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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (6/5/19)

Who will be the NEW #1 Contender to the WWE UK Championship?



NXT UK Coverage

NXT UK heads for Cardiff!

A new NXT UK TakeOver has been announced! And as we head for Wales, one man will be in line for a shot at the WWE United Kingdom Championship, and WALTER! Will it be the Ace, the Iron King, the Bomber or the Buzzsaw that rises up to challenge the Ring General?



  • The Hunt VS Tyson T-Bone & Saxon Huxley; The Hunt wins.
  • Kay Lee Ray VS Kasey Owens; Kay Lee Ray wins.
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way: Jordan Devlin VS Joe Coffey VS Dave Mastiff VS Travis Banks; Banks wins and will challenge WALTER for the title.


NXT UK pits four conquering heroes against each other.

Joe Coffey of Scotland. Jordan Devlin of Ireland. Dave Mastiff of England. And Travis Banks of New Zealand. They all fight for one golden opportunity. Whose land will take over and head for the Austrian Anomaly?


The Hunt VS Tyson T-Bone & Saxon Huxley!

The Wild Boar and Primate return to NXT UK to again make the NXT UK Tag Team Division their hunting grounds! But we also see the return of the King of the Gypsies and the Divine Beast! Will T-Bone and Huxley be the prey or the predators against these wild animals?

The bell rings and Primate ties up with Huxley. Neither man backs down so they break. Huxley throws uppercuts but Primate throws headbutts! Primate clubs Huxley down and tags in Boar. The Hunt mugs Huxley and Boar hammers away! Huxley shoves but Boar comes back with forearms. Boar goes to whip but Huxley blocks. Boar forearms and whips but Huxley reverses to Thesz Press! Fans fire up with Huxley as he tags in T-Bone. T-Bone throws big hands on Boar and even a kick. T-Bone drags Boar up to snapmare and kick hard! He eggs Boar on before booting him down. Tag to Huxley, and they combine for a boot sandwich! Huxley drags Boar up for big knees, then tags T-Bone. T-Bone throws body shots then gut wrenches Boar to throw him. Cover, TWO!

T-Bone looms over Boar while Huxley talks trash. T-Bone stomps Boar down and kicks him around. Boar sits up but gets more kicks. T-Bone throws a big right hand! Tag to Huxley and the mugging continues as T-Bone throws Boar at Huxley. Boar ducks under the Thesz Press! Hot tag to Primate! Primate rallies on T-Bone and Huxley! He throws big lariats, then scoops Huxley for an overhead suplex! Fans fire up as Primate dropkicks T-Bone out. Boar chope blocks T-Bone and Primate clotheslines Huxley. Boar gets in to Cannon-Boar Huxley! Primate drags Huxley up and tags in Boar, and The Hunt combine for the pop-up back suplex! Tag to Primate and both animals go up top! Primate and Boar both leap, for double headbutts! Cover, The Hunt wins!

Winners: The Hunt, Primate pinning

The Hunt is back and wild as ever! Will they soon be hunting for tag team gold?

But speaking of the tag division, Gallus attacks! Mark Coffey and Wolfgang clobber The Hunt! Boar and Primate try to fight back but Mark and Wolfgang are just too much! They throw Boar into railing, then Primate into the announce desk! Mark tells Vic Joseph that it’s going to get real dangerous in the tag division from now on, because Gallus knows how to be violent. Glasgow cheers for Gallus, but will the tag team division be their kingdom?


NXT UK sets up a vicious first-time match for next week!

After the Righteous Killer called out #Unbesiegbar last week, GM Johnny Saint made a decision to put him to the test. Can Joseph Conners break the “shiny new toy,” Ilja Dragunov? Or is he going to be the one broken by the Moscow madman instead?


Kay Lee Ray VS Kasey Owens!

With the Lightning from Down Under still the NXT UK Women’s Champion, Glasgow’s own wants to be next in line! Will the Scottish Daredevil KO Kasey O to then have herself some #ToniTime?

