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Mitchell’s AEW Double or Nothing Results & Report! (5/25/19)

Are you all in for Double or Nothing?



AEW Double or Nothing Cover Image

AEW Presents: Double or Nothing!

AEW, All Elite Wrestling, makes its PPV debut with the epic sequel to All In! Speaking of sequels, who wins the epic rematch of Kenny Omega VS Chris Jericho?



  • Buy-In – Casino Battle Royale: Hangman Adam Page wins and advances to the AEW World Championship match.
  • Buy-In – Sammy Guevara VS Kip Sabian; Sabian wins.
  • Six Man Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS CIMA, T-Hawk & El Lindaman; SCU wins.
  • Triple Threat: Dr. Britt Baker VS Kylie Rae VS Nyla Rose; changed to…
  • Fatal 4 Way: Dr. Britt Baker VS Kylie Rae VS Nyla Rose VS Awesome Kong; Baker wins.
  • Best Friends VS Angelico & Jack Evans; Best Friends win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki & Emi Sakura VS Hikaru Shida, Riho & Ryo Mizunami; Shida, Riho & Mizunami win.
  • Cody VS Dustin Rhodes; Cody wins.
  • AAA World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks VS The Lucha Brothers; The Young Bucks win and retain the AAA World Tag Team Championships.
  • Kenny Omega VS Chris Jericho; Jericho wins and advances to the AEW World Championship match.


AEW presents: The Buy-In!

The preshow to Double or Nothing is available on All Elite Wrestling’s YouTube and affiliated social media feeds.


AEW Buy-In – Casino Battle Royale!

Why is it called a Casinoa Battle Royale? Because participants draw cards from a deck to determine a suit. Every three minutes, a suit is played and a new participant enters. The joker card is left for last, and obviously the last person in the ring wins to challenge for the AEW World Championship in the future!

We start with the Clubs, Dustin Thomas, MJF, Sunny Days, Brandon Cutler and Michael Nakazawa! MJF is the only one Vegas hates. The bell rings and we begin!

MJF stomps poor ol’ Dustin. “Sorry about, Lt. Dan!” But then Cutler stops him with fists! Days stomps Nakazawa while Cutler fires up. Cutler goes at MJF but gets yanked into buckles. MJF talks trash to Cutler but Cutler fights back. Days tries to suplex Nakazawa but Nakazawa uses his body oil! He slips free! He hits Cutler, then oils up even more. Days runs in but Nakazawa just uses more oil to slip right out! Fans love Nakazawa as he kicks and runs, but into Days’ headbutt. Days laughs as he goes after Cutler with uppercuts. Days throws Cutler but Cutler avoids the floor! Cutler holds on but Days drags him up for big haymakers.

Days runs but Cutler shoulders in. MJF talks trash to the Vegas fans who boo and jeer him. MJF goes after Cutler again, and whips him, but Cutler comes back with flying forearms! Nakazawa keeps on Days while Cutler stomps MJF in the corner. Cutler has the fans but MJF rakes his eyes! Fans boo but MJF doesn’t care.

The next suit up is Diamonds! Days clubs Nakazawa and MJF stomps Cutler. MJF talks trash as a future AEW World Champion, then he goes after Dustin again. Fans boo harder as MJF bites Dustin’s hand! Days chokes Nakazawa but the Diamonds finally appear! Brian Pillman Jr. and Isaiah Cassidy are fighting on their way out! But there’s also Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela, who double suplex Pillman! But last out for the Diamonds, it’s SHAWN SPEARS! The Perfect 10 is now AEW! And he goes right at MJF! He flips MJF but MJF pokes his eyes! MJF mocks the 10 with middle fingers. But he runs into Spears’ eye pokes! And a Perfect 10 Ushigoroshi! Fans are fired up with “TEN! TEN!” Spears drags MJF up and CHOPS him in a corner. That’s one, but MJF begs that be all. Nope, CHOP number 2!

The next suit is Hearts! Billy Gunn, Glacier, Jungle Boy, Mark Quinn and Ace Romero are here! Jungle Boy SPIKES Janela with a huricanrana! MJF decks Jungle Boy then brawls with Gunn. MJF doesn’t take Glacier serious, but gets a hammerlock and leg sweep! Then chops! Glacier gets Janela with an uppercut, but Days sucker punches Glacier! Glacier falls out but isn’t eliminated. Days throws Nakazawa but Nakzawa holds on! Days headbutts and ELIMINATES Nakazawa!

Brawls continue and Glacier returns to MIST Days! Twice! And then uppercuts and ELIMINATES Days! But MJF tosses and ELIMINATES Glacier! Fans boo while Jimmy Havoc sticks a lit cigarette into Janela’s face! MJF realizes who is behind him, and Gunn throws him out! But MJF stays on the apron and hits Gunn back. Pillman springboards and clotheslines Janela! Pillman goes at MJF but gets poked in the eye. Cutler hammers away on Havoc while Janela again survives elimination. Pillman fights off attackers, but still gets Private Party’s Steiner Cutter combo!

The Spades arrive! Marco Stunt leads the way as Luchasaurus, Sunny Kiss and Tommy Dreamer appear! Marco goes at Gunn but gets tossed, yet still gets Gunn with a code breaker! Time to floss! But MJF clobbers Marco just to run the fun. And he sucker punches Dreamer! Ace Romero runs and DIVES to take out the Spades! Janela goes after Havoc for payback from that cigarette. Everyone else gets in the ring now, and Luchasaurus rises! He grabs Ace by the throat but Ace breaks free. They brawl back and forth with big hands, then speed up. Luchasaurus kicks and kicks! Dreamer brings in a trash can! And it hits Luchasaurus! Dream SMACKS anyone that comes close with the lid! Havoc dares him to hit him, and he hits him with the can! And a cutter!

Fans fire up behind Dreamer, and he brings Cutler up to take a bite! The fighting continues but Luchasaurus takes out Private Party with one kick! And a DOUBLE Choke Slam! The Party flounders as we finally learn who the Joker is. It’s… HANGMAN ADAM PAGE!! The Problem Solver was supposed to take on PAC, but PAC quit on him, so Hangman will take his frustration out on the entire deck! MJF kicks and whips but gets a lariat from Hangman! Hangman just waits for someone to get up, and he BOOTS Spears down. He catches and tosses Jungle Boy! Janela has his eyes on Hangman. Janela wants revenge for All In. They brawl! Hangman gets the edge but Janela hits him harder. Janela whips but Hangman reverses for a discus elbow! And the Rite of Passage, aka the Dead-Eye! Janela is out cold!

Spears CHOPS away on Ace but Ace CHOPS back. Luchasaurus dares Hangman to bring the fight. But Ace interrupts to CHOP Luchasaurus! Hangman tries but can’t fireman’s carry Ace, that bad leg gives out. Jungle Boy and Marco Stunt go after Ace, and work together for a tilt-o-whirl code breaker! Ace staggers but shoves them away. Jungle Boy jumps on for a sleeper, but gets a backpack senton! Marco keeps trying with clubbing forearms and body shots, but Ace swings. Marco bobs ‘n’ weaves and enziguris! He runs, but Ace POUNCES and ELIMINATES Marco!! Luckily for Marco, he lands on Private Party. Jungle Boy dropkicks, dumps and ELIMINATES Ace Romero! But then Janela decks Jungle Boy. Janela walks into Spears’ kick and DDT!

Janela flounders around, and ends up on the ropes! Dustin dials it up, 619! Dustin slingshots and flips for a 450! But then MJF BOOTS Dustin down! MJF drags poor Dustin up to the top rope, but Spears makes a save! But then Dustin drags Spears out and ELIMINATES him! Dustin says it ain’t personal, and goes back after MJF. But MJF shoves and ELIMINATES Dustin! Fans boo MJF but Gunn gives Cutler a Famouser! But Cutler throws and ELIMINATES Gunn! MJF dumps and ELIMINATES Cutler! Fans boo yet again but MJF just grins. Janela forearms Luchasaurus, but Luchasaurus heel kicks Janela! And then CHOKE SLAMS and ELIMINATES Janela through the table! Vegas loses their minds, but then Dream SMACKS Luchasaurus with the trash can lid.

Dream goes after Sunny Kiss but gets the Twerk Attack! But Dream shoves and ELIMINATES Sunny! Wait, is that Orange Cassidy?! He inserts himself into this match and just toys with Dream. The fans can’t believe how fast The Sloth is moving. What a Sloth Kick! Dreamer applauds and then decks Orange! But Orange kips up! But then Dreamers throws and ELIMINATES Orange! Havov staples Dreamer’s face! And his little boys! And then throws and ELIMINATES Dreamer! Havoc aims that staple gun at Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus is there, and hoists Jungle boy up! He kicks the gun away, Jungle Boy swings for a wheelbarrow facebreaker! But MJF throws Jungle Boy! But Jungle Boy holds on! Havoc BITES the fingers of Jungle Boy and ELIMINATES him!

