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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (6/22/19)

Lethal VS King, Round 2! Ready, FIGHT!



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ROH Wrestling Television, Episode 405

The K I N G took down the Franchise Player in the first match, stealing Jay Lethal’s own move! But now we move into the second match of the Best 2 out of 3 Series! Can Jay Lethal redeem himself? Or will he have to #BendTheKnee in a 2-0 sweep?



  • NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Colt Cabana VS Mark Briscoe; Cabana wins and retains the NWA National Heavyweight Championship.
  • Silas Young VS El Hijo del Squid Jr; wins.
  • Best of Three Series, Match Two: Kenny King VS Jay Lethal; Lethal wins, by disqualification, and the series is tied 1-1.


This all started because of the G1 Supercard.

Kenny King managed to fool everyone and eliminated both the Great Muta and Jushin Thunder Liger in the Honor Rumble. However, he would pay the price by getting Muta’s mist in his eyes! But King would use that to his advantage, to fake being blind to get Jay Lethal’s guard down. Lethal knew all along why King felt he had to do it this way. It was the need to be in the ring with one of the best to prove that he belongs. Lethal knows that feeling well.

A Best of Three series would begin, and King would use that first match to prove anything Lethal could do, he could do better. King knows everything Lethal is going to do long before he does, King claims to be in Lethal’s head. But Lethal knows King has tricks up his sleeve, and is ready for each one. Is it going to be a Royal Sweep? Or will Lethal level the playing field with a win here tonight?


NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Colt Cabana VS Mark Briscoe!

After declaring war on both the NWA and ROH management over the controversial non-controversy of the Crockett Cup finals, #DemBoyz went after the top two champions of the National Wrestling Alliance! But before their tag team match at Best in the World, the Sussex County Chicken looks to take away Colt’s newly won title! Can Mark add insult to injury? Or will Colt keep both title and momentum for his team?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the fans are strongly behind Colt in this grudge match appetizer!

Mark and Colt tie right up and go around the ring. Colt gets Mark in a corner but Mark turns it around. Colt shoves Mark away and the two circle again. They tie up and Mark wrenches to a wristlock. Colt rolls and spins to reverse the wrench. Colt sits Mark down but Mark gets up. Mark spins through and trips Colt up. Mark jumps on Colt for a headlock. He makes it a cover, ONE. Colt baits Mark for the wrist to shift around to a half straitjacket! Colt gets the full straitjacket but Mark powers up to spin it around. But Colt quickly falls back to lift Mark in a suspended monkey flip! Then he lets Mark drop into a body scissors!

Mark pushes against the hold for a cover, ONE! Mark fights his way up and has a leg. He looks to drop an elbow on the knee but Colt pushes Mark away with the other leg. Mark goes to drop an elbow on Colt’s torso but Colt catches that to a crucifix pin! TWO, but Colt stops Mark in his tracks by offering up his foot. Mark takes the bait again, and Colt trips Mark up! Fans cheer as things speed up. Colt gets a tilt-o-whirl headscissors! He whips Mark but Mark reverses. Colt goes up but into a forearm! Mark runs back in but gets Colt’s forearm. Colt hops up but is shoved right out! Colt crashes and burns and Mark builds speed to wreck him with a dropkick! ROH goes to break as Mark takes control!

ROH returns and Mark rakes at Colt’s face! Fans rally up as Colt gets to a corner. Mark is on Colt with a CHOP, but Colt CHOPS back! Now it’s a CHOP fight, back and forth! Colt switches to forearms from both sides, then runs, but into Mark’s BOOT! Colt ends up outside again and Mark follows, bang bang, apron elbow drop! Mark stands Colt up for another CHOP, then headlocks to punch away. Mark refreshes the ring count, then fetches a chair! The ref tells Mark no, but Mark just claps the chair. Mark sits the chair up before dragging Colt up for an apron back suplex! Mark then sits Colt in the chair, and tells the ref he’s not using the chair as a weapon, so there’s nothing illegal.

Fans duel as Mark runs in, to get Colt’s belly2belly to the chair! The steel bends from the impact and Mark writhes all the way into the front row. Colt rams him into the railing so hard, a fan loses some beer! Speaking of, Colt borrows another fan’s drink to SMASH it on Mark’s head! Colt then puts Mark back in the ring and climbs up top. Mark crawls and stands, Colt gets him with a crossbody! Fans fire up as Colt runs, springboards, moonsault! Cover, TWO!! Mark lives but Colt keeps his cool. Colt powers up but Mark dodges the bionic elbow. Mark CHOPS and palm strikes on Colt, then runs, into a Big Apple! Cover, TWO!

