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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (5/29/19)

Who heads for TakeOver with the most momentum?!



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The last stop before NXT TakeOver: XXV!

With the NXT Tag Team Championships literally up for grabs in a Ladder Match, the Forgotten Sons and the Brit-Am Brawlers look to gain some last momentum! Plus, round 3 of the HBIC VS EST!



  • Mia Yim VS Bianca Belair; Yim wins.
  • KUSHIDA VS Drew Gulak; KUSHIDA wins.
  • Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS The Forgotten Sons; No Contest.


Mia Yim VS Bianca Belair!

The HBIC wants a rematch with The EST because the last time around, Bianca resorted to using the longest ponytail to keep the pinfall! Mia ain’t having that, and now they look to settle things here just days before NXT TakeOver. Will the third time be the charm for Mia?

The bell rings and Bianca trash talks with Mia. Fans duel and Mia shotgun dropkicks Bianca right out! Bianca is on the apron and hotshots Mia away. Bianca hurries back in and powers Mia to a cover, TWO! She slaps Mia around as fans duel again. Bianca scoops but Mia slips out and trips Bianca up. Mia slaps Bianca around now, so Bianca trips her up! Bianca throws hands, but Mia drags Bianca down to throw hands back! Bianca gets up and runs Mia over. Things speed up and Bianca handsprings over, only for Mia to follow and redirect her into a chop block! Mia keeps moving to Penalty Kick Bianca to a corner! Fans continue to duel as Mia runs in for a cannonball! Mia drags Bianca to a cover, TWO!

Bianca gasps for air but Mia stays on her with kicks! Mia kicks stiffer and stiffer, but Bianca blocks and trips Mia up. Bianca boots Mia down then covers, TWO! Bianca clubs away in frustration and covers again, TWO! Mia can’t get away before Bianca puts on double chicken wings. Bianca thrashes Mia around as fans rally up. Mia stands but Bianca wrangles her back down. Bianca shifts to a full nelson but Mia endures. Mia powers her way up as fans rally. Mia pries free and arm-drags Bianca away. Bianca come back but into a roll-up, TWO! Bianca clobbers Mia! Cover, TWO! Bianca shakes her head in frustration, then she dares Mia to get up. Mia sits up but Bianca clubs her on the back. Bianca suplexes Mia and does squats before bringing her down!

Fans cheer as Bianca runs for the splash! And a kip up! Bianca says kiss this while Mia gets to a corner. Bianca comes over and slaps Mia around more. Mia shoves back, then goes up and over for the Tarantula! The ref counts and Mia lets up at 4. Mia grabs Bianca for another unique roll-up, TWO! Bianca dropkicks Mia down! Bianca drags Mia up to ax handle her back down. She stalks Mia to the ropes to grind her face into them! The ref counts and Bianca stops at the corner. Fans rally as Bianca throws forearms in the corner. Bianca stops at 4 again, then kicks Mia down. She stands with a cocky cover, TWO!

Bianca grabs Mia by her hair and stands her up for double chicken wings. Bianca lifts Mia but Mia slips out to a victory roll! TWO, but Mia jackknife covers, TWO! Mia tries a backslide, TWO! They stay hooked together and stand up, Bianca turning it around. Bianca rolls Mia but Mia lands on her feet, only to get a BIG forearm shot! Cover, TWO!! Bianca tires again, TWO! Bianca grows frustrated and she looms over Mia. Fans rally and duel again as Bianca chicken wings Mia. Mia endures and feeds off the fans’ energy to get to her feet. Mia spins around and throws Bianca out. Bianca comes right back but Mia dodges for an overhead suplex! Both women are down but fans cheer them on. A standing count begins, but neither woman sits up until 7.

Mia and Bianca head for each other and Mia is the one who rallies with clotheslines and kicks. Mia back kicks then hops on, Sunset Flip Bomb! Cover, TWO!! Mia’s Code Blue couldn’t finish it! Bianca powers Mia to a corner and rams her shoulders in over and over. Bianca whips Mia corner to corner but Mia dodges to send her into posts! Mia grabs Bianca for a wrench and Eat DaFeet! But Bianca flounders all the way out of the ring! Mia grits her teeth as Bianca staggers up the ramp. Mia pursues to keep Bianca from running! She CHOPS and clubs Bianca back to the ring. Bianca blocks the apron bump and chicken wings Mia, for a slam to the apron! Bianca then walks over Mia to get in the ring.

