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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (6/18/19)

Will A Moment of Bliss be anything but?



SmackDown cover image

It’s the last SmackDown before Stomping Grounds!

In an attempt to clear the air from the last few weeks, The Goddess again invites SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley, onto another Moment of Bliss. Will Bayley keep her cool when confront Alexa Bliss over her blatant lies? Or will things continue to play into Alexa’s plan?



  • Xavier Woods VS Dolph Ziggler; Ziggler wins.
  • Heavy Machinery VS The B-Team; Heavy Machinery wins.
  • Tag Team Elimination Match: Drew McIntyre & Elias VS The Awesome Truth; McIntyre & Elias win.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: R-Truth VS Drake Maverick; Maverick wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • 2 Out of 3 Falls Tag: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn VS Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston; Rollins & Kingston win.


Awwwwww~ SmackDown! Don’t you dare be sour!

Feel~ the POWER~ as The New Day opens the show! They fling more flapjacks as they make their way to the ring! And even more when they’re in the ring. The New Day grab mics to welcome fans to the show, “BABYYYYYY~!” Everyone knows that Sunday is Stomping Grounds, and we will see Kofi Kingston (fans cheer) take on Dolph Ziggler (fans boo) in a Steel Cage (more cheers)! But only if Ziggler makes it through Xaiver Woods. To keep things fresh, Big E would like to make the last hour of SmackDown “the freaky hour.” It involves a Slip ‘n’ Slide, themselves, and- Dolph Ziggler comes out to interrupt the “typical New Day” antics that distract the fans. “All the smoke and mirrors in the world just to distract from what we all know from Super Showdown.” Kofi doesn’t deserve to be champion!

In fact, without The New Day, Kofi would be nothing! And on Sunday, the New Day won’t be able to save Kofi. Kofi is not able to stand on his own. The next time Kofi goes home to Ghana, that won’t be a celebration but an apology tour. Because Kofi will have to look at those people, from family to friends to fans, and tell them that when he was backed against the wall inside a Steel Cage all by himself, he failed! Fans boo and Kofi glares, but Ziggler grins. Fans rally behind Kofi but Ziggler tells them all to pay attention. At Stomping Grounds, Ziggler will slam Kofi into unforgiving steel, grind his face into the cage, and then kick ass and take names. #ItWILLbeZiggler!

Kofi wants Ziggler to back up. Ziggler’s talking like Kofi doesn’t know Steel Cage matches. Maybe he forgot where this journey began. It was in the Elimination Chamber! Kofi knows the brutalities of the confines of a cage, and he’s good with it. Because whether it’s a pin or an escape, or even a complete knockout that lets Kofi just walk out, it will happen. Kofi will win at Stomping Grounds! And he will remain THE, W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, CHAMPION~! But but but that’s Sunday. Ziggler should worry about tonight, because Kofi’s brethren in Woods is itching to “pop you in the mouth” all over again!

Ziggler tells Kofi to pay attention to that very match. “Don’t think for one second that I forgot what Woods did to me at Super Showdown.” It was Woods’ fault Ziggler lost. And after tonight, Woods will never be able to help Kofi again. And then on Sunday, “all the positivity, all the bad inside jokes, all the fun laughs, the colors the loudness.” All that pretending to be something Kofi’s not, “comes crumbling down” when he’s in that cage with Ziggler. Stomping Grounds will be where Kofi stops being WWE Champion. Because it should’ve been ZIGGLER! #ItShouldHaveBeenME, and #ItWILLBeMe! But will it be Ziggler against an angry Woods up next?


Xavier Woods VS Dolph Ziggler!

SmackDown returns with the bell and Ziggler circles with Woods. The go around and Woods manages to counter the takedown to a mount. Woods switches to a waistlock and makes it a cover, ONE! Ziggler gets Woods down for a cover, ONE! The two back off and Ziggler swipes at Kofi and Big E. He ties up with Woods again and Woods gets around to the waistlock. Ziggler goes around but Woods rolls him, ONE! Ziggler keeps on Woods to roll him, ONE! Woods and Ziggler back off and go again. Woods grabs the arm and wrenches, but Ziggler pushes him to ropes. The ref calls for the ropebreak but Ziggler gives a shove. Woods shoves back! Then drop toeholds Ziggler onto ropes! Dropkick bounces Ziggler off! Cover, TWO!

