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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (5/1/19)

NXT UK is almost done with Brooklyn!



NXT UK Coverage

NXT UK has quite the finale for their time in New York! The Irish Ace wants to prove he’s worthy of the title in a non-title match with WALTER!



  • Travis Banks VS Mansoor; Banks wins.
  • Piper Niven VS Reina Gonzales; Niven wins.
  • WALTER VS Jordan Devlin; Walter wins.


Travis Banks VS Mansoor!

The Kiwi Buzzsaw solved the Wrestling Genius’ Rubik’s Cube to win, but he wants to keep the run going. At the same time, we witness the televised in-ring debut of WWE’s premier Saudi Arabian superstar! Will this international cross-branded match be an up or a down for the swaggering Saudi stud?

The bell ring and fans are on the Buzzsaw’s side as he circles with Manny. They tie up and Banks gets a waistlock to a takedown. Manny gets up but Banks wrangles him back down. Manny scrambles to the ropes and shouts for the ref to get Banks off him. Banks backs off and Manny gets up in a huff. Manny and Banks tie up again, and Banks wrenches the wrist. Banks gets Manny to his knees before wrenching him more. Banks wrenches to an arm-drag and holds Manny down with an armlock. Manny fights out but Banks wrenches again. Manny rolls and flips then cartwheels to pry free and uppercut! But Banks doesn’t flinch!

Banks ducks and deflects to trip and shotgun knee Manny down! Fans fire up as Banks kicks away at Manny’s leg again and again! Manny falls but gets to the apron. Manny hotshots Banks back, then runs in, only to get a roundhouse! Banks stalks Manny to a corner but Manny turns it around, only to get a forearm. Banks hops up but Manny shoves him down and out! The ref reprimands Manny but starts a count on Banks. Manny fetches Banks to CHOP him. But Banks CHOPS back! Manny bounces Banks off the apron then throws forearms. Banks gets in and Manny follows to facelock Banks. Manny clubs then suplexes Banks down, floats to a cover, TWO! Manny keeps on Banks with a seated stretch. He pulls back both arms and fish hooks Banks’ face.

Fans rally as Manny settles in with a chinlock, but Banks fights his way up. Banks CHOPS and kicks Manny to a corner! Banks kicks and stomps and whips, but Manny reverses. But Banks stops himself, sweeps Manny’s legs and then shotgun dropkicks Manny out of the ring! Banks hurries to the apron and hits Manny with a Penalty Kick! Fans fire up with Banks while Manny is dazed. Banks builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit wipes Manny out! Fans cheer for “NXT! NXT!” while Banks puts Manny back in. Banks takes aim, runs and springboards, but Manny gets under. Manny throat chops and hits an inverted suplex with a twist! Cover, TWO!! Banks survives and Manny can’t believe it!

Manny grits his teeth as he kicks at Banks from the mat. Manny drags Banks up and throws forearms. He clubs Banks hard on the back then mocks the “piece of trash” with a SLAPPING palm strike. Manny runs, but Banks goes sideways to hit Slice of Heaven! And then Kiwi Krusher! Cover, Banks wins!

Winner: Travis Banks, by pinfall

The Kiwi crushes the NXT UK debut of Mansoor! Will this help Banks climb the ranks towards a future title match?


Xia Brookside speaks.

Well first she has to worry about outtakes. “Hello, NXT UK Universe. My name is Xia Brookside.” Wait, take two. With fancy graphics! And she’s at the WWE UK PC. She faced and lost to Rhea Ripley, but she’ll keep on going. The only way to go for her is up, and her loss will be a positive. Xia will become the best Xia she can be, so join along and #FlyWithBrookside! Up, up, and away is the only way, but will it be so easy?


NXT UK, prepare yourself for ILJA DRAGUNOV!

The intense and invincible Russian sensation is headed this way! Who will learn what it trully means to be Unbesiegbar?


Nina Samuels speaks.

