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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (6/4/19)

SmackDown heads for Super Showdown!



SmackDown cover image

SmackDown, You’re Next!

Because Goldberg makes his return to respond to The Undertaker’s message from Raw! Plus, a huggable Moment of Bliss with SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley, and Kofi Kingston prepares for Super Showdown!



  • The New Day VS Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens; The New Day wins.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship, Lumberjack Match: R-Truth VS Elias; Elias wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship, Under the Ring Match: Elias VS R-Truth; Truth wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Carmella VS Alexa Bliss VS Charlotte Flair; Bliss wins and will challenge Bayley for the title at WWE Stomping Grounds.
  • Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS Apollo Crews; No Contest.


The New Day opens SmackDown!

Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and a platter of pancakes are in Laredo, Texas to bring the positivity. Kofi himself has returned from his homecoming in Ghana, West Africa, refreshed having seen family and meeting both fans and dignitaries. But now, with mic in hand, Kofi says “If there’s one that I’ve learned over the past three months, is that life is crazy, man.” Life is full of surprises! Kofi thought he’d seen it all and done it all in his 11 years as a WWE superstar. From championships to friendships, and pancakes babyyyy~! But to be honest, it hasn’t all be highs. There were lows, too. But Kofi takes pride in having fought through the lows no matter what! And by doing that, he got the opportunity of a lifetime: winning THE WWE Championship at Wrestlemania! Fans let him know “You Deserve It!”

And as amazing as winning the grandest title on the grandest stage in front of his family was, what is most important is to inspire people to do whatever they want to do! To believe in themselves and that anything is possible! As such, we are treated to a video package to show how Kofi’s homecoming went. 26 years since he’s last been in Ghana, being there again was an experience full of love and admiration. Their WWE Champion makes His Excellency, President Nana Akufo-Addo and the entire country very proud. They support him 30 million strong! Kofi thanks them for being so welcoming.

Back in the present, fans cheer Kofi as he gets a touch emotional. After 26 years, Kofi was finally able to go home, his birthplace, and got to see the look in the people’s eyes. That was so amazing, to tell a child that they can be whatever the want to be, just like he did in his life. Kofi met aunts, uncles and cousins he hadn’t ever seen before, but Dolph Ziggler comes out to interrupt. Fans boo as Ziggler tells Kofi he is an inspiration for sure. If this were Super Showdown, they’d both be in the ring, but Ziggler respects Kofi’s sacrifice and journey too much. But this isn’t about that, this is about why Ziggler ended up this way. Ziggler won’t let fans cheer for Kofi, because it’s about Ziggler.

Now a video package plays for Ziggler’s journey. The great champions he defeated to become champion. His 14 years have been memorable and golden. Ziggler has had title after title, and yet, he has gotten nothing in return. Fans boo as Ziggler says he gave everything to the WWE Universe. He gave his soul to the WWE, and yet it’s Kofi who gets the glory. It’s Kofi who wins the WWE Championship when it should’ve been Ziggler! Ziggler says Kofi is a hero, “but one day, all of you will realize I am the hero” and it should’ve been him!! Kofi says no one is saying Ziggler hasn’t had a great career. Their careers have even been linked! Kofi knows how it is to be passed over, but after all of it, there’s one thing Ziggler left out. And now that footage rolls.

December 19th, 2017. Ziggler was the WWE United States Champion and he said he was unappreciated! Ziggler left the fans with the memory… of him quitting. Fans boo Ziggler again as Kofi brings up that if Ziggler says “It should’ve been me!”, but if that were true, it would’ve been. But whenever things don’t go Ziggler’s way, he quits! Ziggler walks out, turns his back and takes himself out of the game! That’s the difference between them. No matter how hard things got for Kofi, Kofi never quit! Kofi never quits on himself, on his brothers, or on the WWE Universe! Fans cheer Kofi on the agree. Ziggler keeps saying it should’ve been him? At Super Showdown, it won’t be Ziggler. And as long as Kofi has the title, it will NEVER be Ziggler!

Ziggler shows one more clip. When Ziggler attacked Kofi in his return to SmackDown! In the ring, outside of the ring, and with a chair in multiple ways, Ziggler brutalized Kofi all because he wants to be champion. Ziggler says Friday will be his day. But tonight, it’s Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn! The New Day takes on the best frenemies, can they win to keep Kofi strong going into Super Showdown?


The New Day VS Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens!

SmackDown returns as teams sort out. The bell rings as Xavier and Sami start. Sami clubs away on Woods’ back and then stomps him down. Fans boo but Sami backs off to taunt Kofi. Sami goes back to Woods for a headlock. Woods powers out but Sami runs him over with a shoulder. Things speed up and Woods dropkicks Sami down! Cover, TWO! Woods wrenches and brings Sami around, but Sami spins through to wrench back. Woods rolls and spins to wrench Sami back! Sami endures the standing armlock and Kofi tags in. Kofi climbs and drops ax handles on the arm. Kofi wrenches Sami while Ziggler watches backstage. Sami gets away and tags to Kevin.

Kofi welcomes Kevin as Kevin slowly approaches. The two go and Kofi gets a takedown! Kofi throws hands but Kevin shoves him away. Kofi keeps on Kevin with body shots and haymakers, but stops at the ref’s count. Kevni BOOTS Kofi back and then clubs away! Kevin stomps Kofi against the ropes, and shouts “This is MY show!” Fans are mixed as Kevin goes back to Kofi with a knee. Kevin taunts Woods but then Kofi hits back. Kevin whips Kofi corner to corner but Kofi goes up and dropkicks him down! Tag to Sami but Kofi dropkicks him, too! Kofi brings back the Unicorn Stampede! Tag to Woods, stomps, tag to Kofi, and repeat! Kofi whips Woods in for a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Woods keeps on Sami with a whip, but Sami holds ropes and bails out. Sami and Kevin regroup but so do the New Day. Kofi FLIES and wipes out Kevin! Sami protests but he gets wrecked by Woods’ dropkick! Woods keeps on Sami with CHOPS! He puts Sami in the ring but Kevin drags Woods down! Sami kicks Woods while he’s down, and now Kevin tags in. Kevin drags Woods out to throw him hard into barriers! “Who’s got something to say now?!” Fans boo in response, but Kevin goes back to stomp Woods more. Kevin drags Woods up and in and then hits a back senton! Cover, TWO! Kevin keeps his cool while Kofi and the fans cheer Woods on. Kevin drags Woods up but Woods fights back. But Kevin knees and clotheslines Woods down! Another senton, another cover, TWO!

SmackDown goes picture in picture as Kevin drags Woods away from Kofi. Kevin puts Woods in the corner and tags Sami. Sami mugs Woods and then chokes him on ropes. The ref backs Sami off but Kevin gets a cheap shot in! Kofi protests but Sami just taunts him more. Sami drags Woods back up and wrenches to a snapmare. Sami wraps a chinlock on and Woods endures. Fans rally up and Woods reaches for Kofi, but Sami uses the tights to bring Woods back down. The ref reprimands Sami about that, but Sami just squeezes tighter on Woods. Woods starts to fade, but he gets a second wind. Woods gest to his feet and fights out, but Sami pulls him back. They fight back and forth and Sami yanks Woods down!

Tag to Kevin, and Kevin stomps Woods back down. Kevin mocks Woods and crawls to Kofi, who obviously gets pissed. Kevin goes back to Woods and stomps him down again. Woods reels back, clutching his face. Kevin stomps him tot he corner and then drags him from ropes. Kevin blows a kiss to Kofi, but drops a senton onto knees! Sami tags in and goes after Woods, but Woods slips out of the back suplex! Woods hits Sami with the heel kick! Both men are down and fans are fired up! Woods crawls, but so does Sami, hot tags to Kevin, who takes Kofi out! Kevin blows kisses to the fans before he CHOPS Woods to a corner.

SmackDown returns to single picture as Kevin puts Woods on the top rope. Kevin punches Woods as he climbs up to join him. Woods fights back while Ziggler is still watching. Woods knocks Kevin away then drops him with a missile dropkick! Both men are down and crawling, hot tag to Sami and Kofi! Kofi springboard ax handles and then chops Sami down! Kofi dropkicks then hits a leaping lariat! Fans fire up again as Kofi hits the New Day Boom Drop! Kofi takes aim from a corner, but Kevin grabs his foot! Woods hits Kevin, but Sami dodges Kofi. Kofi SUPERKICKS, then Trouble in Paradise! Cover, The New Day wins!

Winners: The New Day, Kofi Kingston pinning

Kofimania is still rolling, but Ziggler SUPERKICKS Kofi!! And he SUPERKICKS Woods! Ziggler sure got out there from the backstage area fast. The Show-Off looms over Kofi, but will he be returning to SmackDown as the WWE Champion?


Shane is backstage on SmackDown.