The bell rings and KLR circles with Kasey. Glasgow cheers KLR as she ties up with Kasey. KLR gets the arm and gives it a shoulder breaker, then wrenches through to another. But Kasey rolls her up, ONE! Fans cheer for “I C Dub! I C Dub!” KLR and Kasey shake hands, but then KLR sucker punches Kasey! KLR whips Kasey into a corner and hits her with another right hand. She whips corner to corner but gets boots. Kasey hops up and catches the punch. Kasey drops back but KLR slips out of the hanging armbar to kick Kasey down! KLR hurries after Kasey, and clubs her down from behind. She puts Kasey on the apron and spins her around for another hard right! Kasey crawls away but Glasgow fires up with KLR. KLR returns to the ring and she grabs the arm to jam it.

Kasey scrambles to ropes but KLR stands her up to hook the arm. KLR has a standing armbar and pulls on the fingers, to then bring Kasey down for a cover. TWO, but KLR keeps her cool as she keeps on Kasey. Kasey and KLR fight over a backslide, but then Kasey ducks and SLAPS KLR! Kasey runs into KLR’s dropkick! KLR rains down angry rights, then walks it off. Fans rally as KLR hammerlocks Kasey to throw her into buckles. KLR does it again but Kasey turns it around to throw KLR! KLR still comes back at Kasey but Kasey throws furious forearms! Kasey whips but KLR reverses to SUPERKICK! KLR runs but into kicks!

Kasey forearms KLR to a corner, then runs for a big knee! She rolls KLR to then go around the world, but KLR ducks the kick to CHOP Kasey and SUPERKICK her again! Underhooks to the Gory Bomb! Cover, KLR wins!

Winner: KLR, by pinfall

The KLR in KILLER takes the win! But is this going to be enough to say to Johnny Saint, “Make KLR the #1 contender”?


The newest alliance in NXT UK: Imperium.

“This mat is sacred!” When they step in the ring, it is for the honor of this sport. They will lead us all to a better NXT UK. They are the change that is desperately needed. And they called out British Strong Style as an expired era. But that same trio came back to bring the fight! Imperium will show the #BigStrongBoys what it is to be big strong men. And they will have a Six Man Tag next week to see just who has the power in NXT UK!


NXT UK Media catches up with Jinny and Jazzy Gabert.

The Spoiled Princess helped introduce the brand, but more specifically Xia Brookside, to the Alpha Female’s strength. They are now the talk of the universe, but how did this pair come together? A woman of wealth knows exactly what to do to have things work in her favor. The moment Jinny saw Jazzy in the TakeOver: Blackpool crowd, she knew she would either have to fight her, or befriend her. Jinny may be the fashionable, but she’s also the brains. It takes brains to the top, and Jinny says that’s exactly where she ad Jazzy are going. And if little Xia or Isla Dawn or any other women think they can get in their way, Jazzy will take care of them. Will this combination of beauty, brains and brawn make their way to the top of the NXT UK Women’s Division?


The NXT UK Tag Team Champions, the Grizzled Young Veterans, are here!

Zack Gibson and James Drake look as sour as ever as they walk to the ring. Glasgow boos and jeers and even has their shoes up and ready. Gibson demands the music turn off as he prepares to speak. “And not another word from you, Vic, you absolute welk!” The management asked and begged these two not come out here, but Gibson HAS to get this off his chest. Liverpool’s Number One and Mr. Mayhem, the Grizzled Young Veterans and inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions are here tonight because they just learned they will defend these titles in front of the “sweaty goffs” at this year’s Download Festival. Are you havin’ a laugh!? Fans chant “Sweaty Goffs!” to mock Gibson. Gibson says this show is not about the fans! So they just need to sit down and shut up while the champs are speaking!

Fans boo more as Gibson says Saint expects him and Drake to walk in their hand-crafted wrestling boots, walk through “who knows how many bodily fluids” and then get in the ring to defend the prestigious titles while Slipknot butchers music in the background! “All of this, because the NXT UK Universe wants to see it? Absolutely rotten!” The Grizzled Young Veterans are locker room leaders! SSSSOON to be recognized as the most important champions anywhere in the WWE! So Mr. Saint, your champions need to be treated with some respect. Because when they are unhappy, it won’t take long for the rest of the roster to become unhappy. That’s into good for morale, “so sort it out, old man!” Will Gibson’s protest change Saint’s mind? Or will they have to trudge through the mud to do what champions are paid to do?


