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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Report! (5/13/19)

Raw London is gonna be HUGE!



WWE Raw Cover image

London is Raw!

Raw goes big in the O2 Arena as we get a DOUBLE Contract Signing! Becky Two Belts meets with both Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair just a week before MITB!



  • Roman Reigns & The Miz VS Bobby Lashley & Elias w/ Shane; Reigns & Miz win, by disqualification.
  • Mojo Rawley VS Apollo Crews; Rawley wins.
  • Ricochet VS Baron Corbin; Corbin wins.
  • Fatal 4 Way: Naomi VS Natalya VS Dana Brooke VS Alexa Bliss Nikki Cross; Cross wins.
  • Rey Mysterio VS Cesaro; Mysterio wins.
  • Braun Strowman VS Drew McIntyre; changed to…
  • Falls Count Anywhere: Braun Strowman VS Sami Zayn; Zayn wins and is in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder match.


Raw opens with Miz TV!

The Most Must-See Superstar heads for Money in the Bank and a Steel Cage against Shane McMahon! And he’s been making sure Shane doesn’t forget! He attacked on both last week’s Raw and SmackDown, but The B Team saved Shane so he could give Miz several chair shots. But with a cage around them, Shane won’t be able to run or hide!

As for here in London, Miz kicks off his Most Must-See WWE Talk Show for an international edition! Miz reminds everyone that MITB is this Sunday, a once-a-year tradition PPV and match. The contracts are all but guaranteed championship reigns! Miz was a Mr. MITB so he knows that one man and one woman, who survives the fiercest of talent and competition, will have shots at a title anytime and anywhere. But Miz does have to bring up his own opponent, a man who thinks he’s the Best in the World, Shane McMahon. Both Miz and Shane will be in that steel cage! As much as Miz wants to talk about himself, Miz gets to his guest: the triumphant and inspirational Big Dog, Roman Reigns!

The Wild Card Rule allows Roman to make Raw and London his Yard a day early! Roman himself has to prepare for The Drifter, Elias, who has become buddy-buddy with Shane O’Mac and Vince since being drafted to SmackDown in the Superstar Shake-Up. Roman sits with Miz and Miz wants to know what we can expect from him this Sunday. “Elias is a lot of things. He’s young, he’s strong, he’s charismatic”, and fans love to sing about him. “Oh~ Walk With Elias~!” Well if you need someone for karaoke or a wedding singer, then you can #WalkWithElias. But what has he done since showing up on main roster? Nothing. And Roman’s bringing the big fight to him. Miz likes that. Now these two haven’t seen eye to eye but they’re starting to have things in common. Like being in movies! They should do a buddy comedy!

Roman disapproves. This sounds like old Miz, the one Roman once punched in the mouth. Roman wants new Miz, the guy that stands up and chases Shane with a chair. Where is that Miz? Do we need to remind Miz of that? Last week’s Raw, when Roman fought Drew McIntyre, Shane and Elias interfered! But then Miz did appear to run him off! So that’s the Miz Roman wants? That’s the Miz everyone wants. Miz asks the fans if that’s true, and they confirm with “YES! YES!” Well for two superstars who haven’t been on the same page, it took Shane to make Miz see why. It’s about earning respect.

After 13 years, Miz has earned the fans’ respect, but what has Shane earned? He’s a daddy’s boy with a silver spoon in his mouth. Miz may not be the biggest and baddest, but he knows how to fight and he knows how to win! Shane attacked Papa Miz and abused his power, but his power won’t matter in a cage! There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide! Shane will regret going after Miz and his family, and Shane will go down faster than his old man did to Roman’s Superman Punch! But speaking of, here comes Shane! Fans boo as Shane stands on stage. “Y’know, Miz and Roman, it’s quite flattering that you’re talking about me.” But what he didn’t hear is that he’s also their boss. And as such, Shane needs to inform them that Miz TV is now over.

Lashley SPEARS Roman and Elias clobbers Miz! Shane’s new posse get the better of the Big Dog and the A-Lister, but Shane has an idea. Don’t worry about leaving the ring, because they’re having a match! And it’s up next! The Miz and Roman will have to work together for the first time ever! Can they overcome the united Drifter and Rocky Mountain Machine?


Roman Reigns & The Miz VS Bobby Lashley & Elias w/ Shane!

Raw returns as the teams sort out, and we have The Miz starting against Elias.

Fans sing for Elias as he and Miz circle. Miz avoids Lashley’s swipe as well as Elias’ sucker punch. He kicks away on Elias and whips, but Elias holds ropes. Elias throws Miz out but Miz slides under to roll him up, TWO! Elias knees Miz low then CHOPS him off his feet! He drags Miz up for big hands, then whips. Miz reverses and hits the kitchen sink! Miz speeds up to knee lift and get Elias with an A-List Combination! Cover, TWO! Shane coaches Elias but Miz wrenches the arm. Roman wants in so Miz tags him in. Elias breaks free but Roman grins as he gets in. Elias goes all the way out and fans boo him being afraid of the Big Dog.