And he asks the rowdy fans to quiet down a moment. There is a lot of speculation about what Shane did to Roman. Fans believe Shane did it just to soften Roman Reigns up for the coming Super Showdown match. Shane has the footage roll. It was all amazing, but it was actually because Roman said Shane doesn’t stand a chance. Shane obviously showed why he does stand a chance. Anything Roman can do, Shane can do better, because he’s the Best in the World. Shane promises to come out to call Roman out. But which Roman will we see? The Big Dog strutting his stuff? Or a Little Pup with his tail tucked between his legs.


SmackDown has A Moment of Bliss!

The Goddess is a Wild Card, but she’s going to be talking to SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley, after the break.

SmackDown returns and Alexa Bliss has a mic. This is a very special Blue Brand Moment of Bliss. Alexa is honored to be a Wild Card from the more prestigious show, Monday Night Raw. But she introduces her guest, Bayley! Fans cheer for the huggable and Alexa welcomes her as they sit down. Laredo cheers for Bayley while Alexa sips coffee. Oh, bad coffee. Someone take this. A SmackDown staffer swaps it with another mug, and she taste tests it. Okay good, but put this in her favorite mug. The staffer does as ordered, but Bayley kinda wants Alexa to ask her questions, being the champ and all. Right, of course. After her coffee. IT’ll only take a minute, maybe. Seriously? Wow, Bayley, rude. Sorry this is her show, but they’ll go with Bayley’s timing.

Let’s start with Money in the Bank. Well actually it started just before. No, Alexa’s not arguing, but let’s be real. MITB was a good night. Going from Ms. MITB to SmackDown Women’s Champion in one night. But it took years to get to that good night. Yes, Alexa agrees. When she was also Ms. MITB and cashed in the same night, it was spectacular. Alexa had a lot of great SmackDown moments. She is the two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion and defended it in a Steel Cage Match. In a way, when Alexa was champ, that title meant something. Fans boo as Alexa asks Bayley if the title means anything with her. Bayley sees what Alexa is doing, ti’s classic baiting. But things have changed, and despite the past, Bayley is looking towards the future.

Alexa isn’t cutting Bayley off but her coffee is coming. Alexa has her special mug but Bayley slaps it out of her hand! Seriously? Is this the kind of champ she is? Maybe that belt should be on a more deserving waist. It already is. But then here comes Carmella! The inaugural Ms. MITB and former SmackDown Women’s Champion is here to be part of the conversation. Alexa can’t just come from Raw to challenge Bayley. If anyone has a shot, it should be a SmackDown superstar, got it? Yes, of course. But is this a challenge to her? Wait, here comes yet another former SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair!

The Queen has Laredo fired up as she says hi. Sorry to interrupt, but she couldn’t help herself. Charlotte talked to her good friend, Shane, and there will be a contender’s match for Stomping Grounds! Isn’t that great? It happens tonight, too! Carmella VS Alexa Bliss VS… Wait for it. Wait for it. Charlotte! WOO~! Of course. But what a big Triple Threat! Who wins to be the new #1 Contender to the SmackDown Women’s Champion?


Carmella hurries backstage to find R-Truth.

But obviously he’s still hiding. The WWE 24/7 Champion is having a rough time. He wants to support Carmella, but he’s having to defend this title, even on holidays! He wants Shane to help him out but Shane’s not responding. Wait, here’s something on Carmella’s phone? Oh oops, he used the wrong phone! Carmella answers for Truth. She hands Shane over to Truth. Hello, who this? OH, is it really Shane? Yes it is. Well Shane, help him! This title is ruining his life! Yes, he knows it’s 24/7 but- Well, Truth apologizes for Shane Appreciation Night. Shane accepts?! Yes, the rules are to blame. But now it’s time for a proper match with normal rules. When? NOW?! Oh no! But against who?! No not him! Aw shoot! Truth hurries off, but just who is it he’s up against?!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias is on SmackDown.

And in the ring. The Drifter is Truth’s opponent? We’ll know after the break.


WWE 24/7 Championship, Lumberjack Match: R-Truth VS Elias!

Apparently this is how Shane accepts an apology for someone who ruins his own Appreciation Night. The entire SmackDown roster and even some 205 Live Cruiserweights are here to watch this match very closely. Will the winner of this match even get away with the title with so many prospective contenders just waiting to jump in?

The bell ring sand Elias goes at Turth. Truth rolls Elias, TWO! Elias knees low and CHOPS Truth to then throw him out! The Lumberjacks swarm and attack! They put Truth back in for Elias, and he knees Truth right back down! Roll up, Elias wins!!

Winner: Elias, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

Elias is now a two-time WWE 24/7 Champion! But just as he holds that belt up, the Lumberjacks are ready to swarm HIM! Elias realizes the gap in his evil plan with Shane as they ALL attack! The Lumberjacks throw each other out, but Elias slips out in the chaos! Elias thinks he’s getting away, but Truth finds him! And the fight is on, under the ring?! Is this even possible? The Lumberjacks keep brawling like a battle royal. Maybe these guys will all be in Super Showdown’s historic 50 Man Over the Top?

Wait, is that a three count from under the ring? Truth won the belt back?!

Winner: R-Truth, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

This is incredible! Truth is now a four-time champion! And in an innovative “Under the Ring” match, too! But the chase is on again as Drake Maverick gives chase! #RunTruthRun!


SmackDown hears from Aleister Black.

“Last week, I offered what is tantamount to an open challenge.” But he’s guessing it’s either cowardice or intelligence that has kept people from knocking on his door. He’s not a hard man, his door has “ALEISTER BLACK” right on it. But funny enough, as he’s saying this out loud, he understands now. Aleister’s track record speaks for itself to what he inflicts. It isn’t your Daddy’s WWE. But until someone, anyone, does come knocking at his door, Aleister will sit right here, waiting impatiently until someone, anyone decides to be a man!! How long will the Embodiment of the End have to wait for a fight?


Shane McMahon heads to the ring!

The Best in the World has The Revival with him, but not as Wild Cards thanks to his authority to make an exception. Shane and the #TopGuys go in to the ring and Shane picks up a mic. Obviously he needs Greg Hamilton’s “proper introduction” as “The BEST, in the WOOOOOOOOOOOORLD~! SHAAANE, McMAAAAHON!” Yes, pretty good stuff. Shane talks to Dash & Dawson as he says last night was great. The Revival decimated the Usos, they were amazing, weren’t they? They were fantastic, even. Shane has them here for emotional support, but to be selfish a bit, Shane fast forwards to the end of last night. They were all there live, of course, but please, we need to see that footage again.

And so, the footage plays of Shane, The Revival and Drew McIntyre giving Roman Reigns a Shatter Machine, a Claymore, and Shane’s own take on the Spear. The Revival love that! Shane says that was just last night. Imagine how it’ll be at Super Showdown! Shane paints a little picture for us: what he did last night was training a dog. You bring the dog home, they’re all rebellious and rowdy, so you have to discipline it. You need to put it in a corner and show it who’s boss. Shane is boss literally, but there’s always that one dog that’s more high-spirited and cocky. Like Roman. And so what do you do to that dog? You take it up a notch and that’s what Shane will do on Friday. Shane is going to NEUTER the Big Dog and make him a Lap Dog!

But here comes Roman! Sore as he is, he will not back down. The Revival rush to intercept, but he SUPERMAN PUNCHES Dawson! Dash throws hands but gets thrown into the LED’s! And gets a SUPERMAN PUNCH, too! Shane realizes he’s all alone, because he forgot to bring McIntyre. Roman heads for the ring and Shane acts like he’s ready to fight. But then a CLAYMORE outta nowhere! McIntyre WAS here! The insurance policy pays off again as the Scottish Terminator says Roman belongs to him! He then puts Roman in the corner for Shane as Shane runs in, to SPEAR him again! Two nights, two Spears and two times Shane mocks the battle cry. But will Shane go three for three when it’s time for Super Showdown?


SmackDown Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Carmella VS Alexa Bliss VS Charlotte Flair!

The Queen made this match with help from Shane O’Mac, but just because she has another opportunity doesn’t mean she’ll get it. Will #CharlotteNineTimes get her chance at being #CharlotteTenTimes? Will she be knocked aside by the FABULOUS Princess? Or will a The Goddess of Raw be in line for SmackDown’s title?

SmackDown returns with all three women in the ring and the bell!

Alexa, Carmella and Charlotte stare down before slowly approaching. Alexa is wary, as the lone Raw superstar might be in trouble against two SmackDown superstars. But then Charlotte kicks Carmella, so Alexa jumps on Charlotte! Alexa waistlocks but Charlotte elbows out. Charlotte throws Alexa out and goes to Carmella. Charlotte whips but Carmella reverses, only to be put on the apron. Carmella gets a forearm from Charlotte, but avoids the shoulder to kick back. Alexa returns to knee Carmella down, then hop on Charlotte for the Sunset Flip Powerbomb! Cover, but Carmella breaks it in time!

