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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (5/14/19)

SmackDown London goes BIG before Money in the Bank!



SmackDown cover image

SmackDown returns to London!

SmackDown matches Raw by having their own Fatal 4 Way! Will Finn Balor, Mustafa Ali, Randy Orton or Andrade Almas gain major momentum for Money in the Bank?



  • Fatal 4 Way: Finn Balor VS Mustafa Ali VS Randy Orton VS Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega; Almas wins.
  • 4v3 Handicap Match: Shane, Elias, Daniel Bryan & Rowan VS Roman Reigns & The Usos; Shane, Elias, Bryan & Rowan win.
  • Fire & Desire VS Kairi Sane & Asuka w/ Paige; Kairi & Asuka win.


The Big Dog opens SmackDown!

Roman Reigns is on his show and makes London his Yard once again! He was on last night’s Raw per the Wild Card Rule and ended up siding with The Miz against Shane McMahon’s new pals, Elias and Bobby Lashley. Shane let Roman and Miz win the match by interfering, but then Roman and Miz stood tall together thanks to chair shots and Superman Punches. So the O2 gets a double dose and seems happy to have it. Roman speaks, saying there’s still some unfinished business from last night’s Raw. He doesn’t want to wait for MITB, he wants to settle it right now. Elias is a problem but Roman is gonna solve it with some help from… The Miz!

The Wild Card Rule allows the Hollywood A-Lister to be back on the Blue Brand and again stand side-by-side with Roman in the ring. London cheers as Miz changes up the mic flag. Miz thanks Roman for the invite to be back. Today could be the day that Roman and Miz beat Elias through-and-through. Okay, Miz isn’t a very good singer, but neither is Elias. But in just five days, Shane can’t run or hide from Miz. Miz beat Shane all over the stadium at Wrestlemania, but now Miz will have Shane locked inside a steel cage! But speaking of Shane, here Shane comes! And Miz has Elias with him again. Fans boo Shane as he says just because Miz was invited by The Big Dog, that doesn’t make him a Wild Card. Shane will use his privilege to say Miz is banned from SmackDown tonight!

But Roman can stay because Elias has something to say. Roman can make fun of Elias all he wants, but underestimating him will be the biggest mistake of his career. At MITB, Elias will prove why HE is the biggest acquisition in SmackDown history. And then Roman will see what the McMahon Family already knows: WWE means “Walk With Elias.” So let’s see… Roman and Miz might not be agreeable, so if they’re not gonna go willingly, Shane and Elias will make them. But there are some others who hate Miz’s guts, so Shane brings them out. It’s Daniel Bryan and Big Red Rowan! Bryan and Miz are definitely not friends, but Bryan seems to be friends with Shane. Roman and Miz stare down the four men marching down the ramp, even as they’re surrounded on all sides.

Elias, Shane, Bryan and Rowan creep closer as Miz and Roman stand back-to-back. The fight is on! Rowan and Elias have Roman while Shane and Bryan have Miz! London boos but there’s nothing they can do as Shane throws hands on Miz. But here come the Usos! Jimmy & Jey return to SmackDown as Wild Cards to double DIVE onto Shane and his crew! They save Roman and Miz, but Rowan runs them back over! Bryan and Shane put the Usos in the ring and now they’re getting beat down. But Roman returns the favor! As does The Miz! They clear the ring of Shane, Bryan and the rest! Will Miz and the Samoan bloodline be able to make Shane and his cronies regret picking this fight?


SmackDown returns as Shane, Bryan, Elias and Rowan regroup backstage.

No one should be allowed to hit the greatest acquisition in SmackDown history in the face! Bryan doesn’t care about this Wild Card Rule! He and Rowan are the Planet’s Tag Team Champions! Shane agrees, and they’ll be hands-on! 4v3 Handicap Match, them VS Roman & The Usos! If Miz even shows up, their cage match at MITB is off! Will Miz be able to control himself for the sake of letting it all out on Sunday?


Fatal 4 Way: Finn Balor VS Mustafa Ali VS Randy Orton VS Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

The four men representing SmackDown in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match will do battle with each other here tonight! Will it be the Extraordinary, the Beacon of Light, the Viper or El Idolo who takes a huge lead towards that golden opportunity?

