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NJPW PPV Coverage

Andrew’s G1 Climax 29 Ratings & Analysis: Night 11 A Block

Does Okada fall to a trap match? Who is England’s Top Talent? Let’s find out!



Does Okada fall to a trap match? Who is England’s Top Talent? Let’s find out!

So it’s this point in the tournament when you start seeing crazy upsets. If Okada wins his match, there’s a good chance that half of A Block gets eliminated.

If I were to venture a guess at upsets, I’d guess Lance Archer and SANADA. SANADA because KENTA has finally proven to be mortal, plus SANADA deserves a damn win. Archer because Okada sometimes struggles with bigger guys as well as, he needs to lose for the last few events of the year.

Time to see if the Okada run away train continues.


  • Hirooki Goto, Yota Tsuji & YOSHI-HASHI vs Tomohiro Ishii, Yuya Uemura & Tomoaki Honma: YOSHI-HASHI wins via Butterfly Lock @9:25 – ***
  • Jon Moxley & Shota Umino vs Toru Yano & Ren Narita: Yano wins via Roll-Up @4:10 – **
  • Jay White, Chase Owens & Yujio Takahashi vs Minoru Suzuki, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Taichi: Chase wins via Package Piledriver @7:40 – ** 1/2
  • Shingo Takagi, BUSHI & Tetsuya Naito vs Juice Robinson, Jeff Cobb & Toa Henare: Takagi wins via Pumping Bomber @9:25 – ** 1/2
  • A Block: Bad Luck Fale vs Kota Ibushi: Ibushi wins via Kamigoye @9:25 – ** 
  • A Block: Zack Sabre Jr vs Will Ospreay : Sabre wins via Modified Grounded Octopus Hold @20:00 – *** 1/2
  • A Block: Lance Archer vs Kazuchika Okada: Okada wins via Rainmaker @14:15 – *** 3/4
  • A Block: SANADA vs KENTA: SANADA wins via Moonsault @16:10 – *** 1/4
  • A Block: EVIL vs Hiroshi Tanahashi: Tanahashi wins via High Fly Flow @23:00 – *** 3/4



Hirooki Goto, Yota Tsuji & YOSHI-HASHI vs Tomohiro Ishii, Yuya Uemura & Tomoaki Honma – Ishii and Goto always bring the competitive fire before and after being stablemates. Yuya had a good showing in this match, but this was more to try and help YOSHI-HASHI change the perception of fans. He’s picked up a few wins during the tags, but he’s still YOSHI-HASHI…soo…I’ll pass.

Jon Moxley & Shota Umino vs Toru Yano & Ren Narita – Moxley wants to see Yano’s DVD, Yano tells him “5,000 yen!” So Shota goes out, borrows the money and while Yano is counting Moxley tries to roll him up and the cash goes flying.  After that, we get a few shenanigans that ends with Yano low blowing and rolling up Shooter. Yano then runs away with the money and his DVD.

Jay White, Chase Owens & Yujio Takahashi vs Minoru Suzuki, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Taichi  –  We had a big 6 man brawl for the first few minutes that resulted in a funny moment. The referee eventually gets sick of the crap and starts counting, when he gets to 19, everyone stares at one another, says “Shit”, and you see all 6 slide in unaware of who was legal. This was fun, we saw shimmers of the serious Taichi when he squared off with Jay, so I’m looking forward to what the match could be.

Shingo Takagi, BUSHI & Tetsuya Naito vs Juice Robinson, Jeff Cobb & Toa Henare  –  This was an odd match. Naito and Juice spun off into a scrap on the floor for the end of the match and after, but the rest seemed tame to boring. Cobb and Shingo didn’t have a ton of heat. BUSHI and Henare were just added for some bumps and for one to eat a pin. It was fine, but really nothing special.

A Block: Bad Luck Fale vs Kota Ibushi  –  Even though he’s not trying to get eliminated this year, Fale’s matches still follow that obvious heel mugging motif. Ibushi had to fight from under a mugging, it was a little annoying because it feels like it’s every match, so my tolerance is lost. Thank God Ibushi didn’t fall to the numbers game. Skippable.

A Block: Zack Sabre Jr vs Will Ospreay – The beginning of this match definitely shows the familiarity between both men, as you get mini flashes of their signature style. It takes a bit of time to build to the crescendo. Ospreay could never really string together a ton of offense, and Sabre catches him in a few submissions. He locks in the Grounded Octopus and adds an arm a capture to it. I don’t think it was any of his long winded move names, but it didn’t look comfortable.

A Block: Lance Archer vs Kazuchika Okada – Archer beat the hell out of Okada early, he scared children in the audience, but it wasn’t quite enough. This tournament has been fantastic to make Archer into a legit badass. Okada also makes good on the match by going to the child that Archer made cry and shaking his hand. So the good guy beat the bad guy, and Okada is 6-0.

A Block: SANADA vs KENTA – Even though SANADA walked out freshly eliminated because of Okada’s win, the spoiler angle came into play quickly. The crowd was very much behind SANADA, and this was an alright match. A few hiccups and sloppy transitions/counters, but SANADA finally gets a decent win in the tournament.

A Block: EVIL vs Hiroshi Tanahashi – I’m not really sure how to feel about this match. An outside High Fly Flow very noticeably saw Tanahashi’s knee hit the thin outside mat. So from then on he was obviously hampered. Awkward submission attempts, a readjustment on a Slingblade was just weird and it was a little rough. However, unlike a few other matches where it seemed like crap that he won, this played out more like him overcoming the injuries. Not a bad match, rough at times and this is probably the apparition of a beckoning end for Tanahashi’s career, unless he takes extended time off.


Overall Score: 6/10

So this day was kinda lame. No match really jumped up and grabbed you, and the Tanahashi match was the best of the day, but hampered by hiccups and awkward spots. We see a continued dominance by Okada, which I hope there’s a good payoff since, fans got bored real quickly of the Superman Okada stuff during the second half of his 730 day reign.

Who will beat Okada? I mean really…who.

Block A Standings:

  • Kazuchika Okada: 6-0 (12 Points)
  • KENTA: 4-2 (8 Points)
  • Kota Ibushi: 4-2 (8 Points)
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi: 4-2 (8 Points)
  • EVIL: 3-3 (6 Points)
  • Will Ospreay: 2-4 (4 Points) – ELIMINATED
  • Lance Archer: 2-4 (4 Points) – ELIMINATED
  • SANADA: 2-4 (4 Points) – ELIMINATED
  • Zack Sabre Jr: 2-4 (4 Points) – ELIMINATED
  • Bad Luck Fale: 1-5 (2 Points) – ELIMINATED

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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL X Super Jr. Tag Results & Report! (11/26/22)

World Tag League is back in action!



NJPW WTL X Super Jr.

Will the United Empire conquer their foes?

After a few days off, World Tag League is back in action as NJPW arrives in Kanagawa! But will an All United Empire finals still be possible? Or will Bishamon and The Mighty each spoil those chances?


  • Six Man Tag: Togi Makabe, Kosei Fujita & Oskar Leube VS Tomoaki Honma, Yuto Nakashima & Ryohei Oiwa; Makabe, Fujita & Leube win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Ryusuke Taguchi, Clark Connors, Master Wato & Jado VS Bullet Club; Taguchi, Connors, Wato & Jado win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Suzuki-Gun; LIJ wins.
  • World Tag League 2022: Alex Coughlin & Gabriel Kidd VS Tetsuya Naito & SANADA; Naito & Sanada win.
  • World Tag League 2022: Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls VS Great-O-Khan & Aaron Henare; Khan & Henare win.
  • World Tag League 2022: Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi; Fale & Chase win.
  • World Tag League 2022: Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer; Suzuki & Archer win.
  • World Tag League 2022: Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI VS Aussie Open; Aussie Open wins.


Here are the current World Tag League standings!

The Mighty: 1-0, 2 points
Suzuki & Archer: 1-0, 2 points
Goto & Hashi: 1-0, 2 points
Aussie Open: 1-0, 2 points
Naito & Sanada: 1-0, 2 points
Khan & Henare: 0-1, 0 points
Yano & Tanahashi: 0-1, 0 points
Evil & Yujiro: 0-1, 0 points
Coughlin & Kidd: 0-1, 0 points
Chase & Fale: 0-1, 0 points


World Tag League 2022: Alex Coughlin & Gabriel Kidd VS Tetsuya Naito & SANADA!

The Android & The Young Bull could not make the Mighty kneel, let alone fall, and now they’re going up against the team that conquered the United Empire! Will Naito & Sanada stay tranquilo as they ride the #MechanicalBulls?

The fans already rally for “L I J! L I J!” and Kidd encourages them to keep going. The teams sort out and Naito takes his time with his entrance attire as always. Kidd sarcastically applauds as Naito finishes. Kidd bows as he asks Naito start with him. LIJ fist bump, Kidd applauds again, and continues to implore Naito. Naito does start and fans rally as the bell rings. Naito circles with Kidd, though he doesn’t seem worried. The two tie up, are in a deadlock, but Kidd finds a point of leverage to put Naito on ropes. Naito turns it around but Kidd turns it back. Kidd lets off as the ref counts, and he asks for an LIJ fist bump?

Naito wonders if Kidd means it, and he steps forward to offer it back. Fans applaud and Kidd gets fired up. Kidd goes for the fist bump, but then Naito rakes his eyes! Naito whips Kidd to ropes to ELBOW him down! Naito keeps moving but Kidd drops, hurdles, and monkey flips Naito away! Kidd keeps moving as Naito bails out, but Kidd steals tranquilo! He’s a bit hyper with the LIJ fist raise but Naito rushes in. Kidd avoids the leg drop but Naito avoids the elbow drop. Naito arm-drags Kidd to an armlock but Kidd headscissors. Naito gets free and he tranquilos right next to Coughlin. Fans applaud as Naito and Kidd reset.

Naito tags Sanada so Kidd tags Coughlin. Fans rally as these two feel out the knuckle locks. They feel out the clinch, Coughlin waistlocks but Sanada switches. Coughlin switches but Sanada wrenches out to a wristlock. Coughlin rolls, slips through, spins Sanada around and wrenches him back to a wristlock. Fans applaud the exchange as Saanada endures the twist. Sanada moves around, wrenches and hammerlocks then full nelsons. Coughlin breaks that, spins Sanada and headlocks. Sanada pries at the hold but Coughlin puts it on tighter. Fans rally as Sanada endures the grind. Sanada brings Coughlin down to a knee to pop out the back.

