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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (5/8/19)

NXT UK goes to Glasgow!



NXT UK Coverage

NXT UK arrives in Glasgow!

But will the Grizzled Young Veterans retain their NXT UK Tag Team Championships against underdogs Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan?



  • Moustache Mountain VS The Hunt; Moustache Mountain wins.
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship Contender’s Qualifier: Joe Coffey VS Flash Morgan Webster; Coffey wins and advances to Fatal 4 Way Contender’s match.
  • Nina Samuels VS Kasey Owens; Samuels wins.
  • NXT UK Tag Team Championships: The Grizzled Young Veterans VS Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan; rescheduled as…
  • NXT UK Tag Team Championships: The Grizzled Young Veterans VS Kenny Williams & Noam Dar; The Grizzled Young Veterans win and retain the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.


NXT UK Assistant General Manager Sid Scala speaks.

“On behalf of NXT UK General Manager, Johnny Saint, I am delighted to announce that in four weeks time, there will be a Fatal 4 Way match to determine the new #1 contender to either Pete Dunne or Walter for the WWE United Kingdom Championship.” Eight man have been handpicked for qualifying matches, and we begin tonight! Who will get through this contender’s tournament to challenge the throne? Who will even have that title by then?


Moustache Mountain VS The Hunt!

The Big Strong Boys are back from the States and start off the action in Glasgow! However, if they want to get back towards the UK Tag Team Championships, they’ll have to survive these wild animals! Will Tyler Bate & Trent Seven be able to take down the Wild Boar and the Primate?

The teams sort out and Bate starts against Boar. They circle and tie up as fans cheer Moustache Mountain on. Bate and Boar go again and Bate gets double shoulder clamps. He then leap frogs Boar, ducks under him, and trips him up to walk all over him. Bate leaps but into Boar’s arms! But Boar can’t keep Bate up and falls over! Cover, TWO! Bate keeps on Boar with a headlock and brings him over. Tag to Seven and Seven takes the hand-off. But Boar powers Seven back and tags in Primate! Primate throws big hands on Seven and clubs him to an open corner. Fans boo while Primate roars. Primate whips Seven corner to corner but misses in the corner to get a CHOP! But it barely bothers Primate!

Seven dodges and CHOPS again, that one works. But Primate still grits his teeth and roars at Seven. Seven dodges and tries to fake Primate out, but Primate just roars again. So Seven gives Primate low shot and DDT! Cover, TWO! Primate bails out and regroups with Boar but Seven builds speed! Seven DIVES and wipes out The Hunt! Fans fire up as Seven puts Primate in the ring. Seven climbs but Boar goes after him. Primate leaps up to throw Seven off! Cover, TWO! Primate keeps on Seven with double ax handles. Primate drags Seven over and tags in Boar. They mug and club Seven, then Boar keeps on Seven with fish hooks. Seven crawls for Bate but Boar drops a senton! Boar hits Bate and fans boo, but Boar keeps Seven down with a keylock.

Fans rally up and Seven feeds off the energy. Seven throws haymakers and breaks free to give a BIG back hand! He reels Boar out but Boar dodges the lariat to give a headbutt! Tag to Primate and The Hunt goes after Seven with a double scoop slam. Primate uses Boar as the human(?) weapon senton! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer but Primate hammers away. Primate drags Seven up to hammer and headbutt into a corner. Primate whips Seven corner to corner and hits his primal clothesline. Fans sing for Seven but Primate runs back in, only to miss! Primate headbutts buckles and reels. Boar tags in but Bate gets clear of him this time. Seven leaps over Boar to tag in Bate! Bate throws jabs and body shots on Boar, then hits a huricanrana! Boar gets to a corner, Bate goes corner to corner for a jumping uppercut!

Bate whips but Boar reverses, only for Bate to boot and knee him back! Then Bate hops up for a flying uppercut! Fans fire up as Bate shows his strength with an exploder! Then a knip-up to Standing Shooting Star! Cover, TWO! Boar survives and Bate grows frustrated. But fans rally for the “Big Strong Boy!” as Bate drags Boar up. Bate gives Boar the airplane spin! Primate runs in but gets hit by Boar’s boots. Primate staggers while Bate slows to a stop. Bate tosses Boar at Primate! Tag to Seven and Moustache Mountain gets Boar for the back suplex powerbomb! Then Seven gives Boar a scooping sidewalk slam! Cover but Primate breaks it! Primate drags Seven up but Seven throws Primate out. Seven tags Bate and brings Boar back up.