Mark crawls away but Colt grins. Colt runs in at Mark in the corner, flying Apple! Colt whips Mark corner to corner but Mark tumbles out to the apron. Mark swings but Colt ducks and shoves him off. Colt goes out but Mark uppercuts him back. Mark throws haymakers and then rips up the floor mats! The referee warns Mark but Mark still goes to suplex Colt out. Colt holds on for dear life and fights back with body shots! Mark tries again but Colt still resists. Mark starts kicking Colt then slingshots in, sunset flip, TWO! Colt stands but Mark dropkicks his legs out. Mark steps through but Colt rolls him up! TWO, and Colt rolls to roll back and roll Mark up! TWO, and Colt ducks to waistlock.

Mark standing switches but Colt runs to ropes. Colt can’t buck Mark off, so he tries to elbow him away. Mark holds on to German Suplex! Both men are down and ROH goes to another break!

ROH returns as both men are down again. A standing count begins and fans rally up. Mark is up first at 3, and drags Colt up. Colt resists the suplex and dodges the chop to jab, jab, and jab! Colt powers it up, but Mark kicks low. Mark runs but Colt still powers up, only to walk into Mark’s urenage! High stack cover, TWO!! Mark grows frustrated with Colt’s toughness. Mark slaps Colt, but that only fires Colt up. Colt forearms back hard, but Mark comes back with his own. Colt forearms again, but Mark CHOPS. Mark throws forearms and an uppercut, then waistlocks, but Colt swings a back elbow. Mark ducks it to fireman’s carry Colt, Spicoli Driver!

Colt is in the drop zone and Mark climbs up. Mark slashes the throat and then leaps, but Colt gets clear. Colt hits the Bionic Elbow! But Mark still comes back with forearms! Mark hoists Colt up and throws uppercuts! Mark climbs up to join Colt, but Colt resists the superplex. Colt throws more elbows, and down goes Mark! Colt hops down then leaps for the Superman Clutch! Cover, Colt wins!

Winner: Colt Cabana, by pinfall; still NWA National Heavyweight Champion

Boom boom, Colt Cabana is victorious! But he won’t have time to celebrate, because Jay Briscoe attacks! The Briscoes stomp out Colt then train down rights! Fans boo but there’s no one to save Colt with Nick Aldis back in the UK. Mark holds the title and Jay drags Colt up, Mark bashes Colt with his own title belt! #DemBoyz stand tall now, but will it be different when Colt has back-up in Baltimore?


ROH hears from Shane Taylor.

The ROH World Television Champion says, “You know what the best part about revenge is? It’s the look on the faces of the people who told you what you wouldn’t become.” Make no mistake, the Notorious Hitman becoming champion is his revenge on those people, because he apparently wasn’t supposed to be here. He wasn’t supposed to be a success. But now that he is, Taylor can’t think of a better way to shove it down all the doubters’ throats than to become the most dominant champion in all of ROH history? 567 days, 35 championship defenses, records held by one Jay Lethal, the ultimate “company man.” Taylor has news for everyone: he will overshadow both of those records, and by the time he’s done, everyone will have no choice but to call him Shane TV, the Baddest Champion You’ve Ever Seen.


ROH hears from The Allure.

Angelina Love wonders, “How perfect is it that we are making our in-ring debut at ROH Best in the World?” And against who? Right, the “bitter, petty” WOH World Champion, Kelly Klein, and that one who always follows her around. Who is that again? Right, Jenny Rose. Velvet Sky says it is even more fitting that it’s an entire PPV named after them, “Best in the World.” Mandy Leon agrees, they are the best. They’ll wrestle Kelly and Jenny, but on their time. And their time is now. Will the Allure shock the world by putting their money where there mouths are? Or will they have to #GetFamiliar with losing to the Pretty Badass and American Joshi?


ROH shares footage from an Honor Club exclusive.

