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WWE 205 Live Humberto Carrillo Akira Tozawa


Tiffany’s Takes: WWE 205 Live (6/11/19)

After a surprising upset last week, who is the #1 Contender for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship? Tiffany’s Takes looks at WWE 205 Live!

Cruiserweight Championship: I’m not enthused about ANOTHER Fatal Four Way to decide the #1 Contender when it’s pretty clear who the two contenders are.

I like that Nese is standing by his desire to face Tozawa and I think it’s silly that we’re having all this running around about it when the champ already said who he wanted to face.

The Fatal Four Way was pretty good, but it’s becoming pretty old to have a Fatal Four Way every other week and not have the champion wrestle. I also thought the end of having a double pin was too predictable. They could’ve just done Gulak vs. Tozawa in the first place and have some build next week instead of wasting time they don’t have.

Jack Gallagher vs Chad Gable: Of all the surprises Maverick could’ve unleashed on us, I was not expecting Chad Gable, but this was not an unwelcome surprise, Gable’s had almost no push for way too long and he’s long overdue for the spotlight and 205 is a great fit for him. I’m not surprised that Gable’s first match versus Gallagher was so great. I love when we get really technically sound matches as a contrast to all the high-flying stuff. I was disappointed by Gable’s countout win, but I think he’ll be feuding with Gallagher for now.

Drake Maverick’s Office: Okay, I love the self-awareness of Drake addressing his pursuit of the WWE 24/7 Championship.

I’m definitely on Kanellis’ side. He’s worked really hard on 205 and has gotten nowhere. I do get Maverick’s point about the complaining, but even when Mike Kanellis did his talking in the ring, Maverick gave opportunities to other people who didn’t earn them, like Drew Gulak while coming up with excuses to not give Kanellis the same opportunities. Put Kanellis in the title picture!

Singh Brothers vs Dos Locales: The Singh Brothers finally got their wish for a rematch after they were robbed of it by Lars Sullivan a few weeks ago. And with a nice win over Dos Locales, they should have some momentum to finally get a real win!

Overall Thoughts: So, how was 205 Live? It was okay, but very lackluster. The show is definitely feeling the loss of their top guys. Nese is great, but the booking is not working for him.

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One thing I noticed was the hints that there is a mutiny brewing in the 205 locker room over the way Maverick’s been running things. Even though Maverick has a point about all the complaining Kanellis has been doing, Kanellis has reason to complain. He’s jumped through all of Maverick’s hoops, worked hard and had great matches, and then sees guys like Gulak disappear for months and then get handed chances to go for the gold. I also like that Dar is getting in on the…conspiracy by complaining about how 205 does things compared to NXT UK.

I’m really hoping that the Singh Brothers beat the Lucha House Party in two weeks. The Singhs are so talented, but being Mahal’s lackeys and the jokey way they’re presented has really hurt them and that needs to change. Chad Gable in 205 was a nice surprise and it’ll be interesting to see where that goes.

That’s it for Tiffany’s WWE 205 Live Takes! Tune in tomorrow for the NXTs.

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