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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (6/1/19)

ROH and NJPW are both represented in tag action!



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ROH Wrestling Television, Episode 402

ROH and NJPW bring the best tag teams in the world together in one night! And they might as well, with both promotions’ belts belonging to the Guerrillas of Destiny! Which teams take a step closer to the dual ROH World and IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions?



  • Four Corner Survival Tag: The Bouncers VS The Kingdom VS Coast to Coast VS Connors & Coughlin; The Bouncers win.
  • Josh Woods VS Maverick Boone; Woods wins.
  • EVIL & SANADA VS Yuji Nagata & Satoshi Kojima; EVIL & SANADA win.


The Allure is here!

The Bad A$$, The Brains & The Bombshell, aka Mandy Leon, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love, are finally making an ROH TV debut! Velvet Sky takes up the mic to say “We brought credibility to Women’s Wrestling long before there was a Women of Honor.” The Beautiful People started the revolution long before there was the evolution. So when it comes to lacing up boots and winning championships, these are the most credible women to step foot in ROH. Velvet is a two-time women’s champion, having beaten the best this business has to offer. #GetFamiliar. Funny Velvet mentions that. Because Angelina Sky has beaten some of the best this business has to offer, too. And she did it SIX times! Not only does The Allure know how to win, they know how to make an impact.

That is why they chose to be at the biggest show of the year, the G1 Supercard in Madison Square Garden. #GetFamiliar. Mandy says all the Twitter trolls hiding behind keyboards in a basement- Well, the live fans are letting them know this is “BORING~! BORING~!” Mandy ignores them to remind us she’s the Foundation of Honor! There would be no women in ROH! There’d be no two-time Kelly Klein. Why wouldn’t the Allure debut to embarrass Kelly Klein and Jenny Rose, when the Women of Honor just embarrass themselves? But speaking off, here comes Jenny! Allure teases her, but she’s not alone. Kelly Klein has her back! And they rush the ring!

Velvet bails out so that Angelina and Mandy get the beating! The scrap is even but security runs in to get in the way. Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” and Kelly gets at Angelina again! Velvet uses hair spray to mace Jenny!! The Allure regroups and runs away but Kelly is still ready to fight. “Oh you want to leave again? You want to run away? You want to come out here and tell me everything you’ve accomplished?” What have any of them done lately?! Time for the Allure to back up the talk. Kelly and Jenny aren’t always on the same, but they’re at least reading the same book. “We don’t want you b*tches in here!” The Allure laughs it off, but Kelly and Jenny are calling the Allure out! Which two will step up to the WOH World Champion and American Joshi?


Four Corner Survival Tag: The Bouncers VS The Kingdom VS Coast to Coast VS Clark Connors & Alex Coughlin!

With both the ROH World Tag Team and IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships belonging to one team, all roads lead to the Guerrillas of Destiny! Beer City Bruiser & Brian “Brawler” Milonas are the biggest, Vinnie Marseglia & TK O’Ryan are the meanest, Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali are the fastest, while the NJPW LA Young Lions are the newest. Who wins big to head for the baddest brothers between both promotions?

ROH returns as The Kingdom come out as the third team, with C2C and the Young Lions already present. This leaves The Bruiser & The Brawler to come out last, straight from the bar.

The teams sort out and per the rules, only two teams start. Milonas steps up with LSG, and notices LSG shaved his chest. LSG isn’t much for being mocked, and he pie faces Milonas. LSG runs, ducks but gets sent flying! Fans cheer for big bad Milonas, but Vinnie tags in. The Horror King fires away CHOPS on Milonas, but Milonas blocks the whip on size alone! Milonas whips Vinnie to his corner, but runs into Vinnie’s knee. Vinnie runs into a scoop but slips out to kick low, then boot Milonas. Vinnie runs again, but into a crossbody! Milonas tags in BCB and he throws jabs on Vinnie. Fans chant “BEER!” with each hit, then BCB winds up. Vinnie kicks low on BCB then goes after BCB’s mouth!