The Final Fuor: Luchasaurus, MJF, Havoc and Hangman! And MJF is cornered! They start stomping and punching away! Fans cheer but MJF slumps out of the ring. Luchasaurus goes after Havoc and Hangman but they work together to fight him. He fights them off, but gets a roaring elbow! And a Acid Rain Maker! Havoc walks into Hangman’s boot, but SHORYUKEN and ROLLING Death Valley, to Penalty Kick! Havoc hoists Hangman up but Hangman slips out to put him on the apron. Luchasaurus BOOTS and ELIMINATES Havoc!

Luchasaurus powers up and aims at Hangman in the corner, but misses the back elbow. Hangman fires off but gets a knee! Luchasaurus hits Hangman with the gut wrench facebuster! Hangman hobbles up but baits Luchasaurus in! He dumps Luchasaurus out and ELIMINATES him! But MJF goes after Hangman! Hangman survives while MJF is bragging, BUCK SHOT! Hangman clotheslines MJF out and WINS!

Winner: Hangman Adam Page; one half of the future AEW World Championship match

A MASSIVE win for the first action of the night! Will the Problem Solver encounter an Alpha or an Omega in the future championship match?


Backstage interview with Kylie Ray!

Smiley Kylie is SO excited for tonight! This is a massive night for her in a Women’s Triple Threat tonight. But the Librarian says SHH! Peter Avalon is sick of- SHH! A lady librarian interrupts? They shhh each other, but this doesn’t make sense. Kylie still smiles, but will she smile at the end of her match tonight?


AEW Buy-In – Sammy Guevara VS Kip Sabian!

The Best Ever is also a panda as he goes up against #Superbad Sabian! Who gets their first win in AEW to take a big step into the future?

The bell rings and Sabian circles with Sammy. Fans love both guys as they tie up. Sammy and Sabian push each other around and roll on the mat. Sammy powers Sabian to ropes but lets up, only to headlock him. Sabian tries but can’t get free as Sammy grinds him down. Sabian turns and gets Sammy with a keylock, then headscissors to a hold! Sammy kips up and out, and fans applaud this opening exchange. Sammy soaks up the cheers but turns around into a headlock takeover! Sabian blocks Sammy’s arm but Sammy pops out to his own headscissors. Sabian takes a couple tries to kip up and out, and he also gets fans cheering. Sammy rushes Sabian and pushes him, but Sabian speeds things up to hurdle and slide.

Sabian shoves and springboards to huricanrana Sammy down! Sammy staggers into a calf kick! Sabian has the fans cheering again while Sammy checks his teeth. Sabian wrenches and whips Sammy but Sammy reverses. Things speed up and Sammy flips over to dropkick and kip up! Sabian gets to a corner while Sammy takes a bow. Sammy takes his time running in, but Sabian puts him on the apron. Sabian fakes Sammy out to BOOT him down! Sammy staggers and Sabian speeds up to slingshot and fake Sammy out. Then springboard senton! Fans cheer as Sabian puts Sammy back in the ring. But Sammy runs to FLY out onto Sabian! Fans are really cheering now as Sammy soaks it all up.

Sammy drags Sabian into the ring then takes his time going to the corner. He rams his shoulder into Sabian then CHOPS him. Fans “WOO~” with Sammy, then Sammy double STOMPS Sabian down! Sammy rains down rights but walks it off as the ref counts. He toys with Sabian now and says BANG, but gets caught into a dragon screw! And a Cruicianus Clutch! Sammy flails but gets the ropebreak! Sabian lets Sammy go and keeps on him in the corner. Sabian whips but Sammy reverses, only to run into a boot! But he still catches Sabian with a powerslam! And springboards for a moonsault, but Sabian dodges. Sammy jumps for another moonsault, which Sabian dodges, too, but a standing shooting star finally hits! Cover, TWO!

Sammy drags Sabian up and over to ropes. Fans duel as Sammy suplexes Sabian to the apron. Sabian kicks back! And springboards for a missile dropkick! Sammy crawls to a corner and fans rally up. Sabian runs in for an enziguri, then rolls Sammy to Penalty Kick him! Cover, TWO! Sammy survives but Sabian keeps his cool. Sabian brings Sammy to a corner for haymakers. Sammy staggers away but Sabian stays on him with body shots. Sabian suplexes but Sammy slips out and waistlocks. Sabian elbows but Sammy forearm back! Sammy suplexes Sabian up and over and then Fisherman Suplexes him to the floor!!

The referee checks on both men as fans cheer that crazy idea! They chant “A E Dub!” while Sammy has fans move aside. Sammy puts Sabian on the railing then goes to the apron. Sammy es loco as he SHOOTING STAR PRESSES Sabian!! Fans lose their minds all over again over that one! Sammy drags himself back up then gets Sabian in the ring. Sammy calls for an even bigger move and climbs up top. He aims at Sabian, 630 gets knees!! Torture rack, to Deathly Hollows!! Cover, Sabian wins!!

Winner: Kip Sabian, by pinfall

Superbad gets payback for the disrespect at the AEW weigh-ins! Will Sabian be a future champion in this All Elite promotion?


The Nightmare Family arrives!

Cody, Brandi and even Pharaoh are here! Brothers will face off later tonight, and Kenny Omega gives a big thumbs up to that.

Matt Jackson meets Nakazawa! Whoa… Matt will remember that name. He meets up with Nick but then someone says they need credentials? How’s this for credentials?! SUPERKICK!!


AEW Double or Nothing BEGINS!!

And with that, The Elite meets on stage! “A E Dub!” echoes out in Vegas as Cody welcomes- And then Matt takes the mic. He should do it, right? No, Nick wants to. But then Kenny Omega takes the mic! He was left out last year, so he gets to do the honors. Welcome to the inaugural show of AEW, All Elite Wrestling! What a nice ring to it. Omega had butterflies, but this energy is going to get him through this. They can’t do any wrong! It’s just a big ol’ party! Matt says it is so cool to see 20 THOUSAND in here. Cody says it’s not, that’s like 13. Nah, pro-wrestling’s about rounding up. Attendance record for MGM Grand with 20 THOUSAND! Yay~!

Brandi says that before things get out of hand, she will say something factual: this is the first inclusive event in wrestling history! Yes, they’re making history! They say “revolution” because it IS a revolution! Are you ready!?


Chris Jackson and family sing the National Anthem!


Jim Ross is AEW!

You read right, THE Good Ol’ JR joins Alex Marvez and Excalibur in calling the action!


Six Man Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS CIMA, T-Hawk & El Lindaman!

Christopher Daniel, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky leave ROH behind for AEW, and they take on the #StrongHearts of OWE! Will Vegas end up the worst town they’ve ever been in? Or will SCU hit the jackpot to open AEW’s inaugural show?

Daniels has a mic and hands it to Scorpio. Scorpio thinks a moment, and says, “This is THE WORST I’ve ever been to!” Well that’s already decided. Daniels takes the mic back and says that Sin City is a bad, bad town. They’re favorite bad town! But tonight~, they’ll have themselves~ a real good time~. Fans like Daniels’ singing voice, and that the #AllEliteEra begins! Who better to kick it off than the Official Ambassadors of California Love? Kaz says has three letters he wants to say, and say it with him to make his day. So on the count of three, give a loud and proud… S C U! But now the Strong Hearts make their entrance so we can begin this six man showdown!

Teams sort out and Daniels starts against CIMA! The bell rings and fans are thunderous already. Daniels and Cima shake hands and circle. They tie up and Daniels headlocks. Cima powers out and spins Daniels to a keylock takedown. Daniels spins up but into a headlock. Daniels powers out and they bump shoulders. The Fallen Angel runs Cima over but things speed up. Cima keeps up but Daniels arm-drags. CIma arm-drags back, then they cancel out! Both men stare down then get right up, Vegas thunderous again. Daniels and Cima tag out to Kaz and T-Hawk.

The Heavy Metal Rebel ties up with bulky Hawk, and headlocks. Hawk reverses and wrenches as fans rally up. Kaz uses ropes to flip through and whip. Hawk reverses but Kaz blocks the hip toss to get a takedown. Cover, TWO! Hawk swings but Kaz kicks and knees and LARIATS! Kaz swaggers around and brings Hawk up. Hawk CHOPS back! Hawk whips but Kaz reverses, and things speed up again. Big T-Hawk runs Kaz over, then stalks Kaz to a waistlock. Kaz elbows free and runs. Scorpio tags in and dropkicks Hawk! Scorpio circles Hawk to a facelock. Hawk denies the suplex, and switches. Scorpio switches but gets a CHOP! Hawk whips but Scorpio reverses, only to leap into a powerbomb! Cover, TWO!

Cima blasts SCU’s corner, then Hawk tags Lindaman. Lindaman and Hawk whip Scorpio, then they double elbow him down. Lindaman hits a big splash and covers, TWO! Strong Hearts argues the count but LIndaman goes at Scorpio. Scorpio throws hands but Lindaman whips. Kaz helps Scorpio stop himself, and Scorpio slams Lindaman. Daniels tags in then tags in Kaz. Daniels slingshots for an elbow, Kaz slingshots for a leg drop! SCU blasts OWE and then The Addiction whip Lindaman. Scorpio starts a train, and SCU triple teams Lindaman for Kaz’s swinging shotgun dropkick! Fans are fired up as Kaz covers, TWO!

