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Joe’s CMLL Review & Results (5/13/19)

Catching up on CMLL is easy with Joe Dinan’s weekly look at the results and happenings! What happened? Take a look and see for yourself!



CMLL Coverage

Catching up on CMLL is easy with Joe Dinan’s weekly look at the results and happenings!

Arena Puebla

King Rocker and Espiritu Maligno vs Ares and Guerrero Especial

Maligno and Especial start out with some grappling. Ares enters with Rocker next and they start grappling as well. Especial hits Maligno with a slam and Ares hits a splash off of the top for the pin. Especial hits a power bomb on Rocker for the fall. First Fall: Guerrero Especial pins King Rocker with a power bomb.

Maligno goes back and forth with Ares and takes him out. Rocker and Especial go at it next. Rocker hits a hurricanrana out of nowhere for the pin. Maligno hits a power slam then submits Ares with an arm stretch submission. Second Fall: Maligno submits Ares with an arm stretch.

Rocker gets dumped to the outside, and then Maligno gets worked over. Maligno rolls into a guillotine on Especial for the submission. Ares submits Maligno with a face crank. But Rocker hits a sloppy sunset flip power bomb on Ares. It was more Ares’ fault. For the win.

Winners: King Rocker and Espiritu Maligno

Millenium and Asturiano vs El Malayo and Fuerza Chicana

Asturiano and Fuerza Chicana start the match out with some grappling. Malayo has a batman tank top on lol. He comes in with Millenium and they do some faster paced grappling. After the grappling exchange some spots get traded. Fuerza catches Asturiano with a spear for the pin. Malayo reverses Millenium into a rings of saturn for the sub. First Fall: El Malayo submits Millenium with a rings of Saturn.

Malayo works over Asturiano. Millenium gets worked over next. They make a quick come back and Millenium hits a moonsault on Malayo for the pin. Second Fall: Millenium pins Malayo with a moonsault.

Asturiano hits a flapjack on Chicana. Millenium hip tosses Malayo and then hits a drop kick. Malayo catches Millenium with a back breaker and pins him. Fuerza hits a fisherman’s suplex on Asturiano where he nearly spiked his head for the win. Third Fall: Fuerza Chicana pins Asturiano with a fisherman’s suplex.

Winners: El Malayo and Fuerza Chicana

Triton, Star Jr, and King Jaguar vs Nitro, El Coyote, and Disturbio

Jaguar and Coyote start out with some grappling. Star Jr enters next with Disturbio and they start grappling as well. Triton and Nitro come in and go back and forth. Disturbio hits a back stabber on Star for the pin. Nitro slams Jaguar and Coyote hits a splash off of the top for the round. First Fall: Coyote pins Jaguar with a splash.

Jaguar gets worked over to start this round. Triton enters but he eventually gets overwhelmed by numbers. Star runs up the ropes and hits a tornado splash. He avoids an attack and lets Coyote and Disturbio hit Nitro. Then while they’re all down Triton hits a springboard splash for the pin. Second Fall: Triton pins them all with a springboard splash.

Star and Coyote strike each other to start this round. Star takes them all out with arm drag head scissors combos. They all get the rudos to the outside and then Star and Triton hit dives over the top rope to the outside. Triton hits a moonsault on Nitro for the pin. Second kind of that finish tonight already. Third Fall: Triton pins Nitro with a moonsault.

Winners: Triton, Star Jr, and King Jaguar

Kraneo, Volcano, and Esfinge vs Hechicero, El Sagrado, and Misterioso

Misterioso and Esfinge begin the match locked up and they do some grappling but it all breaks down into a brawl with everyone in the ring. Hechicero hits a running knee on Kraneo and Sagrado pins him. First Fall: Hechicero hits a running knee on Kraneo and Sagrado pins him.

They kill Mije who is babyface when he accompanies Kraneo. Hechicero and the gang continue to team up on anyone who dares enter the ring. Esfinge hits a few back breakers to change momentum. Kraneo and Volcano sandwich Misterioso and Sagrado. Kraneo accidentally runs into Volcano and Hechicero drop kicks him. Esfinge super kicks Hechicero then hits a springboard splash for the pin. Second Fall: Triton pins Hechicero with a springboard splash.

Hechicero tries to lift Kraneo but he cannot. Kraneo hits a splash on Sagrado. Kraneo and Volcano hit a splash and leg drop on Hechicero. Volcano hits a bunch of suplexes on Sagrado. Hechicero pushes Esfinge into the ropes and then does a splash on him. Volcano hits a leg drop on Sagrado and Misterioso breaks it up. Triton hits a splash to the outside on Hechicero. Volcano hits a handspring splash on Sagrado. Third Fall: Volcano pins Sagrado with a handspring splash.

Winners: Kraneo, Volcano, and Esfinge

Mistico, Atlantis, and Soberano Jr vs Ultimo Guerrero, Cavernario, and Gran Guerrero

Mistico and Ultimo Guerrero roll around and grapple some. Soberano enters with Gran Guerrero and they do some interesting grappling. Atlantis gets double teamed with Cavernario and Ultimo. Then they get Mistico, Atlantis, and Soberano in a triple submission. First Fall: Ultimo, Cavernario, and Gran Guerrero submit them all in a triple submission.

Soberano get worked over to start the round. Atlantis then gets held and beat on. Mistico then helps them make a come back and Cavernario and Gran get knocked to the outside. Mistico hits la mistica which is the head scissors into a Fujiwara arm bar for the fall. Second Fall: Mistico submits Ultimo Guerrero with a Fujiwara arm bar.

Atlantis starts out hot, hitting moves on everybody and dodging attacks. Soberano gets flipped in the air but hits a hurricanrana on Gran. Mistico hits a head scissors to the outside on Ultimo then hits an over the top rope dive onto him. In the ring Cavernario pins Atlantis with a slingshot splash and then Gran pins Soberano with a sit out power bomb. Third Fall: Gran Guerrero pins Soberano with a sit out power bomb.

Winners: Ultimo Guerrero, Cavernario, and Gran Guerrero

Caristico vs Volador Jr

Caristico gets attacked from behind on his way to the ring. Volador just keeps beating on Caristico. Volador hits a school boy and pins him. First Fall: Volador pins Caristico with a school boy.

Volador continues to work over Caristico. Caristico hits a hurricanrana to the outside and then he hits a dive through the middle rope. Caristico super kicks Volador twice for the pin. Second Fall: Caristico pins Volador with a super kick.

Caristico starts out super hot and hits a hurricanrana to the outside. In the ring Caristico hits a hurricanrana for a pin but just for a two count. Volador reverses Caristico and hits a head scissors. Then he hits a dive to the outside. Caristico gets back in the ring first somehow and hits a spinning plauncha. Then he goes back into the ring and hits a dive through the middle rope. He then goes back in the ring and does it again. Back in the ring Caristico hits a back elbow for a two count. Volador hits a super kick then back stabber for a close two count. Caristico leaps up and hits a hurricanrana while Volador stands on the ropes for a two count. Volador hits a Canadian destroyer on Caristico for a two count. Caristico springs up and hits a destroyer on Volador for another two count. Volador distracts the ref and then removes Caristico’s mask and gets him in a small package for the win. Third Fall: Volador pins Caristico with a small package.

Winner: Volador Jr

Arena Mexico Tuesday

Aereo and Acero vs Pierrothito and Mercurio

Acero and Mercurio start grappling to start. Aereo and Pierrothito are in next and they trade some moves. Mercurio gets Aereo in a camel clutch like submission. Pierrothito gets Acero in a pinning combo. First Fall: Pierrothito pins Acero with a pinning combo.

