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Andrew’s WWE Raw and SmackDown Live Ratings & Analysis (6/3 + 6/4/2019)

Last week’s polarizing holiday Raw should make this an interesting week going into Super Showdown!



Last week’s polarizing holiday Raw should make this an interesting week going into Super Showdown!

As I said last week, Raw was a decent 2 hour show, but that first hour was rough. Hopefully they don’t front load the show with worthless segments and a ton of talking again. SmackDown hasn’t been a ton better either.

At least Firefly Fun House is usually something to look forward to. Let’s cross our fingers for a better show.


Raw Ratings:

  • The Bloodline (Roman Reigns & The Usos) vs The Revival & Drew McIntyre: McIntyre wins via Claymore – ***
  • Charlotte vs Lacey Evans: Charlotte wins via DQ – *
  • Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss vs Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay – * ¼
  • Ricochet vs Cesaro: Ricochet wins via Cradle – ** ½



We start off with a little bit of Roman and Shane talking, that leads right into the 6 man tag, so not too bad.

What can be said of the match is everyone looked pretty solid and the crowd was really behind Roman. “We Want Roman” chants popped up, the crowd popped when he got tagged in, so that’s always fun in its own way.  Shane getting involved just enough for Drew to land a few Claymores looking like a beast, and then the beat down on Roman all made great sense, pretty entertaining as well.

Miz TV was honestly forgettable this week. Seth said nothing of merit or with conviction, so this just faded into the background noise of the night.

Lucha House Party comes out, and we all know I hate them. Lars comes back to retread the same crap about mowing them down, but they fight back a little knocking Lars out of the ring to walk away and rethink his strategy. So…I guess this was supposed to make it seem like the 3 of them maybe stand a chance. Horrible waste of time and space.

The IIconics pick on Nikki Cross a bit, Alexa comes in to stick up for her a little. Alexa says she knows Nikki probably wants nothing to do with her, but Nikki acknowledges the past, but since she’s been nice to her, Nikki is happy to be her friend. This could be a great pairing, and Nikki has a tendency to bring an adorable tone to the scene. So this could be really good.

Now even though Becky and Lacey had some decent lines going back and forth, Charlotte is a travesty on the microphone. Everything she said was bland, forced and just felt shoe horned messing up any flow the conversation was supposed to have.

Then we get a God awful match that wasn’t all Lacey’s fault. It was clunky, poorly paced, poorly executed and the DQ finish seemed more like saving the dying segment Old Yeller style. This was a flaming trash can, and a bit of it was Charlotte’s fault.

Rey Mysterio saying the line in English and then Spanish is really stupid. Joe coming out telling him he won’t let him have a moment. Rey then saying he’s not trying to have a moment, but needs a moment to talk. Poor use of words, but a segment that we were supposed to care, was just flat and dumb how he relinquished the belt to Joe instead of vacating.

Arm Wrestling was dumb, but it was short and Bobby showed off some great power and agility in the aftermath. So if nothing else, Bobby looked like a million bucks in change.

IIconics and Nikki with Alexa happen now. The match was a little rough, until we get to Alexa getting her coffee, getting it kicked and dropped while in white pants. Nikki gets the win with her finish and Alexa snaps. This is great for their story. Alexa used to get snarky and brush off anyone else, but now she was embarrassed, but Nikki managed to shake her out of her rage. I also like how Nikki keeps saying “we won”, it’s a cute little nuance that I hope matters.

Seth is out again to call out Brock. Corbin lays him out; Brock comes out, gets in a nice low blow and just enjoys beating the hell out of the champion. He doesn’t want to cash in; he just wants to inflict damage.  The crowd was even behind Brock chanting “one more time” after multiple shots with a chair and the briefcase.

Firefly Fun House, YOWIE WOWIE!  The introduction of the new little piggy Huskis adds a layer to if this Fun House is just all in his head and his way of playing out his past with the kid’s show veneer. The German accent also made me think Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka. Muscle Man Dance was great. Just, wow, tons of great fun and clever references.

Triple H and Randy Orton have a run of the mill promo, until the end when Randy says “get your balls out of Steph’s purse”, and that pops them both. So it was interesting because you could tell that they’re friends and that was such a buddy line to just get a reaction, the match should be decent since they both seem to enjoy the idea of wrestling one another.

