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Mitchell’s WWE Worlds Collide Results & Report! (5/1/19)

Worlds Collide ends with battle royals!



WWE Wrestlemania Worlds Collide

WWE Worlds Collide has a huge finale with TWO battle royals! The rosters of NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live will fight until only one man and one woman remain!



  • Women’s Battle Royal: Bianca Belair wins.
  • Men’s Battle Royal: Roderick Strong wins.


Women’s Battle Royal!

The women of NXT and NXT UK compete in this over-the-top-rope rumble for brand supremacy, but also for their own pride! Bianca Belair, Taynara Conti, Kacy Catanzaro, Deonna Purrazzo, Io Shirai, Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir, Jessie Elaban, Lacey Lane, Xia Li, Kavita Davi, Kay Lee Ray, Mia Yim, Piper Niven, Reina Gonzalez, Vanessa Borne, Aliyah and even the NXT UK Women’s Champion, Toni Storm, are in the ring at one time! Who outlasts the other 17 to be Ms. Worlds Collide?

The bell rings, and KLR immediately grabs Deonna! Piper goes after KLR while the others fight in clusters. Deonna goes after Lacey Lane while Xia Li and Taynara fight. Kavita is after Shirari while Toni and Bianca scrap in another corner. #BorneBougie work together on Marina but Jessamyn helps her fellow Horsewoman. Shirai has Mia on the ropes while Piper bumps KLR on buckles. Toni rocks Bianca with a right while Jessie picks a fight with Reina. Lacey fights both Horsewomen, chops Marina and uses her to springboard, but Jessamyn kicks her down! Lacey’s stuck on the top rope, Jessamyn kicks her down and ELIMINATES her!

The Horsewomen then go after Jessie and Piper while Kavinta stomps Deonna. Marina saves Jessamyn and clubs Jessie. They work together on her but Shirari comes in. Mia also hits Marina while Bianca goes after Kacy. The Horsewomen almost get Jessie over but she fights them off. Borne Bougie go after Toni together while Piper CHOPS Reina Gonzalez. Reina hits back and stomps a mudhole into her. Marina knees Jessie low and clubs away. Jessie fights back but Jessamyn rocks her back. Marina uppercuts then Jessamyn roundhouses Jessie, and they both dump and ELIMINATE Jessie Elaban!

The Horsewomen go after KLR next while Taynara stomps Bianca. KLR turns things around to CHOP Jessamyn! She CHOPS more and Mia keeps Marina busy. Jessamyn dodges KLR to hit her back. Reina has Kacy but Kacy holds onto the ropes. Bianca suplexes Taynara but Taynara fights free. Borne Bougie keep on Toni but she escapes, so they stomp her down in the corner together. Kavita stomps Shirai while Bianca bumps Taynara on buckles. Piper tosses and ELIMINATES Kay Lee Ray! KLR is furious but she has to leave ringside now. Taynara and Bianca fight up top and Bianca forearms away. Taynara teeters while Borne Bougie go after Bianca. But then they go after Taynara! Taynara clutches the corner so they go after her hair. Taynara dangles from the post and keeps her feet up! Borne Bougie keep going after her but she’s got better grip than that.

Reina goes after Taynara now while Deonna puts Xia Li on the apron. Xia Li kicks back but Deonna boots and ELIMINATES Xia Li! Kavita tries to throw Toni out but she holds on. THe Horsewomen go after Shirari while Reina lifts Kacy high over head! But Kacy slips out to a wheelbarrow. Reina throws her off, but Kacy boots her back. Kacy leaps but into Reina’s arms. Reina throws Kacy to the apron but Kacy shoulders in. Kacy gymnastics slingshots but Reina throws her back and throws a big forearm! Reina ELIMINATES Kacy! Marina saves Jessamyn from Toni but then Vanessa goes after her. Deonna CHOPS Shirai but Shirai back drops and ELIMINATES Deonna!