Woods keeps on Ziggler with a headlock. Ziggler holds the ropes so Woods has to let go. Ziggler kicks low at the knee! Woods scrambles but Ziggler is on him. Ziggler rakes Woods’ face on ropes! Then drops him with a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Ziggler keeps on Woods, going after the arm. He cranks Woods back in a chinlock but fans rally up. Woods fights out and throws body shots. Ziggler hits back and whips, but Woods reverses. Woods runs into the corner but into a boot! Ziggler bumps Woods on buckles then whips him corner to corner. Woods bounces off buckles but boots Ziggler back! Woods hits the Honor Roll! Fans fire up as Woods climbs up! Woods aims but out come Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn! They attack Big E and Kofi! Ziggler trips Woods up in the distraction!

The referee shouts at Kevin & Sami and EJECTS them! But Woods takes them out with a leaping crossbody! With those two taken care of, Woods gets back in, only to get the satellite DDT! Cover, TWO!! Woods survives as SmackDown goes picture in picture.

The referee checks on Woods but he’s okay. Wait, the New Day is also ejected!? Now Woods is all alone with Ziggler as Ziggler drags Woods up. Ziggler bumps Woods off buckles but Woods turns it around to bump him! But then Ziggler turns it around to kick out Woods’ leg. Ziggler walks around Woods, taunting him to get up. Woods drags himself up but Ziggler is waiting, with a big dropkick! Cover, TWO! Ziggler keeps his cool as he looms over Woods. Ziggler rakes Woods’ eyes with his fingers! The referee reprimands Ziggler while Woods scrambles away. Ziggler drags Woods up again with a headlock, and has Woods in a crossface chicken wing! Woods resists and arm-drags Ziggler off! But the misses in the corner! Ziggler covers, TWO!

Ziggler keeps his cool as he drags Woods up, again raking the eyes! The ref counts and Ziggler lets up at 4, to then grind Woods down with an armlock. Ziggler grinds his forearm into Woods’ face, too, but Woods endures. Woods starts to get to his feet, and he throws body shots on Ziggler. Ziggler turns Woods but Woods backslide counters! TWO, but Woods rallies with big forearms! Mule kick and front kick, and SmackDown returns to single picture as Ziggler reverse the whip. Woods dodges and slides to hit the roaring forearm! Woods flounders to a cover, TWO! Both men are down from exhaustion, but fans know “This is Awesome!”

Ziggler gets to ropes and Woods goes to the opposite end. Both men stand, and Woods runs into a boot! But then whips Ziggler out of the ring! Woods builds speed to wreck Ziggler with a dropkick! Ziggler hits the desk! Woods puts Ziggler back in, and trophy lifts Ziggler! For a BIG gut buster drop! Cover, TWO!! Woods keeps his focus as he grits his teeth. Ziggler rolls out to the apron but Woods follows. Woods drags Ziggler up, but Ziggler shoves him into a post. Then a SUPERKICK blasts Woods off the apron to the floor! Ziggler drags Woods up into the ring and wants him to stand again. Fans rally up for Woods but Ziggler stalks him, ZIGZAG! But Woods rolls just enough to avoid a cover.

Ziggler doesn’t want to end it here, anyway! He drags Woods up and puts him on the ropes, to pull the arms! Ziggler lets up at the ref’s count, to then SUPERKICK the defenseless Woods! Cover, Ziggler wins!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler, by pinfall

The Show-Off wins tonight, showing no mercy. With a Steel Cage match being No Disqualifications, will Ziggler show that same lack of remorse in order to take the title from Kofi? Will Kofi do the same just to avenge Woods?


Several SmackDown superstars line up outside Baron Corbin’s private locker room.

Shelton Benjamin and The B-Team know the risk of being Corbin’s special guest referee given Seth Rollins’ mood lately. But it’s all so Corbin can finally win a title. Benjamin plans on using Corbin right back. Matt Hardy comes out of the office! Senor Benjamin, you’re next. That’s Mr. Benjamin, Matt. But either way, Benjamin does take his turn “auditioning” for the part of guest referee. Will Corbin make a decision before the night is over? Will Rollins veto it with more chair shots?


