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NXT TakeOver: XXV Results & Report! (6/1/19)

It’s the 25th TakeOver event!



NXT TakeOver XXV

NXT takes over Bridgeport!

The milestone 25th TakeOver event is here! With all the NXT gold on the line and even literally up for grabs, who walks away on top of the brand?



  • Matt Riddle VS Roderick Strong; Riddle wins.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships Ladder Match: The Street Profits VS The Forgotten Sons VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS The Undisputed Era; The Street Profits win and become the new NXT Tag Team Champions.
  • NXT North American Championship: Velveteen Dream VS Tyler Breeze; Dream wins and retains the NXT North American Championship.
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler w/ The Horsewomen VS Io Shirai w/ Candice LeRae; Baszler wins and retains the NXT Women’s Championship.
  • NXT Championship: Johnny Gargano VS Adam Cole; Cole wins and becomes the new NXT Champion.


It’s the NXT TakeOver Preshow!

Just five years and NXT has grown so much! Join Charly Caruso, Sam Roberts and Pat McAfee as they look back at history and prepare for tonight’s historic milestone event!


Tommaso Ciampa joins the Preshow panel!

The Psycho Killer is back! And fans duel between his best frenemy, “Johnny Wrestling!” and “Adam Cole!” But then fans give Ciampa cheers and he gets on the table! Ciampa pats himself on the back and fans cheer him more. Ciampa says he’s half Black Heart, half Wolverine. He’s on his way back, and Goldie will belong to “Big Daddy Ciampa” once again. But if anyone is going to hold onto the belt while Ciampa is away, it’s Gargano. Gargano changes when a TakeOver comes around. Ciampa will watch very closely that it takes a certain kind of main to crawl his way to the top, but it takes a different kind of man to stay on top.

But Ciampa isn’t making a prediction, he’ll just be going after whoever comes out of it. He’s not saying he wants Gargano or Cole as an opponent, just know that he’ll be champion soon after his return.


From Orlando, Florida to the entire world, NXT knows how to take over.

There have been chants from “This is Awesome!” to “This is Wrestling!” to “Fight Forever!” But in the end, TakeOver isn’t about money or fame, but the passion to be the best! History is made, as are stars and icons. #WeAreNXT, and we are only just getting started!

An epic championship match gets a sequel! Two inspired dreamers fight for the spotlight. A genius looks to kick a queen’s ass. And an Era looks to be golden, “and that is Undisputed.”


Matt Riddle VS Roderick Strong!

The Bro is far from his jovial self as he goes up against the Savior of the Backbreaker tonight. Strong got back in the good graces of the Undisputed Era by attacking Riddle from behind and even stealing a sandal. Will Riddle make Strong regret ever coming up with that move?

Riddle kicks his flip-flops at Strong as fans fire up for this match. The bell rings, the lights come down, and we begin!

Riddle and Strong grapple and Strong gets control but Riddle slips around to the back. Strong gets up but gets thrown by Riddle! Strong’s up fast and the two tie up again. They both grapple and use that amateur background. Riddle gets Strong to a cover, ONE, but Riddle stays on Strong, wanting the Bromission already! Strong scrambles to the ropebreak, and Riddle lets him go. Fans cheer this opening exchange, and the two go again. Strong powers Riddle to ropes but Riddle has a body scissor block. The ref counts and Strong lets off, only to CHOP Riddle back! Strong rams his shoulder into Riddle in a corner, but Riddle gut wrenches fast!

Riddle holds on to gut wrench suplex Strong again, and a third! Strong bails out and Riddle runs to the apron, but Strong trips him up. Riddle still throws forearms but so does Strong. They brawl and Riddle CHOPS before throwing Strong in. But Strong bails out the other side, only to get a FLYING forearm! Riddle pursues the scrambling Strong to CHOP him and kick him around. Riddle puts Strong on the apron but Strong kicks back. The brawl continues and even goes to the apron. Strong throws body shots but Riddle throws haymakers. Riddle gives muay thai knees but Strong shoves him into a post. Strong drops Riddle with a back suplex to the apron! Riddle writhes but gets up, as does Strong. Strong follows Riddle into the ring and keeps on him with CHOPS!

Fans duel as Strong throws more CHOPS and even forearms. Strong suplexes and hangs Riddle out to dry, Riddle flops to the floor. Strong goes out to fetch Riddle and club him down. He puts Riddle in to cover, TWO! Strong CHOPS Riddle more, then whips. Riddle holds the ropes then breaks free to throw hands. Strong dodges and catches Riddle into a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Strong keeps on Riddle with pulling hair and clubbing away! Riddle pushes back but Strong throws more hands, then knees the back. Strong pulls Riddle back in a camel clutch. Fans still duel and Riddle still fights. Strong knees low and then drags Riddle to the post. Strong pulls Riddle back in a Bow ‘n’ Arrow! The ref counts and Strong lets up at 4 to CHOP Riddle again.

Strong puts Riddle in and stalks him, but Riddle chops back! Riddle punches from the mat, but Strong clubs him down. Cover, TWO! Strong drags Riddle up but Riddle fights back again. Riddle throws elbows and palm strikes! Strong blocks the kick but gets hands! Riddle cradles Strong, TWO! Strong knees low, then hits the Olympic Slam! Cover, TWO!! Riddle lives but Strong keeps on him. Strong powerbomb lifts to the Canadian rack, but Riddle slips out! Riddle wants the Bromission but Strong escapes and kicks. But Riddle suplexes Strong for a brain buster! Strong staggers up and the brawling continues. Riddle strikes, boots and roundhouses! Leaping forearm, PELE! Riddle kips up and runs in for a forearm smash! He runs the other way for another! EXPLODER!

Riddle runs but misses the kick, Strong evades the moonsault but not the Bro-ton! The Penalty Kick hits this time! Cover, TWO! Strong survives the rush and fans fire up. Riddle gets up first, stalks Strong and waistlocks him. Strong slips out but gets Bro Kicks! Riddle kicks more and more and more, and hits the buzzsaw! Strong flounders up but dodges the next kick to fireman’s carry. Riddle slips out but Strong knees him first. Strong spins but into Riddle’s fireman’s carry! Bro To Sleep! German Suplex, with bridge, TWO!! Strong survives and Riddle is beside himself. Riddle keeps on Strong with stomps and then drags Strong up for forearms. Riddle scoops and slams but Strong boots Riddle back. Strong walks into Riddle’s boot, but then enziguris Riddle up top! Strong climbs up to join Riddle, SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Riddle still lives and Strong grows frustrated.

Strong stands up first and heads back to Riddle. Riddle hits back and the brawl is on again. Strong throws forearms from both sides, ducks a roundhouse and rocks Riddle again. Riddle slips through to powerbomb but his back gives out! Strong boots, enziguris, and then runs in to shining wizard Riddle on ropes! Forearm after forearm after forearm, STRONG SLAM!! Cover, TWO?! Riddle survives and the fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” Strong staggers to his feet and drags Riddle around. He goes to turn Riddle for the Strong Hold, but Riddle boots Strong away! Strong ends up on the outside but gets back in, only to miss a knee. Riddle roundhouses and Bro-Triggers! Deadlift to POWERBOMB! Final Flash Knee! Cover, TWO!? Strong survives that?!

Riddle drags Strong to a drop zone and moonsaults, onto knees!! Strong smashes with another knee! Fireman’s carry to a gutbuster! But not just that, Tiger Bomb! Cover, TWO!?! STRONG HOLD!! Riddle endures as Strong sits down deep! Fans are thunderous as Riddle turns things back over. Strong turns it back but gets a knee into the back for a Lion Tamer! Riddle still endures, turns, and kicks Strong over and over. Strong swings but into elbows! BROMISSION!! Strong tries everything he can, but Riddle shifts to just elbow away on Strong again and again. Strong grabs the arm! The two stand, but Riddle keeps elbowing! Gut wrench, Gotch hold, cradle tombstone!! Cover, Riddle wins!!

Winner: Matt Riddle, by pinfall

The Bro gives a shout out to Jerry Lynn with that finish! Riddle gives TakeOver: XXV an incredible start, and things already look iffy for the Undisputed Era. Will Strong’s stablemates make up for Strong’s loss?


NXT Tag Team Championships Ladder Match: The Street Profits VS The Forgotten Sons VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS The Undisputed Era!

The titles are vacant and literally hang in the balance! The Raid has moved on, but now it’s time for someone to step up. Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford want to finally cash-in. Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler want to be remembered. The Brit-Am Brawlers want to finally hold some gold. And Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly want to again be undisputed tag team champions! Who reaches new heights to be on top of the entire NXT Tag Team Division?

The introductions are made, with the Profits in new blue and gold ring gear and with the Forgotten Sons tempting luck by going under a ladder. Lorcan & Burch keep it simple while the Undisputed Era’s reDRagon look to be the first-ever three-time NXT Tag Team Champions. The bell rings, and we begin this massive match!

All eight men look up at the belt, and then it sparks into a fight! Four different brawls go all over the ring. Cutler & Blake drag Lorcan & Burch out while reDRagon throws Dawkins out. Fish & O’Reilly focus on Ford with double whips and kicks! Cutler returns but he gets kicks and palm strikes and knees from O’Reilly! O’Reilly sweeps and Fish fights with Blake. Fish dragon screws Blake out, then reDRagon mugs Cutler. They double whip but Lorcan dumps Cutler out. Lorcan and Burch throw hands with reDRagon! They go back and forth, then criss-cross. Lorcan CHOPS Fish, but O’Reilly catches Lorcan’s kick for Fish to kick the leg. Burch headbutts O’Reilly but O’Reilly kicks back. Fish forearms Burch but Lorcan CHOPS Fish and O’Reilly!

O’Reilly grabs the arm, Fish knees and O’Reilly sweeps. O’Reilly throws Burch out, and then boots Dawkins down. Fans cheer as reDRagon hurries for ladders. They get a couple ladders over to ringside, but settle on one. Only for Blake to DIVE the ladder into them!! Fans lose their minds over the double-edge risk Blake just took! Cutler drags two ladders over but gets blaseted by Lorcan’s uppercut! Burch and Lorcan drag Cutler up for more uppercuts, but Blake fights back. The teams brawl, but Dawkins runs and LEAPS onto them all! The Curse of Greatness wipes them all out! Fans fire up with Dawkins, and he and Ford regroup. The Profits get a ladder up and in and are all alone as they set it up! Both climb but reDRagon stops them both.

O’Reilly and Fish climb but Blake shoves the ladder over! O’Reilly lands ON the ladder! The Forgotten Sons get in and get the ladder back up, and ram Lorcan with it! And Burch! But the Profits return, to get bulldozed! And so does reDRagon! Lorcan & Burch return, but they edge dodge the Forgotten Sons, to double German Suplex them! The ladder goes flying at ropes! Everyone is down but the fans are losing their minds all over again! O’Reilly drags himself out while Lorcan & Burch flounder to their feet. But the Profits take them out with an exploder suplex, and a whip to a SPINEBUSTER! Ford climbs up and gives Burch a FROG SPLASH! The fans are thunderous as the Profits grab a ladder. They ram Blake with it, then set him on it. Dawkins makes it a bridge, for Ford’s Leap Frog!

Blake tumbles out and Cutler runs in, for a double flapjack on the ladder! But Dawkins builds another bridge! Fish intercepts Ford, O’Reilly missile dropkicks Dawkins! But O’Reilly still hits ladder! Even so, reDRagon powers through to give Ford the butterfly wheelbarrow DDT! And suplex to the ladder! Fans know “This is Awesome!” while also losing their minds. O’Reilly and Fish drag the ladder up and ram Dawkins with it. They set the ladder up but Lorcan returns. Fish hits Lorcan, then kicks Burch. But Cutler comes around back, only for Fish to body check! O’Reilly falls and hits his jaw! O’Reilly tells Fish to go up instead, and then tackles Blake! Fish reaches, but Blake powerbombs O’Reilly into the ladder!! “They killed Kyle!”

Everyone is down again as fans chant “Mamma Mia!” Cutler puts the ladder in a corner and regroups with Blake. They grab a second ladder as well as Fish. Blake bumps Fish on buckles while Cutler sets the other ladder over O’Reilly. Cutler climbs and Blake keeps guard. But O’Reilly trips Cutler up! It’s a kneebar through the rungs! Cutler taps but that doesn’t matter! Blake stomps O’Reilly out and drags him away to throw him out. Cutler climbs again but Fish kicks him! Blake goes after Fish, and the Sons give Fish Memories Remain! Blake and Cutler climb up together, but Burch and Dawkins stop them with double electric chairs! Lorcan returns, and they give Cutler a EuroUpper Doomsday! Ford returns to give Blake the Blockbuster Doomsday! The fans are at a fever pitch over this newest tag team classic!

