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The #Miranda Show: Summer Lovin’

What a jam packed summer we have ahead of us!



Miranda Morales hosts The #Miranda Show, your weekly quirky look at the world of professional wrestling with the Twitter-less heroine herself, #Miranda!

Each week, Miranda establishes a slate of rules for Greg DeMarco to follow, and then creatively enforces a punishment upon him–even if he doesn’t break a rule!

This week, Miranda hosts a chat about the upcoming summer of wrasslin’, and makes special guest Patrick O’Dowd and Greg DeMarco talk nice about the other’s favorite female!

The duo also talks about the amazing world of professional wrestling, Miranda’s exploits on the independent scene, shopping, relationships, and so much more!

It’s The #Miranda Show, and it’s available anytime, all the time, on-demand at

The Chairshot: Always Use Your Head

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