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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (6/12/19)

The battle lines have been drawn!



NXT UK Coverage

Factions fight for absolute power in NXT UK!

British Strong Style collides with Imperium! Will Pete Dunne or Walter lead their side to victory? Plus, witness the NXT UK in-ring debut of the Alpha Female, Jazzy Gabert!



  • Jazzy Gabert & Jinny VS Xia Brookside & Isla Dawn; Gabert & Jinny win.
  • Ilja Dragunov VS Joseph Conners; Dragunov wins.
  • Six Man Tag: British Strong Style VS Imperium; Imperium wins.


The landscape of NXT UK is in flux!

“This is OUR N X T U K!” But slowly, the Bruiserweight and Moustache Mountain were undermined by a new union. A Ring General found his soldiers, and they took over! Imperium claims supremacy, but British Strong Style reunites to defend their territory. A brawl was not enough to settle this, so now a war must be waged! Will Big Strong Boys or big strong men be the ones who stand tall at the end of tonight?


Jazzy Gabert & Jinny VS Xia Brookside & Isla Dawn!

When the Fierce Fashionista saw the Alpha Female in the NXT UK crowd at TakeOver: Blackpool, she knew then and there she could get a powerful ally in the Women’s Division. And their first action was for Jazzy to destroy the young second-generation superstar. But the White Witch of Scotland is ready to #FlyWithBrookside to show the snob and the bully this is not their NXT UK Women’s Division! Will Xia and Isla be able to cast a spell on Jinny & Jazzy? Or will they simply be cast aside on Jinny’s journey to the top?

The teams sort out and Jinny starts with Isla. Glasgow cheers their own as she ties up with Jinny. Jinny gets a wristlock and shifts to a hammerlock, but Isla slips out to a fireman’s takedown. Isla has the arm and wrenches Jinny to a hammerlock of her own. Isla wrangles Jinny to the mat and pulls on the other arm. Fans cheer as Isla tortures the arm with twisting and pulling. Isla yanks the arm and Jinny flails and writhes. Isla has her again and brings Jinny over to tag in Xia. Xia hops up and drops ax handles on Jinny’s arm. Xia wrenches and reels Jinny in for a thrashing headlock! Jinny slips out to wrench Xia but Xia spins through using the ropes. Xia wrenches and whips Jinny to ropes. Xia follows to dropkick Jinny down!

But before Xia can get back on her, Jinny gets to her corner and tags in Jazzy. Jazzy grimaces at Xia, but Xia still goes for a leg. Jazzy blocks the takedown into a vicious standing armbar! She wrenches Xia but Xia again flips through. Xia knees low then hops up, but the huricanrana is blocked! Jazzy pops Xia up but Xia sunset flips, only for Jazzy to block! Jazzy yanks Xia up and roars as she tosses Xia into a corner! And then across the ring! Jazzy looms over Xia before bringing her back up. Fans rally but Jinny tags in. Jazzy holds Xia for Jinny to kick and stomp into the corner. The ref counts and Jinny backs off at 4, to come back for more. Jinny grinds Xia down while she tags Jazzy in.

Jazzy drags Xia up and scoops her. But Xia slips out and ducks, to tag in Isla! Isla throws forearms on Jazzy, but Jazzy shoves her away. Isla comes back with a knee trigger! Fans cheer but Jazzy blocks the buzzsaw! Jazzy grabs Isla for a knee, and then a roaring powerbomb lift. Canadian rack to Dominator Slam! Jinny demands to tag in, and Jazzy obeys. Jinny gets to cover Isla, for the win!

Winners: Jinny & Jazzy Gabert, Jinny pinning

The Spoiled Princess gets the pinfall, but we all know Jazzy did the heavy lifting, literally. With this combination of brains, brawn and bratty, will Jinny and Jazzy take over NXT UK together?


NXT UK hears from Ligero.

