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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (5/28/19)

Do we have our next Cruiserweight Championship match-up?



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Who is the next challenger to Tony Nese’s Cruiserweight Championship?

Is it the Stamina Monster, Akira Tozawa? The former Cruiserweight Champion did come out on top of a huge Fatal 5 Way, after all. Find out if 205 Live GM Drake Maverick gives Tozawa the green light tonight!



  • THE Brian Kendrick VS Mike Kanellis w/ Maria; Mike wins.
  • Noam Dar VS Mike Karma; Dar wins.
  • Humberto Carrillo VS Jack Gallagher; Carrillo wins.


Jack Gallagher watches his match from last week.

The Extraordinary Gentleman enjoys seeing himself and Humberto Carrillo showing the Singh Brothers a thing or two. Speaking of, Carrillo walks in and sees the highlights. It was a nice match. Yes, it was. They enjoyed beating the Bollywood Boyz, but that win doesn’t settle the uneasiness. About what? Their unfinished business. They were both in that Fatal 4 Way when 205 Live was in the UK, and Gallagher came close to winning, until Carrillo surprised him. So Gallagher needs to know what happens when it is 1v1, tonight. If that’s what Gallagher wants, it would be Carrillo’s pleasure to beat him again. Is Carrillo getting a bit cocky? Or will he show Gallagher just how good he’s already become?


THE Brian Kendrick VS Mike Kanellis w/ Maria!

The Man with a Plan supports his new pal, Akira Tozawa, in chasing the Cruiserweight Championship, but the First Couple of 205 Live mocks him for it. Will Mike & Maria be laughing after Kendrick gets through with the Opportunist of Love?

The bell rings as Mike casually passes his jacket to Maria, but Kendrick storms right at him! Kendrick throws furious forearms at Mike in the corner! The ref backs Kendrick off but Mike comes back with hands of his own. Kendrick counter punches Mike and backs him down with big elbows. Mike kicks Kendrick and whips him into buckles, but Kendrick comes running out with further fury! Kendrick clotheslines Mike down then dares him to get back up. Mike stands but gets more forearms. Kendrick whips but Mike holds ropes. Mike runs Kendrick over with a shoulder, then scoops him. Kendrick slips out to get the headlock takedown, to the Captain’s Hook!

Mike slips out of the hold and out of the ring, but Kendrick pursues! Kendrick clobbers Mike and bounces him off barriers. Mike hits back and pushes Kendrick to a post. Mike swings but Kendrick dodges, Mike chops the post! Maria grows concerned but Kendrick bounces Mike off the announce desk. Kendrick refreshes the ring count but Mike kicks him. Mike whips Kendrick but Kendrick reverses to send him into barriers. Kendrick runs in but gets a boot! And Mike snap suplexes him into barriers! The ref checks on Kendrick while Maria is all smiles as she walks over to Mike. Maria gives Mike a quick kiss before Mike puts Kendrick in the ring. Cover, TWO! Mike keeps on Kendrick with a rain of right hands. Mike drags Kendrick up for another big suplex! Cover, TWO!

Maria grows frustrated for Mike as he drags Kendrick up again. Mike rams a knee into Kendrick’s back before wrapping on a chinlock. Kendrick endures as fans build to a rally. Kendrick fights up and out with elbows, but runs into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Mike keeps his cool as he drags Kendrick back up. Mike puts Kendrick in a corner for CHOPS, then hoists him up top. He gives Kendrick another CHOP, then climbs up to join him. Kendrick fights Mike off but gets another CHOP! Mike goes back up, but Kendrick fights back again. Kendrick shoves Mike away, then leaps over. Mike swats the calf kick down, then fireman’s carries. Kendrick fights out and gets the takedown, to the Captain’s Hook! Mike is caught but Maria coaches him on. Mike reaches and gets the ropebreak!