O’Reilly crawls to the ladder, bad back and all! Fans cheer for O’Reilly, but is that… That’s Jaxson Ryker! The Gunner is not dead, even after what happened on last Wednesday! Ryker grabs O’Reilly and drags him off, to powerbomb him on the other ladder! Ryker choke slams Burch! And tosses Ford way out! Fish runs into an urenage! Dawkins climbs but Ryker spots him. Ryker tips the ladder and dumps Dawins down! Fans boo as Ryker resets the ladder, to then ram it into Dawkins! And again, and again, and again! But Ryker turns around to see Lorcan, and back drop him on the ladder!! Ryker stands alone amidst the carnage. Fans say “We Forgot You!” but he doesn’t care. Ryker stands the ladder back up, but Ford attacks! Only to get clobbered.

O’Reilly returns to throw hands! As does Fish! Fans fire up for reDRagon as they go after Ryker! Burch and the Profits do, too! Lorcan brings in yet another ladder, and oddly enough, the other three teams work together to SLAM Ryker with it over and over and over! BUt then it’s right back to their own fight! Fish and O’Reilly clear the ring of the other teams, but Ryker is still stirring. O’Reilly says they need to end him, so he and Fish ram Ryker right off the apron! But Ryker still stands?! Ford FLIES over reDRagon to wipe him out!! But Ryker sits up again! Lorcan dodges the ladder to DIVE onto Ryker! Dawkins gets rammed by reDRagon! Burch climbs and dropkicks the ladder into reDRagon! Lorcan regroups with Burch to keep on Fish, arm wrench to running uppercut! Then they throw Fish into the post!

Burch clotheslines and kicks O’Reilly, then feeds him to Lorcan for the Half ‘n’ Half! Blake returns but he gets haymakers. Dawkins and Cutler get the ladder, as does Ford. Burch and Lorcan have a ladder each, and they sandwich the Profits! Then Lorcan and Burch TOSS a ladder at the Forgotten Sons in full! Burch and Lorcan are alone, and they stand a ladder up! They both climb, but Fish and O’Reilly return. Fish and O’Reilly kick them off the ladder, then get a ladder of their own. Fish and O’Reilly climb but Lorcan and Burch follow. The two teams brawl side-by-side on the pair of ladders. Lorcan falls, leaving Burch alone with reDRagon. But Lorcan returns from the other side and stops O’Reilly from reaching. Lorcan grabs but Fish stops him.

The four men brawl fast and furious way up high! But the Sons return to tip them all!! They shove one ladder out hard, then climb the other! But Dawkins SPEARS Cutler! Ford springboards to join Blake and punch him down!! The Profits climb and WIN!!

Winners: The Street Profits; NEW NXT Tag Team Champions

They did it! They finally have the gold! Ford and Dawkins win big in their TakeOver debut! And now they celebrate with the fans! Will the Profits only grow bigger now that they’re golden?


NXT North American Championship: Velveteen Dream VS Tyler Breeze!

The Patrick Clark Experience wants to see if Prince Pretty remembers what it was like to be in the spotlight. Breeze wants to recapture those gorgeous glory days by capturing his first ever title in the entirety of WWE. Who wins this #GorgeousDream match?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised and we begin!

Fans duel as Dream takes off the jacket and gloves, to throw them at Breeze! Breeze applauds the classic move. Dream and Breeze hear the fans duel as they pace. Breeze and Dream tie up and go around, and Dream gets the wristlock. Dream shifts to a hammerlock but Breeze turns it around. They go around and Breeze wants the Unprettier, but Dream gets clear. Dream seems shocked so Breeze lounges on the ropes. Breeze keeps Dream way with a “no no no” foot. Dream yanks him off but Breeze kicks and shoulders back. Breeze straitjackets an arm and brings Dream sideways into a backstabber! Cover, TWO!

Dream gets away but Breeze clotheslines him out hard. Fans cheer for Prince Pretty as he builds speed, only to run into a haymaker! Dream elbows and ax handles Breeze down! Dream springboards, Lionsault! Cover, TWO! Breeze bails out but Dream pursues. Dream puts Breeze in then climbs up, but Breeze bails out again. Dream hops down and Breeze trips him up! Breeze yanks Dream into the post, and swings a leg into it! Then hits a flying forearm off the apron! Fans fire up for this new gritty yet still gorgeous side of Breeze. Breeze aims at Dream and leaps, but into a big haymaker! Dream leaves Breeze behind for the ring count. Breeze returns at 3 but gets scooped. Breeze slips out and shoves Dream. Dream goes up and over but his knee jams, and Breeze rolls him to a Half Crab!

Breeze sits deep on the hold but Dream flails with his long limbs. Dream grits his teeth and heads for ropes to get the ropebreak. Breeze holds on until 4 then comes back at Dream in a corner. Dream SLAPS Breeze, so Breeze stomps a pretty mudhole into Dream! Breeze starts throwing ugly haymakers, and then dropkicks Dream right out of the ring! Fans cheer as Breeze glares and pursues after Dream. Dream dodges and SUPERKICKS Breeze! Dream gets back in the ring and lets the count begin. Breeze stirs at 4 but Dream decides to stop the count. Dream fetches Breeze to bump him off the desk! And again! And again! Dream shows no mercy to Breeze! The referee stops him but Dream is all fired up. Dream goes to the timekeeper’s area to get his belt, and Breeze’s phone? Dream takes that selfie now! “Say cheese!”

Dream hears the ring count and just plays along. Fans cheer for Dream, but Dream turns into a SUPER(MODEL)KICK from Breeze! Dream staggers into the ring and Breeze gets in, but gets the Dream Valley Driver! Cover, TWO!! Dream gets to a corner and climbs, but Breeze rolls to the apron. Dream storms over but Breeze slips under, and then enziguri! Fans cheer both men as they slowly stand. Breeze goes up top and Dream staggers over into a crossbody! But Dream rolls through to cover, TWO! Dream trips Breeze and rolls to a fireman’s carry, but Breeze slips out. Breeze shoves Dream but the kick is blocked. Dream grabs Breeze but Breeze slips out of the Dream-DT for a SUPER(MODEL)KICK! Cover, TWO!! Dream survives but Breeze is too tired to be frustrated.

Fans duel again as Breeze stalks Dream. Dream resists and back suplexes but Breeze lands on his feet. Breeze grabs the arms again but Dream rams him into buckles. Dream elbows but Breeze throws Dream back. Breeze walks into a boot, and Dream hops up, to get a dropkick! Breeze turns Dream but Dream slips out for the Dream-DT! Cover, TWO?! Breeze survives and Dream is shocked! Breeze has a bloody ear but fans rally for him and Dream. Dream goes for a corner but Breeze anchors his feet. Dream clubs Breeze off then climbs. But Breeze trips Dream up! Dream coughs and gasps but Breeze drags him out, only for Dream to toss him off! Dream hobbles over but into a big knee! Breeze and Dream slowly stand and fans duel again.

Breeze scoops but Dream slips out to pull Breeze up. But Breeze does the same, only for Dream to do it, too! Breeze slips out and shoves Dream, but Dream elbows. Dream fakes Breeze out, leap to the jackknife to the fireman’s carry! But he pops Breeze out for the UNPRETTIER! Cover, TWO!! Dream stole Breeze’s move but Breeze still survives! Dream drags himself back to a corner and fans fire up as he climbs. Purple Rain KNEES! Dream writhes and rolls, and walks into a flapjack. But Dream lands on the ropes! But Breeze tucks him in for a cheeky SUPER(MODEL)KICK! Breeze turns Dream around for UNPRETTIER! Cover, TWO!?! Breeze can’t believe how close that was, and neither can fans!

Breeze grits his teeth as he goes back to Dream. He drags Dream up but Dream is dead weight. Breeze still gets Dream up, to get a cradle counter! TWO, BEAUTY SHOT! But Dream flops out of the ring! Breeze was again so close yet so far! The ring count begins but Breeze fetches Dream. Breeze drags Dream but he’s dead weight all over again. Breeze stands Dream up at 5 but Dream flops back over. Prince Pretty has no choice but to refresh the count, but Dream goes to hit him with the belt! Breeze blocks the belt shot, but then Dream scopos for Dream Valley! And then PURPLE RAIN!! Cover, Dream wins!!

Winner: Velveteen Dream, by pinfall; still NXT North American Champion

The Experience survives, though he did try to play a little dirty. Will the Purple Reign continue through the Summer? Will Prince Pretty come back for another try? Or will someone else step up to share Dream’s spotlight?

Dream has Breeze’s phone and takes selfie vids of himself. Breeze sees this, and Dream says that while the phone belongs to Breeze, the belt belongs to him. But Breeze keeps Dream from leaving. Fans want a “Selfie! Selfie!” and so does Breeze. Dream considers it, and accepts! The two take a selfie of sportsmanship! Is this the last we’ve seen of this #GorgeousDream?


NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler VS Io Shirai!

The Queen of Spades has made challenger after challenger #TapNaporSnap. From Ember Moon to Nikki Cross to Bianca Belair to Kairi Sane, Shayna’s reign of terror has been tested but not ended. At least, not for long. But the Genius of the Sky didn’t want to kick Shayna’s ass until Shayna tried to put Kairi out of commission. The Horsewomen have Shayna’s back, but Mrs. Wrestling has Shirai’s. Will Shirai win one for Kairi? Or will the Queen keep her throne by any means necessary?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin!

Shirai rushes Shayna! But Shayna turns it around to snapmare and fake a kick to instead toy with Shirai. Shirai gets up and goes at Shayna again. They end up in the corner and Shirai lets up, only for Shayna to snapmare and fake her out again. Shayna has the hammerlock but Shirai rolls and sweeps the legs. Shirai snapmares Shayna now, but Shirai fakes Shayna out, to SLAP her! Fans like that one! Shayna gets up but Shirai redirects her for slaps and a takedown. Shirai drops a basement dropkick! Shayna bails out but Shirai runs. Shayna gets clear, but still gets a baseball slide! Shirai pursues, dragging Shayna up and into the ring. Shirai climbs and kicks Shayna away, but Shayna yanks her off anyhow!

Shayna kicks Shirai’s arm! And hammerlocks it again! Shirai tries to kick back but Shayna shoves her down, for that #RealityCheck hammerlock stomp!! That’s been Shayna’s MO since hurting Dakota Kai almost a year ago! Shirai clutches her arm while Shayna soaks up the heat. Shayna stalks Shirai to ropes. Shayna drags Shirai up and wristlocks that arm. Shirai endures even as Shayna bends the fingers. Shirai rolls Shayna, ONE, and Shayna LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Shayna just grins as she goes after the arm again. Shayna stands on Shirai’s head and twists the wrist. The ref counts but Shayna lets up at 4. Shayna yanks the arm! Shirai clutches her arm as she crawls to a corner. Shirai kicks but Shayna kicks her back. Shayna double wristlocks and suplexes Shirai. Shayna drops elbows on Shirai, then bends Shirai in a modified Bow ‘n’ Arrow.

Fans rally for Shirai and she spins out of the hold. Shayna whips but Shirai ducks and waistlocks. Shayna breaks the grip and wrings Shirai out. She sits Shirai up for a swift kick to the back! Cover, TWO!! Shayna is a bit surprised but she goes after Shirai’s bad arm again. Fans rally up and Shirai endures. Shayna wants a second Reality Check, but Shirai dodges! Shirai dodges the Penalty Kick, too, then throws hands with her good arm. Shirai dodges in a corner, and manages a German Suplex! But she can’t hold the bridge because of the other arm! Shayna is dazed but her evil scheme is working. Fans rally up and Shirai throws CHOPS and a fast ball on Shayna! Shayna rolls to ropes but gets the 619! Shirai aims at Shayna and springboards for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Shirai won’t let her bad arm slow her down as she drags Shayna up. Shayna throws forearms, but Shirai baits her into a takedown! Crossface! Shayna endures as Shirai just holds her bad arm by the wrist. But Shayna powers out to sidewalk slam Shirai down! Both women are down but fans are loving this. Shirai crawls but Shayna stalks. Fans actually duel as Shayna drags Shirai up by her hair! For a hanging keylock! But Shirai fights free! Shirai climbs up behind Shayna, springboar dropkick sends Shayna crashing down! Shirai fires up more, and goes to another corner. She climbs up for a SUPER ASAI MOONSAULT!! Fans are thunderous as the Genius wipes out the Queen and herself!