WWE United Kingdom Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way: Jordan Devlin VS Joe Coffey VS Dave Mastiff VS Travis Banks!

It’s The Ace VS The Iron King VS The Bomber of Black Country VS The Kiwi Buzzsaw! All four men have proven themselves worthy of this moment, but who proves themselves worthy of Walter’s attention?

Glasgow is strong behind Gallus and Coffey, but he’s not even the biggest man in the ring with Mastiff around. Devlin and Banks make their entrances and we begin this epic four-man encounter!

All four men stare down while fans chant “Coffey! Coffey!” And Coffey says “THIS is MY Kingdom!” Banks ignores all that and tackles Devlin! Their rivalry continues as Banks clubs Devlin out of the ring. Coffey and Mastiff run at each other and collide! Coffey is the on that backs down to Mastiff’s mass. Banks Russian leg sweeps Devlin into barriers as Coffey and Mastiff collide again. Coffey talks trash and they both run, collide, and fall out of the ring! But they land on their feet to stare down from across the way. They meet around the corner and run full speed, and collide! Neither falls, so they go again! Coffey is showing worse for wear but Banks runs and DIVES at Mastiff! Only to get caught and thrown into barriers! Coffey runs at Mastiff but neither falls.

Devlin slingshots at Coffey, but he’s also caught and thrown to barriers! Coffey outsmarts Mastiff this time by jumping up and over! Then double crossbodies collide! Fans cheer on “NXT! NXT!” as all four men are down. They all crawl different ways, and Banks ends up with Mastiff while Devlin stomps Coffey. Two brawls happen, but then Banks DIVES onto Coffey and Devlin DIVES onto Mastiff! Fans cheer for that as Ace and Buzzsaw meet in the ring! Banks gets a Thesz Press for furious hands! Banks CHOPS Devlin but Coffey returns to get some CHOPS, too. The Buzzsaw kicks away on both Devlin and Coffey, but then ducks Devlin’s forearm to send that into Coffey. Banks gives Devlin a German Suplex!

Fans fire up for Banks as he aims at Devlin to hit a running uppercut. Banks goes corner to corner to uppercut Coffey, then back to Devlin and repeat. Banks senses Devlin following, so he sweeps the legs to send Devlin down into Coffey’s “kingdom”! Coffey falls out of the ring but Mastiff grabs Banks for a German Suplex! Mastiff holds on for another German with release! Banks flounders out but Coffey comes in for a German Suplex from Mastiff! Coffey fights out but Mastiff shoves him for big forearms. Mastiff gives Coffey the second German! Devlin misses a kick to get a German! And then another! Cover, TWO! Coffey returns to throw body shots on Mastiff. Coffey throws uppercuts, too, but can’t suplex Mastiff. Mastiff suplexes Coffey but Coffey slips out to shove and powerslam! Cover, TWO!

Coffey keeps his cool but Banks comes in to brawl with him. Coffey whips but Banks wheelbarrows, only to go for a swing! Devlin comes in but Coffey just adds him on, airplane spin and wheelbarrow swing at the same time! Then Coffey dumps Devlin off to facebuster Banks! Cover, TWO! Fans sing and cheer as Coffey has Devlin in the underhook, for a butterfly swing! Coffey then butterfly suplexes and covers Devlin, TWO! Devlin escapes but Coffey stays focused. Coffey waits for Devlin to stand but Devlin begs for mercy. Coffey brings him up but it’s Devlin who throws him into the post! Devlin stomps away on Coffey, and even springboard double stomps Coffey out. Glasgow boos but Banks runs in! Devlin dodges the boot to urenage slam Banks down, and hit a standing moonsault! Cover, TWO!

Devlin keeps his cool as he drags Banks back up. Devlin haymakers Banks and Banks crawls to ropes. But Devlin whips him and elbows him back down. Devlin sees Mastiff coming and dumps him out. But Mastiff’s right bac up, only to get dropkick’d down. Devlin grimaces as he goes back to Banks. Devlin whips Banks to a corner hard and Banks bounces off the buckles. Banks gasps for air as Devlin drags him back up. Devlin back suplexes to a backbreaker, and then mocks the Gallus pose. Fans boo, but here comes Coffey to show him how it’s done. Coffey throws a haymaker, and Devlin staggers into Mastiff’s! Devlin pinballs between the two big men’s big hands! Coffey uppercuts then Mastiff uppercuts, Banks SUPERKICKS Devlin out of the ring!

