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McLeod: Prince Pretty Returns Home

The internet loves some Tyler Breeze, as does Xavier Woods. FINALLY we know what he’s up to! 

The internet loves some Tyler Breeze, as does Xavier Woods. FINALLY we know what he’s up to! 

This week’s NXT saw the surprise return of Tyler Breeze. Well it’s surprising if you’re someone who doesn’t read taping results.

He came out to confront the North American Champion Velveteen Dream who seemed unimpressed with Prince Pretty. Both men traded barbs before Breeze sneak attacked Dream when they went to take a selfie.

This is clearly leading to a North American title match at Takeover 25 which I’m very much on board. Breeze is as close to an NXT original as you can get he even competed on the very first Takeover. Now he’s back.

It wasn’t until this segment that I noticed just how similar both these guys are. When Breeze was in NXT he regularly put on great matches & while he didn’t always win on the big stage his character meant he was always over with the fans. Up until Dream won the title his time in NXT followed a similar path.

I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this but I don’t want this to be a one and done thing for Breeze. He probably won’t win the North American title but he has a lot to offer in NXT. His time with Fandango as the Fashion Police was highly entertaining but it seems like that’s run it’s course.

If there’s nothing for him on Raw or SmackDown then why not let him stay in NXT for a few months. I don’t think he would mind because when they crowd welcomed him back he struggled to hide his happiness. When he came out that wasn’t main roster Tyler Breeze that was NXT Tyler Breeze. He even came out with just the phone.

On the other hand it would be nice to see Breeze finally win a title in WWE & it would mean the feud continues. Not only would the matches be great but given how much of a handle both men have on their character just think how good the promos would be. 

With just one segment together I’m already sold on the match just imagine what they could do if they had a couple months. I would tune in every week just to see what they were going to do next.

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Triple H has talked about main roster talent going to NXT but we’ve haven’t seen that in affect other than the occasional one off appearance. What better time to bring someone back than the 25th Takeover? I personally would like to see a Takeover made up of all NXT vs NXT Alumni matches (Note put aside time later for fantasy booking.)

It’s case of finding someone whose not doing anything on the main roster & thinking who in NXT would be a good match up for them. Just look how perfect Dream & Breeze are.

Plus Breeze coming from the main roster not only adds intrigue for Takeover it also gives prestige to the North American title. Breeze previously challenged Ricochet unsuccessfully for it & a few weeks ago we had Buddy Murphy challenge Dream. It makes the North American seem more important that people are coming from other brands to challenge for it


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