Bate climbs but Boar resists and shoves Seven. Bate leaps over but Primate has him. Primate gets an uppercut for it but Boar tosses Bate into Primate’s saido suplex! Cover, but Seven dodges Primate to break it! Fans cheer that split-second save while Seven rolls out. Bate and Boar slowly stand as fans rally up. Primate returns to his corner and tags in. The Hunt tackle Seven and Bate in the corners, then whip them at each other. Seven back drops Bate and Bate lands on his feet, double Bops up! Double BANG! Moustache Mountain picks Primate up, full nelson and rebound, Lariat Dragon Suplex! Cover, Moustache Mountain wins!

Winners: Moustache Mountain, Tyler Bate pinning

A wild opener for a big win, the Big Strong Boys are primed for another go at those NXT UK Tag Team Championships! Who wins the main event to prepare to climb the Moustache Mountain?


NXT UK Media finds Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan backstage.

Something happened and now the Bhangra Badboy is in a lot of pain. The Lucky Yin gets Sid Scala to help them get Amir to the trainer’s room. Did the Grizzled Young Veterans do something to make sure their contenders won’t make it to the main event?


WWE United Kingdom Championship Contender’s Qualifier: Joe Coffey VS Flash Morgan Webster!

Glasgow’s own Iron King of Scotland represents Gallus in this first round against the Modfather of Wales! Both men have made progress in the NXT UK Tag Team Division, but they won’t pass up this golden opportunity. Who moves one step closer to challenging for the top prize in the UK Division?

The bell rings and Glasgow is of course behind Gallus. Coffey and FMW circle and tie up. FMW headlocks but Coffey powers out and tosses him to a corner! Coffey then reminds FMW, “This is MY Kingdom!” Glasgow cheers in agreement. FMW and Coffey circle and tie up. Coffey headlocks and holds on as FMW tries to power out. FMW tries again and gets free. Things speed up but Coffey avoids the wheelbarrow, only to miss the clothesline. FMW headlocks but Coffey back suplexes out. FMW lands on his feet to headlock again. Coffey tries to power out but FMW holds on. Coffey blocks the headlock takeover and powers out, then runs FMW over with a shoulder! Fans cheer and the Iron King soaks it all in. Coffey then runs but FMW speeds things back up. FMW gets Coffey with an arm-drag but Coffey bails out.

Coffey gets on the apron but gets a triangle dropkick! Coffey returns but FMW dodges and kicks him down. FMW hits an inverted senton then covers, ONE! Fans cheer as Coffey gets up and runs at FMW. FMW boots him away then hops up, but Coffey yanks him down! FMW hits buckles on the way down and Glasgow cheers as Coffey throws European Uppercuts. Coffey whips FMW into a corner then again, and then corner to corner hard. FMW falls and fans cheer as Coffey underhooks him. Coffey takes FMW for a swing! Then a suplex! Cover, TWO! Coffey keeps on FMW with a claw, and then a full nelson. FMW powers up and breaks the hold, but only for a moment. He does it again but Coffey puts it back on. FMW does it a third time and runs, but Coffey side steps to get the full nelson back!

Fans cheer Coffey’s strength but FMW works against the hold. FMW tilt-o-whirls to a crucifix pin, ONE! Coffey runs in but FMW goes up and over to speed up. FMW dodges and crossbodies to rain down rights! FMW grimaces as he runs at Coffey to crossbody them both out! The Modfather leaves Coffey behind to build speed again, and FLY! Direct hit takes down Coffey! Glasgow boos as FMW puts Coffey in. FMW hops up and hits the Rude Boy Block! FMW keeps on Coffey with underhooks, but Coffey slips out. Coffey spins but into FMW’s knee trigger! Cover, TWO!! Coffey lives and Glasgow cheers! FMW keeps focus and climbs up top. FMW Swanton Bombs, onto Coffey’s knees! Coffey fires up with Glasgow as he aims at FMW from the corner. No Mercy SPEAR! Then All the Best for the Bells! Cover, Coffey wins!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall; advances to the WWE UK Championship Contender’s Fatal 4 Way

Glasgow is Gallus! Coffey wins one for Scotland, but will he win that Fatal 4 Way to get another shot at the title?


Gallus’ Mark Coffey and Wolfgang return to speak.

“Welcome to OUR Kingdom!”Mark wants to make this clear. This is Gallus’ kingdom. Joe disposed of “that wee helmet”, and now he focuses on the Fatal 4 Way. Joe knows Glasgow puts their hopes and dreams behind Gallus, but the reality is that this is THEIR city! Just like this is THEIR NXT UK! And Wolfgang calls out Dave Mastiff! New York, security kept them apart, but next week, the Bomber is all his! The Coffey Brothers calm Wolfie down, because there’s still one thing they need to focus on. The Fatal 4 Way will be where Gallus flourishes! Glasgow cheers on their hometown heroes, but will Joe Coffey and Wolfgang be victorious?