The ref counts but Elias takes his time returning. Elias gets in but tags right out to Lashley. Lashley is no stranger to Roman as they circle and tie up. Lashley puts Roman in a corner but backs off to flex. Then he throws a punch, only to get a punch! Roman runs but Lashley hurdles and runs him over! Cover, ONE, but Lashley grabs and gator rolls with Roman. Roman powers Lashley to a corner and rams his shoulder in over and over! Roman backs off at the ref’s count of 4, but he walks into an elbow. Lashley runs, but into a Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO! Roman has Lashley in the corner and throws point blank lariats. Miz tags in and Roman gets 9, the A-List Lariat is the 10th! Lashley staggers into Roman’s BOOT, and then Miz elbows Elias down!

Miz sees both Elias and Lashley sit up, so he unleashes It Kicks on each of them! He kicks Elias then Lahsley then back again. Miz gears up, buzzsaw for Elias! He aims at Lashley, but gets blocked! Lashley lifts Miz but Miz pops out! Miz boots Lashley away but Elias hotshots him! Lashley gives Miz the complete shot! Cover, TWO! Miz lives but is in trouble as we go to break.

Raw returns and Elias chokes Miz on the ropes. He backs off but Shane gets in to choke Miz himself! Fans boo but Shane gets away with it! Elias covers, TWO! Elias drags Miz up and into a corner for buckle bumps. He whips and Miz hits hard into buckles. Elias keeps Miz away from Roman and climbs up. Elias goes old school an takes a long walk, for meteora! Cover, but Roman breaks it! The ref holds Roman back but Elias tags in Lashley. Lashley drags Elias up to whip him back into a corner. Lashley runs corner to corner to ram his shoulder into Miz. Then he suplexes Miz and holds him there with the Vertigo Suplex! Cover, TWO! Miz survives but Lashley keeps on him with clubbing forearms to the face.

Lashley tags Elias and they mug Miz with stomps. Elias drags Miz up to CHOP him into the corner. Elias throws hansd but Miz fights back! Miz hits Elias, then Lashley, then repeat, but Elias catches him on the run! Elias shoves and clubs Miz then goes after Roman, only to get a punch! Miz DDT’s Elias down! Fans fire up as Miz and Elias crawl. Hot tag to Lashley and he clobbers Miz down! Lashley whips Miz again, then runs corner to corner, only to get post! Miz crawls for his corner, but Shane trips Roman up?! And throws him into steel steps!

Winners: Roman Reigns & The Miz, by disqualification

Shane O’Mac still doesn’t have authority to stop the ref from ringing the bell, but it doesn’t matter. Elias attacks Miz and then so does Lashley. Shane even gets his own shots in before tossing Miz out. Elias and Lashley hit Miz more, then ram him into the apron. Shane gets shots, but then roman FLIES! Roman bowls everyone over! Fans fire up with The Big Dog, but Shane tackles Roman down! Shane puts Roman in the ring but Roman gets him back! Elias and Lashley have to save Shane from Roman, the numbers in their favor. But Miz has a CHAIR! Miz fires off with chair shots, then Roman SUPERMAN PUNCHES Elias! And SUPERMAN PUNCH for Lashley! Shane runs away again, but he will have to face the consequences! Will Miz leave Shane down and out in a steel cage on Sunday?


Raw profiles Seth Rollins VS AJ Styles.

The Architect has always had one goal in life: being the best pro-wrestler ever. And when his goal narrowed in on being a truly worthy champion, he accomplished it by doing the seemingly impossible: slaying The Beast, Brock Lesnar. But just as Rollins climbed back up the mountain, there’s someone who wants to knock him back down.

The Phenomenal One has gone around the world to prove himself worthy of that name, and then he proved himself all over again by making SmackDown The House That AJ Styles Built. But now they both meet on the same show, and Rollins has a title Styles wants. Destiny brings these two on a collision course at Money in the Bank. Will a legacy be cemented? Or will another be validated?


Backstage interview with Braun Strowman.

The Monster Among Men almost got Sami Zayn killed putting him in that dumpster. But Strowman only regrets Sami not coming out a compact cube. Strowman vows to become a two-time Mr. Monster in the Bank, but then someone informs Strowman that Shane needs to see him in his office. Is that so? Strowman storms off, but what will Shane have to say this close to Money in the Bank Sunday?


Raw returns as Sami talks with Shane.

The toxic nature of the fans makes superstars act recklessly! Strowman almost ended Sami’s career or worse! But the Monster acts like a Monster because fans cheer. Strowman barges in and sees Sami snitched. Sami’s lucky to be standing here! So the McMahon Family has to make it right. By taking Strowman out of the MITB Ladder match, to put Sami in! No, Shane can’t just give someone opportunities. Then Sami will fight him for it! Really? Yeah! Falls Count Anywhere even! That way Sami can put Strowman in a dumpster and see how he likes it. Well he was going to face Drew McIntyre, but surely there’s something else McIntyre can do. So the match is set! Winner goes to MITB! Strowman vows to eat Sami alive. Sami got what he wanted, but will he regret it?


