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Joe’s AAA Review & Results (5/6/19)

Joe Dinan brings you up to date on all things AAA with his review and results for the past week!



Joe Dinan brings you up to date on all things AAA with his review and results for the past week!

AAA Live on Twitch 5/3

Big Mami and Nino Hamburguesa vs Lady Maravilla and Arez

Maravilla tries to manipulate Nino but Mami attacks her from behind. Mami clears out Arez but Maravilla attacks her from behind. Nino is like a deer in the headlights with Maravilla. Nino shoulder bumps Arez and he repels off Nino. Nino hits a leg drop on Arez. Maravilla tries to manipulate him again but Big Mami snaps him out of it. Arez goes to do an asai moonsault but Nino pulls him off of the apron. Big Mami is on the outside with him when Maravilla does a moonsault to the outside. Maravilla and Arez perform a double team move on Nino. Mami then tries to attack Maravilla. Mami gets Maravilla and Arez down in the corner and Nino hits a running senton in the corner. Nino tries to help Maravilla up but Mami pushes him down. She does a gory espcial on Maravilla followed by a leg drop. Her and Nino argue. Mami goes to the top to do a move but postures. Nino gets low blowed and then Maravilla pins Nino. Mami doesn’t know what happened. Lady Maravilla pins Nino Hamburguesa after a low blow.

Winners: Lady Maravilla and Arez

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Maximo, Mamba, and Keyra (Myzteziz Jr) vs Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr, and Tito Santana

Our first replacement. A lot of posturing to begin this match but finally Mamba and Carta Brava engage. But not really because the rest of Poder del Norte stomp out Mamba. Myzteziz comes in and tries to use his speed to his advantage. Maximo enters and gets offense in on Mocho Cota. Santana and Mamba go back and forth and the exchange ends with Mamba kissing him to the ground and Norte enters and stomps Mamba out. Maximo gets worked over and smashed with a chair. It’s Poder del Norte so DQs don’t exist. Come backs are made with Myzteziz and Mamba. Myzteziz gets a pinning combo. Maximo kisses Mocho then school boys him all for a two count. Mamba hits a drop kick on Santana but Brava breaks up the pin with a chair. Myzteziz gets Brava into a head scissors for the Fujiwara arm bar but Cota hits him with a chair. Cota hits a Spanish fly on Myzteziz and Brava and Santana hit spears on Mamba and Maximo, all for two counts. Mamba launches Myzteziz into Cota and Santana for a double drop kick. Then Myzteziz hits a middle rope dive. Maximo goes for a middle rope dive but Santana pushes Myzteziz in front of him and he gets hit. In the ring Mamba gets worked over. Mamba gets hit with a corner attack then a frog splash by Cota for the win. Mocho Cota Jr pins Mamba with a frog splash.

Hijo del Vikingo comes out post match and then he and Myzteziz hit big dives on Poder del Norte. Then they pose in the ring.

Winners: Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr, and Tito Santana

Faby Apache, Drago, and Golden Magic vs Monster Clown, Chik Tormenta, and Keyra

Okay Keyra who was booked before but not in the match was the surprise here. Hijo del Tirantes refereeing his third straight match. Drago starts out with Monster Clown but once Monster gets the advantage, Magic hits a hurricanrana to the outside followed by a dive by Magic. Drago then hits a dive. Tormenta and Keyra try to team on Faby but she works around it. Tirantes is involved so he’s going to be especially heel towards Faby and her team. Magic gets hit with a double drop kick by Tormenta and Keyra. Faby gets worked over next. Faby hits a super kick and then Drago and Magic hit back breakers on Keyra and Tormenta. Then do double team offense to take out Monster Clown. Magic goes for a rolling standing moonsault on Keyra but she moves. Keyra goes for a crossbody but Magic catches her. Tormenta catches Magic’s leg and hits a Pentagon driver on him. Drago gets Tormenta and Keyra to the outside and hits a dive onto both of them. In the ring Monster Clown hits a power bomb on Magic but Faby pulls out the ref. Magic then hits a double stomp in the corner on Monster. Magic does a jump up moonsault but Clown gets the feet up. Monster Clown gets him in a crucifix position and just flips Magic for the pin. Monster Clown pins Golden Magic with a crucifix flip.

