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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (6/4/19)

More contenders are coming for The Premier Athlete!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Who will the Cruiserweight Champion face?

While Tony Nese wants to defend against Akira Tozawa, Drake Maverick has not made a decision on the Cruiserweight Champion’s future! Is Mike Kanellis back in the race after defeating former champion, THE Brian Kendrick?



  • Akira Tozawa VS Noam Dar; changed to…
  • Akira Tozawa VS Drew Gulak; Gulak wins.
  • Ariya Daivari VS Oney Lorcan; Lorcan wins.


Drake Maverick frames tonight’s Cruiserweight action!

One superstar has perhaps the most momentum behind him while the other has gone between brands in an attempt to reestablish himself. The Stamina Monster, Akira Tozawa, is Tony Nese’s hand-picked choice for contender, but the Scottish Supernova, Noam Dar, wants to eclipse them all with another return to 205 Live. Will Tozawa be able to be better than 11? Or will we see him get rolled by a Nova Rolla?

Then in the main event, the two hardest hitting Cruiserweight superstars today face off, all over the parting gift left in the Persian Lion’s ear. Ariya Daivari wants to take things Old Testament, eye for an eye and ear for an ear, in a fight with Oney Lorcan. The Boston Brawler eagerly awaits, and promises to do Daivari a favor by evening things out. Who hard-hitter hits harder to possibly join the race for the Premier Athlete’s Cruiserweight Championship?


Akira Tozawa VS Noam Dar!

A former champion is the current champion’s prime pick, but perhaps Tony Nese will consider taking on an old foe? Will Tozawa maintain pole position in this race to the title? Or will Dar get hot in 205 Live again?

But as Dar makes his way out, Drew Gulak attacks?! For weeks, the Philly Stretcher has been cryptic on his social media, and now he chooses to show up and strike! But why Dar? He throws Dar into the LED board of the ring! Tozawa wants to know what this is about, too, but Gulak dropkicks Dar’s leg into the steel steps! The very leg Dar just healed up to come back! Drake Maverick runs out with extra refs to stop Gulak. Gulak is ruining the show! But Tozawa says if Gulak wants to fight, he’ll fight Gulak! Maverick decides to make it official! Dar is out, Gulak is in, but will Tozawa still have the momentum he needs towards Tony Nese?

Akira Tozawa VS Drew Gulak!

The Cruiserweight Crusader walks into the ring from the steps he displaced, and the bell rings to start this impromptu match.

Fans rally already with “AH! AH!” and Tozawa blasts at Gulak. He and Gulak throw hands, but Gulak throws Tozawa. Tozawa boots and haymakers back, but Gulak body shots and CHOPS! Tozawa stops for a moment and Gulak whips, only for Tozawa to come back with a huricanrana! And a shining wizard to screaming senton! Cover, ONE! Tozawa fires up and the fans follow. Tozawa kicks Gulak but Gulak grits his teeth. The Stamina Monster puts the Cruiserweight Crusader in a corner for a mudhole stomp. Tozawa backs off but throws hands. Gulak headbutts back then fireman’s carry. Tozawa slips out and dodges to run and crossbody. Gulak catches and then throws Tozawa with a Fall Away Slam! Gulak kicks Tozawa back down then covers, TWO! Tozawa slumps out of the ring, but Gulak pursues.

Gulak drags Tozawa up as fans rally, and CHOPS him hard again. Gulak puts Tozawa in the ring, covers, TWO! Tozawa catches his breath but Gulak drags him back up. Gulak turns Tozawa with that cravat neck crank. Fans rally as Tozawa endurse. Tozawa fights out, runs, but Gulak ducks down. Things speed up, tilt-o-whirl into the Iron Octopus! But Gulak powers out so fast! Gulak drags Tozawa up for a gut wrench suplex! Cover, ONE, but Gulak keeps his focus. Gulak sits Tozawa up to trap an arm and put on a chinbar. Fans rally up as Tozawa endures. Tozawa fights his way up but Gulak thrashes him around. Tozawa reaches for ropes and fights out of the headlock. He fireman’s carries Gulak, but Gulak is perhaps too much for that bad back. Gulak elbows out and drops an elbow, then another! Cover, ONE!