Mojo Rawley VS Apollo Crews!

The man once known as the Hype Bro has completely changed. In fact, Mojo may have broken, given that new face paint. But will he be able to prove more than just his attitude has changed against Wild Card Rule user Apollo?

The bell rings and Mojo walks right into Apollo’s punches. Apollo stomps Mojo in a corner but backs off at 4. He wrenches and whips Mojo but Mojo reverses. Apollo goes up and over but hurts his leg! Mojo gets upset but he doesn’t let up, he chop blocks Apollo’s leg! Mojo laughs at Apollo before going side to side, Hype Arm! Then an Alabama Slam! Cover, Mojo wins!

Winner: Mojo Rawley, by pinfall

Mojo returns and Mojo wins! He did take advantage of an unfortunate move for Apollo, but that doesn’t matter to him. Will Mojo finally live up to the potential he’s come to despise?


Alexa Bliss is on the phone backstage.

“Has everyone here lost their minds?!” Some D-List actress has a baby and The Goddess’ luggage goes missing?! That was all her gear and she has a match tonight! She is an American celebrity, so her luggage is the airline’s priority. Find it! She hangs up, and Nikki Cross appears. Is everything alright? No, it’s awful! How did Nikki grow up in the UK? It sucks. But thanks for asking. Not everyone is as nice as Nikki. It’s great to have someone to talk to. Nikki’s been here for a month, but it didn’t seem like anyone notice. Not at all! It’s just that things have been so crazy during the Superstar Shake-Up and now the Wild Card Rule. Alexa’s been meaning to get to know Nikki now that they’re both on Raw. But now, Alexa has no luggage.

Nikki offers to be a shoulder to cry on. Alexa smirks, because her plan worked. She vents about her bad shoes and luggage, and now she’ll be embarrassed on Raw all over again. Nikki suggests going to the McMahons to see if they can get a replacement. Oh, would she? Would she what? Take Alexa’s place in the Fatal 4 Way. Nikki would be honored but- Then it’s decided! Alexa will go tell Shane that Nikki volunteered. Nikki smiled, because she finally gets some spotlight! Will the once Loony Lass of SAnitY be able to start fresh with Raw London?


Raw returns and Michael Cole is in the ring!

Tonight is not just one contract signing, but two, and at the same time! Becky Lynch is the Champ Champ and is set to defend both belts in a double header at Money in the Bank. We get both contracts out of the way at once, so first out is the #1 Contender to the Raw Women’s Championship, Lacey Evans! The Sassy Southern Belle struts her way out and takes her seat, and then the #1 Contender to the SmackDown Women’s Championship, Charlotte Flair, makes her entrance! The Queen wants to be a nine-time Women’s Champion and even hopes that will become a new nickname for her. Charlotte goes to the ring and takes her seat next to Lacey. And now, we have The Man, the dual champion herself, Becky Lynch!

London cheers Becky Two Belts as she wears her Raw title while holding up her SmackDown title. And as she enters the ring, she makes sure both Lacey and Charlotte see both belts. Before signing, Cole asks Becky if her attitude has bit off more than she can chew. Fans cheer for Becky and she says it’s so nice to be back in London. As to his question, she knows her opponents are bigger, stronger and more athletic. It’s not about knowing the beating is coming, it’s that she doesn’t care. She might be under pressure, but the bright lights are gonna hit and Lacey will be the one to feel it. Becky knows Lacey will regret ever coming for a fight. Just ask “your twin sister” what it’s like to lose to Becky.

Charlotte says Becky never learns. Becky has everything she’s ever wanted, and yet still has to make jokes. But that big mouth got Becky in trouble before, and she’s in another no-win scenario. Lacey compliments Charlotte on her observation. And it’s nice to see someone else has the decency to show up dressed appropriately. This is a contract signing, not a barn fight. Well Lacey hasn’t been to one of these, has she? Fans even wonder, “Who are ya? Who are ya?” As for Charlotte, she has to face Becky made the history Charlotte felt she was owed. Charlotte was born into wrestling and groomed by the McMahons, but she hasn’t really been delivering. So at MITB, one of these dopes can’t afford to lose her first, and the other can’t afford to lose her millionth. Becky’s not the only one under pressure.

Fans continue to cheer but Charlotte shrugs it off. Becky had her story book ending by beating the Baddest Woman, and yet that’s not enough? Becky Two Belts built up her reputation to where she can’t live up to it. All of it will come crashing down, “and frankly, I find it hilarious.” Because not even two titles can hide Becky’s insecurities. At MITB, the only thing Becky will have to blame is her own stubborn pride. Becky will #BowDowntotheQueen. WOO~! Charlotte puts her mic down to sign her contract.

