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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (6/11/19)

Drake Maverick has something HUGE in the works!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Championship will finally have a #1 Contender!

But who will it be? Drake Maverick will finally determine how a challenger is chosen! Who will The Premier Athlete, defend his Cruiserweight Championship against?



  • Jack Gallagher VS Chad Gable; Gable wins, by count out.
  • The Singh Brothers VS Dos Locales; The Singh Brothers wins.
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way: Akira Tozawa VS Oney Lorcan VS Humberto Carrillo VS Drew Gulak; Tozawa and Gulak draw, no #1 contender has been named.


Drake Maverick addresses his “distractions” from the Cruiserweight Division.

His recent pursuits on Raw and SmackDown over the WWE 24/7 Championship have seemingly taken his attention away from the Cruiserweight Division, but he promises he takes his job as 205 Live General Manager seriously. Therefore, Maverick has a fair solution to decisively choose a #1 Contender to face Tony Nese and WWE Stomping Grounds! The four absolute best of 205 Live have a Fatal 4 Way! Akira Tozawa, Oney Lorcan, Humberto Carrillo and Drew Gulak will all compete, and the winner moves on to Stomping Grounds, and the Premier Athlete! Who kicks ass and takes names to then take on Tony for the title?


Jack Gallagher VS Chad Gable!

The Extraordinary Gentleman returns to 205 Live from NXT UK to keep himself going in the Cruiserweight Division. But will the newest addition to the division be #ReadyWillingAndGable to start fresh?

The bell rings and Gallagher offers a handshake. Gable accepts it, and these two good sports tie up. Gable waistlocks but Gallagher reverses to a wristlock. Gallagher wrenches but Gable rolls and spins to wrench back. Gable has a mounted armlock but Gallagher gets up to get Gable down. Gallagher turns Gable over and laces the legs for a special deathlock. Gallagher waves hello, but Gable slips out to wave hello back! The two stand and circle again. Gable and Gallagher tie up and Gable spins Gallagher around to a headlock. He shifts through to a hammerlock, hops over and slips under to bait Gallagher in. Gable then spins and throws Gallagher with an arm-drag! The two stand off and Sacramento cheers.

Gallagher keeps his cool and circles with Gable again. Gable headlocks and grinds Gallagher down, but Gallagher slips out with the handstand. Fans cheer again as Gallagher takes a bow. Gallagher and Gable go again, and go shoulder to shoulder. Gable pushes Gallagher down but Gallagher gets a shoulder up. Gable pushes Gallagher back down but Gallagher gets the other shoulder up. Third try, Gallagher bridges up. Gable goes to put his weight on but Gallagher blocks and monkey flips Gable overhead! Gallagher brings Gable up but Gable returns the monkey flip! Double cover, but both men get a shoulder up. Another double cover, and they both get the other shoulders up. A third double cover, and they both bridge!

Fans cheer as the two turn over and stand up, maintaining the knuckle lock. They both break free, but it’s Gable who arm-drags Gallagher down. Gable has the armlock but fans rally as Gallagher endures. Gallagher works his way up but Gable hammerlocks. Gallagher powers out but Gable goes up and over, only for Gallagher to slip out of the sunset flip! The Gentleman sits on the Olympian for a cover, TWO! The two circle again, and Gallagher gets a wristlock. Gable pops Gallagher down and covers, ONE! Gable stays on Gallagher and puts him in a corner. The referee calls for a break but Gable whips Gallagher corner to corner. Gallagher goes up but Gable snapmares him.

Things speed up and Gable runs Gallagher over. Gable keeps moving, catches Gallagher’s jump but Gallagher twists and body scissor throws Gable, to then dropkick him down! Gable bails out as fans fire up. Gallagher runs to slide, but Gable gets under, only for Gallagher to throw Gable into steel steps! Gallagher goes back in the ring to leave Gable at the mercy of the count. Gable crawls at 3, finds the ring at 5, but still fumbles until 9.5! Gallagher is right on Gable with stomps and European Uppercuts. Gallagher knocks Gable off his feet then snapmares him into a mounted armlock. He goes after the hand and bends the arm back! He also tortures the fingers! Gable endures, even as his fingers are bent into his shoulder! Gable gets a ropebreak so Gallagher lets off.