SmackDown returns as Randy Orton speaks. “This Sunday, I’m going to climb this ladder. I’m going to grab that briefcase, and I’m going to become Mr. Money in the Bank for the second time.” Then the three most dangerous letters will be R K O. Orton drops the mic and the others make their entrance, starting with Almas and Vega. Vega has a mic to tell everyone that they’re too sensitive over spoilers. Whether it’s Game of Thrones or Avengers: Endgame, they don’t care. Here is Almas’ Endgame, and it will spoil MITB for everyone. “Amigo, en cinco dias”, Almas will climb that ladder, take that contract, and become Mr. MITB!

Now Mustafa Ali makes his entrance, and chooses to let actions speak louder than words. The same goes for the WWE Intercontinental Champion! These four all stand in the ring and we finally begin!

SmackDown is picture in picture as the four men start brawling! Almas clubs away on Finn while Orton clubs Ali. Almas knees Finn down then Orton whips Ali. Ali throws Orton out while Finn baits and dumps Almas out of the ring. Ali kicks Orton back out and Finn wrecks Almas with a dropkick. Things speed up as Ali DIVES out onto Orton! Not to be outdone, Finn Penalty Kicks Amlas down from the apron! Now Ali and Finn circle and tie up. Finn wristlocks but Ali rolls and handsprings through to reverse. Finn rolls but Ali keeps hold and wrangles Finn to the mat. Fans rally and Finn fights his way up with a handspring and wrench. Finn headlock takeovers but Ali headscissors. Finn pops out and the two stand off.

The two circle again but Almas and Orton attack! They stomp Ali and Finn down, then Orton throws Ali out. Orton brings Ali to the announce desk to bounce him off the lid then back suplex him on it! Finn fights Almas off but runs into Almas’ dropkick! Orton grabs Finn as he bails out and back suplexes him on the announce desk! Almas then attacks Orton from behind! But Orton hits back and back suplexes Almas onto the desk! Orton gets an insane hat trick! Vega is in shock for Almas, but London fires up behind the Viper. Orton wants another but Almas resists. Orton gives Almas a big European Uppercut! Vega backs off as Orton grabs Ali and bounces him off steel steps. Orton brings Ali into the ring and stomps the limbs as we return to single picture.

Orton keeps stomping Ali from fingers to feet, then scrapes his laces on Ali’s face. Ali scrambles away but Finn returns. Orton has Finn but Ali rolls Orton! TWO and Ali forearms Finn away. Ali keeps on Orton with forearms and CHOPS! Orton reverses the whip to get the powerslam! Orton looms over Ali again as fans chant “RKO! RKO!” He drags Ali up for more EuroUppers. Orton whips but Ali flapjack dropkicks Orton down! Fans rally as Ali rolls to a corner. Orton goes after Ali in the corner but gets a back elbow. Ali hops up and fakes Orton out to then get a tornado DDT! Cover, but Almas just barely breaks it! Vega coaches Almas up as he drags Ali up for CHOPS! Almas whips Ali but Ali goes up and over.

Things speed up, flying headscissors sends Almas into buckles! But Almas clotheslines Ali off his feet! Almas goes after Finn now then after Orton, kicking them both down. Almas throws Ali out, but runs into Finn’s boots! Finn rallies on Almas, Orton and Ali! Takedown to double stomps! Orton runs into the elbow drop DDT! Finn gets Almas but Alms suplexes Finn. Finn slips out then hops to the apron to swing kick Almas down! Fans rally as Finn climbs up high! But Almas trips Finn up! Vega is relieved and Almas calls for them. Almas goes corner to corner for CIEN KNEES! Cover, TWO!! Finn lives and Vega is furious. But Almas sees the briefcase. Vega helps him find a ladder, and Amlas brings it out! This isn’t THE MITB match yet but Almas is allowed a ladder in a Fatal 4.

Almas brings the ladder in and uses it to ram Finn in the ribs. And SMACK Orton in the head! But Ali SUPERKICKS Almas out! Ali takes aim and slingshots, but into a ladder!! He crashes and burns while we go to break.

SmackDown returns as Almas whips Finn onto the ladder in a corner! Fans chant “SI! SI!” and Almas runs, but into a Slingblade! Finn shotgun dropkicks ALmas onto the ladder now! Ali slingshot somersaults and facebusters Finn! Ali goes back to a corner and climbs again, 450! But he rolls through as Finn evades, RKO!! Almas springboards, missile dropkick sends Orton out! Finn returns but gets the boot feint to elbow! Almas drags Finn up fast, hammerlock, but Finn cradle counters! TWO, but Finn clotheslines Almas out. Finn builds speed, to FLY! Finn bowls Ali and Orton, but Almas throws Finn into steel steps! Almas puts Finn back in fast, hammerlock DDT, La Sombra!! Cover, Almas wins!