And Lacey says this is the point she’s been trying to prove: “The WWE deserves a legitimate lady to set the proper example as champion.” We’ve all heard to a “classless example”, and these young women are being led astray by Becky’s “confusing behavior.” But Lacey vows to class up the Raw Women’s Championship. Becky can pretend to swing what she doesn’t have, because she’s not taking down two real ladies. If you wanna see something swing, come a little closer! Lacey declines and simply signs her contract. Charlotte encourages Lacey to throw down but Lacey doesn’t want to get her dress dirty. Becky says she’ll gladly slap the blonde off both of them right now. Lacey shoves the table and goes after Becky!

Becky throws Lacey out but then has Charlotte to deal with! She holds her own! Becky throws knees and forearms as fans go nuts, but Lacey attacks from behind. Becky gets Lacey in the armbar, but Charlotte BOOTS Becky down! The Queen throws Becky into buckles, then prepares the table. Becky tries to fight back but Charlotte clubs her down. Lacey helps Charlotte lift and powerbomb Becky through the table! The Queen and the Southern Belle stand tall with Becky’s belts, but will this really be how MITB ends? Or will Becky have a harder time deciding who to beat down first?


Ricochet VS Baron Corbin!

Raw returns as the Lone Wolf has Mike Rome give the full introduction: former Raw GM, former Golden Gloves boxing champion, former WWE United States Champion, former Mr. Money in the Bank, and the man who defeated Kurt Angle in his Farewell Match, “London’s Favorite Son”, Baron Corbin. Corbin grins and fans boo, but now the One and Only makes his entrance! Will Ricochet wipe the smile of Corbin’s face and grab major momentum towards this year’s MITB Ladder match?

The bell rings and Ricochet circles with Corbin. London is on Ricochet’s side but Corbin knees him low. Corbin tosses Ricochet out but runs into Ricochet’s shoulder. Ricochet slingshots and forearms Corbin, then eggs him on. Things speed up and Ricochet rolls off Corbin’s back to dropkick him to a corner. Ricochet eggs Corbin on more and they tie up. Corbin powers Ricochet to a corner and knees low. Corbin bumps him off buckles then whips him corner to corner, but Ricochet goes up and over to forearm back. Ricochet whips Corbin but Corbin reverses. Ricochet goes up and over while Corbin slides out and in! But Ricochet sees it coming to moonsault over and springboard crossbody!

Corbin bails out but Ricochet builds speed, only to miss the dropkick. Corbin pops Ricochet up but gets a mule kick and moonsault! Ricochet fires up while Corbin gets back in the ring. Ricochet hits Corbin away then springboards, but Corbin gets under to clobber him! Corbin soaks up the heat while we go to break.

Raw returns as Corbin whips Ricochet. Ricochet handsprings, but into Corbin’s waistlock! Corbin lifts and tosses Ricochet down then covers, TWO! Corbin argues with the ref but two is two. Fans taunt Corbin with their singing, but he stomps Ricochet out at the ropes. Ricochet gets to the apron but Corbin walks over. Ricochet hotshots Corbin then uppercuts him away. Corbin runs in but slides out as Ricochet slingshots. Things speed up and Ricochet uppercuts Corbin again. Corbin pushes Ricochet to a corner but gets a boot and somersault shotgun dropkick! Fans rally as Ricochet and Corbin get to opposite corners. Ricochet runs in to ram his shoulder in then kick Corbin from the corner. Corbin staggers and Ricochet hits a springboard clothesline! Cover, TWO!

Ricochet keeps his focus as he and Corbin stand again. But Corbin grabs Ricochet for a lift. Ricochet pops out to a sunset flip, TWO! DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO! Corbin grows angrier but fans continue to rally behind Ricochet. Corbin argues with the ref but the ref says his count is his count. The Lone Wolf goes back to Ricochet and reels him in, but Ricochet lips out! Ricochet tilt-o-whirls to a DDT! Cover, TWO! Ricochet knows he’s close, and he sees Corbin near a drop zone. Fans fire up as Ricochet climbs. Ricochet reaches the top rope and leaps, but has to bail out as Corbin evades. Corbin boots Ricochet then hops up, but Ricochet uppercuts Corbin back! Ricochet climbs up to join Corbin but Corbin shoves him to the side.

But Ricochet’s back up fast, SUPER STEINER! Standing Shooting Star! Cover, TWO! Corbin survives but Ricochet isn’t done with him. Ricochet runs, tilt-o-whirls, but into End of Days!! Cover, Corbin wins!

Winner: Baron Corbin, by pinfall

Corbin pulls out a victory out of nowhere! He also pulls a ladder out from under the ring and gets it in the ring. Corbin sets the ladder up to and climbs, imagining it as the MITB Ladder match. But Ricochet shows Corbin what else could happen by tipping the ladder over! Will Corbin feel that all over again when it’s not just Ricochet but Drew McIntyre and the SmackDown superstars in the ring with them?


Backstage interview with Rey Mysterio.

