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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (6/5/19)

It’s the aftermath of TakeOver XXV!



NXT cover image

NXT continues to takeover Bridgeport!

NXT TakeOver: XXV is in the history books! Witness all the fallout from that amazing event! Plus, it’s round 3 for the EST and HBIC, who breaks the tie?!



  • Keith Lee VS Kona Reeves; Lee wins.
  • Mia Yim VS Bianca Belair; Yim wins.


NXT TakeOver 25, and counting!

A culmination of five years was truly incredible! The Street Profits struck gold but Prince Pretty couldn’t end the Dream. Roderick Strong was not strong enough to beat The Bro while the Genius of the Sky snapped in a way the Queen of Spades didn’t want. But most importantly, a rematch of the New York epic was just as awesome, but it was also Undisputed. The NEW NXT Champion is Adam Cole, BAYBAY!! So what happens as we move into the next five years?!


Keith Lee VS Kona Reeves!

The Limitless One returns to action! And he looks to get back on track against The Finest, who wants to finally get going. Will Kona and Bridgeport both #BaskInHisGlory?

Fans boo Kona and sing for Lee. The bell rings and Lee smirks while Kona grins. Fan chant “Keith Lee! Woop Woop!” but Kona tunes it out. Kona and Lee tie up and Kona gets an arm. Konga wrenches but Lee slips through to get Kona’s wrist. Fans cheer more as Lee knuckle locks the hand. Kona uses the ropes as a defense but Lee yanks him in! Lee stands Kona up but Kona works to hook a leg. Lee wrenches the wrist but Kona jumps over the ropes and to the floor! But Lee holds on! Lee yanks Kona back up and in! Kona pulls on Lee’s ear then forearms free. Kona runs but Lee pops him up overhead. The Finest lands on his feet but jams his knee!

Lee isn’t sure if that’s a fake out or not, but the ref keeps him back. Kona was faking, and he headbutts Lee! Kona throws big hands but Lee shoves him back. But Kona comes back with a boot! Kona keeps throwing hands, and whips, but Lee holds the ropes. Kona clubs and elbows Lee down, and fans boo as Kona looms over Lee. Lee stands up, Kona goes side to side for a knee lift! Cover, ONE! Lee gets out fast and Kona is surprised, but Kona clamps on a chinlock. Fans rally up and Lee endures. Lee fights his way back up, and pries against the hold. Lee powers up, but Kona knees and rabbit forearms Lee down! Fans boo while Kona grimaces. Kona drags Lee up and throws hands, but Lee grabs his hand. Kona throws more haymakers and elbows, and Lee loses his grip.

But Lee grabs Kona’s hand again. Kona throws more haymakers but Lee just powers up more! Lee roars and throws haymakers of his own! Lee reels Kona in, shoves him out, and things speed up! Crossbody! Fans fire up and so does Lee. Kona gets up and Lee gathers energy. Lee drags Kona up but Kona hotshots him! Kona hurries back in and gets a urenage! Cover, TWO! And Lee is enraged! Kona and Lee glare at each other, and Kona runs in, but his knee gets punched away! Lee throws elbows and headbutts! And double CHOPS, the Grizzly Magnum! Then he runs Kona over! Kona flounders into the fireman’s carry, Limit Breaker! Cover, Lee wins!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall

Limitless indeed! Will Keith Lee find his way to a title and make all of NXT #BaskInHisGlory?


Exclusive footage after the NXT Women’s Championship match.

Io Shirari brutalized the brutal Shayna Baszler, because she’s not done with her! Not at all! She’s also not done with the other Horsewomen, as she and Candice LeRae take on Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir in tag action next week! Will Shayna’s cohorts get payback on her behalf? Or will Shirai brutalize them just like she did the Queen of Spades?


Exclusive footage after the NXT Tag Team Championship Ladder match.