Winner: Andrade Almas, by pinfall

El Idolo is victorious! But this Fatal 4 Way was just a sampler. Will Almas be able to win when it’s eight superstars, and he has to climb a ladder to grab his prize? Speaking of, Almas climbs a ladder to give us a sample of this, but here comes Ricochet! Another Wild Card is here, and he springboards all the way up to fight with Almas! Ricochet sends Almas crashing down, and HE takes the briefcase! Is this a “spoiler” of who wins and becomes THE Mr. Money in the Bank?


Carmella speaks.

“Let’s face it, in the Money in the Bank ladder match, the odds are in my favor.” Carmella has won twice, so it’s time for a three-peat! #MellaIsMoney, but will she hit the hat trick?


Xavier Woods surprises Kofi Kingston backstage.

He’ll be on the Kevin Owens Show with Kofi just in case. Kofi isn’t so sure. Xavier is still recovering, so he should take it easy. Kofi can handle business. That’s right! KO Show? No, it’ll be the Kofi Kingston Show! But will Kofi be able to keep his cool around the conniving Kevin Owens?


SmackDown returns with The Queen!

Charlotte Flair heads to the ring, feeling good after last night’s double contract signing that turned into a 2v1 beat down of Becky Lynch. Charlotte had Lacey Evans on her side to help powerbomb Becky through a table and stand tall with the SmackDown Women’s Championship. And tonight, she speaks to MITB being a culmination of their storied rivalry. And the story ends with Charlotte victorious once again.

Charlotte cues up a retrospective highlight reel to show the long journey of both her and Becky from NXT to the Women’s (R)Evolution. Becky says Charlotte wanted her to do well, but Charlotte couldn’t handle when she was doing as well as Charlotte. Charlotte didn’t want to be friends, she wanted to be champion. And she certainly wasn’t going to go easy on anyone in her way. It was Summerslam 2018, a SmackDown Women’s Championship Triple Threat, that was the last straw for Becky. But Charlotte was glad to see Becky finally “grow a pair.” Becky was just jealous. But Becky had a cathartic moment punching Charlotte. It was finally Becky’s time to be the best. And from there, it was a rise to the top as the Lass Kicker became The Man.

“There is no ‘man’ without The Queen.” Wrestlemania finally had a women’s championship match main event as it was a Winner Takes All Triple Threat. Becky, Charlotte and Ronda Rousey battled harder than ever before, and it was Becky who came out on top. The Double Champ was born! But Charlotte wouldn’t let it go. Becky didn’t pin Charlotte for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, but that’s because Becky was too busy beating the Baddest Woman on the Planet. Charlotte laughs at that explanation. It’s an insult that Becky thinks she’s the face of the Women’s Division. Becky’s been hot for six months, but Charlotte’s been hot for six years. MITB will make or break Becky Two Belts. Who walks out finally and decisively, the SmackDown Women’s Champion?


Lacey Evans is backstage on SmackDown.

“Hello? Did y’all forget about me?” Seems everyone’s too busy watching reruns of The Becky & Charlotte Show. The Man has two matches at MITB: Becky VS Charlotte, and Becky VS Lacey Evans. Lacey will teach Becky about a Woman’s Right, and give her a new nickname: Becky Black Eye. And then Lacey will have a new nickname, too: Raw Women’s Champion. Will the Model Soldier’s major claim come true?


Aleister Black speaks.

“The bard. Fascinating, huh? For within his words, we find both struggle between ambition and a manner of how one pursues their goals. That appearance is deceptive, and at the end we are left with our own truth. For my opponents who try to get inside my head, I guarantee you that you will not like the place that you try to venture into. And thus, I clothe my naked villainy with old, odd ends stolen from holy riff and seem sane, when most I play Fade to Black.”


4v3 Handicap Match: Shane, Elias, Daniel Bryan & Rowan VS Roman Reigns & The Usos!

The BEST in the Wooooooorld~ competes on SmackDown for the first time in a long time, alongside the new “Planet’s Tag Team Champions” and The Drifter. Will these four be able to make the Big Dog and his cousins pay for standing up to them earlier tonight?