Sanada headlocks but Coughlin carries him to ropes! The ref counts, Coughlin lets off cleanly. Fans and Sanada all applaud the sportsmanship. Sanada and Coughlin circle, tie up again, and Sanada cravats. Coughlin endures, and he blocks the snapmare! Coughlin stands up and his core strength lifts Sanada! Sanada goes up and over, Coughlin blocks a kick to give a kick. Coughlin snapmares but Sanada handsprings through! Coughlin evades the dropkick! Coughlin steps over to La Magistrol! TWO!! Sanada escapes and Coughlin flexes as fans applaud. Sanada applauds, The Android is impressive. Fans applaud as Sanada offers a handshake.

Coughlin analyzes the situation. Fans applaud for it, Coughlin reaches out, and they shake hands. But they both go to kick! They each block, and now they argue about who’s in the wrong. Coughlin tells Sanada to put his foot down right now, but Sanada says him first. They then agree to let go at the same time. They slowly go down, but Sanada holds on! Sanada trips Coughlin and ties him up, but Coughlin powers out! Coughlin runs Sanada over! Fans fire up and Coughlin flexes again. Coughlin drags Sanada up, tags Kidd, and the Mechanical Bulls whip Sanada to ropes. They run him over with double shoulders, then they split the wishbone!

Kidd stomps Sanada down, mocks Naito with the LIJ fist, then Kidd STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Kidd goes back to taunting Naito, then he brings Sanada over. Tag to Coughlin, Kidd full nelsons Sanada to hold him still. Coughlin aims, but Sanada breaks free and the CHOP hits Kidd! Sanada knees Coughlin low, whips him to ropes, but Coughlin reverses. Sanada dropkicks the legs out! Kidd run sin, into a drop toehold! Naito slides in to basement dropkick Kidd! Naito follows Kidd out of the ring but Coughlin storms up to Sanada. Sanada grabs a leg to CLUB it! Naito sends Kidd into railing, Sanada CHOP BLOCKS Coughlin!

Sanada drags Coughlin around, stomps the leg, then he tags Naito. Naito stomps the leg now, then ties Coughlin’s legs up into a modified FIGURE FOUR! Coughlin endures, drags himself and Naito over, and has the ROPEBREAK! Naito thrashes the hold but the ref unties the legs. Naito drags Coughlin over and tags in Sanada. Sanada kicks the leg, then he drags Coughlin up for more kicks. Sanada whips Coughlin corner to corner but runs into a BOOT! Coughlin runs in, sunset flips, but Sanada rolls through! Sanada ties Coughlin up in Paradise! Fans fire up as Sanada dropkicks Coughlin out of Paradise!

Sanada drags Coughlin up but Coughlin CHOPS back! Coughlin whips, Sanada reverses and leaps, but into a BEARHUG! And then an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Fans fire up as both men crawl, hot tag to Kidd! The Young Bull rallies on LIJ, DROPKICK for Sanada and DROPKICK for Naito! Kidd dodges Sanada’s clothesline to hit a BIG back suplex! Kidd mocks the LIJ fist and then brings Sanada up. Kidd CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS Sanada in the corner, then uses Tenzan Power! Mongolian Chop! Fans fire up with Kidd and he storms up to bring Sanada around. Suplex, but Sanada slips out to waistlock.

Kidd switches but Sanada throws elbows. Sanada whips, Kidd reverses but Sanada stops himself and whips Kidd out of the ring! Then Sanada PLANCHAS! Direct hit and fans fire up! Sanada drags Kidd up and in and fans rally up again. Sanada aims from the apron, springboards, but Kidd gets under. Kidd runs in but into a fireman’s carry. Kidd slips off and shoves Sanada to ropes, then dodges Sanada to run the ropes. Sanada ducks, and ducks again, to DROPKICK! But Kidd stays up to COMEBACKER LARIAT! Fans rally up while both men are down! They crawl for their corners, hot tags to Naito and Coughlin!

Coughlin lifts Naito up to RAM him into a corner! Coughlin RAMS in again and again, then UPPERCUTS and CHOPS! Fans fire up and Coughlin whips corner to corner. Coughlin runs in to FLYING SHOULDER! Coughlin then scoops to FALL AWAY SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Fans fire up and Coughlin stalks up behind Naito. Coughlin deadlifts Naito with the waistlock, but Naito throws elbows to fight free. But Coughlin ROCKS Naito back! Coughlin runs but into BOOTS! Coughlin tries again, but gets an ELBOW! Coughlin roars and tries a third time, but Naito dodges and Sanada elbows!

Sanada feeds Coughlin to an atomic drop! ENZIGURI! BIG back suplex! Rolling jackknife bridge! TWO!!! The Android survives the LIJ blitz and fans fire up! Naito drags Coughlin up, coordinates with Sanada, but Kidd CLOBBERS Sanada! Naito goes after Kidd, whips him to ropes, but Kidd reverses. Kidd catches Naito’s leaping elbow to EXPLODER! Kidd runs in at the corner to CHOP! Kidd runs and Coughlin whips him back in for a clothesline! Kidd SAIDOS Naito, and Coughlin deadlift gut wrenches! Fans fire up for the DROID PLEX! Cover, TWO! Naito survives and fans fire up again.

Kidd & Coughlin both flex, and they both bring Naito up. Sanada saves Naito from the double suplex, throws Kidd out, and gives Naito the boost for the TORNADO DDT! Sanada DROPKICKS Kidd out again, and then Naito wrenches for DESTINO!! Cover, LIJ wins!

Winners: Tetsuya Naito & Sanada, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Coughlin & Kidd earn 0)

And Naito dropkicks Kidd back out just because! The Mechanical Bulls broke down again, but will the third round be the charm? As for LIJ, they’ve got momentum building, can they take the World Tag League?


World Tag League 2022: Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls VS Great-O-Khan & Aaron Henare!

Speaking of the Mighty and the Empire, one side stood tall while they other fell to open the tournament. The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but will they be conquered? Or will the Dominator & Ultimate Weapon not look so dominate or ultimate at all?

The Orchestrator, Gideon Grey, is of course here to give the United Empire their introductions. The teams sort out and Mikey gets impatient. Henare steps up, and the two circle. Fans rally as Henare tests the waters with kicks. Mikey and Henare tie up, Mikey gets an arm and wrenches to a wristlock, but Henare kicks low. Henare throws hands, headlocks, and he grinds Mikey down. Mikey fights up and powers out, and they RAM shoulders! Neither falls and Mikey dares Henare to try again. Henare runs and they RAM shoulders again! Mikey talks some trash but Henare ROCKS him with a right!

Henare whips, Mikey reverses, and Mikey runs in at the corner, but Henare elbows him back! Mikey ducks the flying kick to run Henare over! Mikey runs Henare over again! Mikey wrenches an arm, tags Shane, and Shane wrenches the arm to YANK it! Shane snapmares and dropkicks Henare, but has a cocky cover, ONE! Shane drags Henare up, tags Mikey back in, and the Mighty double whip to double ELBOW! STANDING MOONSAULT FIST DROP COMBO! Mikey covers, TWO! Khan was also there but Henare got out of that himself. Mikey claws Henare’s face, but lets off as the ref reprimands. Mikey drags Henare up and tags in Shane.

Mikey CHOPS Henare, Shane CHOPS Henare, but Henare throws body shots. Shane UPPERCUTS, Henare BOOTS back, and Shane staggers into Khan’s cheap shot! Henare CLOBBERS Shane, and Khan runs in to BLAST Mikey! Khan hurries back to the Empire corner while fans rally up. Henare HEADBUTTS Shane and then tags in Khan. The Empire smothers Shane, and then Khan CHOKES Shane on the ropes! The ref is busy reprimanding Henare so he misses Khan use his own ponytail in the choke! The ref finally notice something is up and counts. Khan lets off, but then digs his knee into Shane at the ropes.

The ref counts again, Khan lets off with a stomp. Shane sits up to throw body shots, but Khan uses a Mongolian Chop! Shane falls down, Khan drags him back up. Khan makes Mikey watch as he sits on his throne! Fans applaud as the Empire stands together with their arms crossed. Shane says it smells down there! Khan pulls his arms back for that one. The ref counts, Khan hops off at 4 and he taunts Mikey. The ref has to keep Mikey back, and Khan wrenches Shane’s arm to tag in Henare. The Empire mugs Shane, and then Henare puts Shane through ropes to pull him back! Henare CLUBS and CLUBS and CLUBS away on Shane!

Fans fire up as Henare lets off and Shane flops to the floor. Henare taunts Mikey, the ref is busy with them, and Khan CHOKES Shane with the microphone! Shane coughs and sputters and we can all hear it, so the ref tells Khan to stop. Khan lets off, he CLUBS Shane down again. Khan bumps Shane off the apron, but Shane hits back with forearms! Khan RAMS Shane into the apron! Henare BLASTS Mikey! Khan laughs in Shane’s face, then BITES his ear! Khan puts Shane in, Henare covers, TWO! Shane is hanging tough but Henare knuckle locks a hand. Henare gives toying kicks, twists the wrist, then gives more kicks.

Shane eggs Henare on and fans rally up. Shane stands, Henare KICKS him again! Shane stays standing, Henare kicks again, but Shane blocks it! Shane kicks Henare’s plant leg, BOOTS him, and Henare comes back with a clothesline, but Shane catches that and spins Henare into a half nelson. Shane spins Henare more, suplex and BROKEN ARROW! Fans fire up while both men are down! Shane and Henare crawl, hot tag to Mikey! Khan runs in but Mikey DOUBLE LARIATS The Empire! Mikey clotheslines Khan in a corner, then clotheslines Henare in the other! Mikey whips, Henare reverses, but Mikey gets around Khan to send him into Henare! Mikey DOUBLE LARIATS again!

Mikey fireman’s carries Henare but Henare slips off. Henare waistlocks, he ducks Mikey’s elbow, but Mikey DDTs! Mikey runs to SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up again as Mikey drags Henare up. Henare throws body shots and an ELBOW! Mikey drops to a knee, Henare runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Mikey runs to SLIDING LARIAT again! Cover, Khan breaks it! Shane gets in to CLUB Khan and throw him out. Mikey shouts, “WITNESS ME, MO FO!” Mikey whips, scoops, but Henare gets up and around to shove Mikey! Scoop to the BERSERKER BOMB! Both men are down and fans fire back up!

