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Mcleod: NXT is Undisputed

Though as a whole, the Undisputed Era didn’t have a great track record; the big match paid off nicely. What kind of shock to the system will this bring?



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Though as a whole, the Undisputed Era didn’t have a great track record; the big match paid off nicely. What kind of shock to the system will this bring?

Unsurprisingly Takeover 25 was yet another great night of wrestling from the black & gold brand. What was a surprise at least to me was the result of the main event.

Adam Cole & Johnny Gargano went to war once again for the NXT championship but this time it was the leader of the Undisputed Era that walked out the NXT champion. I didn’t think the match was as good as the 2 out of 3 falls match but it did build with Cole targeting the leg of Gargano which eventually gave out allowing Cole to hit the last shot for the win.

This is surprising for a few reasons. First one being Gargano only just got the championship after nearly 2 years of chasing it. This means that despite being a triple crown winner all of his title reigns have been really short. His tag title reign as part of DIY ended after 2 months, he lost the North American title in his first defense & now the same thing has happened to his NXT title reign.

It did seem like the crowd were more behind Cole in this match. Seems like Gargano is better as the underdog chasing the title as opposed to being the champion.

Secondly NXT TV has been teasing dissension within the Undisputed ever since Cole lost in New York. Cole did say the group would be draped in gold in 2019 but it was starting to feel like Cole wasn’t going to win the NXT title. I thought that was why he won the North American title.

From watching the weekly TV it felt like the Undisputed Era would accidentally cost Cole yet again.This would lead to Cole to snap and we would build to a match between him and Strong as they’ve had issues.

While the other members of the Undisputed Era lost their matches I can see them seeing this as a victory since Cole now holds the top title. This could be the first step in Cole’s prophecy that they would all hold gold.

This doesn’t mean we won’t get Cole vs Strong at some point.We could have the other members of the Era challenging for titles in Toronto & have Strong be the only one not to win. Seeing this as a sign of weakness Cole could kick Strong out of the group.

This with the fact Cole won the title without help & when Strong tried to help he was cost it. You could see Cole be justified in his decision. This could lead to Cole vs Strong at WarGames for the title or Strong with two partners against the Era in a WarGames match.

That’s how I would do it but it’s likely I’m way off. There could be no split at all and the past few weeks was just a minor roadblock in the path of dominance.

I wouldn’t be against the Undisputed Era holding all the gold looking like NXT’s version of Evolution. Cole as evidence by his time as Ring of Honour when he was in the Bullet Club suits the roll of cocky heel who thanks to interference manages to just hold on to the title.

Maybe it’s best we don’t get the split of the Undisputed Era as they’re the best faction WWE’s had in a long time.

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