Gallagher comes back with more EuroUppers, but Gable catches on into a backslide! TWO, and Gallagher headbutts Gable down! Gallagher suplexes Gable up and holds him there! Gallagher keeps Gable there for 25 counts! Cover, TWO!! Gallagher stays on Gable with a rear bearhug and squeezes tight. Gable endures as Gallagher puts all his weight on Gable. Fans rally up for Gable, and Gable fights his way up to his feet. Gable pries free of the hold but Gallagher whips him hard into buckles! Gallagher drags Gable back up to whip hard corner to corner! Gallagher drops springboard knees onto Gable’s back, and pulls him backward! The ref reprimands Gallagher so Gallagher lets up.

Gallagher whips Gable again but Gable reverses hard! Gallagher bounces off buckles but Gable whips him again! Gable catches Gallagher for a belly2belly! And holds on for a second! Gallagher fights off a third but swings his way into a Dragon Suplex! Bridge, TWO!! Gable can’t believe Gallagher survives but fans are loving it! Gable grimaces as he goes back to Gallagher. He drags Gallagher up but Gallagher fights off the waistlock. Gable trips Gallagher up, for an ANKLE LOCK! Gallagher endures and flails, then rolls to drag Gable into a Fujiwara Armbar! Gable endures, biting his wrist tape to keep from tapping. Gable gets up to underhook Gallagher, TIGER DRIVER! Jackknife cover, TWO!? Gallagher escapes by the skin of his teeth, and Gable can’t believe it! Fans rally up behind Gable as he drags Gallagher back up.

Gable back suplexes but Gallagher lands on his feet. But Gallagher’s leg jams, and Gable trips him up for another Ankle Lock! But Gallagher rolls through to send Gable into buckles! Gallagher lifts Gable in a fireman’s carry, to hotshot him on the ropes, for a BIG lariat! Both men are down but the fans fire up! Gallagher sits up first and grimaces at Gable. Gable gets to the corner and Gallagher runs in corner to corner, but misses the dropkick! Gallagher lands on his feet to DIVE onto Gable, only to get caught! And thrown in a German Suplex to the floor! Both men are down on the outside and the ref starts a count. Gable gets in at 5, and Gallagher stands at 7, only to flop over! But then he springs to life, only to miss the count!! Gable wins!!

Winner: Chad Gable, by count-out

The newest Cruiserweight gets his first win, but even he doesn’t seem satisfied by that split-second finish. Gallagher admits defeat on this night, but will we get a gentlemen’s rematch on the Road to Stomping Grounds?


Drake Maverick is visited by Mr. & Mrs. Kanellis.

And Mike is furious! How can Drake help them? Apparently he can’t, because he again undermines Mike’s pursuit of the Cruiserweight Championship. Somehow Mike isn’t worthy even though he beat THE Brian Kendrick. And then Mike begged for the best competition, but instead it’s Jack Gallagher getting to face Chad Gable! Well it was an excellent match. Mike doesn’t care! He is supposed to be getting these matches! These opportunities! What did Gallagher do to get that spotlight?

Well what has MIKE done to deserve anything?! All Mike’s ever done is complain, complain and complain. And don’t think Maverick hasn’t seen their social media posts about their “status” in the WWE. But they want rewards? What kind of GM would he be if he did? What Maria would like is a GM that is present, and that cares about 205 Live. That rewards those who fulfill their obligations. Maybe Maverick should worry less about their status, and more about his own. Is there going to be a rebellion in the Cruiserweight Division if Maverick isn’t careful?


Noam Dar responds to Drew Gulak’s ambush from last week.

In a exclusive, The Scottish Supernova says, “The only thing that attack showed me is that 205 Live management don’t care about providing safe work environments for their star players.” This would never happen in NXT UK. And the only thing Dar feels is concerned. he might need more time off to rehab and make sure that when he comes back, 205 Live has sorted this out. Otherwise, Dar puts a full-time transfer to just stay on NXT UK permanently. Again, are there things Maverick has to worry about other than just titles?


