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Chairshot Wrestling News Shuffle: Jon Moxley/IWGP, Mickie James, Attitude Era Returns? and More! (6/7/19)

News Involving: Jon Moxley/IWGP, Mickie James, Attitude Era Returns? and More! (6/7/19)



News here! Jon Moxley/IWGP, Mickie James, Attitude Era Returns? and More!

Moxley Wins IWGP US Title

Jon Moxley sure does get around. After his shocking debut for Double Or Nothing, Moxley had a match scheduled with Juice Robinson for the IWGP US Championship. After delivering the Death Rider finisher, Moxley was able to capture the championship. With the win, Moxley becomes the first person who has held both the WWE and IWGP US Championships. You we be able to see this match in full tonight (Friday) on AXS TV at 8 pm est.


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Jason’s Take

I know this is old news to many of you, and I apologize for not getting this in a news shuffle quicker. Regardless, it looks like wrestlers signed to AEW aren’t exclusively tied to the company. In Wednesday’s shuffle, I discussed the interview NJPW’s General Manager, Michael Craven, gave with Sports Illustrated in which he discussed the reason why NJPW did not have a working agreement with AEW. I don’t know how much I am willing to believe that. I would imagine that some of AEW’s signed talent heading to Japan is probably in good faith in hopes of working towards a talent exchange.

Mickie James To Undergo Surgery

Also in Wednesday’s shuffle, I discussed the news of Mickie James suffering an injury at live event in Texas. It turns out the injury is serious, and she will undergo surgery to repair a torn ACL. There has yet to be a time table set for her return.

Jason’s Take

Here is hoping for a speedy recovery for James. She still has a lot that she can offer to the wrestling business. In fact, I could see her transitioning to a training role at some point.

Women’s Match To Take Place At Super ShowDown ?

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the WWE is working with the Saudi General Sports Authority in hopes to have a women’s match occur between Alexa Bliss and Natalya at today’s Super ShowDown event. Both women made the flight to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Jason’s Take

This will be interesting to see if this match actually occurs. WWE, and wrestling in general, has always seemed to be entertainment that helps break down social barriers.

Attitude Era To Return?

Since the dawn of the PG Era of WWE, many fans have longed for the return of the Attitude Era. The Attitude Era is arguably the most successful time period for WWE in the company’s history. With WWE being a public traded company, and having millions of dollars on the line with partners/sponsors, it has always seemed unlikely. In a recent interview with TalkSPORT, Mick Foley threw out the idea of having an edgier third hour of RAW.

“The idea was ‘why don’t you try [having] a third hour.’ It was like a giant albatross around your neck. The third hour is really difficult. I think it’s an idea to have the third hour more unpredictable and more like the Attitude Era.”

Jason’s Take

It won’t happen, but keep dreaming. In my opinion, the ratings have nothing to do with the company being in the PG era. The poor ratings have to due with incoherent creative ideas. The talent is there, the writers are not.

Goldberg’s SmackDown Promo Unscripted?

Speaking of ratings and the attitude era, one of the the things that used to make WWE great was unscripted promos. Or, at least, promos with bullet points. It allowed a wrestler to grow in to their character, and it’s something the WWE really misses the mark on today. With that in mind however, it appears the Goldberg’s promo on SmackDown Tuesday, was unscripted according to Wrestling Observer Radio.

Jason’s Take

A wrestler will never be able to grow into a character with scripted promos. While I understand there are a percentage of wrestlers on the roster who can’t talk to save their lives, there are many that would be masterful at unscripted promos. Try it, see what happens. Ratings can’t get any worse then what they are now.


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