Henare and Mikey stir, Henare tags Khan! Khan storms up to Mikey for Mongolian Chops! And Mongolian Chops! And then, Mongo- NO, Mikey blocks! Mikey kicks low, whips Khan to a corner, but Khan reverses. Mikey bounces off buckles, and Khan brings him around to dribble him off the buckles! Khan goes to ten, then SLAM DUNKS! Mikey staggers, into an EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as Khan roars and flexes! Khan drags Mikey up for HITSUJIGOROSHI! Mikey endures the Sheep Killer, Khan lifts him up but Mikey slips free to short arm LARIAT! Both men are down and fans fire up again!

Shane slides in and the Mighty drag Khan up. They coordinate, atomic UPPERCUT, to a BACK SUPLEX NECKBREAKER COMBO! Cover, Henare breaks it! Shane KICKS Henare and throws him out, then coordinates with Mikey. The Mighty drag Khan up, but Henare saves Khan from Thunder Valley! Henare shoves Shane into Mikey, then RAMPAGE SPEARS Shane down! Shane flops out of the ring and Henare roars! Fans fire up as Henare fireman’s carries Mikey. Khan tells Mikey this is what he gets! Khan runs, but Mikey slips out to waistlock! Henare quickly switches but Mikey ELBOWS Khan and ROCKS Henare!

Mikey ELBOWS Khan, fires off haymakers on Henare, then he runs, but into a fireman’s carry! IMPERIAL DROP!! Cover, The Empire wins!!

Winners: Great-O-Khan & Aaron Henare, by pinfall (gains 2 points; The Mighty earn 0)

The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but they do fall! The Dominator & Ultimate Weapon break even, will this win be an important tiebreaker down the line?


World Tag League 2022: Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi!

We saw Bullet Club meet Bullet Club yesterday in the Super Jr. Tag League, and now it happens in World Tag League! Will the Rogue General & Crown Jewel blow up the House of Torture? Or will the King of Darkness & Tokyo Pimp make up for their recent failures?

Chase wants to know why we don’t see Pieter. Maybe it’s too cold out for the Bullet bunny. But that aside, the boys all agree to Too Sweet. They throw it up, Too~… everyone pokes each other in the eyes! They were all thinking of the same sneaky move! Fale swings blind, but then DICK TOGO grabs at his foot! Fale drags Dick in and Dick wants mercy! Evil and Yujiro poke Fale in the eyes again! Then they poke Chase in the eyes! The bell rings as Yujiro goes out after Fale and Evil has Chase. Evil tosses Chase out, Yujiro rakes Fale’s eyes, so Evil does the same to Chase! If only fans could boo right now…

Yujiro RAMS Fale into railing while Evil brings a chair out from under the ring! The ref is busy with Yujiro, Evil throws the chair at Chase, and then pretends Chase brought it out. Chase says no way, and he throws it back to Evil. Evil throws it back to Chase, and then Dick pretends he got hit! Evil tattles to the ref and the ref sees the chair! Chase defends his innocence, throws the chair down and rushes at Evil, but Evil kicks him low! Evil puts Chase in the ring, claws his eyes in a corner, then lets off before the ref says anything. Evil whips corner to corner but Chase goes up and over. Chase keeps moving and he CLOBBERS Evil!

Dick distracts but Chase runs him over. Chase steps through the ropes to warn Dick, but Yujiro KICKS the ropes! Chase gets hit in his crown jewels! Evil goes out and Yujiro follows. Evil grabs the chair to JAM Chase with it! Evil pulls Chase’s shirt out of the way to CLAW his back! Evil puts Chase in, he drags Chase up, and mockingly holds Chase’s hand out to Fale. Evil claws Chase’s eyes with his other hand, then brings Chase around to tag Yujiro. Yujiro CLUBS Chase’s arm, DECKS him with a haymaker, then rains down fists. The ref reprimands about those being closed fists, so Yujiro lets off.

Chase goes to ropes, he kicks Yujiro back, then CHOPS! Yujiro knees low, bumps Chase off buckles, then runs in to BOOT Chase down! Fans rally up but Yujiro snapmares Chase to a cover, TWO! Fans rally more but Yujiro tags Evil. Evil stalks Chase as he crawls away. Evil drags Chase up, scoops and SLAMS him, then covers, TWO! Evil argues but the count was fair. Tag to Yujiro and he stands Chase up to ROCK him with a forearm. Yujiro ROCKS Chase again and Chase staggers to ropes. Evil talks trash, Yujiro snapmares Chase and basement BOOTS him! Cover, TWO! Evil is annoyed again but Yujiro tags him in.

Evil storms up but Chase throws body shots! Chase CHOPS but Evil wrenches an arm. Evil whips Chase into bare buckles! The Bullet Club Special still works in the red corner! Evil taunts Fale, the ref is busy with them, and Dick CHOKES Chase in the distraction! Evil drags Chase around to a cover, TWO! Evil is furious but fans rally up. Chase sits up but Evil wrenches and whips him to ropes. Chase ducks ‘n’ WRECKS Dick with a dropkick! Chase shoulders into Evil, slingshots and schoolboys to SUPERKICK! Fans fire up while both men are down! Chase and Evil crawl, hot tags to Fale and Yujiro!

Fale throws hands, whips Yujiro to a neutral corner, then runs in to SPLASH! Yujiro flops down and Fale runs for a BIG elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Fale snarls but fans fire up as he waits on Yujiro. Yujiro stands, Fale choke grips! Pull the pin, but Yujiro BITES the fingers! The ref reprimands, Yujiro stops, and Yujiro whips, only for Fale to reverse. Yujiro holds ropes, Fale runs in but Yujiro dodges! Evil anchors Fale’s foot, Yujiro BOOTS Fale against ropes! Yujiro runs, but Fale fireman’s carries! But Yuijro grabs the ref! Yujiro gets free of the carry and shoves the ref into Fale! Down goes the ref! Now Sho shows up!

Yujiro kicks Fale while Sho gets in the ring with a chair! Sho JAMS Fale with the chair, then he JAMS Chase! Evil CLUBS Fale, CLUBS him again, kicks him against ropes, and Yujiro joins in. They double whip Fale, but Fale runs them over instead! Fans fire up but SHo fires off on Fale. Sho runs, but Chase C-TRIGGERS Sho, then sets him up! Fale and Chase coordinate, GRENADE LAUNCHER! Sho falls out of the ring, Fale grabs Yujiro. But Dick uses the SPOILER CHOKER! Fale sputters and Yujiro gets the pimp cane! Fans fire up as Fale knocks Dick down, but Yujiro CANE SHOTS Fale! Fale stays standing, Yujiro aims again!

But Chase snatches the cane away! CANE SHOT for Yujiro! Evil runs in, but the low blow is blocked by the cane! Fale LOW BLOW GRENADES Evil!! Fans fire up as Fale drags Yujiro up! The ref is back up in time for the GRENADE!! Cover, Fale & Chase win!

Winners: Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Evil & Yujiro earn 0)

The House of Torture just can’t help themselves! They try to cheat and then it backfires on them again! Will Bullet Club decide to clip the branches once and for all?


World Tag League 2022: Toru Yano & Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer!

The Joker & The Ace may have dressed up as bad boys, but they couldn’t stop Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher. And now they’re up against some bad, bad men in the King of Pancrase and Murderhawk Monster! Will #EverybodyDie two rounds in a row? Or can love, energy and comedy help Yano & Tanahashi survive?

As usual, Archer DECKS a Young Lion during his entrance. Ryohei Oiwa probably feels even worse after losing that Six Man Tag earlier. Minoru Suzuki makes his entrance next, and unfortunately, fans can’t shout, “KAZE NI NARE~!” this time. And then Suzuki boots Young Lion Yuto Nakashima down for holding the ropes open for their opponents! Yano’s introduction seems to have gotten longer with some new roles he’s acquired. Archer throws his shirt at Tanahashi but Tanahashi catches it to put it aside. Tanahashi and Yano squat, then Yano gets impatient with the ref’s check. Tanahashi shows off the muscles, “SUGOI~!”

The teams finally sort out and Archer steps up. Tanahashi and Yano want him to back up to give them space. Tanahashi starts for his team, the bell rings, and fans rally up with “Let’s Go, Ace!” Tanahashi and Archer circle, tie up, and Archer powers Tanahashi right to the ropes. The ref counts, Tanahashi slips away, and he eggs Archer on. Archer and Tanahashi circle, Archer gives sarcastic applause, and the two tie up. Tanahashi waistlocks but Archer is too big to lift! Archer swings a big back elbow but Tanahashi ducks it! Tanahashi headlocks but Archer powers out, Tanahashi’s shoulder tackle bounces off Archer!

Tanahashi still fires up and runs, but Archer ROCKS him with a forearm! Archer whips Tanahashi but Tanahashi avoids the boot to dropkick the legs! Tag to Yano and Yano fires up. Yano storms in, to squat! He dares Suzuki to get in?! Archer tags Suzuki and fans applaud. Suzuki storms up to Yano, and they’re face to… Well, okay, Yano is face to waist with Suzuki. Yano stands up, so Suzuki SLAPS, KNEES and HEADBUTTS Yano down! Suzuki squats and tells Yano off! Suzuki drags Yano up by his hair, whips him to ropes, but Yano holds ropes. Suzuki rushes in, Yano dodges and SLAPS Suzuki on the back of the head!

Fans fire up as Suzuki scowls and Yano unties a buckle pad. The ref reprimands but Yano tells him to shut up. But then Yano turns around to see Suzuki and he’s frightened! Yano throws the pad to Suzuki and he catches it, and now the ref reprimands Suzuki! The ref and Suzuki fight over the buckle pad and Yano kicks Suzuki low! Yano runs, but Suzuki BOOTS him down! Archer runs in to BOOT Tanahashi off the apron! Suzuki-Gun goes out after The Joker & The Ace, and Suzuki whips Yano hard into railing! Suzuki stomps Yano down, then CHOKES him with camera cable! The ref reprimands and Suzuki stops to tell the ref to shut up.

Suzuki storms about, he drags Yano back up, and he RAMS Yano into more railing! Suzuki BOOTS Yano, ROCKS him with a right, and then SLAPS Yano around. Archer looms over Tanahashi then drags him up to send him into railing. Suzuki tells commentary to shut up and leave him alone. Suzuki puts Yano in the ring, then grinds his foot into Yano’s face. The ref reprimands, but Suzuki kicks and stomps Yano. Fans rally and clap for “Y T R!” but Suzuki tells them to shut up, too. Suzuki drags Yano up but Yano fires off forearms! Suzuki doesn’t flinch, though, and he eggs Yano on. Yano throws another forearm, but Suzuki throws a body shot, then DECKS Yano!