It’s another SmackDown edition of A Moment of Bliss!

The last time The Goddess and her hit talk show were on SmackDown, it turned into a Triple Threat Contender’s Match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. And though Alexa was the Wild Card from Raw, she won the match and now faces Bayley at Stomping Grounds! SmackDown returns as she, and “friend” Nikki Cross, make their entrance. Nikki will be in Alexa’s corner on Sunday because, well, Alexa has claimed Bayley is a bully. Alexa welcomes everyone to the show, but where is her coffee?! Bayley appears with it! And is drinking it. Yes, well… Why is Alexa not surprised? This is like what Alexa was telling nikki before. Bayley defends she’d never do that. She should say this now, but- But she’s the reason she cost them the women’s tag titles? No, that Alexa is using Nikki.

Hear that, Nikki? Is it time to do this? Bayley says she’s had enough of Alexa’s talking behind everyone’s back! If she has a problem, say it to her face! Alexa stands up and accepts that challenge. Alexa knows the real Bayley. When she started in NXT, she saw through Bayley. Everyone made Alexa feel like she didn’t belong. Alexa tried turning to the nice girl, Bayley, yet even she made Alexa feel little. It was Charlotte who was nice to Alexa! But then Bayley acts all nice dressing like she’s from Forever 21, saying she’s like the fans. In reality, she’s not a hugger, she’s a liar! Classic Alexa, making things up that never happened. She did this to Nia Jax, to Mickie James, and Bayley has never lied to them. Alexa just can’t handle the truth. And the truth is: Alexa isn’t a goddess, just a spoiled princess!

Alexa isn’t entitled, she’s just better. And she always have been! She has a natural gift for this! She doesn’t imitate legends and doesn’t wait for autographs, she’s not worthy? Bayley has never needed to manipulate like Alexa to become SmackDown Women’s Champion. Alexa says Bayley is just a placeholder. And she will always be a placeholder! Because she peaked in NXT! The one person that Bayley found so undeserving is the one living out the life she’s always wanted. Bayley hits Alexa! The brawl is on, and Nikki helps her new friend! Nikki still believes Alexa, despite what just happened. And then Alexa gets Bayley with that killer punch! The Goddess and Cross leave the champ down and out, but will it happen this way at Stomping Grounds?


Apollo Crews finds Zelina Vega backstage.

Can she help him with something? Well where she goes, Andrade goes, right? He has been looking for him. Is that true? Or is he just here to flirt with her? What? Just tell Almas Apollo is looking for him. Zelina “flirts” with him, to distract him from Almas’ blindside attack! Almas lays Apollo out by throwing him into trunks! And again, Chad Gable is taking notes? Firstly, will Apollo get payback on El Idolo in the ring? Secondly, what is Gable studying exactly?


Heavy Machinery VS The B-Team!

The literally biggest team on SmackDown gets a shot at those tag team titles on Sunday, which is exactly why “The Planet’s Tag Team Champions” are on commentary for this match. Daniel Bryan & Rowan gave a pep talk to Bo Dallas and Curt Axel, but will that be enough to survive the #BlueCollarSolid Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic?

The teams sort out and Tucker starts against Axel. Bo distracts and that allows Axel to club away on Tucker. The ref backs Axel off but he knees Tucker back down. The B-Team chants as they stomp, tag, and stomp more. Fans echo the chant as the B-Team tags and mugs Tucker, then Bo feeds Tucker to Axel’s DDT! Cover, TWO! Axel keeps on Tucker with a half nelson and chinlock. Bryan says the problem with Heavy Machinery as that they joke around too much. Tucker endures and powers out with big hands. Axel knees then whips but Tucker manages to jump over Axel’s back! To then clobber him with a big lariat! Both men are down but fans rally as they crawl. Hot tags to Otis and Bo!