The ring count passes 5 and Mia is barely up. Mia stands at 9 and gets in at 9.5!! Bianca can’t believe it! Bianca glares and drags Mia up for clubbing forearms! She doesn’t let up, and tosses Mia across the way. Bianca keeps on Mia with another biel, then dares Mia to stand, for a back drop! Bianca shows no mercy, she powerbomb lifts, but Mia grabs that ponytail! And reels Bianca in for Protect Ya Neck! Cover, Mia wins!!

Winner: Mia Yim, by pinfall

This time, the hair was Bianca’s enemy! Mia is the first woman in NXT to pin the EST! Is she first in line for a title shot after TakeOver?


NXT North American Champion, Velveteen Dream, sets up his selfie stick.

“Tyler Breeze. I remember you.” Prince Pretty was big his first time through NXT. Does Tyler remember the night he found out he was being called-up? Everyone could see the fear in Tyler’s eyes, because that was the last time he got a standing ovation. Does he remember? Tyler Breeze went to SmackDown to give the main roster a “face lift,” only to lose to Dolph Ziggler. Tyler couldn’t take the heat. NXT upgraded to The Velveteen Dream. Sold out arenas and commanding performances, the spotlight shined bright on The Dream. Everyone wants a part of The Dream, and that’s why Breeze had to come back.

Breeze remembers himself. He was gorgeous. But he’s not a talent worth this title. Breeze never had NXT gold. He is the Great Value version of Dream! But Breeze wants that spotlight by any means necessary. Will Prince Pretty revitalize his career at The Experience’s expense?


NXT Media catches up with Shayna Baszler and the Horsewomen.

They were finishing up a group photo shoot when they were asked about Io Shirai saving Candice LeRae from them, with the help of vicious kendo stick strikes. Are they concerned that she might try that again at TakeOver? No. The difference is, TakeOver won’t allow weapons. Shirai has run out of friends but Shayna still has hers. And they’ll be right there with her. Will Jessamyn and Marina go 3 for 3 on being factors in the Queen of Spades’ matches? Or does Shirai have a trump card up her sleeve?


KUSHIDA VS Drew Gulak!

The Time Splitter has been on a quick winning streak since joining NXT with his mix of speed, striking and technique. But the Philly Stretcher takes time away from 205 Live to test Kushida on his grappling. Will Kushida send Gulak back to the future? Or will he step to Gulak and simply tap out?

The bell rings and Gulak circles with Kushida. Fans duel as the two tie up. Kushida wristlocks to waistlocks but Gulak standing switches. Gulak floats to a facelock but Kushida slips out to a wristlcok and hammerlock. Kushida wants the headlock but Gulak gets away. They tie up again and Gulak wrenches to the wristlock. Kushida reverses that but Gulak reverses it back again. Kushida works on an escape and gets a drop toehold. He floats to a facelock, only for Gulak to slip out and keep the wristlock. Kushida rolls and rolls and rolls, and rolls and rolls, and Gulak has to let go! Fans cheer as Kushida backs Gulak to a corner. Gulak smirks and comes back for another grapple.

They go shoulder to shoulder in the test of strength. Gulak steps through to bend Kushida backwards, but Kushida bridges. Kushida stays up even as Gulak puts a knee on his chest. Kushida stands back up and laces through, but Gulak gets a leg right to a Half Crab! Gulak sits deep but Kushida endures. Kushida slips through and kicks at Gulak, and they end up in another knuckle lock even in this position. Kushida uses the “spider guard” to keep Gulak’s shoulders away, then shifts right to a headscissor hold. It becomes a triangle hold, but Gulak pops right out. Fans cheer as both men back off to catch their breath. Gulak and Kushida approach and tie up again. Gulak turns Kushida but Kushida hooks Gulak for a backslide. But Gulak slips off, only for Kushida to make it a roll into a crossface!