“It’s been a rejuvenating interval, but now, the Nina Samuels Show is ready for its highly anticipated revival.” The journey from chorus girl to leading lady takes on many roles. Nina has amassed victories enough, so now naturally, her eyes move to the highest role possible: champion. That role is occupied by Toni Storm. She’s a fine champion, but she’s no leading lady. Dear Toni, please take your seat, because the show is about to begin. When and where will the spotlight shine on the Rose Devil VS the Lightning from Down Under?


Piper Niven VS Reina Gonzales!

The Scottish Viper meets the Daughter of the Desperado in another great crossover match! Will Piper prove that she’s the dominant force on both sides of the pond? Or will Reina show the UK why you don’t mess with Texas?

The bell rings, and Reina talks trash as she circles with Piper. Fans rally up as they tie up and go around. Piper and Reina are even in power so they separate. Reina says she’s bigger and better but Piper will see about that. They tie up again and Reina pulls hair to put Piper in the corner. Reina lets up but Piper dodges her sucker punch. They tie up again and Piper gets a headlock. Reina pulls hair again to power out, and they ram shoulders. Neither woman falls and the fans are impressed. Reina dares Piper to try again, but then pulls her down by her hair! Piper dodges the elbow drop and waistlocks. Reina resists and powers Piper back into buckles. Reina frees herself and catches her breath. Piper runs out and dodges one clothesline, only to get one in the back!

Reina stomps Piper out while trash talking in English and Spanish. Reina puts Piper in the corner and stomps away. The ref counts and Reina backs off at 4. Reina brings Piper out to whip her back in. Reina then drop toeholds Piper and pulls her back by her hair. The ref reprimands Reina again, but Reina shifts to a half camel clutch. Fans rally as Piper endures. Piper fights up and out, then scoops Reina. Reina’s too tall and she kicks Piper down. Cover, ONE, but Reina keeps on Piper. Reina grabs the hair and pulls it into the ropes, then kicks Piper in the back. Reina chokes Piper on the ropes and eggs her own. The ref counts and Reina lets up at 4.

Reina drags Piper to ropes to again hold her there by her hair. Piper dodges the springboard stomp, to school girl Reina out of the ring! Reina crashes and burns while Piper fires herself up. Fans fire up with her as she waits for Reina to return. Reina is up and in but throwing hands. Piper throws them back but then dodges Reina’s clothesline. Piper wrenches and clotheslines but Reina stays up, so Piper throws double ax handles. Reina swings but misses, Piper hits a crossbody! And a back senton! Cover, TWO! Reina survives and Piper grows frustrated. Piper scoops Reina up for a Michinoku Driver! Cover, Piper wins!

Winner: Piper Niven, by pinfall

Piper remains the dominant force she says she is! But she has yet to prove Rhea Ripley wrong, when and where will the Scottish Viper and Mosh Pit Kid finally face-off?


Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan speak.

“Ever since you and me started tagging here in NXT UK, we’ve had our doubters.” In fact, the Lucky Yin and Bhangra Badboy doubted themselves for a moment. But they realized hard work pays off. The NXT UK Tag Team Champions are the biggest doubters. The Grizzled Young Veterans think Kenny & Amir have only been doing this a short time, but in fact, they’ve traveled the very same roads. “How can you lead a locker room you know absolutely nothing about?” Amir agrees, because these so-called “veterans” felt Kenny & Amir didn’t belong. GYV made it clear what they thought, but they did lose to count-out because it turns out, Amir & Kenny are on the same level.

And soon, NXT UK goes to Glasgow! That’s Kenny’s hometown! And it’d be a sweet homecoming present if he and Amir took those tag titles from Zack Gibson & James Drake! It’s about time they talk to Johnny Saint. Will the NXT UK GM deem Kenny & Amir worthy of challenging the champions?


Johnny Saint addresses this on Twitter.

“As General Manager of NXT UK, sometimes you have to take charge of things.” And between recent behavior and recent matches, NXT UK Glasgow’s first main event will be over the NXT UK Tag Team Championships! The Grizzled Young Veterans VS Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan IS happening, but which way will it go?