NXT UK shares Pete Dunne’s training.

It was in New York that The Bruiserweight demanded his rematch, and The Ring General agreed. Now both men have just two weeks left to prepare. Dunne makes sure all his holds are at their best, but will Walter’s reign end so soon?


NXT UK, prepare for Ilja Dragunov!

“He has made his name in Europe and he is one of the biggest fight competitors there is.” High speed and high intensity, the world will know Unbesiegbar! Dragunov arrives in NXT UK next week!


Nina Samuels VS Kasey Owens!

The stage is set and the spotlight shines on the return of the Rose Devil! Nina is after the leading role and the top prize known as the NXT UK Women’s Championship. But will her return be ruined by her opponent’s debut?

The bell rings and Nina circles with Kasey. Fans are behind Kasey but Nina kicks her low to then elbow away on her back. Nina puts Kasey in a corner for mudhole stomps but backs off at 4. Fans boo as Nina toys with Kasey. Kasey hits back so Nina makes her pay for that with forearms. Nina backs off again while fans rally up for Kasey. Nina catches Kasey at the ropes for a motorcycle stretch! The ref counts but Nina stops at 4 again, to dropkick Kasey out of the ropes! Cover, TWO! Nina keep son Kasey’s arms with a seated stretch. Nina grinds Kasey with a chinbar but fans rally up.

Kasey endures and fights her way out of the hold. Kasey hits back and gets to her feet but Nina clubs her down. Nina brings Kasey up but Kasey kicks back! Kasey kicks and forearms then runs corner to corner for a big knee strike! She snapmares Nina to a cover, TWO! Fans rally for Kasey as she runs again, but Nina ducks the Penalty Kick. Nina gets Kasey with a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Kasey writhes while Nina climbs up top. Kasey runs at Nina but Nina cartwheels on the ropes. Nina blocks Kasey’s boot and redirects it into ropes to bring Kasey down for a draping backbreaker! Nina lifts Kasey in a fireman’s carry and hits the Nina-goroshi! Cover, Nina wins!

Winner: Nina Samuels, by pinfall

And scene! Nina is flattered by the boos and jeers as she celebrates her victory. Will this lead Nina to be the leading lady in a NXT UK Women’s Championship match?

Radzy interviews Nina in the ring.

Another victory for her in the NXT UK Women’s Division, and a rather impressive one. Is she still focused on Toni Storm? Nina admires Toni, because she has worked so hard to become the top of the division. And sure, Toni loves her rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, but she’s earned it. The title means so much to Toni that she didn’t think twice about abandoning her single mother and baby sister just so she could live the dream. Toni better enjoy her lifestyle, because it’ll be all she has left when there’s a NEW NXT UK Women’s Champion. Nina’s making this a very personal fight, but will she regret that when she meets the Lightning from Down Under in the ring?


NXT UK Media interviews Dave Mastiff.

The Bomber heard what Wolfgang said, and they’ll have it out in a Fatal 4 Way qualifier. They’re not strangers, because Wolfie got in Mastiff’s face. Wolfgang got lucky someone stepped between them. Mastiff sees Wolfgang and his “wee pals” saying this is their Kingdom. But when the Bomber batters Wolfgang, he’ll smash Gallus’ Kingdom to bits. Mastiff takes his leave, and the reporters would, too, but Kay Lee Ray makes sure they hear what she has to say.

“Tonight, Nina Samuels, I see what you’re doing, and you’re very, very clever.” KLR applauds Nina but KLR isn’t here to wait. KLR will make sure no one else in the NXT UK Division forgets her name ever again. Toni Storm has many eyes on her prize, will it be the Rose Devil or the lethal lass that gets the first shot?


NXT UK announces another qualifying match!

Next week, the Leeds Luchador and the Irish Ace will do battle! Jordan Devlin wants his shot but so does Ligero, who beats who to take the next step?


NXT UK Tag Team Championships: The Grizzled Young Veterans VS Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan!

Zack Gibson & James Drake claim to be locker room leaders but they seem to be bullies instead. They’ve thrown around the luggage of the Luckyin and Bhangra Badboy, ran away from a non-title tag match, and are prime suspects in the attack on Amir earlier tonight! But Gibson takes a mic to speak, even as fans taunt, “If you hate Gibson, shoes~ off~!” Gibson has heard “from a very reliable source” that Amir is injured. So unfortunately, there will be no tag team title match tonight! Gibson’s dressed to compete and is just as upset as the fans on. So put the shoes back on, pick up your belongings, and head home. Fans do nothing of the sort. Gibson shouts that there will be NO fairy tale ending, Kenny won’t get his title shot because- Wait, here comes Kenny Williams!