Tozawa crawls away but Gulak looms over him. Gulak drags Tozawa up and snap suplexes him down. Float to cover, TWO! Gulak keeps on Tozawa, trapping the arms for a seated abdominal stretch and then a neck crank. Tozawa endures so Gulak elbows him down hard! Cover, ONE, but Gulak stays on Tozawa with the chinlock. Fans keep cheering Tozawa as he endures a modified straitjacket. Tozawa crawls for ropes but Gulak wrenches hard. Gulak shifts to drop a knee on the shoulder! Cover, TWO! Tozawa refuses to quit but Gulak won’t let up, either. Gulak pulls Tozawa’s arms back with a knee in the back. Tozawa feeds off the fans cheering “AH! AH!” Tozawa fights up and spins, slides, but Gulak shoves. Gulak runs into a swing kick and falls out of the ring!

Tozawa builds speed, but Gulak gets out of the way. Tozawa adjusts, but Gulak fakes out the slingshot. But then Tozawa runs the length of the apron to CANNONBALL! They both crash into barriers! Tozawa gets up and brings Gulak with him to bounce off the announce desk. Tozawa throws Gulak but GUlakt hrows Tozawa in, only for Tozawa to DIVE! The Tozawa Torpedo hits and sends Gulak over the desk! Laredo fires up with Tozawa as he brings Gulak back up. Tozawa puts Gulak in the ring and in a drop zone. Tozawa climbs and aims at Gulak, for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Tozawa is surprised but he keeps his focus. Tozawa stalks Gulak to throw body shots. He waistlocks but Gulak fights out with elbows.

Gulak whips Tozawa corner to corner and blocks a boot. But Tozawa still gets him with the chop feint and JAB! Tilt-o-whirl, Iron Octopus returns! Gulak is caught in the middle of the ring, and Tozawa pulls hard on the arm! Gulak flails but fades! But he crawls his way to ropes, and uses his legs for the ropebreak. Tozawa lets go and Gulak takes shelter under the ropes. Fans rally for Tozawa again, and Tozawa runs at Gulak. Gualk lifts Tozawa for a reverse powerbomb facebuster! Cover, TWO, but right to a Cloverleaf! A Texas Cloverleaf in Texas! Tozawa endures, powers up, and crawls for ropes. Gulak pulls him away and sits back down! Tozawa keeps pulling himself forward, enduring all that back pain, and gets the ropebreak! Gulak lets go and both men are down.

Fans rally up and Gulak sits up first. Gulak drags Tozawa up for haymakers but Tozawa gives them back. The two brawl back and forth, Gulak CHOPS but so does Tozawa! Tozawa chops away, but misses the clothesline to get another CHOP! Gulak shoves and LARIATS! But he’s not done there, gut wrench suplex! Cover, TWO!! Tozawa survives and Gulak grows frustrated. Gulak clamps onto Tozawa’s shoulders, then stands Tozawa for a suplex. Tozawa slips out, back kicks, spins, slips under, and fireman’s carry! He keeps Gulak up to toss him down! Then Tozawa runs, shotgun dropkick! Rolling roundhouse! Gulak falls into a drop zone, and Tozawa hurries for a corner!

Fans cheer and Tozawa reaches the top. Tozawa aims, but Gulak is right up! Gulak shocks Tozawa as he SUPERPLEXES!! Gulak bends his own #Drewtopia rules, this is truly a different man than before! He torture racks for a neckbreaker! Cover, Gulak wins!!

Winner: Drew Gulak, by pinfall

Gulak’s back in black, and he might be back in the lead towards the title! Will we get yet another chapter in Nese VS Gulak for the Cruiserweight Championship?


Mike & Maria Kanellis speak.

“I hate this idea that I’m not considered the best. I’m not considered the best because I’m not showcased on WWE TV enough. I’m not considered the best because I haven’t been here long enough.” Mike was the best when he showed up two years ago, and he’s the best now. He proved it when he beat THE Brian Kendrick. As good as Kendrick is, and as much as he has done, Mike was simply better. So it’s time that everyone pays attention to Mike, especially the superstars who are complacent, because he’s not. Drake Maverick needs to listen to this. Mike knows Maverick wants a title for himself, but the Cruiserweight Championship is the most important title to Mike right now. Mike is begging for the best competition, because he is #BetterThantheBest. Will Mike get Maverick to listen? Will Maverick give Mike what he wants?


The Cruiserweight Champion, Tony Nese, arrives!

