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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (5/15/19)

What is the future of the NXT Tag Team Championships?



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The future of NXT, decided tonight!

With the Viking Raiders now main roster stars, they must address their status as the NXT Tag Team Champions! Plus, more action from Kushida!



  • Keith Lee VS Cezar Bononi; Lee wins.
  • Kushida VS Kona Reeves; Kushida wins.
  • Jessie Eleban VS Vanessa Borne w/ Aliyah; Borne wins.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships: The Viking Raiders VS The Street Profits; The Viking Raiders win, by disqualification, and retain the NXT Tag Team Championships.


Percy Watson moves on from NXT.

Showtime Percy was a valued part of the commentary team, but he’s moving on to bigger and better things! But fear not, a new member joins commentary in his place!

Beth Phoenix is now on NXT commentary!

The Glamazon and youngest WWE Hall of Fame inductee is now alongside Mauro Ranello and Nigel McGuinness to call all the action!


The Viking Raiders return to Full Sail!

Erik Rowe and Ivan Hanson are part of Raw’s Tag Team Division after the Superstar Shake-Up, but they’re still the NXT Tag Team Champions. And they return to speak to the fans. “Over the last few weeks, we have raided Monday Night Raw. And we have brutalized the tag team division.” “We are far from done raiding Raw. But, since we still have these… Mr. Regal, we ask that you join us out here, right now.” Erik and Ivar wait as General Manager William Regal appears. Regal joins the Viking Raiders in the ring and grabs a mic.

Erik asks Mr. Regal that since there is no one who can take the titles off them, the Viking Raiders are here to relinquish them. Full Sail is shocked as they simply hand Regal the NXT Tag Team Championships. But before Regal can address this, the Street Profits appear! Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford shake out their ears. “Dawks, I think I’m having trouble hearing but did they say no one?” “They sure did!” Well the Profits are far from no one. Everyone seems afraid of the big bad Vikings. But a few weeks ago, the Profits brought the fight to them. And though they didn’t win, the fans realized that the Raiders realized that the Profits can beat them.

Fans want to “Ring the bell! Ring the bell!” and give us a rematch. Well the Raiders are relinquishing the titles and heading to Raw, because deep down, they know the Profits can beat them! “If that’s your real names…” The Raiders take the belts back and shout, “Make the match!” Regal says it here and now: Viking Raiders VS The Street Profits for the NXT Tag Team Championships! We get an epic rematch with the gold on the line! Will the Raiders win only to leave the titles behind? Or will the titles be taken from them on their way out?


NXT shares footage from after we went off the air last week.

As also seen on WWE’s YouTube, Adam Cole is pissed off at Roderick Strong for screwing up his match with Matt Riddle. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish kept the two apart but the moment Cole called Roddy a “b*tch”, that riled Roddy up. Roddy threw his shirt and armband back at Cole, and Cole said Roddy isn’t worthy of wearing it!

Backstage interview with The Undisputed Era.

Well, the Undisputed Era minus Roddy. There is obviously a lot of dysfunction and doubt about the status of their team, given Roddy isn’t here at all. Cole doesn’t know where Roddy is, nor care. But as far as who the leader of the team is, that was never in question. It’s Adam Cole. But wait, Roddy shows up? He tells Cole that he thought about their argument. Cole was right, the unit is stronger together. And their Riddle problem has been taken care of. Roddy gives Cole a bloody flip-flop! And Cole gives Roddy his armband back. What happened to the King of Bros?!


Keith Lee VS Cezar Bononi!

The Limitless One finally returns to action on NXT TV, and against the Brazilian V8! Will Lee be back on track tonight? Or will he be derailed all over again?