Vinnie hooks what little teeth BCB has left! But then BCB “bites” Vinnie back! Wait, he can’t bite! He ain’t got not teeth! TK tags in but gets a kick. BCB tells the idiot to shut up, but Coughlin tags in off him as he gets a dropkick from TK. BCB he falls out of the ring while Coughlin CHOPS TK! And CHOPS, and then waistlocks to a slam! Coughlin tags Connors and the Lions whip the Sassy Wild Horse for a double hip toss! The Lions blast C2C off the apron! Coughlin goes back to TK but then throws hands on the Bouncers. C2C turn things around on Connors on the outside, and Coughlin goes back to TK to get an uppercut! BCB CANNONBALLS onto Ali and Connors!

TK scoop slams Coughlin while LSG throws BCB into a post. Milonas runs at LSG but also gets throw into the post. The Kingdom tag and mug Coughlin, and TK keeps C2C out. We go to break as Vinnie tags back to TK.

ROH returns and The Kingdom continues to mug a Young Lion. They club and whip Connors into a double flapjack, then leg drop senton combo! Vinnie covers, TWO! Vinnie drags Connors up for a saido suplex! Then he puts COnnors in the corner to tag TK. TK scoop slams Connors, but Ali tags in off him! Ali drags Connors up to scoop slam him now, then slingshot sentons! Cover, TWO! Ali keeps on Connors and tags in LSG. C2C mugs Connors then whips him for double hip toss, to Tu Lo Sabes! LSG hits The Kingdom and Ali htis the Bouncers! LSG mugs Connors more before covering, TWO! He keeps Connors with an armlock but fans rally up.

Connors fights back but gets a knee. LSG scoops but Connors slips out. Connors hits Ali and dodges LSG to tag in Coughlin! Coughlin unleashes CHOPS on LSG then whips to CHOP LSG off his feet! Ali runs but misses to get a dropkick! Coughlin fires up but Ali dodges him. Bruiser tags in off Coughlin to run Ali over! And lift LSG for a slam! Milonas comes in and the Bouncers mug Ali to shove him right out of the ring. TK tags off of LSG then leaps for a crossbody. But Milonas catches him, and combines with Bruiser for a shotgun sidewalk slam! Vinnie runs in to boot Milonas and throw hands on Bruiser. But Bruiser whips Vinnie into Milonas’ scrapbuster slam! C2C returns to double boot Milonas, and then combine on BCB with the complete shot leg sweep!

But Connors tags in and both Lions CHOP away on C2C. C2C whip the Lions, but the Lions come back with a SPEAR and a SPINEBUSTER! The Kingdom hit the Lions, House of 1000 Horses!! But LSG boots TK and Ali tags in! Ali covers Connors, but Bruiser shoves LSG onto it all! Milonas tags off Ali, and Connors tags to Coughlin. Coughlin CHOPS away on the Bouncers and then gives them corner splashes. But he misses to get squashed! And fed to Closing Time!! Cover, The Bouncers win!!

Winners: The Bouncers, Brian Milonas pinning

The Kingdom is furious, as is C2C, but to the victors go the Toast of Honor! Will the Bouncers toast to a title shot in the near future?


ROH correspondent, Quinn McKay, interviews LifeBlood.

Specifically, she is with Tracy Williams and Mark Haskins. Hot Sauce and Overkill want at Bully Ray. How do they see this playing out? Bully has been a problem in ROH for some time now, and they are fed up! It is time to do something about it. But the numbers are running low stateside, with Juice Robinson and Bandido heading to Japan. David Finlay is injured, and we know Bully took out Tenille. But these two are here and ready. But wait, PJ Black comes by. He likes what LifeBlood’s doing, so he’s willing to help out. Tracy and Haskins don’t give an answer either way, but perhaps the Darewolf could be the key to kicking Bully to the curb?


ROH looks back to the Crockett Cup.

The NWA National Championship was on the line, and it would be Colt Cabana that would take the title from Willie Mack! But the new champion already had a new challenger in Cowboy James Storm! Storm wanted to be the first to congratulate him, but also to vent about how “management” wouldn’t let him go for the #TenPoundsofGold. So Storm came up with a plan: to take the belt. The last words Cabana will here is “Sorry, ’bout your damn luck!” Cabana didn’t back down, and now he and Storm will fight for that title next week! Who wins when the National Championship returns to ROH?