So we all know Cesaro and Ricochet are great wrestlers, but damn this was sloppy. Numerous hiccups from the Backflip on the outside that Cesaro was supposed to catch him, but just fell, the finish wasn’t correct either, and those are just two that stick out. It was still fine, but if you’re gonna have them wrestle purely to see who’s better, a clumsy match helps nothing.

Undertaker takes 2 minutes to get to the ring, says nothing and the time cuts off before he says Rest in Peace. So yeah…a nostalgic yet lame way to end the show.


Overall Score: 7.5/10

Even if a couple segments hit me as dumb or lackluster, I found myself enjoying the show for the most part. Plus the really damn good Fun House adding some points, cause my math is always bias when the Fun House knocks it out of the park.


SmackDown Live Ratings:

  • New Day vs Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens: Kofi wins via Trouble in Paradise – ** ¼
  • 24/7 Championship Lumberjack Match: R-Truth (c) vs Elias: Elias win via Leaping Knee – N/ATITLE CHANGE!!
  • 24/7 Championship: Elias (c) vs R-Truth: Truth wins via Under the Ring Shenanigans – N/ATITLE CHANGE!!!
  • #1 Contender Triple Threat: Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte Flair vs Carmella: Alexa wins via Bliss DDT – ***
  • Apollo Crews vs Andrade: Did that even start? No Contest? Chicanery! – N/A



Opening up with Kofi’s video package of his trip to Ghana was obviously important to him and a great moment, but I started to get bored and when Dolph came out, I fell into a coma.

I came out of the coma to see the tag match start and it came off very much uninspired. This match really felt like watching them go through the motions. Then more Ziggler after makes that coma starts to creep in again.

Moment of Bliss wasn’t bad. Bayley showed a little more personality, Carmella and Alexa were fine and then Charlotte evoked the groan that could be heard throughout the universe. Here’s to hoping anyone except Charlotte wins this impending Triple Threat.

R-Truth really has been carrying this 24/7 gimmick well. If it were anyone else I don’t think it would be nearly as funny or tolerable. The lumberjack match was nothing except a good vehicle to get an awkward situation, a title change and then Truth chasing Elias under the ring and the referee somehow being able to see what went on and count a pinfall. So Elias is a 2 time champion and R-Truth is a 4 time and the current champion again. The gimmick will start to get stale, but it’s still fine to me.

Aleister Black says nothing of merit, but he yells a bit this time and gets marginally indignant. So does that count as character development now?

Shane gets the upper hand on Roman again, so one would assume Roman gets the win at Super Showdown. But I’d really like to see this setting up McIntyre for a big win at Stomping Ground.

This Triple Threat was actually pretty entertaining. Alexa shows off a slightly different style, Carmella keeps up well, Sparkle Splash/Twisted Bliss actually looked good and the finish was good. Sure, the Raw wild card getting a SmackDown title shot is a little awkward. But what better way for Bayley to cement a character change, then by beating the woman that humiliated her between Bayley this is Your Life and the Kendo Stick on a pole match. Good stuff here.

Lars Sullivan’s interview was worthless. Trying to make him seem like a twistedly intelligent freak who revels in his moniker is dumb. No one cares that he’s okay with being called a freak or whatever else he rambled about. Just beat up people, shut up, or stop nearly swallowing your tongue every breath.

Then we get a throw away Andrade and Apollo match, that doesn’t even start and Finn shows up for a random brawl where Andrade stands tall afterwards. Talk about filler.

Goldberg comes out with good intensity and this was actually a solid hype promo. Undertaker does show up for a blue light stare down, then he disappears and Goldberg shrugs it off and laughs the whole time. Time for Goldberg to Spear Taker into dust!


Overall Score: 5/10

Well, this was not a great show, barely average and I think I read that there was only 19 minutes of wrestling. SmackDown is supposed to be the brand that does the in-ring action better, and lately it’s felt like a watered down Raw. Hopefully after Super Showdown we go back to SmackDown’s old formula. Cause this has been a fairly lame couple of weeks.

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Andrew’s Top 5 Matches: Week Ending 1/17/2021

Now since this week isn’t full of big events, the list should be a little more interesting. Let’s see what made the Top 5 and if it’s close to last week’s quality!



Last week kicked things off hot and heavy, and as expected; we cooled down a little this week. Still some fun matches, but nothing should really be competition for last week’s list.

