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Joe’s CMLL Review & Results (6/4/19)

Joe Dinan catches you up on the world of Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre in his latest CMLL report!



CMLL Coverage

Joe Dinan catches you up on the world of Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre in his latest CMLL report!

CMLL Arena Puebla Monday

Astro, Meyer, and Centella Roja vs Espiritu Maligno, Sombra Diabolika, and Guerrero Especial

  • First Fall: Astro, Meyer, and Roja all get pinning combos on the opposing team.
  • Second Fall: Guerrero Especial submits Astro with a stretch submission
  • Third Fall: Sombra Diabolika submits Centella Roja with a Tequila Sunrise

Match started out how most matches do with a grappling feeling out process. Quickly devolving into them trading spots. Meyer hit a cross body which eventually lead to the pinning combos. The rudos team fights back in the next round with Sombra hitting a swanton bomb on Meyer for a pin and Especial submitting Astro with a stretch submission. The rudos beat up on the tecnicos in the last round. Maligno gets Meyer in a single leg crab and Sombra wins with a Tequila sunrise on Roja.

Winners: Espiritu Maligno, Sombra Diabolika, and Guerrero Especial

Star Jr, King Jaguar, and Tigre Rojo Jr vs Nitro, El Perverso, and Fuerza Chicana

  • First Fall: El Perverso submits Jaguar with some kind of arm stretch.
  • Second Fall: Star Jr pins Nitro with a victory roll
  • Third Fall: Nitro pins Star Jr with a power bomb

Match began with feel out grappling but soon became the rudos teaming up on the tecnicos until they won the first fall. Second round saw much of the same but Star Jr was able to catch Nitro  in a victory roll. We were finally given some back and forth action highlighted by King Jaguar running wild. Albeit pretty sloppy. The numbers start to become too much though. The rudos team worked with better chemistry and were able to isolate everyone to gain an advantage. Nitro pinned Star Jr with a power bomb for the win.

Winners: Nitro, El Perverso, and Fuerza Chicana

El Audaz, Esfinge, and Triton vs Luciferno, Ephesto, and Tiger

  • First Fall: Tiger pins Audaz with a power bomb
  • Second Fall: Audaz pins Tiger with a roll up
  • Third Fall: Esfinge pins Tiger with a pinning combo

Just a standard beginning with the tecnicos attempting a come back but they get stopped. In the second round the rudos continue their beat down but Audaz catches Tiger with a roll up. The tecnicos have more momentum going into round three. There was good action back and forth. The most notable being dives that the tecnicos did. Titan hit a guillotine leg drop on Luciferno and Esfinge pinned Tiger with a pinning combo.

Winners: El Audaz, Esfinge, and Triton

Caristico, Soberano, and El Valiente vs Mr. Niebla, Cavernario, and Negro Casas

  • First Fall: Mr. Niebla pins Caristico with a top rope senton
  • Second Fall: Mr. Niebla pins Caristico with a groin shot

The beginning of the match is brawling happening all over the arena. The midget at ring side even hit a dive on Soberano. Cavernario gets Soberano in a surfboard stretch. Mr. Niebla hits a top rope senton on Caristico for the first fall. In the second fall Caristico hits a nice dive on Niebla but then Cavernario quickly pins Valiente with a slingshot splash. Now CMLL sometimes does 2/3 pins for one fall. It’s completely random. So Soberano hits a Canadian destroyer on Cavernario to pin him. Soberano and Negro Casas fight until Soberano hits a back flip dive. Niebla kicks Caristico in the groin and pins him when the ref wasn’t looking. Caristico post match wants to face Niebla.

Winners: Mr. Niebla, Cavernario, and Negro Casas

Volador and Mephisto vs El Terrible and Niebla Roja

  • First Fall: Mephisto pins Niebla Roja with a face buster
  • Second Fall: Niebla Roja pins Mephisto with a sunset flip power bomb
  • Third Fall: Mephisto pins Roja with a face buster off of the top rope

So this is the Puebla version of their tag team tournament. I guess they felt like doing one for Puebla. Volador is wrestling with a sweater on to start to let you know what he thinks. After a ton of posturing he takes it off. Volador super kicks Terrible and Mephisto face busters Roja for the first fall. Typical rudo beat down in round two to start. Roja catches Mephisto with a sunset flip power bomb and Terrible hits a Styles clash on Volador to get those two falls out of the way. Volador hits a big dive early in the round. Niebla Roja follows up with his own on Mephisto. Final round is getting a bit sloppy. Guys are missing spots due to laziness. Volador hits a canadian destroyer. He kinda no sells and then hits his own then he collapses. Volador hit a back stabber on Terrible, and Mephisto pins Roja with a face buster off of the top to win.

