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205 Live = Cruiserweight Division


Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (5/7/19)

It’s a No Disqualifications grudge match main event!

Cruiserweights settle a score!

For weeks now, The Stamina Monster and the Opportunist of Love have gone back and forth with wins, with distraction tactics and with blindside attacks! But who will prove worthy of a Cruiserweight Championship opportunity when the rules are out of the way?



  • Ariya Daivari VS Noam Dar; Daivari wins.
  • The Singh Brothers VS David Kauffman & Kevin Lee; The Singh Brothers win.
  • No Disqualifications: Akira Tozawa VS Mike Kanellis; Tozawa wins.


Mike & Maria Kanellis speak.

“Welcome to 205 Live. You are about to witness a changing of the guard in the Cruiserweight Division.” This man beside her, the extremely talented Mike will prove he’s #BetterThanTheBest. For 16 years, Mike has simply wanted an opportunity to face the very best and prove he’s as good as he says. Tonight, this is that opportunity. A No Disqualifications match with a fan favorite and former Cruiserweight Champion, Akira Tozawa, is the perfect way for Mike to put his name on the map. And with that “dirty little Brian Kendrick” unable to be ringside, it sounds like it’ll be a fair fight. Mike tells Tozawa that No DQ means “no chance” to win.

But THE Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa respond.

“Mike Kanellis, you’ve had your wife interfere in…” How many is it now? Three matches. But the last time was for a Cruiserweight Championship opportunity. Mike thinks this No DQ match will finish the job? Kendrick reminds Kanellis that Kendrick and Tozawa had a Street Fight, so to make this simple as possible: “Mike, you’re screwed.” Tozawa grins, but will he be smiling after this gritty grudge match?


The Cruiserweight Championship match is set!

After last week’s 205 Live main event, Tony Nese told WWE Media that “every single match I have with Gulak feels like a war.” But then his #1 Contender, Ariya Daivari came up to him to say, “At any point during your match tonight, I could’ve came out there and taken you out.” He didn’t, but he wants Nese to know that he could. Now Daivari can put his money where his mouth is at Money in the Bank! Will the Premier Era end already? Or will it prove the Persian Lion wrong?


Ariya Daivari VS Noam Dar!

Speaking of the #1 Contender, he takes on the returning Scottish Supernova! Dar returns to 205 Live after a scary injury during an NXT UK match, but he looks to be just fine now. Will Dar use Daivari as a tune-up before he goes back across the pond? Or will Daivari ruin this return for his own gains?

But before the bell rings, Tony Nese makes his presence known! Nese won’t let Daivari be the only one playing mind games. The Premier Cruiserweight Champion joins commentary while this match begins.

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Dar and Daivari circle and tie up. Dar powers Daivari back but Daivari shouts for the break. The ref steps in and Dar backs off. Daivari tells jeering fans to shut up, then he ties up with Dar again. Dar gets the arm and wrenches to a wristlock. Daivari reverses but Dar reverses it back, only for Daivari to pull him down by his hair. Daivari throws hands on Dar in a corner and stomps in a mudhole. The ref backs Daivari off and they argue, but Daivari goes back to Dar. Daivari whips but Dar holds the ropes. Dar baits Daivari into a table top, then laughs at the dafty. He wants Daivari to calm down, but Daivari runs in, only to get a headbutt. Dar spins Daivari around with the chicken wings into a backslide, ONE!

Daivari is dizzy and he flounders to a corner. Dar keeps on him with a whip, but Daivari reverses. Dar dodges and dropkicks Daivari right out! Fans cheer but Daivari stares down with Nese. Dar turns Daivari around for forearms! But Daivari drop toeholds Dar into the announce desk! The ring count begins but Dar gets in at 3. Daivari follows and stalks him to a corner. Daivari grinds his knee into Dar but backs off at the ref’s count. Fans boo but Daivari soaks it up. Daivari goes back to Dar but gets forearms. He knees Dar low and whips him corner to corner hard. Dar hits buckles and falls to the mat, but Daivari keeps on him with stomps. Daivari drags Dar up but Dar fights him back. Dar runs into the corner but Daivari dodges and roundhouses him back!