The Premier Athlete is interviewed about what we just saw with Drew Gulak attacking Noam Dar and defeating Akira Tozawa. With an old foe’s return, does this change Tony’s plans? Nese knows Gulak better than anyone. But Nese also saw Maverick sanction a match that Nese didn’t agree with. But again, Maverick’s distracted. Nese wants to test himself against Tozawa, and has no love lost with Gulak. So it will be up to the GM to make a decision, and Nese will be ready when a decision is made. Is the chaos in the Cruiserweight Division going to be sorted out? Who gets the green light in this race to the champ?


The Lucha House Party speaks.

Kalisto asks Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik if they’ve been hearing things on the social media. Lince knows the WWE Universe is #LuchaLit that they will be taking on Lars Sullivan at Super Showdown. Yes, that is true, but Kalisto means the Singh Brothers. Those two are begging for yet another rematch! Why? Because they want to be part of the fun. After they take on the Freak, the three of them will happily send those boys back to Bollywood. And it’ll be Lucha Time! Will the three amigos survive Sullivan to come back and slap around Samir & Sunil?


Ariya Daivari VS Oney Lorcan!

The Persian Lion wants another shot at the title, but he needs to settle things with the man who damaged his ear. Two hard-hitting superstars go head-to-head, but who moves on ahead one step closer to the title?

The bell rings and the two circle with dukes up. They tie up and Lorcan powers Daivari to a corner. The ref counts and Lorcan lets up. Daivari holds his bad ear but Lorcan waits for him to return. Laredo jeers and Daivari snaps at them, so they boo. Daivari and Lorcan circle, and Daivari talks trash. “You think you’re a real tough guy, huh? Just cuz you’re from NXT, huh?” He calls for a test of strength. Fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” as Lorcan ties up with Daivari. They get the knuckle lock and go shoulder to shoulder. They’re both even, but Daivari gets a leverage advantage. Lorcan falls to his knees, and Daivari gloats already. But Lorcan powers back up as fans cheer, only for Daivari to push him back down. Daivari laughs at Lorcan but Lorcan powers up again!

Lorcan hooks and reels Daivari in for a standing surfboard on the arms! Lorcan digs a knee into Daivari’s back, but Daivari endures. Daivari gets back up and the two fight for control. Daivari turns things around onto Lorcan! Lorcan endures now, but Lorcan works to power it back the other way. Daivari keeps the control, but Lorcan tries again. Fans rally up and Lorcan gets it around, only for Daivari to turn it back again! Daivari twists the arms and brings Lorcan to his knees. Laredo rallies for Lorcan again and Lorcan gets up to flip and kick Daivari away! Lorcan gets the arm, wrenches it, but Daivari powers out, only to get run over. Things speed up and Daivari hurdles only to get caught!

Daivari arm-drags out of a Half ‘n’ Half, but Lorcan holds on to headscissor. Daivari pops out of that, but misses the clothesline to get an uppercut! Lorcan hops up and leaps for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Lorcan keeps on Daivari’s arm with another wrench and a standing armbar. Lorcan steps over to jam the joins. Daivari clutches his arm but Lorcan is right back on him. Lorcan twists the arm, but Daivari knees low. Daivari snapamres and wraps a chinlock, but Lorcan slips out to get the arm again. Lorcan grinds Daivari down but Daivari gets to his feet. Daivari wrenches Lorcan’s arm, then snapmares to another headlock, only for Lorcan to slip right back out. Lorcan has Daivari’s arm again, then gives it a shoulder breaker. He keeps on Daivari but Daivari punches his way free. Daivari whips but Lorcan reverses, to hip toss into an armbar!

Daivari flails and reaches but Lorcan brings him down! But Daivari scrambles to the ropebreak! Lorcan lets go at 4, and Daivari bails out of the ring. Laredo cheers Lorcan as he dares Daivari to get back in. Daivari dares Lorcan to join him outside, so Lorcan accepts. But Daivari slips into the ring, toying with Lorcan. Lorcan gets in but sees the elbow drop coming! He lets Daivari hit the mat, then gives that arm another wrench. Daivari shoves out before the shoulder breaker, but runs into an uppercut. Lorcan climbs but Daivari climbs him back. Daivari has Lorcan for a draping neckbreaker! Both men writhe from different forms of damage, but fans rally back up.