The Dozer rallies on the B-Team, then scoops and spins around with Bo! Otis slams BO down then clotheslines Axel out. Otis gives a grunt to Bryan, but turns around into a kick. But Otis powers up with it. Otis pops and locks and thrusts, to then scoop Bo for a BIG Fall Away Slam! Fans fire up with Otis as he puts Axel in, and sandwiches both men in the corner! Bo is down, and Otis grins as he pumps it up. Otis hits the Caterpillar elbow! Tag to Tucker, and Otis scoops BO, for the Compacter! Cover, Heavy Machinery wins!

Winners: Heavy Machinery, Tucker Knight pinning

And the contenders are rolling into Stomping Grounds! Bryan doesn’t think Tucker and Otis take this seriously, and therefore he doesn’t take them seriously. But will he see just how serious it is when he and Rowan actually face them in the ring?

But wait! Since the B-Team even so much as auditioned for the part of guest referee, Rollins is here to attack!! He SMACKS Axel, then jabs and SMACKS Bo! The Architect keeps that ultimatum from Raw going here on SmackDown as he just SMACKS away on the B-Team! He shows no mercy! And fans love it! Will Rollins continue to #BurnItDown all the way to Stomping Grounds?


Someone is arriving to SmackDown via limousine.

It’s Shane McMahon! The Best in the World looks to be all business after the attack on Raw. Sami & Kevin report Rollins’ attacks to Shane. Sami as the Wild Card is a guest, and there is no telling what Rollins will do next. Kevin agrees. Who attacks people form behind? Bad people, that’s who. Shane knows all about that. Something needs to be done about Rollins and even Kofi! Kofi is bad, too. Something needs to be done. Shane agrees. Tonight, Kevin & Sami VS Rollins & Kofi, in a very special 2 out of 3 Falls Tag. If you want to stop the bad people, take care of it yourself. Kevin and Sami aren’t really fans of that idea but they have no choice. Will the frenemies be able to do anything about the fired up Universal Champion and laser focused World Champion?


Aleister Black speaks.

“What does it take to change the essence of a man?” Aleister gets it. He understands why no one has knocked on his door, and why no one wants to pick a fight wit him. “Because I can hear your whispers as you passed by.” They know the Embodiment of the End was told he was “destined to fall from grace.” But this is not a “woe is me” story. No, this is a “woe, my opponents” story. Because someone will come knocking. Someone will pick a fight with him. And when they do, Aleister will change the essence of that man. Who will be daring enough to knock on Aleister’s door?


Shane McMahon heads out to the ring!

But he isn’t on SmackDown alone, he has The Drifter, Elias! Oh, and the Scottish Terminator, Drew McIntyre! The three walk down the ramp, all serious after the respective beatings they took from Raw last night. They take up mics and Shane lets Greg Hamilton take a week off on the introduction. And to last night, Roman Reigns and Shane had an “incident.” But Shane isn’t here about that. Shane is here to put the spotlight on the more deserving Drew McIntyre. This man will #KickAssandTakeNames at Stomping Grounds when he beats Roman once again. McIntyre tells Roman that he is praying for him. McIntyre did Roman a favor by not ending his career. But they’re better than Roman. SO when they were having that “private function” and Roman ambushed them, they weren’t prepared. That was a sucker punch to them.

But McIntyre is better than that. He wants The Big Dog at 100% and with no excuses. But before he can say more, here comes The Miz! The A-Lister uses the Wild Card to be here, and Shane is growing annoyed. Miz says this is important. They all need to watch this. The footage of Roman’s attack on Raw! The Revival, Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon were all beat down in turn by Roman! Fans cheer but Shane is just annoyed. Is that funny to him? Sorry, that’s not funny. Well, not as funny as this. Slow-motion of Shane running from Roman. And slow-motion of the Superman Punch, too. Miz adds sound effects as the slow-motion Spear hits. Wow, Miz didn’t even know Shane could sweat so fast in slow-mo. But there’s more! Shane interrupts, and tells the production team they will lose their jobs over this,

Settle down, Junior, you’re the Boss’s Son. The kid that starts the game because Daddy’s the coach. And Miz hasn’t forgotten McIntyre. He’ll make sure to have a highlight reel of Roman knocking McIntyre out. Shane wonders where these daddy issues come from. It’s not Shane’s fault his dad is a billionaire and Miz’s is a potato. No, there is no shame, only guilt! Shane just sucks up all the air time to feed his ego and Miz is sick of it! W’ere all sick of it! Miz blames himself because it all started at World Cup. It was Miz’s first time being hurt and he let Shane “become Best int he World.” Miz created a monster and now we all have to suffer for it! Shane is Miz’s responsibility because Miz sent him on this ego trip, so Miz must be the one to end it!

