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Bischoff/Heyman Land Big Roles In WWE!

Bischoff/Heyman Land Big Roles In WWE!



Eric Bischoff

The Bisch Is Back In WWE!

Since I started writing news for the Chairshot, we have gone to a once a day, or every other day format for the news, and rarely have done individual news updates. However, the news out of the WWE today deserves its own entry. In news first broken by Sports Illustrated, and later confirmed by WWE, Paul Heyman has been named Executive Director of RAW, and Eric Bischoff has been named Executive Director of SmackDown Live. Bischoff will be working directly with the executives at FOX when SmackDown Live moves from USA to FOX in October.

Many wrestlers and fans have been voicing their reactions over social media.

Jason’s Take

This is going to be long winded, so bare with me. I’ve seen many posts, probably mostly joking, today by fans thinking that the Nasty Boys and Hulk Hogan are going to be on SmackDown. That was funny when they were in TNA in 2010, but not so much now. Fans want change, WWE makes changes, and fans crap on it, but have no solutions on how else to make it better.

Bischoff is highly intelligent with the inner workings of television development and his role working directly with the network will suite him well. He is the only person to have Vince McMahon against the ropes. And while many of you say with ex-WWE stars, isn’t two of AEW’s top stars ex-WWE guys ? And Heyman, whether you like him or not, is a wrestling genius. I know it probably sounds like I am a WWE mark, but did you think the company was going to sit and twiddle their thumbs with dwindling television ratings and the threat of “competition” from AEW? There is blood on your hands Kenny Omega!

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