ROH announces a Women of Honor Tag match for two weeks from now!

After the scrap between Kelly, Jenny and the Allure, they’ll have it out in actual competition! Will the Gatekeeper and her long-time rival work to kick common enemies out of the division? Or will everyone #GetFamiliar with what Angelina Sky & Mandy Leon can do?


Jeff Cobb IS the new #1 Contender to the ROH World Championship!

The Hawaiian Juggernaut will challenge Matt Taven at Best in the World! Cobb shares his unique heritage: his father is half-Irish, half-Japanese, which is where Cobb comes from, while his mother is full Filipino. Cobb lived in Hawaii until he was in the 5th Grade, then they fell into hardship and had to move to Guam. That is where his wrestling career began. Cobb joined amateur wrestling because he thought it was the same as “professional wrestling,” but he soon learned what it really was. It is the most intense thing, and prepares you for just about anything in life.

It was September of 2003 that Cobb made it to the Amateur Wrestling World Championships at Madison Square Garden. That was also crazy, because he remembers watching pro-wrestling from MSG. He was proud to represent Guam there, but it was also surreal. Then in 2004, Cobb competed in Athens for the Summer Olympics! Cobb worked his way up to be on the Guam team, and then the Oceania regional. It was the toughest training yet, because he was so far from home. He struggled, 0-2 early with Germany and Cuba defeating him. But to think he’d go from 0-2 in the Amateur World Championships to having two championships at once. But now Cobb is ready for THE championship. Will Cobb prove he’s worthy of the top spot at Best in the World?


Josh Woods VS Maverick Boone!

The Goods is back in ROH and is #DownToFight! Will he get much of a fight out of Maverick Boone? Or is this just an appetizer for Mr. Top Prospect 2017 on the way to some gold?

The Code of Honor is upheld, and the bell rings. Woods and Boone tie up and end up in a corner. Boone has control but Woods shoves him away. Woods then kicks Boone down hard! Woods grimaces as he gut wrench powerbombs Boone right down! But he’s not done with Boone there, he looms over his lankier opponent as fans rally up. Woods fireman’s carries to a Seismic Toss! Cover, Woods wins!

Winner: Josh Woods, by pinfall

Now that he’s done with that, Woods takes his leave. Will his next fight be an actual challenge for The Goods?


EVIL & SANADA VS Yuji Nagata & Satoshi Kojima!

Two young greats take on two great veterans as NJPW gets tag team time on ROH TV! Will the King of Darkness and Cold Skull triumph over Blue Justice and the Cozy Lariat? Or will Nagata & Kojima show everyone they’ve still got it?

The teams sort out, and Nagata starts with Sanada. Nagata and Sanada circle and fans cheer for “All These Guys!” A rare but appropriate cheer. Nagata refuses Sanada’s handshake, and the two tie up. Nagata waistlocks but Sanada switches but so does Nagata. They end up on the ropes and Sanada backs off, but Nagata ducks the sucker punch. Nagata throws haymakers then whips, but Sanada reverses, only for his dropkick to be faked out. Sanada hits the mat but ducks the Penalty Kick to get a headlock takeover. Nagata headscissors but Sanada pops out and the two stand off. Fans cheer and Sanada offers another handshake. Sanada respects the living legend, and fans want Nagata to “Shake His Hand!” Nagata does, but Sanada still uses it to sucker Nagata in for a kick!

Sanada clubs Nagata down but Nagata hits back with elbows. Nagata runs but into Evil’s cheap shot. The ref reprimands Evil but he still grabs Nagata. Sanada runs but Kojima gives him a cheap shot. Nagata punches Evil down while the ref reprimands Kojima. Nagata goes after Sanada with swift kicks to the leg. Sanada falls and Nagata fires up as he tags in Kojima. They both whip Sanada, and then kick him down. Kojima stomps Sanada more, then runs to run Sanada over. Kojima shows off the dancing pecs, but Sanada kips up! Sanada shows he can make his pecs dance, too! They have a pec dance off, but then Kojima kicks low. Kojima whips but Sanada reverses and Evil trips Kojima up. Sanada basement dropkicks Kojima and Evil blasts Nagata off the apron.