Carmella drags Alexa up to feed her a boot. Carmella then hops up and hits a flying huricanrana! Alexa rolls out but Charlotte trips Carmella to jackknife cover, ONE, into the Code of Silence! Charlotte endures the squeeze and powers her way up, to have Carmella upside-down. Carmella rolls through to cover, TWO! Alexa returns and hits Carmella with that hard right! Alexa and Charlotte stare down, and then speed up. Charlotte scoops but Alexa arm-drags. Alexa runs into a BOOT! Fans “WOO~” for Charlotte, but Carmella returns to mule kick and FABULOUS Kick! Carmella mocks the Woo as Charlotte rolls away. Carmella brushes off her shoulder, but Fire & Desire head out to the ring. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville distract Carmella just on being there, but Carmella still fetches Alexa.

Alexa throws Carmella into barriers! But then Charlotte CHOPS Alexa! And again! Charlotte tells Fire & Desire to kiss this, then she chases little Alexa. She catches up to CHOP her again! Charlotte puts Alexa in but Alexa dropkicks her down! Cover, TWO! Alexa grows frustrated while SmackDown goes picture in picture.

Alexa throws a tantrum while Charlotte catches her breath. Mandy and Sonya watch Carmella while Alexa stomps Charlotte down. Cover, ONE, and Alexa is upset again. Alexa drags Charlotte up by her jaw, but Charlotte grabs her back! Charlotte has Alexa int he choke grip but Carmella flies in with a crossbody! She gets them both but covers Charlotte, TWO! She covers Alexa, TWO! Carmella tries Charlotte again, TWO! So she tries Alexa again, TWO! Charlotte again, TWO! Alexa again, TWO! Charlotte, TWO! Carmella freaks out! Carmella argues with the ref but goes back to Alexa. She throws Alexa right into the post, with a pretty good wedgie. Then Carmella takes a moment to dust herself off before going to Charlotte.

Carmella throws forearms on Charlotte as SmackDown returns to single picture. She puts Charlotte on the top rope, for a FABULOUS- No, Charlotte blocks the Steiner, but Carmella heel kicks. Charlotte brings Carmella up, but still gets the Steiner! Cover, TWO!! Fans rally for “Mella! Mella!” as she stomps a mudhole and moonwalks it dry. Carmella runs back in for the Fabulous Bronco Buster! But then Charlotte clotheslines Carmella down! And brings her around, for the Figure Four! Carmella drags herself but the bridge is in! But Alexa hits Twisted Bliss to break it all! Cover, but Carmella breaks that! But Fire & Desire aren’t amused.

All three women are down but stirring. Carmella crawls after Alexa but Alexa gives her the STO. Alexa hits knees, but misses the rest of Insult2Injury. Charlotte gives Alexa Natural Selection! Cover, but Carmella breaks in! Charlotte is furious and BOOTS Carmella out of the ring. She goes to Alexa but Alexa bumps her on buckles and rolls her up! With tights! TWO!! Charlotte kicks out Alexa’s leg, then puts it in the Figure- FABULOUS KICK! But Fire & Desire strike! They trip her up, but she kicks them away. Alexa has Carmella, Bliss-DT! Cover, Alexa wins!!

Winner: Alexa Bliss, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the SmackDown Women’s Championship

The Goddess of Raw is going on to Stomping Grounds! Will Alexa become a three-time SmackDown Women’s Champion? Or will Bayley show her and everyone that she’s no longer the same girl she was before?


SmackDown returns for an exclusive interview with Lars Sullivan.

The Leviathan’s actions have spoken louder than any words, but he promises to finally speak to the WWE Universe since coming to the main roster. Lars has been on a true rampage since his call-up. But what is it that drives a man like him to do this? Lars grimaces at Laredo as he considers his first words. “Would you ever ask a nightingale why they sing their sweet song? Would you ever ask a lion why they methodically stalk their prey before sinking their teeth into flesh and viciously ripping it apart?! Then why would you ever ask what drives a man like me?” Lars keeps the mic up as he says he’s come to realize that he’s not just a man. For his entire life, Lars has been described by one word. Can you guess that word? Say it, Kayla!

Kayla is too hesitant to speak. But it’s okay. Lars has been called this his entire life, he can take it. So just say it. “Freak?” Lars holds back his emotions, and says that when a lion performs it’s primary function, it’s a lion. When Lars performs his primary function, people do use that word. But Lars’ primary function is to hurt, maim, dissect, vivisect and dehumanize! He is here to show all the fans that the world isn’t rainbows and sunshine, but pain and agony! So is this what Lars is going to teach Lucha House Party at Super Showdown? Lars laughs as fans chant “Lucha! Lucha!” Does Kayla like nursery rhymes? Yes? Well here’s one. Three blind mice, watch how they run. Watch how they’re caught, and watch how they’re tails are ripped apart with his bare hands in a beautiful portrait painted in their bodily fluids!

Kayla is outright mortified, but Lars is gleefully amused. Is the horror movie come to life going to make brutalizing three human beings look like child’s play?


Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS Apollo Crews!

El Idolo has a Super Showdown with the Demon side of Finn Balor for that WWE Intercontinental Championship. But will he get more than just a warm-up against a superstar looking for an opportunity of his own?

SmackDown returns as Apollo makes an entrance, and Almas attacks him right away! Almas is anything but Tranquilo as he fires off hands and feet on Apollo, then hits La Sombra, the hammerlock DDT! Apollo rolls out, but here comes Finn! Finn runs and fights with Almas just days from their match! Finn double stomps Almas down then throws hands in the corner! Almas fights back but gets a Slingblade! Vega trips Finn up and Almas has his opening! Almas knees away on Finn, then gives Finn una La Sombra! El Idolo leaves the champion down, but that was just Finn the Man. Will Balor the Demon make Almas regret being so aggressive?


Goldberg finally comes to SmackDown!

The living legend has Laredo chanting his name as he makes his classic entrance from the back with security escort. He makes his way on stage and the ovation gets louder as he makes his way to the ring. Goldberg doesn’t want to get emotional again, but the fans still chant his name. He thanks Laredo for the welcome, and moves to business. “I’ve been waiting over 20 years to experience what it would be like, in this ring, one-on-one, with The Undertaker.” And now, Goldberg finally gets the match he’s always wanted. He heard Taker on Raw, and he made an interesting point. Taker said he did not want to share the ring with the “family man.” He wants the icon, the ass-kicker that went 173-0!

Well, Taker, Goldberg appreciates the advice. What that did made a light go off in his head. Because Taker’s right! Goldberg doesn’t want family man against Taker, because family man would lose. So Goldberg left that guy at home. Fans love to hear that! Friday night, as sure as hell as he stands here now, the Goldberg we’ve watching for 20 years, the one Taker’s been wondering how he stacks up against him, that ass-kicker Goldberg, is coming! Friday, Super Showdown, once and for all, we will all see who the better man is. Because Undertaker, you’re next to REST IN PEACE! But wait! Is he here?! The lights go down, and when they come back up, HE IS!! Taker is behind Goldberg!! Goldberg realizes that, turns around, and just laughs in his face.

Laredo is losing their minds for these two legends as they stare down. Goldberg does not back down, but neither does Taker. The lights go down again, and when they turn back on, Taker is gone. A classic move from the Phenom, but again Goldberg laughs it off. “So that’s it?” Friday it is, then. The big man better bring his jockstrap and tighten it up real tight, “because it’s gonna be a ride.” Goldberg heads out, headed straight for Jeddah! Will he come back to the states, an even stronger legend? Or will the ass-kicking machine be the one left for dead?



My Thoughts:

Well, another go-home just like last night, but this was considerably better. Of course, SmackDown almost always does that. Kofi Kingston gives us a great solo promo, if only Vince saw how great he was sooner. And it was also great to see Kofi’s trip home, this is why he’s such a great champion. Ziggler had a good part in this, but obviously Kofi wins the promos. The tag match was great, and naturally the New Day wins to keep Kofi strong. I’m pretty sure Kofi wins at Super Showdown, too, but this match is still going to be great. Then we go to Stomping Grounds, against who knows. Also, that new boot logo for Stomping Grounds is asinine but completely something Vince would do in this current WWE.

The WWE 24/7 Championship continues to be absolutely incredible. Shane continues to punish Truth by putting him in a Lumberjack match, and while it wasn’t much of a match, the creativity continues with Elias and Truth actually having a cover under the ring. Between things like that and hopefully more “on location” matches, this title really is a lot more fun than it looked to be. Sadly, it’s getting play than the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, but oh well. The women got better use tonight, but even then, the logic of Alexa Bliss doing something on both shows is confusing. Alexa is technically a Face with Nikki Cross but then technically a Heel against Bayley? The promos were good, the match was great, but why Alexa? Other than by default, since Carmella has Mandy & Sonya to worry about.

But even then, why throw in Alexa? If she and Nikki have a thing with the IIconics, is that just going to fall apart now? Or is Alexa going to be compelled to choose and then not choose Nikki? This is going to be messy and it’s Vince’s fault. The Wild Card Rule is still messy, too, with Roman Reigns showing up again just to get beat down, again. And it was almost obvious. It would’ve been a little better if Shane ran away, no McIntyre, and it makes a point of how Shane needs his bodyguard without using his bodyguard. For that matter, the main-event-by-default match could’ve and should’ve gone differently. Almas beating up Apollo to No Contest that match was fine, but did we really need Finn to get the same? Just let Almas stand tall on his own, and Finn can respond on social media.

