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The Chairshot Staff Picks – NXT Takeover XXV

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to The Chairshot Staff Picks! Coming off of the heels of Double Or Nothing and Money In The Bank, Takeover XXV looks to continue the wave of momentum professional wrestling is riding lately. Five super solid matchups coming our way Saturday night. Let’s get right to it and find out what kind of prognostications our pundits will be providing…

NXT Takeover XXV – Bridgeport, CT

Matt Riddle v Roderick Strong

  • Bobby Fernandes – Riddle
  • Harry Broadhurst – Riddle
  • Jay Bradley – Riddle
  • Korey Gunz – Riddle
  • Mason Epeneter – Riddle
  • Mathew Sarpriacone – Riddle
  • Nicholas Marsico – Riddle
  • Rey Ca$h – Riddle
  • Rob Bonnette – Riddle
  • Scott Mcleod – Riddle
  • Steven Mitchell – Riddle
  • Tiffany Carter – Strong
  • Dave Ungar – Riddle
  • DPP – Riddle
  • Andrew Balaz – Strong
  • Greg DeMarco – Riddle

Tunney’s Take: Could Matt Riddle be on the fast track to challenging for the NXT title SummerSlam weekend? Riddle v Cole? Riddle v Gargano?!!! My pick is Matt Riddle

The Chairshot – Matt Riddle 15-2 #UseYourHead

Lorcan & Birch v Street Profits v Undisputed Era v Forgotten Sons

  • Bobby Fernandes – Lorcan & Birch
  • Harry Broadhurst – Street Profits
  • Jay Bradley – Undisputed Era
  • Korey Gunz – Undisputed Era
  • Mason Epeneter – Forgotten Sons
  • Mathew Sarpriacone – Forgotten Sons
  • Nicholas Marsico – Forgotten Sons
  • Rey Ca$h – Street Profits
  • Rob Bonnette – Street Profits
  • Scott Mcleod – Street Profits
  • Steven Mitchell – Undisputed Era
  • Tiffany Carter – Forgotten Sons
  • Dave Ungar – Forgotten Sons
  • DPP – Street Profits
  • Andrew Balaz – Forgotten Sons
  • Greg DeMarco – Lorcan & Birch

Tunney’s Take: I wouldn’t be surprised to see any of these teams leave with the titles and you shouldn’t be surprised when these eight men have the match of the night! If you can’t tell I’m really looking forward to this one. I’ve also been looking forward to Dawkins and Ford getting a nice run with the titles. My pick is the Street Profits

The Chairshot – Street Profits 6, Forgotten Sons 6, Undisputed Era 3, Orcan & Birch 2 #UseYourHead

Velveteen Dream(c) v Tyler Breeze

  • Bobby Fernandes – Dream
  • Harry Broadhurst – Dream
  • Jay Bradley – Dream
  • Korey Gunz – Dream
  • Mason Epeneter – Dream
  • Mathew Sarpriacone – Dream
  • Nicholas Marsico – Dream
  • Rey Ca$h – Dream
  • Rob Bonnette – Dream
  • Scott Mcleod – Dream
  • Steven Mitchell – Dream
  • Tiffany Carter – Dream
  • Dave Ungar – Dream
  • DPP – Dream
  • Andrew Balaz – Breeze
  • Greg DeMarco – Breeze

Tunney’s Take: It would be really cool for Tyler Breeze to come back to NXT and win a title. I don’t thing that is going to happen. It could… but it won’t. My pick is Velveteen Dream

The Chairshot – Velveteen Dream 15-2 #UseYourHead

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Shana Baszler(c) v Io Shirai

  • Bobby Fernandes – Shirai
  • Harry Broadhurst – Shirai
  • Jay Bradley – Shirai
  • Korey Gunz – Baszler
  • Mason Epeneter – Shirai
  • Mathew Sarpriacone – Shirai
  • Nicholas Marsico – Shirai
  • Rey Ca$h – Shirai
  • Rob Bonnette – Baszler
  • Scott Mcleod – Shirai
  • Steven Mitchell – Shirai
  • Tiffany Carter – Shirai
  • Dave Ungar – Shirai
  • DPP – Shirai
  • Andrew Balaz – Shirai
  • Greg DeMarco – Shirai

Tunney’s Take: I’m not as confident as the numbers are here for Io. At some point Baszler’s time will be up. Is this it? My pick is Io Shirai

The Chairshot – Io Shirai 15-2 #UseYourHead

Johnny Gargano(c) v Adam Cole

  • Bobby Fernandes – Gargano
  • Harry Broadhurst – Gargano
  • Jay Bradley – Cole
  • Korey Gunz – Cole
  • Mason Epeneter – Cole
  • Mathew Sarpriacone – Cole
  • Nicholas Marsico – Cole
  • Rey Ca$h – Cole
  • Rob Bonnette – Cole
  • Scott Mcleod – Gargano
  • Steven Mitchell – Gargano
  • Tiffany Carter – Gargano
  • Dave Ungar – Gargano
  • DPP – Cole
  • Andrew Balaz – Gargano
  • Greg DeMarco – Cole

Tunney’s Take: Gargano or Cole? Cole or Gargano? Finkle and Einhorn. Einhorn and Finkle. I see Johnny wrestling defending the NXT title SummerSlam weekend. My pick is Johnny Gargano

The Chairshot – Adam Cole 9-8 #UseYourHead

Once again a big thank you to all of our staff for participating and all of our readers for consuming our content. My name is PC Tunney @PCTunney, you can find me on #PODisWAR and on @podcastDWI every week right here on …Grab a beverage of choice and some popcorn and ENJOY Takeover XXV!!!


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