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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (5/29/19)

It’s #ToniTime on the Nina Samuels Show!



NXT UK Coverage

Who will be the leading lady of NXT UK?

Three weeks ago, Nina Samuels called out NXT UK Women’s Champion, Toni Storm, using Toni’s personal life as a way to get into her head. Will Nina regret angering the champ?



  • Gallus VS Carlos Romo & A-Kid; Gallus wins.
  • Jack Gallagher VS Kassius Ohno; Ohno wins.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship: Toni Storm VS Nina Samuels; Storm wins retains the NXT UK Women’s Championship.


For NXT UK, the Walter Era continues!

The epic rematch of Ring General and Bruiserweight fit the bill as Pete Dunne again took Walter to his limit and vice-versa. But just as it looked like the new champion would become a former champion, his new allies came to his aid! Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner distracted and attacked, and Walter ended Dunne’s championship hopes. What does this new union mean for the rest of NXT UK?


NXT UK continues in Glasgow, and with the return of the Ring General!

Walter stands tall with Barthel & Aichner, but more importantly, still with the WWE United Kingdom Championship still around his waist. The three take the ring and stand together. Many in Glasgow still cheer, but there are plenty still upset over last week. Those fans chant “We Want Dunne!” but Walter and his men ignore that. Barthel picks up the mic to speak first, even as fans boo. Fans chant for the “Bruiserweight!” but Barthel again ignores them so he can finally speak.

“We are here to lead you to a better NXT UK.” They are here to raise their flag and restore the honor and the professionalism to their sport. Fans taunt Barthel with chants of “NEIN! NEIN!” Barthel says they are the ones who lead, and they are the ones who hold true power. Glasgow disagrees as Aichner takes the mic. “Pete Dunne can only get you so far. And British Strong Style has expired.” Because none of them have the ability to lead NXT UK in the right direction. And now, that responsibility lays in their hands! Walter finally takes the mic to speak. “To us, this mat is sacred!” And from this day forth, they shall be known as Imperium! Soon-

But wait, here comes Pete Dunne! The Bruiserweight won’t let Imperium speak any longer, because he’s got Moustache Mountain by his side! British Strong Style glares down Imperium, and heads for the ring! Glasgow loves the look of this as the two trios start fighting! Bate has Aichner, Seven as Barthel and of course Dunne has Walter! Imperium starts losing the fight and a camera man goes down! We keep losing visual as the brawling continues. Referees rush out but the feed goes down! Will order be restored when the feed returns?


Backstage interview with Assistant NXT UK GM, Sid Scala.

After seeing such “carnage” in the ring, what is the response? Clearly these two trios can’t be kept apart, but this is not how things are resolved. Therefore, in two weeks, Imperium VS British Strong Style will have a Six Man Tag match! The lines have been drawn, who will win this new war for the ring?


Gallus VS Carlos Romo & A-Kid!

Glasgow’s own trio puts Mark Coffey and Wolfgang into tag action while Joe Coffey stays fresh towards his WWE UK Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way. Will the debuting Madrid wrestlers be an appetizer for this hungry pair of Scots?

The bell rings and Wolfgang goes right at Romo! He even blasts A-Kid off the apron before stomping Romo out. Wolfgang puts Romo in the Gallus corner and tags in Mark. Wolfgang whips Romo into the corner, Mark tosses Romo back out! Mark tosses Romo around and then hits a running uppercut. He whips Romo corner to corner, then runs in, but Romo manages to dodge and send Mark into buckles. Fans rally for Gallus as Romo rolls Mark up. ONE, tag to A-Kid! A-Kid dropkicks and fires off palm strikes. But Mark grabs A-Kid and gives him a BIG Choke Slam! Tag to Wolfgang, for a BIG leaping elbow! Wolfgang dares Romo to do something, but the ref keeps Romo back. Wolfgang whips A-Kid to the corner and tags in Mark. Gallus mugs A-Kid, then Mark knees A-Kid down.

Mark keeps on A-Kid with a grounded half-nelson and chinbar. A-Kid endures and fights his way up as fans cheer “We Are Gallus!” Mark goes to the full nelson and thrashes A-Kid around. He swings A-Kid then thrashes him even more! A-Kid stays awake and works against the hold as fans rally both ways. Mark swings A-Kid around again! Then slams him right down! Mark crosses his arms and Glasgow cheers. But A-Kid dodges the knee drop! Tag to Romo and Romo fires up, only to get flipped with double CHOPS! Tag to Wolfgang, and Mark feeds Romo to the pop-up! Wolfgang catches Romo on his shoulder, Mark adds an enziguri, and Wolfgang finishes it with a powerslam! Cover, Gallus wins!

Winners: Gallus, Wolfgang pinning

Gallus may only have one man in the Fatal 4, but perhaps they’ll have two men in the NXT UK Tag title scene. Mark has to keep Wolfgang from going after Romo more, perhaps they’ll save it for whoever has the tag titles in the near future.