Speaking of that list, all 6 matches had some support, and that’s really nice to see. However, there has to be a winner, and by only a couple of votes; Wrestle Kingdom Night 1: Will Ospreay vs Kazuchika Okada, won the popular vote!

So let’s see what matches we get to possibly add to the January pool!

Quick Top 5:

  1. NXT UK: NXT UK Championship: Walter (c) vs A-Kid
    Rating: ****
  2. Hard to Kill: Kenny Omega, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows vs Moose, Rich Swann & Chris Sabin
    Rating: ****
  3. Hard to Kill: Barbed Wire Massacre: Sami Callihan vs Eddie Edwards
    Rating: *** 3/4
  4. NXT: MSK vs Isaiah Scott & Jake Atlas
    Rating: *** 1/2
  5. Hard to Kill: X Division Championship: Manik (c) vs Rohit Raju vs Chris Bey
    Rating: *** 1/2
  6. IMPACT!: Rich Swann vs Karl Anderson
    Rating: *** 1/2

Honorable Mentions:

  • AEW New Year’s Smash Night 2: TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) vs Brian Cage
    Rating: *** 1/4
  • Hard to Kill: Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) w/Kimber Lee & Susan vs Taya Valkyrie w/ Decay
    Rating: *** 1/4
  • IMPACT!: Rohit Raju & Chris Bey vs Manik & Suicide
    Rating: *** 1/4
  • WWE SmackDown: Daniel Bryan vs Cesaro
    Rating: *** 1/4
  • NXT: Undisputed Era vs Breezango
    Rating: ***
  • Hard to Kill: Knockouts Tag Team Title Finals: Fire & Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) vs Nevaeh & Havok
    Rating: ***
  • AEW New Year’s Smash Night 2: NWA Women’s World Championship: Serena Deeb (c) vs Tay Conti
    Rating: ***
  • WWE SmackDown: Jey Uso vs Shinsuke Nakamura
    Rating: ***
  • IMPACT!: Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb vs Rosemary
    Rating: ***

4t. IMPACT!: Rich Swann vs Karl Anderson

From My Results:

The entire time Kenny’s been in the picture, they’ve put a lot of spotlight on some of Karl’s singles accolades in Japan. So it should come as no surprise that Karl actually came in with a plan and dominated for a good portion. Karl focused on the shoulder and it worked really well for him.

Rich was selling and getting caught by Shotgun kicks and a bunch of other moves, but at least proving to be resilient. Rich manages to catch Karl as Karl starts looking to finish things. A few nice strikes, the over the shoulder back kick and finally Swann’s got something. Karl does stabilize and look for the Gun Stun, but Rich ducks the Gun Stun with a School Boy Rollup and that’s the match!

Winner: Swann via School Boy Rollup


4t. Hard to Kill: X Division Championship: Manik (c) vs Rohit Raju vs Chris Bey

From My Results:

Rohit went after Manik to try and prove his point that it’s TJP. Bey seemed dead set on finding a way to win, and as we expected in an X Division match; there were a lot of spots, but they all made sense. Rohit does manage to take off the mask, but TJP painted his face under the mask, so it still throws off Rohit. TJP strings together a few moves, goes for the Mamba Splash, but gets caught by Bey with a Cutter. Bey then hits a Double Art of Finesse, but his brief moment of not knowing who to pin, caused the pinfall breakup.

Rohit almost won the title back after his call back to hitting his Tiger Knee after a Mamba Splash but Bey kicked out. Haymakers get thrown, Rohit hits the Dragon Stomp on Bey, and looks to finish things, but TJP slides in for the style of Cradle he’s used a bit lately, and retains his title after a fun, hard fought match.

Winner: Manik via Ole Cradle


4t. NXT: MSK vs Isaiah Scott & Jake Atlas

From Mitchell’s Coverage:

Swerve drags Wes up, full nelson for Atlas to HEEL KICK Wes, then a spin to a fireman’s carry, toss and SPINNING POWERSLAM! Swerve is up top, 450 SPLASH! Atlas covers, but Carter breaks it just in time! Fans fire up as Swerve grows frustrated! Swerve throws Carter back out, Atlas drags Wes back over and tags Swerve in. Atlas drags Wes to a corner, rams his shoulder in, and Swerve helps hoist Wes to the top rope. Swerve and Atlas both climb up to bring Wes up but Carter drags Atlas down in a heap! Wes shoves Swerve away and both men fall to the mat! Fans fire up as everyone is down, and Wes gets to ropes. Wes kicks Swerve away to go to his corner but no one is home.