Winners: Volador and Mephisto

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CMLL Arena Mexico Tuesday

Sonic and Bengala vs Inquisidor and Yago

  • First Fall: Yago pins Sonic with an awkward lung blower
  • Second Fall: Sonic pins Yago with a sunset flip
  • Third Fall: Inquisidor pins Bengala with a back stabber

The match starts with your standard grappling. Inquisidor submits Bengala with a leg lock and Yago pins Sonic with a lung blower. Inquisidor goes down for poetry in motion a little too far away so when Yago jumped off of him he slipped and fell into Bengala and I couldn’t help but laugh. Bengala submitted Inquisidor and Sonic pins Yago with a sunset flip. Yago submitted Sonic and then Bengala submitted him but then Inquisidor hit a code breaker and back stabber on him for the win.

Winners: Inquisidor and Yago

Oro Jr, Magia Blanca, and Aguila Blanca vs Nitro, Akuma, and Dick Riviere

  • First Fall: Magia Blanca pins Nitro with a cutter
  • Second Fall: Nitro pins Magia Blanca with a top rope splash
  • Third Fall: Aguila Blanca pins Nitro with a 450

We start with some back and forth action. Magia Blanca hit a big dive. Oro pinned Nitro with a cutter. Second round has typical back and forth action with the tecnicos getting the advantage. But Dick hits a Canadian destroyer on Magia Blanca followed by a splash from Nitro from the top for the pin. The third fall saw more back and forth action with a tower of doom spot getting thrown in. Magia and Oro hit middle rope dives on Akuma and Dick. Aguila pins Nitro with a 450 splash.

Winners: Oro Jr, Magia Blanca, and Aguila Blanca

Drone, Fuego, and Star Jr vs El Sagrado, Universo 2000 Jr, and Tiger

  • First Fall: Fuego pins Tiger with a hurricanrana
  • Second Fall: Drone wins via DQ by Sagrado

Drone going with a slightly different look. He should keep it, he’s pretty jacked, no point in covering your whole body. They feel each other out but Drone hits knees to the corner on Universo and Fuego pins Tiger with a hurricanrana. Each tecnico gets the upper hand at the start of round two. Posing to the crowd after each successful sequence. There’s a string of pin falls that get broken up in a pattern like way. Tiger nearly Canadian destroyed Drone’s mask off. Fuego hits a neat dive on Universo and Tiger hits a nice spin dive on Star. Drone goes for his knees in the corner but Sagrado gets up and punches him in the balls. What a rudo.

Winners: Drone, Fuego, and Star Jr

Blue Panther, El Audaz, and Guerrero Maya vs Polvora, Hechicero, and Vangellys

  • First Fall: Guerrero Maya rolls up Hechicero for the pin
  • Second Fall: Hechicero pins Blue Panther with a swinging back breaker
  • Third Fall: Polvora pins Audaz with a top rope face buster

Match starts with a little more posturing than grappling. Significant spot was Audaz hitting an asai corkscrew moonsault to the outside on Vangellys and then Maya rolling up Hechicero. Round 2 starts with everybody brawling. Maya’s mask basically gets ripped off and the ref has to pretend he doesn’t see it because that would end the match. Front row got a glimpse of him though. Hechicero hits a spinning back breaker on Blue Panther for the pin. Rudos doing some nice triple teaming. Maya hits a nice fast middle rope dive on Vangellys. Audaz does a wrap around the apron hurricanrana on Polvora. Back in the ring Vangellys catches Maya with a spear for the pin. Polvora also hits a top rope face buster on Audaz for another pin.