Goldberg had a great promo! Loved his response to Taker from Raw, and I loved his response to Taker appearing in person. I just hope that for the great appearances on TV and the promos and how good this is on paper, we actually get something great in actuality.

My Score: 8.2/10

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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (1/15/21)

The Dusty Cup comes to 205 Live!



Coverage 205 2021

The Dusty Cup features the Cruiserweight Division… and Killian Dain?

For the first time ever, 205 Live gets to be part of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic! Who will leap out of the sweet sixteen into the second round?


  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Opening Round: El Legado del Fantasma VS The Bollywood Boyz; El Legado del Fantasma wins and advances.
  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Opening Round: Curt Stallion & August Grey VS Drake Maverick & Killian Dain; Maverick & Dain win and advance.


Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Opening Round: El Legado del Fantasma VS The Bollywood Boyz!

Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza want to follow in the footsteps of Santos Escobar, and that means getting titles! But Samir & Sunil Singh want the same, so that they can shine even brighter! Will the lights, camera and Bollywood action be left on the cutting room floor by Death From Above and the Technical Assassin?

The teams sort out and Mendoza starts against Sunil. Sunil and Mendoza circle, fans rally up as they tie up, and Mendoza wrenches to a wristlock. Sunil rolls, wrenches back, but Mendoza wrenches again to wristlock. Sunil gets up, trips Mendoza up and gets a headlock. Mendoza gets up, Sunil wrenches and yanks on the arm over and over! Sunil wristlocks, Mendoza knees low and hard, then whips. Sunil reverses, Mendoza goes up and over and things speed up, Mendoza runs Sunil over! Fans fire up with Mendoza and he runs, but Sunil drops to hurdle then monkey flip! Mendoza flounders up but Sunil clotheslines him out!

Sunil dares Mendoza to come back and Mendoza does, into an arm-drag! Sunil has the arm, Mendoza fights up, but Samir tags in. The Bollywood Boyz double whip, double shoulder and double elbow! Cover, ONE, but Samir keeps on Mendoza down with an armlock. Mendoza fights up, whips free but Samir gets around to crucifix takedown! TWO, and Samir wheelbarrows to arm-drag! Another arm-drag and Samir is back on the arm! Mendoza moves around, Samir keeps on the hold, and fans rally as Mendoza fights up. Mendoza pulls hair to put Samir in the corner, Wilde tags in but runs into a drop toehold!

Samir has the arm, Wilde pulls on an ear and whips, but Samir holds on tight to wrangle Wilde down! Tag to Sunil, they whip Wilde and leap frog, to then double hip toss! Cover, TWO! Sunil wrenches, tags Samir back in and Samir hops up to drop ax handles. Wilde knees low, goes to buckle bump but Samir blocks to give the bump first! Samir ducks Mendoza’s sucker punch to punch back, but Wilde gets him for a DDT! Wilde stomps Samir, brings him up and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Mendoza, he CHOPS Samir then taunts Sunil. Mendoza runs in and clotheslines, tag to Wilde! Wilde clotheslines and tags, then Mendoza repeats the process! Double suplex! Cover, TWO!

Wilde keeps on Samir and throws him out hard! Wilde goes out, Mendoza talks trash, and Wilde bumps Samir off the announce desk! Wilde drags Samir back into the ring as fans rally up. Wilde cravats and cranks on Samir’s neck, but Samir fights up and body shots free! Wilde whips Samir hard into buckles! Tag to Mendoza, El Legado drags Samir up and double whip him to ropes. Samir kicks back, Mendoza clubs him, then a whip, but Samir reverses to send Mendoza into Wilde! Mendoza shoves Samir to the Legado corner but Samir dodges and Mendoza gets POST! Fans rally up as Samir crawls, hot tag to Sunil!

Sunil rallies on Mendoza with forearms and elbows, then a whip! And a BACK DROP on the rebound! Sunil keeps going, atomic drop and a running WINDMILL KICK! Wilde returns but Sunil DECKS him! Sunil goes out to bump Wilde off the 205 Live logo over and over! Mendoza runs out but he gets the same! Sunil puts Mendoza in, climbs up top and leaps, BIG ax handles! Cover, TWO! Escobar is ice cold as Samir tags in. Sunil hoists Mendoza up, FLYING UPPERCUT SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Mendoza is still in this but Samir throws haymakers in the corner. Samir hoists Mendoza up top, climbs, but Mendoza fights back! They brawl, Samir clubs Mendoza but Wilde anchors him!

Sunil YANKS Wilde down, tags in and then Samir SUPERPLEXES Mendoza! Sunil add the MACHO ELBOW! Cover, but Wilde breaks it! Not even the Bollywood remake of Power ‘n’ Glory could do it! Samir goes after Wilde with fury, then whips, only for Wilde to send him into steel steps! The ref reprimands but Mendoza gets Sunil with a FLIPPING DRIVER! Tag to Wilde, Electric Chair FLYING CODE BREAKER! Then the ENZIGURI LEG SWEEP! Cover, and Mendoza intercepts Samir, El Legado wins!

Winners: El Legado del Fantasma, by pinfall (advance to the second round)

Wilde and Mendoza make Escobar very proud, but this was just the opening round. Will Legado del Fantasma grow even stronger as the Dusty Classic continues?


Drake Maverick and Killian Dain make final preparations.

Maverick pins up the doodle of him and Dain, only for Dain to pull it back down. Dain puts on his wrist and hand tape, so Maverick does the same. Dain asks why he keeps mirroring him? Maverick says it’s 2021, a new year, a new look as they’re now matching. Look, Maverick’s a denim jeans guy now! Dain wants Maverick to promise him he fixed the music. He did! The new theme has a lot of rock to open, Dain is satisfied. Will Dain do the dance if they win? No. Not even if they win? Maverick quickly pins up the doodle again, will it be a good luck charm for the odd couple?


Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Opening Round: Curt Stallion & August Grey VS Drake Maverick & Killian Dain!

The Lonestar and #RetroAG did great as a team in their first outing last week, but now it’s the real deal! Will Stallion and Grey ride into the second round with high spirits? Or will they be brought down by Rockstar Spud and the Belfast Beast?

The new music hits, and it’s to Dain’s liking, but then it morphs into a remix of that whistling theme Maverick had in the first place. Well, it’s fitting for their brand of dysfunction. The teams sort out and Stallion starts against Maverick. They circle and tie up, Stallion headlocks but Maverick powers out, only for Stallion to run him over. Stallion stares Maverick down as they reset and start again. They tie up, Stallion headlocks again but Maverick works on an escape. Fans rally, Maverick powers out but Stallion runs him over again. Things speed up, Maverick hurdles then throws Stallion out, to do some skipping.

Stallion runs back in but is sent back out! Maverick does more skip step, but Stallion comes back to tie up. Stallion whips Maverick to a corner, Maverick goes up and over and does his trot. Stallion rushes in, only for Maverick to hip toss and calf kick him down to an armlock! Maverick wrenches the arm, but Stallion pushes free to tag in Grey. Grey is fired up because it’s the Dusty Classic! He dares “big man” Maverick to bring it, and Maverick says one moment. He tags to Dain! Dain is a bit bigger than 205 but Grey still ties up with him. Dain pushes Grey away to a corner! Grey comes back, ties up with Dain again and gets a headlock, but Dain powers out to run Grey over!

Dain runs, Grey ducks and hurdles, but he decides to avoid the punch. Grey leaps but the crossbody bounces off of Dain! Dain tags in Grey, they double whip Grey and Dain uses Maverick to trip Grey up for the back senton! Human weapon, scoop slam senton! Maverick covers, ONE! Maverick clamps onto an arm, wrenches, and Dain tags in. Dain BOOTS Grey down, then fireman’s carries Maverick for the SWINGING BOOTS! Dain even RAMS Stallion with Maverick! Dain lets Maverick go back to the corner so he can CLUB Grey! Dain then fireman’s carries Grey but Grey slips out to tag in Stallion!

The Cruiserweights go after the heavyweight together! Mule kick, front kick, forearm and ROLLING ELBOW! They bring Dain in but Dain DOUBLE SUPLEXES them! Grey and Stallion bail out, Maverick tags in and he says Dain is the one to dive?! Fans want to see it and Dain gives it a try, only to pick up Maverick and TOSS him! Maverick topples Stallion and Grey over and fans fire up! Dain goes out to fetch Stallion into the ring and then puts Maverick in. Dain clubs Grey down and Maverick covers, TWO! Maverick hikes up his pants and brings Stallion up, but Stallion hits a REVERSE NECKBREAKER!

Tag to Grey and Grey whips Maverick. Leap frog into HEADBUTT, then the BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Grey clamps on tight with a chinlock and Maverick endures. Fans rally up, Maverick fights up, but Grey keeps him from Dain. Maverick keeps trying but Grey wrangles him away. Fans duel now as Maverick fights up. Maverick throws body shots, backs Grey down, but Grey CLUBS Maverick first! Grey back suplexes, Maverick lands on his feet, and boots Grey away! Maverick hits Stallion for good measure, slides under Grey and hot tags Dain! Dain rallies with big clotheslines, then he TOSSES Stallion in! They both get LARIATS!

