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PROGRESS Wrestling 2019 Super Strong Style 16 Tournament Results

PROGRESS held its huge tournament over the weekend–check out the results (featured NXT & NXT UK talent).



PROGRESS Wrestling 2019 Super Strong Style 16 Results

PROGRESS Wrestling held its Super Strong Style 16 tournament over the weekend, and we have the full results!

Super Strong Style 16, a yearly event for PROGRESS Wrestling, took place this weekend. Here are the full results of this three-day event, featuring stars from WWE NXT & NXT UK.

PROGRESS 2019 Super Strong Style 16 Night 1

  • Ilja Dragunov def Chris Brookes with a torpedo headbutt
  • Kyle Fletcher def Daga with a cradle driver.
  • Travis Banks def DJZ with a reversal into a duplex driver
  • Jordan Devlin def Lucky Kid with a ripcord belly to back suplex
  • Trevor Lee def Aerostar after a low blow kick behind the refs back, followed by a roll up.
  • David Starr def Artemis Spencer with a powerbomb onto his knee
  • Paul Robinson def Darby Allin with a two foot curb stomp/butt drop onto Darby’s head.
  • Kyle O’Reilly def Chris Ridgeway with a knee bar

PROGRESS 2019 Super Strong Style 16 Night 2

  • Aero Star beats Daga
  • Quarter Final Match – Jordan Devlin defeats Kyle Fletcher (w/Mark Davis)
  • Quarter Final Match – Ilja Dragunov defeats Trevor Lee
  • Women’s Championship Four Way Qualifying Match – Martina defeats Jinny (w/Laura Di Matteo)
  • Eight Man Tag Team No DQ Match – Jimmy Havoc, Ligero, Mark Andrews & Mark Haskins (w/Vicky Haskins) defeat Do Not Resuscitate (Chuck Mambo, Drew Parker, Spike Trivet & William Eaver)
  • Quarter Final Match – Kyle O’Reilly defeats Paul Robinson
  • Quarter Final Match – David Starr battles Travis Banks to a Double Count Out
  • Chris Ridgeway, Darby Allin & Lucky Kid defeat Artemis Spencer, Chris Brookes & DJ Z
  • World Championship vs Atlas Championship Unification Match – World Champion WALTER defeats Atlas Champion Trent Seven by referee’s decision to win the unify the championships

PROGRESS 2019 Super Strong Style 16 Night 3

  • Hangover Scramble – Chris Brookes over Roy Johnson, OJMO, Chris Ridgeway, Connor Mills, Darby Allin, DJZ, Trevor Lee, Lucky Kid, and Artemis Spencer
  • Semi Final (Triple Threat Elimination)  David Starr over Travis Banks and Ilja Dragunov
  • Semi Final – Jordan Devlin over Kyle O’Reilly
  • Jimmy Havoc Farewell Death Match – Paul Robinson over Jimmy Havoc
  • Progress Tag Team Championship – Champions Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) over Aerostar and Daga to retain, The 198 (Flash Morgan Webster and Wild Boar) attacked and beat down the champions after the match
  • Progress Women’s Championship Fatal Four Way – Champion Jordynne Grace over Nina Samuels, Millie McKenzie and Session Moth Martina to retain
  • Super Strong Style 16 Final – David Starr over Jordan Devlin

Results credit PWPonderings and POST Wrestling.

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