“When I was born, I was born with my right eye closed. And it wasn’t until I was 8 years old, when I had an operation to correct that.” Kids made fun of him, and that stuck with him. He felt shy and insecure, but he always wanted to be a pro-wrestler. So he found something to help him be more confident: the mask. From there, the Luchador of Leeds became a workhorse. He embraced his mask and the action. It is what makes him memorable to the fans. They will remember the guy with the mask and horns. “This will be the identity that I always have. I am Ligero.” When and where will The Light return to NXT UK?


NXT UK Media interviews Kenny Williams.

As someone who knows Noam Dar well, what does the Lucky Yan think of the Scottish Supernova’s recent behavior, such as in his rematch with Mark Andrews not too long ago? Kenny feels sorry for Andrews, but isn’t surprised by Dar. They’re close mates but Dar has also been a “chancer,” that is to say, an opportunist. There’s always that one friend who is “a bit of a pellet,” but you still like him. That’s Dar! At the end of the day, what Dar does is not affecting Kenny’s conduct. Especially when Kenny takes on Kassius Ohno next week. Kenny doesn’t have to be a chancer, he just has to #StayLucky. But will luck help Kenny defeat the Wrestling Genius?


Ilja Dragunov VS Joseph Conners!

The Moscow Madman is the newest member of the NXT UK roster, which just makes him another “shiny new toy” for the Righteous Killer to break. But will it really be that easy? Or will #UNBESIEGBAR be what breaks Conners instead?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans cheer for Ilja as he and Conners tie up. They go around the ring, then break. Ilja smirks, and nods as Conners talks trash. Then Ilja rushes Conners into the corner! The ref keeps Ilja back and Conners knees low. Conners clubs Ilja, but Ilja dares him to bring more. Conners tries to chop but Ilja blocks, spins and CHOPS Conners! Ilja drops a BIG senton! Fans fire up with Ilja as he stalks Conners. Ilja clamps on with a neck wrench, and Conners endures the crank. Conners fights his way up but Ilja knees him hard. Ilja clubs even harder on Conners’ back. Conners gets out and eggs Ilja on. Ilja gives chase but Conners gets back in the ring. Ilja runs in and escapes the scoop to enziguri Conners down!

Fans cheer the athleticism, and fire up with Ilja as he runs. But Conners ducks and lets Ilja’s crossbody hit nothing but ropes! Ilja gasps for air but Conners is right on him. Conners puts him in a corner for a buckle bump, then corner to corner for another. Conners throws hands and stomps until the ref pulls him off. But Conners just comes back with a BIG clothesline! Cover, ONE! Fans cheer but Conners whips Ilja into a headbutt. Conners wraps Ilja up in a half straitjacket. Fans rally up and Ilja pries free, but not for long. Ilja keeps working on escaping, and fans give him the power to stand. Ilja powers out, slipping under the hold! Conners panics but Ilja gives him a big forearm. Conners gives a forearm, but Ilja just powers up!

Ilja swings, but Conners ducks, only for Ilja to spin through the takedown to give Conners a big knee! Fans fire up again as Ilja runs corner to corner for a big corner clothesline! Ilja keeps going, but runs into a boot! Conners runs out, and sunset flip powerbombs Ilja into buckles! Conners slingshots out then in, but into Ilja’s fireman’s carry! Ilja Death Valley drives Conners into buckles! Ilja fires up more, and Glasgow with him, as he drags Conners up. Pump handle, Fall Away Slam! Ilja takse aim from the corner and leads the fans in “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!” The Moscow Torpedo! Cover, Ilja wins!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall

The Moscow Madman makes another dominant showing! Will he take over NXT UK on the road to TakeOver: Cardiff?


NXT UK Media interviews NXT UK Women’s Champion, Toni Storm.

The Lightning from Down Under retained against Nina Samuels to stay champion, but what is next for her? Toni knows that every woman on the roster wants the “shiny shiny.” And that’s a lot of pressure, but Toni loves it! Toni loves the wild side. She heard what Kay Lee Ray has said. If KLR wants some #ToniTime, she knows where to find her. But regardless of who, what, when and how, the “shiny shiny” stays home sweet home with Toni. Toni is all smiles, but there is a HUGE NXT UK Women’s Championship Contender’s Battle Royal next week! Who out of the entire roster rises up to have their shot at the “shiny shiny” around Toni’s waist?