The Street Profits kept the party going after their incredible victory in their TakeOver debut! Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins were asked how it feels, and answered with, “How do you think it feels?!” This is hard work and dedication paying off! “Hard work!” “That’s right!” “Dedication!” They spot the exclusive cam! Well not everyone knows, but this camera here was day one. The strongest shoulders in the business! He gets to share the spotlight with the Profits! He isn’t wearing a Street Profits shirt, though. But they’ll get him one! Is the celebration going to continue all the way to next week?


Exclusive footage after the NXT North American Championship match.

Tyler Breeze had a big return and a great match, even in losing to Velveteen Dream. What is next for Prince Pretty? To be really, really honest, that match could’ve gone either way, but Dream is champion for a reason. Dream earned Breeze’s respect, and he would hope he earned Dream’s respect. Because going through something like that, it means Breeze is back. The landscape has changed from top to bottom, but Breeze is back to give it a go. Will we get a second #GorgeousDream match? Or will Breeze have to fight his way up from the bottom?


NXT, Damian Priest is coming.

Do not let the glitz and glam of his daily life fool you, this Priest is no saint. Who will face punishment when Damian debuts?


Mia Yim VS Bianca Belair!

The Head Baddie in Charge and The EST of NXT have gone back and forth, and it has all come down to the longest ponytail in the WWE. Will Belair have to beware her own hair? Or will she have another trick up her sleeve to add “sneakiest” to her list of adjectives?

The bell rings and fans are strongly behind Mia it seems. Bianca brushes that off and ties up with Mia. Bianca powers Mia to a corner, but backs off at the ref’s count. She gives Mia a shove, but Mia comes back, only to get thrown down. “Girl, uh-uh.” But Mia springs up to waistlock slam Bianca down! Then she drags Biacna up in a facelock. Bianca powers up and lifts Mia overhead, but Mia sunset flips! TWO, but Mia arm-drags Bianca away! And again, but then Bianca fakes her out. Bianca stands on Mia’s hand, and reminds everyone she is (mentally) Un-De-Fea- Mia trips her up! Mia jumps the sweep to dropkick Bianca then cover, TWO!

Bianca grabs Mia’s hair now! Bianca throws Mia at buckles but Mia stops and elbows back. Mia runs and tilt-o-whirls for headscissors! Fans duel now as Mia whips. Bianca reverses but Mia dodges and redirects. Bianca keeps up and bulldogs Mia down! She clubs away on Mia and holds her down by her hair. She then boots and lariats Mia down! Cover, TWO! Mia gasps for air but Bianca is right on her with a standing abdominal stretch. Bianca clubs away then pulls Mia back by her hair. Fans rally up and Mia endures. Bianca clamps on to Mia’s ribs! Mia endures and fans continue to duel. Mia pries her way out and hip tosses Bianca down! The HBIC checks her side before running, into a tilt-o-whirl gutbuster! Cover, TWO! Bianca keeps her cool, and shoves Mia around.

Bianca drags Mia around to grind her face into the mat, then puts on an EST Bow ‘n’ Arrow! She has to keep her own shoulders up so it isn’t a cover, and she bounces Mia up and down to bend her more. Mia pops out to a cover, TWO! Bianca knees Mia low and hard! Mia crawls but Bianca is on her to straddle jam her down. And again! And again, daring Mia to get back up. Bianca sits down on Mia and taunts, but Mia catches the next slam with knees! And a drop toehold onto ropes, to then roll Bianca to a cradle, TWO! Bianca gets another bulldog, and clubs away on Mia’s back again. But Mia drags Bianca down for an amrbar! Bianca flails to resist, gripping hands together. Bianca makes it a cover on Mia, TWO!

Mia lets Bianca go, but comes back for a guillotine! Mia also has the body scissors and tries to drag Bianca down. But Bianca is the strongest woman in NXT after all, and SLAMS Mia down! Bianca drags Mia but Mia throws Bianca out. Mia clutches her back but Bianca is right on her! Bianca pulls Mia into the post! The ref counts and fans boo, but Bianca lets go at 4. Bianca comes back for more, but Mia yanks her into the post! Bianca reels from the shoulder impact, and Mia is right on her with clubbing forearms. But Mia swings into the double chicken wings! Mia slips out to victory roll Bianca into steel steps! Both women are down on the outside but fans fire up!