Dain brings Grey around for an OVERHEAD suplex! Dain runs in to corner splash Stallion, then does the same to Grey! He whips Grey into Stallion and SHOTGUN DROPKICKS them both down! Stallion staggers, but into an URENAGE! SLINGSHOT SENTON! Dain has the fans fired up as he aims at Grey, but Grey dodges, only to get the DIVIDE! Cover, but Stallion breaks it! Dain grabs Stallion and whips him to a corner, but misses to get buckles! Stallion runs at Maverick but gets double boots! Maverick rolls Stallion to his feet for a JUMPING NECKBREAKER! Grey staggers, blocks a kick and KNEES Maverick! Dragon sleeper to a SPINNING POWERSLAM! But Dain drops a senton on Grey!

Fans fire up as Grey runs but Stallion gets around him to waistlock. Stallion tries to lift, Grey SUPERKICKS Dain into the GERMAN! Bridging cover, ONE! Stallion tries a lateral press, but Maverick breaks it! Grey and Maverick brawl, Maverick hits him and Stallion back and forth! Fast hands and feet, but he gets mugged 2v1! Stallion and Grey stomp Maverick in the corner, CHOP him, then whip him corner to corner. Dain puts Maverick on the outside to BOOT Grey and buckle bump Stallion! Tag to Maverick, BOOTS at the corner! Dain drags Stallion up, Maverick LEAPS to take out Grey!

Dain POWERBOMBS Stallion! Maverick wants a high-five, but he gets used as a human weapon again, POWERBOMB SENTON! Cover, Maverick and Dain win!

Winners: Drake Maverick & Killian Dain, by pinfall (advance to the second round)

One of the more unique combinations in this year’s Dusty Cup gets through to the next round! But they’re going up against a couple of rascals in MSK, will the dysfunction fall apart?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good 205 Live that at least got over half an hour this time. Legado VS Bollywood Boyz was a good opener, and it makes sense for Legado to advance. There is always a good story behind a faction wanting to have title belts for each member, but there’s a good chance they’re facing Imperium next round. Imperium wants to do the same thing between both NXT and NXT UK, and Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner will definitely want to get back to the titles. In the end, I don’t see Legado or Imperium being Dusty Cup winners, though.

Maverick & Dain VS Stallion & Grey was a good match, but with Stallion having the Cruiserweight title shot in his back pocket, and with Maverick & Dain being a fan favorite combo, it makes sense Maverick & Dain won. I just knew that Maverick’s new choice for a theme was really just a swerve. Dain & Maverick are probably losing to MSK, though, as MSK are new and it’d mean a lot more if they got into the semifinals. Though again, I wouldn’t see Dain & Maverick winning the cup, even if there is some story there between them and Lorcan-Burch. Though that would be a great shocker.

My Score: 8.3/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (1/15/21)

Will Scrap Daddy sign on the dotted line?



Coverage SmackDown 2021

SmackDown sets a contract signing for Roman Reigns VS Adam Pearce!

Despite being furious with the WWE official, the Head of the Table made Adam Pearce the new #1 contender for his WWE Universal Championship! But will Scrap Daddy find that that’s punishment enough?


  • Shinsuke Nakamura VS Jey Uso; Nakamura wins.
  • Natalya w/ Tamina VS Liv Morgan w/ Ruby Riott & Billie Kay; Natalya wins.
  • Rey Mysterio w/ Dominik Mysterio VS King Corbin; Corbin wins.
  • Cesaro VS Daniel Bryan; Cesaro wins.
  • Apollo Crews VS Sami Zayn; Crews wins.


Roman Reigns sits in his room.

He looks over the contract for the WWE Universal Championship match, and Paul Heyman says it’s the same stuff all the time. Cookie cutter, boiler plate WWE garbage. This one just happens to be for the Royal Rumble 2021. Heyman hates it, too, didn’t like it from the moment he started reading, but the match does need a stipulation. It needs the stipulation of letting Roman be Roman. Heyman can take this off Roman’s hands to bring to Adam Pearce. Roman silently hands the contract over and Heyman says he can consider this handled. But what exactly will Heyman suggest as a stipulation for The Head of the Table VS Scrap Daddy, a man who hasn’t wrestled in roughly six years?


Shinsuke Nakamura VS Jey Uso!

The King of Strong Style’s rise through the gauntlet last week was epic, but also abruptly ended as Roman Reigns and his cousin got involved. Jey welcomes us to SmackDown, and says it’s The Bloodline Show! Because Jey and Cuz Roman run this! Not Adam Pearce! Not Kevin Owens! Not nobody in the WWE Universe! Their family calls the shots, Uce! Pearce, be careful. You’re going to wish you kept that suit on. But if you thought they’re just satisfied with SmackDown, think again! Roman Reigns, the Universal Champion, the provider, needs to be thanked by all the talent in the back! The food in catering, “Thank you, Roman!” You being relevant for the first time in your careers, “Thank you, Roman!”

Jey says as far as being the right hand man, he’s trying to get his, too. The family is expanding! Step one, Jey officially declares for the Rumble! Step two, he’ll win the match! Step three, he’ll whoop Drew McIntyre, “Oldberg” and any WWE World Champion so that the Bloodline WILL be the entire WWE! But first, there’s business with Nakamura. Everyone talks about Shinsuke in the gauntlet. He did good, had to survive and advance, facing one man after another, match after match. Nakamura beat Mysterio, he beat Baron “Big Head” Corbin, and even Daniel Bryan! But as soon as they said, “NOPE, not tonight, Uce!” DONE! Out like a light!

So Jey tells Nakamura to thank them! They let him survive! Now he wants to step up and fight? King of Strong Style? Let’s see how strong you really are then, bruh! You know as soon as you cross the family, you leave the ThunderDome on a stretcher! But here comes Nakamura! And Nakamura has a mic to respond, “If your cousin, Roman Reigns, is the Big Dog, that makes you… His little puppy!” And then Nakamura ROUNDHOUSES Jey down! They have their match after the break, will Jey be able to get this for the Bloodline?

SmackDown returns, the bell rings, and the two fire off forearms! Nakamura backs Jey down, Jey shoves but Nakamura knocks him down! Nakamura drags Jey up, snapmares and drops a knee! Cover, TWO! Nakamura keeps on Jey with a grinding headlock, but Jey powers up and powers out. Things speed up, Jey drops then knocks Nakamura over with an elbow! Jey drops elbows on Nakamura and Nakamura gets to a corner. Jey is after Nakamura at the ropes, scoops him and slams him! Cover, ONE! Jey drags Nakamura up, throws haymakers, but Nakamura body shots back! Nakamura backs Jey down with forearms but Jey hits and whips hard!

Nakamura writhes on the mat but Jey brings him up to whip again. Nakamura reverses, break frees, misses the roundhouse but not the windmill kick! Nakamura follows up with knees into Jey’s shoulders and ribs! Nakamura bumps Jey off buckles, brings him up and suplexes for a gourd buster! Then he throws in more knees! Nakamura stomps Jey to the corner, the ref has Nakamura let off. Nakamura comes back to stomp Jey again, then lets off for a moment. He brings Jey back up into a sleeper hold! Jey endures as Nakamura shifts to a chinlock and grinds him down. Jey fights his way back up, but Nakamura throws knees.

Nakamura puts Jey in the corner to give some Bad Vibrations! But wait, Cesaro is heading to the ring! Cesaro is Nakamura’s tag team partner so maybe he’s showing support. Nakamura dropkicks Jey then POSTS him! The Swiss Cyborg cheers Nakamura on as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Nakamura stomps Jey around at the ropes. Jey goes to a corner, Cesaro is on commentary and Nakamura whips Jey corner to corner. Cesaro knows he has his match with Daniel Bryan later but he wants to cheer his friend and tag partner on. Nakamura runs corner to corner but Jey throws him out! Jey kicks, Nakamura blocks and spins but Jey dragon whips him down! Michael Cole wonders where Cesaro was last week when Nakamura was getting beat up, but Cesaro says Tropicana Field, the new home of the ThunderDome, is very big. He was too late getting here, the cameras cut away and Michael Cole probably left.

Jey puts Nakamura in the ring with some force, then glares at Cesaro before going to Nakamura. Jey ROCKS Nakamura with the uppercut then clubs him down! Jey stomps, Cesaro says HE is entering the Rumble, and Jey stalks Nakamura to a corner. Jey digs his claws in, stomps away, but lets off as the ref counts, only to get around and fire off forearms and stomps! The ref backs Jey off, but Jey comes back to HIP ATTACK in the corner! Jey stomps Nakamura more, the ref counts but Jey stops at 3. Fans give thumbs down on their screens, Jey goes back to a corner, then runs corner to corner again, into the DYNAMIC DROPKICK!