Flip Gordon won a big Four Corner Survival match, hitting PJ Black with a TKO neckbreaker! But Flip couldn’t celebrate long when Dalton Castle attacked from behind! And given what The Peacock has been saying about El Toro Blanco, it was Rush who would make the save! But when Flip offered a handshake in thanks, Rush threw a forearm! So now, while Rush’s brother fights Dalton Castle in a payback-by-proxy grudge match, Rush will face the Captain of Flip Army! Will the brothers both be victorious? Or will they both pay for Rush’s arrogance?


Silas Young heads to the ring.

The Last Real Man comes out in a new robe, which declares he is the “Technician of Honor.” That’s pretty rich coming from a guy who likes to deal out low blows. But Silas has a mic to speak. “For the last few weeks, you people have had the privilege, hell you’ve had the honor, to watch the Last Real Man exhibit pro-wrestling prowess at its most base, purest form.” Silas has continued to prove over and over why he is the best true wrestler walking the planet today. Jonathan Gresham issued a challenge while over in Japan to have a pure wrestling match, so Silas says right here and now that the challenge is accepted. Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s happening at Best in the World as the Octopus takes on the Technician of Honor in a pure wrestling match.

But before that, Silas sees someone else has a problem with him. It seems this someone wants to avenge their father’s loss. And not just some nobody. This is one of the best young technical wrestlers in the world today. Silas’ opponent is El Hijo del Squid Jr. Doesn’t that make him the grandson of The Squid from a few weeks ago? Wait, the person coming out looks exactly like The Squid. In fact, this is most definitely the same guy. Well, whether he’s the father, the son or the brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate, will he really be able to beat Silas Young?

Silas Young VS “El Hijo del Squid Jr!”

Fans chant “SQUID! SQUID!” and Silas can’t believe it. Silas and Squid uphold the Code of Honor, and then the bell rings. Squid pumps up his tentacles to call for a test of strength. Silas approaches and ties up with Squid, to spin and keylock to a headlock. Squid powers out to a waistlock but Silas standing switches. Squid switches, but then Silas switches, but then Squid switches back only for Silas to switch again. They go to ropes and Silas rolls Squid to a European Clutch, TWO! Silas kips up and Squid flails, but Silas offers a handshake. Squid accepts it, to sucker Silas into a headlock! Silas powers out and things speed up, and Silas jumps into an atomic drop! Squid taunts Silas, but runs into a big lariat! Silas drags Squid into the abdominal stretch! Squid taps again, Silas wins again!

Winner: Silas Young, by submission

Silas sweeps the Squid Familia, but will he have much more of a fight out of the Octopus?


ROH hears from PJ Black and LifeBlood.

Mark Haskins introduces the group as “some of the most innovative wrestlers in the world.” Sadly, they’ve taken some hits along the way, but things are looking up. And with that, Tracy Williams says they went on a search to find some of the most dynamic wrestlers around, and thus, enter the Darewolf. Nothing speaks louder than actions, and LifeBlood is strong in the Six Man Tag Division already. PJ adds that they together will win at Best in the World, to take those Six Man titles! Yeah? Good? LifeBlood certainly likes the sound of that. Before settling things with Bully Ray, can LifeBlood snatch up some gold?


Best of Three Series, Match Two: Kenny King VS Jay Lethal!

The Franchise Player is backed against the wall, but he won’t go down so easily. However, the K I N G is so convinced he’ll sweep,  he already has his broom. Will he be able to pull it off? Or will all the King’s horses and all the King’s tricks fail to put Lethal away again?

King offers the Code of Honor handshake, but Lethal doesn’t trust him for one second. But Lethal does offer his own, and King accepts that. With the Code of Honor upheld, we begin this pivotal second match!

Fans are strongly behind Lethal as he circles with King. King grins as he dares Lethal to bring it. They tie up, and Lethal wristlocks to a hammerlock. King drop toeholds and floats to a facelock. Lethal powers up to hammerlock again, then headlocks to a takeover. It’s a cover, ONE! King uses a forearm to push Lethal into the headscissor, but Lethal pops out while maintaining the headlock. King tries again, gets the headscissors and gets free of Lethal’s hold. Lethal works his way up and around to rolls King to then float right back onto a headlock. King gets up but Lethal wrenches again. King rolls and brings Lethal to a knee before he kips up. “Bend the Knee!” Lethal just stares down with the grinning King as we go to break.