Kenny has a mic of his own to tell Gibson & Drake that Amir is hurt. But the GYV know exactly what happened, don’t they? But there is STILL going to be an NXT UK Tag Team Championship match, because Kenny’s lucky enough to have other friends. It’s the Scottish Supernova, Noam Dar!

NXT UK Tag Team Championships: The Grizzled Young Veterans VS Kenny Williams & Noam Dar!

It’s a double dose of Scotland’s own! Will this #LuckySupernovaInTheSky end the inaugural run of Mr. Mayhem & Liverpool’s Number One?

Glasgow sings and then cheer as Dar and Kenny go after both Grizzled Young Veterans! The fight is on and Glasgow is thunderous for the hometown heroes! Gibson & Drake are furious while the ref restores order. The bell rings and it’s just a brawl! The ref insists they go to 1v1 but the fight spills out of the ring. Gibson and Drake fight Dar and Williams respectively but not respectfully! Dar throws Gibson into barriers while Kenny CHOPS Drake. Dar puts Gibson in the ring but Drake rams Kenny into barriers. Gibson gets up but gets a dropkick from Dar! Dar throat chops, headbutts and uppercuts Gibson to a corner! Fans sing for Dar as he hits a forearm smash to Northern Lights! Cover, TWO! Dar keeps his cool while Kenny throws Drake in.

The ref keeps Kenny back and Kenny finally goes to his corner. Fans sing for Dar but Drake tags in. Gibson whips and Drake dropkicsk the feet out. Gibson dropkicks Dar, too, then is a step stool for Drake’s Mayhem in Motion dropkick to Kenny! Glasgow jeers while GYV high-fives. They taunt “Ass Face” Drake as he throws hands with Dar. Drake rocks Dar right out of the ring then tags Gibson. Gibson picks Dar up and Drake slingshots for the ax handle backbreaker! Dar writhes while GYV talk trash. “This is your fault! Your fault!” Gibson shouts as he puts Dar in. Dar crawls but Gibson throws big forearms. Gibson stalks Dar to the GYV corner but fans rally up. Gibson throws EuroUppers then tags Drake. GYV mug Dar then stomp him out.

Fans taunt “Ass Face!” while rallying for Dar. Drake drags Dar around by that bad leg. Dar fights out with his good leg but Drake throws more forearms. Drake runs in but Dar tosses him at Gibson. Gibson helps Drake back in and Drake chop blocks the leg! Drake drags Dar back to the GYV corner, but Dar fights back! Gibson goes down and Dar elbows Drake. Both men are down but Glasgow fires up. Dar crawls but Gibson yanks Kenny off the apron! Kenny runs Gibson off but this allows Drake to get Dar with a facelock. Drake pushes Dar back but Dar fights back. Fans now taunt Gibson with “Gibson is a Helmet! Lalala~!” Drake clubs Dar but Dar spins out to sweep the legs! Dar hot tags Kenny!

Kenny rallies on GYV with forearms! He focuses on Drake and whips, but Drake reverses, only for Kenny to hurdle and springboard! Kenny crossbodies and rains rights down on Drake! Glasgow fires up with Kenny as he goes corner to corner for a big forearm smash! Drake denies the bulldog but Kenny comes back to get it anyway! Kenny springboard kicks Gibson away then chops Drake off his feet! Kenny aims at Gibson and wrecks him with a dropkick! But Drake intercepts Kenny as he skins the cat! Only to get a tornado DDT counter! Cover, TWO!! Kenny was close but he keeps his focus. Kenny drags Drake up to a fireman’s carry but Drake fights out. Gibson gets Drake out of the ring but Kenny triangle springboard Trust Falls! Glasgow cheers for “NXT! NXT!” for giving us all this match!

Kenny gets Drake back in and climbs up top. Drake stands and Kenny leaps for a BIG flying back elbow! Cover, TWO!! Drake lives but Kenny keeps on him. Kenny drags Drake up while fans taunt Gibson, but Drake gets Kenny with a backbreaker! Kenny and Drake tag in Dar and Gibson! Dar fires off on Gibson! Gibson shoves and kicks Dar’s bad leg out! But Dar dodges the boot to sweep the legs! Dar has Gibson but Gibson spins, only for Dar to drop toehold to a kneebar! Gibson flails and shouts as he endures Champagne Super Kneebar! He reaches and tags out to Drake! Drake stomps Dar and Gibson is free. Gibson hobbles and Drake drags Dar up, but Kenny drags Gibson out! Kenny runs, dodges and springboards off barriers to back elbow Gibson down!