SmackDown returns as The Usos make their entrance, followed by Roman! They hit the ring, and the teams sort out. The bell rings as we begin with Bryan and Jimmy.

Bryan goes animal style as he circles with Jimmy. They tie up and Bryan gets a waistlock. He brings Jimmy to the mat but Jimmy gets up to wrench through to a wristlock. Bryan rolls and wrenches back to a headlock. Jimmy powers out but Bryan runs him over. Fans are divided as Bryan’s team cheers for him. Bryan and Jimmy tie up and Jimmy gets the wristlock again. Jimmy wrenches and CHOPS Bryan! And CHOPS! Then he tackles Bryan into the corner and Jey tags in. Jey runs in and forearms Bryan, then snapmares Bryan to a cover. ONE, and Bryan gets Jey’s ankle. Tag to Elias and Elias CHOPS Jey to a corner.

Elias whips Jey corner to corner but Jey reverses. Jey runs in but Elias puts him on the apron. Jey kicks Elias down then climbs up to leap. Elias gets clear of the splash but Jey rolls through. Jey hobbles with a bad leg, Elias clobbers Jey with a clothesline! Elias stomps Jey over to his corner then tags in Shane. Shane mugs Jey then trips Jey up for elbow drops to the leg. Shane knees Jey’s leg then ties Jey up in a deathlock. He slaps Jey around then hooks on a chinlock. Jey endures but Shane shifts to go after the leg again. Fans rally up as Jey endures, but Elias tags in. Elias stomps Jey’s leg then drops knees on it. Elias taunts Roman before bringing Jey to the corner. Bryan tags in and the mugging continues.

Bryan puts Jey’s leg on the rope and pulls! The ref counts but Bryan lets go at 4 to run and dropkick the leg out! Cover but they’re too close to the ropes. Bryan moves Jey to put him on the top rope. Bryan climbs up behind Jey but Jey fights back. Jey elbows Bryan off the top rope and Bryan crashes down. Jey adjusts but has to fight Elias off. Bryan shoves Jey and Jey flies off into barriers! Jimmy checks on his brother while we go to break.

SmackDown returns again, and Rowan whips Jey corner to corner to then squash him against buckles. Rowan steps all over Jey to then drop knees over and over. Rowan runs and splashes down! Cover, TWO! Rowan drags Jey over to tag in Elias. Elias stomps Jey then drags him up for a scoop slam. Elias mocks Roman’s fist before dropping a knee. Cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Elias taunts Roman then drags Jey up. He puts Jey in the corner and tags in Shane. Shane mugs Jey with a mule kick, then rope-a-dopes to taunt him. Jey sits up but Shane JABS him! Shane throws more hands but only his team cheers him. Shane stomps Jey, but then Jey kicks and gets the dragon whip! Both men are down but fans rally up! Hot tags to Bryan and Roman!

Roman rallies on Bryan and whips. Bryan reverses but Roman hits the leaping lariat! Roman uppercuts Elias then Rowan, then gives Bryan point-blank lariats in the corner! Roman gets all 10, then boots Bryan down! Shane looks to get in but backs off at Roman’s glare. Roman goes to a corner to lock ‘n’ load, but has to hit Elias first. Roman runs at Bryan but gets a roundhouse! Tag to Rowan, who clobbers Roman from over the ropes! Elias tags in without warning and he throws hands on Roman. The ref counts but Elias lets up at 4 to run and knee Roman down! Cover, TWO! Elias grows frustrated but he drags Roman up and over to tag Rowan back in. Rowan mugs Roman then scoop slams him down. Rowan drops elbows then covers, TWO!

Roman sits up but Rowan digs his fists into Roman’s head! Fans rally as Roman endures the vice. Roman powers up and fights out, but Rowan shoves. Roman kicks him away but Rowan runs Roman over! We go picture in picture as Rowan soaks up the heat. Rowan tags in Bryan and Bryan gives Roman the No Kicks. He kicks and kicks and kicks, and hits the buzzsaw! Cover, TWO!! Roman survives and shocks Bryan’s team. Bryan keeps on Roman and throws him out of the ring. Roman staggers to his feet but Rowan tags in to throw Roman into barriers! Rowan throws Roman in again! Roman clutches his back while Rowan soaks up more heat. Rowan puts Roman in then stomps away. Tag to Elias, and Elias covers, TWO!