Kendrick lets go and Mike crawls out to the apron. Kendrick pursues Mike to the steel steps, SUPERPLEX from steps to floor! The referee checks on them as Oklahoma cheers! Both men are okay to continue but slowly stirring as the ring count begins. Maria shouts for Mike to get up but fans cheer Kendrick as he drags Mike in. Kendrick covers, TWO! Kendrick grits his teeth as he stands back up. He hobbles to Mike and brings him up, but Mike denies Sliced Bread! Kendrick wants the Captain’s Hook and gets it again! Maria panics as she hurries to where Mike is. Mike rolls but Kendrick keeps it on! Kendrick rolls Mike from ropes again, but Mike gets to his knees. Mike powers Kendrick to the fireman’s carry, Samoan Driver! The hook is broken but both men are down again.

Fans rally up as Maria coaches Mike. Mike sees Kendrick in a corner, and both men approach. Kendrick forearms and Mike CHOPS, the brawl is on! Kendrick gets the edge and runs, but into Mike’s boot! Mike runs, but into Kendrick’s boot! SUPERKICK from Mike! SUPERKICK from Kendrick! Mike tries another superkick but Kendrick blocks it, only to get a clothesline! Both men are down again, and Maria cheers that Mike is back in this. Fans rally back up as Kendrick sits up. Mike crawls to follow Kendrick, but Kendrick is up first. Mike runs in but misses, and Kendrick gives him SLICED BREAD! But Mike flops to the apron! Kendrick grabs him and drags him back in to cover, TWO! Kendrick goes for the hook, gets a SUPERKICK! And another SUPERKICK! Fireman’s carry again, another Samoan Driver! But then, POWER OF LOVE! Cover, Mike wins!!

Winner: Mike Kanellis, by pinfall

Mike wins, and shockingly, with no interference from Maria! Will the Power of Love get Mike & Maria to the Cruiserweight Championship?


The Cruiserweight Champion, Tony Nese, talks with Drake Maverick.

The Premier Athlete tells the 205 Live GM that he’s “getting a little restless.” Nese wasn’t made to to sit on the sidelines. Maverick knows that. And Akira Tozawa is here now, and we can finally have this meeting. This is a meeting of the minds. Tozawa’s been on a hot streak, and his Fatal 5 Way win was so good, Nese is still hurting just from watching it. Now Nese talked with Maverick a bit, and there shouldn’t be a #1 Contender’s match. Nese just wants the best, and that’s Tozawa. Therefore, Nese names Tozawa his #1 Contender to the Cruiserweight Championship.

Maverick likes the initiative, but he has a lot on his plate. He won’t make any rash decisions. Just know that this is under consideration. Tozawa and Nese seem to be in agreement, but will this be the Cruiserweight Championship match we get at Super Showdown?


Ariya Daivari gets checked out in the trainer’s room.

The Persian Lion has the medic check his ear, but he’s healed up nice. It’s pretty routine. Routine? Six more inches to the side and it wouldn’t have been an ear but Daivari’s face! The medic leaves and Daivari speaks to the WWE Universe.

“Last week’s Fatal 5 Way was my way to prove that when it comes to the Cruiserweight Championship, I’m not finished yet.” But instead, he got six stitches in his ear! All from the guy who got in his way. Daivari isn’t done with the title or Oney Lorcan. The saying goes, “An eye for an eye, an ear for an ear.” Daivari will personally be responsible for Lorcan’s next set of stitches. Will Daivari Dinero put his money where his mouth is in a fight against the Boston Brawler?


Noam Dar VS Mike Karma!

The Scottish Supernova was part of the 24/7 Championship chase on SmackDown, but he couldn’t catch “dafty” Truth. But perhaps his return to the Cruiserweight Division can result in a different championship chase?