The ref reprimands Evil but he throws Nagata into the timekeeper’s table. Sanada rakes Kojima’s eyes while Evil stomps Nagata down. Fans cheer Los Ingobernables de Japon on as Sanada whips Kojima corner to corner. Sanada blocks the boot to trip Kojima up, and to put him in Paradise! Fans love seeing this one! Sanada lets them fire all the way up, before kicking Kojima out of Paradise! LIJ is in control as we go to break.

ROH returns again, and LIJ fire the fans up again. They double whip Kojima but Kojima kicks them away! Kojima sends Sanada into Evil then DDT’s Sanada hard! Kojima crawls and tags in Nagata! Nagata boots Evil then rallies on Sanada with swift kicks! Nagata whips Sanada corner to corner for a helluva boot! And an exploder! Cover, TWO! Nagata keeps his cool as he drags Sanada back up. Nagata suplexes but Sanada counters. Sanada suplexes but Nagata counters. Nagata throws body shots and forearms but Sanada gives them back. They brawl, giving big forearms back and forth. Nagata gets an edge but Sanada blocks the kick! Sanada trips Nagata, and wants another Paradise Lock! But Nagata powers Sanada away!

Nagata runs in but into an elbow. Sanada hops up and moonsaults but Nagata dodges. Nagata runs into a fireman’s carry, but he slips out. Sanada kicks Nagata then gets him in a full nelson. Nagata slips out to a Fujiwara takedown! Kojima intercepts Evil as Nagata gets the mounted armbar! Sanada endures the Nagata Lock, and Nagata’s eyes roll back! Kojima keeps Evil away as Nagata pulls back on Sanada’s arm. Fans rally and Evil breaks free to save Sanada. Nagata goes after Evil with a BIG right, then goes back to Sanada. Nagata wrenches the arm to a shoulder breaker! He whips Sanada corner to corner but Sanada goes up and springboards to dropkick Nagata down! Both men are down but Sanada heads for his corner to tag in Evil.

Evil goes at Nagata with kicks and CHOPS! Evil CHOPS Nagata more then whips. Nagata dodges and fakes Evil out to dropkick the leg! Evil hobbles back and Nagata tags in Kojima! Kojima goes at Evil with stomps and fast CHOPS! So many chops! But Sanada hurries over, only to get the chops! Kojima tops it off with one big chop, but then goes after Evil with more fast chops! Kojima whips Evil corner to corner for a big forearm and throws Evil down. He climbs up top, and leaps for a Macho Elbow! Cover, TWO! Kojima keeps his cool and fans fire up as he brings Evil up. Evil CHOPS but Kojima CHOPS back! They CHOP back and forth with open palms. Kojima switches to forearms, then spins, but into an eye-rake!

The ref reprimands Evil but Kojima kicks. Evil blocks the kick to give it to the ref, mule kick! Sanada blasts Nagata, and LIJ gives the ref a thumbs-up for the assist. LIJ goes after Kojima with whips and a string of mule kick, front kick and BIG lariat! Cover, TWO!! LIJ is shocked and fans chant for Kojima. LIJ say it’s finished! They drag Kojima up, but Nagata saves him from the Magic Killer. Nagata throws Sanada out then enziguris Evil. Kojima kicks and cutters! Cover, but Sanada breaks it! Nagata throws Sanada back out, and Kojima drags Evil back up. Kojima suplexes for a brainbuster! Cover, TWO!! Evil lives but Kojima throws off the elbow pad! Kojima runs, but Evil blocks the Cozy Lariat! But Kojima denies Evil the STO to Cozy Lariat from behind!

Fans fire up as Kojima fires up and whips Evil. Evil ducks the lariat and waistlocks, but Kojima standing switches. Evil switches, and Sanada dropkicks Kojima. Magic Killer!! Cover, LIJ wins!!

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon, Evil pinning

The young tag team icons take the victory over the legends! But fans assure Kojima and Nagata, “You Still Got It!” Is this the last we’ve seen of Blue Justice and the Cozy Lariat in ROH? Will this win help Evil & Sanada head back towards the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships?


