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WWE NXT Takeover XXV Ladder Match


Bobby’s Good, Bad and Ugly Review: NXT Takeover XXV

It was all “good,” right?

WWE NXT Takeover is in the books, and Bobby Fernandes is back again with your Good, Bad, and Ugly review! 

June 1st 2019, NXT Takeover XXV is here and now.  The card is absolutely another stunner and as Pro Wrestling is on fire right now, expect nothing but the best from the Black and Yellow brand.  NXT Takeover has become wrestling fans biggest treat, let’s get down to ringside!


Matt Riddle v Roderick Strong

Matt Riddle is alive and rising fast, this match with a guy like Roderick Strong will only help.  We have some extreme lighting tonight, with the spotlight in the ring and the crowd blacked out.  We had a lot of “wrestling” in this one with two master technicians.  Riddle was very aggressive with Strong and him taking big bumps and hard hits.  Once Strong got the upper hand he dished out a ton of punishment to the King of Bros and kept control as long as he could.  Strong worked Riddle’s back and kept him at bay.  Riddle had spurts of fight but it was Strong just beating him down trying to get the big win. 

As expected Riddle got things cooking and hit huge strikes in a high energy offensive.  Riddle was hurting and tired but wouldn’t give in.  It was anyone’s match, Strong hit a series of strikes that had Riddle knocked out but Riddle still would not be denied.  Then it was Riddle who beat Strong out cold but also couldn’t seal the deal.  Finally Strong got Riddle in a deep Crab but managed to kick Strong back down again into a “bro-mission” but Strong again fought back.  Riddle finally dropped Strong in the center of the ring for the 3-count.  Riddle Wins!  Honestly, this was okay.  Not by any means Great but far from Bad.  Good start.  I continue to like the King of Bros more and more and cannot wait to see what is in his fantastic future. 

NXT Tag Team Championship Match (Ladder Match) – Undisputed Era v Street Profits v Forgotten Sons v Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch 

Right away, I love that Street Profits came out first the way they did, they have an intoxicating energy and the NXT Universe appreciated their efforts.  This team has so much “swag” it just is contagious.  Undisputed Era destroyed everyone off the bat and just looked ready.  Lorcan and Burch obliged and put up a fight as only they know how.  This match was chaos.  Of course all did a great job reminding us that ladders hurt.  This was just awesome, everyone showed up to put on a show and that they did.  Bobby Fish was a freak show just crashing into everyone with his whole body.  No one held back. 

Even Forgotten Sons were unbelievable here, proving again that NXT simply brings out the very best out of the talent.  Jaxson Ryker finally came out and interfered on behalf of his brothers.  Literally no one wanted Forgotten Sons to win and everyone was getting antsy as Ryker just destroyed their opponents.  Finally Ryker was ambushed by the whole pack and disabled, then it was back to action.  Forgotten Sons had it won much to the dismay of well, everyone but the, the Street Profits saved the day, took down the Sons and took the straps!  The crowd exploded, Street Profits are your new NXT Tag Team Champions! 

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NXT North American Championship – Velveteen Dream(c) v Tyler Breeze

If you expect Velveteen Dream to show up and kill it at NXT Takeover, you would be right every time.  Dream is magic on the big stage and a NXT Alum like Tyler Breeze won’t be his downfall.  This match is going to rock.  Tyler Breeze looked great in there, very mature and focused look.  His offense was sharp.  Dream did his usual show, pure charisma.  Breeze was so aggressive, he had Dream stunned.  Dream had to answer with his own savagery, however his showmanship got the better of him as he let Breeze get some rest.  It again was back and forth huge moves and even more attitude.  Both men were exhausted and at a stalemate. 

Breeze could feel the Gold several times but Dream just wasn’t ready to lose.  Breeze got the belt away from Dream but then got hit with a Dream Valley Driver followed immediately by a match ending Purple Rain Elbow Drop for the Win! Velveteen Dream retains the North American Championship!  An appropriate selfie was had out of mutual respect between Breeze and Dream. Another solid one.  This again though was far from perfect but definitely very Good.  NXT continues to deliver.  Good to see you Tyler Breeze welcome home!