Swerve runs in, blocks a boot, but Carter tags in! Carter ROCKS Swerve, Wes pops Swerve up to the ropes, Carter ROCKS Swerve into Wes’ NO HANDS POISON-RANA!! Carter drags Swerve up, Wes runs in, BLOCKBUSTER HART ATTACK! Cover, MSK WINS!!

Winner: MSK via Blockbuster Hart Attack


3. Hard to Kill: Barbed Wire Massacre: Sami Callihan vs Eddie Edwards

From My Results:

Interesting pacing to get across the familiarity, twisted respect and love for punishment between these two. We saw Barbed Wire Tables, Chairs, Baseball Bats, Kendo Sticks and even an…N64 Controller!

Sami took a ton of punishment, but the story was basically playing with Eddie’s emotions to bait him into bad dives, and openings for Sami to move out of the way, or sneak in a barbed wire shot. Eddie hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on a barbed wire chair, Sami hit an Avalanche Piledriver through a barbed wire table, but none of this was enough. If anything, the Piledriver just pissed Eddie off.

Going for the callback that started it all, Sami tries to hit a Barbed Wire Chair into Eddie’s face with a Barbed Wire Bat, but Eddie hits a low blow to get a moment. Sami tries to bring himself up with a chair, Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party, then the Diehard Flowsion for the win!

Winner: Eddie via Diehard Flowsion


1t. Hard to Kill: Kenny Omega, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows vs Moose, Rich Swann & Chris Sabin

From My Results:

We get a lot of Japanese tag stylings, from the triple team that Team Impact pulls off, to the way the Club breaks up any type of momentum with their own train attacks into the corner. Moose looked amazing in this match. He went toe to toe with everyone, pulled off great moves like a Standing Moonsault, leaped to the top rope for a Spanish Fly and was a really good teammate, regardless of his issues with Rich Swann. Hell Swann and Moose even hit a Doomsday Device variant together. Small aside, I did like seeing Chris Sabin pull off Cradle Shock, which just doesn’t happen often enough anymore.

Omega almost has the match one on Rich, but the only one able to break it up was Moose, and he did so. Omega went into V-Trigger spamming mode to wipe out Moose, rock Rich and then a One Winged Angel won the match for the Bullet Club former members.

Winner: Omega via One Winged Angel


1t. NXT UK: NXT UK Championship: Walter (c) vs A-Kid

From Mitchell’s Coverage:

AK survives two powerful impacts and BT Sports Studio is thunderous! Walter stirs and crawls over to AK. Walter facelocks AK, drags him up and eggs him on. Walter CHOPS AK back down and AK flops to ropes! AK sits up and Walter kicks at him again. Walter CLUBS AK but AK gets up with a clenched jaw. AK SLAPS Walter, then catches the chop to a takedown! AK locks up one arm, wants the other, but Walter resists! AK shifts to an ARMBAR! Walter clasps hands, moves around, but AK keeps his shoulders up in the triangle hold! Walter moves around, rolls them both to the ropes then out of the ring! Walter APRON BOMBS AK down!!

AK crumples to the floor but Walter drags him back up to put him in. Walter stalks AK but AK fires off palm strikes! Walter grabs AK for a sleeper but AK pries it off to PELE! Walter staggers, AK runs, into a LARIAT!! Walter CHOPS AK on the back! And POINT-BLANK LARIATS!! Cover, Walter wins!!

Winner: Walter via Burning Lariat



Well it’s hard to argue that Walter vs A-Kid was the best match, it only lacked a little punch since I don’t follow NXT UK super closely; so I didn’t see A-Kid as a credible threat. He did prove himself fairly well with the MMA style strikes and grappling attacks, but he’s still to fresh of a face to me, for me to have bought in as much as say Ilja or Tyler Bate, when they had their big versus little man matches.

Impact did bring some higher quality, but that’s to be expected since they had a PPV and a Go Home. The Rascalz debuting as MSK was nice, so I’m glad they got a small moment to shine.

Either way, Walter vs A-Kid, is my vote for match of the week. Which one gets your vote?