Kushida floats to the other side but keeps the head trapped. Gulak powers up to his feet and works on the grip. He rolls Kushida but Kushida gets right up. Kushida squeezes but Gulak gets back to his feet. Gulak powers out and catches Kushida! They go around and around, both wanting the stretch, but Kushida slips to the Iron Octopus! Gulak endures as Kushida goes even after the fingers. Gulak powers out and ties up the legs for a Trailer Hitch deathlock! Kushida endures as fans rally, and gets the ropebreak. Gulak lets up at 4, and Kushida scrambles away. Gulak goes right at Kushida for a scoop slam but Kushida kicks him away. Kushida wants a hip toss but Gulak blocks. Gulak wants a hip toss but Kushida blocks.

They go back and forth, both wanting a hip toss, and it’s Gulak who puts Kushida on the apron. But Kushida wrenches the arm and hotshots the shoulder! Kushida hurries in and aims at the arm, but misses the kick! Gulka fireman’s carry to a gutbuster drop! Gulak drags Kushida around to a grounded Octopus! He tortures the wrist and elbow but Kushida endures. Fans rally and Kushida pries the legs off his head, to then body scissor and roll Gulak to a Stretch Plum! Gulak endures and pops an arm out to then get free. Both men back off to recover their arm strength. Fans rally back up and the two approach again. Kushida gets a leg but Gulak slips through to waistlock. Kushida standing switches and shoves, but Gulak goes up and over. Gulak runs and dodges, but gets caught into a hip toss and armbar!

Gulak flails as fans rally both ways. Kushida wants the hands to break apart, and they do! But Gulak hurries to roll, and gets an ankle lock! But Kushida gets another armbar, only for Gulak to get the ankle again! Kushida endures the twist as fans rally. He crawls and reaches for ropes, but Gulak pulls him away. Kushida rolls Gulak off and dodges in the corner, running enziguri rocks Gulak! Then Kushdia rolls Gulak to the fisherman, but Gulak blocks. Gulak swings but is coutnered, float over to the kimura! Kushida wants his Hoverboard but Gulak holds onto his own arm. Both men roar as they crank on the same arm! Kushida spins Gulak through but gets a foerarm. Gulak swings into a complete shot! Body scissor cradle, Kushida wins!!

Winner: Kushida, by pinfall

The Super Junior shocks the Cruiserweight Crusader! It didn’t need to be flashy, but it was brilliant! Gulak says Kushida got lucky, but Kushida says luck has nothing to do with it. Gulak says Kushida is a coward! Will these two have another match in NXT to make it crystal clear who is better?


NXT reporter Cathy Kelly interviews Io Shirai backstage.

Shayna says that at TakeOver, Shirai won’t have a numbers or kendo stick advantage. Is she at all concerned about her odds? Shirai is not afraid of Shayna or the Horsewomen, so she can have whoever she wants at TakeOver. Shirai won’t need a stick to beat the champ. She translates to Japanese but Candice LeRae comes by. Candice thanks Shirai, and says she’ll have Shirai’s back at TakeOver. Shirai thanks Candice for the assist, and Candice wants Shayna to know this. Will Candice Wrestling be able to keep Jessamyn and Marina at bay so that the Genius of the Sky gets a fair fight with the Queen of Spades?


NXT prepares for an epic rematch.

Johnny Gargano isn’t sure how it happened, other than his superhuman performance at TakeOver: New York. Gargano is bringing inspiration to the Cleveland wrestling scene, because he refused to take no for an answer. He wants to inspire everyone now that he’s finally #JohnnyChampion. But Gargano’s dream is Adam Cole’s nightmare.

Cole keeps thinking back to New York. It sickens Cole that if it were any other match, he would be the one in Gargano’s place. But now he has to watch Gargano run around with the title. Gargano was never meant to be champion. But he only won one fall to two. Gargano loves and lives pro-wrestling and NXT. Gargano couldn’t let Cole takeover NXT. Cole wants all that glory and fame, and nothing stops him from getting what’s his this time. Gargano has the weight of the world on his shoulders, and he’ll crumble. But Cole needs to prove that he can win on his own to take it away from Gargano. Both men will not stop until the other man is down, and they are NXT Champion. “That is Undisputed.” Gargano VS Cole II happens at TakeOver: XXV, who comes out with the title?!


Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS The Forgotten Sons!

After the Viking Raiders vacated the NXT Tag Team Championships, there are no NXT Tag Team Champions! All the teams in NXT want those titles, but only the four best are going to literally ascend to championship caliber in a Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match! And therefore, two of those teams will go head-to-head for one last chance at momentum! Will the One Two Combination punch their way towards TakeOver? Or will Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler continue to #DoUntoOthers?

The teams sort out and it is Blake starting against Burch. The bell rings and Burch shotgun dropkicks Blake already! Burch wrenches Blake and then spins through for a takedown and a Penalty Kick to the arm! He keeps on that arm and keeps Blake on the mat. Blake endures and tags in Cutler. Blake whips Burch into Cutler’s elbow, then Cutler puts Burch in a corner for stomps. Cutler brings Burch out to tag Blake back in. They double backbreaker and cover, TWO! Blake toys with Burch then tags in Cutler. Blake whips Burch to Cutler but Burch dodges them both to tag in Lorcan! Lorcan CHOPS away on both Forgotten Sons! Lorcan throws European Uppercuts on Blake, then runs, but Jaxson Ryker swipes at him! Blake clobbers Lorcan from behind! The referee EJECTS Ryker! The Forgotten Sons are furious but it was necessary for a fair fight.

And then the Street Profits jump Ryker on the ramp! Dawkins & Ford throw Ryker into the LED titantron! Lorcan and Burch go after Blake and Cutler, but then the Profits go after them all!

No Contest

Seems Dawkins and Ford won’t wait for Saturday to get their shots in! They club away on Cutler while Lorcan and Burch take it to Blake! The Forgotten Sons get tossed out, and now the Profits stare down with the brawlers. And it explodes into a new brawl! But Blake and Cutler return with chairs! They SMACK away on everyone! Chair shot after chair shot, and the Sons take over the ring! Ryker rises and wants to rejoin his brothers in arms, but the Undisputed Era attacks! But it’s not O’Reilly & Fish, it’s Strong and Cole! They wipe Ryker out and dare Cutler and Blake to bring it. Cutler and Blake head up the ramp but get attacked by Fish and O’Reilly! The Undisputed Era are 4v2 on the Forgotten Sons!

Blake gets a combination Strong Knee and SUPERKICK! Cutler gets reDRagon’s TOTAL ANNIHILATION! Full Sail is fired up with the Era as they stand tall! But Ryker returns, so Cole produces a ladder from under the ring. All four of them use the ladder to RAM Ryker!! But he still sits up?! So they SLAM that ladder on his back! And they stand the ladder over Ryker, and Cole climbs it. Strong hands Cole a mic while Fish and O’Reilly flank him on either side. “Riddle! Gargano! At TakeOver, THAT is Undisputed!” Will the Undisputed Era finally takeover NXT once and for all at TakeOver: XXV?



My Thoughts:

NXT knows how to do a go-home! No time wasted getting to action as we get right to the Mia VS Bianca rematch. It was solid, and the story was brilliant for Mia to use Bianca’s hair against her as direct payback for Bianca using her hair to win. I’m just not sure how this will work out, because it feels like Shirai should win at TakeOver. The promos from both sides were great, and it is natural for Candice to side with Shirai in this. It would’ve been more amazing to see Candice run out during the match to stop Jessamyn and Marina, but perhaps a completely different twist will happen now. Could it be that Candice is the next Face to dethrone the Queen of Spades, not Shirai?

Kushida VS Gulak was incredible! Love the level of grappling, both guys are so great at that. I like that we’ve seen the “spider guard” twice today, both here and in NXT UK’s match of Gallagher VS Ohno. I hope we get more of this match-up, to help keep both guys red hot while waiting on titles. The NXT North American Championship video package was great, and that match of Dream VS Breeze is going to be even better. That Gargano VS Cole II package was great, too, and that match will also be great. The tag team main event was great, even with the attacks coming in and “ruining” the finish. I didn’t think all four Undisputed Era members would join in but it worked for all four of them to get that stand tall momentum. Which probably solidifies that two of them aren’t winning.

My Score: 8.5/10

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