They team up on Aereo to start this round. Aereo gets dumped to the outside. He’s missing his two front teeth, hopefully that didn’t happen now. Acero gets worked over next. Acero hits a cross body and Aereo hits a hurricanrana. Aereo hits a springboard splash on Pierrothito. Acero hits a lionsault on Mercurio. Second Fall: Acero pins Mercurio with a lionsault.

Mercurio and Aereo go back and forth with Aereo getting the advantage. Acero is getting taken out on a stretcher. I’m not sure what happened, must have happened between the round break. Aereo has to take them both on on his own now. Aereo monkey flips Mercurio on the ramp. The numbers are too much for Aereo and Pierrothito submits him with a leg lock. Third Fall: Pierrothito submits Aereo with a leg lock.

Winners: Pierrothito and Mercurio

Stigma, Pegasso, and Super Astro Jr vs Raziel, Cancerbero, and Metalico

Super Astro and Raziel start the match with some grappling. Stigma enters next with Cancerbero and they too go to the ground and start to grapple. Pegasso enters with Metalico and but Pegasso’s speed is too much for him. Raziel and Cancerbero try a double team move on Astro and Cancerbero just falls off of the top rope. So Raziel hits a neck breaker then submits him. Metalico slams Pegasso and gets him in a stretch submission. First Fall: Metalico submits Pegasso with a stretch submission. 

Stigma gets worked over to start the round. Astro tries to fight back but Metalico cuts him off. Pegasso is next up to be teamed up on. Astro hits a head butt off of the apron on Metalico to begin a come back. Stigma hits a crossbody and Pegasso hits a double arm drag. Stigma and Pegasso pin Raziel and Cancerbero with a hurricanrana. Second Fall: Stigma and Pegasso pin Raziel and Cancerbero with hurricanrana’s.

They try to work over Stigma but he uses his agility to fight back. Pegasso enters and he uses his speed to get the advantage. Now there’s a lot of back and forth action with them trading moves. Cancerbero hits a crucifix power bomb on Stigma for the pin. Astro drop kicks Metalico to the outside and then hits a big dive through the middle rope. Pegasso then hits a 450 on Raziel for the pin. And apparently they win. Who knows it’s CMLL. Third Fall: Pegasso pins Raziel with a 450.

Winners: Stigma, Pegasso, and Super Astro Jr

Blue Panther Jr, Triton, and Black Panther vs El Sagrado, Universo 2000 Jr, and Tiger

Black Panther and Universo start to tie up and grapple. The match breaks down really quickly as both Panthers get attacked. Tiger hits a vertical suplex on Triton. Triton hits a handspring elbow on Sagrado and Universo but coming off of the handspring Tiger catches him with a back stabber. First Fall: Tiger pins Triton with a back stabber.

Mije splashes Blue Panther but remember midget interference doesn’t count. Tiger and Triton go at it and Triton gets Tiger to the outside and then hits a dive. Blue Panther comes in and hits a bunch of back breakers. Blue and Black Panther get victory rolls on Sagrado and Universo for the pin. Second Fall: Black and Blue Panther get victory rolls on Universo and Sagrado.

There’s posturing to begin this round. Now the tecnicos are teaming up on the rudos. Some payback. Triton hit an asai moonsault on Tiger. Blue Panther hits a middle rope dive on Sagrado. Black Panther faked a dive but Blue Panther then hit another dive. Black Panther hits a dive on Sagrado, then hits one on Universo. Crazy. Dives galore. Tiger hits a Canadian destroyer on Triton then Triton goes to the outside and Tiger hits a dive. Universo jumps and sits on Blue Panther for the win. Uneventful finish. Third Fall: Universo 2000 sits on Blue Panther Jr for the win

Winners: El Sagrado, Universo 2000 Jr, and Tiger

(Lightning Round) El Audaz vs Misterioso

They start the match off with some grappling. Misterioso starts to work over Audaz. Audaz hits a head scissors on Misterioso and then hits a dive through the middle rope. Audaz then hits a dive over the top rope. Back in the ring Misterioso tries to take off Audaz’s mask. This is a sloppy match. Misterioso gets angry and pulls off the mask. Audaz wins via mask removal. 

Winner: El Audaz

Titan, Stuka, and Flyer vs Mephisto, Luciferno, and Ephesto

Stuka starts out with Ephesto and they do some grappling. Titan enters with Luciferno and they start grappling as well. Mephisto enters and Titan hurricanrana’s him to the outside. Titan chases him but Mephisto throws him into the barricade. Luciferno and Ephesto hit shoulder breakers on Stuka and Flyer for the pin. First Fall: Luciferno and Ephesto pin Stuka and Flyer with shoulder breakers.

Hijo del Infierno’s team up on everybody to start this round. Stuka and Titan take Luciferno and Ephesto to the outside and then Flyer gets Mephisto with a victory roll. Second Fall: Flyer pins Mephisto with a victory roll.

Titan and Luciferno go back and forth striking. Titan gets Luciferno and Ephesto out. He hits a head scissors on Mephisto to the outside and then poses. Flyer comes in with Luciferno and gets him out and then poses. Stuka comes in and takes out everyone. He does a back breaker to everyone on the outside. Stuka did an asai moonsault to Luciferno and then Titan and Flyer hit a middle rope dive on Mephisto and Ephesto. Back in the ring Mephisto tries to fight back, he slides to the outside but Flyer hits an asai moonsault. Titan slams Ephesto and Stuka hits a big dive. Titan gets Luciferno with a leg lock. Third Fall: Titan submits Luciferno with a leg lock.

Winners: Titan, Stuka, and Flyer

Caristico, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja vs El Terrible, Euforia, and Bestia del Ring

Euforia starts out with Angel de Oro and they start some grappling. Terrible attacks Oro and beats him up on the outside. Bestia jumps Roja and throws him into the barricade. Euforia works over Caristico. Euforia hits a modified pump handle slam for the pin. First Fall: Euforia pins Caristico with a pump handle slam.

Oro is getting mugged to start this round. Euforia goes to the outside and Caristico hits a splash to the outside. Oro and Roja hit corner super kicks on Bestia and Terrible. Second Fall: Roja and Oro pin Bestia and Terrible with corner super kicks. 

Oro comes out on fire taking everyone out. Roja works over everybody but he gets in there with Terrible and they strike each other. Caristico enters with Euforia and then they posture a little. Caristico dodges an attack and Terrible hits Bestia. Oro hits a golden moonsault on Terrible. Roja gets a pinning combo on Bestia. Caristico gets the Fujiwara arm bar on Euforia for the win. Third Fall: Caristico submits Euforia with a Fujiwara arm bar.

Winners: Caristico, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja

Arena Mexico Friday

Stigma and Magia Blanca vs Hijo Del Signo and Espanto Jr

Well the on demand had no introductions for this match. Signo and Stigma start the match off with some grappling. Espanto and Magia come in next and they do some grappling. Stigma gets drop kicked off of the apron by Espanto. Signo gets a leg lock on Magia. Signo hit a code breaker and Espanto hit a german suplex on Stigma for the fall. First Fall: Espanto pins Stigma with a german suplex.

Magia gets worked over to start this round. Stigma gets teamed on next. They make a quick come back and Espanto gets caught up in the ropes and Stigma hits a guillotine leg drop for the pin. Magia gets Signo in a stretch. Second Fall: Magia submits Signo with a stretch.