Backstage interview with Xia Brookside.

Two weeks ago, her match with Killer Kelly was interrupted by Jinny, who was in fact introducing the newest acquisition to the NXT UK Women’s Division, Jazzy Gabert. Gabert destroyed Xia, so where is her head at? This has happened before. Rhea Ripley was a big bully, and now Jinny is using Jazzy to do the same. It’s only because Jinny can’t take Xia on by herself. Isla Dawn overhears this and walks over to say Jinny and Jazzy were a disgrace. But Isla and Xia had magic in the ring as rivals, so how about joining forces to fight back? Will the White Witch of Scotland #FlywithBrookside to take down the Spoiled Princess and her superpower’d insurance policy?


NXT UK hears from Joseph Conners.

“You wouldn’t normally catch me doing this, but ever since it was announced that Ilja Dragunov was coming to NXT UK, all I’ve heard from people is that Ilja is the most physical, the most intense man to ever step into the NXT UK landscape.” The Righteous Killer tells Ilja that when they meet, they’ll just see about that. Will Conners break this “shiny new toy”? Or will Ilja break him?


NXT UK reviews what led to our coming Fatal 4 Way Contender’s match.

Glasgow cheered for the Iron King, Joe Coffey, as he gave the Modfather All the Best for the Bells. The Irish Ace trumped El Ligero, and vows to prove he was always the #1 Contender. Bomber Dave Mastiff jumped Into the Void to leave Wolfgang behind for even bigger competition. And in the final spot, the Kiwi Buzzsaw cut through Joseph Conners to bring his intensity to the mix. What happens and these four forces collide for a shot at the top?


Jack Gallagher VS Kassius Ohno!

The Wrestling Genius claims he, an American, is the best at authentic British Wrestling. However, the Extraordinary Gentleman flies in from 205 Live to test him on that. Will Ohno pass or fail in proving himself to the NXT UK Universe?

The bell rings and Gallagher has a spring in his step. Ohno hears the fans chant for “Jackie Boy!” and frowns. He and Gallagher circle but Ohno takes Gallagher a bit too lightly. Ohno and Gallagher approach and tie up, and Ohno uses his size to wring Gallagher to the mat. He wrenches Gallagher’s wrist but fans rally up. Gallagher gets up and headstands to pry free and get a headlock. Ohno pushes Gallagher to the ropes but the two let up at the ref’s count of 4. Gallagher and Ohno tie up again, and Gallagher gets around for a waistlock. Ohno blocks and uses his size again to push Gallagher over. Ohno has a leg and twists the foot. Gallagher endures the toehold, but Ohno twists even further using his chin.

Gallagher works on his escape, rolling back and forth. He sits up, hooks his own leg and spins all the way out! Fans cheer and Gallagher goes right at Ohno’s legs! They end up in a corner but Ohno shoves Gallagher away. Gallagher applauds Ohno and stays on his guard. Fans sing “Let’s Go, Jackie, Let’s Go!” The two tie up and Ohno rolls to pick a leg and bring Gallagher down. Ohno goes after the toehold again, then around the other way. Ohno hooks the legs together and keeps Gallagher down with a forearm. He pulls on Gallagher’s arm but fans rally up. Gallagher slips his way out and to his feet, but Ohno keeps on Gallagher with a mounted armlock.

Ohno taunts “Jackie Boy” as he wrenches. But fans rally again and Gallagher works on an escape. Gallagher sits up, then brings his legs up, and repeat, then he grabs Ohno with a headscissor! Fans cheer as Ohno is now the one caught. Ohno flails and moves around. Ohno bounces his way out, and then kips right up! A shout out to Johnny Saint! Gallagher nods respect but keeps a leg guard on the mat. He baits Ohno in to spin and get a facelock. Gallagher wrenches an arm and shifts to a leg, but Ohno uses his size to prevent a takedown. But Gallagher escapes and rolls to another headlock. Ohno rolls Gallagher and gets a leg! Ohno wants a Half Crab but Gallagher brings his free leg around. Gallagher goes to kick but Ohno grabs it first, and crisscrosses the legs together.

Gallagher sits up and turns over, but Ohno gets a full nelson! Ohno has Gallagher up on his feet, but Gallagher uses his leg to pry free. Gallagher has a finger while Ohno pulls on an ear. Gallagher works to bring Ohno down but Ohno is too big and strong. Ohno tries to bring Gallagher’s grip but Gallagher spins and wrenches around. Gallagher works on that arm but Ohno spins through to reverse it all back on Gallagher. Ohno flips Gallagher down but gets back to check his own arm. Gallagher gets up and the two circle again. They tie up and go shoulder to shoulder. Fans rally as Ohno starts to bend Gallagher back. Gallagher bridges to keep his shoulders off the mat. Ohno untucks Gallagher’s head to get those shoulders down, ONE! Ohno puts that arm back down, ONE!