Tag to Archer and Archer drags Yano up. Archer says it’s okay, he pats Yano on the head, and then whips him into the bare buckles! Yano’s strategy comes back to bite him! Archer glares at Tanahashi and tells him to shut up but Tanahashi gets fired up. The ref keeps Tanahashi back and Archer says Tanahashi “can’t do sh*t” about what’s happening. Archer drags Yano up and puts him in a corner to ROCK him with a right! Archer pets Yano’s head, and ROCKS him again! Archer and Tanahashi shout at each other and the ref is busy with them, so Suzuki clamps on an ARMBAR on Yano in the corner! He makes it a HANGING ARMBAR!

Suzuki gets away with that while the ref is scared of Archer. Suzuki stomps Yano, then Archer stands on Yano! The ref reprimands but fans rally as Archer bounces on Yano again and again. Tag to Suzuki, Archer holds Yano up and Suzuki BOOTS Yano down. Archer pets Yano again and says it’s okay. Suzuki pulls on Yano’s beard, then SLAPS him down! Suzuki slaps Yano around but Tanahashi rallies the fans for “Y T R!” Suzuki knees Yano low, whips him corner to corner but Yano reverses. Suzuki stops from hitting bare buckles, Yano runs in, but Suzuki sends him into bare buckles! Suzuki kicks low, runs, but Yano atomic drops!

Fans fire up as Yano crawls over, hot tag to Tanahashi! Tanahashi runs to FLYING FOREARM Suzuki! Tanahashi runs at Archer but Archer catches him in a choke grip! But Tanahashi wrenches and HOTSHOTS Archer down! Tanahashi goes back for Suzuki to ROCK and whip. Suzuki reverses, but Tanahashi blocks the boot to a DRAGON SCREW! Fans fire up with Tanahashi and he drags Suzuki up to scoop and SLAM into a drop zone. Tanahashi goes up the ropes, SUNSET SENTON! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up, Tanahashi runs as Suzuki rises, but Suzuki ducks the slingblade to whip Tanahashi into a corner! BOOT!

Suzuki snapmares, runs, and PENALTY KICKS! Cover, TWO! Fans rally while Suzuki argues the count. The ref says it was a fair two. Suzuki slaps Tanahashi around, talks trash, but Tanahashi throws forearms. Suzuki doesn’t budge and he eggs Tanahashi on. Tanahashi throws more forearms, but then Suzuki ROCKS Tanahashi right back. Suzuki still eggs Tanahashi on, so the forearms start flying! Fans rally up as the shots go back and forth, faster and faster! Tanahashi gets the edge, but Suzuki just laughs! Suzuki ROCKS Tanahashi again! Tanahashi drops to his knees but fans rally back up! Suzuki stands Tanahashi up, and Tanahashi PALM STRIKES!

Suzuki palm strikes back! So Tanahashi throws another! Suzuki wobbles, Tanahashi runs, but Suzuki BOOTS! Suzuki runs, into a SLINGBLADE! But both men get back up, and Suzuki BOOTS Tanahashi down! Fans fire up and Suzuki quickly rolls to his corner, hot tag to Archer! Yano shouts to Tanahashi, but then he runs away when Archer storms over! Yano apologizes to Tanahashi, but Tanahashi throws a forearm on Archer. Archer puts Tanahashi in a corner for body shots and a windmill of haymakers! Archer laughs as Tanahashi sits down. Fans fire up and Archer tells the ref to shut up. Archer stands Tanahashi up to put him up top!

Archer has the inverted crucifix, but Tanahashi fights free! Tanahashi gets around, spins Archer around, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! And now Yano’s back on the corner! Tanahashi crawls over, hot tag to Yano! Yano brings Archer up, ducks the haymaker, but he pulls on the braids! Archer swings an elbow but Yano avoids it! Yano baits Archer into a corner, and Archer hits the bare buckles! Yano rolls- Er, tries to roll Archer, but he stays up! Archer CLUBS Yano away! Suzuki storms in to stomp Yano. Suzuki-Gun double whip Yano corner to corner, Suzuki runs in but Yano dodges. Yano waistlocks Archer and feeds him to Tanahashi’s SHOTEI! Roll-up, Suzuki breaks it!

Tanahashi kicks Suzuki out of the ring, then he and Yano double whip Archer. Archer DOUBLE CROSSBODIES them instead! Fans fire up and Archer laughs as he stands back up. Archer stomps around and fans clap along. Then Archer tells them to shut up! Archer choke grips Yano, but Yano rakes the eyes! But Archer blocks the low blow! Yano apologizes, hooks the arms, but Archer’s too big for the backslide! Suzuki slides in and grabs Yano’s leg! Suzuki has a standing HEEL HOOK, but Yano hops away to a corner! Archer runs in to ELBOW Yano! Archer hoists Yano up, inverted crucifix, BLACKOUT BOMB!! Cover, Suzuki-Gun wins!

Winners: Lance Archer & Minoru Suzuki, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Yano & Tanahashi earn 0)

Another big win in the block, and Suzuki tortures Young Lions just for the fun of it! Archer grabs Oiwa as he checks on Yano, and hits a CHOKE SLAM! And then Suzuki grabs the referee! Suzuki reels him in, Gotch hold, but he lets him go! Fans applaud the brief moment of mercy from the Meanest Man in the World. #EverybodyDies, but will Suzuki-Gun hoist up the trophies in the end?


World Tag League 2022: Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI VS Aussie Open!

#BISHAMON shined bright against the House of Torture while Davis & Fletcher lived up to FTR’s seal as the future of tag team wrestling. But will the Fierce Warrior & Head Hunter show the future isn’t here just yet? Or will Chaos NOT #GetBackUp after facing the United Empire?

Gideon Grey returns to give Aussie Open their introductions. The teams sort out and they talk some trash to each other. Fans rally up and Hashi starts against Davis. The bell rings, fans applaud and the two circle. They tie up, are in a deadlock, but Davis’ height gives him the advantage. Davis puts Hashi on ropes, but Hashi dodges the chop! Hashi kicks low, CLUBS Davis, then CLUBS him again. Hashi headlocks, grinds the hold, but Davis fights up and powers out. Davis RAMS shoulders with Hashi, but neither falls! They get forehead to forehead and fans fire up. Davis eggs Hashi on so Hashi runs, and he RAMS Davis!

Davis stays up, Hashi brushes himself off, and Davis gets in Hashi’s face. Davis runs now, Hashi ELBOWS him, runs, but Davis runs him over! Fans fire up and Davis looms over Hashi. Davis drags Hashi up, CHOPS him to the corner, then tags in Fletcher. Fletcher CHOPS Hashi and fans applaud. Fletcher ROCKS Hashi, throws more forearms, then whips Hashi. Goto tags in as Hashi reverses, and Bishamon runs Fletcher over! Hashi runs for the hip toss senton! Fans fire up and Davis runs in, but Goto kicks low. Bishamon drums away on Davis! Goto drags Fletcher up, he and Hashi drum him, too! Fans fire up with Bishamon!

Goto goes out after Davis and Hashi goes out after Fletcher. Goto bumps Davis off the apron and Hashi sends Fletcher into railing! Goto CLUBS Davis, CLAWS his back, and Hashi brings Fletcher to the ramp. Hashi CLUBS Fletcher, Goto CLUBS Davis. Bishamon coordinates, they both whip, but Aussie Open both reverse! Goto runs into Hashi, and then Aussie Open picks them both up to run around the way, and SANDWICH them in front of commentary! The Empire throws up the crowns while fans fire up. Fletcher puts Goto in, he and Davis drag him up, and Aussie Open double whip to double CHOP!

Fletcher runs to PENALTY KICK, Davis SENTONS! Fletcher covers, TWO! Fletcher mocks the applause while Davis whips Hashi hard into railing! Red Shoes reprimands but Fletcher focuses on Goto with stomps. Fletcher drags Goto up, ROCKS him, then stomps Goto in the corner. Fletcher CHOPS Goto, stomps him, then fires off forearm after forearm! Fans fire up and Fletcher lets off to tag Davis. Davis drags Goto up, scoops him and SLAMS him, then kneels for the cover. TWO, but Davis just sits Goto up. Davis clamps onto the arm and digs his forearm into Goto’s neck but Goto endures. Goto fights forward to the ROPEBREAK!

Red Shoes counts as Davis grinds the hold, but Davis lets off at 4. Davis kicks Goto around, fans rally up, but Davis brings Goto to the Aussie Open corner. Davis CHOPS Goto, tags Fletcher, and Fletcher stomps Goto. Fletcher CHOPS but Goto kicks back! Fletcher CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, then he grinds his forearm into Goto’s face! Red Shoes reprimands and counts, Fletcher lets off and apologizes. Fletcher drags Goto up, but Goto fires off body shots and palm strikes! Fletcher kicks low, CHOPS then runs, but Goto follows to LARIAT! Fans fire up while both men are down, and then rally as Goto and Fletcher crawl.

Hot tag to Hashi! Hashi CLOBBERS Fletcher, BLASTS Davis, then storms up to Fletcher. Hashi whips, Fletcher reverses but Hashi comes back to CHOP! Mule kick and turn, for the NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up with Hashi as Fletcher flounders to ropes. Hashi runs in to CHOP again! Hashi hangs Fletcher out to dry, runs side to side and dropkicks Fletcher down! Hashi keeps moving, basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and Hashi keeps cool as he stalks Fletcher. Hashi drags Fletcher up and reels him in, but Fletcher fights the fisherman’s hook. Hashi wrenches to ROCK Fletcher, but Fletcher blocks the superkick!

Fletcher spins Hashi but then Hashi blocks Fletcher’s superkick! Hashi spins Fletcher, Fletcher ducks the lariat to SNAP DRAGON! Fans fire up as both men are down! Hashi and Fletcher crawl for their corners, hot tags to Davis and Goto! Goto and Davis DOUBLE LARIAT! And again! Davis kicks low, runs, but Goto follows! Davis ducks the lariat but Goto deflects the boot to DISCUS LARIAT! Goto drags Davis up, fires off forearms, then he whips Davis corner to corner. MURAMASA! And BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up and Goto drags Davis back up. Goto fireman’s carries, but Davis fights free!