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NXT Women’s Championship – Shana Baszler(c) v Io Shirai

Of course just my humble opinion but with the exception of Tessa Blanchard you are looking at the two best female professional wrestlers in the game.  I don’t say that lightly, as current Women’s Wrestling is stacked but I stand behind my statement.  Tessa is the best followed by these two.  Baszler is nasty in the greatest of ways and no one would argue with how good Shirai is.  The NXT Champ is so different, brutal and just raw.  Baszler should be doing big things for the remainder of her career and every match grips my attention.  She manhandled Shirai most of this match. 

However the Challenger wouldn’t quit.  Io Shirai was all heart and showed guts fighting through all of the abuse making a claim to the Championship with high flying tactics.  The HorseWomen came out as expected but Candace Larae came out swinging a kendo stick taking out Baszler’s backups.  All hell broke loose, close falls galore back and forth.  Baszler had it locked with her notorious Kirifuda Clutch and even after fighting with all the heart she had, Io Shirai had no choice but to tap out.  Shayna Baszler retains again in a hard fought, amazing match.  This was just a great showing by two of the top Woman talents in all of wrestling.  Io Shirai was beside herself completely destroying Baszler after the match with a kendo stick and a high flying, brutal onslaught.  This match was what is meant by get your money’s worth, and lucky for us it is far from over! 

NXT Heavyweight Championship – Johnny Gargano (c) v Adam Cole

Okay, I hated the Adam Cole rap opening, his opening is amazing without that element.  I love rap but that was stupid.  People love being a part of Cole’s opening and that kind of ruined it.  Gargano looked like a Champion and just shined coming down with the Gold.  It’s awesome seeing Cole as the underdog and Gargano on top.  The whole match was nuts, just non-stop counters and action.  A true Championship Match, back and forth and a real Main Event.  The energy was high, the high-spots were plentiful, and the drama was rising at all times.  Both guys were beaten and hurt, like all of the matches it could have gone either way, ending suddenly at any time.  Adam Cole had Gargano dead, finished and beaten but just cannot pin Johnny Champion.  They hit their finishers, each other’s finishers, and everything between, but no one could get the victory. 

They seemed like they could fight forever and no one would complain.  This is top tier professional wrestling action, and the best you can watch.  The ref got caught up fighting Cole over a chair and Gargano dove out hitting him.  Cole signaled for Undisputed Era but no one came out, Cole still almost got the win on a disoriented Gargano but again couldn’t get the finish.  Gargano out of no-where got Cole in the Gargano Escape but Cole got out and again the action went back and forth until Cole hit a Panama Sunrise and the Last Shot for the victory.  Your new NXT Heavyweight Champion, Adam Cole “Bay Bay”!  WOW!  This was a freaking monster of a match, and an unbelievable finish.  Adam Cole is your new Champion, and I for one cannot wait for the rematch already.    

BAD and UGLY- N/A for NXT Takeover until proven otherwise.


  • Good – 5
  • Bad and Ugly – Not a chance in hell! 


Good, all Good!  I don’t care if it is overkill, NXT is just the best.  Every NXT Takeover is purely gold.  This show was not perfect at all, in fact sometimes it surprised me in a negative way, but that is because the level is so high, and so sharp it is almost unfair to judge.  This was another huge winner and amazing night of NXT Wrestling.  I certainly hope Gargano and Cole never stop wrestling as they just are a joy to watch. 

So there you have it, another Good night for NXT.  If you are disappointed or surprised by the lack of negative feedback, I don’t know what to tell you, NXT is just amazing and haven’t warranted anything but praise.  Professional Wrestling is healthy and thriving at a new level and being a fan right now is unreal.  WWE is going to Saudi Arabia next week and to be honest I don’t plan on covering that show.  The whole thing is trash to begin with, and I would rather not waste my time with it.  Let me know what you think on twitter @OntheApronOTA.   See you soon on the next Good, Bad and Ugly only on 


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