Gallagher wiggles up and keeps Ohno away with his legs. Gallagher goes to flip, but goes up and throws down! But Gallagher crisscrosses and throws Ohno with bodyscissors! Fans cheer as Gallagher runs in. Ohno dodges but Gallagher hits the headstand! Fans cheer more as Ohno runs in and Gallagher goes up and over. Things speed up and Gallagher becomes a pretzel! The Wrestling Genius solves the puzzle by just stomping Gallagher out! And dropping elbows! Ohno stands Gallagher up to throw a swift JAB! Gallagher drops and Ohno covers, ropebreak! Ohno drags Gallagher away and tucks the leg in for a stretch on the knee. The ref checks on Gallagher’s bloody nose but Ohno drops a spinning toehold.

Ohno wrenches the foot but Gallagher uses his free leg to hammer Ohno. But Ohno holds on to wrench the leg more! Gallagher punches over and over to get Ohno down on the mant! It’s a full ground ‘n’ pound! Ohno flounders away but Gallagher backs off to get his nose checked again. Ohno uses this to BOOT Gallagher back down! Fans boo as Ohno drags Gallagher to a cover. TWO and fans cheer that Gallagher survives! Ohno grows frustrated as he turns Gallagher around in the cravat. Ohno spins but his elbow meets the Gentleman’s Headbutt! Gallagher runs in to dropkick that arm! Ohno is reeling but Gallagher keeps on him with strikes. Gallagher wrenches the bad arm and dodges Ohno’s good one, to keep on the bad arm. Ohno breaks free but misses again, and gets a flying armbar takedown!

Gallagher pulls but Ohno has a grip. So Gallagher goes after the bad arm! Gallagher drags Ohno in for a triangle, and Ohno starts to fade. But Ohno powers up and deadlifts Gallagher, but Gallagher pops out for another headbutt! Gallagher drops first, and a wobbly Ohno falls on him! Fans cheer as both men are down and stinging. Gallagher and Ohno stir as fans sing for Jackie. Gallagher throws jabs but Ohno CHOPS, and repeat. They start standing up and Ohno CHOPS again. Gallagher gives a European Uppercut, but gets another CHOP for it. Gallagher keeps throwing EuroUppers, so Ohno headbutts low. Ohno runs but Gallagher goes perpendicular for forearms! Gallagher runs but into the discus forearm! Ohno drags Gallagher to a cover, but he’s under the rope!! The ref never sees it, Ohno wins!!

Winner: Kassius Ohno, by pinfall

The Wrestling Genius grins as he was able to get away with that one. Will this bad sport really be able to claim he’s the genuine article like that?


NXT UK Media catches up with Piper Niven.

The Scottish Viper heard what Rhea Ripley said, that Piper just talks about her. Well actions speak louder than words. Piper isn’t here to talk, she’s here to fight. If Rhea wants to fight, Piper will be waiting. Will these two finally throw down in the ring?


NXT UK Women’s Championship: Toni Storm VS Nina Samuels!

The Rose Pink Devil made things immediately personal with the Lightning from Down Under by bringing up her family, spinning it as if Toni was selfish and heartless. But Toni does have a heart, and it wants to crush Nina’s hopes and dreams of being the leading lady. Will lightning strike down Nina’s spotlight? Or will #ToniTime come to an end?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin!

Fans already sing for “Toni! Toni Storm~!” as she and Nina stare down. Nina hears the singing and brushes it off as she ties up with Toni. Nina evades the wristlock, and they go again. Toni wants the wrist again but Nina slips away again. They go a third time and Toni puts Nina in a corner. Nina pushes Toni away and then uses the ropes as a shield. Fans rally as the two tie up again. Toni spins Nina but Nina cartwheels through. Nina smirks at Toni but Toni shrugs that off. They tie up and Nina headlocks. Nina shifts to a cravat but fans rally up. Toni spins through and slips out to toss Nina again. Nina cartwheels through to pose again, but Toni boots her out! And then Toni shows that she can do a cartwheel, too!

Toni dares Nina to bring the fight, but Nina hesitates. Nina takes her time returning and wants Toni to stay back. Toni does, but then sweeps the legs! And basement dropkicks Nina down! Cover, TWO! Toni keeps her cool as she keeps on Nina with EuroUppers. She floors Nina then covers, TWO! Nina scrambles away to a corner, but Toni is on her with furious forearms. The ref counts and Toni backs off. Nina kicks Toni quick and rains down furious fists. Nina stomps Toni around but fans rally up. Toni gets to ropes but Nina pulls her back in a motorcycle stretch. The ref counts and Nina lets up at 4, to shotgun dropkick Toni down! Toni hits the mat and Nina covers, TWO! Nina keeps on Toni with a seated abdominal stretch. Toni endures as fans rally up.