NXT UK presents Travis Banks: Defined.

The difference between the Kiwi Buzzsaw and who Banks is out of the ring is rather striking. Banks is a very laid back person, because he has a very high work ethic. The new #1 Contender to the WWE United Kingdom Championship lets himself relax and soak in what he’s earned and achieved. He came in with high expectations, because he’s a very goal oriented person. His experience at Royal Albert Hall was incredible. Don’t quote him on this, but he might have been the first Kiwi wrestler there in 50 years. It was all historic for Banks and pro-wrestling in general.

Banks did have a hard loss in the finals, and he had serious injuries to overcome. The shoulder injury took him out for three months. He hates being inactive, so being told he had to avoid serious activity for those three months, it almost drove him crazy. But it was a good thing, because it put things in perspective. When Banks returned to NXT UK, he added a new chapter with his rivalry with Jordan Devlin. Being denied a part in NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, it was frustrating. He thought his years of work were all going to culminate in that one night. But Banks also knew that if and when he got a second chance, he’d take it. And that led Banks to the Fatal 4 Way match.

“This is the moment I’ve been working towards.” This is the day he was waiting for to make his underdog story work out. Banks says it will take more than one chop, one bomb or whatever else Walter throws at him. Banks’ sacrifice and work was for this. And as great as being champion would be, it’ll be even greater off of Walter. Will the Kiwi Buzzsaw be ready when he finally collides with the Austrian Anomaly?


NXT UK catches up with The Hunt at the UK Performance Center.

Wild Boar and Primate come out of the trainer’s room, and tell Gallus that next week, #TheHuntisOn! Will Mark Coffey and Wolfgang regret riling up these two wild animals?


Six Man Tag: British Strong Style VS Imperium!

Tyler Bate and Trent Seven are Moustache Mountain, but when you add the Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne, you get the pillars of this NXT UK Division! They’ve been champions and they’ve been challengers, but now they’re being challenged for supremacy by the Ring General and his allies! Which trio stands tall atop their NXT UK?

The teams sort out fans cheer for British Strong Style as Pete Dunne starts against Fabian Aichner. The bell rings and Dunne goes right at Aichner with forearms! Dunne stomps Aichner in a corner but the ref backs him off. Aichner blasts Dunne with a clothesline! Aichner stomps away then rains down right hands. He lets up at the ref’s reprimand, but then comes back for more haymakers. Dunne gets up and kicks Aichner. Aichner headlocks but Dunne powers out. Things speed up and Dunne hurdles to drop to then clobber Aichner down! Dunne drags Aichner up to wrench, and tags in Bate! Bate and Dunne double wristlock and stomp Aichner’s arms! Bate keeps on Aichner but Aichner knees and clubs back.

Aichner tags Marcel Barthel in before whipping Bate. Bate dodges both of them to dropkick Barthel and Aichner down in turn. Bate kips up and checks his moustache, but Barthel throat chops Bate to a corner! Barthel stomps Bate in the corner but the ref reprimands him. Barthel backs off at 4, but comes back to cravat Bate to a snapmare. He scrapes Bate’s face then grinds his forearm in. The ref counts again but Barthel lets up at 4. Barthel drives elbows into Bate’s head, then drags him up for a whip. Bate reverses and arm-drags Barthel! Bate wrenches then tags in Seven! Seven fireman’s carries Barthel for the Wasteland Slam, then Bate uses Seven for the knee-board senton! Seven covers, TWO! Fans sing for Seven as he facelocks Barthel.