Signo starts with Magia and tries to work him over but Magia hits an arm drag. Magia goes for a move and Espanto messes up so Magia just kicked him. Signo slams Stigma then gets him in a gory special. Stigma fights out of it and hits a fisherman’s driver for the pin. Espanto kicks Stigma in the corner and pins him. Down to Magia and Espanto. Espanto hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Espanto hits a super sloppy back stabber and Magia kicks out. Magia then gets Espanto in a quick small package for the win. Third Fall: Magia Blanca pins Espanto with a small package.

Winners: Stigma and Magia Blanca

Guerrero Maya, Drone, and Fuego vs Polvora, Vangellys, and Kawato San

Maya and Kawato start grappling to begin this match. Polvora and Drone are in next and they trade moves back and forth. Fuego enters with Vangellys and Vangellys works him over. They try to cut off Fuego from his corner. Finally Maya gets the tag in and he gets Polvora in a victory roll for the pin. First Fall: Guerrero Maya pins Polvora with a victory roll.

This round starts out with Drone using his quickness to his advantage against Vangellys. Fuego works over Polvora and gets him out and then hits a pose. Maya comes in and hits moves on everybody as well, getting the crowd fired up. Finally the rudos gang up on Maya to stop his momentum. Kawato hit a double foot stomp off of the top rope on Fuego for the pin. Vangellys pinned Guerrero Maya with a fisherman’s suplex. Second Fall: Vangellys pins Guerrero Maya with a Fisherman’s suplex.

Drone tries to enter the ring but Kawato kicks the ropes, crotching Drone. Drone then proceeds to get worked over. Drone catches Vangellys with a splash off of the apron to help make a come back. Vangellys is thrown into the ring and then Polvora and Kawato next to him. Maya, Fuego, and Drone all hit splashes on them. They kick out but are hit with drop kicks. Fuego and Drone hit dives. Finally everyone is back in the ring and a tower of doom spot is done. Fuego dives on a prone Kawato but he kicks out. Drone then gets Kawato in a pinning combo for the pin. Maya hits a springboard head butt on Polvora who rolls out and then Maya hits a dive through the middle rope. Fuego then gets Vangellys in a pinning combo close to the ropes for the win. Vangellys argues. Third Fall: Fuego pins Vangellys with a pinning combo.

Winners: Guerrero Maya, Drone, and Fuego

(Lightning Round) Kaho Kobayashi vs Amapola

Amapola attacks Kaho during entrances. They get back in the ring and Kaho tries to fire up a come back but Amapola continues to work her over. Finally she does have a small come back hitting a big drop kick on Amapola. But as she tries to continue, Amapola spears her. Kaho does a head scissors and then a shinning wizard bringing Amapola to the outside. Kaho hits a splash off of the top rope onto Amapola. As Amapola tries to get back in the ring Kaho throws her into the barricade to beat on her. They keep fighting each other until the ref calls for the double count out. Yes a double count out. They continue fighting despite all of this. Double count out finish.

Kaho challenges Amapola to a hair vs hair match. She agrees and attacks Kaho afterwards. So yeah, there’s that.

Winner: Draw

Atlantis, Sobernao, and Atlantis Jr vs Villano IV, Rey Bucanero, and Hijo del Villano III

Atlantis starts out with Villano IV and they fight for position. Atlantis Jr and Hijo Villano come in and they go back and forth until Atlantis Jr hits a big drop kick on him to the outside. Soberano enters with Rey Bucanero. Soberano gets him to the outside and then hits a middle rope dive. Atlantis Jr monkey flips Hijo to the outside and then hits a middle rope dive and almost kills himself. Atlantis gets Villano IV in a submission for the fall. First Fall: Atlantis submits Villano IV with a submission.

Atlantis Jr starts this round off on fire doing moves on all of the opposition. Soberano then comes in and hits big moves on his opposition as well. Eventually the rudos get the upper hand and start to beat on the tecnicos. Bucanero and Villano IV hold up Atlantis Jr in a vertical suplex and Hijo Villano hits a cross body for the pin. Bucanero hits a senton splash on Atlantis and then Hijo Villano hit a splash off of the top rope. Second Fall: Hijo Villano III pins Atlantis with a splash off of the top rope. 

Atlantis Jr gets teamed on to start this round. Finally after being beat on Atlantis Jr hits a dive to the outside and Soberano hits a back flip dive to the outside. Atlantis works on Villano IV in the ring, trying to untie his mask. Bucanero power bombs Atlantis Jr who was trying to do a move to Hijo Villano. Soberano runs up and hits a hurricanrana on Bucanero and then Atlantis Jr hit an arm drag on Hijo Villano III. Soberano kicks Bucanero into the ropes and then hits a lionsault for the pin. Atlantis Jr gets Hijo Villano in a hurricanrana for the win. Third Fall: Atlantis Jr pins Hijo Villano III with a hurricanrana. 

Winners: Atlantis, Soberano, and Atlantis Jr

Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero vs Mascara Ano 2000, Sanson, and Cuatrero

Los Dinamitas jump Los Guerrero’s to start this match off. They beat on Los Guerrero’s the whole round. Mascara Ano gets Euforia in an abdominal stretch. Mascara looks great for 62. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Sanson back breakers Gran and Cuatrero hits an elbow drop for the pin. First Fall: Cuatrero pins Gran Guerrero with an elbow drop.

The beat down continues in the middle of the round. And when the round starts guess what? Beat down continues. It’s a critical beatdown. Los Guerrero’s gets Los Dinamitas all on the apron and then they sliding drop kick them all off. Finally a come back. They do the Los Guerrero’s triple team spot on Mascara Ano. Euforia and Gran press slam Cuatrero off of the top rope. Then they do a normal one to Sanson. Ultimo and Mascara exchange strikes. They’re just beating the hell out of each other. Ultimo falls to the outside attempting a move. Euforia double drop kicks Sanson and Cuatrero to the outside. Gran then hits a splash to the outside followed by Euforia. Ano then low blows Ultimo when the ref isn’t looking for the win. Second Fall: Mascara Ano 2000 pins Ultimo Guerrero with a low blow.

Ultimo wants a hair vs hair match with Mascara. Mascara does have nice hair for a 62 year old. I don’t know if I’d ever want to cut it.

Winners: Mascara Ano 2000, Sanson, and Cuatrero

Mistico, Volador Jr, and Dragon Lee vs Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas, and Cavernario

There was posturing and then it became a nice brawl. Niebla crotches Mistico on the barricade. Negro works on Dragon Lee and Cavernario beats up Volador. Cavernario hits a slingshot splash on Volador for the pin. Cavernario hits a snap suplex on Mistico and Mr. Niebla hits a top rope splash for the pin. First Fall: Mr. Niebla pins Mistico with a top rope splash.

Volador gets beat on to start this round. Mistico then gets taken out by a strike from Niebla. Lee drop kicks Niebla and Volador hits a handspring elbow on Cavernario and Casas. Mistico from the ramp hits a hurricanrana on Niebla to the outside. Volador then hits a splash over the top rope onto Niebla. In the ring Lee gets Casas in a pinning combo and Mistico submits Cavernario with the Fujiwara arm bar. Second Fall: Mistico submits Cavernario with a Fujiwara arm bar.

Mistico starts fighting back in this round and does successfully. He hits a hurricanrana on Niebla to the outside. Then leaps over the ropes to hit another one. Dragon Lee using his quickness to out work Cavernario and Negro Casas. Mistico and Lee super kick Negro to the outside and then get Cavernario out there as well. They hit dives over the top rope onto them. In the ring Volador just back stabbers Niebla for the win. Third Fall: Volador hits a back stabber on Mr. Niebla for the win.