Elias keeps his cool as he circles Roman. We return to single picture as Elias stomps Roman more. Elias drops an elbow then continues to mock the fist. He drags Roman up but Roman counter punches! Elias staggers into more uppercuts! Elias knees low then runs, but into a Samoan Drop! Both men are down and fans rally up. Roman and Elias crawl for their corners, hot tags to Bryan and Jimmy! Jimmy rallies on Bryan with haymakers! He whips but Bryan goes up and over. Things speed up and Bryan fakes out the Superkick. Shane runs inn, SUPERKICK! Elias runs in, SUPERKICK! Rowan in, SUPERKICK! Jey tags in and the Usos Double SUPERKICKS Rowan! Bryan leaps into SUPERKICKS! Cover, but Shane breaks it!

Jimmy throws Shane out hard, but Elias knees Jey. Elias gives Jey Drift Away! Jimmy SUPERKICKS Elias, but Bryan hits Jimmy with a Knee Plus! Cover, but Roman breaks it just in time! Rowan grabs Roman for a headbutt and whip. Roman holds ropes but Rowan clotheslines him out. Rowan pursues, but runs into a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Elias grabs Roman to throw him into steel steps! Shane climbs up and targets Jey, COAST2COAST!! Cover, Shane and team win!

Winners: Shane McMahon, Elias, Daniel Bryan & Rowan, Shane pinning

Shane O’Mac wins in a Handicap match, but now Miz comes out to eve things up! Miz uses a chair to SMACK Elias! Then jab and SMACK Rowan! Shane runs away as Bryan gets SUPERKICKS! Roman SPEARS Rowan! Shane runs away, again, but now he has even less time before Miz comes for revenge. Will the Best in the World still be so smug after Money in the Bank?


SmackDown presents: another new episode of Firefly Fun House!

Bray Wyatt isn’t at the door, silly. No he’s not over there, either. Wait there he is! Yay~! And Rambling Rabbit is back in one piece! But Bray has a secret to share. Shhhh~! Well it better be good. Yeah, Mercy has stuff to do. Guys, c’mon… But it’s time to show the world what he’s really been working on. But he can’t do it alone. He needs all his fireflies to help. So who’s with him? YAY~! That warms Bray’s soul. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of darkness in his noggin. He’s learned to harness it. Control it. So does everyone want to see the secret?

Bray turns to the door, and his puppet pals are all nervous. We enter the dark playroom… “Let me in…!” Twinkle twinkle little star… How we wonder what you are. “Yowie wowie.” Bray has transformed!!


SmackDown’s Women’s MITB entrants speak.

“The Shenom is wild, unpredictable and without fear.” Ember Moon will risk it all and win it all, because it is on her to manifest her own greatness. She closes her eyes and sees herself becoming Ms. Money in the Bank.

“The Money in the Bank Ladder match is a chance for me to step out of the shadows and show the whole world what I’ve been capable of.” Bayley isn’t just a Hugger, and she’s no weak link. But will she be THE link this Sunday?


Fire & Desire VS Kairi Sane & Asuka w/ Paige!

Mandy Rose will be in the Women’s MITB Ladder Match, but she and Sonya Deville still have WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship aspirations. However, they’ll be facing the fastest and fiercest team the Glampire could possibly bring to SmackDown! Will #JoshiRoyalty take advantage of a distracted Golden Goddess to head for the IIconics and those tag titles?

SmackDown returns to see Peyton Royce & Billie Kay have joined commentary. But Paige says it’s great to be home and has brought some new friends. She properly introduces the world to the #KabukiWarriors! They’re not just the next WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, but the future of the entire Women’s Tag Division! The IIconics take offense, that’s based on their catchphrase. But now Mandy and Sonya make their entrance and also have mics to speak.

“Take it down a notch, Paige. You named a tag team, not the royal baby.” It’s not like Megan and Harry did that good, though. Names matter, like “Ms. Money in the Bank,” which is what Mandy will be after Sunday. And then yes, she and Sonya will also go after the Women’s Tag titles. The future isn’t Kabuki Warriors nor IIconic. It is the team that can’t be broken, Fire & Desire. Peyton & Billie don’t take them serious, but they might have to after this match. Sonya and Asuka start for their teams and we begin!