Lee takes his time enjoying and conducting the singing fans as they “Oh~ Bask in his glory~!” It speeds up and annoys Bononi. The bell rings and fans switch to “Keith Lee! Woop woop!” Bononi runs at Lee but Lee scoops. Bononi slips out and shoves, and now things speed up as Lee hurdles Bononi! Lee runs Bononi over with a shoulder block, then goes after Bononi in a corner with double CHOPS! Bononi is wincing but then he kicks low and yanks Lee into ropes. Lee staggers and Bononi fires off kicks and body shots. Bononi runs to kick Lee in the head. Bononi grinds Lee against the ropes. He backs off at the ref’s count but comes back with more body shots and knees. Bononi runs and collides with Lee, and Lee falls to a knee.

Lee grabs Bononi’s wrist, so Bononi fires forearms. Bononi can’t get free, and Lee just gets angry. Fans sing again and Lee throws hands on Bononi! Lee reels Bononi in then shoves him to a corner for a big left forearm and big right lariat! Lee runs and POUNCES Bononi! Fans fire up and Lee gathers their energy. Bononi stands and Lee gives him the SPIRIT BOMB!! Cover, Lee wins!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall

The Brazilian Bomber gets bombed, and Lee is still limitless! Will Lee finally go for gold and make it #BaskInHisGlory?


Big news regarding the NXT Women’s Championship!

After the back-and-forth attacks and beatings between Shayna Baszler and Io Shirai, William Regal has decided it needs to come to a head! At NXT TakeOver: XXV, it will be The Queen of Spades VS The Genius of the Sky for the Women’s Championship! Who will win when they finally go head-to-head?

Backstage interview with The Forgotten Sons.

What do they want to talk with GM Regal about? Oh y’know, the Street Profits being handed a title shot that should belong to the Forgotten Sons. Once again, these three get forgotten, but that’s because they haven’t done enough to be remembered. Regal has no good reason not to think of them. But they’ll show what happens when you forget the Forgotten Sons! What will they demand of Regal? Will it affect what’s already scheduled for later tonight?


Kushida VS Kona Reeves!

The Time Splitter was successful against the Wrestling Genius last week, but now he faces The Finest! Will Kushida show Kona it’s about the best skills and not the finer things in life?

Full Sail is fired up for Kushida as he circles with Kona at the bell. They tie up and Kona gets a waistlock and slam. Kona brags but Kushida gets right back up. Kushida gets the waistlock now and brings Kona down. Kona rolls but Kushida holds on with the facelock. Kushida floats and even spins all over Kona! Kona headlock takeovers but Kushida headscissors. Kona pops out and tries again but Kushida still headscissors. They go again, and Kona wrenches. Kushida wrenches back but Kona pushes Kushida back. Kona whips but Kushida slides under to arm-drag Kona around! Kushida has Kona down with an armlock.

Kona pries his way out and arm-drags but Kushida holds on to get the armlock again. Kushida hammerlocks and twists it, but Kona endures. But wait, is that Drew Gulak on stage? Kushida sees 205 Live’s greatest grappler, but Kona uses that to power Kushida to the ropes and knee him low. Kona whips but Kushida reverses and headscissors Kona down. Kushida wrenches Kona but Kona scoops and throws him into buckles! Kona stomps away on Kushida then rains down rights. Kona throws hands on Kushida and has him on the apron. He puts Kushida through the ropes to run and knee lift! Then Kona suplexes Kushida and floats to a cover, TWO! Kona keeps on Kushida with a half nelson chinbar.

Fans rally up while Gulak watches closely. Kushida powers his way up and fights back. Kona wrenches back and whips Kushida but Kushida holds ropes. Kushida kicks then boots then kicks again. Kona staggers and Kushida springboard chops him down! Kushida fires off kicks on the arm. He whips but Kona reverses, only for Kushida to handspring and back elbow! Kushida keeps moving as he hip tosses and cartwheels to a dropkick! Cover, TWO! Kushida keeps his cool but also locks eyes with Gulak. Kushida gets Kona in the Hoverboard kimura already! But Kona powers through to suplex. Kushida escapes and waistlocks but Kona elbows free. Kona runs but into Kushida’s handspring heel kick!