Winners: Mistico, Volador Jr, and Dragon Lee

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (5/22/19)

Witness Walter VS Pete Dunne II!



NXT UK Coverage

NXT UK gives us the epic sequel to TakeOver: New York!

Arguably the biggest match in the young history of NXT UK, Pete Dunne demanded a rematch and Walter obliged! Who will be the WWE United Kingdom Champion after tonight?



  • WWE United Kingdom Championship Contender’s Qualifier: Travis Banks VS Joseph Connors; Banks wins and advances to Fatal 4 Way Contender’s match.
  • Naom Dar VS Mark Andrews; Dar wins.
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship: WALTER VS Pete Dunne; Walter wins and retains the WWE United Kingdom Championship.


The Big Apple, revisited in Glasgow!

NXT UK was represented by two of the best, but only one could be THE WWE United Kingdom Champion. A historic reign ended by a flying Austrian Anomaly, but the Bruiserweight isn’t out yet. The Ring General shows no fear, but will he know pain in tonight’s main event?


WWE United Kingdom Championship Contender’s Qualifier: Travis Banks VS Joseph Connors!

While the future of the title is being determined in the main event, so is the future of its contenders! Will the Kiwi Buzzsaw or Righteous Killer take the last spot in the #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Banks waistlocks as fans cheer him on. He gets Connors to the mat but Connors gets a ropebreak. Banks lets him go and they circle again. They tie up and Banks gets the wristlock. Connors grabs at hair but Banks wrenches to a standing armlock. Banks wrenches again but Connors spins through, only to get thrown down with an arm-drag. Banks keeps on Connors’ arm, but Connors breaks free to SLAP Banks! They speed up and Banks blocks the boot to then run and hit a shotgun knee! Fans cheer as Banks kicks away on Connors leg. He kicks Connors off his feet then kicks away on the knee.

Connors shoves but Banks puts him on the apron. Banks runs but misses, Connors shoulders in. Connors runs but into a roundhouse! Connors bails out but blocks Banks’ apron kick! He trips Banks and then Snake Eyes off the steel steps! Connors puts Banks back in and rains rights down in the corner. Banks covers up and the ref counts, Connors lets up at 4. Connors drags Banks to whip and headbutt him down! Cover, TWO! Connors grows frustrated but fans rally up. Banks CHOPS away on Connors then runs, but into a back elbow. Connors drags Banks back up to scoop slam and cover, TWO! Connors keeps his cool as he stands Banks up for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Connors keeps on Banks with a chinlock. Banks endures and fans rally up.

Banks gets up and jawbreakers free! He runs in but into Connors’ boots! Connors covers, TWO! Connors grows frustrated and takes it out on Banks with stomps. Fans still cheer Banks on as Connors drags him up by his ears. Banks breaks free to fire off! Banks throws big hands from both sides and backs Connors to a corner! He stomps away but stops at the ref’s count. Fans fire up but Connors dodges. Connors runs back in but Banks sweeps the legs, Connors hits buckles! Banks dropkicks Connors’ arm! Connors bails out, but gets the Penalty Kick! Banks keeps moving and DIVES onto Connors! Direct hit, but his knees may have paid the price. Fans still cheer as Banks puts Connors back in.

Banks runs and springboards, but Connors gets under. Connors slips out and bumps Banks on buckles. Slingshot bulldog! Sunset flip bomb into the buckles! Cover, TWO!! Fans cheer but Connors is furious. Connors slaps himself back to focus and drags Banks up again. Connors suplexes but Banks cradle counters! TWO, and Connors rolls. Banks sits on it, TWO! Connors has the sunset flip, TWO! Banks sits back on Connors, TWO! Connors pops out, but his boot is blocked again! Banks runs, but into a lariat! Cover, TWO!! A fast exchange and both men are down! Glasgow applauds and rallies up for the Kiwi Buzzsaw. But Connors is up first, and he rains down rights and lefts.

Connors tells the Kiwi Buzzsaw who he is, and scoops him. Banks slips out and shoves Connors, but Connors goes up and over to sunset flip! Banks rolls through, runs, springboard, Slice of Heaven enziguri! And Kiwi Krusher!! Cover, Banks wins!

Winner: Travis Banks, by pinfall; advances to the Fatal 4 Way

And we have our field of four! The Kiwi Buzzsaw will meet The Bomber Dave Mastiff, the Iron King Joe Coffey, and a familiar foe in the Irish Ace Jordan Devlin!

In-ring interview with Travis Banks.

The final man in the Fatal 4 in just two weeks time, how does he fancy his chances? Joe Coffey hurt Banks at the Royal Albert Hall. Jordan Devlin took him out of NXT UK TakeOver. And Dave Mastiff, well, he’s actually a good guy but just really big. It doesn’t matter who you are, the Buzzsaw will be the NEW #1 Contender!


Nina Samuels speaks.

“Toni Storm, NXT UK Women’s Champion, in spite of all the skills you possess as a competitor, you really were the easiest puppet to manipulate in my latest masterpiece.” Nina didn’t even have to ask for a title shot. All she had to do was find Toni’s weakness, and she played right into Nina’s hand. Toni even requested “to become the latest cast member of the Nina Samuels Show.” As fine as a performer as Nina is, she’s an expert director, completely in control. And Toni has lost all control. That is a very dangerous place to be when her NXT UK Women’s Championship will be on the line.

Nina’s fans have obviously been sending congratulatory gifts, because they know the finale before it even begins. Nina’s newest crowning achievement: the next NXT UK Women’s Champion. This match happens next week! Will it be a grand finale or a major flop for the Rose Pink Devil?


NXT UK reviews Noam Dar VS Mark Andrews.

The last time the Scottish Supernova and the Welsh rockstar met in the ring, it was an incredible and fast-paced match, but with a terrifying ending. Both men went down with leg injuries, and we hadn’t seen Dar for two months. But Dar returned to surprise the Glasgow fans a few weeks ago, and now both he and Mark Andrews will settle things! Will we get a true conclusion in the rematch?

Naom Dar VS Mark Andrews!

The bell rings and Glasgow of course sings for Dar. Dar and Andrews circle and Andrews offers a handshake. Dar takes it and they tie up. The Supernova puts the rockstar in the corner but backs off with pinkies up. Andrews shrugs that off as they circle again. They tie up and Dar gets a headlock but Andrews powers out. Things speed up and Dar holds ropes to fake out Andrews’ flip. Dar misses his pump kick but dodges Andrews’ arm-drag. He misses the Penalty Kick but denies Andrews’ wheelbarrow move. Dar ducks Andrews’ buzzsaw kick and Glasgow cheers as they stand off. Andrews and Dar circle, and Andrews headlocks. Dar powers out but Andrews flips over.

Things speed up again and Andrews headscissors Dar. Dar flounders but avoids the Penalty Kick, only for Andrews to standing moonsault onto him! Cover, TWO, but Andrews goes after Dar with a wristlock. Andrews wrenches and gets Dar to the stretch. Dar powers his way up but Andrews kicks low. Andrews whips but Dar reverses then ducks the crossbody! Dar spins Andrews around and around and to the backslide! TWO and Andrews staggers off in a daze. Dar brings Andrews back for a takedown and armlock. Andrews endures and works his way around. Dar puts him in a corner but backs off, only to run back in, into a forearm! Andrews puts up a boot and gets an enziguri! Andrews hops up and 450’s, but Dar gets clear! Dar swings but Andrews slides and goes to Pele, but into an ankle lock!