Kaz tags Daniels and SCU whips Lindaman. Body shot and swinging neckbreaker, cover, TWO! Dnaiels keeps on LIndaman with elbows then whips. Lindaman holds ropes but Daniels kicks. Daniels whips but Lindaman reverses and forearms. Drop toehold and flying knees from Cima! Hawk tags in to club away but SCU saves Daniels. SCU whip Hawk but Hawk evades and dropkicks back! Kaz boots but gets a CHOP! Hawk CHOPS Daniels, Cima double knees Daniels in the corner! Fans fire up for Strong Hearts! Hawk clobbers Daniels over and over, then tags Cima back in. They snapmare and slingshot senton Daniels! They claim SCU is up to something, then drag Daniels up. Another double whip for elbows and yet another whip. Double hip toss to facebuster and double dropkicks!

Fans are loving OWE’s flag-bearers as Lindaman tags back in. Lindaman stomps Daniels while Cima taunts SCU. Lindaman throws hands and lifts Daniels but Daniels fights out. Daniels throws forearms of his own, but get a jawbreaker! Lindaman blasts SCU’s corner then puts Daniels into Hawk’s boots. Tag to Hawk and Strong Hearts double whip. Lindaman elbows and feeds Hawk’s hip toss. Hawk rolls Daniels in a leg lock and rolls him around, to a deathlock! Double basement dropkicks from Cima and Lindaman! And they hold SCU back! Daniels endures the deathlock but Scorpio breaks in to break it! Hawk shrugs that off to drag Daniels back up. Back suplex but Daniels escapes to knee and STO!

Both men are down and crawling as fans rally up. Hot tags to Scorpio and Lindaman! Scorpio rallies on Strong Hearts! Leaping uppercut to Hawk then a whip for Cima. Cima reverses but he gets dum dum stomps! Fans fire up as Scorpio stalks Lindaman. He brings Lindaman up but Lindman slips out. Lindaman waistlocks but Scorpio breaks free. But he gets a knee, an enziguri, and a back suplex facebuster! To deadlift German Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO!! Strong Hearts was so close but fans are fired up as they keep going. Lindaman scoop slams Scorpio then climbs up high. Daniels goes after him but gets fought off. Lindaman leaps for a sunset flip but gets a basement dropkick! Tags to Kaz and Hawk!

Kaz rallies now, dropkick for Cima! Hip toss neckbreaker for Hawk! Cimia runs in but gets a waistlock to roll up. Hawk is the legal man, but he gets caught to a Northern Lights! Bridging cover, TWO!! Kaz hurries after Hawk and whips him for Daniels’ elbow. Daniels tags in and gives Hawk the wristlock stomp! Then DIVES onto Lindaman at the timekeeper’s area! Cima dropkicks Kaz, then gets Daniels in Aoi Shudou! He whips Scorpio but gets buckles and a slingshot cutter! Scorpio runs but Lindaman trips him up to shotgun dropkick him out! Kaz hits Lindaman with the Slingshot DDT! Hawk whips but Kaz reverses. Hawk sends Kaz out, and goes after Daniels! Double clotheslines take both men out!

Vegas is thunderous again as both men crawl. A ten count goes to 7 but both men get up. They start throwing hands back and forth. Lindaman tags in and Daniels gives Hawk Angel’s Wings! But Lindaman deadlift German Suplexes to a bridge! TWO!! Cima METEORA! Cover, but Kaz breaks it! Cima whips Kaz but Kaz baits him in to dump him out. Kaz guillotine leg drops Cima, then slingshots onto him AND Hawk! Kaz sets them back up for Scorpio to FLY! Scorpio bowls Cima and Hawk down! But Lindaman has Daniels again. Daniels fights out but gets a knee. Lindaman whips but runs into a boot. Kaz gut wrenches, and Daniels moonsaults, Best Meltzer Ever!! Cover, SCU wins!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, Daniels pinning

AEW Double or Nothing has its own huge opener! Strong Hearts put up a great fight, but it wasn’t enough to stop a great trio like SCU! Will the partnership of AEW and OWE only grow stronger?


Triple Threat: Dr. Britt Baker VS Kylie Rae VS Nyla Rose!

The AEW Women’s Division begins here! The dentist loves smiles but so does #SmileyKylie! Kylie is so happy and hyper, but the menacing Nyla is looking to prove herself to the world. Who will be the one smiling at the end of this…

But wait, is that Brandi? She’s all dressed up to compete! Brandi has a mic to say, “Guys, don’t look confused. And don’t look at me like I lied to you.” When Brandi said each of them could possibly win, she meant it. And when she said this Triple Threat could be a great match, she also meant that. But there’s a problem: she doesn’t want just a great match; she wants something awesome! And so, making her own AEW debut, it’s AWESOME KONG!!

Fatal 4 Way: Dr. Britt Baker VS Kylie Rae VS Nyla Rose VS Awesome Kong!

Vegas loses their minds as #ChiefBrandi adds not just another participant, but perhaps the most intimidating woman in the world! With the odds going down for them, will Britt, Kylie or Nyla be able to win?!

The bell rings and even Kylie has lost her smile. But big bad Nyla wants to step to Kong! Fans like the looks of this, but then Britt and Kylie go after her, too! She shrugs them off! Kong back hands and BOOTS Nyla out! Kylie leaps on Kong’s back, but gets thrown right off. Britt runs in but is scooped and slammed onto Kylie! Kong runs but misses the splash! Britt hurries up but so does Kong. Britt baits Kong in and dumps her out. Kylie rolls Britt up! TWO, and Kylie wants Britt to take it easy. This is just business. Kylie offers a handshake, bt Britt runs at her! Things speed up and Kylie runs Britt over with a shoulder, and a smile.

Things speed up again and Nyla gets knocked back out. Kylie rolls and kicks at Britt but Britt rolls her up, TWO! Britt wrenches to an arm-drag! Britt teases Kylie with her own smile while Brandi coaches Kong back up. Kylie hits Britt back but Britt hits her. Britt whips but Kylie reverses. Kylie runs corner to corner but Britt dodges. Britt SUEPRKICKS Kong then forearms Kylie. Britt leaps but into Kong’s arms! Kylie DIVES onto them both! And she’s not smiling, she’s fired up! Nyla comes by but Kylie dodges, only to get a headbutt. Nyla puts Kylie in and covers, TWO! Brandi watches closely as Nyla scoops and slams Kylie down. BIG leg drop, cover, TWO! Kylie survives that, but Nyla keeps focus, brother.

Nyla grabs Kylie for a choke but Kylie slips out to fire off clubbing forearms. Kylie roars and runs, but into Nyla’s SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up behind Nyla as she covers, TWO! Nyla grows frustrated but she stays focused on Kylie. Kylie crawls but Nyla drags her up. Nyla sees Britt coming in and gets a slingblade! Cover, TWO! Britt tries covering Kylie, TWO! Britt hits Kong out and runs at Nyla, but runs into a fireman’s carry. Nyla pops Britt up for a forearm! Then a Samoan Drop! Kylie sits up while Britt rolls to the apron. Nyla scrapes her out to go back to Kylie. Powerbomb lift, but Kylie fights back! Pop out to a sunset! Cover, but Britt breaks it!

All three women in the ring are down as Brandi watches intently. Fans rally up as Britt drags Kylie up. Brandi throws forearms to stagger Kylie, then whips her to a corner. Brandi shining wizards but Nyla clotheslines both of them! Nyla scoops and slams Kylie hard, and fans fire up as Nyla shoots her arrow. She goes up top, but Britt stops her with a forearm! Britt throws forearms but Nyla hits back. They brawl and Kylie comes in to join Britt. They both get Nyla, but here comes Awesome Kong! Kong joins in, TOWER OF DOOM!! Double powerbombs and a superplex! Kong stands tall as fans fire up!

Kong stalks Britt as she rolls out of the ring. She drags Britt up and wants a bomb. Britt resists so Kong clubs her and bops her with a big back hand! Kong puts Britt back on the apron, powerbomb lift, but Britt fights free! SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK from Kylie, too! Nyla SPEARS Kong into steel steps! Both Kong and Nyla are down on the outside, and Brandi grows concerned. Kylie has fans behind her, but Britt rolls her up! TWO, and Britt whips. Kylie counter the hip toss to Dragon’s Lair, to SUPERKICK! Deadlift but Britt fights out. Britt switches and spins Kylie for a forearm! Twisting Fisherman! Cover, TWO!? Britt can’t believe Kylie survives, but Brandi is more upset Kong isn’t in the ring.

Fans rally up as Britt aims at Kylie. Nyla stirs while Brandi checks on Kong. Kylie reverses and rolls Britt, TWO to a DEADLIFT! German Suplex Bridging, TWO!! Kylie almost takes the win, and now she’s losing her cool! Smiley Kylie is hulking out! But she gets a SUPERKICK! To a Last Shot! Cover, Britt wins!