Dalton Castle is here!

The Peacock returns again, and all alone because he no longer needs nor wants his Boys. Castle has his custom mic and a riding crop with him as he enters the ring. “So, I have had a little time to think and reflect on some events of the past.” Castle has finally accepted that at G1 Supercard, he lost. “But it was a spectacular loss!” Rush beat Castle in 16 seconds. Castle is not ashamed. “Because Rush is nothing more than a dirty, filthy cheater! And cheaters need to be punished!” So at Best in the World, Castle is formally challenging Rush’s brother, Dragon Lee, to a match! Rush will pay for what he did to Castle, through his family. Castle promises to be in the ring with Rush’s hermano, “and break every bone in his pretty, handsome little body.” And Rush will have to accept he is the reason-

Wait, that’s Boy 1! And Boy 2 slithers up behind! Castle just realizes he doesn’t see the other one, only to turn around and find he’s surrounded. Castle tries to run, but he runs into Boy 1’s kick! Then the Boys attack together! The fans fire up as the twins rain down rights, and double clothesline Castle out! Fans know “This is Awesome!” as Boy 2 helps Boy 1 build speed to FLY onto the Peacock! Boy 1 then slingshots, only to get caught and thrown into his twin! Castle then turns the table by throwing each Boy into the barriers in turn. Castle rain down rights and throws Boy 2 in a post. He drags Boy 1 up to put on the timekeeper’s table, and scares off Amy Rose and Bobby Cruise. Castle drags Boy 2 back up and scoops him to slam onto Boy 1!

Castle goes to the apron, but then laughs as he sees the table tip over. He doesn’t get the table spot he wanted, so he dropkicks the table into the Boys! Fans boo and jeer as The Peacock shouts, “You’re nothing without me!!” Will Castle move on from beating up these brothers to being up Rush’s brother? Or is The Peacock getting a little too cocky?



My Thoughts:

A pretty solid episode of ROH here. While I am aware of the Beautiful People’s Impact Wrestling career–nice use of “impact” in their promo, by the way–I feel like a lot of the promo was meant to be that oblivious kind of arrogance. Were they really the women to give credibility to Women’s Wrestling? Were they really the “revolution before the evolution”? That argument aside, they and Mandy delivered their lines well, and even had a good brawl with Kelly Klein and Jenny Rose. Their coming tag match will be good enough, but I wonder what are the reasons for Velvet Sky staying out of the ring. Maybe a third woman joins Kelly and Jenny to eventually give us a Six Woman Tag. At the same time, I still feel this lead to WOH Tag Team Championships, otherwise there’s no real point to a trio.

That Four Corner tag was a great match, and it makes a lot of sense for The Bouncers to win. They as rising Faces are fairly popular, have been on a winning streak and were the most likely to win on stats anyway, being so big and strong. But as I’ve been saying about them before, I don’t know how Beer City Bruiser & “Brawler” Milonas take the ROH World Tag titles off Guerrillas of Destiny when GoD beat The Briscoes 2v2. It won’t be LifeBlood, we’re getting Williams & Haskins VS Bully Ray & Shane Taylor, and I bet that feeds into LifeBlood VS Soldiers of Savagery. It could be Los Ingobernables de Japon back for the IWGP Heavyweight Tag titles. We got a great main event out of LIJ and Kojima-Nagata. Everyone looked good, but of course the younger duo takes the win.

We got a great promo for Jeff Cobb for fans to learn about him. Taven VS Cobb at Best in the World sounds great, and I really feel like Cobb could win the title, even if The Kingdom interferes. Cobb is definitely the best true wrestler, and he’s just a great athlete overall, it’d be a great move for ROH to give him the green light. We also got a solid promo from Dalton Castle. He makes a classic Heel move of not going after his enemy directly. Castle VS Dragon Lee sounds like a lot of fun, perhaps Castle cheats to win to then rub it into Rush’s face. However, I’d love to see Castle VS The Boys in a handicap match give the fight we got to end the show. That match would go a long way for all three, but especially The Boys.

My Score: 8.2/10

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