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Tiffany’s Takes: WWE Raw (6/24/19)

What’s the landscape of WWE Raw after Stomping Grounds? What is on deck for WWE Extreme Rules? And…UNDERATKER?



WWE RAW The Undertaker

What’s the landscape of WWE Raw after Stomping Grounds? What is on deck for WWE Extreme Rules? And…UNDERATKER?

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WWE Universal Championship: I love Seth and Becky’s RL relationship. I think they’re super cute and I’m very happy for them. I do NOT love their relationship being used as part of a storyline. I’m also not a fans of the continuation of each of them vs Corbin and Evans. Seriously, let’s move on. I will admit to being intrigued by the match at Extreme Rules, but I’m hoping it’ll be the end of the feuds and we all move on because this will be the THIRD match for these four.

WWE United States Championship: This was definitely a main event match! This has been a dream match since Ricochet came up from NXT. It was a great match, as expected, but I’m puzzled by what Gallows and Anderson were doing. I’m not even mad about Styles getting the win because A. It was a good match and B. We’ll probably have a title match at Extreme Rules.

WWE 24/7 Championship: Well, that didn’t go as expected. I thought Miz having Truth on MizTV meant Miz would double cross his former buddy and take the 24/7 championship. I was happy about Maverick being pissed about Truth crashing his wedding, which is understandable. According to Emily Post, it is highly inappropriate to crash a wedding simply to have a title match. You should always wait until the reception. The match was quick, so Maverick probably shouldn’t have skipped the honeymoon for it.

Then it was back to chaos. Slater got a moment, then Truth, then Cedric Alexander, then EC3  got a go. Thank God, Truth has Carmella to watch his back for him. 9x 24/7 Champion, baby!

RAW Women’s Division: I feel sorry for Nikki Cross. All she wants is a friend, and she’s got Alexa Bliss, who is only interested in using her to get her own way. I love that Nattie and Naomi tried to warn Nikki off, but I still think Nikki’s going to learn the hard way that she can’t trust Alexa.

I love that Naomi showed off some new offense in the inevitable tag match, but it’s too early to hope that Glow Cats got through to Nikki just yet, but it’s clear that Nikki wasn’t happy about Bliss stealing the win from her. We’ll see.

Wild Card: So Greenjerks came back to RAW because WWE is still in Washington state, the only place Daniel Bryan WON’T get booed for an eight man elmination tag team match with the Revival against the Usos, New Day. The match was really good. It looks like New Day will be in line for a title match after Woods pinned Bryan, but the fact that the match ended up being the two RAW teams wasn’t a shock and it looks like we’re getting Revival vs Usos at Extreme Rules. Yay!

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Not yay-worthy was SmackDown taking up several minutes of RAW for the WWE Championship situation. Seriously, do this on your own show. The match between Kingston and Zayn was good, but again, They should’ve saved it for SmackDown instead of  taking up time on RAW. Also not here for Joe attacking Kingston. Seriously, over this.

Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon: Well, your humble reviewer has once again had to delete an entire rant because shit went sideways while she was typing. Rest assured, my rant on why having Roman continuing to deal with McIntyre was dumb, then Undertaker showed up and made the save. I’m not sure where this is going, but I’m intrigued. Hopefully the Extreme Rules tag match won’t be the trainwreck I fear it will be.

Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashley: Just when we thought this was over, WWE dragged this trainwreck back out. This was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Why is this feud continuing?

Gallows and Anderson vs Viking Raiders: Okay, I loved Styles trying to get the Good Brothers to be more serious, especially when it gives us matches like this. Viking Raiders have been on a tear…whenever they’ve been on TV, and it was nice to see them show their stuff in a match that wasn’t a squash.

Overall Comments: So, how was RAW after Stomping Grounds? It was pretty good. there were some hit or miss spots, but they did a good job of building for Extreme Rules. I’m equally intrigued by the mixed match, Winner Take All for RAW, but I’m also tired of Corbin and Evans getting shots, especially since Evans has shown repeatedly that  she’s not as good as her spot says she should be.

The whole Taker thing is interesting, but given how bad the Goldberg match was, I’m not sure I want to get my hopes up for it. The Wildcard thing is getting stupid. I don’t mind it being for cross-promotional matches, but the fact that three SmackDown guys took up twenty minutes of RAW for a SmackDown title is ridiculous, especially when it was all about Samoa Joe challenging Kingston.

Styles vs Ricochet was Match of the Night. It’s not even close. That’s it for Tiffany’s RAW Takes! Tune in tomorrow for SmackDown and 205!


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