Winners: Polvora, Hechicero, and Vangellys

Atlantis, Kraneo, and Flyer vs Templario, Bestia del Ring, and El Felino

  • First Fall: Templario submitted Atlantis with a Boston crab
  • Second Fall: Kraneo pins Templario and Felino with a splash
  • Third Fall: Atlantis pins Bestia with a hurricanrana

Templario and Flyer do some nice acrobatic stuff before the match turns into a brawl. Templario slams Kraneo and Bestia hits a senton and pins him. Templario submits Atlantis with a Boston crab. Just a typical second round, Kraneo splashes on Felino and Templario for the pin. In the third fall it’s just some back and forth stuff. Flyer hits an asai moonsault. Atlantis catches Bestia with a hurricanrana for the win. Just a match.

Winners: Atlantis, Kraneo, and Flyer

Rush vs Angel de Oro

  • First Fall: Rush pins Oro with a running drop kick
  • Second Fall: Angel de Oro pins Rush with a corner super kick
  • Third Fall: Rush pins Angel de Oro with a Rush driver

Rush attacks Oro during his entrance and then hits the running drop kick in the corner for the very quick pin. Rush continues to beat up Oro during the second round. Oro finally fights back and hits a middle rope dive three times in a row with the third sending Rush into the crowd. Angel sets Rush in the corner and super kicks him so hard Oro falls out of the ring. He pins him getting the useless falls out of the way. Rush pretends like he’s gonna get himself counted out but doesn’t. They trade big moves and close pin falls. Funny spot where Rush clearly goes for a sunset flip but Oro sells it like he’s taking a canadian destroyer. Oro hits Rush with a nice super kick then a Michinoku driver but Rush stops the ref from hitting 3. Oro complains, so Rush kicks him then hits the Rush driver for the win. Good match, rare to see Rush give a great effort especially on a Tuesday show. He’s so good when he cares.

Winner: Rush

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CMLL Arena Mexico Friday El Juicio Final

Blue Panther Jr, Rey Cometa, and Black Panther vs Misterioso, Kawato San, and Disturbio

  • First Fall: Rey Cometa pins Misterioso with a 450
  • Second Fall: Kawato unmasks Black Panther for the DQ

Match started with the usual grappling. It became the rudos cornering Black Panther until he made the hot tag which lead to the eventually fall with Cometa pinning Misterioso with a 450 for the first fall. Cometa and Black Panther hit dives off of the stage in between rounds. In the second round each wrestler was trading big spots and dives. Trying to get the crowd hyped up. Noteable in those dives were Disturibo doing a sliding dive on the ramp and Cometa doing a tornillo splash to the outside. Kawato unmasks Black Panther for the loss.

Winners: Blue Panther Jr, Rey Cometa, and Black Panther

Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and Soberano vs Mephisto, Luciferno, and Ephesto

  • First Fall: Mephisto pins Angel de Oro with a top rope face buster.
  • Second Fall: Soberano pins Mephisto with a tornillo splash.
  • Third Fall: Angel de Oro pins Mephisto with a lionsault

They start with standard grappling. Oro and Roja attempt dives but get stopped. Soberano is successful with his dive, but Oro gets caught with a face buster for the pin by Mephisto. Next round, Los Hijos del Infiernos beat up on the tecnicos outside the ring and inside the ring. They make a quick come back however, and Oro and Roja hit stereo moonsaults and Soberano pins Mephisto with a tornillo splash. Final round, Soberano gets hit with a Canadian Destroyer to start. Tecnicos spend time fighting back and trying to get the crowd involved. Each team had some triple pin fall moments which always seem forced to me. Noteable dive spots was Roja hitting one to the outside and Soberano doing his back flip dive. Oro caught Mephisto with a lionsault for the win.

Winners: Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and Soberano

(Retirement Match) Metalico vs Virus

Nothing like a retirement match in the middle of a show. But realistically these are two low mid card guys at this point, so it’s not like it should main event. Like in Puebla when Police Man faced King Jaguar, their hair vs hair match didn’t even main event in Puebla. This was a one fall match for whatever reason they decided on that. Virus spent the early portion of the match beating up Metalico. Metalico moves out of the way to hit a middle rope dive and then an asai moonsault. Significant there because some years ago he hurt himself on the moonsault. Metalico spends more time on the offensive. There’s some close near falls and submissions as they keep fighting. The crowd really started to get into it midway. There was really good drama in this match. Both men feigning fatigue well, late in the match Metalico hits a dive through the middle rope but barely hit it and hit the ground hard. They trade some more close near falls until Virus gets him in the Virus stretch which is basically a stretch that stretches the whole body. Virus wins, and Metalico must retire. Sad. Future ref maybe? They let Metalico have a nice curtain call at the end of the match. Virus wins via Virus Stretch