The King of Lucha Libre knows Samoa Joe threatened his son, Dominique, in order to send a message. How does Mysterio feel about that this week? Joe crossed a line. What kind of a man does that to another man’s child? If anyone has anything to say to Mysterio, just say it to his face. But Cesaro comes over to say Mysterio is rude talking about Joe when Joe’s not around. Plus, when did Raw have a Bring Your Kid to Work Day? Cesaro doesn’t know it, but Dominique’s been training. Yeah, whatever. Dominique’s 6’2″ while Mysterio’s, what? 5′ nothing? Dominique looks more like Joe than Mysterio. Is Dominique really Mysterio’s son? Mysterio attacks Cesaro! They fight with luggage! Referees break this fight up, but will Mysterio show Cesaro and Joe what happens when you mess with family?


Raw takes a look at the Evolution of The Big Dog.

From FCW to NXT to The Shield to winning the Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns had a fast rise in just five years. He took on The Game, took the crown for his own, and reigned over his Roman Empire, even going through one of the greatest, John Cena! Roman even added his name to the short list of those who have defeated The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Of course, his run wasn’t without struggle, as he’s gone back and forth with The Beast, Brock Lesnar. Roman took the Universal Championship from Suplex City, but then in October of 2018, Joe Anoa’i had to reveal the truth: Leukemia was back. Roman gave up his title and fought a different fight.

Fans poured out genuine concern for The Big Dog’s genuine life or death battle, but in a miraculous four months, he was back! And then in the Superstar Shake-Up, The Big Dog would make the Blue Brand HIS Yard with a Superman Punch heard around the world! And now, he can be on both shows thanks to the Wild Card Rule! But either way, Roman does what he wants when he wants, because he’s home.


Backstage interview with AJ Styles!

The Phenomenal One got the better of Seth Rollins the last couple of weeks, but people question his methods. People question a lot of things. The last Phenomenal Forearm that got Rollins was meant for Corbin, but that doesn’t mean Styles will stand for disrespect. But this is Monday Night Raw- Wait, Monday Night Rollins. This was Rollins’ show, until Styles showed up. Styles had a chip on his shoulder when he first arrived in WWE, and it’s still there. And now at MITB, Styles goes in a challenger, but will come out the new Universal Champion! Will Styles make that claim come true against the Architect?


Fatal 4 Way: Naomi VS Natalya VS Dana Brooke VS Alexa Bliss Nikki Cross!

The Glow, the Queen of Harts and the underdog just looking for a chance all have a golden opportunity with the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match this Sunday! However, they were all expecting The Goddess to be part of this match like they will be at MITB. We already know Alexa lost her luggage but took advantage of Nikki’s new found nice side. Will Nikki be able to shine now that she’s stepped out of the shadows?

Raw returns as Dana Brooke makes her entrance next, followed by Natalya. Last but not least, Nikki Cross makes her entrance, still wild as ever! But Alexa Bliss still shows up and joins commentary. The bell rings, and Natty goes at Dana, but Nikki goes at Natty. Naomi goes at Dana and whips her at both Natty and Nikki. Dana dodges as Naomi runs in, leaving Natty and Nikki to get sandwiched. Dana rolls Naomi, ONE! Natty clotheslines Dana down but Nikki breaks the cover. Nikki throws Natty out but Dana throws Nikki out. Naomi gets Dana with backslide but Dana resists. Naomi turns it into a full nelson bomb! And she holds onto the hold to grind Dana down. But Nikki walks over both of them! Nikki drags Natty out, though, and into the apron skirt! Nikki fires off and London fires up!

Dana covers Naomi, TWO, but Naomi body scissor covers Dana. TWO, and Naomi throws forearms on Dana. She whips Dana but Dana uses that to wreck Natty and Nikki. Naomi slingshots out onto all three! The Glow fires up while we go to break.

Raw returns and Dana rallies on Natty! Dana handsprings but into Natty’s back elbow! Natty grabs Dana’s legs to hook them, then slaps Dana into giving up her arms. Natty rocks Dana back into a surfboard! But Nikki climbs up top to recreate something from NXT! Only for Naomi to dump her down! Naomi bulldogs Dana out of the surfboard then enziguris Natty down! Cover, but Nikki breaks it. Nikki throws Naomi but Naomi throws Nikki out. Naomi goes back to Natty but Natty kicks her. Dana helps Natty lift Naomi then drop her on her face! Nikki clobbers and rallies on Natty and Dana! She gives Dana a saido suplex then covers Naomi, TWO!

Alexa cheers Nikki on as Nikki puts Naomi in a Rings of Saturn! Naomi endures as fans rally. Naomi rolls Nikki to a cover, TWO! Nikki let Naomi girl, and now Naomi fights off everyone else. Rear View for Natty! Rear View for Nikki! Naomi drags Natty to a drop zone but has to roundhouse Dana! Naomi scoop slams Dana onto Natty then hits a moonsault! Cover on Natty, but Dana breaks it! Dana throws Naomi out then pursues. Dana remembers there are No Disqualifications in Fatal 4 Ways, so she brings out a ladder! She stands it up but Natty hits her off it! Natty takes ownership but Nikki SPEARS Natty from under it! Nikki rains down rights but Naomi shoves her out to do the same. But they don’t see Dana climbing! Dana aims and LEAPS to wipe everyone out!

