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McLeod: Another Wasted Opportunity

With all of the good things going on in NXT, is it possible there was a miss? What was the wasted opportunity? 



WWE NXT War Viking Raiders vs Street Profits

With all of the good things going on in NXT, is it possible there was a miss? What was the wasted opportunity? 

On this week’s NXT the tag team division was a big focus as the Viking Raiders open the show to relinquish the tag team championships.

They’re doing this as they feel there is no one in NXT who can take the titles from them and they’re focus is on their new home on RAW. This brings out the Street Profits who say while they didn’t win a few weeks ago they proved they could beat them.

They talk their way into a title shot later in the night. They even take a shot at the teams name changes asking if the Viking Raiders is even their real name.

The match was a hundred miles an hour from the get go. Raiders try to get the quick win while Street Profits get a few close calls. Unfortunately the Forgotten Sons cause the match to end in a DQ and after clearing house the Raiders leave the belts in the ring.

First off if you’re not a fan of the Street Profits this episode will make you one. The fans were so behind them during their promo and during the match. 

I’m not a fan of the Raiders just giving up the titles. I know it’s suppose to be a testament to their dominance but the difference between this and when Asuka relinquished the Women’s title was she had the belt for over a year. Raiders had only had the titles since January.

I think them being called up early has something to do with it. I thought when they beat Black & Ricochet in New York it was saving the likes of the Forgotten Sons & Street Profits to challenge them down the line. Also them deciding to just give up the titles is a heelish thing to do and the Raiders while dominant have been presented as a face team.

Given how over the Street Profits were this would have been a perfect time to finally put the belts on them. It would have been a great story for the episode. Opening with champs trying to give up the belts because they don’t believe anyone can beat them only to be proven wrong by the fan favourites.

It would have been surprising given that titles rarely change hands on TV in the era of Takeovers. They’ve had shots at the tag titles and while they were impressive they didn’t seem ready. After this week they’re definitely ready to be serious contenders.

It looks like the belts are officially vacant which will lead to a multi team match at Takeover 25 to crown new champions. Given the conclusion to the episode we know Street Profits, Forgotten Sons and Lorcan & Burch will be involved. Probably Fish & O’Reilly will be added later.

This is where NXT needs to strike while the iron’s hot and have the Street Profits become the new champs. 

Forgotten Sons interfered in this weeks match so if Street Profits win the titles at Takeover they have a ready made first title feud that could lead into SummerSlam weekend in Toronto.

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