ROH returns again, and King is taking his time on the outside. Fans boo and jeer but he just ignores them. King hops in at 7, but then bails right back out. Lethal moves to pursue but King runs away. The chase is on and they end up back in the ring, and King gets Lethal with stomps and elbows. King whips Lethal and knees low, to then knee high! Lethal goes down and King brags on the ropes. King stomps Lethal to a corner and talks trash. He grins as he CHOPS Lethal! Lethal CHOPS back! So King CHOPS back! Lethal CHOPS back, but King CHOPS and forearms back! King fires off but lets up at the ref’s count. King whips but Lethal reverses to trip King up. Lethal wants the Figure Four but King pushes him away.

Lethal kicks the leg then trips him up! He gives a Ric Flair WOO~ but King cradle counters! TWO, and Lethal kicks that leg again! King hobbles and Lethal runs corner to corner. King hangs Lethal up on the ropes in a bad way! The ref reprimands King and King apologizes for hurting Lethal’s groin. NOT! King springboards to dropkick Lethal down! Lethal staggers up and King FLIES! The Royal Tornillo takes Lethal down! Fans fire up because that was legit, and the K I N G King~ soaks it all up. King rains rights down on Lethal while taunting him. King drags Lethal into the ring at 7 then toys with him. He stomps Lethal around but fans rally up. King scoops Lethal to slam him, then springboards for a leg drop! Cover, TWO!

King keeps on Lethal with a seated abdominal stretch. Lethal endures the added neck wrench, and fans rally up again. Lethal fights his way up and out to throw body shots! He CHOPS King to a corner, then CHOPS him more! Lethal whips corner to corner but King reverses hard! King brushes himself off before covering, TWO! King taunts the fans who cheer Lethal on, then keeps Lethal from leaving the ring. He drags Lethal back into the seated stretch, and even rakes Lethal’s face. Lethal endures again and refuses to quit. Lethal fights out with his free arm, then throws more body shots. He haymakers but King knees low and tosses Lethal out. King wants the count out, and the count does begin.

Lethal slowly stirs but the count passes 5/20. The count passes 7, but Lethal is in at 8. King is on him with stomps, and ROH takes another break.

ROH returns again, and King drags Lethal up. Lethal throws body shots and fires himself up. King clubs Lethal but Lethal punches more. King throws forearms but Lethal fires up more. Lethal swings but into King’s spin, backbreaker! And then King calls for another steal of the Injection! But Lethal waistlocks and shoves King forward, only for King to buck him off. King runs into Lethal Combination! Both men are down but fans rally up. A standing count begins as both men crawl. Lethal fires up off the fan rally and gets to his feet. King uses ropes for his support, and Lethal throws CHOPS and haymakers! Lethal fires off and whips, but King reverses, only to get forearms! Lethal starts rallying, and he whips King again. King reverses again, but Lethal sunset flips, just for the Figure Four!

The leglock is on but King gets the ropebreak right away! Lethal lets go but fans rally behind him as he gives King a triangle dropkick! King falls and Lethal runs, to DIVE! Direct hit, but we know Lethal likes more than one. Lethal runs again, and DIVES again! That’s two times, but we also know Lethal loves to go for more. Lethal runs again, and DIVES for the hat trick! Both men go down but fans are fired up! The ring count begins and climbs up, but Lethal is back up at 6. Lethal is in at 8, but King rises at 10. King is on the apron at 12 but just stays. He decides to back off? King says up yours, and lets the count climb past 15?! Lethal won’t let him just hand a win, and goes out to end the count! But right into King’s plan as he back elbows Lethal away!

King has a mic and CLOBBERS Lethal with it, in clear view of the referee!

Winner: Jay Lethal, by disqualification; series is tied 1-1

The King acts like he doesn’t know what he did wrong, but it was clear as could be this was on purpose. So King fires off furious fists on Lethal! King drags Lethal up to throw hard into railing! And then back into the ring for more fists! King grins again as he mocks the fans. King drags Lethal up but Lethal throws haymakers! But King kicks low! A low blow kick, but it doesn’t matter now that the match is over. King handsprings, another stolen Lethal Injection! And then King grabs a chair! King brings the chair in and threads Lethal’s arm through it! King drops a leg on the chair to crush the arm! And then he puts it through again to stomp the arm out!

