Cover, TWO! Williams seethes, clamps onto Jordan’s arm, and KNOCKS him down with a straddle attack. Williams clamps onto one arm, pushes Jordan’s head down, and puts so much pressure on that bad arm! Williams steps over, mule kicks Jordan in the head while pulling on the arm. Jordan endures so Williams rolls back to armbar! Williams stomps away on Jordan’s head, then shifts to a cover, TWO! Jordan is still in this but Williams seethes more. Williams brings Jordan up but Jordan body shots. Williams headbutts low, whips Jordan to ropes, but Jordan sunset flips! TWO, and Williams CLOBBERS Jordan! Cover, TWO!!

Williams smirks as he clamps onto Jordan, stomps him down, and then drags him up to throw clubbing crossface forearms! Williams covers again, TWO! Jordan hasn’t given up yet! Williams is annoyed, but Jordan throws body shots and haymakers in return! Jordan CHOPS, throws more hands, then reels Williams in. Williams NORTHERN LIGHTS, then rolls back to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Jordan grits his teeth, Williams starts to lose his cool, and he CLAWS Jordan’s back. Williams “apologizes” to the ref, then brings Jordan up to snapmare and dig his knee into the back. Williams clamps onto the arm, grinds the shoulder and stands on Williams’ head!

Jordan endures, Williams pulls Jordan’s arms into a straitjacket! Jordan endures, even as Williams pulls him back against a knee. Jordan fights up, turns things around, but Williams kicks low. Williams bumps Jordan off buckles, throws forearms, but Jordan kicks low! Williams rams into Jordan, hoists him up top, then ROCKS him with a slapping palm strike! Williams climbs up to get Jordan, but Jordan resists! Jordan fires body shots back, then GOURD BUSTERS Williams to the mat! Jordan adjusts as Williams staggers up, and Jordan missile dropkicks! Williams tumbles all the way to a corner and Jordan runs in to fire off!

Jordan uppercuts, runs and hits a NECKBREAKER! Williams staggers up, swings but into Jordan’s EDGE-O-MATIC! Cover, TWO!! Jordan hurries to a corner, climbs up top, and SWANTON BOMBS!! Cover, TWO!! Williams still lives and shocks Jordan! Williams crawls to a corner, Jordan stalks him and Electric Chair lifts! Williams fights that, slips off, hurdles over and table top sunset flips, TWO! Jordan jackknife to a prawn hold, TWO!! ENZIGURI! Williams wobbles, yoyos, and #LETSKILLIT LARIATS Jordan down! Both men are down and BT Sports Studio is fired up as a standing count begins! Williams sits up first, kicks at Jordan, and stands on his hand.

Jordan sits up to kick Williams away! Jordan throws haymakers but Williams throws body shots back! Williams ROCKS Jordan, and DOUBLE CHOPS! Jordan boots but it’s blocked! Williams wheelbarrows for a FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Jordan survives again and Williams is beside himself! Williams gets up, goes to a corner, and starts undoing the padding on the crossbar? The ref stops him there, but Williams just goes to a different corner! Jordan rolls Williams up first, TWO!! Williams hurries up, Jordan gets him, waistlock but they end up heading for the ref!

Jordan knows what’s coming! Jordan gets away from the low blow mule kick, to SUPERKICK in return! Cover, TWO!?! Williams survives and Jordan is frustrated! BT Sports Studio slowly builds to a rally, Williams drags himself to a corner, and Jordan storms over. Williams boots him away, then gets him in a clinch to RAM him into the second buckle! It was just loose enough for Jordan to hit the steel behind the padding! Williams hits a HEADLOCK DRIVER!! Cover, Williams wins!!

Winner: Kenny Williams, by pinfall

The Chancer took a chance and it paid off! He gets away with another one, and has a big smile on his face over what he just did to his former friend. “Luck is all I need!” Will Williams leave the Bhangra Boy behind as he goes for his own glory and gold?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for following Prelude and WrestleMania Week. All singles matches tonight but we got a very good tag match set up for next week. Dar & Sha VS Moustache Mountain is going to be great, and I have a feeling Moustache Mountain wins so that Bate can continue strong into the Heritage Cup match. Otherwise, I think Seven loses the match for them so that Dar & Sha can build themselves in the UK Tag Division while not costing Bate. Supernova Sessions was fun, with Gallus taking the couch and Dar unable to do anything about it. Gallus taking on Dennis, T-Bone and Primate already sounds like a lot of fun, and starting with Joe Coffey VS Dennis is a good call.

Frazer VS Huxley was a great opening match, Frazer winning was natural since he is that good and is building up. McKenzie VS Dawn was good, though I’m not sure the point of it other than to keep Dawn strong with her new Heel persona. Meiko responding to Aoife was good, and that match will be great, but I do feel like Meiko could put Aoife over so that Aoife can start to chase Kay Lee Ray and the title now. Jinny starting a thing with Dani Luna is interesting, but it will be good for Dani to get reps with someone as experienced as Jinny. Starz VS Smith was a great match, especially for Starz since he won. Not sure where he and Piper are heading, but it’s fun for Piper to be a coach now while the UK title is still tangled with KLR.

That quick interaction with Gradwell and Mastiff was good, because Mastiff is just shrugging Gradwell off as opposed to letting him get under his skin. That match is going to be great as a fight of “proper British heavyweights,” and could be a chance for Gradwell to get a big win. Jordan VS Williams was great stuff, great amount of story given their history. Two years sure flies, huh? I forgot it had been that long. Williams winning with sneaky tactics was perfect for him, as he is now able to go into the Heritage Cup Division, where A-Kid the current champion is a Face. A-Kid could win, or he could lose to Bate and it’d still be alright, Bate could be a strong Face against Williams, too.

My Score: 8.3/10

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