Gallus speaks.

“We’ve been traveling up and down this UK for years.” They’ve been all over the world. But whenever the see this river, they know they’re home. “It’s ugly, i’n’t it?” “Aye.” It is an ugly river. But Gallus loves ugly. They’ve been in England, the States, and everywhere else. But now they come to Gallus’ turf. NXT UK Glasgow, this is their city, and this is their kingdom. “Glasgow is Gallus.”


WALTER VS Jordan Devlin!

The Ring General expects a rematch with the Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne, but the Irish Ace wants to prove Dunne isn’t deserving of one. Devlin hopes to succeed where Dunne failed, but can he earn himself a shot with a win here tonight?

The bell rings and fans sing “Walter’s gonna kill~ you!” Devlin circles with Walter but keeps his distance. They feel it out and Devlin kicks, but Walter doesn’t flinch. Devlin bails out and fans boo. Walter waits patiently as Devlin takes his time returning. Devlin goes in but goes right back out. He returns again and ties up with Walter. Walter easily throws Devlin but Devlin bails back out. Devlin returns again and kicks Walter’s leg. Fans taunt “Baby Balor” as he clubs Walter. Walter only gets annoyed as he corners Devlin. Walter has Devlin and swings, but Devlin dodges! Devlin chops but Walter doesn’t flinch! Devlin chops again, still nothing! Walter eggs Devlin on but Devlin just bails out again.

Fans sing for “Wal~ter! Wal~ter!” as Devlin returns. Devlin and Walter circle, and Devlin goes for a leg. But Walter blocks to then deadlift gut wrench Devlin to the ropes! Walter puts Devlin on the ropes but Devlin forearms back! That finally makes Walter move. Devlin keeps on Walter with forearms and chops, but Walter shoves. Walter waistlocks and sleeper holds! But Devlin fights it off! Walter shoves Devlin, hurdles him, and then BOOTS him down! Devlin is dazed while fans fire up behind Walter. Walter looms over Devlin as he drags him up. Walter bends Devlin back against the ropes to CLUB him in the chest! Devlin gasps for air but Walter doesn’t give him time. Walter wrenches and hammerlocks Devlin for a standing kimura.

Devlin endures and fights out but Walter knees him hard. Devlin reaches but Walter keeps him from the ropes. Walter shifts to trap the hammerlock and wrap on a crossface. Devlin endures so Walter floats over to knee him in the ribs! Walter wrenches, hammerlocks and wrings Devlin out to run him over with a shoulder! Walter grinds Devlin down by trapping the arm, and gets the crossface back. Devlin endures as Walter grinds him down. Fans actually rally up for Devlin as he fights up. Walter keeps him from the ropes this time with a butterfly suplex! Devlin tumbles out of the ring but Walter pursues. Walter brings Devlin up for a back suplex to the apron, but Devlin lands on his feet! Devlin Penalty Kicks, but Walter blocks it! And reels Devlin in for a toss into the ropes!

Devlin gets caught inside the ropes! Devlin frees his arm and leg but Walter is looming. The referee reprimands Walter, but Devlin kicks the ropes to indirectly low blow Walter! Devlin grabs the inside leg and clubs away on it! Then dragon screws it! Walter falls to the mat and the ref reprimands Devlin. Devlin kicks and chops Walter but Walter forearms back. Devlin keeps on the bad leg and he kicks Walter off his feet! Walter clutches the knee but Devlin kicks away on the thigh. Devlin brings the leg to ropes for springboard sit-downs. Devlin yanks and twists the leg then drops ax handles on Walter’s chest. Fans rally up for Walter but Devlin gets him in a Half Crab! Walter endures and bleeds from the mouth, but he powers his way up, only for Devlin to drag him back down!