Winner: Britt Baker, by pinfall

The first AEW Women’s Match WAS awesome! Britt takes the win, to Brandi’s chagrin. But Brandi does have to nod in respect. Will Britt be the top woman in AEW whether Brandi likes it or not?


Best Friends VS Angelico & Jack Evans!

Chuckie T and “Strong Island” Trent arrive in AEW! But so do the South African Stud and the Dragon Slayer of Lucha Underground! Which dynamic duo takes a big step forward into the All Elite Tag Team Division?

The teams sort out as fans cheer Best Friends on already. Evans talks trash that Vegas is cheering for the team that isn’t the #BestTeamThereHasEverBeen. But for now, the bell rings and Evans starts with Trent.

Trent and Evans tie up and Evans headlocks. Evans wants to know who Trent even is. Trent tries to power out but Evans holds on. Trent tries again but Evans still holds on. Evans lands out of the back suplex, but his shoulder tackle barely makes Trent budge. Evans tries again but Trent still stays up. The third time gets Trent to move but then Trent runs Evans right over! Trent flexes his heavyweight frame and tags in Chuck. They whip and dropkick Evans down! Angelico runs in but into kicks. Trent CHOPS Evans, then Best Friends run corner to corner to forearm, and back the other way. And then, they- get blasted by dropkicks! Fans boo as the hug is denied!

Evans trash talks more as Angelico haymakers Trent. They double whip Trent to a corner, then Angelico whips Evans. Evans back elbows and lands outside the ring. Angelico lifts Trent for Evans’ From the Heavens stomp! Evans then DIVES out onto Chuckie! Fans fire up because Evans is still a great athlete. Angelico and Evans kick away on Trent, then Evans Last Chancery for the PENALTY KICK! Angelico almost hurt himself. He also helps Evans with the standing 450! Cover, TWO! Evans bumps Trent on buckles then tags Angelico. Angelico whips Trent and elbows him down hard. Cover, TWO! Angelico keeps his cool as he drags Trent back up. He gut wrenches to the Canadian rack, and wrings Trent out for a slam! Then reels him in for a hammerlock Boston Crab!

Fans rally as Trent endures. Chuckie gets in and kicks Angelico down! The ref reprimands Chuckie but Chuckie gets a RIGHT from Angelico. Angelico runs corner to corner at Trent, but gets boots! Trent crawls for his corner, but Evans kicks him down. Evans also kicks Chuckie. Evans argues with the ref but Angelico drags Trent over. Tag and Evans goes after Trent. They double whip Trent corner to corner hard, and Trent ends up on the top rope! Trent tumbles back to LARIAT Evans! Both men are down and fans fire up as a standing count begins. Trent flounders and tags in Chuckie!

The Kentucky Gentleman elbows and dropkicks Evans! Fans fire up but Angelico knees Chuckie low. Angelico throws hands and he whips Chuckie corner to corner. Evans whips Angelico in but Chuckie goes up and over! Chuckie overhead suplexes Evans onto Angelico! Falcon Arrow to Evans, TWO! “No one kicks out of my Falcon Arrow!” Chuckie stands Evans up to CHOP him. He whips Evans corner to corner but Evans puts Chuckie on the apron. Chuckie hotshots Evans back, then gives Angelico some Sliced Bread! He keeps moving to climb up top. He baits Evans in to roundhouse! Dumdum stomps for Angelico! Trent tornado DDT’s Evans! Trent goes back to his corner as Chuckie gives Evans stomps! Cover, TWO!!

Chuckie keeps his cool as he rallies the fans. Tag to Trent and the Best Friends drag Evans up. Evans jawbreakers and kicks away on Trent, PELE! He puts Trent in the ring but Trent whips him to Chuckie’s knee! Shotgun knee from Trent takes Evans out! Best Friends give Angelico Sole Food to a Half ‘n’ Half! And now, they HUG! Vegas goes nuts for the hug! Best Friends drags Evans up, LONG DART CUTTER! Cover, TWO!? Evans survives the long dart?! But he’s also dazed, so Best Friends set up for something stronger. But Angelico drags Chuckie out to save Evans, and help him with the Destroyer! Then, ax to Evans’ spinning roundhouse! Suplex 450! Cover, TWO!! Trent’s as tough as they come, but Evans keeps his cool.

Tag to Angelico as fans rally up for Best Friends. Tag back to Evans and Evans climbs up. Angelico lifts Trent, but Chuckie anchors Angelico’! Evans uses Trent to MOONSAULT onto Chuckie!! Then Angelico runs, but Trent slips out. Trent runs into a knee-trigger! Angelico lifts Trent, Canadian rack, Crucifix BUCKLE BOMB! Evans climbs up, 630 SENTON! Cover, but Chuckie breaks it! Vegas is loving this! Angelico and Chuckie brawl as fans chant “A E Dub!” Angelico throws Chuckie out and Evans goes after Trent. Cradle counter from Trent, TWO!! Angelico throws haymakers on Trent, then whips him hard into buckles. Fans know “This is Awesome!” as Evans and Angelico coordinate.

Angelico puts Trent on the corner but Evans climbs up. Angelico LEAPS but misses Chuckie! Chuckie saves Trent, Electric Chair for Best Friends Doomsday!! Chuckie FLIES onto Angelico! Trent crawls to Evans as fans reach that fever pitch. He lifts Evans, DUDE BUSTER! Cover, Best Friends win!

Winners: Best Friends, Trent pinning

The AEW 2v2 tag division is looking great! Especially when Trent and Chuckie ask Evans and Angelico for a hug. The fans want it, and we get it! But then the lights go out!? Did AEW forget to pay the electric bill already? No! The lights come back on, and in the ring, it’s- Well, wait, the lights go out again. And when they turn back on, there are masked men! They all attack and beat up Best Friends and Evans-Angelico! Fans boo but Evans gets a spinning complete shot! Angelico gets fed to a torture rack backbreaker drop! But that’s not all, the masked henchmen move aside so that Trent gets the Gory Special. But not just that, it’s turned into a Gory BLOCKBUSTER!

The masked henchmen become a human throne for their masters. The lights go out again, and then they’re gone! AEW has been invaded by the Super Smash Brothers! Will they be the ones to take those AEW Tag Team Championships?


AEW announces another major event: All Out!

The fans wanted it, and we’re getting it! What will this true sequel to All In give the fans?


Six Woman Tag: Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki & Emi Sakura VS Hikaru Shida, Riho & Ryo Mizunami!

AEW profiles their international partnerships with Joshi Strong Style wrestlers, both young and old! Which trio makes the biggest impact here in Las Vegas?

The bell rings and the Magical Girl starts against the current Oz Academy Openweight Champion. Yuka ducks and dodges but then keeps dodging Shida. Shida grows annoyed but Yuka tries the oldest trick in the book. Yuka dodges Shida’s attack and hits her, but then runs into a throw! Shida kicks but Yuka dodges and gets back. Fans cheer and Yuka tags out to Aja! Shida tags out to Mizunami. They tie up, but Mizu can’t move Aja. Fans rally up and the two “heaters” circle. They tie up again and still Aja cannot be moved. Mizunami manages to make her step back, but then Aja powers her all the way back!

The ref counts but Aja CHOPS and whips Mizu. Mizu collides with her, but Aja doesn’t budge. Not the second time, either. Nor the third! Aja flexes and Mizu roars, and things speed up. Mizu gets Aja off her feet! She brings Aja up but gets furious slaps! Aja whips and elbows Mizu down! Fans fire up with Aja but Mizu gets right up. Aja and Mizu tag out and we see Riho tie up with Emi. Emi bends Riho back and hops on, but Riho stays up in her bridge! Riho powers her way back but Emi wristlocks and whips her. But Riho lands and crucifixes to a tilt-o-whirl to a sunset flip! High stack, TWO! Emi escapes but Riho keeps moving. Emi tilt-o-whirls Riho to a backbreaker! Tag to Yuka, and the Magical Girl LEAPS for a seated senton! Yuka keeps moving, huricanrana!

Things speed up more, Yuka whips but Riho reverses to send her at a corner. Riho runs into a boot, and Yuka hops up. Yuka cartwheels on the ropes to come back with a dropkick! Cover, but Riho slides out! Riho turns around into a scoop slam, Yuka tags to Emi. Emi gives Riho screaming Mongolian Chops! Then throws Riho by her hair! Emi drags Riho around and gets the legs hooked. Emi gets Riho in a surfboard! And bounces her around! Then tosses her off. Tag to Aja, and Aja stalks Riho. Fans love that “This is Wrestling!” as Aja sits Riho up just to kick her hard. Aja grins as she loom over little Riho. She lets Riho stand up and Riho throws hands. They do nothing, but Aja’s one headbutt staggers Riho. Aja scoops with one arm and slams Riho down! Then drops an elbow! Cover, TWO!!