Oof, such resentment. Miz didn’t get the job done, so Shane had to step in and do it himself. Shane earned being Best int he World because Miz wasn’t. But if Miz is all ready to fight, then have a fight. Miz will go up against McIntyre & Elias. Wow a handicap match? How original! Oh no, Miz, you can have whoever you want. So long as it happens in the next 10… 9… 8… but wait! From under the ring, it’s R-Truth!? The WWE 24/7 Champion is here, and Miz says his name. Well guess Truth is in by default! #AwesomeTruth reunited! Well okay. Then that match is happening next! But it will also be elimination! Get a ref and get this going, up next!


The Authors of Pain are now on SmackDown!

Akam and Rezar return, but they also encounter the IIconics. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are impressed by the AoP’s physiques, but then they’re immediately upset seeing Paige and the Kabuki Warriors backstage. Maybe these two will try to plunder the gold! Because pirates, heh. How about an actual mage for the gold? Eeeeh no. They’d love to, but they’re busy with traveling. After all, they are the longest reigning and defending WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Well wonderful for you! But the funny thing is, everyone is going to the same places. So Paige asked and received confirmation that there is a match in WWE Tokyo! But-

No buts. You two listen to Paige’s Aussie accent. If these two, Kairi and Asuka, win, then they will get a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match! And then they’ll win that, to become the NEW Tag Team Champions! And that will be… IICONIC! Paige, Kairi and Asuka strike the pose, which upsets Billie & Peyton even more. But will they be most upset when they lose to Asuka and Kairi in Asuka’s and Kairi’s home country?


Tag Team Elimination Match: Drew McIntyre & Elias VS The Awesome Truth!

Reunited and it feels so good! Or at least, hopefully it will. Can Miz and Truth use this sudden reunion to get even with Shane’s boys? Or will not even the truth help Miz conquer the Best Henchmen in the World?

SmackDown returns with the bell, and Miz starts against Eilas. Fans echo “WHAT’S UP!?” with Truth as Miz and Elias tie up. Elias pushes but Miz gets free, to tie up again. Miz headlocks but Elias pries his way out to his own headlock. Miz powers out but Elias runs him over. Elias speeds things up but Miz hits a kitchen sink knee! Those bad ribs still bother Elias so Miz keeps on him. Tag to Truth, they double whip and double hip toss Elias down! Elias gasps for air but he gets a basement boot to Truth’s funky leg drop! Cover, TWO! Truth keeps on Elias with a headlock but Elias powers out. Truth slips out of the scoop to shove Elias, then ducks under with the splits to calf kick Elias down! Fans fire up with Truth as he hits the splits again!

Elias tags McIntyre and now Truth dreads the Scottish Terminator. Truth throws hands but McIntyre shoves him. Truth kicks back but misses the scissors kick. McIntyre shoves then SUPLEXES Truth overhead! McIntyre stands Truth up to CHOP him into the corner! He throws furious forearms but the ref counts. McIntyre argues with the ref and Elias gets cheap shots in! Fans boo and Miz protests but Elias gets away with it. McIntyre drags Truth up for a snap suplex, then covers, TWO! McIntyre chokes Truth on the ropes and Elias tags in. Elias boots Truth down, then taunts him as he chokes him on the ropes. Elias whips Truth but Truth dodges to throw hands! They bump shoulders and Truth keeps on Elias with haymakers!