Daivari hauls Dar to the top rope and crosses the arms, but Dar holds on with his legs. Daivari throws haymakers then climbs up to join Dar. He goes to suplex but Dar fights back. Dar headbutts Daivari down then adjusts to leap over him. Dar comes back but into the Million Dollar Dream! Daivari grinds Dar down to his knees but fans rally up. Dar feeds off the energy to pry free. Dar elbows Daivari but Daivari reels him in for a full nelson. Daivari then spins Dar to an inverted DDT! Cover, TWO! Daivari keeps his cool while Dar crawls to ropes. Daivari kicks Dar out of the ring with a boot! But as he goes out to fetch Dar, Daivari again stares down with Nese. Nese tells Daivari to worry about Dar tonight, then worry about Nese at MITB.

Daivari puts Dar in at 5 but gives Nese one more glare. Nese knows Daivari is all talk as Daivari goes back to Dar. Dar gets Daivari with a cradle, TWO! Daivari kicks Dar for that surprise, then whips. Dar reverses and ducks the crossbody! Daivari hits mat and fans rally up for Dar. Dar aims and runs in but into an elbow! Daivari hops up but Dar sweeps his legs! Daivari hits the mat again and Dar fires off chops and an uppercut! Dar runs in at Daivari corner to corner for a big forearm, to a Northern Lights Suplex! Cover, TWO! Dar keeps his cool as he takes aim again. Daivari slowly stands, and catches the Supernova with a schoolboy! TWO, and Dar dodges the boot to sweep the legs again!

Nese notes the openings in Daivari as Dar gets him in a drop toehold to an ankle lock! Daivari endures as Dar twists and wrenches. Daivari rolls through to push Dar away. Dar comes back but Daivari hammerlocks right away! Dar ducks the lariat but Daivari dodges the enziguri. Daivari superkicks but Dar catches it to the ankle lock! Dar really twists it now, and Daivari screams in pain. But Daivari rolls through to throw Dar off, SUPERKICK! Daivari gets himself to a corner and the top rope. Daivari leaps for the Lion Splash! But he won’t end it there, Daivari hammerlocks for the Lion’s Lariat! Cover, Daivari wins!

Winner: Ariya Daivari, by pinfall

Daivari downs Dar but Nese isn’t impressed. One win doesn’t make a champion, but can Daivari manage to get a win at the right time?

But as Daivari takes his time celebrating, Nese gets in the ring with him! Daivari turns around to see Nese and freaks out! Nese grins as he repeats Daivari’s words: he could take Daivari out at any moment, but he didn’t, he just wanted Daivari to know it. Will Nese take Daivari out when they finally meet at MITB?

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Oney Lorcan speaks.

“Two weeks ago, I had my first opportunity to earn a Cruiserweight title match, and I lost.” But that won’t be Oney’s only opportunity. He has dealt with adversity throughout his career, and he knows nothing comes easy. Oney will work harder, train harder and fight harder, so that nothing will stop him from becoming Cruiserweight Champion. How long will Oney have to wait for his next chance at the championship?


The Singh Brothers VS David Kauffman & Kevin Lee!

Samir & Sunil may no longer be undefeated, but a 1-1 record won’t stop them from taking over 205 Live now that they’re back! Will Louisville be the site of the Bollywood Boyz making a comeback?

The teams sort out and Samir starts against Kauffman. Louisville cheer their local jobber- er, wrestlers on, but Samir gives Kauffman a big right hand. Samir throws more hands then grounds ‘n’ pounds. Samir celebrates then tags in Sunil. The Singh Brothers double suplex Kauffman hard, then Sunil drops elbow after Bollywood elbow. Sunil brings Kauffman up for CHOPS, then whips to hit Kauffman with a spinning heel kick! Sunil swivels those hips before bringing Kauffman up. He throws Kauffman at his corner and dares Lee to tag in. Lee does tag in and throws haymakers on Sunil! Lee runs but Samir gets a cheap shot in! Sunil clotheslines Lee down then tags in Samir. Samir climbs while Sunil brings Lee up. They combine for a backbreaker elbow combo! Cover, The Singh Brothers win!

Winners: The Singh Brothers, Samir pinning

And of course they celebrate being back on the winning streak! They’re 2-1, but can they keep going all the way to the top of the Cruiserweight Division?

The Singh Brothers speak to the fans.

But they have to tell fans to shut up first. “Y’know, last week, the Lucha House Party absolutely ruined our welcome back to 205 Live!” Actually, they were just too distracted because they knew 1.3 BILLION proud Indian people were Tweeting at them, messaging them. The luchadores snuck up on them! But going forward, those three will be uno, dos, tres! The Bollywood Boys want a rematch! Is this first win in two years going to their heads? Or will they even the score with Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik?

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Drake Maverick finds Mike & Maria Kanellis backstage.