Davis waistlocks but Goto elbows free. Goto runs, into a scoop and POWERSLAM, to SENTON! Davis staggers over, Fletcher tags in. Aussie Open drags Goto up, Davis fireman’s carries, but Hashi dropkicks Fletcher! Goto slips off but Davis switches with him! Goto ducks, HIDDEN GAP SUPERKICK for Davis! Fans fire up and Goto runs in to clothesline Fletcher at the corner! Hashi adds his own clothesline! Feed to Goto and then Hashi goes up top! Goto hooks Fletcher up, FLYING GOTO GOTO HUNTER!! Cover, TWO!! Fletcher survives but Hashi calls for lights out! Goto hauls Fletcher up, Hashi gets the legs, but Fletcher kicks him away!

Davis drags Hashi out, Fletcher turns things around on Goto, BRAINBUSTER! Tag to Davis, Aussie Open drags Goto up to fireman’s carry, POP-UP KICK!! Then the scoop and Fletcher goes up top, LAWN DART CUTTER! Davis covers, TWO!! Goto survives and shows the toughness of a former IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champion! Fans fire up and Goto crawls to the corner. Davis grinds his forearm in, then runs side to side, SLIDING FOREARM! Davis fires up and fans fire up, too! Davis wrenches and torture racks Goto but Goto fights free! Goto shoves, fireman’s carries, USHIGOROSHI!

Fans fire up and both men are down! Hashi is back on the corner! Hot tag to the Head Hunter! Hashi runs and LARIATS, but Davis stays up! Davis roars, goes forehead to forehead with Hashi, and ROCKS him with a forearm! Hashi ROCKS Davis back! Davis throws another forearm, Hashi throws it back! Daivs throws another forearm, and Hashi throws it back! Hashi fires off a strike fest and CHOP! But Davis CHOPS back! Davis runs, into a SUPERKICK! Hashi runs, and LARIATS Davis down! Cover, TWO!! Davis is still in this but Hashi and the fans are fired up! Hashi drags Davis up, full nelsons, but Davis breaks free to PELE!

Hot tag to Fletcher! Aussie Open drags Hashi up, they double pump handle, but Goto saves Hashi from Corealis! Goto CLUBS away on Davis but Fletcher kicks him! Fletcher runs, into a fireman’s carry! Fletcher slips off, but Goto ducks, HIDDEN GAP! Davis returns but Goto catches him and spins him around! Hashi helps get Davis up but Davis kicks free! Davis whips Goto out to the apron, Fletcher SHOTGUNS Goto down! Aussie Open fire up, off come the elbow pads! They aim at Hashi from opposite corners, LARIAT SANDWICH! They vow to end this now! COREALIS!! Cover, Aussie Open wins!!

Winners: Aussie Open, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Goto & Hashi earn 0)

Hashi could NOT #GetBackUp, and now Bishamon has fallen to 1-1! But will they be able to #TurnItAllAround next round?

As for Aussie Open, they usher Hashi & Goto out of “their” ring, and Gideon Grey brings the mic to them. Fletcher takes the mic to say, “Fujisawaaa~!” Fans applaud and Fletcher continues by saying, in Japanese, “I speak very little Japanese, I’m sorry. Any of you guys speak English?” Then Fletcher will speak in English. Fletcher & Davis have waited a long time to be part of World Tag League, and closing the show by winning the main event. “Bishamon, Yoshi-Hashi, Hirooki Goto, they were last year’s winners, and we just SWEPT THE FLOOR with them! We came here, guaranteeing Aussie Open winning World Tag League 2022, and I think that just proved that nobody can stop us!”

Fletcher introduces himself and Davis, “We are the United Empire! And we today and all World Tag League long, run the world! Gideon, send them home.” Gideon takes the mic to say that this message is to everybody. “If you’re going to step in this ring against the UnitedEmpire, bring your best game, because there is nobody better in the world. So on behalf of “Dunk-Zilla” Mark Davis and the “Aussie Arrow,” Kyle Fletcher, as well as himself and the rest of the United Empire, “Thank you very much for coming out, drive safely home. <This is the power of the United Empire!!>” Will Aussie Open lead the way into the future of tag team wrestling with this tournament?


Here are the NEW World Tag League standings!

Naito & Sanada: 2-0, 4 points
Suzuki & Archer: 2-0, 4 points
Aussie Open: 2-0, 4 points
Goto & Hashi: 1-1, 2 points
Khan & Henare: 1-1, 2 points
The Mighty: 1-1, 2 points
Chase & Fale: 1-1, 2 points
Yano & Tanahashi: 0-2, 0 points
Evil & Yujiro: 0-2, 0 points
Coughlin & Kidd: 0-2, 0 points

My Thoughts:

Another great event for this series, and just the second round of World Tag League. That win on LIJ VS Suzuki-Gun came about after a restart from yet another double count-out, and it was only four minutes before Takagi got Taichi with a Ground Cobra Twist. I love this whole thing, it’s hilarious. Anyway, great matches in the tag league, and I’m actually a little surprised the House of Torture didn’t cheat a win this time. Sho & Dick are 0-3, now Evil & Yujiro are 0-2 and might even go 0-3 with the next round tomorrow in a big event where both tournaments are active on the same card. There’s a chance Evil & Yujiro get a win off LIJ just to stick it to them as Naito may or may not be retiring.

The United Empire both winning this time keeps their story of wanting an all Empire finals alive, though I still don’t see it happening. LIJ VS Aussie Open will be a big one, though, with how strong Aussie Open is going. That could be the match-up we’ll see in the finals, and it’d be fitting. Aussie Open gave FTR that match of the year candidate back at Royal Quest, we could get an early 2023 match of the year candidate should Aussie Open win the league. But as I’ve been saying, it feels like LIJ should all be going to WrestleKingdom for Naito’s sake. Aussie Open is the future, reaching the finals would be great enough, and then they can come for the titles in the New Year.

My Score: 8.7/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL X Super Jr. Tag Results & Report! (11/25/22)

The Super Juniors go back to back!



NJPW WTL X Super Jr.

The United Empire keeps on conquering!

Don’t blink, NJPW keeps things fast and furious with the Super Junior Tag League! Will Catch 2/2 go 3-0 already? Or will LIJ make it all tranquilo?


  • Six Man Tag: Togi Makabe, Ryohei Oiwa & Kosei Fujita VS Tomoaki Honma, Yuto Nakashima & Oskar Leube; Makabe, Oiwa & Fujita win.
  • Six Man Tag: Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Master Wato & Jado VS Bullet Club; Bullet Club wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Suzuki-Gun; LIJ wins.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight VS YOH & Lio Rush; Yoh & Lio win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Ryusuke Taguchi & Chris Connors VS Alex Zayne & El Lindaman; Zayne & Lindaman win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Robbie Eagles & Tiger Mask VS DOUKI & Yoshinobu Kanemaru; Eagles & Tiger Mask win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Ace Austin & Chris Bey VS SHO & Dick Togo; Ace & Bey win.
  • Super Jr. Tag League 2022: TJP & Francesco Akira VS BUSHI & Titán; Bushi & Titán win.


Here are the current Super Jr. Tag League standings!

TJP & Akira: 2-0, 4 points
Austin & Bey: 2-0, 4 points
Zayne & Lindaman: 1-1, 2 points
KUSHIDA & Knight: 1-1, 2 points
Bushi & Titan: 1-1, 2 points
Yoh & Lio: 1-1, 2 points
Eagles & Tiger Mask: 1-1, 2 points
Taguchi & Connors: 1-1, 2 points
Sho & Dick: 0-2, 0 points
Douki & Kanemaru: 0-2, 0 points


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight VS YOH & Lio Rush!

The #TimeJet finally picked up speed last round, as did the Men of the Hour! But they’re all still a long way from leading the league, so who takes that important next step here tonight?

The teams sort out and Kushida starts against Yoh. Fans rally up with the bell and the two circle. They feel things out, tie up, then Kushida gets around to the waistlock. Kushida shifts to a facelock but Yoh escapes with a fireman’s carry takeover. Yoh has Kushida’s arm but Kushida fights back up to get the waistlock back. Kushida schoolboys, ONE, but now Kushida has the leg! Yoh pries at hold but Kushida shifts to a KNEEBAR! Yoh scrambles and gets to the ROPEBREAK! Kushida lets off and fans applaud. Lio coaches Yoh and Yoh resets. Yoh and Kushida feel things out again, tie up collar ‘n’ elbow, and Yoh gets a headlock.

Kushida pushes a forearm into Yoh’s face to pry him off into a clinch. Kushida underhooks the arms but Yoh blocks the suplex by hooking legs. Kushida slips around to half nelson then headlock for a takeover! Yoh keeps his shoulder up, rolls Kushida to a cover, TWO! Kushida keeps on the headlock and grinds Yoh down. Yoh kicks around and pops free! Fans applaud, and Yoh even messes with Kushida’s hair. Knight calls Kushida over and says he wants in. Lio also wants in, but Kushida and Yoh want another go. They tie up, Kushida waistlocks, Yoh facelocks. Kushida brings Yoh down, and rolls and rolls to get the facelock for his own!

Yoh rolls but Kushida stays with him! Kushida then floats all over Yoh, and slaps him on the back! Fans applaud as Yoh resets again. Knight tags in this time, so Yoh tags Lio. Fans rally as things speed up! Knight runs Lio over and flexes. Things start moving again, Knight leaps over Lio! Lio rushes in but Knight hurdles over, and blocks Lio’s kick! Knight flips Lio but Lio lands on his feet! Lio avoids Knight’s grapple and runs the ropes. Lio turns on a dime, then jukes and slides under to kangaroo kick! Lio whips but Knight reverses, but Lio rebounds! Knight avoids the stunner to SLIDING SHOULDER TACKLE! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up while Knight drags Lio up. Knight wrenches the arm, tags Kushida back in, and hands Lio off for another wrench. Kushida twists the wrist, tags Knight back in, and another handoff to another wrench! Knight has the wristlock but he tags Kushida, another handoff and wrench! Tag, another handoff and wrench! And again! And again! Then they just hand off the wrench over and over! They double snapmare, then double knee drop the arms! Fans applaud but Yoh gets in to fire off forearms! Yoh runs, but Knight drops under and Kushida sidesteps! Yoh runs into a body shot, then a knee lift!

Fans applaud as #TimeJet double whip Lio. Lio handsprings under the double lariats! Kushida blocks Lio’s kick, hands it to Knight, Lio ENZUGIRI but Knight ducks so Kushida takes the hit! Knight runs into a HEADBUTT and SCISSOR KICK! Fans fire up and Lio crawls to his corner. Tag to Yoh, and Lio runs in to clothesline Knight! Lio and Yoh combine, VICTORY ROLLING SPLASH! Then, DIRECT DRIVE IN MOTION! Fans fire up, Yoh covers, TWO! Yoh keeps cool, and he RAMS Knight into the corner. Yoh drags Knight up, stomps a mudhole in, then tags Lio. Lio stomps his own mudhole in, then tags Yoh.