Both women are down on the outside, but Shirai is up first. Shirai throws Shayna back in, climbs up again, and leaps for another missile dropkick! Shirai goes corner to corner for Meteora in the corner! She walks over Shayna to climb again, but here come the Horsewomen. But same for Candice LeRae! Candice SMACKS away on Marina and Jessamyn with a kendo stick! Candice will not be held back, she leaps and wipes them both out! Shirai cheers her new friend for that, but walks itn oa cradle! TWO!! Shirai throws furious forearms, but gets a kick! Kirafuda Klutch! But Shirai fights out and SHOTEI! Then she climbs, for the Asai! But she lands on her feet when Shayna dodges! Kirafuda Klutch, but Shirai rolls through, TWO!! BUZZSAW! La Majistrol, Japanese Clutch! TWO, into the Klutch!

Shirai flails, reaches, scrambles and claws, and even sits up. Shayna holds on tight but Shirai still fights! Shayna grabs a leg and then thrashes around. Shirai flails and fades, but she gets a second wind thanks to the fans rallying behind her! But that second wind goes out, and she taps!! Shayna wins!!

Winner: Shayna Baszler, by submission; still NXT Women’s Champion

The Genius came so close, but the Queen still reigns! Will Shayna ever be dethroned from atop the NXT Women’s Division?

But wait! Just because she lost doesn’t mean Shirai’s out of the fight! She grabs what’s left of Candice’s kendo stick and SMACKS Shayna from behind! This is not the “snap” Shayna expected! Shayna pokes and jabs and SMACKS Shayna more, then finally hits her ASAI MOONSAULT! And then she tells Candice to get something from under the ring. A chair!? Shirai takes that chair, and brings it with her in a second moonsault!! Fans are loving how hardcore Shirai has become! Fans want “One More Time!” but in a way, so does Shirai. The fans also tell Shayna, “You Deserve It!” Will Shirai take the fight to Shayna for a Summer blockbuster?


NXT Championship: Johnny Gargano VS Adam Cole!

At NXT TakeOver: New York, these two had an amazing Best 2 Out of 3 Falls match to crown a new champion. Now #JohnnyTripleCrown and the Undisputed Era’s charismatic leader will go one more time to prove to everyone the reality of the championship. Who walks out of this historic night THE NXT Champion?

Adam Cole has Mr. Wrestle & Flow himself, Josiah Williams, rapping for his entrance, “BAYBAY!” Gargano’s entrance isn’t quite as epic, but his Captain Marvel inspired gear is definitely on point. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Gargano’s historic 14th TakeOver appearance begins!

Fans duel as the two stare down. They eventually just settle for cheering on “NXT! NXT!” for giving us this sequel. Gargano and Cole slowly circle, then approach. They tie up and Gargano puts Cole on ropes but Cole turns it around, repeat. The ref counts for a break and Gargano lets up and dodges Cole’s sucker punch. Gargano headlocks but Cole powers out, only for Gargano to run him over. Gargano keeps going and drops down, but Cole runs him over. Things keep moving, Gargano leaps but into a fireman’s carry. He slips around to a sunset flip but Cole escapes and runs. Gargano knows what’s coming and dodges the Last Shot shining wizard!

The two sit up and stare down. Cole swings into a roll but scrambles out before it’s a GargaNo Escape. Fans fire up while Cole takes a moment to breathe. Gargano waits for Cole, and even holds the rope down for him. Cole refuses that and gets in at the ring count of 8 from the other side. Cole and Gargano circle again and tie up. Gargano goes for a headlock but Cole reverses with a wristlock. Fans still duel as Cole wrenches more. Gargano spins and turns it around on Cole, then brings Cole to the mat. Gargano pulls Cole in the modified neck vice. Cole throws Gargano off but Gargano keeps hold for a crucifix. Cole slips out again but Gargano wants the crossface! But Cole gets out and forearms Gargano hard! Gargano hits back and now it’s a brawl.

Cole kicks but Gargano fires off. Cole knees and puts Gargano in a corner for stomps. The ref backs Cole off, but he comes back to wrench and whip Gargano corner to corner. Gargano goes up and over and rolls to then push and huricanrana Cole out. Gargano slingshots but Cole gets clear. Cole swings but Gargano avoids the sweep. Gargano leaps but Cole avoids the knees. Cole boots but Gargano dodges to kick. Cole blocks that but Gargano gets away to apron cannonball! Gargano takes Cole down and a ring count finally begins. Gargano hobbles over to Cole to put him in the ring. But Cole rolls all the way out to the other end. Gargano pursues but sees the Pele coming! He gets clear and lets Cole flop onto the ground. Cole gets up, to get a kick and double stomps to his arm!

Cole writhes and clutches that arm as the ref checks on him. Gargano drags Cole up and puts him on the apron. Gargano slams the bad arm on the apron then gets back in the ring. Fans duel again as Gargano drags Cole up. Gargano wrenches the arm to a shoulder breaker, then snapmares Cole to drop a leg on the arm. Gargano has the arm trapped while covering, TWO! He tries again, TWO! Gargano turns Cole over and ties up the legs into an Indian Deathlock! Gargano bends Cole back like a House of Pain, but Cole turns over, so Gargano splashes the arm. Cole crawls but Gargano brings him up. Cole kicks and hops up, but Gargano kicks him back. Gargano climbs to join Cole and grabs the bad arm. Cole slips out to SUPERKICK the legs out! Gargano falls from that Charlie Horse!

Cole gets up and bumps Gargano off buckles. Cole puts a leg on the ropes to stomp away, then dropkick Gargano down. Gargano clutches his leg but Cole is all over it with a leg DDT! Cole drags Gargano around to push on that knee. Gargano endures the kneebar as fans rally up. Gargano kicks with his free leg but Cole ax handles Gargano down. Cole stomps Gargano then dargs him up. Gargano throws haymakers but Cole kicks the leg out. Cole hops up and leaps to missile dropkick that knee! Gargano crawls away but Cole drags him back up. Cole dragon screws the leg! Fans duel as Cole stalks Gargano again. Cole drags Gargano up and puts him in a corner. He puts that bad leg on the ropes to stomp away. The ref reprimands Cole and Cole lets up at 4, but Gargano is down on the mat.

Cole drags Gargano up and wants another screw, but Gargano throws forearms. Cole trips Gargano for a Figure Four but Gargano cradle counters! TWO, and Cole kicks out the bad leg again. Cole hops up and leaps, but into a powerbomb! Both men are down but fans still duel. Gargano crawls to ropes while Cole stands up. Cole throws a forearm but Gargano gives one back. They brawl back and forth, Gargano dodges the kick to wrench. Cole whips but Gargano comes back to rally with lariats! Gargano throws Cole overhead! Gargano rolls Cole for the school boy kick! Then hits a swinging enziguri! Gargano rolls Cole and hops up to leap, flying complete shot! Cover, TWO! Cole survives but Gargano hobbles after.

Cole puts Gargano on the apron but Gargano hits back. Gargano goes to slingshot, but stops when he sees Cole show superkick. Cole runs over but into another kick. Gargano slingshot spears this time! Cover, TWO! Gargano still works on his bad leg, and goes after Cole in a corner with CHOPS! He hoists Cole up top and climbs up to join him. Gargano stands Cole up but cole fights back. Cole bumps Gargano on buckles, but Gargano blocks the sunset flip. Cole still gets up and over and then dodges the counter punch. Gargano kicks Cole away, then leaps back, into a backstabber! Cover, TWO!! Cole keeps his cool as he walks it off.

Cole drags Gargano back up but Gargano resists more. Gargano fights out of the suplex but his leg jams. Cole runs in but Gargano goes up and over, only to get caught. Gargano fights out and hops up but Cole slips out the back, only to get a kick. Cole comes back with a PELE! Cole brings Gargano up in a torture rack, for an inverted Ushigoroshi! Cover, TWO!! Gargano still has that superhuman heart and Cole grows frustrated. Cole gets to a corner and hops up as fans duel again. Gargano crawls over and anchors Cole’s foot. Cole clubs Gargano down and leaps, but Gargano gets under.

Gargano and Cole collide with clotheslines and forearms. They both show superkick and hesitate. Cole SUPERKICKS first, but Gargano SUPERKICKS next! Cole fakes Gargano out to get another SUPERKICK! Gargano drops to his knees and Cole leaps, into a SUPERKICK! Cole flops out of the ring but so does Gargano, and fans fire back up. Fans love “NXT! NXT!” as both men come crawling around the corners. Gargano glares at Cole and vice-versa. DOUBLE SUPERKICKS take both men out! “This is Awesome!” A ring count begins but both men barely stir. They start heading for the ring at 6, and get to the apron at 8. Cole is in at 8, Gargano slingshot DDT’s! Cover, TWO!! Gargano was clever but Cole survives.

Gargano grabs Cole and gets a full nelson. Cole ropebreaks but Gargano kicks the arm away. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” as Gargano avoids a chop block to give double stomps! Gargano aims at Cole, but Cole bails out. Gargano goes to the apron but gets a PELE to the leg! Cole gives Gargano a Last Shot 1.0! They go in the ring, Cole drags Gargano up for a Fisherman Ushigoroshi! Cover, TWO!! Gargano still survives, and Cole grows frustrated. Cole gets up and to the corner again. Gargano swings a kick but gets caught! But then he arm-drags Cole off hard! Tilt-o-Whirl, GargaNO ESCAPE!! Cole endures, pries his way up and to the bad leg! Figure Four Leg Lock!! Gargano endures the legendary hold as Cole pulls harder.

Fans rally and duel as Gargano ends up in a cover. TWO, and he goes to turn the hold. Cole pulls back the other way, and Gargano is in another cover. TWO but Gargano isn’t out of the leglock. Gargano grabs Cole’s hand and pulls on the bad wrist! He uses that for leverage into the reversal! Cole grabs the ropes for the ropebreak! The ref helps untangle them, but the damage has been down. Fans rally up as Cole and Gargano get their limbs working again. The two stare down, and Cole lunges! But into Gargano’s elbows! Gargano wrenches but gets haymakers from Cole. Gargano kicks Cole but Cole hammers away. Cole has the leg and smashes the knee! Cole pulls Gargano’s knee pads off to kick directly at the joint. Fans still duel as Cole goes at the leg again.

Gargano shoves Cole out, then catches him when he returns, draping DDT! A shout out to Ciampa! Cole falls out of the ring but Gargano builds speed, to DIVE, into a SUPERKICK! Gargano crashes and burns and fans lose their minds! Gargana flounders to his feet but Cole gives him the PANAMA SUNRISE!! Cole destroys Gargano with a destroyer to the floor! He puts Gargano in the ring while fans again lose their minds. Cover, TWO!?! Even this is insane for Gargano’s inhuman heart. Fans shout “Mamma Mia!” for that. Cole grits his teeth as he grabs Gargano again. “Johnny, it’s over for you.” Gargano had his moment, now it’s time for Cole’s! Cole takes the knee pad down, runs, but Gargano dodges! GargaNo Escape, escaped and STOLEN!! Cole has Gargano’s hold on Gargano!

But Gargano pops out, rolls back, and steals the Last Shot!! Cover, TWO!?! Now Cole shocks us with his resilience! Fans are loving this all the more! Gargano and Cole crawl towards each other, and fans still hope they “Fight Forever!” Cole throws a forearm but Gargano gives it back. They go back and forth as they stand, and faster and faster! Gargano gets an edge but he gets a BOOT! And then another! And a third! But Gargano comes back with a LARIAT! Gargano gets up, but gets Cole’s SUPERKICK! Cole runs but gets Gargano’s SUPERKICK! Gargano hops up, Reverse-Rana! But Cole is on his feet, and hits a Last Shot!! Cover, TWO!?! Gargano still survives! And the fans are at a fever pitch! Cole looks like he’s losing his mind now.

Cole argues with the ref, and goes to the outside. He gets a chair! The ref tells Cole to drop the chair but Cole doesn’t care. So the ref grabs the chair, only for Gargano to DIVE! But Gargano gets the ref instead of Cole! And now, Cole swings! But Gargano dodges and SUPERKICKS the chair into Cole’s face! Gargano puts Cole in the ring and covers, but the ref is out! The fans count past 10 but it doesn’t matter because the ref has to do it. Gargano hobbles to help the ref, but of course Cole has help of his own. Cole waves, and Gargano prepares for the Undisputed Era. But when the Era doesn’t appear, Gargano goes to the ring. Cole gets Gargano with a draping piledriver!! Cover, TWO?!? Cole is at his wit’s end. But fans know “This is Awesome!”