Nina grinds her forearm in Toni’s face, but Toni fights her way up. Nina yanks Toni back down, then slaps her around in the corner. She grinds a boot into Toni but backs off at 4. Nina drags Toni up and snapmares her to a neck snap! Cover, TWO! Nina keeps Toni down with clubbing forearms. Fans sing “Let’s Go, Toni, Let’s Go!” and Toni hits back with forearms. Toni has Nina in the corner, but lets up, only for Nina to sweep the legs! Nina swings and drives knees into Toni’s back! Cover, TWO! Nina grows frustrated and she hammers Toni more. Toni crawls but Nina is on her with more forearms. Nina runs in but gets a kick! Toni hops up and goes over, to then come back and waistlock. Nina elbows out, but runs into buckles. Toni steps up, swings in and German Suplexes Nina down!

Nina flounders into Toni’s enziguri! Toni drags Nina up and underhooks, but Nina spins out. Nina kicks, gets blocked, and misses an enziguri! Toni hooks the legs into a modified STF! Nina flails for ropes, crawls with Toni on her back, and gets the ropebreak. Toni lets Nina go and Nina gets to the apron. Toni brings Nina up and the two brawl. Nina forearms but Toni kicks, and Toni wants the underhooks! But Nina fireman’s carries, only for Toni to slip out. Nina roundhouses Toni down! Slingshot corkscrew splash! Cover, TWO!! Nina is shocked but she won’t stop moving. She gets to the top rope and glares at Toni. Nina cartwheels away as Toni comes in, then puts Toni’s leg on the ropes for a draping backbreaker! Nina drags Toni up to that fireman’s carry again, but Toni escapes and shoves.

Toni gives Nina a wicked headbutt! Toni falls onto the cover, TWO! Nina survives but Toni is also reeling. Fans rally up as Toni drags Nina up in a waistlock. Nina slips out and kicks low, but her clothesline misses into another German Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! Toni is too tired to be frustrated, bot she and Nina slowly stir. Fans rally up as Toni grabs Nina. Nina cradle counters, TWO! Nina kicks and she underhooks! Butterfly backbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Toni just barely survives and Nina is shocked! Nina goes back to a corner and climbs again. Nina takes aim but Toni rushes her with a headbutt! Toni climbs up to join Nina and the two brawl. Nina shoves Toni down, and blasts her with the missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Toni again survives by mere seconds!

Nina is losing her cool, and she screams in frustration. Nina calms herself, and drags Toni back up. She stands Toni up, but Toni headbutts again! Half hatch suplex, then another! Double underhooks, Storm Zero!! Cover, Toni wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall; still NXT UK Women’s Champion

That was quite more than Toni expected, but she still makes it through to keep hold of the gold! Is this the last we’ll see of the Nina Samuels Show in the title scene? Or will she get a second act down the line?



My Thoughts:

What a great night for NXT UK! And it looks like we’re just gonna keep getting more. We learn that the new European trio has a name, and we’re immediately getting Imperium VS British Strong Style, a natural and fantastic move. That’s in two weeks, but it’s going to be worth it. We had a great hype package for next week’s long-awaited WWE UK Championship Contender’s Fatal 4, though that was already as hype as possible. And it sounds like we’ll get other great matches, such as Ilja Dragunov VS Joseph Conners so Ilja can truly showcase what he’s capable of, and Rhea VS Piper, which finally happens because what more can the two say about each other? Xia & Isla VS Jinny & Jazzy sounds like a great match, too, to get NXT UK some women’s tag teams since those WWE Women’s Tag titles are supposed to be open to all.

Gallus had a good match squashing jobbers to keep the Glasgow crowd going. They’ll surely be waiting their turn because Moustache Mountain VS Grizzled Young Veterans II still needs to happen. Ohno VS Gallagher was a great match, clearly Glasgow enjoyed its very technical opening. It was good story for Ohno to get frustrated and give up on technique for brawling, because Gallagher got to show he can keep up with that style, too. Ohno winning on controversy was good since he’s the Heel, but I would love a rematch. I wonder if these two can bring about a new NXT UK title for the midcard, like the NXT UK British Wrestling Championship or some such. They could definitely be staples in that subdivision.

The NXT UK Women’s Championship main event was great, for being as short as it was. Nina showed that she could go at that pace, which I was happily surprised to see. But naturally, Toni retains for someone bigger and better to take that title some day. Of course, WWE YouTube plugs Kay Lee Ray watching backstage immediately after this episode, so it sounds like she’ll be giving it a go. I really hope for all this KLR build, she and Toni tear it up at an NXT UK TakeOver. I really hope we get another of those so that we can get everything sorted out at once and have all levels of the roster start fresh from there.

My Score: 8.3/10

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