Aja’s team blasts Shida’s corner but the ref’s reprimand them. Aja scoops Riho, PILEDIVER! Cover, but Shida breaks through to break it! Aja tags Yuka and she covers Riho, TWO! She tries again, TWO! Yuka brings Riho up but Riho wheelbarrows and stomps! Hot tag to Mizunami! Mizu rallies on Team Aja, but Aja herself is too solid. Aja and Yuka whip but Mizu dodges and pushes them into each other. Mizu SPEARS Aja off her feet! Mizu CHOPS away on Yuka, but stops at the referee’s count of 4. She gives Yuka one more CHOP! Then whips corner to corner for forearms. Fans fire up with Mizu as she pulls the rope, and runs in, BIG clothesline! But she’s not done, she scoops Yuka, blocks the wheelbarrow, and German Suplexes her!

Mizu runs, and LARIATS Yuka down! Yuka tags but so does Mizu. Riho speeds up and headscissors Aja to ropes! Dial it up, 702! Riho climbs up and leaps, but into a roundhouse! Aja lifts Riho for a SAIDO DRIVER! Her team intercepts Shida, cover, TWO!? Riho lives, but Aja looks to end it! Banzai Elbow misses! Tag to Shida! Shida drags Aja up, but she can’t suplex Aja. Aja suplexes but Shida escapes to enziguri! But Emi kicks Shida! Yuka passes Aja a trash bin! She misses Shida, and Shida has her kendo stick! Stick hits can again and again, then SMACK to Aja’s stomach. Shida runs, but into the can! SMACK, can hits head! Tag to Emi, and We Will Rock You! Emi runs at Shida corner to corner, and rocks her with a crossbody! Underhooks to backbreaker!

Emi isn’t done with Shida, but Shida forearms. Emi forearms Shida, but Shida comes back for more. They keep hitting each other, even daring each other to keep going. Shida hits Emi hard, but Emi CHOPS Shida hard! Emi runs, into a knee! She ends up on the ropes, Riho knees her down! Riho and Shida blast Aja and Yuka. Shida puts Emi to a corner, and deadlift SUPERPLEXES! Mizu climbs while Riho intercepts Aja! BIG leg drop! Cover, but  Yuka springboard splashes down! Riho knees Yuka, but Aja SLAPS Riho. Mizu CHOPS Aja, but Aja double suplexes her and RIho! Fans fire up as Yuka springboards and wipes out Riho and Mizu!

Aja goes back to Shida, BRAINBUSTER! Emi drags Shida to a drop zone, and she climbs up. MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO?! Shida survives?! Fans can’t believe the ref missed that! But Emi keeps going, underhooking Shida. Shida resists the butterfly, waitstlocks but standing switches. Aja takes aim, but back hands Emi!! Riho crossbodies Aja! Shida shotgun knees Emi! Cover, Team Shida wins!!

Winners: Shida, Riho & Mizanumi, Shida pinning

The heart of Shida helps her team take the win! Is this only the start of Joshi in AEW?


Cody VS Dustin Rhodes!

Just as AEW begins, a Natural’s career might be coming to an end. The American Nightmare knows his older brother is running out of time, but is the former WWE superstar’s last day in the ring already here?

As they make their way to the ring, Brandi presents her “king” with a sledge hammer. Cody takes the hammer, and takes aim at the stone throne on stage. Fans cheer as Cody SMASHES the throne! With that message sent, Cody takes to the ring, and brother Dustin makes his way out. Brother VS Brother, Generation VS Generation, begins now!

Dustin and Cody circle and then speed things up. Fans already know “This is Awesome!” because we’re finally getting to see it! Cody flexes but Dustin shrugs it off. Fans cheer for their father, “Dusty! Dusty!” and both brothers take a moment to keep the tears back. They finally tie up but Cody gets away. Cody gets the leg and trips Dustin but then shows off with a familiar cartwheel! Dustin ignores that and brushes himself off. They circle again and tie up. Cody headlocks but Dustin powers out. Cody slides under and hits the dropping uppercut! He keeps on Dustin and throws him out. Dustin has a rough landing but he’s on his feet. Cody runs and DIVES! Cody wipes out his brother and fans fire up.

Fans aren’t so sure as Cody tells them to clear out though. Cody goes to throw Dustin, but puts him in the ring. Cody fakes us out again, but Dustin sees it coming to kick Cody back! Dustin then CANNONBALLS from the apron! Dustin puts Cody in but Cody throws hands. Fans know “You’ve Still Got It!” as Dustin bulldogs Cody! Dustin rains down rights on Cody in a corner, all the way to 9. He then does the taunt back to Cody before number 10! Dustin throws jabs then takes a deep breath. Cody bails out to avoid the uppercut, though. Dustin keeps his eyes on Cody as he takes a lap around the ring. Cody hops the rail to walk through the AEW fans? Fans boo and want him to get back in the ring.

Cody takes his time returning to ringside, even getting himself some water. Dustin gets caught off guard as Cody runs in and waistlocks. Dustin bucks him off, but Brandi splashes Dustin with water! Cody gives Dustin a gutbuster and covers, TWO! Cody keeps on Dustin with a seated abdominal stretch. Fans rally but Cody knocks Dustin down. Cody drags Dustin up to grab a leg for a dragon screw! Cover, TWO! Cody punches but Dustin hits back. The brothers brawl but Cody brings Dustin up. Cody whips Dustin but Dustin reverses, but Cody goes up and over, spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO!

Cody keeps on Dustin with a trapped leg and armlock. Fans rally but Cody smashes the knee. Cody smirks as he brings Dustin up. Dustin hits back with haymakers but Cody kicks low. COdy whips but Dustin dodges and runs him over with a lariat! And more lariats! Fans duel as COdy revesres a whip. Dustin gets Cody the uppercut! And a kick to the corner. Dustin whips but Cody reverses, only to miss in the corner. Dustin puts his leg on the rope and gives another uppercut. Fans see what’s possible, and Dustin follows with them! He has Cody stuck on the second rope, but Cody just ripped off the buckle pad! Cody tosses it down and Dustin sees it. Dustin picks it up, an tosses it to the fans! Someone just got a free AEW pad!

Dustin runs in but gets pushed into the bare buckle!! Cody goes after Dustin with stomps in the corner. The ref pulls Cody away from Dustin, but Brandi gives Dustin another cheap shot! Fans boo now, but Dustin just gets up and glares at Brandi. Brandi SPEARS Dustin!? Even Cody says that wasn’t good. The referee sees Brandi and EJECTS her! Cody is panicked while Brandi is furious! But the fans sing “Hey hey hey~! Good-bye~!” Diamond Dallas Page comes out to carry Brandi away! Fans cheer DDP while Cody argues with the ref. But Dustin drags himself up, his busted eyebrow bleeding! Cody goes after him, showing no mercy!

Cody rakes Dustin’s bloody eye then puts him in the ring. There’s blood all over Cody’s hands, so he wipes it off on himself. Cody stomps and covers, TWO! Dustin refuses to lose, even with that much blood on his face. Cody punches more, and even kicks Dustin right in the face! Dustin flounders up and swings a kick but misses wide right. Cody kicks Dustin down and covers, TWO! Cody sees just how much blood is over him and his brother. He drags Dustin up to give more haymakers. Dustin staggers to a corner, bleeding profusely. Cody stomps a mudhole but the referee backs him off. Dustin reaches out blindly, and walks into Cody’s haymakers. Cody whips corner to corner hard and Dustin hits the mat.

Fans boo as Dustin is bleeding all over his face. But they rally up for Dustin as he stands again. Cody whips but Dustin reverses, only to miss the powerslam. Curb Stomp! Cover, TWO?! Dustin still lives?! So much blood is pouring out! But Cody doesn’t stop, he climbs up top. Dustin stands, and Cody leaps, double ax handles! Cody climbs back up again, but fans still rally behind a bloody Dustin. Dustin stands again, Cody leaps, but Dustin dodges! Dustin gets the powereslam! Cover, TWO!! Dustin almost had Cody but he’s still got life. He drags Cody up but Cody trips him up, to get the Figure Four! Cody has the legendary leg lock, and punches Dustin into falling back. It’s also a cover, but TWO as Dustin sits up.

Cody punches Dustin more, it’s a cover, TWO! Dustin works to turn the lock over! Fans rally but Cody resists. They go one way, and then the other, and Dustin gets it over! Dustin’s face is all red as he makes Cody endure! But Cody turns it back over, and to the ropes! Cody gets the ropebreak and the leg lock is undone. Speaking of undone, Cody undoes his weight belt!  The ref reprimands Cody, so Cody tosses the belt away. But Dustin gets him with an atomic drop! And then pulls Cody’s pants down, to SPANK him with his own belt! Cody punches Dustin away, then runs in, to a kick and a DESTROYER!? Cover, TWO!! Cody survives but Dustin is back in this!

Fans hit a new high as Dustin stands up again! Dustin hoists Cody to the top rope, and CHOPS away. Fans chant for “A E Dub!” as Dustin climbs. Dustin has Cody but stands up on the very top, for a SUPERPLEX!! But not just that, Cross Rhodes Suplex! Cover, TWO!? Cody is painted in his own brother’s blood and Vegas is losing their mind! Dustin gets up again and drags Cody up with him. Dragon sleeper, but Cody knees out. And he distracts the ref before hitting a low blow mule kick! Springboard, Disaster Kick! Then the Nightmare Cross Rhodes! Cover, TWO?!? Dustin still lives!! But the bleeding hasn’t stopped, how much longer can he go?! Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” but can they?!