Asuka circles with Sonya but Sonya gets the waistlock. Asuka reverses but Sonya reverses back. Sonya headlocks but Asuka powers out. Things speed up and Asuka hits Sonya with a hip attack! Tag to Kairi and they double whip Sonya. They knee, ax kick and bulldog Sonya to a dropkick! Fans fire up while Sonya bails out. The IIconics are annoyed while Fire & Desire regroup. Kairi takes aim and gives Mandy a Flying Kabuki Elbow! She puts Sonya in and Asuka hip attacks Sonya back down! The IIconic trash talk Sonya & Mandy while we go to break.

SmackDown returns again, and Kairi CHOPS away on Mandy! Kairi whips but Mandy reverses, only for Kairi to crossbody! Cover, ONE! Kairi keeps on Mandy and blocks a boot into a dragon screw! Mandy ends up in a corner and Kairi marches. Kairi runs in but Sonya saves Mandy from the Sliding D! Mandy makes Kairi Kiss the Rose with her knee attack! Cover, TWO! Mandy drags Kairi over and stomps away. Sonya tags in and she stomps away. Fire & Desire back off and Sonya snapmares to sliding wizard! Cover, TWO! Fire & Desire grow frustrated while the IIconics are annoyed. Sonya keeps on Kairi but London rallies. Mandy tags in and she stomps Kairi again. She backs off at 4 then brings Kairi up for a backbreaker. Mandy bends Kairi back but Kairi endures.

Paige and London rally behind Kairi and she fights out against Mandy. Kairi gets up but Mandy throws her down. Mandy drags Kairi up but Kairi reaches for Asuka. Mandy whips Kairi away but Kairi uses that to hit Sonya! Kairi dodges Mandy but Mandy hurries to catch up. Kairi pushes Mandy away but Mandy holds on. But Kairi uses one foot to free the other and gets away form Mandy! Hot tag to Asuka! The Empress rallies on Mandy, pop-up knee! German Suplex! Mandy ends up in a corner again, and Asuka runs in for a hip attack! Roundhouse! Armbar takedown! But Sonya slides in and attacks Asuka. Sonya knees Kairi out then returns to her corner. Mandy crawls and tags Sonya in. Sonya goes after Asuka with kicks! But Asuka blocks to kick back!

Asuka fires off kick after kick, then the buzzsaw is blocked into a big right hand! And a SPINEBUSTER! Mandy wants back in so Sonya tags. Mandy covers, but Asuka counters with a ghost pin! Kabuki Warriors win!!

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors, Asuka pinning

And the IIconics bust up laughing! Mandy’s ego cost them, and now Asuka and Kairi are the ones headed for the tag team titles. Will those titles stop being IIconic and soon belong to the true future of WWE Women’s Tag Team wrestling?


Backstage interview with Lars Sullivan.

The Leviathan is truly on SmackDown thanks to the Superstar Shake-Up, but his path of destruction has been on both shows since finally appearing. Kayla Braxton is just able to manage words, to ask Lars to comment on said destruction. He doesn’t, and his glare scares her enough. Will Lars continue to dominate and destroy any and every superstar he sees fit?


Kevin Owens speaks.

“We are just moments away from a very special edition of the Kevin Owen’s Show”, with the inspiring WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston! But what about the rest of the New Day? Well Kevin isn’t facing The New Day. Xavier and Big E aren’t the champion, Kofi is. Kevin wants to know: can Kofi stand on his own? Kevin knows the answer, and looks to prove it on Sunday. He wants to break Kofi’s back, a leg, maybe even dislocate a shoulder. But the New Day entrance interrupts! Kofi goes out first, will Kevin keep his cool this close to MITB?


SmackDown returns with the Kevin Owens Show…?

Well Kofi received an invitation to this talk show, so here he is! Kofi knows Kevin wants after the WWE Championship, and MITB will be his chance. But what about tonight? Kofi’s on Kevin’s show as a guest, so it’s only fitting that the host appear. Kofi introduces the host to the KO Show, Kevin Owens himself! But where is Kevin? Fans chant “Kofi Show! Kofi Show!” Fine, let’s rename the show, that’s good. Is Kevin shook? No, he couldn’t possibly be, because of all the trash he was talking. Kofi’s here giving Kevin a chance, so-

Kevin interrupts via titantron. Yes, Kofi is out there on his own. His little buddies couldn’t make it? It’s lonely at the top, huh? For the first time in a long time, Kofi’s on his own. And at the worst time possible. Because no one can deny that Kofimania was a dream come true. Kofi shared that moment with his brothers and his family. But did he ever wonder what happens when the dream ends? Reality begins. And the reality is, Kofi’s only champion because of the New Day. In reality, the dream ends at MITB. Kofi faces the most dangerous man in the WWE, and here is proof. Kevin cues up footage.