Yoh and Lio both stomp a mudhole! They back up, and DOUBLE… Air guitar~! Then Lio DECKS Knight! Yoh drags Knight back up but Knight throws forearms in return. And an UPPERCUT! But Yoh kicks low! Yoh runs, but into a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Both men are down and Knight crawls over, hot tag to Kushida! Kushida goes up top to FLYING AX HANDLE! And then Kushida KICKS Yoh in the arm again and again! Kushida whips, Yoh reverses but Kushida handsprings and back elbows! Fans fire up with Kushida and he drags Yoh up. Hammerlock, but Yoh fights that to wrench and ROCK Kushida! But Kushida DROPKICKS the arm!

Fans rally as Kushida brings Yoh around. Kushida CHOPS, whips, but Lio tags in! Yoh reveres the whip but Lio gets him out of the way of Kushida’s return. Lio then runs, but into a hip toss! Cartwheel dropkick! Fans fire up for Kushida and he brings Lio up. Kushida whips, Lio slides to a stop and ducks the kick to schoolboy! TWO, into an ARMBAR! Lio clasps hands to fight it off, but then Knight intercepts Yoh with a tackle! Knight has Yoh’s legs, BOSTON CRAB! The Men of the Hour both endure submissions, but they both get ROPEBREAKS! Knight lets Yoh go, to then PLANCHA! Fans fire up as Kushida whips Lio again.

Lio reverses, Kushida reverses back, but Lio uses that to DIVE onto Knight! Fans fire up more as Kushida is shocked! Kushida runs into a shoulder, then Lio slingshots to schoolboy and SPIN KICK! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, Lio calls to Yoh and tags him in. The Men of the Hour get Kushida up, whip him to ropes, but Kushida fights off 3K with an ax handle! Kushida throws forearms, dodges Lio and PELES! Yoh JUMP KNEES Kushida down! Knight returns, into a JUMP KNEE! Yoh runs, but into a DROPKICK! All four men are down and fans fire up again! Knight crawls back to his corner and calls out to Kushida!

Kushida crawls, tag to Knight! #TimeJet gets Yoh up, and Kushida Electric Chair Lifts! Knight aims, but Yoh slips free! Yoh shoves Kushida into Knight! Lio drags Kushida out of the ring, then goes up to QUEBRADA! Fans fire up, Knight runs but Yoh back drops the satellite DDT away! Knight lands on his feet and swings on Yoh, but Yoh handsprings away! Yoh mule kicks, then suplexes, FALCON GOROSHI! Tag to Lio and he goes up top! Yoh sees Kushida, intercepts, FINAL HOUR from Lio! Cover, the Men of the Hour win!

Winners: YOH & Lio Rush, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Kushida & Knight earn 0)

The Final Hour struck, and now Yoh & Lio are rolling with back-to-back wins! Will they be the right team at the right time to win this league? Or is there still time for Kushida & Knight to turn it around?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Ryusuke Taguchi & Chris Connors VS Alex Zayne & El Lindaman!

The Wild Hips were tamed while the #GLEATSAUCE was cooled off. Both teams are hungry for more points, but who will be left starving with another loss on the record?

What’s in the bags this time? Well, Taguchi still has cool, refreshing water. Connors has beer again, but Taguchi again says he has to ride his motorcycle later. So instead, Connors offers him a “Let’s Get Wild” T-shirt! Taguchi likes it, and poses for photos. Connors still has that beer, though. Taguchi has his coach whistle and he blows it on Connors. Then he presents a yellow card! Well, the World Cup is happening right now. Connors has his warning, but Taguchi threatens the red card. Connors says anything but that, and he puts the beer away. The teams sort out and Lindaman fires up the crowd as he starts against Connors.

The bell rings, G-Rex and Wild Rhino fire up and circle. Fans rally, the two feel things out, and Connors trips Lindaman to facelock. Lindaman rolls free, facelocks then cravats. Lindaman snapmares, chinlocks, but Connors slips out to hammerlock. Connors grinds the arm, then shifts to a facelock. Lindaman throws elbows and then wrenches Connors’ arm. Lindaman CLUBS the arm, then puts on a headlock. Connors tries to power out but Lindaman holds on tight. Connors powers out, and they RAM shoulders! Neither man falls and fans fire up! Lindaman eggs on “Baby Connors,” so Connors runs.

They RAM shoulders again, neither falls, and Lindaman flexes as he shouts, “BABY~!” Connors says Lindaman should go! Lindaman says sure, and he runs the ropes. They RAM shoulders again, Connors rebounds and redirects himself to run Lindaman over! Lindaman flounders to ropes but Zayne runs in. Connors dodges Zayne to come back and run him over! Fans fire up, and Connors tags Taguchi. Connors stomps Lindaman in a corner while Taguchi kicks Zayne off the apron. Connors then whips Taguchi in at Lindaman to HIP ATTACK! And again! And again! And then Taguchi whips Connors for a WILD HIP ATTACK!

Connors CLOBBERS Zayne off the apron, and then Wild Hips booty bump. Fans fire up, Taguchi HIP ATTACKS Lindaman again! Taguchi gives Lindaman some stink face, but the ref calls the ropebreak. Taguchi lets off, whips corner to corner, but Lindaman pops Taguchi up, only to get caught into the headscissors and BOOTY ATTACK! Taguchi hits Lindaman again and again before letting Lindaman down. Fans rally up as Taguchi hops up the corner. Taguchi FLYING SEATED SENTONS! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Lindaman survives that ass-sault. Taguchi suplexes but Lindaman slips out to waistlock.

Taguchi switches but Lindaman throws an elbow. Lindaman runs in at the corner but he blocks Taguchi’s boot! Lindaman ROCKS Taguchi with a forearm, puts him in the ropes, and hits a DRAPING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Lindaman tags Zayne and they DOUBLE CLUB Taguchi! Zayne drags Taguchi up, snapmares him and covers, TWO! Zayne KICKS Taguchi in the back while Lindaman rallies the fans. It’s a “One-two-three” rhythm so Connors says it must be for “TA-GU-CHI!” Lindaman says no, it’s just one-two-three. Zayne drags Taguchi up, ROCKS him, then ROCKS him again! Taguchi wobbles around but Zayne whips.

Zayne ELBOWS Taguchi down, Connors coaches Taguchi up but Zayne tells him to shut up. Fans rally, Zayne has the arms and pulls Taguchi into a motorcycle stretch. Taguchi endures, fights up, and manages to turn through the hold! Taguchi knees low, CLUBS Zayne, then throws body shots. Zayne knees low in return! Zayne whips, Taguchi reverses but Zayne sunset flips! Taguchi stays up and brings down the tights! RED! Zayne gets away, Taguchi HIP ATTACKS, but Zayne blocks! Zayne holds onto Taguchi and says, “ITADAKIMASU~!!” He BITES TAGUCHI’S BUTT!! The ref reprimands and counts, and Zayne stops. Zayne says it’s surprisingly tasty.

Zayne SPANKS Taguchi in rhythm to rally the fans, and then he points to Lindaman. He’s offering Lindaman a taste? Fans applaud and Lindaman says no thanks! Zayne asks if he’s sure, but Taguchi rolls him up! TWO, and Taguchi hurries up. Taguchi manages to duck ‘n’ dodge and HIP ATTACK! Both men are down and fans rally up again! Hot tags to Connors and Lindaman! Connors rallies with shoulders and elbows! Lindaman goes to a corner, Connors runs in to back elbow! Connors whips Lindaman corner to corner and runs in to RAM Lindaman! Then he back drops Lindaman! SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up and Connors stomps in the corner. Lindaman rises and Connors takes aim. But Lindaman knees the spear away! And then clinches for an EXPLODER! Tag to Zayne and he storms up to Connors. Zayne puts Connors in a corner, but then BOOTS Taguchi off the apron! Lindaman & Zayne double whip Connors corner to corner, then Lindaman whips Zayne in for an elbow! Lindaman adds an elbow, then sets up! Zayne runs in to LEAP FROG but Connors SPEARS Lindaman! Connors turns around to POWERSLAM Zayne! Fans fire up and Connors tags Taguchi! The Wild Hips combine their powers!

“ORYA~!” But Lindaman drags Connors out! Taguchi still runs in but Zayne ducks Bum-a-ye! Lindaman slides in, he and Zayne coordinate, and Lindaman lifts Taguchi! SUPERKICK GERMAN SUPLEX! DOUBLE BRIDGE! TWO!! Taguchi survives but Lindaman says it’s time for a twist! Fans fire up as Zayne goes to the apron, but wait! Connors has a TACO!! Zayne’s favorite! Connors lures Zayne away and Lindaman shouts at him to eat later! Connors drops the taco and Zayne pounces on it! Taguchi ENZIGURIS Lindaman! Taguchi tags Connors! The Wild Hips coordinate, POUNCE HIP!! Fans fire up and they get Lindaman back up!

Zayne is still eating, and Taguchi shouts for the “Oshirigiri!” Fans clap along, but Zayne is done eating! He grabs Connors, and feeds him to the booty! Taguchi sees Lindaman on the outside and tells him that’s what he gets! But wait, Lindaman’s outside, so who’s…? OH NO! Taguchi realizes what happened! Lindaman drags him out, Zayne wraps Connors up, TACO DRIVER!! Cover, #GLEATSAUCE wins!

Winners: Alex Zayne & El Lindaman, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Wild Hips earn 0)

Zayne may have been distracted by his stomach, but he and Lindaman still come out the winners! Will they stay hungry until they have the trophies? Will the Wild Hips be able to get back on their feet next round?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Robbie Eagles & Tiger Mask VS DOUKI & Yoshinobu Kanemaru!

The Flying Tigers faltered last round, but Japones Del Mal & The Heel Master have yet to even score! Can Douki & Kanemaru kick Eagles & Tiger while they’re down? Or will the Flying Tigers take flight once again?

The teams sort out and Douki starts against Tiger. Fans rally and the two circle. Douki kicks low, wrenches and hammerlocks. Tiger reaches back to hit a flying-mare! Douki staggers up, he RAMS Tiger at the ropes, then runs. Tiger drops, Douki rolls over, but Tiger sweeps the legs! Tiger whips then FLYING CHOPS Douki! Douki gets up but he avoids the flying chops this time! Douki has the arms for a motorcycle stretch, but Tiger kangaroo kicks free! Fans rally, Tiger kicks Douki down. Tiger stands Douki up, to ROLLING SOBAT back down! Tag to Eagles, he drags Douki up and whips him to ropes.