Dustin drags Cody up and gives him a headbutt. Cody flounders into the dragon sleeper, CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!?! How are either one of them still doing this?! Dustin punches, Cody punches, and repeat! They just hit each other harder! Cody kicks and uppercuts again, but Dustin does the same! Cody BOOTS Dustin, then runs, into a SPANISH FLY!? How did Dustin do that?! He crawls to a cover, TWO?!? Vegas hits another fever pitch as Cody drags Dustin up. Cody punches and underhooks Dustin, DINN’S FIRE!! But he doesn’t cover, he’s waiting to see if Dustin moves. Cody stands to stop the standing count, then drags Dustin up again. CROSS RHODES! Cover, Cody wins!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

The American Nightmare ends the Attitude Era, but he may have ended Dustin in more ways than one. Is this a sign that the AEW Era will overtake even the greatest wrestling companies?

Cody returns to his brother to pick up a mic. The fans say “Thank You, Dustin!” but Cody says Dustin doesn’t just get to retire. Cody has a favor to ask in front of “God and the whole world.” Before AEW was a thing, it was just the Elite. Cody put his name on a piece of paper, Fight for the Fallen. And the match Cody wants: himself and a partner of his choosing, against the best tag team in the world today, the Young Bucks. But Cody doesn’t need a partner, or a friend. Cody needs his brother. And his brother is there for him! They hug on it! AEW has the Rhodes Brothers together again! Will they become the top team in the AEW Tag Team Division?


Jack Whitehall introduces the AEW World Championship!

But not only that, he introduces the Best There Is, the Best There Was, and the Best There Ever Will Be, BRET HART!! Yes, the Hitman himself is here to present the top title in all of AEW! Bret hands the belt to Jack and takes the mic to talk to Vegas. Vegas loses their minds all over again as they see the WWE Hall of Famer here. Bret tells them it’s great to be back in Vegas. 26 years ago, he defended the world title here, so it’s a great honor to present another. He thanks AEW for giving him this honor, because the belt is “absolutely beautiful.” Without any further ado, let’s bring out the Casino Battle Royale winner, Hangman Page!

The Problem Solver returns, still feeling good despite the bad leg. But just as he hits the ring, out comes MJF! MJF is being a sore loser, it seems. He has a mic and mocks the booing fans. The fans tell them what they think of him. Oh MJF is an a-hole? The fans bought a ticket to see him, so they can shut up. And in case you live under a rock, you’re looking at the fastest rising star, Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Look out, Bret, someone’s coming! Gotcha. MJF laughs at his own tasteless joke, but then gets mad at fans booing. But they boo because they’re jealous. Jealous of the “quintessential future” of AEW. Jealous of “the future face” of AEW! God knows a horse can’t be the face of this company! And yes, he means Hangman.

But fans like “the horse” huh? Well let’s talk about horsies. MJF doesn’t know horses, but no matter how strong or how fast a horse is, when they get a bum leg, they’re as useful as these “hicks.” So you take them out back and blow their brains out. How about Hangman does the right thing and get out of the ring since he only won by a fluke, and give that shot to a “real man.” MJF says HE is the Best there is, the Best There Was, and the Best There Ever Will- No, wait, that catchphrase sucks! Just give the title shot to MJF, because he’s better and you know it! Hangman swings on MJF but MJF gets away. How about MJF get Hangman a sugar cube?

But then MJF turns around to see Jungle Boy! MFJ tells Jungle Boy that he’s a little busy to face a little kid. But then Jimmy Havoc appears! Havoc, Jungle Boy and Hangman surround MJF, and he tries to reason with them. But he only gets haymakers! And thrown into the front row! Havoc and Jungle Boy keep after MJF and they fight through the crowd! Back to the ring, Bret unveils the glistening AEW World Championship belt! And he was right, it IS beautiful! Hangman makes sure to get an eyeful of the belt. Who meets Hangman for that belt in the future?


AAA World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks VS The Lucha Brothers!

The main objective of Matt & Nick Jackson is to give the world the best tag team division possible! And apparently part of that is finally taking on Penta Cero M and Rey Fenix! AEW features tag titles of another promotion, and the question is, can the Bucks hold onto them? Or will the Lucha Brothers take them back home?

Fans chant “CERO MIEDO!” but also “SUPERKICK PARTAAAY~!” as each team makes their way out. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and the referee reminds them this is a title match, so keep it intense but clean. The teams sort out, and this battle of brothers begins!

Matt starts with Pentagon and fans are already thunderous. Matt talks trash as fans rally up. Pentagon takes off his glove, tosses it to the ref, then says, “Listen, puto!” But Matt stops the Cero, so Pentagon headlocks. Matt powers out but Pentagon grabs him in underhooks! Matt powers out and gtes Pentagon’s legs! Petnagon gets away and they each dodge a clothesline. Pentagon says CERO MIEDO to Matt’s face! Then he tags to Fenix! Fenix shows off already, but Matt insists he can stay in this. Fans chant “ANIMO!” for Fenix as he and Matt tie up. Matt kicks low and headlocks, but Fenix powers out. Nick tags in and the Bucks help each other. The rust is showing, but they still double hip toss Fenix, only for Fenix to rebound and arm-drag them out!

Matt grows frustrated while the ring count begins. Nick gets back in and rushes Fenix. Things speed up and Fenix handsprings, Nick gets clear but Fenix puts him on the apron. Fenix keeps moving but Nick slingshots over. Nick is on the apron again but misses his kick and his seated senton. Fenix kicks but Nick dodges, and the other way, double dropkicks cancel out! Fans fire up as the two younger brothers grind foreheads. Nick shoves but Fenix shoves back. They both go to the ring, and Nick runs to collide shoulders. Fenix stays up and the other brothers coach them on. Fenix runs and bumps Nick as fans cheer on “Tag Team Wrestling!”

Nick and Fenix approach, and Fenix CHOPS Nick! Nick CHOPS Fenix, but Fenix CHOPS back. They CHOP and forearm, and Nick gets an edge. Nick runs but into Fenix’s dropkick! Fenix sees Matt coming and spins him to shove. Pentagon comes in to KICK, then Fenix forearms! They roll Matt, “Uno! Dos! Tres!” for the double mule kick! Nick rallies back on the Lucha Bros, but Fenix goes Spider-Man. Pentagon SUPERKICKS and Fenix reverse Tiger Feints! Pentagon hits Nick with a Slingblade, then runs to wheelbarrow with Fenix, flipping wheelbarrow splash! Cover, TWO! Pentagon keeps focus on Nick, but tags in Fenix. He kicks Nick then they whip. Nick slips out to roundhouse Pentagon! And he does his own “Lucha Libre~” as he arm-drags and headscissors the Lucha Brothers!

Fans are fired up as Nick crawls for his corner. Tag to Matt as fans chant “Young Bucks! Woop Woop!” Matt shoulders into Pentagon then slingshots over, but Fenix returns to get the lariat. Matt keeps giving lariats and fires up! He drags Fenix up to put in the Lucha Bros corner. He put Pentagon in the Bucks’ corner, then runs at Fenix. Fenix elbows Matt away, then runs into Matt’s trophy lift! Matt shows his power as he drops Fenix and SPEARS Pentagon! No more back problems for Matt! Matt drags Pentagon over as fans duel. He wrenches then tags to Nick. Nick drops ax handles and goes after that arm. Matt tags in and climbs up to drops ax handles of his own. Pentagon insults their mama so Matt SLAPS Pentagon!

Matt drags Pentagon around and tags Nick back in. Nick builds up energy, but Pentagon yanks Matt into Nick’s dumdum stomps! Pentagon kicks Nick then whips, but Nick kicks back. Nick checks on Matt but he’s okay. Nick stomps Pentagon then tags Matt. The Bucks go after Pentagon with double whip and kicks. Nick runs and gets the boost for the huricanrana! Matt headscissors Fenix for the dropkick! Fenix goes down from that classic Bucks move, and the Bucks are feeling it! Matt drags Pentagon up again and throws big haymakers. He whips Pentagon corner to corner but Pentagon goes up and over. Pentagon dodges Nick and sends that dropkick into Matt’s butt! Pentagon then monkey flips Nick onto Matt!

Fans fire up as Fenix returns to the corner. Pentagon crawls over and tags him in! Fenix runs corner to corner but misses both Bucks. He puts Nick on the top rope, then CHOPS Matt. Fenix uses Matt as support so he can hop up top and mule kick Nick! Then Fenix springboards to SUPER STEINER Nick down! Somersault cutter to Matt! Cover, TWO!! Matt survives and is frustrated while Fenix is shocked! But this is the tag team action fans were hoping AEW would give! Fenix drags Matt up and CHOPS him against ropes. Then he brings Matt over to tag in Pentagon. Pentagon KICKS Matt’s leg, then says they’ll go for a spin. He kicks Mat more, and stalks him to a corner.