Daivari drags Lorcan up, but Lorcan throws body shots and uppercuts. Lorcan has the fingers and snaps them! Then the shoulder breaker! Daivari kicks low, then runs, but Lorcan follows, only to get a lariat! Cover, TWO! Lorcan lives and Daivari grows frustrated. Fans rally as Daivari stomp Lorcan at the ropes. Lorcan gets to a corner but Daivari grinds him in and rakes the eyes! The ref counts and Daivari backs off, only to come back for a CHOP! Daivari throws haymakers but Lorcan CHOPS more. They brawl, and Lorcan gest an edge with those CHOPS! Daivari kicks low, then throws more haymakers. Lorcan staggers back and Daivari clotheslines in the corner. Daivari puts Lorcan up top for the cross-arm suplex! Cover, TWO!!

Daivari’s frustration grows, and he drags Lorcan around. The bad arm slows Daivari down as he climbs up top. Daivari aims and leaps, but his Lion Splash belly flops! Fans rally for Lorcan, and Lorcan grits his teeth. A standing count begins but both men stand at 5. Daivari throws hands but Lorcan counter punches! Lorcan throws more hands then whips, but Daivari reverses, only for Lorcan to blast him with a running uppercut! Lorcan fires up with Laredo and he runs corner to corner on Daivari, for a big back elbow! He Northern Lights suplexes with a release, then takes aim again. Daivari staggers into a BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Daivari shows his own grit, but Lorcan snarls and glares even more.

Lorcan gets Laredo pumped up again as he looms over Daivari. He has the half nelson but Daivari arm-drags to a cover, TWO! Daivari wrenches, hammerlocks, but Lorcan ducks to ax handle the bad arm! But Daivari SUPERKICKS back! Daivari gets to a corner and climbs up, but he leaps into Lorcan’s grip! Lorcan gives an armbar DDT! Cover, TWO!! Lorcan is even more fired up now as he stands Daivari up for a CHOP! Daivari falls to his knees, but Lorcan stands him again for another CHOP! The Fury of 205 Live just CHOPS Daivari again! And then he scoops, but Daivari slips out to shove Lorcan into buckles! Million Dollar Dream! Lorcan flails and fades but fans rally again. Lorcan sits up but he’s still so far from ropes.

The ref checks but Lorcan wakes up. Lorcan has a second wind and he gets to his feet. But Daivari makes it a full nelson, spins him and drops him with an inverted DDT! Daivari gets to the corner, climbs, LION SPLASH! But the arm keeps him from doing a cover! He crawls back, into a ghost pin!! Lorcan wins!!

Winner: Oney Lorcan, by pinfall

Lorcan pulls off a last-minute shocker! Daivari pleads with the ref but that was indeed a three! Does this mean Daivari is being left in the dust in this title chase?

Daivari is still fuming as Lorcan celebrates. Daivari runs at Lorcan, but Lorcan dumps him out of the ring! Lorcan still bests Daivari in a fight, no matter if it’s before or after a match! Does Daivari have a million dollar meltdown down the road?



My Thoughts:

A solid night for the Cruiserweight Division! 205 Live has delivered week after week, but this one seemed special. Given the great use of the WWE 24/7 Championship keeping Drake Maverick distracted, it works towards keeping the Cruiserweight Championship off Super Showdown so that I would think the build is leading to Stomping Grounds. And for that matter, they are doing a pretty good job building multiple contenders. The swerve from Tozawa VS Dar to Tozawa VS Gulak was pretty good, and is perhaps WWE’s way of keeping Dar fresh before and after NXT UK tapings. The match of Tozawa VS Gulak itself was great! Gulak winning made sense, since it brings into question Tozawa’s worthiness of a title shot.

Mike Kanellis has a good promo, but I’m not sure who he could go against that he hasn’t already. Instead of the rumored call-ups to Raw and SmackDown, we need some Cruiserweight call-ups from NXT to 205 Live. Then Lorcan VS Daivari was an equally great main event, those guys really do hit hard and move fast. It was great that Lorcan won with a roll-up. This keeps Daivari strong, though he also got duped at the end there, and we could see a rematch of these two with a more definitive finish. I hope we get either a huge contender’s match or a huge championship match to give all these guys something. I would also hope the Cruiserweight title is on the main show again, they need to have the time to put on a match as good as on 205 Live.

My Score: 8.3/10

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