Toni fights off Reina and Kavita while Bianca wants after both Vanessa and Aliyah. She yanks each of them off the bottom rope while Toni brawls with Reina. Taynara elbows Piper away then fires off forearm after forearm. The Horsewomen corner Mia and Jessamyn CHOPS her! Marina CHOPS Mia, but Mia fires back chops on Jessamyn! And then chops for Marina! Jessamyn knees Mia while Kavita scoops Bianca. Bianca fights free while Borne Bougie shriek at Taynara to let go of the ropes. Toni goes after Shirai while Kavita collides with Reina. These two towering superstars swing, but Kavita rocks Reina with a dropkick! Kavita tackles Reina into a corner while Taynara uses her legs to hang onto the bottom rope. Vanessa goes after Taynara’s feet but Taynara sits up.

Reina puts Kavita on the apron and BOOTS her off! Reina ELIMINATES Kavita! Now she goes after Mia, bringing her corner to corner for buckle bumps and a mudhole stomp. Jessamyn kicks away on Bianca’s leg while Mia fights Reina off. Borne Bougie pick on Taynara while the Horsewomen corner Bianca, and the Stardom alumni of Shirai, Piper and Toni sit in the fourth corner. Reina clobbers Mia! Shirai saves Taynara from Borne Bougie but they just go after her. Bianca survives elimination and gets herself back in. Toni hits Taynara and works together with Piper. Reina puts Mia back in a corner but Mia boots her down. Jessamyn goes after Mia again while Piper and Toni try to throw Taynara out. Reina saves Taynara, but wants to eliminate Taynara herself!

Mia gets Jessamyn over but she hits Mia back. Marina runs in but Mia dodges, Marina accidentally ELIMINATES Jessamyn! But then Mia runs in, and Marina tosses her out to ELIMINATE Mia! Marina apologizes to Jessamyn but she says it’s okay. Borne Bougie wait in a corner while Shirai brawls with Taynara. Vanessa sees Marina all alone, so she and Aliyah go right after her. Shirai puts Taynara in a Tree of Woe to fire off on. Taynara pushes her away and climbs up, but Shirai shoves her down. Taynara lands on the apron, but Shirai dropkicks and ELIMINATES her! Marina fights off Borne Bougie while Piper brawls with Reina. Shirai goes after Toni while Bianca goes after Marina. Marina hits Bianca back and goes to fireman’s carry. She gets Bianca up but Bianca slips out to shove her back. Bianca tackles Marina into the corner!

Reina hits Piper back while Bianca clubs Marina to the apron. Marina fights back and grabs the ponytail! Bianca uses that to reel Marina in! Bianca forearms and ELIMINATES Marina! And she wraps up her ponytail. Borne Bougie go after Piper while Shirai fights Toni off again. Piper tanks the chops from Vanessa, then the same for Aliyah. It doesn’t matter how hard or how many, Borne Bougie can’t back Piper down. Piper finally CHOPS back and Aliyah goes reeling! Same for Vanessa! Bianca fights Reina while Piper runs and double crossbodies Borne Bougie! Piper keeps moving, but Vanessa dumps her out! Aliyah runs and with Vanessa as a step stool, Bougie in Motion ELIMINATES Piper!

But they celebrate too long, Shirai and Toni both ELIMINATE Vanessa and Aliyah! Aliyah throws a hissy fit, but then realizes Piper’s still here! She goes screaming with Vanessa as Piper chases them out! This leaves the final four as Bianca Belair, Reina Gonzalez, Io Shirai and NXT UK Women’s Champion, Toni Storm! Bianca and Reina grab Toni and Shirai and scoop them to ram them together! Then slam them! Bianca goes after Toni but Reina turns on her already! Reina grabs the ponytail but Bianca elbows her away, only for Reina to tackle Bianca into Toni! Reina rams them both then targets Shirai. The Daughter of the Desperado drags the Genius of the Sky up with both hands. But Shirai slips out to wheelbarrow! Shirai tries to arm-drag but Reina blocks with strength. Reina whips but Shirai huricanranas Reina down!

Fans fire up with Shirai but Reina puts her on the apron. Reina runs to boot, but gets caught and pulled over! Shirai and Reina fight on the apron, and then Reina scoops. Shirai slips out and forearms Reina to ELIMINATE her! Meanwhile, Bianca fireman’s carries Toni, but Toni fights out. Bianca clubs Toni and powers her up again and uses Toni to hit Shirai away. Toni slips out and underhooks, but Bianca powers out and tosses Toni out, Bianca ELIMINATES Toni!! She eliminates the NXT UK Women’s Champion! The EST and the Genius of the Sky are the final two!