Pentagon has the fans say “CERO MIEDO!” with him before he whips Matt. Matt kicks back then hops up, corkscrew stunner! Both men are down but fans rally up. Matt and Pentagon crawl, hot tag to Fenix and he kicks Nick away! Matt Northern Lights and floats over to a second, and then a third! And then step through to Sharpshooter! But Pentagon runs in, only to get a Northern Lights of his own! Matt fires up as Vegas reaches another fever pitch. Fans duel and rally as Matt heads for Nick. HOt tag brings Nick in and he rallies on the brothers! Apron Penalty Kick for Pentagon! Slingshot facebuster for Fenix! Handspring Asai Moonsault onto Pentagon! Classic Nick is back!

But Fenix gets up and sees Nick return. Nick runs to give him a corner shining wizard, to bulldog and clothesline combo! Nick tags Matt and the Bucks take aim. Pentagon and Fenix stand but the Bucks trip them up. Matt and Nick each slingshot to sunset flip to DOUBLE Sharpshooters! Both Lucha Brothers endure the legendary hold, but they crawl to ropes! Both Lucha Brothers get ropebreaks so the Bucks let them go. Matt tags Nick back in, and Matt sets Fenix up on the rope. Nick hops up and hits the draping 450 splash! Cover, but Pentagon breaks it! Matt kicks Pentagon out then goes back to his corner. Tag and Matt brings Fenix up. Matt powerbomb lifts, and buckle bomb enziguri in the corner!

But they’re not done, as Matt puts Fenix up top. Tag to Nick and Matt goes up. Nick has Fenix in a bomb position now, Matt cravats, Sliced Bread Powerbomb combo! Shout out to their days against Motor City Machine Guns! High stack cover, TWO!! Fenix survives the throwback, but Nick keeps his cool. Fans rally as Fenix slowly stirs. Nick and Matt call for the SUPERKICK PARTY, but Pentagon fires off CHOPS on each of them! “CERO MIEDO!” Pentagon runs, bu into a SUPERKICK from Matt! Fenix SUPERKICKS Matt! Nick SUPERKICKS Fenix! Nick ducks Pentagon but they take each other out with roundhouses! Matt and Fenix take each other out with clotheslines! All four men are down but Vegas gives a standing ovation!

The standing count reaches 5 while fans chant “A E Dub!” Matt and Pentagon end up on the apron. Matt brings Pentagon up but Pentagon kicks his leg. Pentagon eggs Matt on and now it’s a brawl. Matt punches, Pentagon kicks, repeat. Both men BOOT each other! Nick and Fenix go after each other, throwing forearms. Fenix runs but is put on the apron. Fenix kicks Nick back, but Matt goes after him. Pentagon leaps over his brother to give Matt an apron destroyer!! Fenix slingshots to give Nick a destroyer!! Cover, TWO!? The Bucks survive and no one can believe it! But fans know “This is Awesome!”

Pentagon throws Matt into a post and then regroups with Fenix. Fenix builds speed and Pentagon gives him the boost to FLY onto the Bucks! Fenix feeds them into the ring and Pentagon has Nick. Pentagon gets Matt in a Gory Special, and then Nick in a piledriver, for Penta-Driver Gory Bomb COMBO! Fenix jumps up to springboard SWANTON onto Nick! Cover, TWO?!? Another close call! Pentagon and Fenix coordinate, and fans rally behind has he hammerlocks Nick’s arm. Pentagon clubs away on Nick and grab the other arm, but Matt SUPERKICKS him down! Both brothers crawl, Nick tags in Matt! Matt goes after Pentagon, Half ‘n’ Half suplex! But Fenix leaps in, into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!

Matt runs corner to corner to BOOT Fenix! Then hoists him up top and climbs up, for a SUPER BRAINBUSTER to the top buckle! El Generico would be proud! Fans lose their minds over that one, but Matt fireman’s carries Pentagon. More Bang for Your Buck! Cover, TWO! Pentagon survives that one, but the Bucks still have more moves to try. Matt drags Pentagon up again, in underhooks, and fans can tell it’s another shout out, Nick dumdum stomps the Package Piledriver! Then he immediately FLIES onto Fenix! Cover on Pentagon, TWO!! Matt can’t believe Pentagon survives again! Fans still duel as Matt drags Pentagon up. Nick coordinates with him, but Fenix intercepts the Meltzer Driver!

Pentagon has the arm!! Shout out to the Temple, DARK ARMBAR!! Then pump handle, DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Matt survives with one arm, but Pentagon calls to his brother. Fenix returns and tags in. Fenix SUPERKICKS Matt’s arm! And SUPERKICKS it again! He wrenches the bad arm to SUPERKICK the shoulder! Fenix puts Matt up top again, CHOPS him, then calls for Animo. Fans fire up as Fenix runs corner to corner, but into Matt’s gut wrench! With one arm?! Nick hurries, springboards, MELTZER DRIVER! Cover, The Young Bucks win!!

Winners: The Young Bucks, Matt Jackson pinning; still AAA World Tag Team Champions

AEW still owns AAA’s titles! The Bucks prove they’re the better brothers tonight! But knowing Fight for the Fallen will pit Bucks VS Rhodes Brothers, will the Bucks still be the very best team of brothers in the young AEW Tag Team Division?


Kenny Omega VS Chris Jericho!

It is an epic rematch from NJPW, sparked from Y2J showing up at the AEW press conference. The evolution of the Best in the World at What He Does brings him here. Will Jericho’s newest form be what he needs to become the inaugural AEW World Champion? Or will The Best Bout Machine best the living legend to meet the Hangman down the road?

Jericho shoves the Cracker Barrel barrel over but the ref has a hard time getting it out of the ring. Jericho just lifts it up and shoves it through ropes. He tells the ref to think next time, and this historic main event begins!

Jericho and Omega circle. Fans duel and clap the Terminator drums. Omega and Jericho tie up and go around the ropes. The ref calls for a break but Jericho slaps Omega. So Omega SLAPS Jericho! Jericho headlocks but Omega powers out, only for Jericho to run him over!  Omega stands up to CHOP Jericho, and CHOP, and CHOP, but Jericho puts Omega in a corner. Omega dodges to then club away. He whips Jericho corner to corner but Jericho elbows him away. Jericho dodges but V-Trigger! And he catches Omega with haymakers and CHOPS! Jericho whips Omega but Omega reverses, only to get a kick. Jericho runs but into a huricanrana! Which he counters into Walls of Jericho!

Omega scrambles to get under the ropes. Jericho lets Omega go, to wreck him with a dropkick! Jericho pushes the camera aside as he goes back to Omega. He bumps Omega off the apron, then off the timekeeper’s table. Jericho takes the bell and rings it, declaring himself the winner. It’s not that easy, Jericho. Omega mule kicks and CHOPS Jericho. Jericho CHOPS back, and it’s a brawl by the timekeeper’s area. Omega scoops and throws Jericho onto the table! Jericho comes back with haymakers, then whips Omega at railing. Omega stops himself and mule kicks Jericho again. Omega uses the railing as a springboard but Jericho shoves Omega into the fans! Fans get an interactive AEW experience as Jericho takes the camera to watch Omega crawl.

Omega borrows a fan’s drink to SPIT IT at Jericho! Jericho goes down, as does the camera. Omega springboards to missile dropkick Jericho down! Omega apologizes to fans for all that before putting Jericho in the ring. He drags Jericho up to elbow and CHOP him more. Omega elbows and CHOPS Jericho against ropes, then whips. Jericho reveres but Omega reverses back to a fireman’s carry. “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton to moonsault! Cover, TWO! Omega keeps his cool while catching his breath. Fans drum for the Terminator but Jericho yanks Omega into buckles. Jericho stomps Omega then stands on his throat. But he knows the count and even counts along to 4.

Jericho stomps Omega in the corner more, then stands Omega up. Jericho CHOPS Omega in the corner, and again. Omega staggers away but comes back with a CHOP! Jericho CHOPS Omega then whips him corner to corner. Omega reverses but Jericho boots him away. Jericho leaps for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Jericho grows annoyed as he sits Omega up. Jericho stretches Omega as he throws punches. Omega reaches while fans duel, and he gets the ropebreak. Jericho drags Omega up but Omega CHOPS him back. Omega CHOPS more, but Jericho punches. They hit back and forth, and Omega fires off CHOPS! Omega runs but into Jericho’s LARIAT! Cover, TWO!

Jericho flips off the fans, because he doesn’t care about their chants. He flips off the Elite and Omega fans, especially. Jericho goes back to Omega for haymakers. Omega haymakers but Jericho hits back. Omega’s nose is bloody, but he still gets Jericho with a huricanrana! Fans fire up with Omega as he runs in to clothesline Jericho out. Omega hits the Terminator pose but Jericho brings out a table!? The Terminator rises and runs, but sees the table just in time. He dropkicks the table into Jericho! And then FLIES onto both table and Jericho! Fans lose their minds over that one as both men and the table are down on the ramp.