The Singh Brothers VS Dos Locales!

Samir & Sunil return to 205 Live not to face the Lucha House Party, but to show what they can do against the “toughest luchadors in Sacramento,” Vaca Blanca Lenta (Slow White Cow), and El Hijo del Hijo del Hijo del Cangreja Rojo (Great-Great Grandson of the Red Crab). But next week will be the rematch of Bollywood Boyz and LHP. Will Dos Locales be a simple warm-up for the Singhs? Or will even these local luchadores leave Samir & Sunil feeling low?

The teams sort out and Sunil starts with Vaca Blanca. They circle and tie up, and Sunil arm-drags. Blanca is back up but Sunil swivels the hips and wants to dance. Blanca refuses, so Sunil tags in Samir so they can dance. Samir and Blanca tie up, and Samir waistlocks. He trips Blanca and walks all over him to then do more dancing. Blanca gets up and is still not in the mood. Samir tags back to Sunil and they again dance around. Sunil invites Blanca to dance, and fans kinda wanna see it. Blanca does it! Then rolls Sunil up! TWO, and Blanca dropkicks Sunil down! Fans fire up with Blanca as he whips Sunil to a corner. Cangreja hops in to run at Sunil, but he’s tossed way out! Sunil elbows Blanca then hits a heel kick!

Tag to Samir, and the brothers mug Blanca with stomps and punches. Samir fires up as he puts Blanca in the corner for a mudhole stomp. Tag to Sunil and he adds his own stomps. The ref has to back Sunil off and Sunil tags Samir. Samir stomps Blanca more, then tags Sunil. The Singh Brothers drag Blanca up and double whip to double body shot, and then combine for a SUPERKICK Russian Leg Sweep! Sunil keeps Cangreja out by bumping him off the post! Sunil then swivels the hips before tagging in Samir. The Singhs combine for the Bollywood Blast! Elbow drop and backbreaker combo! Cover, and the Singh Brothers win!

Winners: The Singh Brothers, Samir pinning

And the celebration continues! Now that they’ve tuned up, will Samir and Sunil feel up to taking on the Lucha House Party?


Backstage interview with the Cruiserweight Champion, Tony Nese!

The Premier Athlete has had to wait, but finally he will know who his next challenger is after tonight’s star-studded Fatal 4 Way match! How does Tony see these men stacking up to him? First, Tony congratulates Maverick on making this decision. Tony wanted to challenge himself against The Stamina Monster, because he would truly test how strong of a workhorse Tony is.

But given the circumstances, there are more possibilities. It could be the hardest hitter in Oney Lorcan or the highest flyer in Humberto Carrillo, or even a rematch with his arch-rival, “cold, calculating Drew Gulak.” Gulak has never looked this dangerous, but losing to Tony is why he left in the first place. Tony is ready for anyone, because he’s sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines. The Cruiserweight Champion is also the Premier Athlete for a reason. Who will he get to prove it against come WWE Stomping Grounds?


WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way: Akira Tozawa VS Oney Lorcan VS Humberto Carrillo VS Drew Gulak!

Finally, the Stamina Monster, Boston Brawler, Ultimo Ninja and Philly Stretcher have a chance to challenge Tony Nese for the title! But to earn that opportunity, one man must outwork and out-think the other three! Who punches their ticket to Tacoma with a big win here tonight?

The bell rings and Gulak blasts Carrillo with a shotgun dropkick immediately! Lorcan goes after Tozawa and throws him out, then both Gulak and Lorcan go after Carrillo. But Carrillo springboards to crossbody them both! Only for both of them to catch him! Lorcan tosses Carrillo but Carrillo uses that to arm-drag Gulak down! Carrillo dodges Lorcna to springboard enziguri Lorcan! Tozawa runs in but gets a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker to somersault splash! Cover, but Gulak breaks it. Gulak whips Carrillo but Carrillo handsprings to back elbow Gulak down! But Lorcan dropkicks Carrillo down! Cover, ONE! Tozawa swings but into a half nelson. He fights out and pushes Lorcan to boot him.