Faby argues with the ref after. Yeah they’re building towards something with those two. She grabs the mic and challenges him to a match.

Winners: Monster Clown, Chik Tormenta, and Keyra

Flamita and Hijo del Vikingo vs Chessman and Taurus

Billed as a six man tag involving Mascara and Myzteziz is now just a tag. Probably for the better. Chessman and Flamita go back and forth for the early portion of the round. Vikingo enters hitting a hurricanrana on Taurus. Vikingo and Flamita go for flip dives over the top. Taurus catches Vikingo and throws him into the ring post. Chessman was not so lucky to catch Flamita. Taurus press slams Vikingo on the announce table. Vikingo and Flamita continue to get worked on until they both hit strikes to make a come back. I’d like to point out Hijo del Tirantes is the ref again. Taurus launches Vikingo to the outside over the ring post and Vikingo is dead. No he’s not dead but he will be one day. Flamita does a moonsault to the outside on Taurus. Vikingo is in the ring somehow and does a 450 into a hurricanrana on Chessman. Taurus hit Chessman by accident and Vikingo is trying to strike with Taurus. Flamita tries to do a head scissors move on both guys but it gets messed up badly. Flamita hits a standing Spanish fly on Taurus but Chessman breaks up the pin. Chessman looks like he hits Ospreay’s storm breaker into an arm bar. Chessman goes for a tornado dive but misses and Flamita tries to pin him. Vikingo hits a shooting star press on Chessman but Taurus breaks up the pin. Chessman throws Vikingo in the air and Taurus catches him for a samoan drop. They get Chessman down and Vikingo runs up Flamita for a standing moonsault then Flamita does a standing shooting star press. Taurus is going for a super power bomb on Flamita but Vikingo leaps up for a super hurricanrana. Flamita then hits a tornillo dive onto Chessman on the outside. Taurus kicks out and hits a spear, then what the announcer called a Laredo driver. Taurus pins Hijo del Vikingo with a Laredo Driver.

Winners: Chessman and Taurus

Psycho Clown vs Rey Escorpion

This is a lumber jack match. All of the lumberjacks entrance music is Links 2 3 4 by Rammstein. I’m fine with that. It’s not that many people honestly. Five tecnicos and 5 rudos. Tirantes is the ref again. Apparently the English broadcast said he’s the only ref here. They have Vikingo’s poor ass out there as a lumberjack. Well the actual match begins with Psycho getting beat down by Rey. Clown gets back dropped to the outside and the rudos beat him up. Tecnicos try to save him. Clown hits a head scissors to make a come back and then he dumps Escorpion to the outside so now the tecnicos are beating on him. When the rudos arrived Clown hits a dive through the middle rope on Rey. Clown climbs a light fixture and does a dive on Escorpion. Clown and Escorpion go back and forth now. The ref is fast counting for Escorpion. Clown goes for a running attack but Maravilla grabs his leg. Mami then attacks Maravilla. Escorpion hits a hurricanrana off of the top for a close two count. Clown hits a power slam but Poder Del Norte enters to stomp him out. Myzteziz and Vikingo come in to help. Vikingo and Myzteziz both hit asai moonsaults. Escorpion hits a power bomb but Clown kicks out. Clown meets Escorpion on the top rope and hits a superplex for a two count. Tormenta knocks Clown off of the top rope and Faby comes in to take her out. Psycho Clown is beating up some of the lumber jacks now. Clown gets back in the ring and Rey Escorpion pins Psycho Clown with a package pile driver. I can’t believe my eyes. Rey Escorpion pins Psycho Clown with a package pile driver.

Naturally Escorpion stole Psycho’s mask after the match.

Winner: Rey Escorpion

Dr. Wagner and Pagano vs Blue Demon Jr and Texano Jr

Wagner poses during his entrance and Blue Demon waffles him with a chair. There’s conveniently a big piece of wood with a clown painting on it out there. Texano hits Pagano with a very long wooden stick. Wagner is bleeding already. Texano hits a chair with a chair into Pagano’s groin. Wagner and Demon are fighting within the crowd. Demon keeps jabbing Wagner with a chair. Texano hip tosses Pagano onto chairs. Pagano fights back and clotheslines Texano to the outside and then he hits a flip dive to the outside conveniently into the painted piece of clown wood. Wagner then rips Demon’s mask and hits him with a chair. He bites his head too. Now Demon is bleeding. Wagner hits a flip dive off of the apron onto Demon. Texano power bombs Pagano through a chair. Completely crushes the chair. Texano hits him with the bullrope. He also throws a ladder at Pagano. Tirantes takes the chair away from Wagner. Demon throws sand in Wagner’s eyes and hits a roll up. Blue Demon Jr pins Dr. Wagner Jr with a roll up.

