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Greg DeMarco’s BOLD Predictions: What Happens AFTER NXT Takeover XXV?

Greg DeMarco is back with another round of BOLD Predictions! These aren’t exactly for NXT Takeover XXV, but for what tonight will lead to. Where are we BOLDly headed?

If you are reading this, you obviously aren’t tired of me, so thank you. I know you get a lot of me between the TV ratings, YouTube viewership, Driving With DeMarco, and more.  But here, I wanted to bring back my (world) famous BOLD Predictions for NXT. If you aren’t familiar with BOLD, here is what these predictions should be:

  • Bull-headed
  • Outlandish
  • Lascivious
  • Deplorable

So remember, don’t take them too seriously! But I am not going to make BOLD Predictions for takeover, you can see my predictions as part of our Staff Picks as compiled by The Commish PC Tunney. Instead, I am going to BOLDly predict what we are going to see AFTER Takeover XXV … where we’re headed. So enough pleasantries… LET’S GET BOLD.

Shayna Baszler Moves To Raw, Feuds With Becky Lynch

After she loses to Io Shirai at NXT Takeover XXV, I can see Shayna Baszler moving to the main roster. She’s 38 years old, but works a style that can provide some longevity. As much fun as Lacey Evans has been, she’s established enough to carry a second women’s feud on the Raw roster (remember, we can have more than one!). That could open us up for a great feud between Shayna and Becky Lynch, leading to a tremendous SummerSlam showdown. Baszler offers something the women’s division doesn’t have (especially on Raw), and she can be an impact player from Day One. If I’m in charge (and for the purposes of this article, I am!), she takes our Becky on Raw this Monday.

Velveteen Dream Moves To Raw, Feuds With AJ Styles

While the first one wasn’t really all THAT bold, I mean it’s something many of us wanted to see coming out of WrestleMania 35, this is definitely BOLD. I haven’t seen this anywhere. At least not in terms of who Dream feuds with on the main roster. I personally think that guy is AJ Styles. AJ’s current injury gives him time off, and Dream can disappear for a few weeks/a couple of months. WWE can hype AJ’s return promo, he can come back and talk about how he’s healing and nearly ready for a return. Just as he’s thanking the fans during a “we’re nearing the end for me” portion of the promo, here comes Velveteen Dream to a shocked reaction. Dream has a world class opponent and we’re off to the races.

The IIconics show up in NXT with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

We have a lot of talent in NXT, and a set of tapings coming to set the table for post-Takeover. I would love to see The IIconics in get some wins (that’s what everyone is complaining about, right) in NXT, leading to a big match–possibly in Toronto.

BONUS: The WWE 24/7 Championship is “defended” at Takeover

For sticking with me, you get a BONUS BOLD PREDICTION. So tonight, we see R-Truth (and Carmella) show up in Bridgeport and be put into a position to defend his championship. Maybe Drake Maverick shows up as well–we’ll see! R-Truth is hot right now (the YouTube views prove it) and it would be a great surprise for the NXT crowd.

The Undisputed Era Breaks Up, Adam Cole Turns Babyface

I fully expect Adam Cole to be the long representative of The Undisputed Era to win tonight, with Roderick Strong losing to Matt Riddle, and Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly now capturing the NXT Tag Team Championships in the ladder match. The seeds of dissension have been sewn, and it will start to play out at Takeover when Cole doesn’t celebrate with his partners. It will continue at the next set of tapings, where Adam Cole is brutally attacked and abandoned by the trio, and possibly a new member/leader. This puts Cole in the rare babyface role, but it’ll still be the same Adam Cole we all know and love.

Concluding BOLD Predictions for WWE NXT Takeover XXV

There is so much that can happen as WWE is in such a state of flux right now. So here are a few things to think about:

  • Matt Riddle goes to the main roster – Riddle has star potential and can offer so much
  • Danny Burch follows Oney Lorcan to 205 Live – it gives that brand a tag team to add to the mix
  • Johnny Gargano goes to 205 Live – I know you don’t want it, but he can reignite the brand that has gone stale with the losses of Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander, the move to Raw or Smackdown after WrestleMania 36
  • Shane Strickland makes an impact at Takeover – NXT needs a spark as well (I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true), and a surprise attack tonight could really provide that moment

We’ll have to wait for the next set of NXT tapings to see what happens–but we’ll know soon enough. For now, enjoy NXT Takeover XXV, which follows an amazing AEW Double Or Nothing event, which followed a fantastic WWE Money In The Bank event, and it all precedes some great NJPW events and an ROH PPV that might kickstart the Jeff Cobb era. WHAT A TIME TO BE A FAN.

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