Devlin pulls back and sits down on the leg, but Walter growls as he crawls for ropes. Walter gets the ropebreak, but Devlin holds on until 4! Devlin walks away while the ref checks on Walter. He mocks Walter but Walter throws forearms. Devlin hits back then runs, but Walter dodges to drop a leg! But that hurts Walter, too! Fans rally up as Walter stands up. Walter throws forearms but Devlin throws kicks. Walter blocks the kick to give the CHOP! Fans fire up hearing the pop, and now Walter is fired up! Walter SLAPS Devlin then waistlocks. Devlin fights back and runs, but Walter lets him pass by to back drop him on the return! Devlin gets to a corner but Walter runs in. Walter’s boot misses and Devlin kicks that leg!

Devlin hops up and jumps, but into Walter’s arms! Walter puts Devlin on the top rope to CHOP him off, and German Suplex him across the way! Cover, TWO! Devlin lives and fans declare “This is Awesome!” Walter pursues Devlin as he rolls out. Devlin staggers into another CHOP! Walter drags Devlin up and gives him the apron back suplex! Walter then follows Devlin into the ring, and brings Devlin up, but Devlin sunset flips! High stack, TWO!! Devlin was so close and yet so far, but fans cheer for the “UK! UK!” Walter clutches his bad leg while Devlin sits up. Devlin and Walter slowly stand, and Walter CHOPS Devlin down!

Walter kicks Devlin while he’s down, and fans want “One More Time!” Walter obliges and CHOPS Devlin. Devlin kicks back but Walter punches. They go back and forth but Devlin kicks, kicks and headbutts! Devlin drags Walter up but Walter blocks to reel Devlin in for the saido suplex! Cover, TWO!! Devlin still lives and Walter is surprised. But Walter won’t let up, and he climbs up top! Flashbacks to TakeOver, but Devlin kicks him back. Devlin climbs but Walter CLUBS him. Devlin hits back with slaps and chops, then yanks Walter off for the saido, but it doesn’t quite hit. Walter and Devlin stand again, and NOW Devlin reels Walter in for the saido driver!! Cover, TWO!! Walter survives and Devlin is beside himself.

Brooklyn applauds the effort and chants for “NXT! NXT!” Devlin wants it again, but Walter is dead weight. Devlin kicks and slaps, but Walter reels him in for a LARIAT! And then the WALTER BOMB! Cover, Walter wins!

Winner: WALTER, by pinfall

The WWE United Kingdom Champion triumphs again, but the Irish Iron-Man gave him quite the fight. But wait, here comes Pete Dunne! Dunne has a mic and goes into the ring to tell Walter, “Give me my rematch!” Walter nods, and that settles it! Walter holds up the WWE UK Championship, but will he be holding it up after round 2 with the Bruiserweight?



My Thoughts:

A great episode for NXT UK to finish their time in Brooklyn with. Another great round of crossover matches to go along with the WWE Worlds Collide specials still going on. In fact, now it looks like clever marketing to have NXT UK and WWE Worlds Collide to line-up like this and end in the same week. But that aside, Banks VS debuting Mansoor was a good opener. Naturally the NXT UK superstar wins but I like this cocky Heel Mansoor to start off with. Then Piper VS Reina was another good match but again, the NXT UK superstar wins. Perhaps Piper VS Rhea happens at the next UK TakeOver, it’d be a great grudge match to open with. Nina Samuels seems to stake her claim with her vignette promo, but I’m pretty sure Toni wins this match, too, and probably at TakeOver.

Xia Brookside got to show her bubbly personality and that was really cute, but it might take some time for her to climb up the ladder towards the title. That and a Heel champion first. Good to see Kenny & Amir are challenging for the titles in Glasgow, but I still feel like they won’t win. The Grizzled Young Veterans need to build their reign before losing the belts. It’s great to see Ilja Dragunov coming to NXT UK, but this just furthers my hopes NXT UK can figure out a mid-card title because this guy and a lot of other guys are still having to wait for the top title. And Walter VS Devlin was practically a title match level performance in itself. Obviously, Walter wins, and now we get Walter VS Dunne 2! That should definitely be the UK TakeOver main event, and should logically go Walter’s way again.

My Score: 8.5/10

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