Eagles ELBOWS Douki down, stands him back up and whips again, to DROPKICK! Cover, ONE!! Douki won’t be beat so easily, but Eagles bumps him off buckles. Tag to Tiger, and Tiger KICKS Douki low! Then he KICKS Douki down! Tiger stomps Douki around, brings him up, but Douki RAMS him into the Suzuki-Gun corner. The ref calls the ropebreak but Douki pulls at Tiger’s mask. Douki lets off with a kick, then stomps Tiger more. Tiget throws body shots and an UPPERCUT! And another! Tiger runs, but Douki does the splits! Tiger tumbles out and Kanemaru’s right on him! Douki DECKS Eagles while Kanemaru POSTS Tiger!

Kanemaru stomps Tiger around, then Douki joins him in stomping Tiger down. The ref reprimands, Kanemaru puts Tiger in, and then they both stomp away on him! The ref reprimands again but Suzuki-Gun stops at 4. Douki CHOKES Tiger! Eagles protests but the ref has to keep him back now. Douki tags Kanemaru and Kanemaru drags Tiger up to scoop and SLAM! Kanemaru then goes to the apron to slingshot senton! Cover, TWO! Kanemaru tags Douki and Douki drags Tiger up. Douki throws Tiger out, then he DECKS Eagles! Kanemaru snapmares Tiger to then stomp him again. Douki goes to the apron to DIVING DOUBLE STOMP!

The ref reprimands but Kanemaru goes after Eagles. Douki drags Tiger up to suplex, but Tiger blocks! The ring count climbs, Tiger knees Douki low, then scoops to BACKBREAKER! Both men are down and the count is 10 of 20! The count climbs to 15 while both men stir. The count is 18 and both men slowly stand up! They both get in at 19! Fans rally and Tiger crawls. But Douki keeps him from Eagles! Tiger kicks, Douki blocks, but the SPIN BACK KICK knocks Douki down! Hot tag to Eagles! Eagles ELBOWS Kanemaru, RANAS Douki, then WHEEL KICKS him down! Eagles kips up, builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit on Kanemaru, and a Young Lion is there to keep Eagles from hitting fans!

Fans fire up and Eagles goes back for Douki in the ring. Eagles aims from the apron, springboards in but Douki gets under! Douki kicks low and reels Eagles in, but Eagles fights the suplex. Eagles wrenches out, Tiger gets in, and he KICKS! Eagles SUPERKICKS, then they DOUBLE BUZZSAW! Cover, Kanemaru breaks it! Tiger kicks Kanemaru out and Eagles drags Douki by a leg. But Douki kicks at Eagles, so Eagles steps through for a spinning toehold! Eagles goes to a corner, fans fire up and Eagles climbs up. Eagles encourages the fans to get louder and they do. 450, but Douki moves! Eagles rolls through, BOOTS Douki, but runs into Kanemaru’s cheap shot!

Douki dropkicks Eagles’ leg out and hot tags Kanemaru! Kanemaru storms in and he drags Eagles up. Kanemaru whips, and then dropkicks the legs out! And then he SMASHES the knee on the mat! Kanemaru drags Eagles up, for a SHINBREAKER! Douki runs in to dropkick the leg! Eagles hobbles, Douki clotheslines him in the corner! Kanemaru adds an elbow, Douki climbs up. BRITISH FALL to DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, Tiger breaks it! Tiger fires off KICKS on Douki, BOOTS Kanemaru, but runs into a dropkick tot he legs! Douki basement dropkicks Tiger out, then PLANCHAS to take him down!

Kanemaru scoops Eagles again for a SLAM! Kanemaru goes up top, MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Eagles is still in this and Kanemaru is furious! Kanemaru drags Eagles up, suplexes, but Eagles slips out. But the leg jams! Kanemaru kicks the leg, trips Eagles, but Eagles kicks him way. Kanemaru comes back to BOOT, then he kicks the leg again. Kanemaru runs and tilt-o-whirls but Eagles throws him away to roll him up! With a bridge! FLYING TIGERS WIN!

Winners: Robbie Eagles & Tiger Mask, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Douki & Kanemaru earn 0)

The Heel Master got outsmarted and Eagles snipes the points! Will Eagles & Tiger be able to keep up the momentum? Will Douki & Kanemaru ever get on the board?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: Ace Austin & Chris Bey VS SHO & Dick Togo!

Bullet Club meets Bullet Club! Unless the House of Torture has truly splintered off. Will the Murder Machine & Spoiler stack the deck? Or will the hot hand of #InevitableFinesse continue winning big?

Dick calls for the Too Sweet since they’re all “on the same time.” Sho agrees, but Ace & Bey aren’t sure. Fans clap for it, so Ace & Bey accept. They throw it up, but then Dick & Sho kick them low! The bell rings as Dick bumps Ace off buckles and Sho throws haymakers on Bey. Sho throws Bey out and Dick digs his boots into Ace. Sho also digs his boots in but the ref reprimands and counts. Dick & Sho let off, Dick ROCKS Ace with a right, then Dick & Sho double whip Ace corner to corner. Dick runs in but Ace dodges! Ace BOOTS Sho, then kicks Dick! Bey gets in, he and Ace stomp a mudhole! They double whip, then Ace pommels off Bey to ROUNDHOUSE Dick!

Bey runs and Ace sets up, FINESSE IN MOTION! Feed to the drop toehold and LOW KICK, then DOUBLE STOMPS! Bey triangle jump kicks Sho off the apron, and Ace hits the FLOP! Direct hit and down goes Sho! Fans fire up and Bey drags Dick up. Bey pokes Dick in the eye then ROCKS him with a haymaker! Dick staggers around, into another eye poke! The ref reprimands but Bey kicks Dick around. Bey whips Dick to a corner, runs in and clotheslines! Dick drops and Bey tells him this is what he gets for the cheap shots. Bey stands on Dick’s head, but lets off as the ref counts. Bey snapmares Dick to then UPPERCUT him in the back! Cover, TWO!

Bey wraps on a chinlock and grinds Dick down. Dick pulls Bey’s hair and wrenches out! Dick wrenches the arm, whips Bey to the corner, and the blue buckle pad is gone! Sho pretends to have no idea what happened, but then he CLAWS Bey’s eyes while Dick distracts the ref! Dick stomps Bey down, he drags Bey up, then he whips him to ropes. Dick ELBOWS Bey down, then stomps him around. Tag to Sho and Dick stands on Bey’s hair to keep him down! Sho digs his heel into Bey’s leg, then drags him up. Bey throws body shots and forearms, but Sho CLAWS the eyes! Sho throws Bey out and distracts the ref so Dick can DECK Bey!

Dick puts Bey in while the ref is busy with Ace. Sho gets Bey with a ROPE GUILLOTINE! Cover, TWO! Sho has the ARMBAR! But Bey clasps hands! So Sho shifts to a short arm scissors! Bey fights to stack Sho in a cover, TWO! Fans rally, but Sho stays between Bey and Ace. Sho stomps Bey, drags him up and whips him into the bare buckles! Tag to Dick and Dick DECKS Bey! Dick and Sho stand on Bey’s head! The ref reprimands, the House of Torture let off, and Dick drags Bey back up. Dick wrenches and hooks Bey up in a cobra twist! Bey endures, Sho gets in to DECK Ace! Dick snapmares Bey and has the ref watch Ace. FIST DROP! Cover, TWO!

Dick is frustrated but the fans rally up. Dick tags Sho, Sho laughs at Bey. Sho drags Bey by his arm and twists the arm. Sho whips Bey into buckles again! Bey clutches his arm, but Sho brings him out. Sho back suplexes but Bey lands on his feet! Bey wrenches Sho’s arm, but Sho gets around to a waistlock. Bey elbows free, then PELES Sho down! Fans fire up while Bey crawls, hot tag to Ace! Ace LEG LARIATS Sho, DECKS Dick, then ROUNDHOUSES Sho down! Fans fire up as Ace whips and DROPKICKS Sho! Sho wants mercy but Ace says nope! Ace drags Sho up, Sho wrenches out and throws a forearm!

Ace throws a forearm back, so Sho throws another. Fans rally up as the two go back and forth. Ace SOBATS, then he reels Sho in. But Sho schoolboys with tights! TWO, Ace KNEES low then knee LIFTS! Sho ducks the heel kick to shove Ace into bare buckles! Dick BLASTS Bey, and Sho drags Ace into a BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Dick lines up the shot, slingshot senton onto the Bow ‘n’ Arrow! Sho grins as he wraps on SNAKE BITE!! Ace endures and flails around while Dick plays defense. But Bey shoulders into Dick, slingshots over him and CLOBBERS Sho! Dick throws Bey back out and drags Ace up.

Dick & Sho mug Ace, double whip, and double kick! But Bey gets in to save Ace from the double suplex! Bey whips Ace to ropes and then sets up, Ace pommels and ROUNDHOUSES Sho! Bey SUPER FOREARMS Dick! Fans fire up and Bey fires up, too! Bey and Ace line it up, A B- NO, Dick uses the ref as a shield! Sho anchors Ace in the corner, and here come Yujiro & Evil! The House of Torture is always ready to pounce! Evil & Yujiro stomp Bey while Sho & Dick stomp Ace! Dick feeds Ace to a PIMP CANE SHOT! Then they all stomp Bey together! Evil drags Bey up and coordinates with Dick, MAGIC KILLER!

The House of Torture laughs at Bey, they all Too Sweet him, and then Sho has his wrench! Dick drags Bey up, Sho takes aim, but Ace drags Sho out! Bey wrenches and HEEL KICKS Dick! Ace KNEES Evil! And he dodges Yujiro on the apron to PENALTY KICK! Fans fire up and Bey builds speed, TOO SWEET CONJILO! Then Bey and Ace set up again, A B C CUTTER! And THE FOLD!! Cover, Ace & Bey win!

Winners: Ace Austin & Chris Bey, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Dick & Sho earn 0)

The House always tries to stack the deck, but they fell like a house of cards! Will they just give up on cheating? As for Ace & Bey, is it inevitable that they take the trophies?


Super Jr. Tag League 2022: TJP & Francesco Akira VS BUSHI & Titán!

Catch 2/2 has two wins for four points, but they’re facing the very team that almost took the titles off them at Battle Autumn! Will the Black Mask & El Inmortal score big off the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions? Or will the Public Enemy & Nova Fireball just conquer the ungovernables again?