Cole sits Gargano up and runs, but Gargano just flops over. Gargano denies Last Shot just by not being able to do anything. Cole makes Gargano sit up again, but gets caught in GargaNO Escape! And Gargano uses his own leg to prop up the other! Cole crawls for ropes but Gargano rolls him away! Cole elbows the bad leg over and over and over until he’s free! He mule kicks the leg over and over, then hosp up again, PANAMA- Gargano sits down! TWO, roll, and Gargano can’t get up. PANAMA SUNRISE!! LAST, SHOT!! Cover, Cole wins!!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall; NEW NXT Champion

It took more than either man has ever given before, but the champion is now Undisputed! The champion is now ADAM COLE BAYBAY! And the rest of the Era celebrates with him! Is the Undisputed Prophecy finally beginning? Is Cole’s reign the beginning of his team #DrippingInGold?



My Thoughts:

NXT does it again! The 25th TakeOver was definitely on the level you’d expect for something as momentous, but it still had some things it could’ve improved on. We didn’t get as many guests as I thought for the preshow, but it was great to see Ciampa, have him plug story with the title, and give us hope of seeing him in the near future. I was surprised they opened the show with Riddle VS Strong but hot damn did it deliver like every other TakeOver opener. If fans weren’t impressed with either guy before, they better sure be impressed now. And it was good for everyone involved for Riddle to win. Riddle lost to Dream last time, he deserves a win this time, and Strong losing adds to the story of the Undisputed Era struggling to get where they want to be.

Then we go into the tag ladder match, and WOW that was crazy stuff! It’s like they saw the Men’s MITB Ladder match and said, “We can get way more brutal.” And judging from Kyle’s bod, they did. But it was the perfect choice for it to be the Street Profits. Fans love those guys so much, and they’ve been red hot since their return. And now the story can be about them retaining with there still being plenty of teams wanting the belts, such as reDRagon. Speaking of retaining, Dream VS Breeze was great, and reestablishes that Breeze knows how to go. The only problem Breeze had on the main roster was Vince, but honestly, that’s everyone’s problem. But Breeze has stuck it out and kudos for him putting on a great match. Hopefully Dijakovic recovers to try next, but maybe “Damien Priest”/Punishment Martinez gets a shot.

I was surprised Shayna retained. I really felt like tonight on the 25th TakeOver, another status quo change should’ve happened. Shirai was going into this with such fire as the vengeful Face, and I was happy to see Candice have her bit with the Horsewomen the way I pictured. Still would’ve meant more if Candice didn’t talk to Shirai about it. Shayna finds a way to win, but obviously everyone loved Shirai’s attack afterward. I hope this leads to an NXT Women’s Extreme Rules or something to that effect, and that’s how Shayna loses the belt. And of course, quite the surprise but still done in epic fashion, Gargano loses to Cole for a NEW NXT Champion to cap off this milestone night. It was like they blended the New York match into one epic fall, and now the story moves to the Undisputed Era truly trying to be #DrapedInGold.

My Score: 8.9/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 32 Results & Report! (8/18/22)

We’ve reached the Climax!



NJPW G1 Climax 32

It all comes down to Rainmaker VS Kingpin!

The biggest G1 Climax in NJPW has perhaps the biggest final match-up possible! Will Will Ospreay finally defeat Kazuchika Okada once again?


  • 8 Man Tag: Chaos VS The House of Torture; Chaos wins.
  • Bad Dude Tito & JONAH VS Royce Isaacs & Tom Lawlor; Tito & Jonah win.
  • Six Man Tag: The United Empire VS Bullet Club; The United Empire wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Suzuki-Gun; Suzuki-Gun wins.
  • Shingo Takagi & Hiromu Takahashi VS KENTA & El Phantasmo; Kenta & ELP win.
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi & David Finlay VS The Good Brothers; Tanahashi & Finlay win.
  • KUSHIDA & Tama Tonga VS Taiji Ishimori & Jay White; Kushida & Tama win.
  • G1 Climax 32 Finals: Kazuchika Okada VS Will Ospreay; Okada wins and earns the Right to Challenge Contract.


Shingo Takagi & Hiromu Takahashi VS KENTA & El Phantasmo!

The Rampaging Dragon missed out on being in the semifinals, all because the Headbanga was a spoiler! Will Takagi and the Ticking Timebomb get some payback for that? Or will the Fang Revived help ELP keep the momentum going?

LIJ attacks the moment they’re in the ring! Takagi of course goes after ELP while Hiromu is after Kenta! The bell rings as Kenta CLUBS Hiromu down, and ELP returns fire on Takagi! Takagi and ELP go back and forth, fans rally up, but ELP BOOTS Takagi! Kenta RAMS Hiromu into railing while ELP CLUBS Takagi down. ELP goes after Takagi’s neck and shoulders with elbows, then whips him to ropes. Takagi reverses but ELP RANAS, handsprings and dropkicks! But Takagi rebounds to run ELP over! Fans rally up while ELP flounders. Takagi drops an elbow, then he brings ELP up to bump off buckles.

Takagi fires off forearms then JABS, then a CHOP! ELP sits down and Takagi tags Hiromu. Fans rally for “L I J!” as they double whip ELP to ropes, to run him over with double shoulders! Hiromu whips ELP into an open corner and clotheslines, then snapmares and basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Hiromu fires up and the fans fire up with him as he fireman’s carries. ELP fights free, CLAWS Hiromu’s back, then CLAWS him again! And he CLAWS Hiromu’s chest! ELP puts Hiromu in the corner to slowly CLAW Hiromu’s back! The ref reprimands, but Kenta headlocks Hiromu against the corner, and SMACKS him with his book over and over!

ELP keeps the ref distracted with Takagi but the fans rally up for “HI-RO-MU!” ELP digs his knees in, tags Kenta, and then they both dig their boots in! The ref counts, both Kenta and ELP let off, and Kenta drags Hiromu up. Kenta whips Hiromu to ropes, elbows him down, then covers. TWO, but Kenta clamps onto Hiromu with a chinlock. Hiromu endures and fans continue to rally. Hiromu kicks his way around, stands up and throws elbows into Kenta’s ribs. Kenta throws Hiromu by his hair! Tag to ELP and ELP climbs up. Kenta stands Hiromu up in a facelock, and ELP powers up, to then hop down and CLAW Hiromu’s back!

Fans applaud as ELP flexes on Hiromu. “Who’s your stepdaddy, Hiromu?” ELP snapmares and chinlocks to thrash Hiromu around, but then Takagi runs in to chinlock ELP! ELP CLAWS Takagi’s face! ELP tells Takagi to get out, and he throws Takagi out! ELP steps over Hiromu to have a mounted armbar. Tag to Kenta, and ELP holds Hiromu’s fingers open! Kenta gets his book, for a PAPERCUT!! Hiromu screams in pain as he clutches his hand! ELP and Kenta play dumb and Kenta drags Hiromu up. Fans rally as Hiromu CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOP! But Kenta knees low! Fans rally but Kenta dusts off his book.

The ref reprimands but Kenta aims. Hiromu blocks the book attack! Hiromu takes the book back and SMACKS Kenta with it! ELP fetches the book and says Hiromu bent it! Hiromu swings but into Kenta’s DDT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up for Hiromu but Kenta KICKS him! And KICKS him! And KICKS him! Hiromu blocks the next one, then blocks the haymaker, for a DRAGON SCREW! Fans rally up as Hiromu and Kenta are down! They crawl for their corners, hot tags to Takagi and ELP! Takagi swings but misses. ELP CHOPS, whips, but Takagi reverses. Takagi blocks the boot to LARIAT in the corner!

Takagi suplexes but ELP slips free to CLAW Takagi’s back! ELP runs, but into Takagi’s ELBOW! ELP MULE KICKS! Takagi JABS! ELP JABS! Takagi YUKON LARIATS! Fans fire up for that exchange and Takagi encourages them to keep going. They rally for “TA-KA-GI!” as he stalks ELP to a corner. Takagi throws a forearm, whips corner to corner, then runs in, but ELP goes up and over! ELP rolls, dodges, springboards and CROSSBODIES! Then LIONSAULTS FLOPS! SLIDING BOMBER! Cover, TWO! Hiromu swings on Kenta but Kenta dodges, so Hiromu WRECKS him with a dropkick! Fans fire up as LIJ regroups.

Hiromu brings ELP up, and he CHOPS ELP to a corner. LIJ double whip, Hiromu runs in to clothesline! Takagi runs in to clothesline! Feed to the SUPERKICK, then Takagi runs to PUMPING BOMBER! Cover, Kenta breaks it! Hiromu throws Kenta back out and FLYING JOHN WOO! Kenta is sent into railing hard! Fans fire up with Takagi’s “OI! OI! OI!” Takagi fires off boxing elbows on ELP all the way to six and he DECKS ELP! Takagi then drags ELP back up, pump handle and torture racks, but ELP sunset flips and reels Takagi in! C R- NO, Takagi powers through to a jackknife! TWO and ELP has it, TWO! Takagi has it back, TWO!! ELP GHOST PIN, TWO!!!

Fans are thunderous and Takagi runs in but ELP sends him at the ref! Takagi just stops himself, but turns around into a NUT PUNCH!! Cradle, ELP & Kenta win!!

Winners: Kenta & El Phantasmo, by pinfall

Tonight, the Headbanga is the Nutcracker, and for him, it was just Too Sweet! Will ELP use this to go after Takagi’s KOPW trophy? Will Takagi welcome it if it means getting revenge? But Hiromu gets some payback right here, by taking Kenta’s copy of his autobiography! Takagi throws it back, but the cover comes off! So Takagi RIPS that cover up! Will Kenta want his own payback for that insult?


Hiroshi Tanahashi & David Finlay VS The Good Brothers!

The Ace & The Rebel faced of with Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows just yesterday as part of an 8 Man Tag, and thanks to some sneaky tactics by Toru Yano, Tanahashi’s side won. Will Tanahashi & Finlay win again against the Impact World Tag Team Champions? Or will the Machinegun and Doc shoot down this rag tag tag team?

Tanahashi shows off the muscles and fans cheer. Karl tries to get the fans to clap for “AN-DER-SON!” but no, it’s “Let’s Go, Ace!” The teams sort out, the Good Brothers Too Sweet, and Anderson starts against Finlay. Fans rally up for “THE RE-BEL! THE RE-BEL!” as he and Anderson circle. They tie up, Anderson waistlocks but Finlay wrenches to a hammerlock. Finlay headlocks, Anderson pries free to a hammerlock and headlock, and hits a takeover. Finlay headscissors but Anderson kips free, and fans cheer the standoff. Anderson talks with Gallows real quick, then he circles with Finlay again.

The fans rally up more, and Anderson again pretends it’s for him. But no, it’s for “THE RE-BEL! THE RE-BEL!” Finlay and Anderson tie up, and Anderson pulls hair to put Finlay in a corner! Finlay grabs at Anderson’s ears, the ref reprimands them both and Anderson pulls more hair! Anderson says he’ll give a clean break, and he slowly lets off. Then he swings on Finlay! But Finlay dodges to stomp a mudhole into Anderson! Finlay ROCKS Anderson with a right, taunts him, then ROCKS him again! Finlay ROCKS Anderson again, but Anderson ROCKS Finlay back. Finlay forearms, Anderson forearms, and fans rally as they build up speed!

Anderson KNEES low, checks his ears, then pulls on Finlay’s ears! Anderson whips, Finlay dodges, and wrenches the arm to a wristlock! Anderson drops to a knee, Finlay wrenches him again, to an ELBOW BREAKER! Tag to Tanahashi, and fans rally as #RebelAce double whip and double elbow Anderson down! They shake hands to then DOUBLE ELBOW DROP! Fans fire up as Tanahashi air guitars and Finlay air drums! Tanahashi then drags Anderson up, but Anderson grabs Tanahashi’s nose! But Tanahashi grabs Anderson’s beard! So Anderson pulls Tanahashi’s hair! Anderson drags Tanahashi over to tag in Gallows.

Anderson and Gallows mug Tanahashi, then Gallows bumps him off buckles. Gallows whips Tanahashi corner to corner, runs in but Tanahashi dodges! Tanahashi fires off body shots, Anderson rushes over but Tanahashi DECKS him! But that allows Gallows to get away, and he BOOTS Tanahashi down! Gallows runs to drop a BIG elbow! And another! And another! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, but Gallows stomps Tanahashi’s leg then rains down a fist! Fans rally for “Let’s Go, Ace!” but Gallows tells them to shut up! Gallows throws up the Too Sweet, drops another fist, then clamps on a big chinlock! Gallows squeezes tight but fans rally up.