The bell rings and Dar does not take Karma seriously. Karma wants a handshake of sportsmanship, but Dar says no thanks. Dar and Karma circle and tie up, and Dar gets Karma in a corner. The ref counts and Dar backs off, to then mess with Karma’s hair. Karma frowns but Dar says it’s all in good fun. Karma keeps his cool as he ties up with Dar again. Dar wrenches and armlocks Karma to then slap him around. Karma gets mad but swings into a toss outside! Dar cheers himself on, then waits for Karma to return. Karma slides in but Dar just throws him out the other side. Dar literally pats himself on the back while laughing at Karma. Fans boo but Dar just mocks them back.

Karma returns again but Dar is on him. Karma breaks out of the headlock to throw forearms and CHOPS! Dar knees low, then whips Karma to a corner. Karma crossbodies but Dar ducks under to let him hit the mat. Dar then takes aim from the corner, for the sweep kick! Fans duel as Dar puts pinkies out, Nova Rolla! Cover, Dar wins!

Winner: Noam Dar, by pinfall

And the return is a success! Dar doing double duty between 205 Live and NXT UK, will he end up in contention for titles in both divisions?

In-ring interview with Dar.

He got a win here, but is he finally back on track? Back on track? How can he get back on when he was never off? Did no one see what he just did to that “Oklahoma dafty?” Fans boo but Dar says the only reason he had a setback was from the jet lag between NXT UK and the States, making sure everyone is kept in their place. Never forget that the Supernova 11 is solid. And he’ll take off to be a star player in two countries. Thank you, good-bye, Oklahoma sucks. Fans boo but Dar soaks it all up! Is this star going to shine twice as bright now that he’s on two shows?


Backstage interview with Drake Maverick.

As we saw, the 205 Live GM was asked by the Cruiserweight Champion to name Akira Tozawa as the #1 Contender. Who else is under consideration? And when can we expect a decision? As Maverick told Tony Nese, he has a lot to consider. Tozawa has been impressive, there are others on the list- Wait, is that R-Truth!? He’s still here after everything he went through on SmackDown?! Maverick wants that 24/7 Championship! He gives chase! Will Maverick get himself a championship when he should be worried about the Cruiserweight title?


Oney Lorcan speaks.

“I’m a firm believer that a man should take responsibility for his actions.” Lorcan lost that Fatal 5 and he owns that. But Daivari wants to blame Lorcan for his shortcomings? The only thing that Lorcan will take credit for is those stitches in Daivari’s ear. Lorcan knows Daivari values his looks, so accept his apology. But Daivari looks unbalanced, so maybe Lorcan will do him a favor and even him out with stitches on the other ear. It’s the least Lorcan can do. Just how ugly will this fight of Persian Lion and Boston Brawler get?


Humberto Carrillo VS Jack Gallagher!

Ultimo Ninja and the Extraordinary Gentleman were student and teacher, then opponents, then allies. Now they’re opponents again, because Gallagher can’t rest without knowing who is the better man. Will this gentlemen’s match manage to stay friendly?

The bell rings and Gallagher circles with Carrillo. They tie up and Gallagher puts Carrillo on the ropes. Carrillo turns it around but Gallagher turns it back. Carrillo turns it again and Gallagher shoves Carrillo away. Things are already getting tense as the two circle again. They tie up and Gallagher gets the wristlock. Gallagher wrenches but Carrillo wrenches back and throws Gallagher down. Carrillo keeps on Gallagher with a keylock but Gallagher gets to his feet. Gallagher works on a way out of the wrench. He spins around and through to wrench Carrillo back. Gallagher hooks Carrillo’s arm to a hammerlock, then grabs the other arm.

Gallagher pulls the arm way back and makes Carrillo a recliner! It becomes a cover, ONE to another cover, TWO! Carrillo and Gallagher get up and circle again. Carrillo handsprings and trips Gallagher up! He has the foot for a standing toehold, but Gallagher keeps his shoulders up to prevent covers. ONE, ONE, a pause, ONE, ONE, ONE, ONE, ONE, and so on until Gallagher rolls up to go at Carrillo. Carrillo gets away and the two go again. Carrillo headlocks and brings Gallagher to the mat. But Gallagher simply handstands and walks out. Fans applaud as Jackie Boy gets back to old form. Gallagher and Carrillo tie up and Gallagher wrings Carrillo out, only for Carrillo the handspring through.