As before, The Orchestrator, Gideon Grey, is here to give the champions their introductions. The teams sort out and Gideon rallies the fans for “CATCH! NI NI!” already. Titan steps up, and he starts against TJP. They circle, tie up, and TJ shoots around to a waistlock. TJP hammerlocks an arm, has the wristlock, but Titan rolls, handsprings, bridges, and handsprings more to then wrench back. Titan has the wristlock now, but TJP rolls, spins, cartwheels, and drags Titan down into the twisting headscissors! TJP tries to kip free but Titan holds tight. TJP bridges, moves around, and headstands! Fans applaud the balance!

TJP slowly sets down, pops free, and pats Titan on the leg. But Titan ducks the Penalty Kick! Titan rolls TJP but he rolls through to kick low. TJP pulls at the mask! Red Shoes reprimands but TJP climbs up on the corner to get at the strings! Red Shoes counts, TJP lets off and whips Titan corner to corner. Titan goes up and over and handsprings away! Things speed up, Titan RANAS TJP down! Tag to Bushi, Titan KICKS TJP, then LIJ double whip. They drop and sidestep, then leap frog to SOBAT, dropkick the legs and basement dropkick TJP down! Akira runs in, but into a double hip toss! And he gets DOUBLE BASEMENT DROPKICKS!

Catch 2/2 regroups on the outside as fans fire up, and LIJ double slingshots! Catch 2/2 slide inside but LIJ land on the apron! They both shoulder in, but into DOUBLE TARANTULAS! Red Shoes reprimands and counts the ropebreaks, Catch 2/2 let off together. TJP tosses Titan and Akira drags Bushi in. TJP drags Bushi up, Catch 2/2 double whip to SOBAT, KICK, KICK and BASEMENT SHOTGUN! Cover, TWO! Fans applaud and TJP drags Bushi over. Tag to Akira and Akira stomps Bushi down. Akira takes Bushi’s shirt off and offers it to the fans. Fans rally for the free souvenir, but then Akira just throws it down on the ground.

But Bushi fires off forearms on Akira! Akira CHOPS Bushi to a corner, then whips him corner to corner. Akira runs in and clotheslines! Akira snapmares, covers, TWO! Akira drags Bushi up, bumps him off buckles then tags in TJP. Catch 2/2 double whip and double atomic drop, to then RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP NECKBREAKER COMBO! Cover, TWO! Bushi hangs tough but TJP sits him up to KNEE him in the back. TJP wraps on a straitjacket stretch and pulls Bushi back. Bushi endures, reaches out, but TJP turns him over to then hook a leg. Fans rally and TJP messes with Bushi’s mask! Red Shoes reprimands so TJP stops.

TJP rolls and dropkicks Bushi back down! Cover, TWO! TJP keeps cool while fans now clap for “L I J! L I J!” TJP drags Bushi up but Bushi throws elbows. TJP ELBOWS Bushi on the back, then EuroUppers in the corner. TJP whips corner to corner, runs in, but into a BOOT! Bushi runs to RANA TJP down! Fans fire up and Bushi crawls for his corner, hot tag to Titan! Titan springboards to CROSSBODY TJP down! Titan blocks a punch, knuckle locks and CHOPS, to go up and up and tightrope walk. Akira rushes in but Titan springboard MISSILE DROPKICKS him back out! Titan dodges TJP but TJP puts him on the apron.

TJP runs, but into a BODY SCISSORS THROW! Titan then slingshots, fires up, and builds speed to FLY! Direct hit on Catch 2/2! Fans fire up and Titan roars! Titan drags TJP up, puts him in, and Titan fireman’s carries to LANDSLIDE! Cover, TWO! Fans rally again and Titan calls to Bushi. Titan kicks TJP to a corner and Bushi joins him. LIJ double whip TJP corner to corner, then Titan rallies the fans. Titan runs corner to corner but TJP goes up and over! Akira drags Bushi out while TJP TORNADO DDT- Titan handsprings through it?! Fans fire up as Titan wags his finger. TJP kicks low, but runs into Titan’s TORNADO-

WAIT! TJP handsprings through it!! TJP and Titan go forehead to forehead and they both fire up! The forearms start flying and fans rally as they get faster and faster! TJP gets the edge, but Titan SOBATS! Titan runs, but into a SUPERKICK! TJP runs, but Titan goes Matrix! Only to get caught for an inverted suplex! But Titan slips out to! waistlock! TJP switches but Titan elbows free. Titan runs, TJP goes to the corner to go up and out and SPRINGBOARD FLYING DDT!! Tag to Akira, and TJP drags Titan up. TJP hoists Titan up top, climbs up after him, and drags Titan onto an Electric Chair?! Akira goes up, SUPER DUPER STEINER!!

TJP then aims, MAMBA SPLASH!! Cover, Bushi breaks it!! Fans fire up as Bushi brings TJP up. TJP throws Bushi out and goes out after him. Gideon rallies the fans for “CATCH! NI NI!” Akira drags Titan up, ROCKS him with a forearm, and eggs him on. Titan CHOPS Akira back! Akira CHOPS Titan! Titan drops to a knee, but he rises up to CHOP again! Akira forearms, Titan SOBATS! Titan whips corner to corner but Akira reverses! Akira runs in to SHOTGUN Titan! Fans fire up with Akira as he brings Titan up, but Titan GOURD BUSTERS Akira first! And SUPERKICKS! Both men are down and fans are thunderous!

Titan crawls, hot tag to Bushi! Bushi has the fans fire up more as he climbs, MISSILE DROPKICK! Bushirooni! Bushi BLASTS TJP, runs in to ELBOW Akira, then he brings Akira out. Akira swings, into a spin and DDT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally again and Bushi brings Akira up. FISHERMAN- NO, Akira slips out! Bushi kicks low, runs, but Akira follows to wheelbarrow! But Bushi makes it a BACKSTABBER! Titan gets in, he stomps Akira to a corner, then LIJ double whip corner to corner. Bushi runs in to elbow! Then he sets up, INMORTAL IN MOTION! Feed to Bushi, DROPKICK SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up again as Bushi and Titan fire up! Titan winds up and aims at Akira in the corner, LOCO LARIAT! Akira staggers, into the CODE- NO, Akira flips free! SUPERKICK takes Bushi out! Akira springboards in, TJP SUPERKICKS him! Catch 2/2 DOUBLE SUPERKICK Bushi! They set Bushi up in the Electric Chair, but he fights free! Bushi shoves TJP at the corner but Akira leaps over! Bushi kicks Akira and whips him to ropes, Akira reverses and TJP gets in, ALLEY-OOP! TJP turns Bushi over and fans rally with “CATCH! NI NI!” They sit Bushi up and run, but Titan drags Akira out! Bushi ducks TJP’s knee!

Bushi dropkicks TJP’s leg out! TJP bails out and fans rally up again. Bushi drags Akira up but Akira CHOPS! Akira runs, but Titan SOBATS! Bushi sunset flips and Akira springboards, SPLASH! Bushi covers, TJP breaks it! Fans fire up while Titan is frustrated. TJP kicks Titan, runs, but Titan DROPKICKS TJP out! Titan builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp! Bushi aims at Akira, CODE- NO, Akira throws it away! SNAP DRAGON! Akira roars, runs, but into a CODE BREAKER!! ANGEL INMORTAL!!! Cover, LIJ WINS!!!

Winners: Bushi & Titan, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Catch 2/2 earn 0)

The champions won in the Fall, but now they have fallen! What does this mean for their run in the league and their reign as IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions?

As for LIJ, Titan already grabs the title belts. Those aren’t theirs yet, but they’re hungry for them. Titan gives the belts to TJP so that Catch 2/2 can leave. But Bushi gets the mic to then say, “OI, champion team! We beat you! Everyone here is a witness to the fact that we beat you.” Bushi then introduces fans here to Titán! Titan gets the mic, and he says, in Japanese, “Sorry, I can’t speak very much Japanese.” And then in Spanish, “We’re still gunning for Akira’s and TJP’s belts! Those IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships! I’ll go to Mexico City, a belt around my waist. With my companion, Bushi, by my side! Let’s do it, partner!”

Fans applaud and Titan hands the mic back to Bushi. Bushi says that’s right, they do want those titles. “This league has only just started, but we will win the Super Junior Tag League, and the next time we’re in Gifu, we’ll be the champs! EN SERIO! MA-JI-DE!” Black Mask & El Inmortal are serious, but will they take the trophies and the belts?


Here are the NEW Super Jr. Tag League standings!

Austin & Bey: 3-0, 6 points
Bushi & Titan: 2-1, 4 points
TJP & Akira: 2-1, 4 points
Zayne & Lindaman: 2-1, 4 points
Yoh & Lio: 2-1, 4 points
Eagles & Tiger Mask: 2-1, 4 points
KUSHIDA & Knight: 1-2, 2 points
Taguchi & Connors: 1-2, 2 points
Sho & Dick: 0-3, 0 points
Douki & Kanemaru: 0-3, 0 points

My Thoughts:

Another great night for this series, but I’m surprised the Super Jr. Tag League went two times in a row. World Tag League is Saturday, and then we get a HUGE hybrid show on Sunday, both tournaments on the same card. And guess what? That win for LIJ against Suzuki-Gun was another count-out. NJPW sure loves hammering home what’s coming next, cuz as I’ve said before, this has to lead to a No Count Outs type match for the KOPW.

Anyway, not surprising is Douki & Kanemaru still being 0-3 and same for Sho & Dick. Another unsurprising thing was Evil & Yujiro trying to help. And if not now, I don’t know when they’re going to finally have the story where House of Torture breaks off from, or is kicked out of, Bullet Club prime. They clearly don’t get along with the main branch (in kayfabe) and should just be their own group so they can recruit more people and be more than four guys, and sometimes Pieter. Then they can be THE Heel faction that fans can all boo and give thumbs down for what they do.

Great wins for Yoh & Lio, as well as Zayne & Lindaman. I especially liked Connors pulling a Jurassic World “taming raptors” move with that taco, but I am surprised it didn’t cost Zayne & Lindaman. And an awesome main event for Catch 2/2 VS LIJ in a rematch from Battle Autumn. How great that LIJ got the win here, and it is fitting into what I’ve been thinking, where Bushi & Titan get the trophies and the titles at WrestleKingdom so that all of LIJ has something. This also leaves Ace & Bey as the one and only undefeated team in the block already, their match with Catch 2/2 could be made into one that decides who moves on to the finals.

My Score: 8.6/10

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