Nakamura fires up as he sees Jey get up. Nakamura KICKS Jey back down, then KICKS away on his legs! Nakamura whips, kitchen sink knees then sliding KNEES to add on! Jey gets up, Nakamura stalks him and runs in but into a boot! Jey boots again but Nakamura spins him into the ropes, SLIDING GERMAN! Cover, TWO! Nakamura grows frustrated but he drags Jey back up. Jey fights off the exploder and throws forearms. Jey shoves, fireman’s carries, and SAMOAN DROPS! Cover, TWO! Cesaro admits Jey is a great wrestler because of their history in tag team competition, but never underestimate Nakamura. Speaking of, Nakamura fires off a strike fest!

Jey ducks the forearm to mule kick then uppercut! Back suplex to a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Nakamura survives but Jey heads for a corner. Jey sees Nakamura get to a corner so he goes back in and runs in, but into buckles! Nakamura KICKS, climbs up, FLYING KNEE! Cover, TWO! Nakamura fires up and aims from a corner! “YAO~!” SUPERKICK FROM JEY!! Jey heads to a corner, climbs up top, and USO SPLASHES onto knees! Nakamura saves himself and rises as Jey goes to a corner. Nakamura runs in but only gets post! Jey rolls Nakamura, has his feet on ropes, but the ref sees it just in time!

Jey protests that the ref was already counting three! The ref says it’s at his discretion when the bell rings, but Nakamura rolls Jey to a KINSHASA! Cover, Nakamura wins!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall

The Swiss Cyborg celebrates with the King of Strong Style! Cesaro is in the Men’s Royal Rumble, gunning for Roman Reigns, will Nakamura look to do the same?


Sonya Deville talks with Adam Pearce.

They’re going over a copy of the title match contract, and she says she’s looked up his past stuff on YouTube. To her, he’s still got it. Pearce appreciates that, but he hasn’t been that guy in a long time, and even that guy couldn’t handle Roman Reigns. Sonya says he shouldn’t think like that. But then in walks Heyman with his copy of the contract. Heyman presents the agreement from the Tribal Chief. Pearce now holds “the opportunity of a lifetime!” Not only does Pearce get to main event the Royal Rumble PPV, he has the opportunity that was never presented to Scrap Daddy.

This opportunity is not only at the Universal Heavyweight Championship, but against the single biggest star in all of sports entertainment, Roman Reigns. And not only that, but the stipulation, “my GOD,” Sonya’s perfume is effective. But that said, this is actually tilted in Pearce’s favor. This is a match under NO DISQUALIFICATIONS! So this is the part of the pitch that it’s somehow for Pearce’s benefit. He’ll still sign it, even though we all know it’s ridiculous. This only means Pearce gets injured, which is exactly what Heyman wants. But Pearce put his name on the contract, will he be able to prepare now that he knows what’s coming?


Jey Uso shouts at referee Charles Robinson backstage!

Three is three! Shoulders were on the mat! How long has he been doing this job?! Yes, Nakamura’s shoulders were on the mat, but Jey’s FEET were on the ROPES! You don’t think Jey knows rules? Charles has to do his job! Didn’t his daughter just get married? He’s about to get fired by The Chief. What? Jey’s veiled threat is clear, is no one safe from Roman’s wrath?


Backstage interview with The Street Profits!

Kayla Braxston asks Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins if it was wise to put their SmackDown Tag Team Championships on the line against Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler only a week after the vicious attack that injured Ford’s leg? Ford says you can call them a lot of things, like playboys, honorary Vikings, and “two dudes who’re dying to get drawn up as Simpsons characters,” but one thing they cannot, will not and shall not be called is scared. “On March 2nd, in the Year of Our Lord 2020,” the Profits became World Tag Team Champions! For 312 historic days, every single team that stepped up got dealt with! So for them not to accept a challenge would be disrespecting the very legacy they’re trying to build!

There are a bunch of names for the new champions. Roode-Dolph. The Two Aces. The Dirty Dawgs. ED. Whoa, whoa, keep it PG. No, it stands for “Entertainment Dysfunction.” That’s good! And now… Champions. But you best believe the Profits will run it back! It ain’t no rerun, fam. What they did to Ford had him limping for a minute. But when the sequel happens, they’ll drop bodies like they’re entering the Blood House. Tell ’em why, fam. Because the Profits are UP, even though they’re down right now. And #WeWantTheSmoke!


Roman Reigns talks Apollo Crews!

“You’ve gotta believe it. It’s all about control.” If Apollo doesn’t get it, then who will? Understood? Apollo does believe. Heyman returns and has the contract “sign, sealed and delivered.” Roman allows Apollo to stay and watch this and learn from it. The stipulation is No Disqualifications. Pearce signed? Yes. Well Roman chooses not to sign. He never wanted No DQ, never said he wanted No DQ. He wants it as… a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH.

What?! But Adam Pearce will never go for that! Oh he will. Because Heyman will make him. Heyman needs to tell Pearce that they’re going to sign this in the ring tonight. And then it’ll be considered “Handled.” Roman continues to talk with Apollo about how this is about control. Is Roman going to control this entire situation so it plays out how he wants it?


Natalya w/ Tamina VS Liv Morgan w/ Ruby Riott & Billie Kay!

The two second-generation superstars ditched the Femme Fatale and became a duo themselves, but now Billie’s hopped on a new bandwagon! Will she be able to help the Riott Squad keep things on track? Or will this mismatched trio fall apart before it gets going?

Billie joins commentary and the bell rings. Liv and Natty tie up, go around, and Natty puts Liv on the ropes. The ref counts, Natty lets off and shoves Liv. Liv pushes back! Liv counters the punch to a headlock, Natty powers out but Liv dodges and huricanranas! Billie cheers Liv on as she runs in and back body blocks Natty in a corner! Liv whips, Natty reverses but Liv stops herself and elbows back. They knuckle lock, Natty pushes and turns Liv, then throws her up and over. Liv lands on her feet to monkey flip! Both women are down but they spring up! Natty trips Liv, Liv pushes back and wheelbarrows, but Natty makes it a STUNGUN!

Billie and Ruby are worried but Billie says to walk it off. Natty fires off on Liv in the corner then tells the ref to shut up. “You think this is a joke, Liv?!” Natty pushes Liv, drags her up, and snap suplexes! And then KICKS Liv in the back! Liv crawls, Natty brings her back up but Liv resists the suplex to cradle counter! TWO, and Natty LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Billie cheers Liv on more but Natty brings Liv up to a Canadian rack and backbreaker stretch! Natty tells Billie to shut up as she jams Liv harder. Liv fights with elbows, gets to ropes and then the apron. Natty throws a haymaker but Liv hits back! Liv slingshots and sunset flips, TWO!

Liv kicks low, front kicks then enziguris! Natty goes to a corner, Billie cheers Liv on again, and Liv runs in to SHINING WIZARD! Liv stomps away on Natty in the corner, the ref counts and Liv lets off at 4. Natty throws Liv into buckles! Then DISCUS LARIAT! Billie panics as Natty covers, TWO! Billie shouts as Natty tries for the Sharpshooter, and Liv cradle counters, TWO!! LIV BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Natty survives and Billie protests. Tamina is there and Billie gets a little too close. Tamina gets after Billie and Billie says she didn’t do anything. Billie gets in the ring?! And in everyone’s way! Natty rolls Liv up!! Natty wins!!

Winner: Natalya, by pinfall

Billie realizes what happened and she apologizes, but still says the ref wasn’t counting right earlier. Will Billie ever get it right on SmackDown?


Rey Mysterio w/ Dominik Mysterio VS King Corbin!

The moment the King of Lucha was eliminated from the gauntlet by the King of Strong Style last week, the Lone Wolf King attacked them both! Corbin added insult to injury but now Rey wants payback! Will Rey trump the King of the Ring on the road to the Royal Rumble?

SmackDown returns as Corbin goes to the ring and Dominik joins commentary. The bell rings, Mysterio and Corbin circle and approach. Rey slides under, Corbin gets him with a choke grip but the choke slam is turned into a huricanrana! Rey rams Corbin in a corner but Corbin whips him away into buckles and then CLOBBERS him! Corbin mocks Dominik on commentary then puts Rey in a corner. Corbin ties an arm up on the ropes, throws body shots then throws haymakers. Rey goes to the other corner, Corbin stalks him and back suplexes high and hard! Cover, ONE! Corbin is annoyed already and he drags Rey up for another back suplex, only for Rey to counter with a BULLDOG!

Rey goes after Corbin but Corbin knees low and slides Rey out! Corbin slides out to then CLOBBER Rey again! Corbin stares Dominik down as the ring count starts. Dominik stands up but Corbin shoves him down! Corbin says Dominik’s not going to do anything to cost Rey and then he puts Rey in to cover, TWO! Corbin keeps Rey in the ring, brings him around to choke on ropes and taunt Dominik at the same time. Dominik say she’s going to let Rey fight his fight because he trusts in him. Corbin drags Rey up, talks some smack, then runs to DECK Rey with a right hand! Corbin says Dominik’s only good as a cheerleader, but then Rey gets up to dropkick the legs out!

