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Tiffany’s Takes: 205 Live (5-28-19)

Tiffany Takes time to look into this week’s edition of WWE 205 Live. Did the Cruiserweight Division deliver?

Tiffany Takes time to look into this week’s edition of WWE 205 Live. Did the Cruiserweight Division deliver?

After a little lackluster episode last week. Does the show pack more of a punch this week?

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: I’ll admit to not being a huge Tony Nese fan, but I was definitely impressed with his desire to compete and wanting to give Tozawa a shot. Most champs don’t take the initiative like that, or they’re not allowed to. I really want to see that match, so get to it, Maverick!

Humberto Carrillo vs Jack Gallagher: What. A. MATCH! I forgot to take notes about this match because it was so good. Gallagher and Carrillo are just wonderful to watch work together. Carrillo definitely seems like someone has big plans for him. However, I’m not sure Carrillo is the answer to the dearth of babyfaces 205 is facing. He’s a great talent and the picture of a babyface, but I don’t think he’s the answer, or he’s not the ONLY answer to the problem.

Mike Kanellis vs Brian Kendrick: I was so excited by this match and by the outcome! I’ve been saying for awhile that WWE is sleeping on Mike Kanellis, so letting him have a GREAT match with Brian Kendrick AND actually winning the thing CLEAN was wonderful to watch.

I’m hesitating to get TOO invested in Kanellis MAYBE getting a title push because of Maria dropping that their contracts were up in three week, but maybe this change will keep them in WWE and moving towards that title shot.

Ariya Daivari and Oney Lorcan: After last week’s win, I actually thought Daivari would be getting another title shot at Nese, so finding out that he seems to be feuding with Lorcan, who I wouldn’t cross with a chainsaw, seems like a lot of fun. I also loved Lorcan basically telling Daivari that it’s not his (Lorcan’s) fault that Daivari is an idiot. It was a really good comeback from a guy who looks like he’s got no sense of humor.

Mike Karma vs Noam Dar: One thing I appreciated about this match was the continuity. Dar turned heel last week on NXT UK, and he stayed a heel on 205 Live. The match against Karma was pretty good, but the bigger story is that Dar has a chance to be a major heel on 205 and NXT UK, but 205 needs babyfaces, not heels.

Drake Maverick’s Office: I love the 24/7 championship, but having Maverick constantly chasing the thing at the expense of doing his job was dumb. Please don’t make an effective General Manager look like a moron.

Overall Thoughts: That was a really good show. 205 has really pulled itself out of the hole it was in after its debut. It does feel like they’re starting to really rebuild after losing their three top talents to the main roster, which still annoys me.

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I hope to see Mike Kanellis finally get in line for a title shot, but with Maria mentioning that their contract was up soon, which also implies they aren’t renewing, I don’t think its going to happen and that’s very disappointing.

I did love Nese wanting to be a fighting champion and fighting to get Tozawa as his opponent, very fun to see in any champion.

I enjoy watching Maverick chase R-Truth for the 24/7 Title, but not when he’s supposed to be focusing on 205, it just makes him look dumb and the fact that he can barely run makes him look bad as it is.

That’s it for Tiffany’s Belated 205 Takes. Tune in later for the NXTs.


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