London loves this match even as all four women are down. Dana fires up because she vows she belongs her! She stomps each opponent in turn then drags Natty up. But Natty throws Dana hard into barriers! Natty clobbers Naomi then puts Nikki in. Nikki shoulders back then drags Natty in, THE PURGE! Cover, Nikki wins!!

Winner: Nikki Cross, by pinfall

Alexa cheers “her girl”, and celebrates for her. But given it was Nikki who won, does Alexa even have momentum towards Money in the Bank?

Speaking of, Alexa and Nikki work together to put the ladder in the ring. They stand the ladder up and Alexa climbs. Fans are divided as The Goddess grabs the briefcase and holds it for her own. But will the same thing happen when Alexa has to fight for herself on Sunday?


Sami Zayn speaks.

“Why do I even bother checking social media?” All anyone says is that Sami won’t stand a chance against Strowman. But that’s projection because all those fans are losers. Sami will win because Sami fights for a cause, while Strowman is just the personification of our vicarious fantasies of wanting to be big and strong. But what’s better than being big and strong? Being right. That’s why Falls Count Anywhere will be how Sami finds a way to win against Strowman and get into the Falls County Anywhere match. But is Sami really going to do that? Or is he just in denial?


Samoa Joe speaks.

“Y’know, Rey Mysterio. It seems that for a man of a diminutive size, you talk a big game when I’m not around.” Joe didn’t cross a line, no. Rey did when he brought Dominique around. Someone needs to teach Dominique how to be a man but it won’t be his dad. Joe will see Rey at MITB, and hopes to see Dominique, too.


Rey Mysterio VS Cesaro!

After that altercation in the locker room, obviously these two needed to settle things in the ring. Will the King of Lucha use the Swiss Cyborg as a warning back to the Destroyer?

Raw returns as Cesaro makes his entrance. The bell rings and Cesaro gets Rey with a waistlock slam. Rey hits back and kicks, then runs, but into Cesaro’s scoop. Rey slips out and dropkicks Cesaro down to a knee to then spike-rana him into the mat! Cesaro gets up and alley-oops Rey to a buckle, but Rey jumps back for headscissors! But Rey walks into Cesaro’s boot, then Cesaro whips Rey into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Cover, ONE! Cesaro keeps on Rey with a whip and hip toss, but Rey wheelbarrows and pops up to throw punches. Rey then headscissors Cesaro out of the ring, but Cesaro keeps Rey on his shoulders! Cesaro brings Rey down but Rey wheelbarrow throws Cesaro into barriers!

Rey gets back in the ring and fans fire up as he builds speed. Rey slides to sunset flip but Cesaro rolls through to take Rey swinging! Cesaro slams Rey into the barriers, then drags him into the ring. Cover, TWO! Cesaro keeps his cool as he drags Rey back to ropes. He goes to suplex Rey out but Rey holds on to ropes! Rey fights out and joins Cesaro on the apron. Cesaro boots Rey to a corner, but then Rey jumps over to send Cesaro into the post! Cesaro rolls into the ring and Rey climbs up top. Rey aims but Cesaro stops Rey with a European Uppercut! Cesaro then deadlifts Rey up for a stalling SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! Rey survives but is in trouble while we go to break.

Raw returns as Rey fights out of Cesaro’s chinlock. Rey runs and kicks Cesaro, then sunset flips. Cesaro rolls through again to go swinging again! But Rey curls up to hit a DDT! Both men are down but Rey crawls to a n apron. Rey springboard seated sentons, then runs to tilt-o-whirl bulldog! He rolls Cesaro in La Magistrol, TWO! Rey catches his breath before throwing forearms on Cesaro. Cesaro shoves Rey but Rey headscissors him to ropes! Rey dials it up, but 619 gets caught! Into a swing! Cesaro swings Rey about ten times then dumps him down! Cesaro waits for Rey to stand even though fans want “One More Time!” He throws EuroUppers, and Rey ends up onto he ropes! Fans want Cesaro to try, Cesaro dials it up! SWISS-1-9 MISSES! Rey kicks Cesaro away then shoulders back, to slingshot and DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!!

Cesaro survives but Rey keeps his focus. Rey climbs up top as fans rally. Rey leaps, but into a EuroUpper! Cover, TWO!! Rey lives but Cesaro keeps on him! Gotch position, but Rey slips out to tilt-o-whirl, only for Cesaro to turn it around! Cesaro pops Rey up but Rey puts him on the ropes! Dial it up, 619! FROG SPLASH! Cover, Rey wins!

Winner: Rey Mysterio, by pinfall

The King of Lucha pulls it out! Mysterio moves on to Money in the Bank, but will he take the United States Championship from Joe? Or will Joe just put him to sleep?


Raw reviews the pranks The Usos have played.