Mrs. Kanellis thanks the 205 Live GM for banning Kendrick from ringside. They can’t allow anything to jeopardize the integrity of this match. Well good to see they’re all on the same page. But that said, Maria can’t be ringside either. Mike is furious, but there’s nothing he can do about that. Will he be able to win without his First Lady there by his side?


Backstage interview with Jack Gallagher.

The Extraordinary Gentleman is part of a big Fatal 4 Way when 205 Live returns to the UK. But what is on the line for him? Respect, pride, and his place in both the Cruiserweight and NXT UK Divisions. Well not really, but Gallagher is grateful. He’s grateful to have the stitches out of his lip, and to be cleared to compete. Gallagher will take this opportunity to represent for 205 Live in his home country very seriously. The competition in that match will be “rougher than a dog’s bark.” Mr. Mayhem, James Drake. Wales’ best high-flyer, Mark Andrews. And of course, Humberto Carrillo, who appears right now!

Carrillo is glad to know Gallagher’s mustache is okay. Because now they can finish what they started. Carrillo offers a handshake, and Gallagher says that Carrillo can sure try. Gallagher takes the handshake, but will this friendly rivalry stay that way in that Fatal 4 Way?


No Disqualifications: Akira Tozawa VS Mike Kanellis!

No THE Brian Kendrick, no Maria Kanellis, and no rules to hold them back! Will The Stamina Monster survive the Opportunist of Love? Or will Mike finally prove to Drake, to the fans and to himself that he can win on his own?

The bell rings and Tozawa goes right at Kanellis! He fires off clubbing fists and doesn’t have to stop! Kanellis falls over but Tozawa goes after him with stomps. Tozawa whips Kanellis but Kanellis holds the ropes. Tozawa clotheslines Kanellis out then pursues him! He clubs Kanellis to the ramp and fans fire up. Tozawa throws Kanellis into the LED boards then stomps him on the stage .He headlocks and brings Kanellis back down the ramp. Kanellis fights back and throws big haymakers. Kanellis drags Tozawa up to whip him, but Tozawa stops himself at the apron. Tozawa elbows Kanellis back then runs to tilt-o-whirl into the Iron Octopus! But submissions don’t matter out here because this isn’t Falls Count Anywhere. Kanellis powers out to sidewalk slam Tozawa on the ramp!

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The referee checks on Tozawa but Tozawa is somehow okay. Kanellis leaves Tozawa behind to fetch a chair! Kanellis puts chairs in the ring, and even drags out a table! Fans like to see that as Kanellis drags it around the way. Kanellis fetches Tozawa to rain down rights before setting the table up. Then he drags Tozawa up, but Tozawa fights back. Kanellis knees low then scoop slams Tozawa on the floor. Kanellis fires himself up as he fetches a second table! Fans are really liking where this is going as he brings it over to join the first. Kanellis sets the tables up side-by-side. The referee can only shout they get back in the ring as Kanellis drags Tozawa up again. Tozawa fights back but Kanellis rocks him with a right. Kanellis puts Tozawa in the ring and stomps him out.

Kanellis moves the chairs out of the way for now before he runs. Tozawa gets Kanellis with a huricanrana! Kanellis bails out and Tozawa builds speed to DIVE! Into a SUPERKICK! The Tozawa Torpedo has been intercepted! Kanellis fires up but fans boo as he drags Tozawa back up. Kanellis drags Tozawa into the ring and covers, TWO! Tozawa lives but Kanellis keeps his cool. Kanellis drags Tozawa up and suplexes high and hard. Kanellis gives Tozawa another hard suplex, and Tozawa writhes in back pain. Fans rally for Tozawa but also want Kanellis to use those tables. Kanellis sets up the chairs he brought in first. Kanellis grins as he drags Tozawa back up. He goes for another suplex but Tozawa resists! Tozawa turns it around but now Kanellis has to fight off the suplex.

Kanellis switches, Tozawa switches, Kanellis blocks, Tozawa blocks. They go around more, but it’s Tozawa who suplexes Kanellis onto the chairs! Fans rally with “AH! AH!” while Tozawa takes aim at Kanellis. Tozawa hits the Shining Wizard! Kanellis bails out but Tozawa pursues, to throw Kanellis over the announce desk! Tozawa won’t let up, as he brings a trash can out from under the ring! Tozawa drags Kanellis up and throws forearms. He mule kicks then puts the can on Kanellis. Tozawa gets back in and builds speed, to DIVE at Kanellis! The Tozawa Torpedo hits the trash can for a double-edged attack! But Tozawa drags Kanellis out of the trash can and into the ring. Tozawa climbs up high and takes aim, to missile dropkick Kanellis down! Cover, TWO!