Tanahashi endures as Gallows leans all his weight on Tanahashi’s head. Fans rally, Tanahashi fights up and throws elbows into Gallows. Gallows throws Tanahashi by his hair! Gallows stands on Tanahashi’s head, then scrapes his sole off the face. Gallows puts Tanahashi in the corner, tags Anderson, and Anderson RAMS his shoulder in! Anderson brings Tanahashi out, scoops him and SLAMS him, then soaks up the applause before the “GOMENASAI” SENTON! Cover, TWO! Anderson drags Tanahashi into a chinlock of his own, and grinds Tanahashi down. Fans rally as Tanahashi endures and fights up again.

Tanahashi throws elbows into Anderson now, but Anderson pulls hair again! Tanahashi breaks free, Anderson ducks the shotei, but kicks right into the DRAGON SCREW! Fans fire up as both men are down! They crawl for their corners, hot tags to Gallows and Finlay! Finlay dodges, fires off forearms, and an uppercut! Finlay kicks away on Gallows’ leg, then ROCKS him with a right! Gallows blocks the whip to whip Finlay to a corner! Finlay dodges to UPPERCUT! Finlay keeps moving, to UPPERCUT again! And then ANOTHER UPPERCUT! Finlay shoves Gallows out and goes up for a FLYING UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up with Finlay and he calls his shot! Finlay cravats and goes up the corner, but no Acid Drop! Gallows YAKUZA KICKS Finlay down! Tag to Anderson while fans rally again. Anderson drags Finlay up and EuroUppers. Anderson whips, Finlay ducks ‘n’ dodges to LEAPING UPPERCUT! Tag back to Tanahashi! Tanahashi runs to FLYING FOREARM Anderson! Tanahashi DECKS Gallows, then fires off on Anderson! Tanahashi scoops and SLAMS Anderson into a drop zone, then goes up the corner! Fans fire up for the SUNSET SENTON! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi stays fired up and the fans rally behind him!

Tanahashi runs, but Anderson turns slingblade into SPINEBUSTER! Gallows gets in to DECK Finlay! Tanahashi goes to a corner, Anderson hits the ROCKET KICK, Gallows hits the SPLASH! Then BACK SUPELX NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi survives but Anderson is annoyed. Anderson calls Gallows back in and fans rally up. Gallows drags Tanahashi up, the Good Brothers combine, but TORU YANO sprays them with baby oil!  Gallows chases Yano off, and Anderson turns around into a PRIMA NOCTA from Finlay! Tanahashi is up, he runs, SLINGBLADE! Fans fire up as Tanahashi goes up top!

Tanahashi aims and leaps, HIGH FLY FLOW!! Cover, #RebelAce wins!!

Winners: Hiroshi Tanahashi & David Finlay, by pinfall

This rag tag duo just beat the Impact World Tag Team Champions! And Tanahashi just pinned the NEVER Openweight Champion! Granted, Yano had a factor in it again, but will Tanahashi & Finlay look to take the Good Brothers’ gold?


KUSHIDA & Tama Tonga w/ Jado VS Taiji Ishimori & Jay White w/ Gedo!

The Timesplitter wants the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship while the Good Bad Guy wants the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship! Tama has a golden ticket from the G1, will he help Kushida get his? Or will they both breathe with the Switchblade and Bone Soldier Reborn?

Bullet Club Too Sweets and the teams sort out. Fans rally as Tama and White start, a rematch from the B Block’s final round! White and Tama circle, Taiji distracts and White attacks! White CLUBS away on Tama, Tama swings back but misses. White knees low, fires off forearms, then whips Tama to ropes. Tama reverses but White bails out! Tama pursues, White slides back in and stomps Tama down! Gedo applauds but he’s the only one. White drags Tama up, tags Taiji in, and Bullet Club mugs Tama with big clubbing forearms and stomps! The ref reprimands, White steps out and Taiji lets off.

Fans rally for Tama and he elbows Taiji. Tama swings on White but White gets away, and Taiji kicks Tama low. Taiji ROCKS Tama with haymakers, Jado coaches Tama on, and Kushida tags in! Tama reverses the whip and but he and Kushida hurdle Taiji, to then DOUBLE CHOP Taiji down! Fans fire up and Kushida drags Taiji up. Kushida wrenches an arm, snapmares and SLAMS the arm down! Kushida then ties up Taiji’s legs in a DEATHLOCK KNEEBAR! Taiji endures, rolls, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Kushida lets off and talks trash on White. Kushida drags Taiji up and CHOPS him to a corner!

Fans rally, Kushida whips corner to corner, but Taiji BOOTS him back! Taiji goes up to headscissor and BOOT Kushida, then he hits a BUCKLE SHOT! Taiji throws Kushida out, tags White, and Taiji distracts the ref by talking trash on Tama. White whips Kushida into railing! White then grabs camera cable to CHOKE Kushida! The ref is still busy with Taiji and Tama but Jado points it out. White lets off and gets in the ring. White wants Kushida to be counted out! Fans rally up for “KU-SHI-DA!” as the ring count starts. White keeps shouting at Kushida but Kushida gets up. White goes out and whips Kushida into railing again!

White puts Kushida back in and covers, TWO! Fans rally up while Gedo complains. White keeps Kushida from Tama, knees him low, then whips him to ropes and ELBOWS him down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally but White tags Taiji. White stands on Kushida’s head, then Taiji joins in. They scrape Kushida, then Taiji cravats to throw shoulder after shoulder into Kushida’s head! Kushida hits back with body shots and CHOPS, and a KICK to the leg! Taiji avoids the leg sweep to claw Kushida’s face! The ref reprimands but Taiji whips Kushida to ropes. Kushida handsprings to BACK ELBOW! Fans fire up again as both men are down!

Hot tags to White and Tama! Tama DROPKICKS White, and OFF COMES THE VEST! White gets to a corner and Tama runs corner to corner, but White dodges the splash! White clamps on the sleeper but Tama elbows free! White CHOPS, whips, but Tama reverses. White reverses back but swings into the dragon sleeper! White spins around to suplex but Tama slips out. White CHOPS again, then whips Tama to a corner. Tama comes back to CLOBBER White! Fans are thunderous and Tama runs in to STINGER SPLASH! Tama reels White in for a BIG back suplex! Tama pounds the mat and the fans clap along!

Gedo shouts to White as he stands up, Tama rushes in to GUN- NO, White reels Tama in, BLADE- NO! Tama slips out, but White dodges the superman punch! White has the sleeper, Tama elbows that away. White waistlocks, Tama throws another back elbow, but into the SAIDO! Fans fire up again while both men are down! White and Tama crawl, White tags in Taiji! Taiji runs at Tama in the corner to DOUBLE KNEE! Snapmare and NECK TWIST! Taiji rolls Tama into the omoplata and YES LOCK!! Tama endures and fans rally up! Taiji pulls back but Tama moves around, and Tama claws his way to the ROPEBREAK!

Fans applaud and Taiji lets Tama go. Taiji drags Tama up, wrenches and hits an ELBOW BREAKER! And then another! And another, but Tama turns that into a TONGAN TWIST! Fans rally up as Tama crawls over, hot tag to Kushida! Kushida goes up to top FLYING AX HANDLE, then he KICKS away on Taiji’s arm! Kushida whips, Taiji reverses but Kushida CROSSOBDIES! Kushida ducks the haymaker to PELE! Kushida WRECKS White with a dropkick, too! Fans fire up and Kushida drags Taiji up for an ELBOW BREAKER! Taiji avoids the Penalty Kick and fans fire up as the forearms start flying!

Taiji gets the edge, whips Kushida, but Kushida reverses. Taiji handsprings but into a PENALTY KICK! Kushida gets the arm to wrench it! Taiji resists the Hoverboard and White gets in! BLADE- NO, Kushida feeds White to a SUPERMAN PUNCH! White bails out and Tama pursues. Tama whips but White reverses and Tama hits railing! Taiji scoops Kushida for CIPHER UTAKI! Taiji roars while Kushida writhes, and Taiji says BANG! Gedo is fired up as Taiji hauls Kushida up, BLOODY- CRADLE! KUSHIDA & TAMA WIN!!

Winners: Kushida & Tama Tonga, by pinfall

But White CLOBBERS Kushida to stop the celebration! Taiji throws Young Lions out of the ring, then clamps onto Kushida with the BONE LOCK! Tama gets in, GUN- NO, White slips away! And Kushida fights his way around to put the BONE LOCK on Taiji!! Taiji suffers now while Tama keeps White out of the ring! White and Gedo tell someone to get in there and save Taiji! Young Lions get in the ring while Jado brings the belts! Tama holds up the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, could we see him become the GOLDEN Good Bad Guy? And is it only a matter of time before Kushida takes Taiji’s title?


G1 Climax 32 Finals: Kazuchika Okada VS Will Ospreay w/ The United Empire!

The Rainmaker conquered the A Block while the Commonwealth Kingpin conquered the D Block. But as Ospreay admitted himself, Okada leads their rivalry 6-1! Will Will repeat that one time he defeated Okada here tonight? Or will Okada make it rain with back-to-back G1 Climax championship wins?

Fans are fired up already as the bell rings and the two stare down. The claps for “O-KA-DA!” “O-SU-PREAY!” are thunderous as the two circle. Then things calm down as the two feel out the grapple. They tie up, are in a deadlock, but Okada headlocks. Ospreay endures the grind, powers up, but can’t power out as Okada holds tight. Okada grinds the hold, fans rally up and Ospreay throws body shots. Ospreay powers out, Okada stops himself and drops down to get the headlock back! Fans rally again as Ospreay endures and fights up. Ospreay back suplexes but Okada lands on his feet to headlock and takeover!

Ospreay headscissors, Okada kips free and headlocks for another takeover. Ospreay headscissors but Okada shrugs that off. Fans applaud the exchange while Ospreay keeps his shoulder up. Ospreay fights up, Okada grinds the headlock more, but Ospreay stands up. Fans rally and Ospreay powers Okada to ropes. Red Shoes counts the ropebreak and Okada lets go. Ospreay backs up slowly, but Okada avoids the chop! Okada headlocks, Ospreay powers out but Okada runs him over! Okada poses, things speed up, and Ospreay hurdles. Okada reels Ospreay into a wristlock ripcord but Ospreay ducks!

Ospreay springboards, but Okada denies the OsCutter! Fans fire up as the two stand off again! Okada and Ospreay stare down from opposite corners as the fans clap again, “O-KA-DA!” “O-SU-PREAY!” Okada and Ospreay circle, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Okada pushes Ospreay back to the ropes, Red Shoes calls the ropebreak, and Okada lets off slowly. Okada ROCKS Ospreay! No fake outs here! Okada CLUBS Ospreay while the Empire protests. Okada whips, Ospreay dodges and RANAS! Fans fire up and Okada bails out! Ospreay slingshots but Okada moves! Ospreay lands on the apron and Okada trips him up! Okada kicks Ospreay, to DDT to the floor!

Fans fire up while Red Shoes checks Ospreay. Ospreay’s okay to continue, though he clutches his neck. Okada leaves Ospreay behind to get in the ring, and Red Shoes starts the ring count. Fans rally up while Okada watches Ospreay. Ospreay sits up at 7 of 20, so Okada goes out to fetch him. Okada kicks low, to DDT to the floor AGAIN! Khan protests but Okada leaves Ospreay behind again. Fans rally again while Ospreay checks his head and neck. The ring count returns and Ospreay leans against railing at 4. Ospreay stands up at 8 and hobbles into the ring at 9, which fans applaud. But Okada drags Ospreay up to hit a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally as Ospreay is still in this. Okada drags Ospreay up with a chinlock. Okada grinds Ospreay and JAMS his knee in! Ospreay flails, pries at the hold, but Okada uses that to get a straitjacket stretch! Fans rally and Ospreay endures more. Okada shifts back to the chinlock but Ospreay scrambles forward to the ROPEBREAK! Okada lets go and Ospreay kicks at him. Okada drags Ospreay up to CLUB him on the back. Okada CLUBS Ospreay in the corner and Ospreay falls to his knees! Fans rally as Ospreay stands up, but Okada CLUBS him again! Okada clamps on with the chinlock again but Ospreay endures.