Fans rally up as Omega takes the table and slams it on Jericho! Omega leaves Jericho there and goes back into the ring. Omega springboard double stomps the table onto Jericho!! Vegas loses their minds all over again! Omega pulls the table off Jericho, and finally stands it up. Omega doesn’t care about his bloody nose, he makes sure the table isn’t broken just yet. Jericho gets in the ring but Omega goes after him, Kotaro Krusher bulldog! Cover, TWO! Omega shakes his head, he won’t let up just yet. He drags Jericho back up and gets the full nelson. Jericho elbows out but gets a heel kick to the back! Omega takes aim corner to corner, V-Trigger to the back!

Omega drags Jericho up to the top rope and climbs up behind him. Jericho resists as Omega waistlocks, and then hits back. Omega staggers away but comes back to club Jericho. Omega hops right up and wants the full nelson. Jericho pries free and elbows more. Omega teeters but stays up, and stands Jericho up for a SUPER BACK SUPLEX! Both men are down but fans rally up again. Omega gets up and turns Jericho over to cover, TWO! Jericho still lives but Omega won’t let up. Fans rally again as Omega takes aim. Omega says BANG, but runs into Jericho’s back elbow! Jericho LIONSAULT onto knees! Omega runs to V-Trigger! Electric Chair, but Jericho slips out to German Suplex! LIONSAULT to Omega’s back and head! And another, to the front! Cover, TWO!

Jericho keeps his cool while Omega writhes. Jericho dares Omega to get up, but Omega blocks the Code Breaker. Omega boots and V-Triggers! Then underhooks, but Jericho denies the Tiger Driver to back drop Omega through the table!! Omega is down and fans chant “A E Dub!” Jericho is down in the ring while fans chant “This is Awesome!” The ref checks on Omega, who stirs. Omega drags himself from the wreckage and back to the ring. Fans rally up but Jericho is there to meet Omega. Jericho and Omega brawl with the ropes between them. They go back and forth, the AEW Championship almost secondary to their grudge. Jericho rakes eyes and triangle dropkicks Omega down! Omega manages to stay on the apron after being flipped upside-down!

Jericho drags Omega back up and bumps him off buckles. Jericho climbs and drags Omega up top. Omega holds on as Jericho goes to the very top. Omega denies the superplex and then pries free to punch Jericho down! Jericho stands back up as Omega adjusts. Omega leaps, into a CODE BREAKER! Jericho crawls to the cover, TWO!!! The closest call you’ll ever see! Jericho grows frustrated, maybe even distraught. He tells Omega to stay down, and slaps him around. Fans rally and duel as Jericho sits Omega up. Omega hits back then gets a SNAP Dragon Suplex! Jericho still gets up first, though wobbly. Omega reels him in for another Dragon Suplex! Omega drags Jericho in but Jericho breaks free, only to get a V-Trigger!

Jericho wobbles again and Omega spins him around. Omega wants a third but Jericho wheelbarrow victory rolls, to the Walls of Jericho! But Omega throws him off! Jericho walks into a kick, underhooks, Tiger Bomb! Cover, TWO!! Jericho still lives as that bomb wasn’t hard enough. Omega takes aim again as fans rally and duel. BANG, but the V-Trigger is caught to Walls of Jericho! Jericho sits deep and fans reach a fever pitch as Omega endures! Omega crawls but Jericho sits deeper. Omega powers up but Jericho drags him away! Jericho shifts to get a knee on Omega’s back! Omega powers out and kicks Jericho away! Omega blocks the boot to hit a roaring elbow. But Jericho hits back, only to run into a V-Trigger!

Fans drum for the Terminator again as Omega drags Jericho up. Electric Chair, but Jericho spins out to a DDT! And it wasn’t pretty. But Omega covers Jericho first, TWO! Both men are down, and fans rally up again. Jericho and Omega both stand, and Omega punches only to get an enziguri! Jericho gives Omega a short knee to the head, then springboards, but Omega catches him! Electric Chair, but Jericho spins through to get a cleaner DDT! Jericho runs to get a Code Breaker! And then Jericho runs to hit the Judas Effect elbow!! Cover, Jericho wins?!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by pinfall; advances to the AEW World Championship match

The Alpha bests the Omega! Jericho proved to everyone the Judas Effect is real! Jericho picks up a mic to speak.

“You want to boo me after that, huh? You want to boo me, you ungrateful jerks, huh?!” Fans can say what they want but Jericho doesn’t care about any of it. “Lighten up, marks!” But the bottom line is that Jericho got the crap kicked out of him, but he is smart enough to know it’s his time. Listen and be quiet: Chris Jericho IS AEW! AEW isn’t for the fans, it’s for him! AEW is for Y2J to prove his name value. There’s a company, a logo, a TV deal, they sold out in 4 minutes, and why? Jericho. Fans disagree, but Jericho says that when he beats Omega, which he did, he’d demand one thing from AEW: “A thank you.” Fans boo instead.

Jericho still demands his thanks, but then wait! Is that JON MOXLEY!? The Lunatic broke free and has come to AEW!! Jericho is in shock seeing him here! The fans are in shock seeing him here! But Mox just gives Jericho Dirty Deeds! And then he gives THE REF Dirty Deeds! Moxley soaks up the standing ovation, but then looks at the dazed Omega. Moxley waves hi, and Omega isn’t sure what he’s seeing. Omega sits up, but Moxley helps him the rest of the way. To give him- No, Omega powers Moxley out! They fall to the table but get up to brawl! Moxley tosses Omega into the fans but they keep on fighting! Fans love “A E Dub!” as these two keep brawling!

Moxley and Omega fight all the way to the back, and Omega slams a chair onto Moxley’s back. And then throws him into the giant poker chips! Moxley climbs and pushes chips aside. Omega follows and they fight on top of the stack. Dirty Deeds to the chips! Moxley knees Omega in his bloody nose, then drags him up to a fireman’s carry. Death Valley Driver to the stage!! Jericho is AEW? More like AEW is Moxley!



My Thoughts:

For all the hype and the concerns going into this event, AEW Double or Nothing definitely delivered! The Buy-In was great, with another unique take on a battle royal. All In just booked it in a unique way, but I commend AEW for wanting to combine traditional battle royal rules with elements from the WWE Royal Rumble. And what a clever way around PAC quitting. Now Hangman gets to be one half of that future AEW World Championship match. That title belt itself is really something, too. What a great surprise to have Bret Hart come out to present it. MJF did great work building himself as a top Heel, and clearly set himself up for roughly three rivalries for AEW TV. MJF probably wins against Jungle Boy but should then lose to Jimmy Havoc.

Sammy VS Sabian was a good match, those guys will be solid workers for AEW. Great to see Shawn Spears/Tye Dillinger, too. I don’t know how many of the stars from the Casino Battle Royale will be signed to AEW but it would be great to see even just half of them be regulars. AEW already establishes some great relationships, too, with the two Six Person Tags to show off Joshi and OWE stars. The Triple Threat becoming a Fatal 4 was another great surprise, and Awesome Kong in AEW really is awesome. But having Kong not win was smart, because otherwise she’s already taken over the AEW Women’s Division when you should want an underdog to get this first. While we got to see the AEW World title, I can’t wait to see the other belts.

The Best Friends VS Evans & Angelico was a great match, and I did not expect another team to attack. I am unsure what to make about the “Super Smash Brothers”, as I am not familiar with them, but it sounds like they’ll be strong Heels in the tag division for a lot of teams to try but fail to take down. Brother VS Brother was crazy, especially with all the blood. It’s clear to everyone that Dustin bladed and did it a little too well. Hopefully he’ll be okay after all that. And the idea of the Rhodes Brothers as a team again, and finally as themselves, is great! They should at least be the team that defeats the Super Smash Brothers if not also being AEW Tag Team Champions.

That AAA tag title match was amazing! But what else would we get from Bucks VS Lucha Bros? Bucks win for a strong return to the ring, but I don’t know if they’d be AEW Tag Champs while also another company’s champs. Though I suppose if it’s fine with AAA, then why not? And of course, Omega VS Alpha II, for a shot at the AEW World title, an instant classic. Omega’s bloody nose surely complicated some things, but it didn’t seem like he and Jericho had that much rust. Jericho himself is headed for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at NJPW Dominion, but pretty sure Jericho doesn’t win that if there’s even a chance he’ll become the inaugural world champ here.

And then perhaps the best surprise of the night, Jon Moxley is here! Formerly known as Dean Ambrose, he told WWE he was done with them, but never said anything about being done with wrestling! And he made an incredible debut by not coming out of the barrel like they made us think. He shouts out the Shield as he storms down the bleachers, and then goes right at everyone in the ring! It is clearly going to go Omega VS Moxley first, and then Moxley VS Jericho, especially if Jericho has the AEW world title. I don’t know if this changes things for Fight for the Fallen, but I’m thinking Moxley VS Omega would be a great main event match for AEW TV’s premiere in the Fall.

My Score: 9.8/10

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