Truth whips but Elias reverses to a kick. Elias shoves but Truth dumps Elias out! Elias hits the floor but McIntyre helps him back in. Both Elias and Truth crawl, but Shane trips Miz! McIntyre distracts the ref from seeing that, and Elias hits Truth with a big knee! Cover, Elias ELIMINATES Truth! And now Miz is all alone! But wait, the floodgates open and Truth is now a target! The rest of the SmackDown roster, and even Cruiserweights from 205 Life, rush to the ring! Shelton Benjamin skips Truth to grab the belt! He runs as THE Brian Kendrick, Jack Gallagher, and the Singh Brothers all give chase! That’s not how the belt works! The referee explains that and they all stop to listen. You have to PIN Truth first! Truth snatches the belt back and runs away! And the chase is on again!

Shane, Elias and McIntyre are at a loss for words, but Miz was able to recover in that time. Miz realizes the situation he is in while SmackDown goes picture in picture.

Mcintyre tags in, but he has to wait for Miz. Miz takse his time returning, and then circles with McIntyre. They tie up but Miz thows hansd. McIntyre punches back but gets thrown out. Miz misses the dropkick to get run over! McIntyre drags Miz up for a snap suplex to the floor! Miz writhes and Shane cheers his team on. McIntyre puts Miz against the apron to CHOP! Then he puts Miz in to mock Miz about tagging a partner. A partner Miz no longer has. McIntyre stmops Miz’s hand then fish hooks his face! The ref counts and McIntyre lets up. McINtyre stomps Miz’s face then tags Elias in. He holds Miz up for Elias to kick. Elias covers, TWO! Miz lives but Elias wraps on a vicious chinlock.

Miz endures as Elias grinds him into the mat. SmackDown returns to single picture as fans rally up. Miz fights out but Elias knees low. Elias whips Miz out of the ring, and the ref keeps him back. Shane gets a cheap shot in! Fans boo as McIntyre runs at Miz, only for Miz to send him into the timekeeper’s area! But Elias shoves Miz into the barriers! Elias gets Miz back in the ring then climbs up top. He leaps but into a BOOT! Elias’ ribs are hurt all over again! Shane checks on McIntyre while fans rally for Miz. Miz counter punches Elias then throws haymakers from all sides! Miz gives Elias It Kicks in the corner, then runs corner to corner for double knees! And again! And then the A-List Lariat! Elias flounders while Miz goes out. Miz slides back in to roll Elias up, TWO!

Miz kicks low for the DDT! Cover, TWO! Miz keeps his cool, and fans rally for him as he aims at Elias. More It Kicks for Elias! But Elias blocks the buzzsaw into an Electric Chair lift! But Miz fights out, rolls Elias up, TWO! GLASGOW KISS! Elias tags to McIntyre and McIntyre is seething. He dares Miz to stand, and Miz does, to get a CLAYMORE! Cover, McIntyre & Elias win!

Winners: Drew McIntyre & Elias, McIntyre pinning

A sweep on the Awesome Truth, mostly because Shane was helping. But a win is a win and McIntyre is ready to win again at Stomping Grounds. But Shane isn’t done with Miz, he puts Miz in a corner, to feed to another CLAYMORE! That still isn’t enough for them, though. Shane drags Miz up again, for a third Claymore! The Scottish Terminator says this will be what Roman has in store come Sunday, but will he be the one stomped out at Stomping Grounds?


Ember Moon is backstage.

She spots Carmella hurrying by. Has Carmella seen Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville? No, but has Ember seen R-Truth? No. Well Carmella hopes Ember tells Fire & Desire they both have unfinished business with them. Ember continues the search and finds Mandy & Sonya enjoying donuts. Mandy can’t believe they bought them all. Sonya can’t believe they’ve eaten so many yet still look so great. Ember confronts them on their attitudes. Sonya apologizes for the Switch. Ember says she’s had to deal with bullies and snobs like them her whole life. She will not- Oh calm down, loner. They were just trying to give her healthier ways to bide her time. But go ahead, rot your brain. Donut? Ember slaps the donuts away, and the fight is on!!

Ember and Sonya scrap but referees come up to separate them. Sonya and Ember are still fired up, but Mandy keeps Sonya back. Fire & Desire have plenty of fire, but so does the War Goddess! When will forces collide in the ring to settle the score?


SmackDown presents a new episode of Firefly Fun House!