Ospreay fights up, throws back elbows, and then body shots. Okada CLUBS Ospreay’s neck again, whips him to a corner, but Ospreay reverses. Ospreay runs in but Okada dodges! Okada comes back with a back elbow! And then a kick to a- SUPLEX from Ospreay! Ospreay wasn’t gonna let Okada DDT him a third time! Fans fire up as Ospreay and Okada rise. Ospreay fires off a flurry of forearms then whips Okada to ropes. Okada reverses, Ospreay handsprings, NEURALIZER! Direct hit and Okada is down, but Ospreay goes to the apron! Okada stands, and Ospreay springboards for PIP PIP CHEERIO! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up more as Ospreay stands back up. Ospreay shakes out his arms, drags Okada up and reels him in, but Okada fights the lift. Okada RAMS Ospreay into a corner, hoists him up top, but Ospreay BOOTS Okada away! Okada comes back but Ospreay puts him up top to DROPKICK him to the floor! Ospreay knows Okada well! Fans fire up and Ospreay goes up top! SUPER SKY TWISTER!!! Fans are thunderous as Ospreay takes Okada down! The Empire coaches Ospreay and he gives a thumbs up. Ospreay stands and fires himself up before fetching Okada. Okada is dead weight but Ospreay drags him up.

Fans rally and Okada gut wrenches! Ospreay slips off, and uses the railing to jump, OSCUTTER to the floor! Red Shoes checks on Okada now as the fans rally up. Ospreay stands up, hobbles over to Okada, and he drags Okada up and into the ring. High stack cover, TWO! Okada is still in this but Ospreay keeps his cool. Fans rally back up and Ospreay drops a knee on Okada’s head! Ospreay KNEES and KICKS Okada in the back! Ospreay then drags Okada up, CLUBS him, and stalks Okada to a corner. Fans rally and Ospreay stands Okada up to ROCK in the back! Okada falls over and Ospreay paces around him.

Ospreay drags Okada up, snapmares him and clamps on a cravat for a neck wrench. Okada endures, fans rally up and Ospreay puts on the pressure. Okada fights his way back up, throws back elbows, but Ospreay ROCKS him with a forearm! Ospreay whips but Okada reverses, to back drop Ospreay HIGH! Fans fire up while Ospreay writhes on the mat. Okada and Ospreay stand, Ospreay rushes in but Okada FLAPJACKS him! Okada drags Ospreay back up and catches the haymaker! Ospreay resists, but Okada still puts on the MONEY CLIP! Ospreay endures and fans rally as Okada puts on the squeeze!

Ospreay fades, dropping to a knee, but he fights up to arm-drag free! Ospreay rushes in but into Okada’s JAWBREAKER to BACK2BACKBREAKER! And then MONEY CLIP!! Ospreay endures while fans rally again. Okada leans on the hold but Ospreay moves around. Okada makes it a MONEY CLIP STRETCH! The Empire coaches Ospreay and he scoots back, ROPEBREAK! Okada lets go and both men are down on the mat. Fans rally again and Okada stands up. Okada drags Ospreay up, scoops him, and SLAMS him! Okada goes to the corner and climbs up, for the MACHO ELBOW! And of course, the Rainmaker Pose!

Okada drags Ospreay up, wristlocks, but Ospreay backs him to a corner! Okada uses that to throw Ospreay into the corner! Okada ROCKS Ospreay with a forearm, and fans rally up again. Ospreay stands up, Okada ROCKS him again. And EuroUppers! Okada wrenches and whips Ospreay corner to corner hard, and Ospreay bounces off buckles to hit the mat! The Empire looks worried while Okada eggs Ospreay on. Fans haven’t stopped rallying and Okada kicks at Ospreay. Ospreay gets mad as Okada slaps him. Ospreay throws a forearm but Okada ROCKS him right back! Fans fire up and Ospreay fires off Kowada Kicks and CHOPS and more kicks and a CHOP, repeat!

Ospreay CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Okada falls over but stands right back up to SHOTGUN Ospreay into the corner! Only for Ospreay to come right back and LARIAT!! Both men are down and the fans are thunderous! Ospreay and Okada stir, and Ospreay crawls after Okada as Okada crawls to ropes. Ospreay pushes Okada to the apron then joins him out there. Okada sits up and Ospreay reels him in! Okada fights the piledriver, Ospreay keeps trying, and Okada back drops Ospreay to the apron! Fans rally as both men are on the edge. Okada drags Ospreay up now, gut wrenches him, but Ospreay fights free!

Ospreay HOOK KICKS Okada, then goes up the corner, APRON OSCUTTER!! Both men crash down and then fall tot he floor while fans are thunderous again! Red Shoes checks both men but they’re okay to continue. The ring count starts and both men are still down at 5 of 20. Ospreay sits up at 6 and stands up at 10 to get in the ring. Okada is still down at 12, but starts to sit up at 13. Fans rally up and Okada sits all the way up at 16! Okada stands and staggers, and leans on the railing at 18! Okada turns around and slides in at 19, but Ospreay hits him with COAST2COAST! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay hurries right up top, to BLINDSIDE CHEERIO!

Fans fire up and Ospreay roars! Ospreay springboards, to OSCUTTER!! But his own neck slows him down on the cover, TWO!! Okada survives and fans are thunderous again! Okada and Ospreay crawl to opposite ends of the ring, and then drag themselves up the ropes. Ospreay aims to SUPERKICK Okada down! Ospreay then drags Okada up, reels him in and underhooks the arms, but Okada flips through the lift to short arm LARIAT! Ospreay stays up and roars, then BOOTS Okada! And again! And again! Okada short arm LARIATS again! Both men are down but Okada holds onto the wristlock! Fans rally up as Okada stirs.

Okada stands and he drags Ospreay back up, to short arm LARIAT again! Okada roars, drags Ospreay back up and wristlocks, but Ospreay fires back elbows! Okada CLUBS Ospreay on the back, EuroUppers, then runs, into the Tiger Wall Kick! But Okada DROPKICKS first! Okada whips, Ospreay avoids the dropkick! Ospreay springboards, OS- DROPKICK!! Okada knocks Ospreay out of the sky! The fans are thunderous and Okada gut wrenches Ospreay for the TOMBSTONE!! Then Okada stands Ospreay up, ROLLING- NO, Ospreay swats the lariat to ROLLING ELBOW! And HOOK KICK! And CHELSEY GRIN!!

Okada falls over from the blindside elbow and fans are electric! Ospreay aims from a corner, Okada rises and Ospreay runs in, into a DROPKICK! But Ospreay’s right up! But he runs into a gut wrench! Ospreay turns that around onto Okada, and he ties up the legs! HOLY CROSS TOMBSTONE!! Cover, TWO!?!? Okada survives but Ospreay prepares his elbow pad! Ospreay aims as Okada sits up, HIDDEN BLADE!!! Cover, TWO!?!?! Okada survives and Ospreay can’t believe it! Fans rally up and Ospreay goes to the corner. Ospreay goes up top, FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!!! Okada is still alive!

Ospreay drags Okada up, reels him in, tucks him in, STYLES CLASH!! Cover, TWO!!!! Okada survives because Ospreay isn’t quite phenomenal! Fans are electric again as Okada drags himself to ropes. Ospreay glares and stands up. Ospreay aims a finger gun and says BANG! Shoutout to the Cleaner, V-TRIGGER!! Ospreay Electric Chair Lifts?!? But Okada slips out to scoop and LANDSLIDE!! Okada ripcords for RAINMAKER!!! Cover, TWO!?!?!? Okada can’t believe it, but neither can anyone else!! The Empire rallies and the fans are erupting while both men are down! Okada drags himself around to find Ospreay.

Okada grits his teeth, he grabs at Ospreay, but Ospreay tries to crawl away. Okada tells Ospreay it’s not done yet! Ospreay resists as Okada goes for the wristlock. Ospreay throws elbows but Okada won’t back off! Okada stands Ospreay up, but Ospreay throws more elbows! Okada GERMAN SUPLEXES! Okada holds on and he drags Ospreay up again! Ripcord, SPANISH FLY!! Ospreay turns it around on Okada and fans are electric again! They’ve been fighting for 30 minutes and they’re still not done! Ospreay sits up first but Okada slowly follows. Okada reaches out but Ospreay pushes his hands away.

They’re still on the mat but Ospreay ROCKS Okada with a forearm! Okada ROCKS Ospreay back! Ospreay ROCKS Okada back! Fans rally back up as Okada turns around and ROCKS Ospreay! Ospreay snarls and grits his teeth, then he ROCKS Okada! The forearms fly back and forth as the two stand up! Ospreay seethes then fires back! Fans fire up as the brawl continues, and Okada falls over! Okada stands back up as Ospreay glares at him. Okada fires a flurry, but Ospreay roars and ROCKS Okada! Okada EuroUppers, Ospreay HOOK KICKS! Ospreay and Okada fall over and the fans are thunderous again!

Ospreay crawls over to Okada, brings him around and underhooks the arms. Ospreay lifts but Okada fights it off! Alabama Lift, REVERSE NECKBREAKER! But Ospreay just gets right up! HIDDEN- NO, Okada ducks the Hidden Blade, then ducks the Buzzsaw, to ENZIGURI! Okada drags Ospreay up, pump handles and scoops, but Ospreay slips free! But Okada ducks the haymaker to ripcord, only for Ospreay to POP-UP ELBOW! Ospreay aims from a corner as fans are electric again! HIDDEN- SPIN-OUT POWERSLAM!! Ripcord and RAINMAKER!!! Okada falls on the cover, and Okada wins!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall (G1 Climax 32 Champion)

Two years in a row, Kazuchika Okada wins the final of the G1 Climax!! Will Ospreay have to complete his G1 dream next year?

As for Okada, he stands up and catches his breath, he is presented with the G1 Climax trophy and banner by JAM Project, the band that sings the G1 Climax theme song. Okada and JAM Project stand together for the photo ops, then he has his own moment to hold both trophy and banner overhead. Trophy and banner are set in place and Okada gets the mic. “BUDOKAN! Once again, thank you for your hot and enthusiastic support! Ospreay, you’re the best, man. You brought the heat. However, I’ll rule this thing for as long as it takes for you to beat me, ya bastard!”

Okada continues to say thanks to the fans for all their support this last month. “Even though the world is still in a difficult place, so many of you came out here. And those who couldn’t are watching right now on NJPW World. All of that support helped make this a hot G1 Climax!” Fans applaud that, and clap for “O-KA-DA!” Okada says this was his ELEVENTH G1 Climax, “and this year was as tough as ever. I won last year, too, making this a repeat victory. After winning last year, I challenged the meaning of winning the G1 Climax. Winning the G1 shouldn’t be seen as a stepping stone to winning the IWGP World title.

“Today’s match proved that the G1 means something other than winning a belt that changes hands. It’s a once-a-year league to decide who is really the best! You don’t win this just so you get an IWGP World Heavyweight title shot after. To me, that flies in the face of what winning the G1 really should be about. Therefore, I’ll raise the value of what it means to win the G1! I’ll raise the value of what it means to have earned that January 4th Tokyo Dome main event spot! It’s the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion challenging the G1 Climax Champion, Kazuchika Okada!” Fans applaud the idea of turning the tables on the top title!

Okada continues to say that he knows every competitor gave it their all, so that makes him all the more confident he’ll succeed! “NJPW, you know where I want to be on January 4th. Naito says you always give in to me, so don’t let this time be any different! Kento-dono, if you would please!” Fans clap for “O-KA-DA!” again, and he says, “I want the Tokyo Dome packed on January 4th, 2023. We’re eight months in to this 50th anniversary year, I’ll spend the rest of the year enticing those who haven’t yet discovered pro-wrestling! And I’ll make pro-wrestling fans even more excited about it! NJPW and Kazuchika Okada will continue to light pro-wrestling up! Please, continue to support us!”

Fans applaud again and Okada says, “All I can do is thank you, so thank you very much.” Fans clap for him again, and he says, “I hope pro-wrestling continues to be something you cherish. I’m not doing this just for me or NJPW, I’m doing this to fill a Tokyo Dome that we can all enjoy together! Please, stay with me! Thank you very much!” Okada tears up a bit, but he tells the fans that things got really heated up, so they should go home and cool off. “NJPW’s 50th anniversary continues, Kazuchika Okada and NJPW will continue to excite you all! For the rest of this anniversary year, and all of the wrestling world, I will make it rain!”

Okada drops the mic, poses with the banner and trophy, and the silver streamers fly! Will Okada redefine the power structure between the G1 Climax winner and the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion? Who will he meet for that battle come Wrestle Kingdom?

My Thoughts:

A great event for the G1 Climax, and it of course set up a lot of upcoming matches for titles/prizes. Takagi & Hiromu VS Kenta & ELP was a lot of fun, but I figured ELP would cheat to beat Takagi. ELP is surely coming after the KOPW trophy, but I would love if Kenta wants a match with Hiromu over what happened to Kenta’s book. Tanahashi & Finlay VS Good Brothers was really good, and what a great surprise from Yano showing up to squirt oil all over Gallows. Yano VS Gallows is probably going to be a match, and I would think Tanahashi challenges Anderson for the NEVER Openweight Championship, a title Tanahashi’s only had the one time.