Mia and Bianca slowly stir as the ring count begins. The count passes 5 fast but Mia gets Bianca in at 8. Mia gives Bianca some kicks, then fires herself up for the shotgun! Bianca ends up in a corner, but dodges. She runs back in, but into the Tarantula! Mia lets go at 4, to hit Code Blue!! Cover, TWO!! Mia almost got Bianca again, but fans are dueling hard. Mia drags Bianca up for swift kicks to the face! She runs, but Bianca reels her in, BIG German Suplex! Both women are down again but fans continue to cheer. Bianca crawls after Mia and covers, TWO! Bianca grows frustrated and tries again, TWO! Mia is gasping for air but Bianca is on her again. Bianca drags Mia up, wraps that ponytail tight, and powerbomb lifts, but Mia slips to a guillotine!!

Bianca flails and reaches as Mia grips tight, body scissors included. The EST powers out but Mia lands on her feet. Mia back kicks and front kicks Bianca to a corner. Mia runs in, but gets an elbow. Bianca hops up and leaps but Mia gets under. Bianca comes back but gets boots. Mia hops up and blocks a punch, for a SUPER Protect Ya Neck!! Cover, Mia wins!!

Winner: Mia Yim, by pinfall

Mia downs the (mentally) Un-De-Fea-Ted Bianca! Will Shayna Baszler have to not just protect her neck, but her title from the Head Baddie in Charge?


Exclusive interview after Kushida VS Gulak.

The Philly Stretcher lost to the Time Splitter by a surprise pinfall, but things were going to go his way. But Gulak heard Kushida was the best submission specialist in the WWE, and took offense because HE is the WWE’s best submission specialist! He doesn’t take lightly to the “Back to the Future cosplayer”–by the way, Marty McFly is NOT the hero of that movie, Biff is–but Kushida took the easy way out with a pin! Gulak was insulted. He wants a rematch, to a SUBMISSION MATCH! “Let’s see that little worm try to weasel his way out of this one.” Kushida tweeted his response, that he accepts! And NXT GM WIlliam Regal makes it official! Who will win when the only way to lose is to tap out?


NXT shares special footage of the NXT Championship, Gargano VS Cole II!

If you thought the Best 2 Out of 3 Falls was something, this match took all that, blended it together, and spiked it with an extra helping of “This is Awesome!” And in the end, after all Gargano endured, he could not outlast one last Last Shot. Now the NXT Champion is Undisputed! Is this the beginning of a new era #DrappingInGold?



My Thoughts:

For a Post-TakeOver episode, this was a pretty great one! Lee VS Kona was solid, and Lee keeps heading forward. I would love to see Lee finally move into a title picture, him against either champion would be great. Being a Face, and Dream being too over to be Heel, I feel like Lee VS Cole would be a great choice to bring us to through the summer. We got great post-match promos with Street Profits celebrating and spreading the wealth, so to speak. Shirai and Candice are taking on the Horsewomen next, I have a feeling this builds to a Six Woman Tag of all three Horsewomen VS Candice, Shirai and other. Maybe Mia Yim? Still hoping for Shirai to bring things to an extreme No DQ match with Shayna, though.

Mia Yim VS Bianca Belair III was great! This match made this Post-TakeOver episode feel like a normal episode. Mia wins to perhaps move into position for her own NXT Women’s Championship match, as she is Face and Shayna is forever Heel. If Shayna VS Shirai No DQ does happen and Shayna somehow still retains, I bet Mia moves up to face her just so they can save Shayna VS Candice and Candice’s victory for the Summerslam TakeOver.

My Score: 8.2/10

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