Tozawa fireman’s carries Lorcan, and manages to keep him up, for a toss! Carrillo swings a kick but he gets the fireman’s carry to another toss! Tozawa dodges Gulak, fakes him out for the JAB! And then yes, a fireman’s carry! Gulak is the bulkiest Cruiserweight, but Tozawa gets him up for the toss! And a basement shotgun! Cover, but Lorcan breaks it. Lorcan CHOPS Tozawa, but Carrillo kicks Lorcan. Tozawa and Carrillo whip Lorcan but he dodges to CHOP them back and forth! Fans “WOO~” for Lorcan as Tozawa and Carrillo end up in opposite corners. Gulak runs in but gets a EuroUpper from Lorcan! And another one on the run! Lorcan sees his targets, and back elbows Tozawa in the corner. Lorcan runs into Carrillo’s boot, but then Carrillo springboards into Lorcan’s EuroUpper!

Gulak gets up but Lorcan is on him. Gulak shoves Lorcan away then elbows Tozawa down. Lorcan and Gulak work together again to lift Tozawa, torture rack toss into a EuroUpper! Lorcan covers Tozawa but Gulak drags him off. Gulak CHOPS Lorcan, and again, but Lorcan just grits his teeth. Gulak grabs Lorcan by his chin, but Lorcan grabs Gulak, too. Tony Nese watches backstage as Carrillo knocks Gulak into Lorcan and Lorcan tumbles out. Carrillo kicks Gulak but Gulak denies the acrobatic arm-drag to clothesline Carrillo down! Cover, TWO! Gulak keeps his cool as he hits Lorcan back out. Tozawa stirs and Gulak is on his arm. Gulak headbutts the elbow and sits Tozawa down. Gulak grinds his boot into Tozawa but Carrillo waistlocks him. But Gulak standing switches to give Carrillo a heavy German Suplex! Cover, but Tozawa breaks it!

Gulak grows annoyed as he looms over Tozawa. He drags Tozawa up for a scoop and slam, then cover. TWO, but Gulak CHOPS Carrillo as he stands up. Gulak CHOPS Carrillo more, then whips him corner to corner. He drags Carrillo out for a big suplex! Cover, TWO! Gulak keeps on Carrillo with a neck wrench. Carrillo endures as Gulak shifts to a chinlock. Fans rally up and Carrillo fights his way up. Carrillo fights out but Gulak EuroUppers Carrillo down. Gulak bumps Carrillo off buckles hard, then stands on his face! Tozawa goes after Gulak but gets CHOPS for it. Lorcan grabs Gulak in a half nelson, but Gulak arm-drags and shotgun dropkicks Lorcan back out. Carrillo stands but gets hands from Gulak.

Gulak scoops but Tozawa slips out to shove Gulak into Carrillo’s SUPERKICK! Carrillo gives Tozawa a boost for the huricanrana! Gulak ends up in the corner now and Tozawa hits a splash. Carrillo adds a clothesline! Lorcan comes in but gets a double hip toss onto Gulak! Fans fire up while all four men are down! Carrillo crawls to a cover but Tozawa pushes him off. Tozawa covers but Carrillo pulls Tozawa off. The two argue and start brawling! Carrillo kicks and powerbomb lifts, but Tozawa slips through the Gory Especial to sunset flip! TWO, and Carrillo goes for La Magistrol! TWO, and the two stare down. Gulak stands and they give him DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Then Tozawa SUPERKICKS Carrillo! Carrillo is in the drop zone and Tozawa climbs up!

Fans fire up but Lorcan trips Tozawa up! Carrillo misses his kick and gets a Half ‘n’ Half, onto Gulak! Lorcan covers Gulak but Tozawa’s SUPER SENTON breaks it!! Fans are loving this! They cheer “205! 205!” while the four men stir. Lorcan is on the outside, Carrillo is in a corner. Carrillo moves to the apron and Gulak pursues. Carrillo shoves Gulak away and dodges Tozawa’s boot. Now all four men end up on the apron. They brawl in pairs, but Gulak has a waistlock! Carrillo SUPERKICKS Tozawa, but gets put back in the ring. Carrillo hops away and punches Tozawa back while Gulak tosses Lorcan onto the apron! But Gulak gets Carrillo’s missile dropkick! And Tozawa’s apron CANNONBALL! Carrillo FLIES onto Lorcan!!