Great stuff out of Tama & Kushida VS White & Taiji. The IWGP World and Junior Heavyweight losing here is probably a sign that they win in their separate 1v1 matches. As awesome as it would be for Tama to take the title before Wrestle Kingdom, this makes me think he won’t win it. Kushida VS Taiji could go either way, but Kushida getting the win on Taiji makes me think Taiji survives him to retain the title. And of course, we got just an awesome match between Okada and Ospreay. Quite a few times, I thought Ospreay was winning here, but in the end, it seems NJPW is sticking with old faithful, Kazuchika Okada. Okada VS White will be great for Wrestle Kingdom, but so would Okada against just about anyone.

My Score: 8.9/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (8/18/22)

Big Strong Boy VS Scum of the Earth!



The NXT UK Championship Tournament rolls on!

It’s a double shot of the NXT UK Championship Tournament, as Mark Andrews takes on Joe Coffey, and Tyler Bate faces Kenny Williams!


  • Vacated NXT UK Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Mark Andrews VS Joe Coffey; Coffey wins and advances.
  • Amale VS Nina Samuels; Amale wins.
  • Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward w/ Thea Hail VS Eddie Dennis & Saxon Huxley; Chase & Bodhi win.
  • Vacated NXT UK Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Tyler Bate VS Kenny Williams; Bate wins and advances.


Vacated NXT UK Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Mark Andrews VS Joe Coffey!

South Wales Subculture and Gallus clash once again, but it’ll be the High Fiving, Stage Diving, Skateboarding Rockstar taking on the Iron King! Will #MANDREWS head for singles gold? Or is this Joe’s chance to finally strike gold?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans rally as the two shake hands. They tie up, Joe arm-drags Andrews but Andrews gets right up. They tie up again, Joe whips Andrews to ropes but Andrews holds ropes to stop. Andrews comes back to headlock, and he holds on as Joe tries to power out. Joe back suplexes but Andrews lands on his feet! Andrews headlocks again but Joe powers out to run him over! Fans cheer as Joe speeds things up. Andrews hurdles an arm-drags, but Joe blocks it! Joe brings Andrews up to whip but Andrews RANAS, only for Joe to block it! Joe brings Andrews up, Andrews pops free but leaps into Joe’s scoop SLAM!

Fans fire up for Joe as he stalks Andrews to a corner. Joe throws body shots, then whips Andrews. Andrews holds ropes to stop that, and he ELBOWS back hard! Andrews goes up, leaps, and RANAS! Fans fire up and Andrews keeps moving, but Joe pops Andrews up for a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Joe keeps cool and he drags Andrews up. Fans rally as Joe whips Andrews hard into the corner, then doe sit again! Joe scoops Andrews for a BACKBREAKER! Andrews writhes but Joe brings him up. Andrews throws body shots and forearms and CHOPS, but Joe hits a heavy body shot! Joe suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO!

Joe paces around Andrews and fans rally up. Joe half nelsons and even clamps onto the other shoulder. Andrews endures while fans rally up again. Joe thrashes Andrews around but Andrews throws body shots! Andrews tries to arm-drag but Joe holds on! Joe snapmares Andrews, covers, TWO! Joe drops an elbow but Andrews avoids it! Andrews throws heavy body shots in return but Joe throws them all back! Joe then clamps back onto the half nelson! Joe digs his knuckles into Andrews’ shoulder, but the fans rally as he endures. Andrews fights up, Joe wants the full nelson, but Andrews clasps hands!

Joe spins Andrews to EuroUpper! And again! Joe EuroUppers but Andrews hooks the arms! Joe fights the backslide, but Andrews still brings him down! Joe powers back up! Joe swings Andrews around but Andrews rolls him up, TWO!! Joe gets up but Andrews DROPKICKS him! Andrews runs to dropkick the legs out! Andrews keeps moving but Joe HEADBUTTS! Andrews falls down and Joe yanks him up! Andrews dodges the lariat and pops up to SATELLITE DDT! Fans fire up while both men are down! Andrews and Joe stir, Andrews runs in and ROCKS Joe! Joes wings, misses, and Andrews ROCKS him again! Andrews runs to CLOBBER Joe!

Fans fire up with Andrews and he throws forearms and CHOPS on Joe! Joe throws a body shot, shoves Andrews to ropes, but Andrews slides under the lariat to PELE! Joe ends up tumbling out of the ring, and his feet hook the bottom rope! Joe dangles over the floor and Andrews goes out to WOE STOMP him down! Fans fire up as Joe sputters and writhes! Fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” as Andrews brings Joe up. Joe shoves Andrews away, gets in the ring, and Andrews GAMANGIRIS him! Andrews springboards to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Joe survives but fans fire up behind Andrews!

Joe goes to a corner, Andrews runs in and DOUBLE- NO! Joe blocks the knees! Andrews CLUBS Joe but Joe throw shim away, BOOTS him, and OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes! Fans rally back up for Joe as he crawls to the cover, TWO! Joe snarls, he drags Andrews up and suplexes, STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! Andrews has Joe wobbling and he hurries to a corner! Andrews springboards again, but into an UPPERCUT! Joe runs corner to corner for the GLASGOW SENDOFF! Joe runs to give Andrews ALL THE BEST FOR THE BELLS! Cover, Joe wins!!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

And with that, the Iron King is in the semifinals! Will he finally make NXT UK his kingdom by taking the top title?


NXT UK Media catches up with Joe Coffey backstage.

Joe is singing, “This is what it means to be Gallus~! We’ll be champions again as you know~!” Joe stops singing to say that IS what it means to be Gallus. Did you see that match? Just like that, Joe’s first time back since his long time off, and he is feeling MANIC. The UK Championship escaped him two times before, but at the end of this tournament, there will be one man standing! This will be Joe’s kingdom! Gallus Boys On Top!! Coffey is all fired up, but will he finally be a golden Iron King?


Amale VS Nina Samuels!

The French Hope has wanted her own road back to the top title, but there are many obstacles in her way. There’s Blair Davenport, Eliza Alexander and Isla Dawn for sure, but the Leading Lady isn’t exactly helping things by trying to boost her ratings using Amale. Will Amale make sure the Nina Samuels Show is taken off the air once and for all?

The bell rings and fans rally behind the “FRENCH HOPE! FRENCH HOPE!” Amale and Nina circle, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Amale headlocks, grinds, but Nina powers up, only for Amale to hold tight. Nina fights up, lifts Amale, but Amale uses that for a flying takedown! Amale grinds the headlock but Nina rolls it to a cover, TWO! Fans duel, Amale rolls Nina with her arm to ghost pin, TWO! Nina kicks low, whips Amale to a corner, but Amale goes up and over! Amale headlocks for another takeover! Fans rally and sing for Amale but Nina fights up. Nina throws body shots, powers out, but Amale runs her over!

Amale runs, Nina stays low and then jumps. But Amale fakes her out to dropkick the legs out! Amale then runs, redirects and basement dropkicks Nina down! Nina staggers up into a SHOTGUN! Amale drags Nina to a cover, TWO! Amale keep son Nina but Nina hooks the ropes. Amale yanks her away but Nina uses that to RAM Amale into the corner! The ref counts, Nina lets off at 4, but Amale dodges the sucker punch! Nina uses the ropes as defenses, then she BOOTS Amale down! Nina stomps Amale down after the cheap shot, then she drags Amale to ropes. Nina bends Amale against the ropes, CLUBS her, then runs to dropkick Amale down! Cover, TWO!

Nina drags Amale around to dribble her off the mat! The ref reprimands, Nina sits Amale up for a chinlock. The fans taunt Nina but she shouts back at them. Nina digs her knee in but Amale endures. Amale fights up, pries at the chinlock, but Nina JAMS Amale in the back again. Amale still endures, fights her way up, but Nina JAMS her down again. Fans rally for the “FRENCH HOPE!” again and she fights up. Amale throws body shots but Nina scoops and SLAMS Amale down! Cover, TWO! Fans still sing for Amale but Nina talks trash. Nina slaps Amale around, sits her up and scuffs her with her boot!

Nina keeps kicking but Amale blocks the boot! Amale breaks free to ROCK Nina with forearms again and again! Nina shoves Amale, then scoops her for a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Amale survives but Nina is furious. Fans taunt Nina but Nina makes Amale smile! The ref counts, Nina lets off and pulls Amale up into the motorcycle stretch in the ropes! The ref counts again, Nina lets off again, but Amale dodges the straddle attack! Amale rallies on Nina with haymakers and forearms! Fans fire up for the ROLLING ELBOW! Nina falls and Amale fires up! Amale runs in to rally with big clotheslines and elbows!

Amale hauls Nina up, whips her to a corner and runs in to clothesline! Then BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Fans still rally and Amale drags Nina up. Amale waistlocks but Nina fights! Nina drop toeholds Amale into ropes, but Amale elbows back! Nina runs in but Amale drop toeholds her into buckles! Amale runs side to side, for the BOOT WASH! Amale drags Nina up and fans chant “OUI! OUI! OUI!” for the HOPEBREAKER! High stack cover, Amale wins!

Winner: Amale, by pinfall

Another great win for Amale, but will it be enough to convince management she deserves a title opportunity? Amale tells Blair, Eliza and Isla that they better be watching, because they’re next!


NXT UK Media catches up with Oliver Carter.

He gets another check up with the trainer, and he knows they want to know how his leg is doing. It’s all good, but then Trent Seven walks over to say, “But is it, though? Because to me, Oliver Carter, that looks like a very, very heavily bandaged and braced left knee.” What Seven suggests is Carter just gives up now and lets Seven go the finals. Go on, say it. Carter will say it. If Carter remembers last time, when Carter & Smith faced Seven & Bate, they made Moustache Mountain into ex-champions.

Seven says yes, that did happen. But it was also the most important and pivotal moment in Seven’s career. Because now, the WWE Universe and Carter get to see the REAL Trent seven. And the real Trent Seven will break that leg!


Ilja Dragunov speaks.

“This is my message for every competitor in the NXT UK Championship Tournament. Impressive, inspiring, how every single one of you are willing to give everything they have for this prestigious prize. And I’m curious to know who will take my place as the champion. But pay attention to the wording: MY place. Whoever you will be, you better sleep well, fight hard, because the second, the very second I will be back, I will throw my entire existence in front of you in a way you haven’t ever seen before. Long Live the Czar!”


Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward w/ Thea Hail VS Eddie Dennis & Saxon Huxley!

The former headmaster crashed a lecture, and now Professor Chase and his star pupil are ready to give him a #TeachableMoment! But will the Welsh Dragon be able to guide the Divine Beast of the Astral Plane to victory? Or will they fail Chase U’s test?

Dennis is already trying to teach Huxley some self control in his energy, but Huxley just runs the ropes like the wild man he is! The teams sort out and fans taunt Dennis as he starts against Chase. The teachers circle, tie up, and Chase wrenches the arm. Chase hits an ELBOW BREAKER, then wristlocks. Dennis spins through, wrenches and waistlocks then spins Chase for an arm-drag! Dennis tells Huxley to learn from that catch-as-catch-can! Chase and Dennis reset and circle again. They tie up, Dennis wrenches to a wristlock but Chase rolls, handsprings and lips through to a top wristlock and arm-drag!

Chase SLAPS Dennis on the head! That was a TEACHABLE MOMENT! Dennis rushes in, but into a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! The fans spell out Chase U as Chase stomps away on Dennis! Chase clinches Dennis, brings him over and tags in Bodhi. Feed into the shoulder then Bodhi slingshots to sunset flip! Cover, TWO! Bodhi stays on Dennis with a wrench and tag back to Chase. Chase CLUBS the arm, wrenches it, then hooks it. Tag back to Bodhi, and he CLUBS the arm! Bodhi wrenches and wristlocks and tags Chase back in. Chase goes up the corner for AX HANDLES! Chase wrenches but Dennis knees low!

Dennis wrenches and brings Chase over to tag in Huxley! Huxley goes up, but Chase pulls Dennis in, Huxley AX HANDLES Dennis! Huxley and Dennis argue about the miscommunication, and Dennis shoves Huxley, into a roll-up from Chase! TWO and Dennis realizes he almost made a mistake! Chase kicks Huxley, EuroUppers, but runs into a cheap shot from Dennis! Chase DECKS Dennis for it, then dodges Huxley, only for the THESZ PRESS to hit on the return! Huxley dribbles Chase and Bodhi protests! Huxley runs and drops the BIG elbow! Cover, ONE!! Huxley drags Chase up to bump him off buckles!