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News From Cook’s Corner 1.18.21: Living The Dream

Steve Cook rocking some news off of his high from having an article of his highlighted on the Cornette’s Drive-Thru. How does the news this week look?



Hi, hello & welcome to News From Cook’s Corner! Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend full of NFL football and whatever else you like to enjoy. I’d also like to wish you all a happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and pay homage to the man. He had a dream, and maybe someday we’ll live up to it.

It was a pretty big week for your humble correspondent. When you’re a writer of any type, you’re prone to thinking that nobody cares about what you’re writing. I guarantee that even the most prolific authors have gone through that feeling. Maybe not James Patterson or Stephen King, everybody reads their stuff. Dave Meltzer probably hasn’t had that feeling in at least thirty years. Most of us have to fight it off. Especially those of us writing about pro wrestling, a form of entertainment where most of the people involved are constantly trying to deny the truth.

Whenever we find any kind of acceptance, we have to lean into it. Even if there’s some qualifiers. For instance, when Traci Brooks first e-mailed me about an Impact recap I did for 411, she called me “Scott”. When Steve Austin read my 411 Wrestling Hall of Fame article on him and put it over as a good recap of his career, he thought Larry Csonka had written it, since Larry tweeted him about it. If you listen to Jim Cornette talk about an article I did on 411 listing the worst tag teams of all time, you won’t hear my name. The site was mentioned, which I appreciate since 411 still employs me.

Still, though, it’s pretty cool that I gave Corny & Brian Last almost seventeen minutes of material for a podcast. It’s even cooler to me as a nerd that looks at these things that it got more YouTube views than their breaking down the SI Top 10 Wrestlers of 2020 list that got some run from WWE since they listed Sasha Banks at #1, or anything else they posted from that particular podcast. And they weren’t all from me! I waited a little while to listen to it because of my somewhat thin skin, but Cornette actually didn’t complain about most of the list. He thought the Ding Dongs should have been #1, but then he justified my pick of the Johnsons/Shane Twins while talking about their stint in OVW. Which took place after their run in TNA that made the list. I’m still amazed they got a WWE run.

I haven’t always agreed with Cornette’s viewpoints on things over the years, but I grew up watching the guy and he’s the second greatest manager of all time. Also a fellow Kentucky liberal, which I’m pretty sure I’m the last of that dying breed.

While we’re talking about things I’m proud of creating I’ve mentioned here before that I’m not exactly happy about reliving 2020. I would prefer to move on to 2022, since 2021 already looks like a dumpster fire. However, I am very proud of 411mania’s Larry Csonka Award. (I wasn’t going to say I came up with it unless it became public knowledge, and Jeremy Thomas elected to give me the credit.) It took some thinking, but I figured that since Larry was the hardest working writer that I knew, an award honoring him should award the hardest working pro wrestler. Then I had to figure out what that meant, and once I did, one of Larry’s favorites was the perfect honoree.

Tomohiro Ishii won the award, & I can guarantee you that Larry would have been tweeting about BIG TOM ISHII throughout the year, even if I was begging him to talk about Ding & Dong. I used to hate when people would talk about what dead wrestlers would have approved of, but here I am telling you that Larry Csonka would have wanted Tomohiro Ishii getting an award named in his honor. As much as year-end awards annoy me from time to time, I hope this one lasts forever.

It’s probably the most fulfilling week of my “writing career” except I didn’t make any money off of it. Well. Actually, I got paid for some of my work from last year, so that was also nice. If it wasn’t for everything else currently going on in my life besides this online writing & podcasting stuff, I would be a pretty happy dude!

Anyway, let’s get to the news.

WrestleMania Update: Not being held In Your House.

WWE announced some future WrestleMania dates and locations!

37: April 10 & 11, 2021 Tampa NFL stadium
38: April 3, 2022, Dallas NFL stadium
39: April 2, 2023, Los Angeles NFL stadium

Nothing especially surprising here. Tampa got jobbed last year, and you can’t have fans in California right now anyway. You also have to mix Dallas in there to keep Jerry Jones happy, and eventually you can try to break whatever the current WM record is listed at.

*looks it up*

101,763? Ok. Am I the only one that has a problem remembering these things now? The old WM III attendance record of 93,173 was always an easy one to ramble off the top of your head. Too many numbers these days.