First, Jimmy & Jey found The Revival shaving each other’s backs in the locker room, and caught it on camera. Then they decided to make the #TopGuys really hot with Ucey Hot. Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson really got burned on that one. Or rather, they suffered a burning sensation.

The Revival responds.

“What kind of weird voyeurs watch another man getting his anatomy shaved?” The Usos took it too far with that Ucey Hot. The balls- no, the ball is in the Usos’ court. They can be the skid marks on the Raw roster, but the embarrassment of the Revival stops. Will we finally see which of these teams is better in the ring?


Raw presents: another new episode of Firefly Fun House!

Bray Wyatt isn’t at the door, silly. No he’s not over there, either. Wait there he is! Yay~! And Rambling Rabbit is back in one piece! But Bray has a secret to share. Shhhh~! Well it better be good. Yeah, Mercy has stuff to do. Guys, c’mon… But it’s time to show the world what he’s really been working on. But he can’t do it alone. He needs all his fireflies to help. So who’s with him? YAY~! That warms Bray’s soul. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of darkness in his noggin. He’s learned to harness it. Control it. So does everyone want to see the secret?

Bray turns to the door, and his puppet pals are all nervous. We enter the dark playroom… “Let me in…!” Twinkle twinkle little star… How we wonder what you are. “Yowie wowie.” Bray has transformed!!


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins!

The Universal Champion heard what AJ Styles had to say earlier tonight. But he’s way past the accidental Phenomenal Forearm. This has gotten personal very fast. They’re going 1v1 for the first time in WWE, but they had a match before this. Just one match 15 years ago, when Rollins was just starting out. It was the first time his family and friends started believing in his dream. Rollins grew up looking up to Styles, but on Sunday, he’ll be proving to himself and to Styles that he’s now Styles’ peer. Rollins proves he is the backbone of Raw and the WWE! 15 years ago, he looked up to Styles. But after the dust settles, Styles will be looking up to Rollins. Will the Beastslayer also add being Better Than Phenomenal to his accolades?


Falls Count Anywhere: Braun Strowman VS Sami Zayn!

The Monster Among Men has chased Sami all over the arena many times before, but now he can do it to solidify his spot in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match! Will Sami #GetTheseHands before Strowman gets his hands on the MITB contract for a second time? Or will Sami find a way to not just survive but defeat Strowman and take his spot?

Raw returns as Sami makes his entrance, kicking and dancing and climbing ladders. Sami takes a fan’s sign with Strowman on it, and wipes his feet on it! Sami takes his time getting into the ring, too. Strowman approaches but Sami backs off. The bell rings anyway, and Sami slowly enters the ring. Strwoman runs and the chase is on! They go around the ring, in the ring, and Strowman runs Sami over! Sami gets up but Strowman squashes him in the corner! And then again in the other corner! Fans sing for Sami but Strowman drags Sami up. Sami slips out of his jacket but Strowman pursues again! Strowman runs Sami over again! Then Strowman goes a full lap around the ring to run Sami over again!

Fans want “One More Time!” but Strowman puts Sami in the ring. Sami gets back out of the ring and then runs into the crowd. Strowman pursues because again, Falls Count Anywhere. The chase goes up the stairs! Strowman gets Sami and gives him a BIG uppercut! Sami crawls but Strowman follows as they go further up. Strowman uppercuts Sami again, but Sami grabs a fan’s drink to splash Strowman with it! Sami runs away but Strowman still pursues! They’ve made it to the top, and then backstage. Sami attacks with a trash can in the halls! Fans cheer as Sami continues to SMACK Strowman! But Strowman knees Sami low, to then throw him into a pillar! And again! And again! Strowman keeps bumping Sami off the pillar until Sami falls over. Cover, TWO!

Sami survives but Strowman doesn’t let up. Strowman drags Sami up to uppercut him again! Sami staggers to the far side, right to the edge of where the fans are. But then Baron Corbin attacks Strowman! There are No Disqualifications and Corbin wants to ensure Strowman is NOT in the MITB match! Sami covers, TWO! Strowman won’t be beat so easily! So Corbin keeps going after Strowman with trash cans! Corbin brings Strowman over, and back suplexes Strowman through the merchandise table! Sami covers, TWO!! The O2 loses its mind as Sami and Corbin work together to bring Strowman up. Strowman fights back and throws Corbin into the merchandise racks! The Monster still has fight while we go to break!

Raw returns once more, and Strowman chases Sami back down the stairs! Sami gets to the bottom and gets a chair! Sami SMACKS Strowman, and Strowman is now the one running away through the crowd. Fans duel and sing as Sami SMACKS Strowman again! Sami fires up and keeps up the chase, but Strowman takes the chair away from him this time! Strowman throws and punches Sami closer to the stage. Strowman sees the many ladders, and picks up the medium-sized one. Sami runs away so Strowman gives chase. They end up backstage in the locker room area. Sami throws whatever he can at Strowman but it doesn’t slow him down. Flashbacks to last week as Strowman clobbers Sami and throws him into a garage door!