Barthel slips out to kick Seven down! Barthel brings Seven up for European Uppercuts! He has Seven in the corner and tags Walter in. Fans boo as Walter kicks Seven. Seven gets free of the Imperium corner and he circles with Walter. They tie up and Walter powers Seven to a corner. Walter lets go at 4, but Seven dodges the chop. Seven CHOPS Walter, but Walter doesn’t flinch! Walter shoves Seven to a corner, but he misses his chop again. Seven CHOPS away, then CHOPS Barthel away ash e runs over. Seven goes back to CHOP Walter, but sees Aichner coming. Aichner falls for the feint to get the DDT! Fans fire up with Seven, but Walter CHOPS Seven off his feet! Walter cranks Seven’s neck, then kicks him in the back. Seven still fights back but Walter knees Seven down.

Fans rally up but Walter drags Seven up. Walter scoops and slams Seven then covers, TWO! Fans sing for Seven more but Walter wrenches him to tag in Aichner. Seven fights but Aichner and Walter mug Seven. Fans jeer Aichner as he stomps away on Seven. The ref backs Aichner off and Seven CHOPS Aichner! Aichner still clubs Seven back then back suplexes Seven high and hard! Cover, TWO! Aichner keeps his cool as he drags Seven over. Walter tags in and he mugs Seven now. Seven kicks Walter in the leg then CHOPS him in the chest! Seven CHOPS more but Walter BOOTS Seven down! Walter hits Bate but Dunne gets clear. Walter goes back to Seven and rams shoulder into shoulder. He wrenches and rams Seven again, then eggs him on.

Seven CHOPS Walter over and over, but Walter grabs him by the throat. Seven breaks free to back hand SLAP Walter! He reels Walter in, but gets Walter’s urenage! Cover, TWO! Seven survives but Walter rams his knees into Seven over and over. Walter kicks Seven while he’s down then tags Barthel. Barthel drops a knee on Seven’s head, then kicks his arm against the ropes! Seven writhes while Barthel taunts him in German. Barthel grinds Seven’s head but backs off at the ref’s count. Seven crawls to a corner but Barthel fires off vicious fists and even headbutts. Barthel drags Seven up and over to tag in Aichner. Imperium mugs Seven more, but Seven fights back with hands and chops! Barthel shoves Seven, Aichner gives Seven a SPINEBUSTER, then Barthel adds a Penalty Kick!

Barthel blasts British Strong Style while Aichner covers, TWO! Seven still survives but Aichner puts him right in a chinlock and body scissors. Fans rally up and Seven endures the holds. Seven pushes back for a cover, ONE, and Aichner has to let Seven go. Seven gives Aichner a jawbreaker! Aichner staggers, but Barthel runs in. Seven throws Barthel out but Aichner has his foot! Seven enziguris Aichner away! Both men crawl, hot tags to Walter and Dunne! Fans are thunderous as the Bruiserweight gets to enziguri the Ring General, stomp his hands, and keep on kicking him! Walter is in a corner, Dunne gives him a running enziguri! Dunne hops up and missile dropkicks the legs out!

Fans fire up with Dunne as he whips, but Walter reverses. Walter gets clear of Dunne to CHOP him in the back! Walter wraps a sleeper hold on! But Dunne grabs the ropes! Barthel slaps the arms away, Walter German Suplexes! But Dunne lands on his feet! Dunne buzzsaws Walter in the head! Dunne waits for Walter to stand, dodges him and German Suplexes him on the rebound. But then he runs into a BOOT! Walter German Suplexes Dunne again and this time Dunne lands on the mat! Both men are down but fans rally up. Dunne and Walter crawl for their corners, hot tags to Bate and Aichner! Bate rallies with hands on Aichner! Aichner kick slow but runs into a huricanrana!

Bate runs corner to corner for a big EuroUpper! Then whips Aichner corner to corner, only for Aichner to reverse. Bate boots and knees Aichner away, then hops up for the flying uppercut! Barthel runs in but gets an exploder onto Aichner! Fans rally behind Bate as he lifts Aichner in the fireman’s carry. Time for the Big Strong Boy airplane spin! Barthel gets hit by Aichner before Bate dumps Aichner out. Then Bate grabs Barthel for the swing! But Walter saves Barthel, only to fall for Bop and BANG! Bate dares to try, but Aichner goes after Bate first. Bate fights all of Imperium off with EuroUppers, but gets a pop up into Barthel’s kick! Aichner hits a brain buster! Barthel covers, but Dunne and Seven break it!

