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Matt Riddle WWE NXT


Matt Riddle: Future NXT Champion?

With call ups seemingly less predictable, NXT’s main event scene needs some additions. Scott addresses his current front runner.

With call ups seemingly less predictable, NXT’s main event scene needs some additions. Scott addresses his current front runner.

Even on the less exciting episodes of NXT you can always guarantee an excellent main event and this week was no exception as Adam Cole took on Matt Riddle.

The match was given plenty of time going at least 15 minutes. With the amount of great spots and false finishes this match wouldn’t look out of place on a Takeover.

Ultimately the story of tension in the Undisputed Era played a big part in the finish as Roderick Strong came down to try and help his teammate getting a kick for his troubles. The ref tried to send Strong to the back allowing Cole to hit Riddle with a Superkick. Riddle managed to counter a lackadaisical cover into the Bromission for the win.

After this match and Riddle’s excellent match against the Velveteen Dream at Takeover you can tell he’s going to be NXT champion sooner rather than later.

You knew he would be champion when he came in but the question was which one? The beauty of the North American title is that people who could believably be NXT champion have another title to win. As they say not everyone can be the main champion. His loss to the Dream tells us the North American title is not in the plans for him.

Part of me thought his loss in New York would lesson him in some peoples eyes. However his charisma and this match with Cole tells us that’s not the case. If anything the fact that Riddle has lost made the match more interesting. It’s a break from the usual formula of guy comes in from the indies, wins all the time and wins the title.

It was hard to buy into the Ohno feud since he had built up a reputation of being the guy who puts over new guys. You knew where that was going to go. The match with Dream created some doubt since Riddle was still new and Dream had just got the title.

From what I’ve read about the plans for next months Takeover Riddle won’t get his shot until at least the Toronto Takeover SummerSlam weekend. Riddle having lost a previous title opportunity on a Takeover creates a nice story of him not wanting to waste another opportunity. 

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Even though it would be face vs face Riddle vs Gargano sounds like the definition of Takeover main event. I could even see Riddle losing which is the catalyst for a heel turn and he wins the title at the next Takeover. 

Having said that I don’t think we could have a heel Riddle. Not because Riddle couldn’t pull it off cause he has the intensity to do it. His laid back attitude which is pretty much how he really acts is so over with the crowd that they won’t want to boo him.

He did start out as heel in Evolve as part of the faction Catch Point. Even then his charisma eventually forced them to turn him face.

Either way when Riddle gets his NXT title shot he and Gargano will tear the house down.


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