Rey goes to a corner, climbs up top and leaps, seated senton! And then a springboard, but into Corbin’s arms! Corbin pops Rey up to a fireman’s carry but Rey sits up to rain down rights! Rey spins and ranas Corbin onto ropes! Dial it up, DEEP SIX!! Cover, TWO!! Corbin is furious as Rey survives! Rey crawls to a corner and gets to his feet. Dominik says he’s learned resilience from his father, and Rey dodges Corbin. Corbin slides out, in but into a boot! Rey runs, slides, but Corbin ducks under to throw an elbow! Dominik stands up again and Corbin taunts him again. Corbin puts Rey in then SUCKER PUNCHES Dominik! But Rey 619’s Corbin at the apron!

Rey keeps Dominik calm and out of the ring but then Corbin shoves Rey into Dominik! END OF DAYS!! Cover, Corbin wins!

Winner: King Corbin, by pinfall

The Wolf King used father and son against each other quite literally and he took the win from them! Will he continue to play on the “family drama” as the Royal Rumble approaches?


Adam Pearce comes across Paul Heyman in the hallway.

Has Roman signed the contract? Heyman says there’s a bit of a wrinkle. No, Roman hasn’t signed the contract. But Heyman says it’s because Roman agreed with Pearce’s concerns. What does that say to the WWE management and the fans to deliver a No DQ match as the main event of the Royal Rumble for the WWE Universal Championship and Adam Pearce’s return to wrestling? No DQ is not enough! Where is Heyman going with this? Roman VS Pearce, at the Royal Rumble, LAST MAN STANDING. What is with these people?! Oh~ Pearce wonders who that favors. Well Heyman isn’t really into spoilers.

Heyman says Pearce can take his time because they can address this in the ring later tonight. Heyman will leave Pearce to his thoughts, and considers this business “handled.” Will Pearce do what Roman wants?


Rey and Dominik talk backstage.

Rey wants Dominik to calm down but Dominik says he’s been fighting giants like Corbin his entire career. Now, NOW Rey backs down? Rey didn’t back down, he’s being smart. He suggests Dom do the same. You don’t pick a fight without a plan. Corbin has been a WWE United States Champion, Mr. Money in the Bank and King of the Ring. He’s even a former Golden Gloves boxer! Dom doesn’t care about what Corbin’s done! Well if Dom wants to take care of Corbin, Rey knows just the guy to talk to. Who is it that will give the Mysterios the upper hand on the Wolf King?


SmackDown presents Bayley’s brand new talk show!

DING DONG, HELLO~! Bayley walks in through the door, has an arm chair and a plaque commemorating her 380 day reign as SmackDown Women’s Champion. She welcomes us to HER talk show, which is already bigger than Marvel’s WandaVision. Now let’s welcome the EST of WWE, Bayley’s first guEST ever, Bianca Belair! Bianca makes her entrance and joins Bayley in the ring, and Bayley insists she go through the door. Ring the bell, too. DING DONG, who could that be? Bayley, c’mon. Bayley opens the door and lets Bianca in. Bianca then takes the arm chair and Bayley says that’s her. Well she has good taste, this is very comfortable.

Bayley would take the stool meant for guests, but y’know what? With the Women’s Rumble match, Bayley will probably be in it for a full hour so she might as well get her legs stronger now. Bayley congratulates Bianca on her WWE Chronicle premiering on the WWE Network on January 24th! And after everyone sees it, there will be so many Bianca Belair believers. Here’s a special sneak peek! It was when Bayley beat Bianca about a month ago. Oh, sorry, that wasn’t the right footage. Bayley says move on from that and go to the hard hitting questions.

Why does Bianca call herself the EST? It is her nickname based on her accomplishments in various things, such as track & field, sports, school- But those are all things from before the WWE. Isn’t that disrespectful to those that built the division? Bianca asks Bayley why Bianca’s confidence threaten Bayley so much? Bayley is mad at a nickname when Bianca doesn’t even brag, she’s just being herself. So when Bianca says she’s the strongEST, fastEST- Wait, hold on, doesn’t that make Bayley the best now? She beat Bianca in that match! And was a champion for 380 days. Bianca tells Bayley to take her talk show and go put on some dusty go and give Bianca a rematch right now.

Bayley knows Bianca is just trying to play mind games, but she’s not falling for it. She has nothing to prove. But Bayley has an idea! We can figure out who is the superior with an obstacle course! Yes! Imagine it! The Ultimate Athlete Obstacle Course Challenge! YES! Oh wow, really? Bianca can’t even argue with that, challenge accepted! Bayley has her EST, but there ain’t no way she can whoop Bianca. Now ding dong dat! Will Bianca prove it to Bayley and the world that she is then, now and forever THE E S T?


Daniel Bryan continues his training with the Alpha Academy!

It was earlier tonight that Bryan and Otis were backstage, and they got those hips moving left and right! Chad Gable has them explode up to their feet, and Kayla comes by. How has this training helped ahead of the Royal Rumble? It’s going great! “The pursuit of excellence” never ends. That’s what Bryan likes about Chad and Otis. And if training with the Alpha Academy makes Bryan even a little bit better, he’s all in. A great attitude to have, but did Bryan’s loss in the gauntlet hurt his confidence? Chad says no negativity. Nakamura is a former Rumble winner, there is no shame in losing to him. Bryan has a lot of respect for Shinsuke, and surely he has that same respect for Bryan.

But Cesaro barges in and says Bryan cannot speak for Nakamura because Bryan is not Nakamura’s friend. But Cesaro is so he will. Cesaro says Nakamura only shook Bryan’s hand was because he felt sorry. It was more a pity handshake. And Bryan would’ve had more of a chance at winning if he trained with someone who could teach him something more than that stupid hip thrust Macarena stuff. Then how about Bryan show Cesaro how that works firsthand later tonight? That is to say, NOW!

Cesaro VS Daniel Bryan!

The Swiss Cyborg won the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal but Bryan has never won a battle royal ever! Anywhere! Will Bryan show Cesaro that the Alpha Academy knows what it’s doing?

SmackDown returns and the bell rings! These two tie up, Cesaro headlocks and hits a takeover. Bryan tries to headscissor but Cesaro pushes that off. They stand up, Bryan powers out but Cesaro runs him over! Cover, ONE, but Cesaro keeps Bryan down with another headlock. Bryan fights up, powers out again, and drops to then arm-drag Cesaro to an armlock! Bryan grinds Cesaro down, wrenches to a wristlock, then wrenches more and hits an elbow breaker! Bryan drags Cesaro down to a hammerlock but Cesaro backs him to a corner. The ref counts, Cesaro elbows Bryan with the free arm! Then he throws EuroUppers!

Cesaro whips Bryan corner to corner and EuroUppers again! Cesaro pushes Bryan around, drags him up and wrenches to whip corner to corner. Bryan dodges and Cesaro hits buckles, then Bryan fires off kicks from all sides! Bryan runs corner to corner for a dropkick! Armlock BULLDOG! Bryan keeps on that arm, hammerlocks it and drops knees on it! Bryan pulls on the arm and twists the wrist! Cesaro rolls, gets up but Bryan wrenches. Cesaro scoops and SLAMS Bryan down! Cesaro shakes out the bad arm and he brings Bryan up to shove him to ropes, and CLUB him hard in the back! Cesaro stomps Bryan, drags him up, shove shim again but Bryan ROCKS Cesaro back!

Bryan fires forearms but Cesaro hits a standing STO! Knuckle lock cover, TWO as Bryan bridges! Cesaro goes to put his weight on Bryan but Bryan counters to monkey flip Cesaro into ropes! A rough landing and Cesaro tumbles out of the ring! Bryan goes to a corner, climbs up top and leaps, BIG CROSSBODY! Both men get up and Bryan fires off kicks! The ring count is climbing as Bryan KICKS Cesaro against post! Cesaro ducks the next one and Bryan kicks POST! Bryan goes down, clutching his shin, and SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Cesaro stomps away on Bryan in a corner. Cesaro is after the leg but Bryan scrambles, so Cesaro double stomps Bryan down! Cesaro stomps Bryan’s leg again! Cesaro drags Bryan up but Bryan throws a EuroUpper! Cesaro EuroUppers, Bryan fires off kicks and uppercuts, only for Cesaro to ROCK him! Cesaro whips Bryan corner to corner, Bryan goes up and over but the leg jams! Cesaro runs in but Bryan manages a drop toehold! Bryan PENALTY KICKS Cesaro’s bad arm! Bryan runs back in, tilt-o-whirl and takedown! YES LOCK!! Cesaro endures, moves around, pries free of the hold and stomps Bryan’s legs!

Cesaro gets both legs, for a SWISS SWING! Then a SHARPSHOOTER! Bryan endures as Cesaro sits deep! Bryan crawls, drags himself and Cesaro over, but Cesaro reaches back to get an arm! CROSSFACE! Bryan rolls it over, and gets the arm again! Cesaro holds off the Yes Lock but Bryan fish hooks Cesaro’s face! Bryan gets the YES LOCK! Cesaro reaches, ROPEBREAK! Bryan lets go, but he wrenches to an elbow breaker! Cesaro goes to a corner, Bryan kicks him and puts him up top. Bryan climbs to SUPER- NO! Cesaro blocks the steiner to bring Bryan up and into a TWISTING SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives and Cesaro is furious!