Carrillo arm-drags Gallagher down hard and has the armlock again. Gallagher rolls up and they fight over the armlock. Carrillo wrenches but Gallagher whips. Carrillo runs Gallagher over, then things speed up. Gallagher ducks under but Carrillo shows off that agility with flips! And he arm-drags Gallagher again! Carrillo has the keylock and fans cheer the exchange. Gallagher stands and gets to a corner, but Carrillo whips him corner to corner. Gallagher hits the Extraordinary Headstand! Carrillo comes close but Gallagher keeps him back with feet. Gallagher goes up and over then again to the headstand! Carrillo and Oklahoma are impressed as Gallagher bicycles his legs. But Carrillo wants to show that anything Gallagher can do, he can do better. He headstands on the opposite corner!

Gallagher gets down and Carrillo starts doing splits up there. Gallagher is amused, but he shakes the rope to get Carrillo down. Roll up, TWO! Another arm-drag to another armlock! Gallagher rolls to his feet and pushes Carrillo to whip. Things speed up again, and Carrillo leaps over. Carrillo uses the ropes for a flying arm-drag! And a dropkick! Fans cheer as Gallagher grows a little annoyed. Carrillo lets Gallagher up, but gets a headbutt and uppercut for it. Gallagher throws more European Uppercuts, then scoops but Carrillo escapes. Carrillo waistlocks but Gallagher flings him out! Gallagher builds up speed but Carrillo ducks the baseball slide, only for Gallagher to throw him into barriers! Gallagher leaves Carrillo behind for the ring count.

The count climbs as Carrillo stirs. Carrillo gets up at 6 and crawls to the ring, to get in at 8. Gallagher is right on him with stomps and knees. Fans rally as Gallagher gives kicks and stomps to Carrillo in the corner. The ref counts and Gallagher lets up at 4. Gallagher goes back but gets body shots and haymakers. Gallagher headbutts and kicks Carrillo again! He drags Carrillo up for a hard snapmare right into a chinlock. Gallagher thrashes Carrillo and then shifts to a trapped-arm chinbar. Carrillo endures as fans rally up. Carrillo fights up but gets wrangled right back down. Gallagher covers, but Carrillo gets a shoulder up. Gallagher shoves it down, Carrillo gets the other shoulder up. Now Gallagher drives a knee into Carrillo, TWO!

Gallagher stomps and kicks Carrillo, then turns him over for a camel clutch. Carrillo endures as Gallagher makes it part crossface, and then gives crossface forearms. Gallagher dares Carrillo to do something before dragging him up for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Gallagher keeps his cool as he clamps onto Carrillo’s shoulder. Gallagher puts the chinlock back on but Carrillo endures. Carrillo fights his way up top to elbow out. Fans rally as Carrillo runs, but into Gallagher’s dropkick! Cover, TWO! Gallagher goes at Carrillo for another cover, TWO! Gallagher cools off but still scowls as he punches Carrillo while he’s down. Carrillo flounders to his feet and counter punches Gallagher! He throws big haymakers but Gallagher headlocks.

Carrillo powers out and back drops Gallagher! Carrillo springboards for a flying headbutt! Gallagher gets out of the ring, but Carrillo FLIES out onto him! Direct hit takes Gallagher out! Carrillo gets Gallagher in as fans fire up. Carrillo runs corner to corner for a clothesline, then snapmare. Roll through but the Penalty Kick misses. The standing moonsault doesn’t! Cover, TWO! Both men grimace with pain in their arms. Galalgher powers Carrillo to a corner but Carrillo clubs him. Gallagher rams in his shoulder but Carrillo clubs him off. Carrillo swings, misses, but uses the shove for a springboard, flying enziguri! Cover, TWO!! Both men are down but Oklahoma rallies up!