Bianca and Shirai stare down as fans duel. They circle and tie up. They go around the way and end up on the ropes. Bianca tries to scoop at the same time as Shirai. Shirai shoves Bianca away, then drop toeholds her on the return! Bianca is on the ropes, Shirari hits a Tiger Feint! Shirai climbs and leaps in over Bianca. Bianca forearms Shirai right down! She drags Shirai up and powerbomb lifts, but Shirai huricanranas. Bianca blocks with power and lifts Shirai back up, but Shirai headscissors her over with her! They both end up on the apron, and start kicking at each other! Bianca gets back in but Shirai stands up. Shirai dodges Bianca to kick her back! Shirai springboards but Bianca dodges! Bianca scoops and military presses Shirai, and throws her out! Bianca wins!!

Winner: Bianca Belair

The EST is Ms. Worlds Collide! Bianca blows a kiss to Shirai, but will this win help her go after the NXT Women’s Championship?


Men’s Battle Royal!

Now the men will compete in an over-the-top-rope elimination match! NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live cross over as Ariya Daivari, THE Brian Kendrick, “Bomber” Dave Mastiff, Drew Gulak, Fabian Aichner, Eric Bugenhagen, Humberto Carrillo, Gallus’ Joe & Mark Coffey, Dominik Dijakovic, El Ligero, Matt Riddle (who ELIMINATES his own sandals), the debuting Rinku Singh and Saurav Curjar, the Undisputed Era’s Roderick Strong, The Forgotten Sons’ Blake & Cutler, Akira Tozawa, Travis Banks, and Moustache Mountain’s Tyler Bate enter the ring. Who survives this field of 20 to become the new Mr. Worlds Collide?

The bell rings and brawls break out immediately! Bate goes after Banks but Strong goes after them both. The Forgotten Sons obviously work together on Aichner, but Rinku & Suarav work together on Gulak. Aichner fights the Sons off while Riddle slips out and drags Bugenhagen with him. Neither is eliminated, the Bro just wants to rock out with Boogz! They rock with air guitars while everyone else brawls. Riddle even adds drums! Bugenhagen gets back in, and Riddle follows, and they go after Cruiserweights. Daivari saves Kendrick while Dijakovic goes after Aichner. Tozawa turns things around on Riddle and chops away! Riddle gets mad but Tozawa puts him on the top rope. Riddle fights him off and puts him in an armbar! But since that won’t eliminate anyone, Riddle lets Tozawa go.

Aichner suplexes Dijakovic but Dijakovic lands on his feet! Dijakovic grabs him around the throat, but Aichner breaks free and boots him back! Aichner has to club Carrillo out of the way then runs at Dijakovic, but Dijakovic puts him on the apron. Dijakovic grabs at Aichner but Aichner bumps him off buckles. Daivari CHOPS Riddle while Aichner slingshots. Dijakovic SUPERKICKS Aichner and ELIMINATES him! Tozawa leaps at Dijakovic but is caught! Dijakovic knees and TOSSES Tozawa to ELIMINATE him! Meanwhile, Strong and Gulak CHOP away on each other back and forth. Dijakovic brags but that just gets everyone’s attention. He dares them to bring it, so they do! All the other superstars clobber Dijakovic, but then many go after each other.

Dijakovic explodes out! He SUPERKICKS Blake then BOOTS Cutler! Carrillo come sin but Dijakovic kicks and LARIATS Carrillo! Strong survives but Gulak drags him up. Dijakovic BOOTS and ELIMINATES Carrillo! Bugenhagen wants to party and Daivari joins in, only to kick him low! Daivari goes to throw Bugenhagen but he turns it around, Bugenhagen throws and ELIMINATES Daivari! And Bugenhagen returns to rocking out. The Forgotten Sons kick Mark Coffey down while Gulak goes after Bugenhagen. Riddle and Banks trade CHOPS but they get Rinku’s attention. Rinku CHOPS them off their feet!