Cesaro gives Bryan EuroUppers, then rains down forearms! Cesaro reels Bryan in, Gotch but Bryan back drops out! Bryan boots from a corner, runs, but into a pop-up, only for Bryan to backslide! TWO and Bryan unleashes a Yes Kick and a BUZZSAW! Cesaro already has a cut on his head so the ref checks. Bryan and Cesaro go to opposite corners and Bryan pops up with Yes fingers, only to run into a POP-UP UPPER! GOTCH NEUTRALIZER!! Cover, Cesaro wins!!

Winner: Cesaro, by pinfall

Incredible! Cesaro beats a Grand Slam Champion in Bryan and is rolling towards the Royal Rumble! Will Bryan’s dream of finally checking off a battle royal win be only dreams?


Backstage interview with Carmella!

The Untouchable and her sommelier, Reginald, are here and Kayla asks her about what she said last week. Mella says she was telling the truth about Sasha Banks. When it comes to natural talent, Sasha can’t touch Mella. Yet here Mella is here, where is Sasha? Why haven’t we seen Sasha back? Oh, of course. It’s because Mella proved she’s better than Sasha in every way. Maybe Sasha’s hiding from Mella. But then Sasha comes out and shoves Mella over! Sasha isn’t hiding from anyone! Reginald keeps this from getting any more physical, and Sasha tells him to tell Mella that they’ll have the title match. So long as Sasha gets at Reggie first! Will Mella agree to this deal at the expense of her assistant?


Apollo Crews VS Sami Zayn!

Both men want after Big E and the WWE Intercontinental Championship, but we saw earlier tonight how Roman Reigns was giving Apollo some pointers. Will Apollo take control and have another shot at the title? Or will he not see the next trip Sami has up his sleeve?

SmackDown returns and Sami makes his entrance, accompanied by his documentary film crew to have evidence of the “Anti-Sami Conspiracy” Sami claims exists in the WWE. Big E is ringside, lounging on a couch and having a fruit salad from is minifridge!? Sami is upset because he never got anything close to that as champion, and as the bell rings, Sami runs into Apollo’s dropkick! Apollo counter punches Sami, whips him to ropes but Sami reverses to knee low. Sami runs, Apollo hits an OVERHEAD THROW! Big E respects that but his version is better. Apollo waistlocks but Sami elbows him away, then dodges to clothesline Apollo out!

Big E says he doesn’t believe in Sami’s conspiracy theories and says he didn’t really need the pep talk Heyman gave him like he gave Apollo on Talking Smack. Sami tells Big E to watch this as he JABS away on Apollo. Sami goes to bump Sami off the desk but Apollo blocks to bump Sami off the desk! Apollo then uses the desk for a MOONSAULT to knock Sami down! Apollo puts Sami in at the count of 8, climbs up top, but Sami trips Apollo up! Apollo hits the mat, Sami stomps Apollo into a corner! Sami digs his boots in, the ref counts and Sami lets off. Apollo staggers, Sami hops up and leaps for a flying elbow! Cover, TWO! Sami keeps on Apollo with another cover, TWO! Another, TWO!

Sami tells his personal camera crew to focus on this as he climbs back up. Sami leaps, Apollo gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men are down but Sami got folded! Sami goes to a corner, Apollo runs in, blocks a boot, and trophy lifts Sami up to throw him into the buckles! ENZIGURI! Apollo STANDING MOONSAULTS, but onto knees! Sami covers, TWO! Sami dodges Apollo and rolls him up, but the ref sees him grabbing tights! Sami is upset with the ref, similar to Jey and Charles Robinson, but Sami still catches Apollo to an EXPLODER into buckles! Sami goes corner to corner, but Apollo rolls Sami, and has TIGHTS! The ref doesn’t see this one, Apollo WINS!

Winner: Apollo Crews, by pinfall

Did Sami’s cameras get Sami’s butt crack like WWE cameras did? Apollo walks over to the couch, picks up the belt, and grins as he tosses back to Big E. Big E says Apollo can keep coming for it but he won’t touch it again. They’ll see each other down the line, but who wins when the title is back on the line?


Roman Reigns heads to the ring!

The Head of the Table leads the Special Counsel, Paul Heyman, and #MainEventUso to the table that’s waiting in the ring for this contract signing. And then Adam Pearce quietly makes his way out with the official contract. Pearce takes a seat at the table, Roman takes his time circling around the table, and Heyman moves the chair to the head of the table. Roman doesn’t want that chair. He wants the chair Pearce just sat in. Heyman asks Pearce that he give up the chair, but Jey just takes it from Pearce. Roman takes a seat and Heyman helps Pearce into the chair Roman didn’t want.

Roman says Pearce needs to go ahead and sign. Heyman says this sitting around is not good television. Pearce looks at the contract as he holds the pen, and signs it. Heyman smirks at the passive aggressive behavior as he hands Roman his own pent to sign with. Roman signs his name, gives the pen back, and it is done. Roman says that’ll be the last contract Pearce ever signs. Pearce says, “I’ve waited all night for you to do that.” What’s that supposed to mean? Pearce leaves with the contract in hand, goes up the ramp, and then seems to have a problem walking. Pearce says his knee has been bugging the hell out of him all day. An old injury that just creeps up on you at the worst possible time.

But Pearce says it’ll be fine. After all, we all know that standard contracts say the same things. As a WWE Official, Pearce reserves the right to have a substitute, should he not be medically cleared to compete at the Royal Rumble. In fact, Pearce already has one in mind. It’s KEVIN OWENS! Roman sighs, perhaps disappointed he didn’t see this coming. Kevin signs his name to the contract, and it’s all but a given that the Prizefighter is back in the fight! Will Kevin finally #StunTheWorld and end Roman’s reign as Universal Champion?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode for SmackDown, with some interesting developments in the different stories. The story of Roman Reigns and all those related took an expected yet perfectly executed twist. It was clear Adam Pearce wasn’t really going to compete against Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble, but how he tricked them into a trap like that was great. We’re getting another Roman VS Kevin, but now Last Man Standing, and if Jey is in the Royal Rumble, he might have to consider not interfering. And even if he does, maybe Pearce gets involved so that Scrap Daddy at least gets one great moment WWE PPV moment? Or maybe it’ll be Bryan or Nakamura, depending on who wins the Rumble.

Jey VS Nakamura was a good opening match and I was worried Cesaro showing up when he did was going to mean he costs Nakamura. But Cesaro stays on commentary, stays Nakamura’s friend, and yet also stays a bit Heelish as he still talks smack on Bryan, Otis and Gable. Bryan VS Cesaro was a great match, and it was a great surprise to see Cesaro win. It works for both men going towards the Rumble. Bryan wants to win so badly but that alone could be why he’ll lose, and Cesaro needs a little something to keep him afloat. Cesaro really is a great talent, we all know that, but who knows when and where he’ll get the world title nod.

The Profits had a good promo and they’ll eventually have that rematch with the Dirty Dawgs, but who knows if they win it. Natty VS Liv was alright, but Billie was a highlight of the whole thing with her wannabe punk rock outfit and behavior. She did more of a Spider-Man web shooter hand than the rock ‘n’ roll fingers, and then she costs Liv the match, adding more tension to the tenuous friendship. Maybe Billie does something big to make it up to the Riott Squad and that’s how she wins them over. Bayley is great, Bianca is great, and maybe Ding Dong, Hello was being awkward on purpose, but it didn’t quite land. And I don’t think their obstacle course challenge will, either, even if Bianca does an amazing job with it. Just give us a 15 to 20 minute NXT level match on SmackDown with them.

Rey VS Corbin with Dom on the side was good, but I almost thought Dom was going to find a way to Eddie Guerrero Corbin out of the win. I’m very curious as to who Rey is talking about when it comes to dealing with Corbin. I’m thinking it’s Cain Velasquez given the established relationship between him and Rey. Though that does bring up the question of what happened to A) the relationship of Murphy & Aalyah, and B) the Knights of the Wolf King. The former is probably one of those many cases where WWE gave up on it because they couldn’t figure it out. The latter is probably COVID concerns, and then some of the former.

Mella and Sasha had a decent segment, and they set up the obvious rematch. But I really like the idea that Sasha is getting a co-ed match against Reginald. I have a feeling Mella will interfere in return to put Sasha behind the 8 ball for their match. Apollo VS Sami was good as a main event match, but we did not need that much Sami butt cheek… I like that Big E now has a couch and fridge, oddly. Apollo is slowly starting that turn to Heel given what Heyman told him on Talking Smack last week, I’m just waiting for that moment when it’s complete. Then we’re really going to see some stuff from the already athletic and charismatic Apollo and Big E for the workhorse title of the WWE.

My Score: 8.3/10

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