Well hey, there! Bray Wyatt is just gardening. Our minds are a lot like gardens. All anyone needs is some water, some sun, and then your ideas will grow! But some ideas are full of worms. Those are no good! There will be people who lie to you. Like people saying the Earth is round. Or that dinosaurs are extinct! What do any of them know? But Brya knows what it’s like to be different. That’s why he built this place! So that we could all be together forever! Him, Mercy, Abby, the again repaired Ramblin’ Rabbit, Ham, Devil Vince. Join them where the fun never has to end. Yes, join us. JOIN US!! “People worship what they fear. Fear is power. Follow the leader.” And do the muscle man dance! REMIX!

The Fiend?! He’s back!? “FOLLOW THE LEADER!!” And let him in.


R-Truth looks to get out of SmackDown!

He finds Carmella waving down a car, but wait that’s a referee? The Carmella he found wasn’t Carmella at all! It’s DRAKE MAVERICK! “Hi, Truth!” But Truth elbows Maverick away. Maverick rolls Truth and uses the car!! Maverick WINS!!

Winner: Drake Maverick, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

Finally, the searching and the planning pays off! Maverick takes the title and the referee’s car, to make a run for it! “I’m getting marriiiiied~!” Wait, Carmella’s getting married?! Why wasn’t he invited?! Will Truth have to do what it sounds like he has to? Will he have to crash a wedding to take back the title?!


2 Out of 3 Falls Tag: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn VS Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston!

The best frenemies aren’t liking this deja vu from Raw. They just went through a similar match against Kofi Kingston and the New Day, with Baron Corbin as their partner. But now they’ll do it again, as just the two of them, against the two top champions in all the WWE today! Will they lose here like they did on Raw? Or will Kevin and Sami get themselves in line for both titles with a win tonight?

SmackDown returns as Kofi makes his entrance once again. He still has plenty of pancakes to give out! Next is Rollins, and he still has that chair, beat up as it is. And of course, Kevin makes his entrance, followed by Sami. And they take a “Pancake Power” fan sign to tear it up. They tell Rollins to put his chair down, and Rollins does. The teams sort out, and Kofi starts with Sami. The bell rings and Kofi hits Sami with TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Rollins hits Kevin and Kofi covers, Kofi and Rollins get the first fall!

Rollins-Kofi – 1; Kevin-Sami: 0

Fast and furious but Kevin is upset that the bell didn’t even ring! But it did, so that’s a valid fall. Kevin and Sami regroup as we SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns with the second fall, and the bell rings again. Kevin kicks Rollins and clubs away! Kevin throws knees then shoves Rollins to the corner. He trash talks the fans before going back at Rollins with haymakers. Kevin whips but Rollins ducks to Slingblade Kevin down! Rollins drags Kevin up and wrenches to tag Kofi in. Kofi climbs and drops ax handles on Kevin’s arm. Kofi keeps Kevin from Sami with another wrench of the arm. Tag to Rollins and now Rollins drops ax handles. Rollins whips Kevin corner to corner but is put on the apron. Rollins punches Kevin away then scares Sami off. But Kevin catches Rollins int he springboard to throw him down! Kevin hits Kofi for good measure before he DDT’s Rollins! Cover, TWO!

Kevin tries again, TWO! Again, TWO! Kevin grows furious and questions the ref’s credentials. But backstage, Paul Heyman watches this match closely! Kevin tags Sami and Sami stomps Rollins. Sami throws angry haymakers and keeps Rollins from his corner. Sami drags Rollins up for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Again, TWO! Sami also argues with the ref, but he goes back to Rollins with haymakers. Rollins hits back so Sami clubs and snapmares Rollins into a chinlock. Sami keeps Rollins down but fans rally up. Rollins endures and fights his way up but Sami puts him in a corner. Sami throws body shots then haymakers. Fans boo but Kevin applauds. Sami puts Rollins up top and climbs up to join him. Rollins resists the superplex, then headbutts Sami down!