Andrews rolls and throws Dar off, but Dar comes back with that BOOT! Cover, TWO! Dar keeps his cool as he takes aim from a corner. Andrews stands up and Dar runs, but into a roll up! TWO, and Andrews slides again. He dodges Dar’s clothesline to enziguri! Andrews runs but into chops, headbutt and uppercut! Dar brings Andrews up, suplexes, but gets Stun-Dog Millionaire! Dar bails out and Andrews builds speed to FLY! Direct hit wipes out Dar! Dar crawls, holding his leg. Andrews drags him up but Dar pushes past to get in the ring. Is his leg bothering him again? Andrews shows concern as he follows, but Dar gets to a corner. Dar walks it off, and Andrews whips. But Dar’s leg gives out! Andrews stays nearby while Dar and the ref check his leg.

Fans rally up as Dar and Andrews shake hands. But then Dar sucker punches Andrews! It was all an act! Dar even reels in, hook, line and sinker. And he hits Andrews with a Nova Rolla! Cover, Dar wins!

Winner: Noam Dar, by pinfall

Not only is Dar back to 100%, he’s back to his old ways! He teases Andrews with the reel, then takes his leave. Will Andrews get Dar back for taking advantage of his sportsmanship? Or will Dar move on to bigger fish?


The Grizzled Young Veterans arrive.

Radzy catches up with the NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Zack Gibson & James Drake, to ask them about Moustache Mountain calling them out. The NXT UK fans want to see the rematch, what do they say to it? James Drake speaks, wondering if this is a popularity contest. “Is this NXT UK’s Got Talent?” Gibson says “Joe Blogs, Johnny Kickpads and every other local Glasgow competitor” would love a title shot. But the superstars don’t make the matches, the fans don’t make the matches, the GYV decide when they wrestle and against who. Now stay by the door, Radzy, and keep lurking for interviews. GYV has a point, but they’re forgetting who really makes the matches. Will the NXT UK GM decide if Trent Seven & Tyler Bate are worthy?


Rhea Ripley returns to NXT UK!

The Mosh Pit Kid makes her way to the ring and grabs herself a mic. “I know! I know, guys, I know.” She knows Glasgow would love to see her in action, but too bad, it’s not gonna happen. Rhea heard that Piper Niven is somewhat of a big deal in Scotland. The fans cheer but she tells them to shut up. Fans tell HER to shut up! To Rhea, “Piper is nothing but a wannabe superstar that reeks of fear.” Piper so desperately wants to be the most dominant woman, but all she does is talk about Rhea. Because she obviously wants to be Rhea. The truth is, when you step into the ring with Rhea Ripley, “Nightmares become reality.”

The Aussie with Attitude drops the mic but still talks trash to Glasgow, but will she have to eat her words when she finally steps into the ring with Piper the Viper?


Kassius Ohno finds an NXT UK cameraman to talk to.

The Wrestling Genius wants the cameraman to follow after. Ohno was trying to get word from Johnny Saint all week but no such luck, so Ohno will visit the NXT UK GM in person. Ohno knocks on the door, but then just barges in. He finds Sid Scala instead. Weren’t they supposed to talk today? Sid confirms and asks Ohno to have a seat. Ohno takes Sid’s seat and asks “Savvy Sid” about that big news. Sid and Saint had hoped to tell him together, but sure, why not now? Ohno wants his opportunity to prove he’s the greatest at British wrestling. He’ll do that next week against Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

Yes, Mr. Gallagher. A great star on 205 Live, and this will be a great first-time-ever. Kudos, Sid. Tell Johnny he said hi. Pleasure doing business with you. Ohno leaves the office in a good mood, but will he truly prove himself THE best British style wrestler in NXT UK?


WWE United Kingdom Championship: WALTER VS Pete Dunne!

It’s finally time! NXT UK fans waited weeks for this rematch, but so have the Ring General and Bruiserweight. Who will show they made the superior adjustments from the first time around and come away with the WWE UK gold?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin the epic sequel!

Fans duel as Walter and Dunne stare down. Walter makes sure his fingers are okay before tying up with Dunne. They push each other around, and Walter puts Dunne in the corner. Walter backs off and they circle again. Dunne gets the arm and goes after those fingers anyway, then wrenches through. Dunne twists the wrist but Walter reverses and whips. Walter wrings Dunne but Dunne reaches up to headscissor. The two separate and fans applaud. Dunne and Walter go around again and tie up. They both go to the mat and Dunne stands on Walter’s left hand! Dunne goes after the right, then gets the left in a Fujiwara armbar. Dunne hammerlocks the arm, but Walter avoids the stomp! Walter wings but Dunne avoids the infamous chop!

Fans applaud again, both men clearly learned a lot from their first match. They circle again, and Walter eggs Dunne on. Dunne headlocks, but Walter pries free. Dunne kicks at Walter’s leg but Walter still gets through to a headlock and takeover. Fans still duel while Dunne works his way back up. Dunne powers out and things speed up. Dunne hurdles but Walter goes for a sleeper! But Dunne blocks and gives Walter a shoulder breaker. Dunne runs but Walter hurdles! Walter’s boot is caught, and into a dragon screw! Walter bails out and fans fire up. Dunne stalks Walter on the outside, but Walter CHOPS Dunne off his feet!

Walter makes sure his leg is okay before going back to Dunne. He brings Dunne around to CHOP again, but the ring count passes 5. Walter swings but Dunne ducks, the chop goes into a post! Dunne refreshes the count and goes after Walter’s hand! He slams it on the steel steps! Walter falls and Dunne brings him back up to Penalty Kick the arm! Dunne refreshes the count again, only to walk into Walter’s BOOT! Fans cheer again while Walter checks his hand. Walter drags Dunne up and throws big European Uppercuts. Now Walter refreshes the count to then shotgun dropkick Dunne into barriers! Walter drags Dunne back up and back to the steel steps! He sets Dunne on them to stand and bend him back! Fans boo this dirty play but Walter wants Dunne to pay.

Walter leaves Dunne and Dunne drags himself up. Walter BOOTS Dunne again! Dunne holds onto the ropes so Walter toys with him. Dunne drags himself back up and fans rally up. Walter comes over to club, but Dunne grabs the arm! And the fingers! Dunne bends them back, but Walter CHOPS Dunne again! But Dunne manages to get back in the ring instead of falling to the floor. Walter kicks Dunne while he’s down, and then kicks him back down. He dares Dunne to get up and fans rally. Dunne sits up but Walter turns him over to ram knees into the back. Cover, TWO! Walter keeps Dunne down with a half camel clutch. Walter pulls Dunne back while fans duel again. Dunne endures and works his way up. Walter knees low then again.

Walter toys with Dunne and Dunne gets angry. Dunne blasts Walter with a forearm! Glasgow cheers for Peter as he tries to whip. Walter reverses but Dunne goes up and over! Dunne enziguris Walter down! Dunne fires up like a wild man, and hops up for a dropkick to the knees! Walter staggers up, blocks the kick but not the jab! Dunne rolls Walter to a kneebar! Dunne grapevines as fans duel. Walter endures and works his way out to turn and club Dunne! Then he German Supelxes! But Dunne lands on his feet to buzzsaw Walter in the back! Dunne ties Walter up in an Octopus stretch! And he takes off the finger tape! Dunne has the pinkie and pulls! But Walter powers out, only for Dunne to hit a crucifix driver! Cover, TWO!!