Carrillo drags himself to a corner and slowly heads to the top. Gallagher stops Carrillo with haymakers as fans duel. Gallagher and Carrillo brawl, and Gallagher flops to the floor. Carrillo finishes his climb, but Gallagher stops him again! Gallagher turns Carrillo around for clubbing forearms. Gallagher brings Carrillo up, SUPER BACK SUPLEX!! But Carrillo rolls away mostly from momentum! Carrillo saves himself by slumping out of the ring. Gallagher pursues, and runs in, to get a hip toss into barriers! Carrillo saves himself again, and the ring count begins. Carrillo reaches the ring first at 5, but Gallagher follows at 7.

They’re on the apron edge and Carrillo pushes Gallagher away. Carrillo runs at Gallagher but is put in the ring. Gallagher swipes at Carrillo but he hops to the opposite side of the corner. Carrillo shoulders and SLAPS Gallagher, then climbs up top again. Carrillo missile dropkicks Gallagher down! Gallagher flops into the ring, to get the handspring arm-drag! Cover, TWO!! Oklahoma is loving this as both men are down. Carrillo drags Gallagher to a drop zone, and he goes to the corner. Carrillo moonsaults, but gets boots! Gallagher runs at Carrillo, Extraordinary Dropkick! Carrillo ends up outside, Gallagher DIVES! The Gentleman’s Tope hits Carrillo!

Gallagher puts Carrillo in and climbs up for himself. Gallagher leaps, but blocks Carrillo’s boots! He turns Carrillo but Carrillo rolls him up! TWO, and both men take each other out with clotheslines! Both men are down again and Oklahoma cheers! Carrillo and Gallagher stir and sit up. They throw forearms and elbows back and forth, then fast and furious! Carrillo swings a kick but Gallagher ducks, only to get the enziguri on the return! Carillo drags Gallagher up, but Gallagher suplexes and holds Carrillo up! But Carrillo counters to a DDT! Carrillo puts Gallagher in the zone, climbs and corkscrew splashes! Cover, Carrillo wins!!

Winner: Humberto Carrillo, by pinfall

Another big win for the young Cruiserweight superstar! The Gentleman pushed Ultimo Ninja to the limit and vice-versa, but it was the student that bests the teacher. Both men stand, and Carrillo offers a handshake. Oklahoma cheers, and Gallagher takes the handshake. And even hugs. The Gentleman is a gentleman to the end, but will Gallagher be able to find his way back towards the top? As for Carrillo, is he going to fly high right to the Cruiserweight Championship?



My Thoughts:

A great episode for the Cruiserweight Division here. It seemed almost obvious that Tozawa would be the filler opponent for the Cruiserweight Championship as we go into Super Showdown, but 205 Live is keeping us in suspense. Now, because Super Showdown needs fifty superstars in it, superstars like Mike Kanellis and THE Brian Kendrick will be thrown in, so it doesn’t seem like Mike is on that short list for Tony Nese’s contenders. Kendrick VS Kanellis was a great match, though, so it’s only a matter of time before Kanellis does get his title match. Good to see Dar have a return-to-205-Live match, even if it was just putting away a jobber and insulting the crowd. Dar himself could and should be on the list for Cruiserweight contenders, to revisit his feud with Nese.

It was good of Nese to want Tozawa outright, that shows how Face Nese is eager for competition. And it was a great bit to give R-Truth and the 24/7 Championship a cameo. Maverick as a GM, and the last remaining GM because McMahons don’t want to deal with the Cruiserweight Division in kayfabe, seems easily distracted. First he was a manager for Authors of Pain, but Akam got hurt and so Maverick returned to just being a GM. But now that the 24/7 Championship is open to all, it’s great that he tries to get it for himself. It might be good if someone brings this up to criticize his dedication to 205 Live. Then Carrillo VS Gallagher II in the main event was incredible. It is great for Carrillo to get the win, and I’m sure he’ll be the first Face up for a Heel Cruiserweight Champion.

My Score: 8.3/10

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