Sami tags Kevin and Kevin clobbers Rollins. Rollins hits back then hits a blockbuster! Both men are down and fans rally up! Hot tags to Sami and Kofi! Kofi springboards and clubs Sami down! Kofi rallies with chops and a dropkick! He keeps moving to leap and lariat Sami down! Fans fire up as Kofi hits the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! Kofi aims from the corner and wants another Trouble in Paradise, but Sami boots him away. Sami runs but Kofi dodges and springboards for a crossbody! Cover, TWO!! Kofi keeps on Sami at the ropes but Sami holds on. Sami hits back and standing switches to a Blue Thunder Bomb! Cover, TWO!! Sami grows frustrated, but he goes to his corner to tag Kevin. Kevin drags Kofi up but gets a dropkick!

Kvin slumps out of the ring while Kofi goes to a corner. Sami runs in but is thrown back out! Hot tag to Rollins! Rollins DIVES onto Sami! Then he DIVES onto Kevin! Rollins puts  Kevin in, springboards, flying clothesline! Fans fire up as Rollins stomps, “Burn It Down!” But Sami anchors a foot, so Kofi LEAPS to clothesline Sami down! Kevin rolls Rollins, TWO! SUPERKICK! Kevin whips, Pop-up but Rollins slips out, to mule kick! Rollins wants a Superkick but Kevin blocks that to roll Rollins,but Rollins rolls through! SUPERKICK! Rollins has Kevin, but Kevin back drops. Rollins lands on his feet to PELE! And then the CURB STOMP! Cover, Rollins & Kofi win!!

Winners: Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston, Rollins by pinfall

That’s another 2-0 sweep for Kofi’s team over Kevin and Sami! Both champions are rolling into Stomping Grounds, but Heyman is still watching eagerly. Is this only ensuring a Beast in the Bank cash-in on Sunday? And will it still be on Rollins?



My Thoughts:

What a great SmackDown to lead into Stomping Grounds! At least, it sure felt better than Raw’s go-home did. The opening promos of Ziggler and The New Day were actually pretty great, and I was surprised Woods VS Ziggler was the opener. This was a great bit to tie things together, as Kevin and Sami attack New Day but then have to face the consequences, in a sense. A real shame for Kevin and Sami, but that 2 out of 3 Falls was still a lot of fun. Having Heyman watching backstage, I wonder if this is the way to switch targets from Rollins to Kofi. It would be quite a clever thing to do, to make a fool of Rollins over all his chair smashing. Then Rollins’ story becomes having to deal with all those he beat down over this Stomping Grounds stuff.

While I was critical on the SmackDown Women’s Championship overshadowing the Women’s Tag titles on Raw, the stuff we got tonight was great. The Moment of Bliss was great, and the use of the Heel Face dynamics is unique, with Bayley being Face, Alexa being Heel but Nikki thinking it’s the other way around. I could see Nikki costing Alexa somehow and that turns Alexa against her. Meanwhile, we finally get Kabuki Warriors back! I’d love to see WWE Tokyo on the Network, and I really hope the WWE Women’s Tag titles are on the line at Extreme Rules in a Women’s No DQ tag. Meanwhile, good to see some development of Fire & Desire VS Ember and hopefully Carmella. That should be good action, and Fire & Desire VS Kabuki Warriors as champions would be a great story for Summerslam.

They didn’t really make that big of a deal of Planet’s Tag Team Champions VS Heavy Machinery for the titles at Stomping Ground, but at least Heavy Machinery got to have some fun squashing B-Team. Pretty sure Bryan & Rowan retain, though. I still want to see a huge tag match with all the teams that brawled on Raw. It’d be great if the Planet’s Tag Team Champions became the top team on both brands in something like a Ladder Match. Miz tearing into Shane was a great voicing of the fans’ complaints, and it still works in story. Hopefully that’s not why we were getting so much Shane, though… Well that aside, Awesome Truth reuniting was fun, but obviously Shane’s boys stand tall to stay strong going into Stomping Grounds. I still think Shane screws Roman somehow.

And what really puts SmackDown over the night was that surprise with the 24/7 Championship! I did not see that coming, just like Truth didn’t. And it is so great that it was Maverick who pulled off the dethroning! With how much Maverick keeps plugging his own wedding, this has to mean Truth is going to “crash” it and take the title back to ruin Maverick’s special day. I really hope he does it in disguise as the officiator of the wedding. What better way to win is “I now pronounce you the former WWE 24/7 European Champion!”

My Score: 8.5/10

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