Glasgow keeps cheering as both men stand, Dunne stomps the hands! And buzzsaws Walter again! Then pump handles, but Walter pries free to LARIAT! Walter runs, but into another big forearm! Only to come back for an exploder! Cover, TWO!! Walter keeps on Dunne with a Boston Crab! Dunne endures the back pain as fans rally back up. Walter turns Dunne back over but Dunne kicks him. Walter wants a single leg but Dunne kicks him down! Dunne Penalty Kicks and Danielson Stomps Walter out! Then he rolls Water to a hammerlock, and bends the other arm! From finger to elbow, even! Dunne has a unique leg nelson but Walter refuses to quit! Walter uses his long legs for a ropebreak! Dunne lets Walter go and fans duel again. Walter rolls to the apron, but Dunne pursues.

Dunne drags Walter up and brings the hand to a buckle. He tucks it into the buckle pad? And then stands on it! Walter screams but the ref counts, so Dunne lets up at 4. Walter CLUBS Dunne off the top rope, then climbs. Dunne SUPERKICKS the arm! Walter sits down on the top rope and shakes his hands out. Dunne climbs up and CHOPS Walter. Dunne stands up, for a hanging triangle! The ref counts but Walter clubs away! Walter lifts Dunne, but to a SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO!! Walter just gets free, and fans are loving this! Dunne and Walter slowly stir and sit up. Fans rally as Dunne stands, and Walter follows. Dunne kicks but Walter CHOPS! Walter shakes his hand and hobbles on one leg as he stalks Dunne. He drags Dunne up to throw forearms but Dunne kicks.

Walter CHOPS again, but Dunne holds ropes to deny the German Suplex. Dunne switches and German Suplexes Walter! But then runs into a big LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Dunne survives again, and Walter grows frustrated. Walter climbs up as Glasgow says, “This is Awesome!” Walter reaches the top and leaps, into another BIG forearm! Dunne pump handles and lifts, BITTER END! To the triangle hold! Walter resists to a cover, ONE! Dunne has a mounted triangle! And he SNAPS the fingers! But Walter refuses to quit! Wait, is that Fabian Aichner? Aichner is pushing the bottom rope towards Walter’s foot! Walter gets the ropebreak but the ref still sees it was Aichner! Aichner and the ref argue, but that’s so Marcel Barthel can CLOBBER Dunne with the title belt! Walter doesn’t see that, so he doesn’t hesitate hitting the WALTER BOMB! Cover, Walter wins!!

Winner: WALTER, by pinfall; still WWE United Kingdom Champion

Does the Ring General have new troops behind him? Barthel and Aichner join Walter in the ring, and fans boo as the three stand together! Is the European Alliance going to take over NXT UK?!



My Thoughts:

What a wild episode of NXT UK! And I didn’t realize it’d still be in Glasgow. I don’t know why we haven’t gotten a second NXT UK TakeOver, but I bet a lot of this will lead to something for NXT TakeOver: XXV. I was hoping we’d get an announcement of who the final two qualifier contestants would be. Ohno should’ve expected a part in the tournament, only for Sid to explain why it’s Banks VS Connors. For one, Banks got the win over Ohno a few weeks ago, so that alone is why it’s Banks and not Ohno. Not sure why it was Connors, other than Connors is a good worker and Banks as the Face would win. Now the Fatal 4 will have an even split. Ohno VS Gallagher will be great, too, but Ohno’s overall story still seems aimless.

As for that Fatal 4, it will be great to have two hosses and two Cruiserweights for the variety of style. I would have to give it to a Face, though, given what we saw in the main event. Banks makes for a great underdog against Walter, but seeing Mastiff step up would be great to see a pair of behemoths fight over the belt. Coffey still has the NXT UK Tag Division with brother Mark, and Devlin being Heel needs to wait for another Face champion to come along. I was surprised James Drake got to speak for the GYV promo, but he did his part well. Obviously GYV VS Moustache Mountain II is happening, whether their characters think so or not. That has to go Moustache Mountain’s way to give us Face champions to take on the coming Heel contenders.

Toni VS Nina next week will be pretty good. It’ll probably allow Nina to really show fans what she’s capable of, but I can’t see Nina taking the title. She came a bit out of left field acting like she’s a contender, so she’s probably a holdover while other women build themselves up. For one, Kay Lee Ray and Jazzy Gabert are each making their start in NXT UK’s Women’s Division, I’d expect one of them to come closer to taking the title. Meanwhile, Rhea VS Piper has to be happening soon or else the build will get tired. I’d think Piper wins to be a strong Face for when a Heel takes the belt.

Dar is an evil genius with that swerve. At first it looks like another match gets called off, but then surprise! Dar back to Heel just makes sense, so that he and Andrews will surely have a third match to finally settle this. A feud like this, the Devlin VS Banks feud before, and even what Ohno is doing, are all still reasons I want a mid-card belt for the NXT UK men. That way they wouldn’t have to worry about waiting in line so much. Especially if Walter is going to have back-up now. Walter VS Dunne II was great right up until that point, so I’m a little mixed on this development. It’s great in that Dunne isn’t really weakened, but it might weaken Walter. At the same time, now we can have trios battling it out between British Strong Style, Gallus and the European Alliance.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (5/21/19)

The Premier Era continues!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

And STILL your WWE Cruiserweight Champion…!

Tony Nese successfully retained his WWE Cruiserweight Championship at Money in the Bank, but the challenges don’t stop. Who will be next to challenge the Premier Athlete?



  • The Singh Brothers VS Lucha House Party; changed to…
  • The Singh Brothers VS Jack Gallagher & Humberto Carrillo; Gallagher & Carrillo win.
  • Fatal 5 Way: Ariya Daivari VS Oney Lorcan VS Akira Tozawa VS THE Brian Kendrick VS Mike Kanellis w/ Maria; Tozawa wins.


The Cruiserweight Division broke through!

For months, the WWE’s purple belt was on the Kickoff Show, but no longer! Tony Nese had his title defense against Ariya Daivari on Money in the Bank’s main card! And while Daivari Dinero was so confident he’d hit the jackpot that he drove into the arena in a Mercedes Benz, he could not bring down the Premier Athlete! Nese’s reign continues on, but who will be next up to test his toughness?


THE Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa meet backstage.

They’re both involved in tonight’s major main event with huge Cruiserweight title implications. They’re good friends, and shake hands to make sure they both know it won’t be personal out there. But will things get intense between them and the rest of the field knowing it could mean a shot at Nese?


The Singh Brothers VS Lucha House Party!

Sunil & Samir return to show that one loss in the Cruiserweight Division won’t slow them down on their rise to the top! They pick up some mics to say, “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Bollywood Time~!” Because it’s definitely NOT Lucha Time. Why’s that? Because Lars Sullivan absolutely destroyed the three amigos at MITB, and then again on Raw. Actually, a little birdie told them that LHP wanted to fight him, so they won’t be fighting the Bollywood Boyz. So not to disappoint the fans, or the 1.6 BILLION people in India, the ref will count to 10 and let the Singh Brothers win by forfeit!

But wait, 205 Live GM Drake Maverick appears! And he tells the Singhs that while they’re right about LHP not being here, they’re still going to have competition! Providence likes the sound of that. Maverick found suitable replacements in… Jack Gallagher and Humberto Carrillo! Will Bollywood Time stand up to this extraordinary duo?

