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WWE Brock Lesnar


Chairshot Wrestling News Shuffle: WWE Wrestlers To AEW? Lesnar Cash In, WWE 24/7 Title Plans and More! (6/3/2019)

News Involving: WWE Wrestlers To AEW? Lesnar Cash In, WWE 24/7 Title Plans and More!

News here! WWE Wrestlers To AEW? Lesnar Cash In, WWE 24/7 Title Plans and More!

WWE Wrestlers Interested In AEW?

Since the rumors of the AEW promotion began last fall, there were constant rumors regarding WWE Superstars being interested in jumping ship. Since then, we have seen former WWE stars Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, and Billy Gunn jump to AEW. Since the Talk Is Jeircho podcast with John Moxley was released last week, the rumors of wrestlers wanting to jump ship have intensified. In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that many on the WWE’s main roster and NXT have inquired about going to AEW. Meltzer noted that one of the main reasons people are wanting to leave to AEW is due to the lighter schedule that has been mentioned by Tony Kahn. Meltzer also noted that the feeling among stars in NXT, is that it will take an extended period of time to move to the main roster, and could be difficult to become a star in WWE based on how things are handled on the main roster.

Jason’s Take

You are going to hear rumors from now to the end of eternity about wrestlers who want to jump to AEW. Some of the talk will be legit, and some wont. Obviously, AEW wont sign every former WWE wrestler, and they already have a wealth of talent, so don’t expect a mass exodus of wrestlers moving from WWE to AEW any time soon. Rest assured though, the talent battle is real, and is in full swing.

AEW Television Update

Dave Meltzer also had some news regarding the weekly AEW on TNT show that will begin this fall. Meltzer reported that TNT has done many analytical studies to determine the best night to air the show. While the rumor has always been Tuesday nights, there could be the potential for many preemptions due to the NBA airing games on TNT Tuesday nights. According to Meltzer, Wednesday seems to be the most logical choice for airing the show. It is always being reported that the company is in talks to air weekly TV on TSN in Canada, which would reach a larger market in the country than what WWE currently does.

Jason’s Take

Either day seems to be a logical choice. Tuesday’s are nights that fans are used to watching SmackDown. But, I can’t see the company wanting to be preempted weekly due to the NBA, at least not when just starting out. One thing I am curious about is if the company/network will choose to air a replay of the show, similar to what WCW used to do with Nitro on Monday’s.

Brock Lesnar To Cash In On RAW?

Tonight’s RAW may just be a can’t miss episode. According to Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar will cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase on RAW against Seth Rollins. As many of you know, Lesnar was supposed to announce who he would be challenging last week, however, Heyman informed him he had a year in which he could hang on to the briefcase.

Jason’s Take

I would expect that this is a ruse, and Lesnar will not cash in Monday, especially with Super Show Down this weekend. Unless the company plans to hotshot a title change, and then have the title change hands again during the showdown event.

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WWE 24/7 Championship Plans

The WWE 24/7 title is either love or hated by wrestling fans. Regardless on your thoughts, it’s being talked about by many. According to the Wrestling Observer, the company has been coming up with many interesting ideas for the title including the title being defended on YouTube, Instagram and at the Performance Center in between shows.

Jason’s Take

Many of you like the idea of the 24/7 title, but to me it feels like a novelty. But, the company is desperate for views at this point, and having a cross platform to air title defenses is interesting.

All Out Title Match Announced

After Hangman Page won the Casino Royale Battle Royal, and Chris Jericho defeated Kenny Omega at Double Or Nothing, we knew what the first match for the AEW Championship would be. And now we know when it will occur. Chris Jericho will take on Hangman Page at the company’s All Out Event in Chicago on August 31st.

Jason’s Take

This will be a great match. However, I have to ask the question about where the company will go with this match. With weekly television coming in the fall, Jericho seems the logical choice. He is more of a household name with his XM Radio Show, Fozzy, Talk Is Jericho, and he previous runs in WWE. However, if the company plans to change the world, will they do it with an ex-WWE star? Or do the they take the fresh, “new” face.


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