Banks boots Mastiff and ducks Coffey to send him into Mastiff. Banks runs into a pop-up uppercut, but dodges Coffey to send him into the corner! He runs in, leaps back, but into another Mastiff German Suplex! Cover, TWO! Banks survives and Devlin returns, only for Mastiff to grab him with both hands. Devlin breaks free and headbutts Mastiff hard! Devlin shakes it off and drags Mastiff aruond. He can’t lift Mastiff off the mat with the ripcord, and Banks dropkicks Devlin down! Coffey returns to SPEAR Banks to a corner! But Mastiff shotguns Coffey into Banks! Mastiff runs, INTO THE VOID! A two for one! Cover, but Devlin moonsaults to break it!! All four men are down but Glasgow is thunderous! “This is Awesome!” but far from over.

All four men slowly stir and Devlin stomps Coffey. Devlin drags Mastiff up by his beard and slaps him. Mastiff fireman’s carries to a rolling senton! Cover, but Banks double stomps it apart! Banks drags Devlin up, suplex but Devlin escapes. Devlin misses the boot and Banks throws him down, only to run into a SPANISH FLY! Cover, but Mastiff deadlifts Devlin up. Delvin fights, Coffey leaps and crossbodies Mastiff down! Coffey aims but misses Devlin in the corner. Devlin slingshots but the cutter is denied! Coffey spins but into a kick. Coffey still gets All The Best from the left! Cover, but Coffey gets clear to let the back senton squash Devlin! Coffey gives Mastiff All the Best all the way out of the ring! Slice of Heaven for Devlin! And a Kiwi Krusher!! Cover, Banks wins!!

Winner: Travis Banks, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the WWE UK Championship

It was faster and more furious than the movies, and now the Buzzsaw is carving a path to the throne! Will Banks be able to cut down the Ring General?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode! With NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff announced via TakeOver: XXV, we now have a bit of a deadline for a lot of things being built. The Hunt had a good match and a good win over T-Bone and Huxley, but Gallus’ attack was a pretty good move. For one, it showed us that Vic and Nigel were actually in the arena for this one. The Hunt VS Gallus would make a good match, and can perhaps be the unofficial contender’s match to the winner of Grizzled Young Veterans VS Moustache Mountain II. GYV also had a solid promo, because Gibson is always great. I wonder if the UK Tag Title match will be at the Download Festival instead of Cardiff. Or maybe it’s a filler match like GYV VS Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan like it was supposed to be.

Kay Lee Ray and Kasey Owens have a solid match, too, but of course KLR wins. She has to be the top contender at this point with most other women either beaten or busy. Rhea VS Piper needs to happen soon, and we’ll likely get Jinny & Jazzy VS Xia Brookside & Isla Dawn on the way to Cardiff. It would be great if Vince knew what he was doing with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, because we could get a match of the champs and a top NXT UK Women’s team at some point. Pretty sure Piper wins against Rhea while Jinny & Jazzy beat Xia and Isla. Toni VS KLR will be a great match, but it’s still unclear at this point if Toni’s going to lose the title yet.

The Imperium video package was good, and the Six Man Tag next week is going to be great no matter which side wins. But I expect the Heels to win off of Pete Dunne so that Walter stays strong towards his title match. The Fatal 4 Way was great, all four men looked amazing in this match. Obviously Glasgow wanted Coffey to win, but being a Heel and Walter is now Heel, wasn’t happening. But obviously Banks wins to be the underdog to Walter, a classic trope, but I don’t see him winning at Cardiff if Imperium is also going to be around. Mastiff would be different, but maybe they’ll save him for a bigger TakeOver, perhaps an NXT Prime TakeOver that goes with one of the WWE Big 4. Mastiff’s been on this slow build, maybe he can be the new top guy if Dunne isn’t coming back around.

My Score: 8.5/10

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