Tag to Dennis and Dennis stomps Chase. Fans rally for Chase and he fires body shots back! Dennis whips and CLOBBERS Chase! Cover, TWO! Dennis clamps onto Chase and gets an arm for a cording hold. Chase fights up, Huxley tags in and he KNEES Chase low. Huxley throws body shots but Chase JABS and JABS! Chase whips but Huxley blocks to reverse hard! Huxley then whips Chase and clotheslines in the other corner! Huxley whips again, then runs in to clothesline from behind! Huxley whips Chase again, and again, and Chase is being worn out by the buckles! Dennis shouts at Huxley, “What’re you doing, ya moron?!”

Huxley stomps whipping Chase around and Dennis tells him to finish it off! But Chase avoids the elbow drop! Fans rally up and Chase crawls, as does Huxley! Hot tags to Bodhi and Dennis! Bodhi CLOBBERS Dennis over and over, then runs through him to run him over! Bodhi fires up and STANDING SPLASHES! Cover, Huxley breaks it! Huxley drags Bodhi up to whip but Bodhi reverses and sends Huxley out! Dennis JABS Bodhi, hoists him up, and hits a BIG back suplex! Tag to Huxley and Huxley goes right up top! FLYING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Bodhi survives but Huxley fires up! Huxley double hand grips but Dennis tags in?

Huxley is confused, and not just because he’s crazy. Huxley says Dennis is a horrible teacher but Dennis says he’ll finish this off! Dennis drags Bodhi up but Huxley storms off! Dennis reels Bodhi in, but Bodhi back drops free! Tag to Chase! Bodhi spins Dennis around, Gory Especial, and Chase runs, ROLLING COMPLETE SHOT!! Cover, Chase U wins!!

Winners: Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward, by pinfall

Dennis just learned that students only learn when teachers aren’t complete jerks! Huxley gets back in the ring to say as much but Dennis says its Huxley’s fault. So Huxley grabs Dennis for the TWO HAND CHOKE POWERBOMB! Huxley is running wild, and he chest bumps Bodhi! Chase shakes Huxley’s hand instead, will we see the wild man in Chase U some day?


NXT UK takes a closer look at the coming Heritage Cup Championship rematch.

Noam Dar says that NXT UK isn’t just here to watch the game, they’re here to change the game. That’s why they’re the only brand to use the Heritage Cup Rounds style. Mark Coffey adds that no one else has this. No one else produces the toughness that the UK does. The physical toughness, and the mental toughness. Dar says there’s nothing more competitive, and Mark says it’s like having six matches in one go. Step up or step aside! If you think you can do this, then EFFING C’MON THEN! That is what this cup is all about!

Mark says the Heritage Cup represents the history of pro-wrestling in the UK, and it is his honor to be carrying that forward. Dar says heritage is about giving thanks and praise to the legacy of this sport. James Mason, Johnny Moss, Robbie Brookside, Johnny Saint. Without those men, this brand wouldn’t be here. They do not let the past die. Mark is carrying their legacy while carving his own right next to theirs. Dar says to “all those old boys watching,” pat yourselves on the back. But Dar is here now, and all the levels those legends have set, Dar will best them. They can start thanking Dar now.

Mark says Dar is perhaps the greatest Heritage Cup Champion there’s ever been, but he also said he’d beat Dar without Sha in his corner, and look what happened. Dar isn’t here to talk about Sha. It’s never been about Sha, it’s been about Dar. Mark says Dar is lost without his corner man. But Dar says he’ll put away all the doubt and questions in the rematch. Fight IQ beats toughness, just like chess beats checkers, and like Dar beats Mark. Mark will bust through those rounds, those walls, and through Dar! Mark says the legacy is in his hands, because it is GALLUS’ KINGDOM! Next week, who wins the epic rematch to prove they are THE Heritage Cup Champion?


Vacated NXT UK Championship Tournament, Opening Round: Tyler Bate VS Kenny Williams!

Oliver Carter beat Charlie Dempsey and Trent Seven beat Wolfgang, giving us one semifinal match. Joe Coffey beat Mark Andrews to start the night, and he waits for the winner of this main event! Will the Big Strong Boy start towards a second NXT UK Championship reign? Or will the Scum of the Earth ruin all of that right here?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans sing, “We want our Tyler back! We want our Tyler back!” Bate and Kenny tie up, Bate hits a headlock takeover but Kenny headscissors. Bate kips free, and the two stand off. Fans now chant, “Squash the Cockroach!” as Bate and Kenny reset. They tie up again, go around, and Bate wrenches to a wristlock, Kenny hooks a leg, but Bate cranks the wrist and wrangles Kenny. Kenny keeps his shoulder up, kips up, and he wrenches through. Bate rolls, wrenches and wristlocks back! Kenny spins to back elbow Bate! Kenny whips Bate to a corner, Bate goes up and under then knuckle locks to hammerlock.

Bate baits Kenny, goes up and under, baits him again to roll Kenny up, TWO! Bate whips but Kenny goes up, only for Bate to snapmare! Bop up, and Kenny scrambles away! Fans rally and sing for Tyler again as Kenny resets. Kenny offers a handshake, but then he leaves Bate hanging. Oldest trick in the book! Kenny mocks the mustache tweeze, “just like your old pal Trent!” Bate slaps Kenny’s hands away so Kenny SLAPS Bate! Bate DECKS Kenny! Bate fires off hands, Kenny gets in the ropes and the ref counts. Bate lets off, but just for a moment! Kenny pokes Bate in the eye! Kenny CLBOBERS Bate, covers, TWO!

Kenny knuckle locks and covers, TWO as Bate gets an arm up. Kenny puts that arm down, TWO as the other arm comes up! Kenny puts that down, TWO as Bate bridges! Kenny hops on but Bate stays up! Kenny is annoyed, but then Bate powers up more! Bate gets his arms up to do a full neck bridge! Kenny can’t believe it as Bate sits up!! Bate breaks the locks to SLAP Kenny! Bate whips Kenny to a corner, Kenny bounces off buckles into the back drop! Kenny staggers up into a DROPKCIK! Fans rally as Kenny bails out, and Bate builds speed! Kenny gets in as Bate slides out, and Kenny triangle jumps to back elbow!

Bate goes down and fans boo, but Kenny builds speed! Bate dodges the wrecking ball dropkick, and he pops Kenny up to a fireman’s carry! AIRPLANE SPIN! But Kenny grabs the post to stop that! Bate lets off, rushes in but Kenny sends him into the post! And then WRINGS him into the barriers! Kenny scurries into the ring and we’re at 6 of 10 on the ring count! Bate is up and in at 8! Kenny stomps away on Bate, fans rally but Kenny paces around. Fans chant, “Let’s Go, Tyler!” “Kenny Sucks!” so they’re really all on the same page. Kenny stands Bate up to DECK him! Kenny mocks the Big Strong Boy and he stomps again! Kenny covers, TWO!

Kenny CLAWS Bate’s back, then HIP DROPS him down! Kenny talks some trash, scuffs Bate’s face, then covers again, TWO! Kenny drags Bate up, shove shim and RAMS into him! Fans rally, Kenny shoves and RAMS Bate again, then whips him to ropes. Bate sunset flips but Kenny stays up! Bate avoids the fist drop, then CHOSP Kenny! Bate ROCKS and CHOPS again, whips corner to corner hard, and Kenny bounces off buckles! Bate fires off on Kenny at the ropes, then whips him to ropes. Kenny catches Bate for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Kenny mockingly applauds Bate for surviving, and the fans rally up again.

Kenny rains down fists on Bate’s head, then CLOBBERS Bate with a crossface forearm! Cover, TWO! Kenny is frustrated but fans rally up more. Kenny HIP DROPS again, then clamps on with a chinlock. Kenny throws more of those crossface forearms, then sits on the neck wrench. Bate endures and fans rally up. Bate powers up to Electric Chair Lift Kenny, for the DROP! Fans rally as the standing count starts. Bate sits up but Kenny follows. Bate EuroUppers Kenny, and again, and again! Kenny kicks low and whips Bate to a corner. Kenny runs in, blocks a boot but not the KNEE! Bate then goes up to FLYING UPPERCUT!

Fans fire up as Kenny flounders! Bate runs in at the corner to EuroUpper! Bate whips, Kenny reverses, but Bate catches Kenny for an EXPLODER! Bate kips up and fans fire up! STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO! Fans rally behind Bate and he hauls Kenny up. Kenny throws elbows to fight the fireman’s carry. Bate EuroUppers, and again, but Kenny backslides! TWO, and Kenny CHOP BLOCKS! Kenny fireman’s carries, to ROLLING DEATH VALLEY! Cover, TWO! Fans rally again as the standing count returns. Bate and Kenny sit up at 5m and Kenny yanks Bate in! BAD- NO! No Bad Luck here as Bate swings Kenny around!

Bate fireman’s carries Kenny for the AIRPLANE SPIN! Fans count all the way to 11, but Kenny grabs the ropes! Bate pulls him away to keep going! The count is now 20, and Bate SLAMS Kenny down! Bate wobbles but the fans rally behind him! Kenny stands up, they both stagger, but Bate dodges, DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! Fans fire up for the “UK! UK!” and another standing count begins. Kenny and Bate sit up at 6, Kenny throws wrist tape at Bate before throwing a sucker punch! Bate hits back, then ROCKS Kenny with more forearms! They both stand, Bate CHOPS and Kenny wobbles!

Bate ROCKS, CHOPS, repeat, but Kenny kicks the leg! Bop up, but Kenny BOOTS! Kenny boots but Bate blocks this one! Bate EuroUppers Kenny, and blocks the yoyo for BANG! Kenny tumbles out, Bate builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit into the barriers! Fans are thunderous as Bate puts Kenny in! Kenny crawls but Bate drags him back and deadlifts for the GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Fans rally behind Bate and he huffs and puffs while pacing around Kenny. Bate brings Kenny up, underhooks him, for the TYLER DRI- NO, Kenny slips out to BAD- NO! No Bad Luck, Bate deadlifts Kenny again!

But Kenny runs forward to HOTSHOT Bate on the ropes! Bate sputters, Kenny rolls him up! Feet on the ropes!! TWO!! Bate escapes on his own as the ref missed that! Kenny ELBOWS Bate away, goes up the corner, and leaps back, into a waistlock! GERMAN SUPLEX!! Fans fire up again and Bate runs, rebound LARIAT! Bate gets Kenny up again, for the TYLER DRIVER 97!! Cover, Bate wins!!

Winner: Tyler Bate, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

And the Big Strong Boy is a semifinalist! And those matches are both happening next week! Will Bate return to an NXT UK Championship Tournament Finals?

My Thoughts:

A great episode for NXT UK, but unfortunately so much of this is made meaningless by the massive spoilers on NXT Heatwave, and the news about WWE transforming NXT UK into NXT Europe. It seems Worlds Collide 2022 is happening, and on September 4th to A) follow up WWE Clash at the Castle on the 3rd, and B) counter program against AEW All Out. On top of that news, there is news that a handful of NXT UK wrestlers are let go as of today, some of which we just saw today. Joe Coffey and Mark Andrews had a very good opening match to move the NXT UK Championship tournament along. Joe moves on as Gallus is getting to look strong right about now, and the entirety of South Wales Subculture is moving on from the WWE.

Very good match from Amale and Nina, and with Amale being part of that NXT UK Women’s Championship contender story, she wins and stays in the company while Nina Samuels is moving on from WWE. Good promo from Ilja Dragunov to remind everyone that he will be back, and he will definitely have a great match against the new NXT UK Champion *cough* Bate */cough* in the future. Great promo between Carter and Seven to hype up their match, that’ll be a lot of fun but I fully expect Seven to win to meet Bate in the finals. Really fun match out of Chase U, Dennis and Huxley, but I had a feeling Chase U would win to make Dennis look like a doofus.

Great vignette for Dar VS Mark 3, but some of those lines already haven’t aged well with the news we just got. This match could go either way because Gallus’ appearance on NXT Heatwave didn’t show Mark with the cup, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still Heritage Cup Champion. We’ll just have to wait and see, since Gallus is also going after the NXT UK Tag Team Championships next Tuesday. And we got a great main event match out of Bate VS Williams, the fans had a lot of fun having Bate back in action, and even without the spoilers, of course Bate wins to move on. Bate VS Coffey is going to be great, but of course Bate is going to win.

My Score: 8.4/10

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