Lethal didn’t bend the knee, but he might have just lost an arm! King takes a mic up to “congratulate” Lethal on winning tonight. The series is tied, but is Lethal really a winner? King stands on the bad arm and says he could’ve beat him to end it all so easily. But why? “When you kill a god, you don’t do it in the shadows. You do it out in front where the world can see.” So King will see Lethal again, at Best in the World! Get well soon. King STOMPS the arm one more time! Does Lethal stand a chance of winning the tiebreaker with only one good arm?


The ROH World Champion, Matt Taven, sits down for an interview.

Matt Taven demanded this time, because “finally, after two weeks of having to hear Jeff Slob’s ‘accomplishments’ and wasting valuable TV time,” ROH puts an actual star on camera. Best in the World is coming, and it is named after Taven, yet we haven’t heard him speak once. We hear all of Jeff’s “accomplishments,” but no one has done more in ROH than Matt Taven. From Top Prospect Tournament winner, ROH Television Champion, ROH Tag Team Champion, part of the inaugural ROH Six Man Champions, and he even won titles in CMLL as one of the few foreigners to main event their anniversary show. Taven’s even been a champion in NJPW. He finally completed the ROH Grand Slam by becoming world champion in Madison Square Garden.

“So why aren’t we talking about my accomplishments?” Why aren’t they talking about Taven? Why is ROH wasting time on Jeff Cobb? Taven doesn’t know, either. But what Taven does know is that the title is going nowhere, and that he deserves to hold it forever, because he earned the right to be ROH World Champion. “At Best in the World, things will be no different.” One man will reign over all of ROH, and that man is him, and he is that man. Why? Because he’s Matt Taven. “Enjoy the show, Melvins.” But will Taven really prove he’s the Best in the World? Or will Cobb add silencing Taven once and for all to his list of accomplishments?


The Best in the World card is complete!

ROH World Championship: Matt Taven VS Jeff Cobb! ROH World Television Championship: Shane Taylor VS Bandido! Grudge matches of Rush VS Flip Gordon, Dragon Lee VS Dalton Castle! A Pure Wrestling Rules match: Silas Young VS Jonathan Gresham! The ROH World Six man Championships: Villain Enterprises VS LifeBlood! Kelly Klein & Jenny Rose VS The Allure in their in-ring debut! And of course, the finale to the Best of Three Series: Kenny King VS Jay Lethal! Who comes away proving they’re the Best in the World?!



My Thoughts:

A pretty solid go-home for ROH, and I think in 60 frames per second if you watched on Fite TV. I didn’t expect the NWA National Championship to be on the line, but naturally Colt retained. At the same time, it should’ve been obvious the Briscoes were going to beat Colt down either way, so that’s just good standard Heel stuff. Pretty sure this means Colt and Aldis win against them at Best in the World. And despite the Allure doing a good promo to put themselves over, they lose to Klein and Rose, unless Velvet Sky cheats for them. Taylor had a really good promo, too. It would be incredible if Bandido, Rush and Dragon Lee all won their respective matches, but one of those has to lose, and I’m leaning towards Lee since Dalton Castle’s story has to lead back to Rush.

For that matter, tonight had a lot of good promos. LifeBlood surprises us with a Six Man Tag announcement, but I wonder if they’re really going to win the Six Man titles. I feel like Bully Ray and the Soldiers of Savagery interfere just to screw LifeBlood, because Villain Enterprises had such great momentum that died and those belts are the only thing to keep Marty Scurll here. Matt Taven’s promo was great, honestly. He rightfully feels disrespected since he, the world champion, has been overlooked for his challenger. At the same time, it’s what he deserves for how he’s been. But their match will surely be a good main event. The only thing that would keep Cobb from winning is that he’s in the NJPW G1 Climax and his losses would reflect bad on ROH as a whole.

Silas Young’s build with Jonathan Gresham during the Best of the Super Junior time has been great, just from Squid being Squid. But also, this coming Pure/Scientific Rules match coming, this feels like it should’ve been the culmination of Gresham’s story months ago to resurrect the ROH Pure Championship. Maybe it can still circle back to that, but with Silas doing it for satire, assuming he finds another way to cheat and win. And speaking of, Kenny King basically found a way to cheat to lose. King VS Lethal was a great match even with that, and King really ups the Heel heat as he “injures” Lethal. I knew all along their blow-off would be Best in the World, and this was an okay way to get there. The math has to dictate Lethal wins, though, since he’s the Face in such a dire situation.

My Score: 8.4/10

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