Kona tumbles out and Kushida climbs up top. Kushida leaps for a cannonball! Full Sail fires up as Kushida takes out Kona! Kushida puts Kona back in and kicks the arm! Kushida runs, tilt-o-whirls, takedown to the Hoverboard! Kona taps and Kushida wins!

Winner: Kushida, by submission

The Super Junior takes down another towering opponent, but Gulak is the only one underwhelmed. Is it only a matter of time before we see the Cruiserweight Crusader tie up with Kushida?


Bianca Belair makes sure Cathy Kelly and NXT Media catches this.

The EST wants everyone to see her ask William Regal for her own title opportunity, because duh she deserves one, Un-De-Fea-Ted. Is Cathy ready? Yes. They arrive, but Mia Yim is the one walking out of the office! What is she doing here? She’s getting on Bianca’s nerves. Bianca beat Mia, she can’t be jumping the line. That’s not what this was. Mia wants a rematch with Bianca because nothing is taken care of. Mia promises to handle her business, but Bianca is still going to ask for hers. Which rematch are we getting first? EST VS Shayna Two Time? Or EST VS HBIC?


Johnny Gargano checks with Matt Riddle in the NXT Trainer’s Room.

Obviously the King of Bros is sore after what Roderick Strong did to him. Johnny Wrestling talks with NXT Media that Riddle is okay, but he’s angry. The Undisputed Era won’t like the Bro when he’s angry. And speaking of, the UE is back at full force of four, is Gargano concerned? No, Gargano doesn’t care if they’re together or not, he knows they’ll be targeting him anyway. He has a big target from the NXT Championship, but that’s fine. Because at TakeOver: XXV, it will be a rematch of Gargano VS Cole. Will history repeat itself as Johnny Champion solidifies his reign? Or will the Panama City Playboy be the first piece to the whole team being #DrapedInGold?


Jessie Eleban VS Vanessa Borne w/ Aliyah!

With TakeOver on the horizon, the entire NXT Women’s Division is making moves. The #Adorkable Jessie is finally back on television, but will she be able to take down the #BorneBougie’s Vision?

The bell rings and fans cheer Jessie on as she ties up with Vanessa. Vanessa headlocks but Jessie powers out. Vanessa runs Jessie over but only Aliyah cheers. Things speed up and Vanessa leaps over Jessie to drop toehold her down. Vanessa stomps and steps on Jessie, but Jessie grabs her foot. Vanessa makes her pay for that by stomping her even more. Jessie blocks the buckle bump but Vanessa tackles her and throws big forearms! The ref backs Vanessa off and Vanessa checks her hair. Vanessa goes back to Jessie for more clubbing forearms. She stops at 4 and fans duel. Vanessa throws Jessie around by her hair and then dropkicks her down!

Jessie gets to ropes but Vanessa chokes her against them. Vanessa backs off at 4, but then Aliyah gets a cheap shot in! Fans boo but Vanessa hits Jessie with a straddle attack! Vanessa rubs Jessie’s face in it, aka her butt, and then hip attacks Jessie into the ring. Vanessa taunts Jessie as she stalks her. Jessie cradle counters! TWO to a crucifix, TWO! Jessie throws Vanessa into ropes now, then hits a big heel kick! Aliyah freaks out but Vanessa dodges the splash. Vanessa headbutts Jessie, then runs to hit a spinning neckbreaker! Cover, Vanessa wins!

Winner: Vanessa Borne, by pinfall

The Vision wins one for Borne Bougie, and for her own singles hopes. Will the “highers” continue to rise higher in the NXT Women’s Division?


NXT Tag Team Championships: The Viking Raiders VS The Street Profits!

The challenge was made, and the challenge was accepted! This could very well be the last match on NXT TV for Erik and Ivar, but will they be leaving the victors or the losers?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we begin!