Winner: Virus

(Hair vs Hair) Kaho Kobayashi vs Amapola

  • First Fall: Amapola pins Kobayashi with a pinning combo.
  • Second Fall: Kobayashi pins Amapola with a pinning combo
  • Third Fall: Amapola pins Kobayashi with angels wings

They show a recap of the feud before starting the match. Very sad that one of these girls has to lose their hair. But hey that’s what makes a great apuesta match. They started the match out fighting each other until Amapola pinned her with a pinning combination. Back to my issue with 2/3 fall matches. For matches like this they get the first falls out fo the way quickly. So why even have them really? Second round and they’re still mainly brawling. Kaho hits a few big moves then gets Amapola in a pinning combo. Third fall and Amapola hits a big spear and applies a submission. Kobayashi desperately fights for the ropes. Good drama. Amapola hits a blue thunderbomb and Kobayashi had a great close kick out. Amapola does a flip dive through the middle rope. Not something you see her do very often. Kobayashi fights back and hits a splash of her own. Kobayashi hits a top rope hurricanrana and a missile drop kick to no avail. In the end Amapola catches Kobayashi with the angels wings for the win. Kobayashi shaves her poor nice hair. Sad! She looks like a monk. But she is still cute. And that’s the ultimate sign of beauty, being cute without hair.

Winner: Amapola

(Tag Team Titles) Diamante Azul and El Valiente (Champs) vs Gran Guerrero and Euforia

  • First Fall: Azul and Valiente submit Euforia and Gran Guerrero
  • Second Fall: Gran and Euforia submit Azul and Valiente with a double submission
  • Third Fall: Gran Guerrero and Euforia submit Azul and Valiente with submissions

Here we have a rare match for an actual championship. We have our traditional feeling out grappling process in the beginning of this match. Azul and Valiente got Los Guerrero’s in a submission for a fall. Los Guerrero’s dominated the next round submitting both of them with a double submission. Third round starts out with a lot of big move trading. Valiente hit a high velocity middle dive and then the pace started to slow a bit. Later as the match went on Gran Guerrero hit a dive and Valiente hit another one through the middle rope. Los Guerrero’s double pressed Azul off of the top and then threw Valiente on him. Then they each put them in a submission for the win. New champs!

Winners: Gran Guerrero and Euforia

Caristico, Volador, and Mistico vs Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas, and Cavernario

  • First Fall: Mr. Niebla pins Mistico with a top rope splash. 
  • Second Fall: Caristico submits Mr. Niebla with a Fujiwara arm bar
  • Third Fall: Volador Jr pins Cavernario with a Canadian Destroyer

Match was just super hot to start doing big moves right away almost like they’re rushing. Mr. Niebla quickly pinned Mistico. Tecnicos make their come back in the second round hitting a bunch of moves. Caristico hits La Mystica, the Fujiwara arm bar on Niebla for the submission. Big moves are traded in the third round with the tecnicos getting the advantage. Volador Jr catches Cavernario with a Canadian destroyer and Mistico rolls up Negro Casas.

Winners: Caristico, Volador, and Mistico

(Hair vs Hair) Ultimo Guerrero vs Mascara Ano 2000

  • First Fall: Ano tricks the ref with a low blow DQ
  • Second Fall: Ultimo hits a corner attack for the pin
  • Third Fall: Ultimo Guerrero rolls up Mascara for the win

They show the build up to this feud. CMLL learning professionalism. They start brawling immediately. Mascara quickly catches Ultimo with a stretch. Ultimo bucks him off and the ref gets distracted. Ano pretends he was hit below the belt. Ultimo quickly hits a corner attack in round 2 to pin Mascara. See just getting the first two falls out of the way. They continue to fight into the last round. There’s some interference and whatnot. Los Dinamitas come out when it looks like Mascara is in trouble. But before they get to the ring, Ultimo rolls up Mascara. Now Dinamitas are trying to get Ultimo.

Winner: Ultimo Guerrero

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