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Tiffany’s Takes: WWE Super ShowDown (6/7/19)

It’s time for the second WWE Super ShowDown. Was WWE hotter than the desert?



Tiffany checks in on WWE’s trip to Jeddah in the latest Tiffany’s Takes: WWE Super ShowDown!

It’s time for the second WWE Super ShowDown. Was WWE hotter than the desert?

Universal Championship Match – Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin: Well, looks like Brocky from the Block needs to go back to the drawing board, or maybe an orthopedist. That was a surprisingly good match between Rollins and Corbin, especially considering that Rollins is hurt from his beatdown at the hands of Brock Lesnar on Monday. However, the real story is that Mr. Money in the Bank kept his word and tried to cash in on Rollins, but got the surprise of a lifetime when Rollins turned the tables. Seriously, watching Rollins beat the shit out of Lesnar with that chair was the best thing to watch, however, Lesnar should probably get his elbow looked at because it was looking nasty.

Also, did we REALLY need WWE to try and have another Titus moment with Heyman? Was that REALLY necessary. It was so clearly staged, grade school plays were rolling their eyes.

WWE Championship Match – Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler: I’m not a fan of the way this match was set up or the storyline behind it, but that was a great match. Ziggler and Kingston always put on great matches, and this was no exception. I was a little puzzled by Woods’ intervention, since New Day seems set on letting Kingston defend the title without help, but we’ll see what happens on Tuesday.

I’m NOT happy about Ziggler getting a rematch at Stomping Grounds. I do not want to sit through another few weeks of Ziggler whining about he was more deserving of that WrestleMania moment sitting at home than Kingston.

Intercontinental Championship Match – Finn Balor vs Andrade: The Demon came to Jeddah with the Intercontinental Championship and walked out with it too. I LOVED this match. Balor and Andrade definitely has a ‘fight forever’ kind of rivalry. I did NOT envy Balor having all that makeup on during that match, I’m surprised he could still see. I’ll give Andrade credit, he definitely gave the Demon more of a fight than most people who have to deal with Balor’s alter ego, but Balor is still Intercontinental Champion and we’ll have to see who’ll step up first.

The Usos vs The Revival: Well, this high school rivalry looks to live another day. Usos beat the Revival in a REALLY great match that let both teams show off why they are the best teams in WWE, however, the damage done by having the Usos kick this feud off by acting like obnoxious kids at the Revival’s expense. However, since the Revival are part of Shane’s Corporation, maybe this feud will get the serious treatment it needs.

Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon: What the actual hell was that?! Reigns LOST to Shane McMahon, who can’t even walk down the ramp without sweating like the devil in church?! Okay, Shane had a BIG assist from Drew McIntyre (Boringtyre?)because Vince never likes to admit defeat, even when it’s been clear for months that the fans have no interest in McIntyre. The fact still remains that Roman Reigns lost to Shane McMahon by pinfall, extending this feud which should’ve been over by now. Hopefully, this will get resolved sooner than later, but I’m not holding my breath after that match.

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50 Man Battle Royal: When I first heard about this show, I thought it was going to be another Royal Rumble, so it being a Battle Royal was a surprise. However, I did like that they had Mansoor, who is from Saudi Arabia, win it, even though no one else in the WWE Universe probably know or care who he is. A very nice way to get the home country crowd happy after a long show.

Lars Sullivan vs Lucha House Party: That happened. It was dumb and nonsensical, but it happened. Let’s move on.

Bobby Lashley vs Braun Strowman: I’ll give these guys their due, for two guys who aren’t good in the ring, they put on a reasonably good match and by ‘reasonably good’, it wasn’t the drizzling shits. Strowman won, maintaining whatever momentum he still has, but I don’t think Lashley has had a win in months. I don’t know where this feud is supposed to go now, but I’m ready for it to be over.

Triple H vs Randy Orton: Triple H and Randy Orton have had one of the most convoluted relationships in recent WWE history, sometimes friends and allies, sometimes BITTER enemies. If one thing can be said for this decade and half long feud, it’s that these two can always have good matches, even if the build for this match was dumb.

I was surprised that Triple H lost, but since no careers were on the line, it’s probably not going to mean much storyline wise for now, but it does make me wonder who Triple H will feud with now. Ric Flair is in no shape to wrestle again, the feud with Taker is done, Batista is retired, and he just lost to Orton. Who’s next? NO, not HIM, either!

Undertaker vs Goldberg: I have a question: Why are we so determined to see the stars of the 90s continue to go at it even when it’s clear that those guys can’t go the way we, and they, want them to? Even fifteen years ago, the idea of Undertaker facing Goldberg would’ve been a WrestleMania worthy match. The match that happened in Jeddah was as far from WrestleMania worthy as the Earth to the stars. Both guys did their absolute best to put on a match worth the name, but it’s clear that while Taker can do okay in a match, Goldberg can’t. Botches, premature color, Goldberg knocking himself out (his words, not mine) and bad finishes aside, it was an okay match. It couldn’t live up to the Dream Match hype at this stage, but both guys tried and that should be applauded. However, I don’t want a rematch and hope WWE ends the Seniors’ Division before one of these guys REALLY gets hurt.

Overall Comments: So, how was WWE Super ShowDown? It was pretty good. A lot of the matches were much better than I’d expected and the crowd was hot, both literally and figuratively and so were the performers, literally and figuratively.

I’m not surprised the cash in attempt on Rollins failed, I am surprised that no cash-in attempt on Kingston was made. However, considering that Mr. Money in the Bank was holding his elbow and said elbow looked swollen, I’m guessing he was busy with the trainers. I HATED the finish to Reigns vs McMahon. Even though it was a dirty finish due to McIntyre, the idea that Reigns actually lost by pinfall to Shane McMahon is ridiculous. Congrats to Mansoor who got a big win in front of his home nation, always good to keep the crowd on side.

Let’s never do Taker vs Goldberg again, ‘kay?

That’s it for Tiffany’s WWE Super ShowDown Takes! I’ll be back on Monday for Monday Night RAW!

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