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Rob: Suffering Succotash

Jon Moxley has been providing some talking points for the IWC. Rob goes over the newest bit of information about the sufferin succotash line.



Jon Moxley has been providing some talking points for the IWC. Rob goes over the newest bit of information about the sufferin succotash line.

We’re still feeling the fallout from Jon Moxley’s post-WWE interview tour, and while so many people are still ripping Vince McMahon and also Brock Lesnar, I thought I’d address a different topic, one that is really burning me up.  It has to do with that newfound evil that we only knew about for over a decade, the scripted promo.  In particular I’m thinking of a line from a scripted promo that has lived in infamy for way too long.  Actually it’s not a line it’s just two words:  Suffering Succotash.  Those two words have been a thorn in the side of Roman Reigns ever since he uttered them on TV, but now it seems that some of the wonderful wrestling fans out there have decided it’s time to forgive him for saying them.  And that makes me want to puke because they’re about four years too late, and think way too highly of themselves in the first place.  I mean seriously any response to this newfound epiphany other than ‘go play in traffic’ (I’m keeping it PG here) is letting these folks off easy.

The sad reality is that for four years, FOUR YEARS, the Roman Reigns bashing section of Wrestling Fans have used this one line from one promo as a sticking point.  A line that he did not come up with, that we knew the entire time that he did not come up, a line that as silly as it was got a positive reaction from the people in the building, a line that anyone with a functioning brain should know that he didn’t want to say, a line that he did not openly complain about specifically but anyone with a functioning brain would have known he was thinking of when he said on Talk is Jericho that he didn’t like a lot of his early promo stuff when he first went solo.  Oh, and lastly a line that most of us didn’t even remember him saying until these morons insisted on bringing it up over and over and over.  It is a professional wrestling show for crying out loud; there is no shortage of lines spoken by the people on that show that were silly, preposterous, and downright absurd.  A man once uttered the words Poontang Pie on this same show with a straight face and we had no issue with it.  There was a skit on this same show where a man said the words choppy your pee pee, without a hint of irony.  There was a man on this same show who used the nickname Mr. Ass.  I’m sorry if you think Sufferin Succotash is worthy of four years of ridicule while choppy your pee pee never earned so much as one comment from you then you’re either biased, an idiot, or both.  And if you got a problem with that then I’m not hard to find on Twitter so come at me until you say something that makes me block you.

But that’s not the only reason I’m mad about this.  The other reason is that only now after Jon tells us Roman didn’t like saying it do some of you pretend to feel some sympathy for him here.  Now because Jon ripped the creative process in WWE and validated a lot of your normally incoherent complaining you’re saying that ‘man, we gave Roman a hard time and it wasn’t his fault’.  Man, if you don’t get the f@#! outta with here that BS……   We’ve known for a long time that WWE has writers who script promos, and that Vince gives final approval..  WE KNEW.  We knew Roman didn’t like a lot of his early stuff because HE SAID SO HIMSELF, and it doesn’t take half a brain to figure out that ‘Sufferin Succotash’ was a part of that.  What, you’re too stupid to put two and two together?  Is that what you’re saying?  Well I happen to think that some of you are, but even with that I’m willing to bet that most of you knew that or had some idea but you didn’t give a damn because you were too busy being mad on the internet because of some stupid crap that that crybaby quitter CM Punk said on a podcast that’s been echoed by every clickbait artist ever since.  You made an issue of of it for four years because you wanted to, and the only reason you’re feigning sympathy now is because the internet cool kid of the moment mentioned it during his airing of grievances against the great Satan Vince McMahon.

But if that’s not enough, there’s a new justification for why some of waited so long to absolve him of the crime of saying a line in the script on TV:


So, it’s not that he came up with it but that he went along with no resistance…..give me a break, alright?  We know he thought it was silly but now you expect him and I’m assuming everyone else to go out there and die on the hill every time they’re given a line that they think is silly or dumb or whatever.  Sure thing, buddy.  You know maybe he thought yeah this is silly, but it’s just one line so who cares anyway?  Maybe he expected those of us watching to hear it, laugh at it, then forget about it by the next week…..which most of us managed to do by the way.  I seriously doubt that he expected you clowns to still be bringing it up FOUR YEARS LATER.  I know it’s all the rage to crap on everything Vince comes up now and to hope for a full talent revolt (never mind that Jon said there were plenty of people happy there but hey, let’s not take away from the fun right?) so that everyone can finally get to say what they want (you know, other than the people who already get to do that because they found a way to say what they want in a way that Vince approves of) but you guys sound like some straight up keyboard warriors telling other people who they need to stand up to.  Man, please.  Stop moving the goalposts already.

Now if I wanted to really get deep I’d say what this kinda thing reminds me of (and I know some of you reading this can figure out what I’m saying without a long explanation), but for now I’ll just say stop being phony because you’re not fooling anybody.  You want to boo the man, or get mad about him showing up on your TV too much or whatever, just go on and do it.  You’re not fooling anybody.  And if you honestly don’t hate the guy but just now are figuring out that he’s a likeable, personable dude…..there’s a reason that a lot of people who weren’t complaining about him gravitated towards him and supported him all this time, and it’s not the one you’re thinking.  I mean, some of us have been to house shows, some of us have been to meet and greets or photo ops, or have watched or listened to interviews and have seen the man be plenty likeable and personable.  It’s not like it’s a state secret or anything.  Pay attention, do your homework like you do when you want to pick something apart, and most importantly just be honest with yourself, ok?  Either you just don’t like the man or you let other people make up your mind for you.  Let’s just do everybody a favor and call it what it is.

Until next week everyone

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