The teams sort out, and it will be Erik who starts and shotgun knees Dawkins! Ford tags in right away but he gets Ace Ten Mao! Tag to Ivar and he becomes the human weapon hip attack on Dawkins! The Vikings pump themselves up and target Ford! He gets fed to Thor’s Hammer, but Dawkins intercepts! Ford cradles Ivar, TWO!! The Profits almost got that one! Ford rolls Ivar again, TWO! Ivar boots Ford and Ford flounders to tag Dawkins. Dawkins swings but Hanson cartwheels. Hanson swings but Dawson cartwheels! They both cartwheel! Hanson runs into a SPINEBUSTER! Tag to Ford and Ford climbs up fast! Ford frog splashes! Cover, TWO!? The Profits can’t believe how close they are!

Tag to Dawkins and he whips Ford in, to a seated senton! Ivar rolls and tags in Erik! Erik rallies on Dawkins and hits him with a big knee! Cover, TWO! Erik keeps on Dawkins with a mounted armlock. Dawkins endures but here come the Forgotten Sons! Ivar intercepts them all, but gets a 3v1 beat down!

Winners: The Viking Raiders, by disqualification

Fans boo but Erik goes after Ryker! The Vikings and Forgotten Sons fight 3v2 but the Vikings get the better of them! They throw Ryker into a post! But now Ford & Dawkins jump into the brawl! And then Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch run in! Four teams fight at once, and end up in the ring! Ford gets thrown out, then Dawkins. The Vikings catch up and run over everyone! They throw the Forgotten Sons out, and Ivar CANNONBALLS onto them all! Ford climbs but Erik grabs him, making Ford let out a scream. Dawkins saves Ford and lifts Erik in an Electric Chair! The Profits give him their Doomsday Blockbuster! Cover, and that would’ve been a win!

The Profits celebrate being the team that stands tall, but the Vikings get back up. Dawkins & Ford run off, so the Vikings take their anger out on Danny Burch with the springboard lariat German Suplex! And then Oney Lorcan gets a double trophy lift, to be tossed out onto all three Forgotten Sons! Wesley Blake flounders into THOR’S HAMMER!! And after celebrating, Erik & Ivar set those titles down, and take a bow. This tag team war is far from over, but what happens to the future of the tag team titles?



My Thoughts:

An amazing episode of NXT! Even the news of Percy moving on and Beth joining commentary is big. It’s great to have the second female voice on commentary, and whatever Percy is doing next, I hope he’s having a good time. We also get a lot of Women’s Division progress this week. Jessie VS Vanessa was a good match, but it should’ve been obvious that Vanessa was going to win. There need to be more Heels outside of the Horsewomen so it seems #BorneBougie is going to be that. Mia VS Bianca II is on the horizon, and that should be good since it’ll surely be better than their first. And we do get Shayna VS Shirai after all, and given the hype behind TakeOver: XXV, the title has to change. We need something exciting, and giving us a new champion for new match-ups is the way to do that.

Lee VS Bononi was a lot of fun, and it’s great to see Lee back in action. We know Dijakovic is supposed to be going after the North American Championship, so maybe we get the Dijakovic VS Lee rematch we’ve wanted for the title. Kushida VS Kona was really good, and it helps that Gulak was on stage to tease his next NXT story. Kushida VS Gulak in a highly technical match will be great for both guys, but definitely expect Kushida to win. And as soon as we saw the Forgotten Sons go in to talk to Regal, we should’ve known they’d ruin the tag title match. But it was still a great story for the Raiders to want to relinquish the titles like I expected, they were “goaded” into keeping them to defend them.

The brawl we got of the four teams was great, and this has to mean a Fatal 4 Way Tag at TakeOver: XXV. That way, the Raiders can lose the titles without ever being weakened. Plus, the 25th ever TakeOver special, a match of this size is just fitting of the moment. Of the teams in this match, I see it as being between the Forgotten Sons and the Street Profits. Lorcan & Burch are out because Lorcan is more 205 Live now and Burch has NXT UK. The Profits are clearly running hot as Faces while the Forgotten Sons are almost nuclear as Heels though perhaps in all the wrong ways. Either way, fans are either going to explode or riot at the end of this coming tag match.

My Score: 8.6/10

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