Dar slips out to drag Drake down into another kneebar! Now Drake screams and shouts as he endures! Dar twists and pulls but Gibson returns! Kenny grabs Gibson for an ankle lock! And he grape vines! Dual submissions have both Grizzled Young Veterans! Glasgow is thunderous, but Gibson crawls to attack Dar! But then Dar takes it out on Drake while Kenny kicks at Gibson! Everyone runs out of steam, but then Kenny stands for a second wind! Gibson and Drake endure all over again! But Gibson rolls and shoves Kenny onto Dar! Dar lets Drake go and now the four men slowly stand. Gibson CHOPS Kenny, Dar BOOTS Gibson but Drake enziguris Dar! All four men are down but Glasgow is loving this!

Kenny rolls out of the ring while Dar gets to a corner. Drake hobbles up and goes after Dar but Dar cradles! TWO, but Drake gets Dar’s bad leg! Drake wants the Crab and gets it! Dar endures the Half Crab and crawls, but Kenny saves him from tapping! Gibson drags Kenny out but Kenny elbows him away. Kenny BOOTS Drake off Dar! Dar crawls to his corner but so does Drake. Hot tags to Gibson and Kenny, and Kenny fires off hands. Gibson gives uppercuts in return, but Kenny rebounds for a lunatic lariat! Gibson flounders and Kenny storms over, only to get an enziguri to the arm. Dar gets Kenny out of the way as Gibson hops up and leaps, Dar takes the Ticket to Ride! Kenny runs at Gibson, wheelbarrow facebuster! Cover, TWO!! Gibson lives and Kenny can’t believe it! But Glasgow knows “This is Awesome!”

Dar and Kenny regroup and drag Gibson up. Dar takes aim but Drake drags him out against the post! Drake swings the bad leg into the post! Kenny is in shock but Gibson gives a thumbs-up. Fans tell Drake he’s an “Ass Face!” but Kenny says bring it! Kenny hits Drake then uppercuts Gibson! But Drake tags in as Kenny runs, and Gibson blocks the wheelbarrow. Gibson holds Kenny for the #GritYourTeeth Dropkick! Kenny is a rag doll as Gibson gives him Helter Skelter! Drake climbs up for a 450 splash! Cover, Grizzled Young Veterans win!

Winners: The Grizzled Young Veterans, James Drake pinning; still NXT UK Tag Team Champions

Whether or not Gibson & Drake took out Amir Jordan before this match, they managed to survive Kenny and Dar in the match. Will Amir be healthy soon so that he and Kenny have the shot they were supposed to have? Will Dar be back in NXT UK full-time like he promised? And will any team be able to find what it takes to defeat Mr. Mayhem & Liverpool’s Number One?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode for what I believe is just the beginning of NXT UK in Glasgow. The announced WWE United Kingdom Championship contender’s match is going to be amazing, and we already have some great matches leading into that. Coffey VS Flash Morgan Webster was a great first match for this, and it was good for them to time it with Coffey in his hometown so he’d get cheered when he won. We know Devlin VS Ligero and Mastiff VS Wolfgang are coming, but I wonder if the fourth qualifier is being kept secret because it’ll involve something, or someone, wild. Ilja Dragunov is debuting, but I don’t think he’d debut right into the title scene, would he? Well maybe he would. All these matches are going to be great, and so will the Fatal 4.

Moustache Mountain VS The Hunt was a great tag match, especially to open the show. Obviously the Big Strong Boys were going to win, they’re still so strong and so over. They have to be the unofficial next contenders for the tag titles. Nina Samuels did good in the squash of Kasey Owens, and her promo was smoothly delivered. I’m surprised she’s going for the personal stuff but I suppose it’ll get Toni’s attention. KLR also wants everyone’s attention and she did a good interview promo. KLR VS Nina should be a contender’s match while NXT UK is in Glasgow so the fans will be behind KLR.

There was great mystery behind Amir’s injury, and GYV are the obvious choices, but I wonder if it’ll be revealed it was someone less likely. I sensed Kenny had a new tag partner even before he appeared, and it was a great surprise for all to see it was Noam Dar! Dar technically returned last night on 205 Live but this was more than likely his actual return, and he did great for having that scary leg injury almost a month ago. It was still unlikely this double Scots team was going to win even in Glasgow, but there were moments where it would’ve totally worked. But now we will have a rematch of the inaugural match, GYV VS Moustache Mountain, more than likely at the next UK TakeOver, and it’ll be another barn burner. Hopefully with Big Strong Boys going over this time.

My Score: 8.6/10

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