The Singh Brothers VS Jack Gallagher & Humberto Carrillo!

Samir & Sunil cry conspiracy, but they’re clearly just upset they still have to compete, and against superstars they didn’t expect. They still get in the ring, and Sunil starts against Carrillo. The bell rings and Sunil “rolls film” before he ties up with Carrillo. Sunil headlocks but Carrillo powers out. Sunil runs him over and celebrates, but Carrillo kips right up and scares him! The ref keeps Carrillo back while Sunil gets to a corner. Sunil goes to Samir for a comforting hug, and then circles with Carrillo. They tie up and Carrillo gets a waistlock. Carrillo shifts to a headlock but Sunil powers out, only for Carrillo to run him over. Things speed up and Carrillo shows his agility. Carrillo ducks the clothesline, Sunil ducks the roundhouse, but Carrillo gets the enziguri!

Gallagher applauds as Carrillo goes after Sunil. Carrillo whips while Gallagher tags in, but Sunil reverses. Carrillo springboard headbutts Sunil down! Gallagher covers, ONE! Gallagher keeps on Sunil with a standing armlock, and he tortures the fingers! Sunil endures and fights his way up. He knees low and Samir applauds. Sunil whips Gallagher to a corner, but Gallagher brings back the headstand! Gallagher goes up and over Sunil then speeds up to slide under and trip Sunil. He wraps Sunil up in Gentlemen’s Paradise! And sits on him! Gallagher tags Carrillo before stomping Sunil out of paradise. Carrillo has Gallagher’s help for the flying arm-drag! He snapmares to a cover, TWO! Carrillo headlocks but Sunil powers out while Samir tags in.

Carrillo speeds up with Sunil, but manages to see Samir coming. He clotheslines Samir but Sunil knees Carrillo down. Samir returns and the brothers stomp a Bollywood mudhole! They put Carrillo in the corner for mugging, then tag to Sunil for more stomps. The ref counts but the brothers tag again. The Singh Brothers bring Carrillo up and double suplex him down. Samir covers, TWO! Samir wraps a headlock on Carrillo right away! Carrillo endures the thrashing but fans rally up. Carrillo feeds off that energy to fight out. Samir shoves and dropkicks Carrillo down! Cover, TWO! Samir keeps his cool as he drags Carrillo over. Tag to Sunil, and film rolls as Sunil drops ax handles on Carrillo’s ribs.

Sunil snapmares and drops elbows on Carrillo, then gets a bit too Bollywood, Carrillo rolls him up! TWO, and Sunil keeps Carrillo away from Gallagher. Samir tags in and the brothers mug Carrillo. Samir scrapes his laces on Carrillo’s face, then throws haymakers. He punches Carrillo to the corner then whips corner to corner. Carrillo reverses and Samir hits buckles hard! Samir crawls after Carrillo, but Carrillo gets away to hot tag Gallagher! Gallagher rallies on Samir with big clotheslines and furious fists! He whips but Samir reverses, only for Gallagher to duck and ROCK him with a right! Sunil gets in but gets punched back out! Gallagher lifts Samir and suplex, then holds him there! No less than a count of 15 before Gallagher drops him! Cover, TWO!

Gallagher keeps his cool as he turns Samir over for a Half Crab! Samir endures and reaches, tag to Sunil! Gallagher doesn’t know, and Sunil clobbers him! Sunil saves his brother and the two SUPERKICK Gallagher down! Cover, but Carrillo breaks it! Samir goes after Carrillo and throws him out. Gallagher throws Samir out, then switches on Sunil to roll up! TWO and a sucker punch! Roll up from Sunil, TWO! Gallagher gets up but gets a heel kick! Cover, TWO!! Gallagher survives three times in a row, but Sunil tags Samir. The Singh Brothers double suplex Gallagher but he slips out! HOt tag to Carrillo! Carrillo roundhouses Samir and Gallagher clobbers Sunil with the Gentleman’s Headbutt! Aztec Press from Carrillo to Samir! Cover, Carrillo & Gallagher win!

Winners: Humberto Carrillo & Jack Gallagher, Carrillo pinning

This new team wins their first match without even much time to prepare! Will this respectful alliance be what climbs to the top instead of the Bollywood Boyz?


Mike & Maria Kanellis speak.

“Tonight, it’s a Fatal 5 Way, with a chance to showcase who the greatest Cruiserweight is on 205 Live. Really?” Has Maverick not been watching? Tozawa and Kanellis beat the crap out of each other in No Disqualifications, and Kanellis won, yet still has to showcase himself? Tonight isn’t about showing anything. Tonight is about destroying the friendship of Tozawa and Kendrick. And Maria promises Mike will prove himself beyond a doubt, so that Maverick can no longer deny him his greatness. Will the Opportunist take advantage of this Fatal 5 opportunity?


Oney Lorcan also speaks.

“Tonight is an opportunity to prove that I deserve a crack at the Cruiserweight Championship.” In his way are not only former champions, but some of the most ruthless superstars 205 Live has to offer. Lorcan’s never one to walk away from a fight, and a Fatal 5 is the kind of fight he likes. Will the Boston Brawler make the most of this massive main event?


Fatal 5 Way: Ariya Daivari VS Oney Lorcan VS Akira Tozawa VS THE Brian Kendrick VS Mike Kanellis w/ Maria!

The Privileged Persian Lion may have fallen short at Money in the Bank, but that doesn’t mean he’s fallen out of the picture. Meanwhile, the Fury of 205 Live is all in on this opportunity. Former Cruiserweight Champions and friends shook on it, but the Opportunist wants to break them apart while breaking through. Who takes pole position towards challenging the Premier Athlete?

Before he makes his entrance, Daivari has a backstage interview. He was impressive even in losing to Tony Nese. How does he plan on rebounding tonight? MITB was a fluke! And now he has to be in this Fatal 5 to prove he’s the top contender? Nese isn’t past Daivari just yet. Will the pissed-off Persian Lion take out all his frustrations on the other four?

The bell rings and while everyone circles, Kendrick and Tozawa stick close. Kanellis sees that and bails out, and then Daivari throws hands with Lorcan! Kendrick and Tozawa go after each of them but they clear out fast. Kanellis runs back in but into Kendrick’s boot! Tozawa lifts Kanellis and drops him with a spinning facebuster! Kanellis bails out again but Daivari comes back, only to run into double kicks from Kendrick and Tozawa. Tozawa and Kendrick double suplex Daivari up and out, but Lorcan returns. The friends double hip toss Lorcan and Lorcan bails out again. Now the friends are alone, so they figure they might as well give it a go. They tie up and push each other, but Daivari and Kanellis attack them both!

Mike stomps Tozawa while Daivari stomps Kendrick. Lorcan returns but gets decked by Daivari. Daivari stomps Tozawa while now Kanellis stomps Kendrick. Lorcan returns again but gets a knee from Kanellis. Kanellis drags Kendrick up while Daivari stands Tozawa up. Tony Nese watches backstage as Daivari hits Tozawa with a neckbreaker. Kanellis suplexes Kendrick down, then sees Lorcan. Kanellis runs over but Lorcan dumps him out! Lorcan shoulders into Daivari, then throws CHOPS! He CHOPS Daivari out of the ring, and fans fire up as Lorcan builds speed. Lorcan dives into Daivari’s fist! Daivari throws Lorcan into barriers! Daivari brushes off and goes to Tozawa in the ring.