Winners: Blue Demon Jr and Texano Jr

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AAA Live on Twitch 5/5

Keyra and Samoano vs Hijo Del Tirantes and Big Mami vs Faby Apache and Nino Hamburguesa

Konnan comes out during the introductions and basically clears up what the match actually is. Konnan is out here heeling it up. Faby starts out with Tirantes and there’s some posturing. Tirantes leaves the ring and taunts Faby. Keyra gets in and attacks Faby. Faby fights back and hits a back breaker. Tirantes taunts her again but tags in Big Mami. Nino gets tagged in and bumps into her and acts like he didn’t know he was tagged in with her in the ring. Nino and her fight back against others who enter the ring. Nino hits a head scissors on Keyra and Samoano. Mami and Nino talk in the ring then Tirantes attacks Nino from behind and he falls into Mami. The beat down is on. Samoano hit a sloppy elbow drop on Nino. Tirantes kicks Faby in her butt and then they all stomp her out. Nino hits clotheslines to make a come back. Mami splashes on Keyra and Samoano. Faby hits a hurricanrana on Tirantes to the outside and then she hits another on the outside. Hamburguesa then hit a flip dive through the middle rope. Mami hits a gory special to Keyra but Tirantes breaks up the pin. Faby attacks him. Nino climbs to the top rope and Maravilla comes out to distract him. Then big Mami gets thrown down and Keyra hit Mami with a moonsault for the win. Keyra pins Big Mami with a moonsault.

Winners: Keyra and Samoano

Maximo and Mamba vs Lady Maravilla and Chik Tormenta

Tirantes is out here to be the ref already. A lot of posturing to start and Mamba tries to kiss Tirantes. Maravilla and Maximo go back and forth with some moves. Maximo uses his experience to get the advantage. Mamba goes back and forth with Tormenta and Mamba wins that. Maravilla tries to attack Mamba but Mamba just strikes her. Mamba was gonna dive on Maravilla but she moved but got caught with Maximo diving off of the apron. Mamba gets the better of Tormenta then twerks in celebration. Maravilla tries to go at Maximo but he acts too good for her. So then she packs in offense he sells and the crowd actually gets behind her a little. Tormenta hits a double knee strike off of the top rope on Mamba finally. Maravilla hit a code breaker and Tormenta hit a german suplex. Mamba and Maximo then hit big moves on them then posture. Maravilla hits a shot gun drop kick on Maximo and then Mamba hit a power bomb on Maravilla but Tormenta breaks up the pin. Tormenta then does some impressive offense to Mamba. She rolls into a vertical suplex. Maximo then comes in and gets her out and then he hits a middle rope dive. In the ring Mamba gets Maravilla in a torture rack but Maravilla rolls up for a school boy but Mamba kicks out. Mamba then slams her and goes to the top rope but Maravilla meets him up there. She tries to go for a Spanish fly but Mamba falls off of the ropes. So Maravilla just hits a underhook face buster for the win. Lady Maravilla pins Mamba with an underhook face buster.

Big Mami comes out after and beats up Maravilla. They then all beat up on Tirantes.

Winners: Lady Maravilla and Chik Tormenta

Hijo Del Vikingo, Myzteziz Jr, and Flamita vs Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr, and Tito Santana

Vikingo, Flamita, and Myzteziz Jr all dive off of the stage onto Poder del Norte to start. The tecnico team is beating on Cota Jr. They turn their attention to Santana. But Santana flips Flamita and Myzteziz to the outside and then Santana baseball slides Vikingo and sends him flying. Brava beats on Myzteziz. Now Poder Del Norte introduced a chair to the scenario and are in charge. Flamita hits a 619 on Brava and Vikingo did a big flip over the turnbuckle and Myzteziz hit a dive on Cota. Brava and Flamita fight and Brava hits a double stomp in the corner. Flamita and Brava fight and Flamita hits a Standing spanish fly. Vikingo then works over Cota and hits impressive moves. He hits a jump in spring board spear on Cota. Santana works over Myzteziz. Myzteziz hits a springboard tornillo. Flamita does a dive off of the apron where it looks like he kills himself. Vikingo then does a dive as well. In the ring Mocho Cota Jr hits a Spanish fly on Myzteziz for the win. Mocho Cota Jr pins Myzteziz Jr with a Spanish Fly.