Kevin made a statement his first night on the main roster by going after John Cena. He didn’t wait for permission, he made his own opportunities. Kevin won title after title after title. And he even betrayed those who were in his way. From Sami Zayn to Chris Jericho, Kevin has always turned on friends when he had to. Kevin would annihilate anyone else, too, like Xavier Woods. An apron powerbomb would damage Xavier. Now Kevin looks to take what’s his. Kofi doesn’t get what the video proves. And he’s just a bit tired of hearing Kevin talk. Kofi clears the ring of the furniture and the flapjacks. If Kevin isn’t gonna face Kofi now- Oh you don’t think Kevin wants to be out there? Kevin leaves the screen, and the music hits! Kevin storms down the ramp and Kofi is ready!

But then Kevin turns back. But then he turns back again. Only to stop short and turn away again. Kofi gets fed up again, and runs after Kevin! They brawl on the ramp! But here comes Sami Zayn! Sami returns the favor for last week and helps his best frenemy beat down Kofi. Kevin shoves Kofi into the apron, then Sami feeds Kofi back to Kevin. But here comes Xavier! Xavier hits Sami then brawls with Kevin! But Kevin throws Xavier into a post! Kofi fights back again, but the numbers aren’t in his favor! London rallies for Kofi but Kofi gets send into steel steps! Kevin puts Kofi in the ring, and both he and Sami stomp Kofi. Kevin puts Kofi in a corner and shouts, “You think that title’s yours?!” Turns out Kevin isn’t on his own, either!

Kevin says he could end Kofi tonight, but he’s going to leave just enough of Kofi that he can go to MITB. Kevin runs in to cannonball, but Kofi dodges! Kofi brawls with Sami and London is on Kofi’s side. Sami runs but Kofi dodges the Helluva Kick! Kofi hits Sami with Trouble in Paradise! London fires up with Kofi while Kevin runs away. Will Kofi keep the dream going through MITB? Or will Kevin bring it all crashing down?



My Thoughts:

A great SmackDown for London and the go-home! Though, one thing it does expose is that this Wild Card Rule is pretty much exclusively for the Shane crossover story. The Miz and Usos show up to fight Shane and the start of what is basically his new Mean Street Posse. But of course Shane uses his authority to keep Miz out. That is good in that it preserves Shane VS Miz moments for their steel cage match, and then Miz gets to run out right after the match because that isn’t against the rules. I still don’t see this changing the math from last night, so either both Roman and Miz win, or there’s some chicanery that screws both of them over.

That Fatal 4 Way was incredible. It was a great move for Almas to win, he needed it for his SmackDown standings. And it was a great move for Ricochet to be a real Wild Card surprise. However, with Almas winning the Fatal 4 and Ricochet literally taking the briefcase, they’re probably not winning. Hopefully it’s Ali, Finn, or McIntyre. Those three are the ones where it’d make the most impact because we’ve already seen Orton and Corbin use it, one winning and one failing. And Sami’s story is clearly tied to Kevin’s again, even though Sami’s on Raw. Kevin and Sami brawling with Kofi was good, and it gave Kofi a great moment to stand tall. I would think to make a point towards the story, Shane bans Xavier from ringside. Maybe Sami still shows up, only for Big E to surprise us and save Kofi.

The SmackDown Women’s MITB entrants had good promos, and I feel it has to be one of them to win the briefcase given how Raw’s women got to have a great Fatal 4. It’s between Ember or Bayley, and leaning towards Bayley. We got a good video package for Becky and Charlotte, they’re really trying to make this seem final. I wonder if that’s them almost giving away that the SmackDown Women’s Championship changes hands by either Charlotte or a Ms. MITB victory. Good to see the women also main event tonight, as far as matches. Paige is the hometown girl so of course her team gets the spotlight. IIconics did great on commentary, too. But can Vince just not name things anymore? Kabuki Warriors is just above “Viking Experience” in dumb, and possibly even racist. But hey, at least Asuka and Kairi win as they should.

My Score: 8.4/10

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