Barthel throws Dunne out while Walter throws Seven. Walter stomps Dunne down while Barthel has Bate. Aichner tags in but Bate fights back. Bate boots but Barthel deflects that to ropes. Aichner gives Bate a draping backstabber! Barthel climbs to add double stomps! Aichner covers, TWO!! Bate survives and Glasgow loves it! Aichner is furious but he keeps focus on Bate. Tag to Barthel and they trash talk Bate in their respective languages. But Bate fires off with fast hands! Aichner kicks low and whips Bate, but Bate rebounds for DOUBLE LARIATS! Bate crawls but Walter intercepts, only to get the rolling kick! Hot tag to Seven!

Dunne tags in off Seven, Seven gives Barthel the Seven Stars Lariat! Seven DIVES onto Aichner while Dunne tags Bate. Dunne pump handles, Bitter End on Barthel! Bate climbs, for the corkscrew senton! Walter returns and barrels through Dunne to BOOT Bate! Dunne dropkicks Walter then slingshots out, only to miss. Walter runs at Dunne but Dunne sends him into steel steps! But then Walter back suplexes Dunne onto barriers! Wait, who is that coming down the ramp? He wears a hood and familiar mask… In the ring, Seven CHOPS Aichner. Aichner shoves Seven into the ref! Seven clotheslines Aichner and himself out of the ring! The mystery man enters the ring and targets Bate! It’s ALEXANDER WOLFE!! The German Ax Man POWERBOMBS Bate! Glasgow boos but Wolfe grins. Barthel covers while Walter gets the ref in. Imperium wins!!

Winners: Imperium, Marcel Barthel pinning

Imperium is victorious, but is it also now four man strong? Wolfe lost his SAnitY, but has he gained absolute power alongside Walter, Barthel and Aichner? Judging by how he stands side-by-side with them, he has! What does this mean for all of NXT UK?!



My Thoughts:

What a great episode for NXT UK! There’s a lot of time still before TakeOver: Cardiff, but this episode had plenty of stuff to make progress towards that. We just right to action with the women’s tag match. Obviously Jinny & Jazzy were going to win, but it should’ve been obvious that Jinny would want to take credit. This dynamic will probably be how it is until someone catches Jinny by surprise to beat them. For that matter, with that Women’s Battle Royal next week, it will surely go that way, too. Jinny will have Jazzy do the work and protect her, but something will happen where Jazzy gets eliminated and Jinny is completely vulnerable. Given the frequent mentioning of Kay Lee Ray and the title, KLR is winning the battle royal to challenge Toni, but it might be a match to carry over and then it’s Jazzy at TakeOver.

We got a great video package for Ligero, he is obviously still going to be big for NXT UK. It seems like NXT UK is trying to set up Kenny Williams VS Noam Dar with that promo there, which would be a good feud for both guys. Dragunov VS Conners was good but of course Dragunov won. He got to give us more of his personality and style, but I feel like Dragunov’s first serious feud should be with Kassius Ohno or someone of that toughness, so that Dragunov can really give us his full arsenal. We also got a great video for Travis Banks that felt like a sample of a future WWE Network special. But I still feel like Banks might be on the same track as KLR, where this match will be a hold-over until another contender moves up for TakeOver.

The Six Man Tag was incredible! All the story was present, and all six men got to show their signatures, it was really good. I was definitely surprised to see Imperium get a new member already, but it’s great to see there is still somewhere for Alexander Wolfe to be when Vince goes and breaks up SAnitY before even really giving them a chance. Imperium being the first four-man unit in NXT UK, I really want there to be a midcard title already. Barthel and Aichner are the tag team, Walter is already the top champion, so Wolfe needs something to do if he’s in another faction. I do feel that Banks will team with British Strong Style for a massive Eight Man before his title match with Walter, and that will be even greater than this!

My Score: 8.4/10

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