Kanellis survives but Tozawa goes back for the can. Tozawa tosses it in and sets it down in the middle of the ring. He drags Kanellis up despite Kanellis holding the ropes. But No DQ means no ropebreaks, so Tozawa waistlocks Kanellis. Kanellis resists and gets a standing switch. But now Tozawa resists and elbows Kanellis off him. Kanellis scoops Tozawa to a fireman’s carry, but Tozawa slips out. Tozawa kicks, spins, slides under, but Kanellis gets Tozawa for a Death Valley Bomb on the trash can! Cover, TWO!! Tozawa still lives and Kanellis can’t believe it! Louisville rallies up as both men slowly stand. Kanellis is up first and he CHOPS Tozawa. Tozawa CHOPS back, so Kanellis comes back with another CHOP! They continue to trade CHOPS, and Tozawa only seems to fire up. Tozawa fakes Kanellis out for the JAB!

Kanellis wobbles and Tozawa runs, but into a boot! Kanellis runs but into Tozawa’s boot. SUPERKICK! SPINNING ROUNDHOUSE! Tozawa blocks the next superkick and the clothesline to get Kanellis in a German Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! Kanellis escapes and Tozawa is exhausted. Tozawa finds energy to drag Kanellis to a drop zone. Tozawa climbs up top but Kanellis intercepts him with an upperuct! Kanellis crawls to join Tozawa on the apron. They both stand up and brawl on the edge. Kanellis boots but then Tozawa boots. Tozawa waistlocks and gives Kanellis a German on the apron! Kanellis crumples to the floor, safe from pinfalls. Louisville knows “This is Awesome!” but now they’ll get what they’ve wanted! Tozawa puts Kanellis on the tables!

Tozawa hurries to the top rope and takes aim. But Kanellis saves himself by rolling off. Tozawa hops down and goes after Kanellis, but he gets a SUPERKICK! Kanellis puts Tozawa on the table now, then hobbles to the corner. Kanellis drags himself up top, but Tozawa uppercuts him back! Tozawa climbs and fans anticipate what’s about to happen! Kanellis does, too, and fights for his life. Kanellis adjusts and gets Tozawa in a fireman’s carry! He stands, but Tozawa turns it into a SUPER STEINER, through the tables!! Louisville loses its mind over the carnage! Tozawa drags Kanellis from the wreckage and puts him back inside. Tozawa has a chair and he sets it on Kanellis’ chest. He buries kanellis with more chairs, then climbs back up. Tozawa leaps for a SUPER SENTON CHAIR SANDWICH!! Cover, Tozawa wins!!

Winner: Akira Tozawa, by pinfall

These two went to extremes just to settle the score! And in the end, the Stamina Monster wins! Will this help the former Cruiserweight Champion earn a future shot at the title?

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As for Mike, Maria comes out to check on him. If Mike can’t do it without Maria or without rules, what are the chances of him ever becoming #BetterThanTheBest Cruiserweights?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode right here! First, good to know that the Cruiserweight Championship match is happening at Money in the Bank, though probably the kickoff show depending on what else we’re getting. I don’t see Nese losing the title so soon, he really only just got it. There are many other match-ups Nese can have before someone else takes the title. It is good to see Dar back in the Cruiserweight Division, even if it’s just for now. He told NXT UK he was going to be a UK Division star more but this was a good return for him. And obviously we’re getting crossover of Cruiserweight VS NXT UK anyway with the trip to London. Since it’ll be a 205 Live show, I’m pretty sure it’s either Gallagher or Carrillo winning, though I’m not sure how a Fatal 4 settles their own story.

Good delivery on the promo from Oney Lorcan, though pretty standard stuff was said. Perhaps Lorcan gets a Cruiserweight Championship match regardless of a Face-Heel dynamic because he’s just a great wrestler. Those jobbers the Singh Brothers beat could’ve been named brothers because I thought they were when seeing them from behind. And Singhs VS Lucha House Party rematch sounds fun, maybe Samir & Sunil can show even more of what they’re capable of. It’s a shame WWE waited this long to have them return, they could’ve helped the Cruiserweights get tag titles. And then Kanellis VS Tozawa No DQ was really great! 205 Live always does great with these kinds of blow-offs. As I said last week, I hoped Kanellis was going to win so his story would finally get going, but oh well. Maybe Tozawa winning here means Daivari wins for a Heel champion?

My Score: 8.4/10


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