The Forgotten Sons confront the Coffey Brothers, and Joe tosses Blake! Blake holds on but Joe goes after him. Bugehagen battles Suarav, but Suarav hip tosses and ELIMINATES Bugenhagen! No more rock ‘n’ roll for this battle royal. The Coffey Brothers go after Strong and Suarav but Rinku helps out. Joe almost has Strong out, but Strong punches him away. Riddle has Gulak and Kendrick after him while Ligero fights the Forgotten Sons. Blake counters Ligero’s headscissor and Cutler forearms and ELIMINATES Ligero! Joe brawls with Dijakovic while Mastiff has Gulak in the fireman’s carry. Gulak flails but Riddle goes after Mastiff! Kendrick saves Gulak while Mastiff fights Riddle off. Rinku and Suarav scoop Travis Banks together and toss him out, to ELIMINATE him together!

Riddle and Strong trade CHOPS while Gulak and Kendrick stick together as 205 Live’s remaining superstars. Kendrick and Gulak take advantage of Riddle, and even Dijakovic helps! Riddle skins the cat, but Gulak catches him into a toehold! The Coffey Brothers battle the Forgotten Sons as well as Rinku & Suarav. Mark throws hands on both Cutler & Blake but they hit him. The Sons double whip but Mark sends them into each other. Mark waistlocks but Blake fights him off. Mark clobbers Blake then enziguris Cutler! Gulak saves Kendrick while Mark rocks Blake with a right! Mark goes to dump Blake but Cutler ELIMINATES Mark! Joe sees that and goes after both Sons!

Kendrick and Gulak see Strong on the apron and go after him while Dijakovic tosses Blake. Blake holds on and Cutler goes after Dijakovic. Riddle also goes after Dijakovic but gets kicks and elbows. Riddle fireman’s carries Dijakovic and hits the Bro To Sleep! Dijakovic flies out of the ring, to count as Riddle’s ELIMINATION! Mastiff clubs Riddle but Gulak and the Forgotten Sons go after him. They work together to get Mastiff up but he’s too big! Mastiff throws and ELIMINATES both Gulak and Blake! Kendrick is in shock, but Mastiff grabs him! Mastiff goes to throw him out but Kendrick fights him off. Kendrick stays low in a corner, the perfect anti-top-rope plan. Suarav and Rinku work to keep Strong down while Riddle and Mastiff CHOP away on each other!

Mastiff SLAPS Riddle, then goes to suplex. Rinku and Suarav talk strategy, but then Suarav throws Rinku! But Rinku went through the second rope, so the betrayal failed! Now the friends fight each other with big knees. Suarav succeeds now in throwing Rinku out over the top, and ELIMINATES him! Joe Coffey is after Strong while Blake runs at Kendrick. Kendrick back drops Blake out and ELIMINATES him! Strong stomps Coffey back then goes after Tyler Bate. Coffey goes after Kendrick with European Uppercuts, but Kendrick boots All the Best away. Kednrick SUPERKICKS, but Coffey counters Sliced Bread to throw and ELIMINATE Kendrick!

Coffey goes right at Riddle but Riddle ducks to CHOP away with palm strikes! Strong gets Mastiff up and over and uses a big knee to ELIMINATE Mastiff! The final five are Riddle, Strong, Coffey, Bate and Suarav! Riddle goes at Coffey with forearms and a Brosploder! Then the back senton, gets knees! Coffey goes after fellow NXT UK star Tyler Bate while Suarav scrapes Riddle out under the bottom rope. Perhaps Suarav isn’t quite understanding this is an over-the-top-rope match… Coffey whips Bate but Bate rebound lariats him down! Bate throws Coffey out and ELIMINATES him! Riddle returns to be the fourth in the final four.

Fans rally up for the “BRO! BRO!” while he, Bate and Strong realize Suarav is the biggest superstar left. They go after him 3v1 in a corner with haymakers and kicks. Suarav fights them all off, and scoop slams Bate. Riddle runs in but gets a sidewalk slam! Suarav goes after Bate and Strong at the same time but Riddle hops on! Riddle has the sleeper and Bate and Strong survive. Suarav throws Riddle off to the apron, then BOOTS him off to ELIMINATE him!! Fans boo that the Original Bro is gone, but Strong and Bate go after Suarav. Suarav rallies with lariats and scoop slams. Strong CHOPS and forearms Suarav to the ropes, and Bate adds on.