I know some folks aren’t happy that WM has fallen into a rotation of cities in a certain part of the world, leaving everybody else out of the mix. That doesn’t bother me so much, mostly because I have no plans on attending one of these things. I wasn’t a fan of big crowds pre-covid. Now? Forget about it.

HOF going virtual

The Observer reports this year’s WWE Hall of Fame event is scheduled to be held virtually, without a live audience. No word yet on if there will be more inductees to join the folks that were scheduled to be inducted last year.

I know we all miss having fans at wrestling events, but I think most of us can agree that the Hall of Fame would be better without fans on a permanent basis. That 2004 event at the hotel was so cool with Bobby Heenan and company giving speeches without having to be interrupted by stupid chants & assorted nonsense. I haven’t watched a full HOF event in years, as much as I like seeing the old folks, the ceremony became a joke thanks to fans acting like idiots. This should be a step in the right direction.

Hey, I’m not anti-fan, not by any means. Can’t wait to see a crowd at WrestleMania. Wrestling is better with fans, hall of fame ceremonies aren’t. Pretty simple.

AEW Covid Issues

WWE’s issues with the coronavirus and various outbreaks have been discussed time & again. Up until this point, AEW had managed to keep their issues under the radar. There were a couple instances where matches were changed due to people being unavailable, but the impression was given that AEW was doing a better job of keeping its roster safe.

That assumption has to be called into question after two of AEW’s top talents revealed their issues with the virus. Chris Jericho mentioned on his Talk With Jericho podcast that he had the virus back in September. He was asymptomatic & apparently quarantined himself during ten days where he was home & AEW wasn’t taping shows. It should be noted that Jericho appeared on every episode of Dynamite in September. Nick Jackson revealed that he had the virus during September as well, which a lot of folks suspected when he was conspicuous by his absence on two episodes of Dynamite.

You just hope everybody’s staying safe. Dave Meltzer mentioned that both companies have been concerned that their talent has been too cavalier about the virus. Wrestlers from both WWE & AEW socialize all the time, especially now that so many of them are based in Florida. Many of them think that the virus is going away, when a look at the news on any given day tells you that it isn’t. Wrestlers aren’t the only people making that inaccurate assumption, of course.

Ethan Page: Not as Hard To Kill as Impact Wrestling

Those of you who caught Impact’s PPV on Saturday night were witness to a murder, the first one in Impact Wrestling in 2021. One assumes there will be more. At the conclusion of a match pitting Ethan Page against Karate Man, Man pulled Page’s heart right out of his body. This was believed to be Page’s final appearance with Impact heading into the evening, and one would assume that was accurate.

Page was none too happy with how things ended with Impact. He posted a message on the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast expressing his discontent with how his match was edited & forced to be a joke, how he didn’t want to use the Karate Man character on TV, and how Impact hurt & disrespected him. This came as a surprise to me, because I thought it was obvious the angle was supposed to be a joke from the beginning. I wasn’t sold on it being the best way to write Page out of the promotion, but I did find the match entertaining. I also had a little bit to drink before watching it, so maybe that played a role. Not sure.

I’m also not sure where Ethan Page goes from here. Talented creative guy, so we’ll probably see him somewhere sooner rather than later. Let’s just hope his heart’s healed up by then.

Luchadors Running For Office!

We know that lucha libre has run into some big problems since the pandemic. Most promotions aren’t able to run shows, giving wrestlers fewer opportunities to work & make money. Some have found other things to do, whether it be running food trucks, training people, or running for political office.

Running for what now? Yep, that’s right, political office. Blue Demon Jr., Caristico & Tinieblas Jr. have filed to run for office as part of the Progressive Social Networks party, which was founded just last year. Each man is looking to attain a mayorship in a different municipality of Mexico City. Now, one question you might have is this: Would the men have to unmask and reveal their identity? They would, but only in front of the authorities in charge of the election. They would be able to maintain their secret identity in public, though this isn’t as big an issue for Caristico because WWE already made his government name a matter of public record.

I haven’t seen any polling on any of these races, but it’s tough to count these men out. Wrestlers have a pretty good track record of success in political races in America & Japan. Why not Mexico?

Well, that’s all we have time for this week! Stay tuned here to the Chairshot for all the sports, entertainment & sports entertainment you can shake a stick at! Until next time, keep your stick on the ice.


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