All four men are down again and Sacramento is thunderous for “205! 205!” The referee checks all four men but they’re okay to continue. Tozawa and Carrillo leave the others behind to get in the ring. Sacramento knows “This is Awesome!” as the two men stand. Tozawa kicks but Carrillo rolls to dodge. Carrillo swings one kick, misses, but comes back with the enziguri! Carrillo runs, springboards to deadlift arm-drag! Cover, TWO! Tozawa lives and Carrillo is shocked! Lorcan lurks as Carrillo drags Tozawa up. They get DOUBLE BLOCKBUSTERS! The Fury of 205 fires up as Carrillo and Tozawa bail out. Gulak returns and Lorcan glares right at him. These two give CHOPS back and forth! And then SLAPS! Both men fire off fast and furious, and then Lorcan moves to EuroUppers. He runs, dodges Gulak, then FLIES onto Carrillo and Tozawa!

Sacramento fires up behind Lorcan, but Ariya Daivari runs out to SMACK Lorcan with a chair!! The Persian Lion is a sore loser from his loss last week. The referee can’t disqualify anyone but he does get Daivari to leave. That doesn’t matter to Daivari, the damage has been done, and he laughs all the way to the back. This leaves Carrillo and Gulak in the ring. Gulak goes to throw Carrillo but Carrillo throws him out first. Carrillo turns around to get Tozawa’s mule kick. Tozawa swings, misses, slides under and hits the rolling roundhouse! Nese is still watching as Tozawa climbs up top! Fans fire up but Carrillo kicks Tozawa down! Carrillo climbs but Gulak returns to shove him off! Carrillo hits barriers!

Gulak has Tozawa, but Tozawa fights back! They brawl up top and Tozawa clubs away. Fans “AH! AH!” along with him, but Gulak just headbutts Tozawa to stop him. Gulak adjusts, for the SUPERPLEX! But both men cradle the other!! Three count, but who wins!?

Winner: ???

The referees consult because both men had shoulders down on the other. Drake Maverick walks out to discuss this with them. Fans seem to favor Tozawa, but favoritism isn’t evidence. Each man has a ref on their side, and Maverick keeps the two men from fighting. Just as we thought we’d get a clear contender to the Cruiserweight Championship, we don’t! What will Maverick do!?



My Thoughts:

Hoo boy that was a great episode! 205 Live has brilliantly used the WWE 24/7 Championship to affect the Cruiserweight Championship to this point. Maverick makes a lot of big moves to try and satisfy as many as he can, but even the few superstars he still disappoints work into the overall story. First, great to see Chad Gable finally on 205 Live, I have felt for months that him joining the Cruiserweight Division would be a great move for him. He and Gallagher had a great match, and I’m not even upset by the count out finish. This leaves things open to a rematch because it keeps both guys strong. Gallagher part-times in NXT UK, but a rivalry like this could keep him coming back. Singh Brothers obviously win tonight to lose to Lucha House Party, but those names for Dos Locales were brilliant! Probably all Nigel’s ideas.

Naturally, Mr. & Mrs. Kanellis are furious about the Cruiserweight Championship snub, and Dar is taking out frustrations on Maverick. The only “main roster” GM left is Maverick, so there could be a great story going forward about whether that should change. Nese has a decent promo that certainly fits what Face Nese should be saying. The Cruiserweight Championship contenders match tonight was truly awesome, as all four guys got equal time to shine and are just great competitors flat out. It’s been awhile since WWE has used the Dusty Finish like that, and I really like that they did. Neither Gulak nor Tozawa is a clear contender, and putting Nese being a fighting champion on top of that, I would hope we get a Triple Threat Cruiserweight Championship match for Stomping Ground for some great unpredictability.

My Score: 8.6/10

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