Poder Del Norte beats on them after the match. La Parka comes out to save Myzteziz.

Winners: Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr, and Tito Santana

Arez, Monster Clown, and Taurus vs Drago, Golden Magic, and La Parka

Match starts with a brawl seeing Monster Clown beat up Parka. They beat up on Drago next and Monster Clown hits Magic with his belt. Monster Clown Karate chops Drago in the groin. No DQ, only Tirantes here. They’re back to beating up Parka. Parka dodges an attack and hits a sloppy drop kick arm drag. Then he Rock bottoms Arez. Golden Magic and Drago then hit big dives. Monster Clown and Parka are in the ring now Monster and Taurus argue a bit while Parka hits Arez with back breakers. Parka then hits a sloppy double team move on Monster and Taurus. Magic then comes in and uses his acrobatics against Monster Clown. He gets him t the outside then hits an asai hurricanrana on Monster Clown. I guess I’d call it that. Arez super kicks Taurus by accident. Arez hits an impressive northern lights suplex on Drago. In the middle of the pin Magic hit a 450. Monster breaks up the pin and La Parka hits Monster Clown with his belt. Parka clotheslines him to the outside. Drago hits a super hurricanrana on Taurus for a two count. Drago does a canadian destroyer on the apron to Arez. La Parka then hits a middle rope dive on Monster Clown. Magic drop kicks Arez on the apron and then goes to the top and hits a tornillo splash, Drago hits a big spinning DDT on Taurus. Taurus then hits a big spear on Drago. Taurus then hits a spinning Laredo Driver for the win. Taurus pins Drago with a Laredo Driver.

Winners: Arez, Monster Clown, and Taurus

Psycho Clown, Dr. Wagner Jr, and Pagano vs Rey Escorpion, Texano Jr, and Chessman

Clown and Escorpion rapid fire strikes to begin this. Wagner hits a dragon screw leg whip and goes to the outside to beat on Texano. Escorpion is beating on Psycho. Texano gets the upper hand on Wagner. Now Escorpion is beating on Wagner while Texano beats on Clown. Pagano goes for a plancha and Chessman just hits him with a chair. Psycho tries to get the fans pumped but Texano punches him out and Escorpion crushes him with a chair. The rudos beat down of the tecnicos continues for some time. Wagner makes a come back and dragon screw leg whips Rey Escorpion. He then hits a swinging DDT on Chessman. Then Pagano, Wagner, and Psycho all hit dives through the middle rope on Escorpion, Texano, and Chessman. All of them get in the ring and pose. Escorpion and Clown trade rapid fire strikes again. Psycho hits a hurricanrana then a head scissors on Escorpion before Chessman comes in to jump him. Psycho then hits a swinging DDT on Chessman. Texano goes to hit Psycho with the bullrope but he moves, hitting Chessman. Wagner comes in and goes wild on everyone. Pagano comes in and beats up Escorpion until Escorpion hits him with a clothesline. Pagano kicks Chessman to the outside then he hits a flip dive through the middle rope. Texano and Escorpion hit collider suplexes on Wagner and Clown for a close two. Clown and Wagner then get pinning combos just for two though. Wagner then does a flip dive off of the apron. Clown does a flip over the top rope onto Escorpion. Pagano goes for a moonsault with a chair but Chessman moves and beats up Pagano with a chair and pins him. Ok then. Chessman pins Pagano with chair shots.

They continue to beat on Wagner at the end. Clown and Wagner fight back and Taurus comes out and spears Psycho Clown. Parka, Myzteziz, and Vikingo come out to help. Poder del Norte come out through the crowd and now they’re changing the odds. Myzteziz’s mask gets stolen. Texano keeps whipping Parka. Clwon and Wagner are helping Pagano. Texano and Escorpion attack them now instead of Parka. Texano steals La Parka’s mask.

Winners: Rey Escorpion, Texano Jr, and Chessman

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