Sami begs for mercy but Strowman drags him up. Here comes Drew McIntyre! The other man in the Men’s MITB wants to eliminate The Monster! McIntyre sets up a chair to DDT Strowman through it! Sami covers, TWO!! Strowman survives a second screw job and McIntyre is furious! McIntyre takes the chair to throw it, then drags Strowman back up. But Strowman throws McIntyre into televisions! Strowman lifts a cooler and tosses it down on McIntyre! Strowman throws more things around as he continues chasing Sami! Sami gets through gorilla position but Strowman stalks him back on-stage!

Sami crawls but Strowman clobbers him. Strowman BOOTS Sami down, then grabs that ladder to ram it into Sami! And then slam it on his back! And then on top of him! Strowman goes back for a second ladder and stacks it on Sami. And then another ladder, and then another ladder! But Corbin returns! Corbin blindsides Strowman, and then McIntyre shows up, too! They both fight Strowman but he fights them both off! They beat Strowman down and use a ladder to ram Strowman in the ribs! The ref reprimands them but there are no DQ’s! McIntyre props a ladder up against barriers, and then he and Corbin both go back. Strowman fights them, but they double suplex Strowman through a ladder!

But Strowman stands up? Only to get a CLAYMORE! Sami is free of the ladder pile and Corbin helps him cover, with McIntyre, too! They all cover Strowman, Sami wins!!

Winner: Sami Zayn, by pinfall; replaces Strowman in the MITB Ladder match

The Monster Among Men is screwed out of his spot! Sami takes Strowman’s place, but that just means he’ll have to fight the men who helped him get in. Will Sami really be able to win when the Scottish Terminator and Lone Wolf are his enemies?

Strowman rises, and Corbin betrays Sami already! Corbin feeds Sami to Strowman’s wrath, and Strowman brings Sami to commentary! Strowman CHOKE SLAMS Sami through the announce desk!! Will Sami even be in shape to compete at MITB now?



My Thoughts:

I think Raw managed to save itself from the slump, if only for this week. This being the London episode, Raw airs on delay for Americans like myself, but I never care for spoilers and leaks. That aside, a lot of what I saw worked out tonight. Opening Raw with Miz TV and Roman is exactly what I was hoping for since Shane picked a fight with each of them. Their promos spoke to the full circle moment I was thinking of, and they even have a tag match together. The match itself was pretty good, and of course Shane has to interfere as the Heel. But Roman and Miz still stand tall, so who knows if the math goes their way now. Probably still goes Roman’s way more than Miz’s.

Good to see Mojo finally appear in his new form, but his win over Apollo Crews was more filler than anything just to finally get Mojo going. Good hype package for the Universal Championship, and great interview promos. As I’ve said, this first-ever in WWE will surely deliver, no matter who wins. Becky, Charlotte and Lacey did great in the double contract signing, and that went about as expected. Commentary was trying to tease that whoever goes second against Becky has the better odds, but WWE has also been advertising the Raw title first and SmackDown second, so how is that not the order? Charlotte is the bigger name so she should be the second match.

Rey Mysterio and Cesaro had a good backstage promo and a great match tonight. Cesaro should study up WWE history, he should know exactly who claimed to be Dominique’s real daddy. Or rather, his real papi. But at least Rey makes reference to Eddie when he wins with the Frog Splash. Samoa Joe has a great promo, too, and even with Rey winning here, their United States Championship match could go either way. It seems WWE is being very cautious with Alexa Bliss. She is still just coming back from her own concussion scare, which is why her only match was a quick one with Bayley. But at least they’ve spun it well, such as her using her bad luck to manipulate the slightly more sane Nikki Cross.

Nikki joining that Fatal 4 was a good move for her personally, she needed something big like this to stay afloat in the Women’s Division and in the eyes of fans. But it isn’t just kayfabe to say Alexa probably won’t win. I’m not sure the women of Raw win given the strength of the women from SmackDown in the MITB match. My money’s still on Bayley so she can cash-in and get Becky and/or Charlotte going after her over the Summer. I’m honestly surprised Corbin won against Ricochet, but I suppose I shouldn’t have been. Corbin seems to have Vince behind his booking. What I’m not surprised is that he and McIntyre help Sami screw Strowman. It was a clever move to do, given that in kayfabe, Strowman would be a shoe-in for back-to-back Mr. Monster in the Bank.

Strowman still stands tall and destroys Sami and the announce desk, but now he doesn’t have much to do. Makes you wonder how it would’ve gone if it was Luke Harper going against Sami instead of being punished by being kept under contract yet off television. But that’s a completely different subject for a completely different article. The wildest development tonight was Firefly Fun House. We all thought there’d be guest stars and weeks of teasing how dark Bray Wyatt still was despite the Fun House. But then we get that truly nightmarish transformation, and it’s somewhat worth the quicker pace of this story. In a perfect WWE, this still would’ve gone on at least until Extreme Rules so that this new form of Bray could have a No DQ match for his in-ring return, but maybe they’ll still build to that anyway.

My Score: 8.1/10

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