Fans jeer while Daivari throws haymakers on Tozawa. Daivari tells the fans to shut up, but they just boo and jeer harder. Tozawa CHOPS Daivari back, then gets Daivari with the feint to JAB! Fans cheer as Tozawa climbs up top! But Daivari trips him up. Lorcan runs into Daivari’s SUPERKICK! Daivari crosses Tozawa’s arm for the arm-drag bomb onto Lorcan! Cover, TWO! Lorcan lives and Kendrick returns, only to get a mule kick from Daivari. Daivari whips Kendrick but Kendrick reverses to a fireman’s carry. Daivari slips out and hammerlocks, but Kendrick ducks to roll him up! TWO, Captain’s Hook!

Daivari endures but Lorcan grabs Kendrick. Lorcan pries Kendrick off Daivari for a Half ‘n’ Half! Kendrick lands on his feet, inverted headlock takeover to the Captain’s Hook! Now Lorcan is caught, but Kanellis runs in to rake Kendrick’s eyes! Kanellis pries Kendrick off Lorcan now with a dragon sleeper. He can’t get Kendrick up so he shoves him at Lorcan! Lorcan blasts Kendrick with a European Uppercut, then Kanellis SUPERKICKS Lorcan! Kanellis covers Lorcan, TWO!! Lorcan lives again and Maria argues with the ref. Nese still watches while fans actually rally behind Mike.

Kanellis has Lorcan in a corner and CHOPS away. Maria cheers Mike on but Lorcan turns things around to CHOP Mike back! Mike turns it back around to CHOP Lorcan, but then Lorcan turns it back. Mike tries to turn it around but Lorcan dodges to keep giving CHOPS! Kanellis headlocks but Lorcan powers out to CHOP again! Kanellis CHOPS again, but Lorcan gives him a EuroUpper! Lorcan runs but into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up while Kanellis grins and brushes himself off. Kanellis dares Lorcan to get up, “Is that all you got?!” Lorcan stands and grabs Mike by the beard! Lorcan slaps away but Kanellis kicks low. Kanellis whips but Lorcan comes back with a blockbuster! Lorcan keeps Daivari and Tozawa out, then sees Kendrick return. He dodges and hits the Half ‘n’ Half! Cover, but Kanellis breaks it!

Daivari returns while Kanellis brings Lorcan up. They work together to double whip, but they get double blockbusters! Lorcan fires up and stares down with Tozawa. Things speed up, Lorcan dodges Tozawa to FLY onto Daivari and Kanellis! But then Tozawa DIVES onto them all! A three-for-one on the Tozawa Torpedo! Tozawa puts Daivari in then climbs up. Daivari staggers into the missile dropkick! Fans fire up with Tozawa as he brings Daivari up. Daivari hammerlocks but misses the lariat! German Suplex with a bridge, TWO! Tozawa drags Daivari to a drop zone then climbs up high. But Kendrick returns and rushes Tozawa. Tozawa has to leap off to avoid Kendrick’s attack, Kendrick hits crossbar! Lorcan EuroUppers Kendrick, Tozawa boots Lorcan, and Kanellis SUPERKICKS Tozawa!

Kanellis roars as he goes after Kendrick on the top rope. Kendrick resists so Kanellis clubs away on his back. Lorcan and Tozawa go after Kanellis at the same time, TOWER OF DOOM! Kanellis takes a double powerbomb while Kendrick takes the superplex! But then Daivari Persian Splashes in on Kendrick! Cover, TWO!! Kendrick survives and Daivari can’t believe it! But Providence knows “This is Awesome!” Daivari, bloody ear and all, works to cool off and keep focus. Kendrick slumps out to Daivari whips Tozawa. Tozawa reverses and sends Daivari out. Tozawa tosses Lorcan out, too, then focuses on Kanellis. He runs in and tilt-o-whirls into the Iron Octopus stretch! Tozawa pulls back on Kanellis, but Maria distracts! She shouts and screams until Tozawa lets Kanellis go.

Tozawa tells Maria to stop, but Mike rolls him up! Daivari breaks it in time! Fans continue to rally while Daivari CHOPS Tozawa! And CHOPS, and CHOPS! Daivari whips but Tozawa reverses again. Daivari sunset flips but Tozawa rolls through to Penalty Kick! Tozawa tries again with Daivari in a drop zone. Tozawa climbs up but Daivari stops him! Daivari climbs up and throws hands on Tozawa. Daivari wants but Tozawa resists the superplex, and “AH! AH!” echoes with every clubbing forearm! Tozawa slows down for a moment but speeds right back up! SUPER Gourd Buster! But Kanellis returns and clubs away on Tozawa. Kanellis drags Tozawa off the top and clubs away on the apron. He knees low and throws forearms, then backs off, only to get caught into a German Suplex to the apron!

Tozawa goes back to Daivari but gets a haymaker. Tozawa hits back but so does Daivari. Daivari and Tozawa trade punches and CHOPS as they stand. Daivari whips but Tozawa dodges to hit the swinging roundhouse! Tozawa has a third time and climbs up top. Tozawa leaps, SUPER SENTON! Cover, but Kendrick pulls Tozawa off! Friendship aside, Kendrick couldn’t let Tozawa just win. Tozawa glares at Kendrick, but Kendrick says it’s not personal. Kendrick offers a handshake, but Tozawa throws hands! The friends brawl like back in the days of their rivalry! Kendrick whips but Tozawa dodges, double crossbodies collide! Both men are down, and the Cruiserweight Champion is still invested in this match backstage.

Fans “AH! AH!” for Tozawa while Kendrick flounders to his feet. Tozawa spins, swings, slides under but Kendrick knows the rest! Cravat, Sliced Bread! But Kanellis gets Kendrick with Twisted Love! Daivari tries to throw Kanellis out but Kanellis throws him out instead! Lorcan returns to blast Kanellis with a EuroUpper! Daivari’s back, hammerlock on Lorcan, Lion’s Lariat!! But Tozawa Oklahoma Rolls Daivari! Tozawa wins!!

Winner: Akira Tozawa, by pinfall

The Stamina Monster proves he can be just as opportunistic as Kanellis or Daivari! Tozawa celebrates with high-fives from Vic Joseph and Aiden English, but is left hanging by Nigel McGuiness. Will Tozawa celebrate with another Cruiserweight Championship reign? Or will Drake Maverick need more before someone is worthy of a shot?



My Thoughts:

A pretty great night from 205 Live. We get a new tag team of Carrillo & Gallagher, which I suppose is fine. If we got more teams the first two years of 205 Live, maybe we really would’ve gotten those Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships. But the match itself was great, and Carrillo and Gallagher as a team was good. This gives us more light on the Lucha House Party’s near future, in that they’ll be focusing on Lars Sullivan on Raw and/or SmackDown. But that’s fine, there’s any number of things they can do with Carrillo and Gallagher as a team.

Even though we’re on the road to Stomping Grounds, we might also be on the road to Super Showdown given who won tonight’s Fatal 5 Way. Tozawa was definitely a surprise, but at the same time, it would’ve been boring to go with Daivari. Tozawa is the Stamina Monster for a reason, he can just keep going and going. Plus he’s a great worker, so having him give Nese a strong fight at Super Showdown isn’t all bad. Nese will surely return to the states with the title, and then Stomping Grounds can give us Nese VS Kanellis or Nese VS Lorcan. Probably Kanellis finally breaking through since Nese is a Face. Of course, with Kanellis comes with worrying about Maria, which would be a good challenge for Nese, who has already shown he’s tough enough to outlast even the toughest in the Cruiserweight Division.

My Score: 8.3/10

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