Suarav CHOPS Bate but Strong jumps to knee Suarav! Strong knees him again but Suarav stays standing. Bate brings Suarav up in a fireman’s carry, and the “Big Strong Boy!” takes Suarav to the apron! Bate ELIMINATES Suarav! Fans chant “Thank You, Tyler!” for that one. And now, Bate and Strong are the final two! NXT VS NXT UK will finish this out! Bate and Strong approach and start swinging! Bate gets the edge and throws big haymakers. He whips and back drops Strong hard! Bate then runs corner to corner for a BIG EuroUpper! And an exploder! Bate knips right up for the standing Shooting Star! Bate fires up more as Strong staggers up. Strong resists the underhooks to spin and SMASH Bate with a forearm! But Bate scoops Strong for the airplane spin!

Around and around and around, and around and around and around! Bate slows down then goes for ropes. Strong holds on and clubs Bate down. Strong staggers away, still dizzy from the ride. He comes back to club Bate again, but Bate hits back. They brawl at the ropes, Strong and Bate CHOP, but then Bate boots away! Bate swings but Strong hits back. Strong CHOPS Bate again and Bate falls to the mat. Strong brings Bate up but Bate back drops him to the apron! But Strong survives, only for Bate to clothesline him back out. Strong still survives, so Bate punches away. Bate punches but Strong kicks him low and bumps him off buckles. Strong gets back in and drags Bate up. He goes to suplex Bate out but Bate resists. They both go strength for strength and Bate fights Strong off.

Bate boots but Strong turns it into a backbreaker! The Savior of the Backbreaker finally gets one in, and he drags Bate up. He whips Bate out but Bate survives! Strong tries again but Bate still survives. Strong tries a third time but Bate still skins the cat. Fans duel and Strong CHOPS away on Bate! Bate whips Strong but Strong lands on the apron. The rolling kick rocks Strong but Strong holds on with one hand! Fans rally as both men slowly stand up. Bate grabs Strong but Strong hotshots Bate back. Strong suplexes but Bate lands on the apron. They brawl on the edge but Strong gets the edge. Strong shoves Bate into the post but Bate elbows back. Bate walks into a boot and enziguri! But Bop up, BANG hits!

Strong wobbles but Bate brings him up. Bate underhooks, but Strong resists again! Strong back drops Bate on the apron! But Bate still doesn’t fall off! Fans know “This is Awesome!” as both men crawl into the ring. Strong staggers up and runs back over but Bate elbows him away. Bate boots Strong, too, then throws big rights. Bate runs in but Strong throws him over! Yet Bate holds on! Bate skins the cat all the way, then dodges to rebound lariat, into a half nelson! Strong swings Bate up but Bate crucifies Strong! Strong keeps from going over and out, and puts Bate on the apron. Bate punches, slingshots, but Strong dropkicks Bate! Strong wins!

Winner: Roderick Strong

NXT, and more specifically, The Undisputed Era, wins Worlds Collide! The Savior of the Backbreaker is Mr. Worlds Collide, but will he find himself competing for a title for it?



My Thoughts:

I wasn’t sure how two battle royals were going to go for an hour and be good, but these two did great! I was surprised they didn’t sprinkle in a single Raw or SmackDown superstar for either part, but I suppose there would be no point when Wrestlemania would give them that opportunity. These were solely for the three brands HHH controls (at least I’m pretty sure he has top input on 205 Live), and leave it to them to do so much better than what Vince has his hands on. I was really surprised at some eliminations, like Toni Storm, who surprised me at even being in the match. Same goes for Matt Riddle by the brand-new Suarav Curjar.

But it was also those surprises that actually made this all work. I think what happens with the main roster is that someone is either too obvious to win, or there is someone fans all want to win, but then they get screwed. It actually works for the better that it was a surprise for Bianca to win over Shirai and Toni, and for Strong to win over Riddle and Bate. Bianca is still clearly a high level superstar for NXT so this battle royal win helps keep her afloat in the eyes of the fans, and the same goes for Strong, regardless of whatever stories are going on in canon NXT. Another surprise was that NXT won both, but I suppose NXT should be and is still the strongest of these three brands.

My Score: 8.3/10

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