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WWE 205 Live Ariya Daivara Oney Lorcan


Tiffany’s Takes: WWE 205 Live (6/18/19)

As WWE rolls into their Tacoma Stomping Grounds, the purple brand needs to establish a challenger for WWE 205 Live leader Tony Nese.

As WWE rolls into their Tacoma Stomping Grounds, the purple brand needs to establish a challenger for WWE 205 Live leader Tony Nese.

After last week’s shocking Fatal Four Way, who will be this week’s #1 Contender for the WWE 205 Live brand’s Cruiserweight Championship?

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: What? What happened to the deciding match being tonight? That is a total cop out by Maverick and WWE to not have Gulak vs Tozawa to decide who faces Nese at Stomping Grounds. Tozawa earned his spot and Nese wants to face him, why does Gulak have to be shoehorned in for no good reason?

Brian Kendrick vs Russ Taylor: Okay, the start of that segment was fun with Kendrick exposing Dar as being at 205.  The match against Russ Taylor, who had more guts than brains was fun, but I’m more intrigued by Kendrick vs Dar.

Drake Maverick vs the Kanellises: So 205 Live GM Drake Maverick was apparently AWOL after stealing the 24/7 Title from R-Truth, but it was clear from the promo between the Kanellils’  and Gallagher that Maverick has got bigger problems than winning the 24/7 Championship.

Jack Gallagher vs Chad Gable: I’m glad Gallagher doesn’t seem the worse for wear after that nasty spot last week. I do want the rematch. I’m also intrigued by Kanellis picking a fight with Gallagher over the match, especially now that they’ve re-signed with WWE. Next week looks like fun.

I’m also very intrigued by Kanellis wanting to bring more respect to 205 and himself since WWE doesn’t seem to have any interest in it. I agree but I’m more curious where this is going to go, especially given the feud brewing with Kanellis and Maverick.

Ariya Daivari vs Oney Lorcan: This was a really great main event. Daivari and Lorcan do no have pretty wrestling styles, but it worked for them and really showed the different styles in the 205 locker room. It’s not all flips and kicks, these guys can brawl too. I was disappointed in the DQ finish, but it protects both guys and keeps this feud going, so that’s fine.

Singh Brothers vs Lucha House Party: They did it!!! By hook or crook, the Singh Brothers FINALLY got a win!!! I was literally jumping up and down over this! I’m really sorry about poor Penelope, but the Singhs getting a win was such a great moment.

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Overall Comments: How was 205’s go home show? It was okay. I was REALLY disappointed that WWE copped out on having Gulak and Tozawa have a deciding match. Tozawa really earned the spot, Gulak won a single match but he’s in the main event scene after being gone for months? Really?

The whole thing with the Kanellis’ is really peaking my interest. Now that they’ve re-signed with WWE, I’m hoping that they’ll get more screen time because they have the potential to really take 205 in a new direction, especially by feuding with Maverick.

I’m so excited that the Singhs finally won! They have been so undervalued due to being Mahal’s lackeys that I was afraid they were about to be future endeavored. Since the win was tainted, it will probably continue the feud with LHP, but that’s okay, the Singhs proved they can win, they just need to do it more often.

I loved the main event! Daivari vs Lorcan was really good and it shows the real depth of the 205 roster.

That’s it for Tiffany’s 205 Takes! Tune in tomorrow for the NXTs!

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