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WWE NXT Takeover XXV Silver


Takeover XXV: Bobby’s Good, Bad and Ugly Preview

What will be Good, Bad, and/or Ugly tonight at Takeover XXV?

Bobby checks back in with his Good, Bad, and Ugly preview for WWE NXT Takeover XXV! 

Welcome to the Good, Bad and Ugly Pre-NXT Takeover XXV edition.  NXT is solid gold and the recent weekly program hasn’t disappointed.  NXT is top notch and without question the standard in professional wrestling.  NXT Takeover has become a treat to all but let’s see how the 25th Takeover stacks up. 

The GOOD of Takeover XXV

Matt Riddle v Roderick Strong

Although most likely alone on this, I wasn’t into Matt Riddle prior to his ridiculous performance against Velveteen Dream in the last Takeover.  That match simply blew me away.  Riddle is now one of my favorites to watch.  He is over, talented and hungry which makes him unstoppable.  He seems to get better and better over time and doesn’t look to let up anytime soon.  Roderick Strong is a monster and can work a broom in that ring and make it look Good.  This match will be a Good one for Takeover XXV and we should expect a wrestling clinic in there.  King of Bros Wins! 

NXT Tag Team Championship Match (Ladder Match) – Undisputed Era v Street Profits v Forgotten Sons v Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch 

Every team here would make great champions, except Forgotten Sons.  I really am not sure what NXT sees in them and keeps booking them to solid, one sided victories.  Having said that Undisputed Era are already living legends, Street Profits are straight fire, and my pick Lorcan and Burch have more than earned this opportunity.  Add a ladder to this already amped group of show offs, and expect a forest fire.  This will be very violent, and full of gasp and gore.  Everyone here is fearless and will not allow this match to be an afterthought.  They will try to steal the whole damn show.  This will be insane, and we are all in for a treat.  Lorcan and Burch Win! New and well deserved Tag Team Champions!  Oney Lorcan is easily one of the very best NXT has and it will finally come to fruition. 

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NXT North American Championship- Velveteen Dream (c) v Tyler Breeze

The Purple Prince vs Prince Pretty.  Tyler Breeze back where he has some clout, against the hottest thing going in NXT.  Breeze being wasted away, like most in the Main Roster was a major player in NXT and him coming back and facing a man like Velveteen Dream is huge.  This will be a phenomenal match.  I expect it to shine and possibly catapult Breeze back to fame.  However it will be Velveteen Dream leaving again victorious with the gold. 

NXT Women’s Championship- Shana Baszler (c) v Io Shirai

There is no secret that I repeatedly am impressed with Shana Baszler, she is a special talent.  I don’t however like her crew and she would be better off solo.  Io Shirai is an incredible talent and her new mean streak is welcome and needed.  Shirai’s new aggression and Baszler’s famous and notorious heel attitude will explode at Takeover.  This will be a great one as both don’t know how to fail.  I feel that Baszler will be called up shortly as she is needed there and would add a tremendous presence to the Women’s Division.  Io Shirai will win the Championship but she will get her ass kicked for it.  Great potential all around. 

NXT Heavyweight Championship- Johnny Gargano (c) v Adam Cole

If you were lucky enough, and if you are reading this you probably were, you got to see the last match they had.  That was magic, from start to finish.  Gargano is easily one of the most enjoyable wrestlers we get to watch in current times.  Adam Cole is no less than legendary.  They will be putting it all out there.  This is top tier, best of the best and at Takeover they will kick it up a notch.  Do not miss this one.  Gargano Retains!

The BAD – Nope

The UGLY – Nada

FINAL tally for Takeover XXV

  • Good- 5
  • Bad- 0
  • Ugly- 0

OVERALL pre-assessment of Takeover XXV

Good!  On fire, this show will deliver as NXT always does.  Every match offers an instant classic and lots of pops.  I as most, expect this show to blow us away.  AEW who?  NXT isn’t scared and NXT will shine as always. 

I know, you already know that NXT has nearly a flawless record on Good, Bad and Ugly, but don’t shoot the messenger, NXT is that Good.  In fact they are held to a higher standard than the Main Roster because they are just, better.  Takeover looks to be lit, and as expected we should have an incredible show.  Enjoy and make sure you check in for the post show addition of Good, Bad and Ugly exclusively on

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